The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 28, 1964 · Page 18
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 18

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1964
Page 18
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r v 2 -I, 18 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL FRIDAT. At 28, 1964 Aim for 'Decent' Education p ( y'Vi'in11"""""""!" i.iwmh mi ii ii iii . n nnnnnnnnnn ' I . . - ONTARIO VOCATIONAL CENTRE READY I The new t3.800.000 Onuno Vocational Centre on Woodroffe Aenue it opening lu doort for classes Sept. 28 for the first time. Applications from students wishing 'to take tome of the many trade and technical courses offered have been coming in rapidly. About September 19, 255 Hemleraon Street, 8.39 Lecture brfin Monday, September 21 V'S ,ii i . . Ii 12 The language used for the title of the course hi the language of instruction. i'li: I II New Principal Happy To Be in Ottawa Prospect of living -in Ottawa recently, after spending 10 suits S. John Rogers to a "T." years at London Teachers' Col- Tba nt principal of Ottawa lege, where he was master ol Teachers' College took up duties history and social studies. OTTAWA MODERN JEWISH SCHOOL Instroctioa for boys ana cute, asas s to IS years. - as Bakraw ana Jwii lantuasm Jews hi tory ana ttimmt. Bib studias and Judaism CLASSKS: Waaaaaaara. 4-ja la f.ja aja- ' aaaaajrt, IS am. ta I Kladatgartaa cuuaa tar Pra-Schaal Cklldraa aa Sanaa IS , ta II aaaa KKOISTK ATIOM at Pint Avaaw PakUr Schaat, Suaay. seat. II. at le aai. at at Hist Sckaal af Outm, Tharatoy. Seat u. traai Ul am. la SIS am. , j ros pvBTnr.a details plbass contact f. TBB BBCISTBABl tSS-HSl : ELMWOOD ROCKCUFTE PARK, OTTAWA Wishes to Announce the Opening of Grades 4 and 5 , , ' hi September, 1964 ' a, Basiantlal aaS Car axhaal far alrl Oradu I It elaam. Iruaab atampbm. ttdmdaal llretioa Truams dumaaiiat af road uadr-aaaju ad atir-duciaiiM sua Apply. Mrs. a W. Blyth, MA (Hobs.) Oxoa Headratstraaa 1 0 I 184S4964 Ashbory College Rockcliffe Park. Ottawa V '(roundad ISSll' A Boarding and Day School ! ' t Academic Courses Only Small Classes, Daily. Games A few remaining places ia Grades 2 to f Day Boys Only ,? School Commences . ,' September th for Boarders1 , September 9th for Day Boys For inorntlp writ to: The Headmaster, R. H. Perry, M.A. . or Phone 749-5954 , He replaces W. K. Kendnck. who retired after II years. Mr. Rogers, who was bora in Ledbury, Herefordshire, came to Canada from England in 1M7 and consider it "one of the happiest things we ever did." His wife 'worked (or the Canadian Medical Headquarters during the war. "We got to know a lot of Canadians and after we were married in 1M2, we made up our minds to come over." MAKING ACADEMIC HAY ' He has been making academic bay ever since. And although It has taken much hard work he considers the result worth it He arrivtd in the country quipped with a Bachelor of Science degree In economics from the University of London. In addition he had five years experience working with the education department of the London County Council, front 1U7 to 1S41. when be helped, evacuate ehildrea: and six-and-a-half years in the Royal Air Force. . !'-. Since. coming here he he's completed a Bachelor of Arts iMI Eertnraic Collegi X M. Jotoff PJna MSc. VwtMer aad Dlraataf at 1 : Baaxatlaa - . .nuKas sotoot rot 'BIfOlNRRa .' CKKTtrtOt KNOtNBEBINO TXCHNTCIANS SmtELBSS COMMUNICATION nCHNfCIANS and O.O.T. OPERATORS BADIO. ELSXTROfOC - '. ' and TV TECHNICIANS ' HSATlteO. ftEPRIOSRATION and AIR CONDITIONING . 275 First Ave. 233-8200 Toronto Branch 7404 Tong St. UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Gradiiate Evening Courses a,- 7 ECONOMICS v,; t , A0VANO0 MONEY AND lANXWC, 1st wtrnftf .... Dr. Cordon F. loreham () WSnttSS CYOIS, lt itfhw;:;:.------'.--.-- P UiW JudokJ CANADIAN ECONOMIC PROBLEMS, 1st Mmtslor '.J.L... . Dr. O: J-iirtftono : j ECONOMIC FORECASTING, 2nd Mmtstor ....'...::...- Dr. a J. rTrortont " ECONOMETRICS, 1st and 2nd Mtnitttr Sidmy My and Aim Sontor FISCAL FDUCY AND PUBLIC DEBT MANAGEMENT, 2nd MrAtstv ..Jil.i-... .--.:--::- Dr. Floront Brtntft HISTORY OF ECONOMIC THOUGHT, 1st and 2nd samtttar ........ .:.... Dr. Stanitlaw Judtk WTERMDIATE ECONOMIC STATOTK$ ,w V--' 1st and 2rnl,iaiiiastff r;:.;;.i.wv.j. Dr. Arthony Stukal INDUSTRIAL CXGANIZATSCN AND PUBLIC POLICY, 2nd ttrnostar - W. Morrow WTERNATtONAl ECONOMICS, 1st and 2nd samostor ..... Dr. 0. J. Firostono MATHLMATKAL ECONOMICS, 1st and 2nd smart Sidnty May NATIONAL INCOME ANALYSIS, 1st soiMStar Dr. 0. J. Flrastona P0PUUTI0N PROBLEMS AND ECONOMICS, 2nd tamistor Anatolo Romanhik KEYNSIAN ECONOMICS, 1st sowtstora....-.-... Dr. rlortnt Irauit, 0MI THEORY OF ECONOMIC CSOWTH, 2nd sarntstor Dr. 0. J. Rretfono CANAOIAN-AA'IKICAN RtUTIONS, 2nd tmttttrli:.. Dr. Goorgo Buxton' DEM0CRATIES POPWAIKy, 1st samastar Dr. Goorgts CastallM DROIT MTERNATIONAl, 1st and 2ni MmeifK;.... ....... Louis Sabourin U FEDERALISM, 1st sarntstw' ...ww.:... Guy Dozois METH0DES DE RECHERCHE, 1st and 2nd samtttar louts Saoourin PENSEE POLITIQUE, 1st and 2nd samastar ----- Andra Vachat POUTKAl DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA, 2nd sstnastar J. M. Qulrton, 0MI RELATIONS FEDERALES-PR0V1NC1AIES, 2nd samastar .......... Guy Donts , THE COMMONWEALTH, IstjMmastar 1.. ..... i i. A. Crana ATPUCATIOIf rOR ADMISSION: SEPTEMBER 1 TO 11 78 Uswtsr At. East. Roosa IDS Oftlca hoars: Monday to Friday: t IteglstraUon 12, t'S. 7f.3t ' degree at University of Toronto, his masters in history at Western and is working on his doctorate. For six Summers he taught English at the University ol Western Ontario's Summer school at Trois Pistoles, Que. ALSO AN AUTHOR Mr. Rogers is the co-author of two history texts too. . One called "Bold Ventures" has already hit the market. It is used in Grade 7. mi coiimkuc, li. r. nams, 01 Loooon leacncrs uuiege. has been the principal of a six-week course on primary methods held at W. E. Gowhngi Public School this Summer. Their second text ts almost ready. It is called "Nation of! the North" and is written for Grade S students! Mr. Rogers ' had his life to live over be sayt ha doesn't know whether be would be aa astronomer ar aa anthropolo gist. Anyway those two subject! account, for-muck of his spare time reading as dp bistort-1, cal books and Shakespeare.. Music, the theatre and ani. male come next. He Is delighted to .be in Ot tawa as be is interested ria "modern day politics.",. Also It gives ; him the "opportunity to see and" near both English and French radio and ; television programs. ? J .. This be considers "most at-tractive" as he does converse -quite easily with French peaking people.? jj i 4 i-jjf. - i i .1 .I. , .I. . , UK Museum Buys Canadian Art Work " H i LONDON (CP)-tA lithograph by a Canadian art teacher has been bought for. an unnamed sum by the -Victoria aad Albert Museum here. ' , V' I The lithograph is part of a series of 14 wHh the general title Earth and Sky. The other 13 will be displayed in Toronto ka December and in Montreal aext (January! ' - George Rackus is the artist and teaches oa the Six Nations Indian reserve near Brantford, Ont. His hometown is Clarkson, Ont. ft y.Kk ;s i -',.J 15 ti !l I It i jtJ , j T I 1 II J 450 students are expected. The building is one of three trade schools being financed in Ontario by the Federal and Provincial Government. I Journal Photo bT Domtiuotl Wtd) Some 11.000 Hull student will be heading back to their respec tive schools this Fall. Some 7.000 in Grades eight to I! will be participating in the first year of operation ol ' the Western Quebec Reiional School TBoard of Hull. Administrator Gerard Tardif explained the regional board I took over from local school boards to make It possible for all students to recteve a "decent" education. Under this system, the rural child will receive the same bene-i (its of education as the city child. Under local school boards this was not practical, due to the heavy expense," he added. The regional board has six complete schools and parts ol 20 others in its area from Tern-pleton to Eardley and the Ottawa River to St. Pierre de Wakefield. y sstabushss its i see ER.FISHER LTD. I-aaaaaaaaaaaaa VISHS I'WKS STaeST aaaaaaaaa, S ttw cea YOU'RE ON TOP OF THE WORLD In Fashion-Right Clothes From Fisher's! 1 Tbsra Are 3 t. R. Flshar Stores To Servo You WILLIS BUSINESS COLLEGE Dunbar School : Established W96 . . FALL ENROLMENTS NOW BEING ACCEPTED FOR DAY AND EYENIK3 CLASSES Shorthand fSataewrtttnx, rnssaa aae Crags) r- Typewriting . k Bookkeeping and ( Accounting W Dictaphone run Secretarial Routine Business English ' Preparation lor Cretl Service Examinations ' i , -y- ; Cobtmi Way Re Arranged at -Any Ttm 14512 Sparks St! 311 Richmond Rd. ; ; 233-3031 1 or 233-1 127 ' "WlilU-Trnined Oroduafei Are Always in Demand" it r. ii i; itv , 'j :: I, :S f'MiiilEB-: o TEXT BOOKS o SCHOOL SUPPLIES STUDENTS' CLOTHING , Text books available i for: WOODROFFE - BROOKFIELD i Bjrse a ki t,ii s.. i ' LAURENTIAN BELL HIGH ! GLEBE and COMMERCE FISHER ST. JOSEPH'S i; CHAMPLAIN -SOUTH CARLETON caciLinoD PLAZA ssaiiMlwasSSMBssajsssSI Mr. Tardif said there was a shortage of qualified teachers to (ill vacant posts. NEED 12J "We shall need J:J teachers in all. Right now we are about 21 short. But we expect to make up full strength before school starts," he said. The Hull Catholic School Board anticipates an enrolment of 10.381 in primary Grades one to seven. This is up more than 310 over last year. They will be housed in 341 classroom, an Increase of 20 over the 1963-44 term. Sixteen of thete new" classrooms will be absorbed, by the new Mont Eleu School at 'Boucher and Froment Streets. It will be divided into 1 1 'French-speaking classes and five English-speaking. A total of 31 new teachers have been hired, increasing last year's figure by 20 to 311. 1 The Protestant School .Bord of Greater Hull anticipates an enrolment of K0, similar to last year's figure. Seven replacement teachers have been hired to bring the total staff to 28. OVER THE WALL Since August 13, 1MI,' almost 30,000 persons have crossed the wall and adjacent barriers dividing Berlin and West Germany from East Germany. CARLETON UIIIVERSITY Day and Evening Classes Begin Wednesday. Sept. IS REGISTRATION tin the Foyer, Normaa Patersoa Hall fee Arts) Saai. 10 twJ 11 hsti UO la 4J0 im. New students in Qualifying and First Year Seat. 10 re 11 tfra 7 JO ta 10 Evening Undergraduate and Special Students Sep). 14 mi 1S Irtai UO ( 4J0 i rmi 7 JO h) 10 p.a Returning Students in all years, and New Students going Into Second, Third and Fourth Years Serf. 14, IS mi it km 7J0 la 10 . Graduate Students pi TEACHING FRENCH la our business 18 years of experience! AUDIO-VISUAL METHOD trass man ' 1 ALSO 1 OTHER LANGUAGES DAY or EVEN1NC CLASSES ; Mariana tea4reaa tMrectress School of Modern Languages TeL ZU-SS44 Or U2-012S Ul SOMERSET ST. W. OTTAWA high school nxT Bc:xs - i: "v K FQUNTAKV PENS tarkar, ftMflaf. tortrttk. WefertMa COMPLETE SCHOOL SUPPLIES 1211 WELLKCTOM ST." mi 721-9191 EASTVIEW HIGH SCHOOL , . 1 REGISTRATION OF NEW STUDENTS NOT ALREADY REOISTERED (BY THEIR GRADE 8 "' TEACHER OR PARENTS) ' . .i ! , DATE: Aug. 28, Sept. 1, 2, 3 f TIME: Afternoons only ( AT THE SCHOOL: 233 McArthur Road NO REGISTRATIONS by telephone REGISTRANTS MUST SUBMIT: " 7 .- June report and promotion certificate. StudenU entering Grades 10, 11, 12. 13 must also submit a letter of transfer from tha school attended last year. 1 " COURSES ' I', Arts and Science, Grades 9 to 13 IncL . ....... (Academic), (Oeneral) , Business and Commerce, Grades 9 to 13 Incl. ; t (Commercial) ; ; U i ' y v;, r , Technical, Grades 9 to 13... j.; j One Year Secretarial, for students who have ' i completed Qradea 13, 13 or 11 x ;' f 7 None Grades 9 to 13 incl. r RE-OPENING :- Oraaa Stwdeatsi 1S.M Tnesaay, Sept B i i Grades la, II, 13, 1ft IM pjsv ftssday, Sept .. NO REGISTRATION TOR EVENING CLASSES i t K. i UNTIL LAST WEEK Of SEPTEMBER . , -'SUPPLY TEACHERS ' - ; h . EVENING CLASS TEACHERS ' ' V M U - ti . . .... t THE PRINCIPAL, ; M ) 2ii MeArtlmr Roai ' statins telephone no. and all relevant fnformatiott i r vV- 1

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