The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 28, 1964 · Page 19
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 19

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1964
Page 19
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AY, AUOUST 28, 1964 of Sheffield. England. That is where his education life began. CftfTTff .jL 'HI' ' ' ' . .1. . Wu.. .. New PS I inspector Man of Many Talents Alfred Han well has been connected with education in three counties. He is the co-author of 10 textbooks on mathematics and has served two stints with the armed forces. I Recently, Mr. Han well began new phase of his educational jareer as an Inspector with the 'HibHc School Board. For the past two years he was principal at Agincourt Public School. Prior to that he was principal at Osgoode. vice- jrlncipal at Broadview and 1 taught at both Alta Vista and Mutchmore Public Schools. NATIVE OF ENGLAND 1 The new inspector is a native He. received a diploma In teach-Carieton University and a Mas- Life isn't aft mathematics er training . at in university there. Prior to coming to Canada in ISM, Mr. Harwell joined the army during the war. From lMv to ISM he was with the Royal Air Force. He spent three of the seven years in charge of air force educational services bi Aden, Arabia, dealing with pro- irams for both airmen and their dependents. He enjoyed the work, but he wasn't fussy about the "hot and sticky" climate. Mr. Hanwell says he came to this country because we thought of it as a land of opportunity.'.' , , ; Since then he has taken a Bachelor of Science degree at Notice Re Registration at Osgoode Township High School Metcalfe Anyone seeking information re registration in Osgoode Township High School, may contact the principal, Mr. J. L. McDonald, at the school August 31 September 4 between the hours 2 5 p.m. . Phone Metcalfe 55. Osgood Township High School,; Metcalfe, Ont APOLOGY We apologize if we did NOT HELP YOUR CHILD during the past months as we have helped hundreds of OtUwa students. The truth uAhat he or she probably needs a few hours of ona or more of our specially prepared course. SPECIAL HELP FOR STUDENTS GRADES 1 to IS Competent Teachers experienced in individual attention t 14 Colleges throughout Canada Tuition during evenings and Saturdays ' Interview lesson on request at no obligation PIANO AND VOICE TUITION AT HOME Our put record shows' we hava helped numerous etudrnta to raise tfvtlr average, thereby ublln( tham to further matted ucatkm If yaw child Is bavins difficulty or la weak In any of the snbiacte, wa stronsly augSMl you call us lor luU details ol how we cam halo. - '. . .- Telephone 232-9468 , ; MUSIC TEACHERS! Ballet, Drama Schools! f THE JOURNAL ANNUAL MUSIC PAGES Ml V will bt puhliskti Saturday, Seplenberj 12; i Parenu and pupils watch for these pages to be Informed about who will be teaching Ottawa pupils and where what activities art ahead in the world of music, ballet, drama circles, ' News and previews of coming events will be - presented by Miss Jean South worth, Editor of The , Journal Saturday Music pea. , ,., , , i, . y 1 SEND YOUR ADVERTISING COPY ON ANNOUNCE- ' MENTS AND REGISTRATIONS AS EARLY AS -POSSIBLE TO .- THE JOURNAL , , " 237 Queen SU Ottawa! ' . . , 233-7511 Locals -'M- '.er of Education at university though. PROTESTANT SCHOOL GOUUISSIOM GREATER HULL Registration of new pupils la all grades and kindergarten: Tuesday, September 8 at ajn. to 12 noon ' Hull Proteetaat High School Gatlneau Intermeduite School, 88 Maple SU Gatlneau Registration of new pupils WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 9 at 9 a.m. at East Tempieton Protestant School. ' ' . - - Proof of birth date and vaccina tioa certificate must be submitted upon registration. ChOdrea who will reach the age of at of December II, Its, are eligible for regktratioa In Grade I. Kindergarten ehlldraa age S, as of December SI, 1S44. Kiodergartea classes oa Wednesday, Sept at 1 tun. -j.-.-- All Other Classes Resume on Wednesday, Sept. 9 at 9 ajn. to 3J0 pjn. o. j : j NOTEt STAFF MEETING HuH Protestant High School Teachers l TUESDAY, SEPT. 8 AT S 9M. Transportation Routes - Same as 19634 AYLMER and DISTRICT ;,,P ' ' . I Schools under the Aylmer and District Protestant School Commission will open at 9.00 a.m., Wednesday, Sep- lember9- ;'!;.,' vi CI ' ( REGISTRATION OF NEW PUPILS in all grades will be held In the High School and in South Hull Elementary School oa Tuesday; September I and Wednesday, September 2 from 2 to 4 p.m. Beginners will require certificates of Birth and Vaccination for Smallpox. Others will present report cards from last school aTfb f - For registration purposes, elementary pupils on the Maple Grove Road and east of that point will report to South Hull School. All others will report to the High School. ;;..,.,.,..... ON THE OPENING DAY OF SCHOOL, High School students from the South Hull area will be transported front the school to Aylmer. Grade Five pupils now travelling by bus to Aylmer and Grave Five pupils from the Chenier Project, Wychwood and Glenwood Domaine will be picked up and transported td South Hull School. Aylmer pupils from Kindergarten to. Grade Four wHl report to Aylmer Elementary School, . All teachers under this administrative unit will meet in the High School en Tuesday September 8, at 10 a.m. ; ' ';6v) . . ; : ' E.S.Peach. MA. , , SttnereWng frlncfpol PUBLIC SCHOOL BOARD VKT.S.A. No. 2 NEPEAN 60 TIVERTON DRIVE, OTTAWA S Registration for, Kindergarten and new Grade pupils win be held hi all schools on September 2nd and 3rd from 9.00-12.00 and 1.00-3.30. ' Schools wilt re-open on Sep-; temberSth. ' Presentation of birth certificates is required for Kindergarten pupils,. Schools and Principals art listed below: I 8uperrtslng Principal Mr. I. L. H. Wilson, B.A, BBOOK UXE PUSUC SCH001 ' Mis L H. Hdeod, BJL Kusdergartea to Grade I : CITY VIEW PUBLIC SCROCt Mr. Jl EgR W x-vAV- , ., , Klndergartea te Grade I mm mm PUSUC SCHOOL - Hf. 6. Berry, IX: '. V' ' Klndergartea 1o Grade 8 .. HEAOOWUNDS PUBLIC SCHOOl f Kss J. I Mxfirhne, U. f'f (rr - .-r ' lOaetgartea to Grade . t , .... nmttm HUS PUBIC SCHOOL - Mr. W. R Vilwtine, tx. Klndergartea to Grade 8 4- THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 19 ...... I all 1 1 V?"?" FI.J' J- 1M nil J X I ' i ; " 1 4' " ' ' H I 1WlM H II It Mill jlSiA- 1 mmd. ii CARLETON'S NEW ENGINEERING BUILDING t ; ' Conitruction ii completed on the new C. J. Mac- - square units, it joined by smaller four-storey tower. , kenzis Building for Engineering at Carleton Unlver- '" , Total cost of building, equipment, furnishing and lend- erty. Students begin their studies there this Fall. t 1 scaping was 1200.000. The butlatng, martrup of two three-storey, 112-foot- , v.. ' ' '" ' .' . (journal Photn tr Dmnm wiw, f Ottawa. The Ottawa sports world Is He besan writini textbooks 'acquainted with him. too. for about five years ago. Two of the books are profes sional texts tor teachers. The others are in a series for Grades I to. ... V ,- COAST-TO-COAST TOUR i Lately he has done an ex tensive coast-to-coast tour of lec tures on new mathematics. be did a television years. program lor a local station for some Mr. Hanwell is married with two children. ' LARGE CITIES Romania has IS cities populations greater than 000. with 100, Motordrome Performer Injured The "wall of death" claimed its first victim at the "Ex" Thursday., But h wss "only a fractured knee-cap," said the victim, 17-year-old Ronnie McNish, son of 'Speedy" McNish, who owns the Amusements ' of America motordrome. Ronnie said he was doing his act," riding side-saddlt on a motor-bike around the vertical wall of death" when bracket on the' seat gave way, plunging him to the ground. He was 'taken to General Hospital by St. John Ambulance, and a cast put on his right leg. He was not admitted. '1 hope to be back in the show m a month at the very latest," said Ronnie, who first joined the show when he wss II. . - ' . TT Donate $10,000 To StPat's v Home for Aged Rev. Sister Immaculate of St. Patrick's Home for the Aged Thursday acknowledged a gift of J10.0O0 from Rev. J. I. Reynolds; parish ' priest at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church. Sister Immaculate said the t ... ... money was badly needed be- sine of interest payments on the SI.S00.900 home on River-tide Drive. There are 90 Old people in the home and another N are expected within the next three months. Parliament At a Glance By The Canadian Press THURSDAY, Aug. 27, ISM Eight members five Conservatives, two New Democrats and one Liberalspoke in the 16th day of the Commons flag debate, in which no progress was made. Justice, Minister' Favreau, government House leader. said the government was agreeable to substituting legislation for flag debate Mondays , if the Commons sat longer hours on the flag other days. Walter Dlasdale (PC Bran-don-Souris) rejected Mr. Fav-reau's proposal: it amounted to "legislation by exhaustion." Opposition Leader Diefea-baker said he would agree to a limited debate on the recommendation of a parliamentary flag committee provided the committee was "substantially unanimous." Stanley Knew let (NOP Winnipeg North Centre) accused the Conservatives of bringing Parliament Into discredit and disgrace by their flag debate tactics. Conservatives criticized minister without portfolio Yvon Duputt for soliciting orders for car stickers showing t b e government's maple leaf flag design. Finance Minister Gerdea announced all provinces ex cept Quebec are entering the program under which Ottawa will guarantee bank loans to needy university students. FRIDAY, Aug. The Commons sits at Is: Jo a.m. to debate industry department spending estimates. The Senate is adjourned to Sept. 15. CRASH KILLS FOUR - PRINCE ALBERT (CP) - Four children of one family were killed and five other per sons ' injured Thursday . In a head-oa two-car collision on a crest of a hill near this north em Saskatchewan city. Killed were Brenda Lee Kostiuk, six months, her two sisters,' Dar- lene, I. end Sandra, 13-, and their brother Barry, 2, all of Davis. Sask. Mrs. Jean Kostiuk. widowed mother of the children and believed the driver of the car, was one of the injured. PAST SERVICE ON FILM DEVELOPMEN1 KODACOLOR 1 x 24 Hours BLACKWHITE- Same Day Service PHOTOGRAPHIC ' STORES LTD. SS Searks tie sucsnsaaa suL IS Mate St, O B. RUSCO VfiZF" in 19 COLOURS wan to mpmv Um bjHr, MBjfanri, ! ft Um l J I I sp a U 'm:U It Atom . DANGEROUS PRACTICE ATLAN"OA, Ga. (RNS) Po- UticaJ parties are "sowing the seeds of a very dangerous prac tice" if they nominate Catholics ( to get Catholic votes. Archbishop Paul J. Hallinan of Atlanta declared here. I Httasoj! j : GEOLOGICAL AREA ALBU QUERQUE - The southwett has rocks representing almost all geological ages. Phone Now 728-2611 Switchboard Open S a.m. to p.m. They're New! They're at Simpsons-Sears Fashion Turns to Casual Fabrics in 4 '.. . Flashy Socks!7 x From Rock'n'Roll to Roll Call 2 Lengths to Choose From Overthe-Knee Style 100 nylon Black Watch design. Sizes 9 - 11, Pr Stretch Nylon Over-the-Knee- lf stripes strike your fancy here are the ones for you in red black, brownblack, greenblack. Sizes 9 11, Pr Orion and Stretch Knee High Sock Nylon sock, trim fit knee high sock, doesn't bag, doesn't sag. Snowflake patterned in contrasting colors. Sizes 9 - II, Pr. 100 Stretch Nylon Over the Knee Patterned In attractive design. - Sizes 9 11, Pr Orion and Stretch Nylon Cable Patterned Knee Hose Brown, charcoal navy, red. , Sizes 8 9Vj. 9Vi to 11, Pr. ... 1-98 1.98 -jabflflsMaV' ' ' ' ' 1.98 1.39 Have a Chignon Custom Made While Yon Wait and Watch! Mr. M. Raymond, of Tovar Tresses, New York, is in Simpsons-Sears now until Sept. 5, Saturday. He will create a perfectly matched and blended hair piece for you! BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW! . is the 'P tXHIBITION J "i.-'ii eaasBBsasBaasaaa) ri.l'l THKSS MANY SXTA ADDITIONAL A WARDS TO .: OO WITH TH( BOMS e rally faniltlMal Attackea t-ar saras. e New test reattaa ear. e A yaars werly a kraae. Ast imurtiai ttt-rt saaia awl racare alarar. e A ntn larse st as SakeiTlalaa taath at cur Malta. Mave sat ap at a east - saarSaaat. Yes You could be the lucky winner ... Jutt thinkf Thlt beautiful home and all that goo icith it for only $1,001 1 . . j i f . Th Mora Tkhttt Yon Buy tha Mora ' OiHioriimltrai t Win TICKETS ON SALE AT EXHIBITION GROUNDS ONLY t , The Ksfclkltlaa kasaa ts aHsktrnv SKtraKt ... A anlaw cawkhMOaa af Hwi aaS eaaatn . . . WD fta Tarawa far k Iteal at uw etaSataa a aacataay MsM, Aa. IS. YOU NEED NOT BE ON THE GROUNDS TO BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN Total Value Approximately $35,00 1 . f V . i -v ,i ticket SJ . by Ottawa, Shrina, Club at, the txhibUton Ground .1 'httBW "mj lm- Vforitt tk :t Big If tor 11

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