The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 19, 1918 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 19, 1918
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

THE -DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVpiJB.- PA. PAGE 7%?sffasrziS!u. *·£* · ··'·· -r'.rV'.*»* y3 Vtt»"t'i»»?. .,»;.-· ;..;. v;To nightj. s 3oaj;nius*-;let,nw-ge, too. I wanl ; tg3ijag£; -."^CV- " ;:"Very well. ~ . . mustn't let your hopes -rlse:;i«»j!fg8i: tor there !s every chance that yon will bB disappointed. And don't mention tt to Evangellna. Jf6w, then, rte a tew pennle* left ted Puriplng to buy Some candles." _;, '^.TZ.; ^f., ; Rosa embraced her'lover Itapntstve- 1*. "SomethingJ'tells me it is true"! Somcth:Dg^t»iri-ibeyoa"9Jrc going to save us alt?'.) "?' T-... :: EvangefiSS ^th»fa hut mntt«r»d te her husband :+,?S«ch fove-blrSlr- Th'ey ar^ite "parrmk'eetv iorever~k"tssirig and "cooing (" " ·;; Jacket^.^returned at-disk; and with him be brought a rasty,three-foot jron" bar, evidently pmrt- of a window-grating. Th£;bpy wa» Mreia; disgusted, jin* In a viXe^temper. ·'^Apickail^.sscrpw-'' bar!" be parsed eloquently. ^Qne might as wen-try; to; steal, a cannon .out Jot San SeverlndKim' raidy to ^...anything within *' ~' '.'. "Why, this will do"t whit I want," O'Reilly tolitlijnfTr ^ "Humph! l|m glad to near It for lhat rod was nearly the death of me. I brolie'mylba'ck-wrenching at It'and the vfflaln.'-'wh'o^bwned the' house--T inay a bad lightning split him!---he ran after m» until I nearly 'expired. If my new knife.-had;been sharp-1 ivonld bare turned and sent him hone With it between his Tomorrow I ·hall pat an edge on It Believe m«, I i*rm until my lungs bunt" · '... .""little food remained "In"'the hot, tartly .enough for Arensio and the women, and inasmuch as O'Reilly had epent his last centavo for candles be and Jacket-were forced to go hungry again. Late that ereninc^after k .the wretched prison . quarters; h«(i»i»own - ' cpiiet, the Wt of thelri^ejaiid; _ MIL In 3ptt«of.7ttBfc*3:eltetnmf.. Went slQ0rtj^iBEiKrM cf them had th Krcngthr;fcrh«rry...FcrlTinatd^ there ifere feW-TpTcMSlers' within" the lines," 3cs venture forth, and in ronsw^'encjr.'Spitoish vigilant* bad related;.Jt'wai;now; confined' 'to the ·encircled^ "ti»-clfy. The trio enconn-. ' jerid BoSijijjv^/. · : -·_' , - · '-'»Leaving-Jaekei'On guard at the crest S the hill, ·O'Seffiy stationed Jtoa at: the mouth of--tjjie well,; then lowered: himself once more into' it Lighting; idsj candle, he made ..a earefol ezaal-r nation of the place, with trie result that Esteban's theory; of the missing- riches seemed even less improbable than it had earlier In -the day. The inasonry work, he discovered, had been ilone^irith a; 0tt££talcing thoroughness' iffect Jt. Here and, there a piece ."of .lie;mortar had loosened and come 'iway, but for the most part it'stood is solid as the stones between which ttras laid. Shoulder-high'to O'Beffly there appeared to. be 'a section of tbe curbing less .s^noofhly: fitt'eo" thanythe" rest, and through an interstice In this Be detected what seemecTtO'be wooden Beam:;" At Ibis -'point he brought his iron bar into-play.- « . ! It was not Jong:· before he discovered that 'his "work'"was"cut-'but -for him;The cement was like flint and his blunt makeshift implement was almost'use- less against it Ankle-deep in U» muddy water, he'patiepUy pecked and. ~Vi5!j» ; "..iM dapped- hCT-.hands .and laoghedVwjth delight "Do hurry, dear ·Jm-i^ing of suspense." ^OTtetily groaned: "That fellow, Sebastian, knew his bDSlnes». : This cement- Is like~ steel, .and Tm afraid o! breaking my crowbar.' Bosa found a leaf, folded a Ids* tail It, and dropped It to him. give you strength," she declared all count be wwr'incredulou* wh«n Jacket jtame to wain; him cthat-dayligli was Jesrthan an hour.away.__"WJiy 1 I haven"* jrtarted I" he"-protested." - E:'e dixconrvd, much to;hls nrptla*, thit he jra»ieady to drop from, fatigue and thit his hands were .torn and blistered; ..when he had climbed the rope to the'.upper lair he" fen 'exhausted In fhe .deep' graa "I--ra not.myself at 111,"Ji»"apologised; "nothing to *t you know.' But the work will go farter now, focTve made a bednning." ·^"Dojm stih thiak--"Bon hesltiteil to voice the question which trembkd on her Hpa. ' Til know for sure tonight" He directed Jacket to replace" the plt.nks over .the. well; then the three of .tftem stol» away. "(VBeiny' spent most of that day tn a profound stupor, of exhaustion, .while. Bosa' watched anxiously, over him." Jacket, It seemed, had peacefully slumbered -on picket duty, ·o*.he r ' occupied, himself by grinding -away at his "knife7~ The last (craps of food disappeared that evening. When Bight fell and it came-ttae to return to the top of I* Cumbre O'Reilly asked himself ..if his; strength would prove ·nffldent for the task In hand. He was aplrltless, sore,.weak; he ached In every bone and muscle and It required all his determination ixpropel hlmaelf up the bill." He won- L If h« were wise thoa to sacrifice iCwanlug. energies on a ho(ie so.fbr- t by now. he had begun :tcCmc*»:than half believe In the. eiist- ·oce'olTtte Yarona treasure* anfl lie fyrf SffBmSrt Irresistible cnrlbiitj to"learn wnaV'Mcret, If any, was ccocealed .be- Bnd'tUSn water-soaked Umbers at the bo««B of the well. He i'eallzed. of eonr»e, that every hour h*i ; remained that, food and nioney^were " the chances of eKape; bft,-on the other hand, Iva reasoned, 'jitai equal force, that If he -had Indeed stumbled upon tbe missing_ho«rd salvation for ail of them wks assured. The stoke, It seemed to him, was worth the hazard. Given tempered tools to work with, it would have been no great undertaking to tear down that cemented, wall of stones, but armed with nothing- acept ' hands ' and Iron. his own weakness. .Be was forced to rest .frequently., ; _., ·'';, ;' '.. ..' ',.' .' Kcsa hung ovet.the.orifice, above,' en- · him, inquiring eagerly as to his progress. During his frequent ·K 9»gH» to Uwk u if Tirnr* Bwlly night his-task.. Long hubxock'had yield^," held that .which caused "strained face upward to Rosa. ' ; "Tfierys a Uttle floor, «8 : mire as-jou Tlve," he"told-her. The girl was beside herself with excitement. "TesT 'What else?. What more do.yon.see!" ,., . . . . . , . . "Nothing.' It appears to* be made "of solid ItJmbers, -and hai two huge hand- wrought locks."' "Lock! Then we hare found it" ttosa*cldsea J Her"eyjs;" : she'swayed momentarily. "Esteban was right. Locks,' ·deed I . That, means something to hide. Oh, If I could only help you I" "'IHeavenBi "'It "I^only" had. some-' tufngp-anythlDg," to'wortxwith 1" inut- ftered the American as-he fell ; to with to conserve his- strength, for the treasure seeker's-lust-beset him; Roea looked tin, wringing:her hands and urg-; ing\greatexJiaste. '···, -. ; But the low, thick door was built of some hard, native, wood: it was wet' and tough and slippery. O'Bellly's:; blows made no'hnpressloiruponlt, nor: upon the heavy hasps and staples with. which it .was secured in place. The; latter were deeply rusted, to be sire, but they withstood Ms efforts, and he was finally foircei- to rest, baffled, en-!' raged, half hysterical from weakness, and fatigue. ; .;;.';;_.....,.,;. '-·._ Daylight was at hand once more, but be refaaed.toghre.idp, and worked on irrabbornlyv furioiisly, until Bosa, In^ an agtniy^besoDght him to .desist. · Jobnnie~aiain" cpilapied oo_the grass' and .lay panting..while the'other two. rejilaoBd the piankg, _ j '-.··'_ . · · ' · :· ·· f Another hour and I'd have been Into It,"" he declared, hnskfly., ' 'Ton irtli 'skffl'yonrseif," Jacket told; him.' '- ·'· ' ' ·' ··" ' · " ' . . Bosa-bent'''over-.hte-with shining eyes.'and parted Mps. : 'Tes!" said she.' "B« patient We will- come back,. O'Beilly, and tonight'We'flhairbb'rich.?: breathing spells he could discern her white, face djmly JH»mlned by-toe ·· candle light from' bejowg »-*, '. two. -ItK.xaaf-VTtgat : "Ir.twfinii to, ·look as if-th*rei-reaUyr!?a» a bulkhead; ' - " - - - ^ « - - leaned back in his chair, and exhaled two fierce Jets of smoke through Ms nostrHa..Tor a full moment be scowled forbiddingly at the:««rgeant who. had asked, to^see him..:.-:..". , ; . . : . ' . ) . . "What 1 * .this: you' are ..telling mer he Inquired finally., . . . . " .'.. . :.,. The sergeant,- a mean-faced, low- browed- man, itirred .oneasOy. 'It-is God's truth. There-are-sptriU on La Cumbre. and I wish to see-the priert about lt.7-^.- :'- - ·';:·." -'.-.... "irtrtts? ·What kind of .splritar : The fellow shniggea. 1Bvli;snlrits--- spirit! from heQ. The men are buying "Bah! I took yon to be a senilbla pOTSOB.--i.J7-.-·-.·· . -·-'·'·· i - ^ i'...;. -;· u , ·' ' '* "Toa : dont:bell*T« inej : We)!, -I dMn't believe them when they told me about lt : Bnt I Mw with-my own ; Cobo leaned forward, mildly. a»ton- DEEDS ^f WORDS at D E E D S · NOT WORDS PRICES! Read This · ' · ' · ' New Spring Suits The great Clothing Sale is now on. When mor- . -. -- -- - '-* · · *5 chandise" Is" at iU."hlgheit prtcee-ia' the -market -But owing to the t»ct that our stock wa« bought months ago we can offer such great values as there. Think! And act at once.. Come'ln and see these, grtat values. Men's and Young Men's $20. Suits, in the newest,-.-;, .up^ttt-date styles for " Men's and . Youns Men's $25 Suite in all the leading- materials and classy styles for - -Men's and ' Young Men's '$27.50 Suits, -all strictly hand-tailored : in the most up-to-date styles for 00 75 212 NPITTSBURGSX.216 CONNELL5VILLE, PA. We Give "S. H." Green Trading Stamp*. Women's $6 Brown .. . Newest-Spring Styles in Lace-- ^Oiite {oiifrthe Season's Newest !Uj»^tb-flie-Mimite 9S Beautiful Trimmed Hats $2.95 AH beantiluUy trimmed with" fancy ornaments, flowers and ribbons in all new loading' shades. At Very Low Prices. $7.50 Classy Trimmed Hats $3.95 Exclusive styles in all new shapes, large and small, all newly trimmed in the latest fashion. 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"What dia/ybu'seer. ". " '-:.'- ". : 'A ghost,, my colonel, nothing die, La 'Cumbre Is no place" tot an hon Christian." The colonel burnt into a mocktnl laogfa. "An honest Christian I Tpu I Of all my vile rufflans,'yon are tho vilest Why, you're a thief, a liar, and ·Massbi! TOD »re lying to mei' Come--the-trirtiii for "once," before I give ";'As. God Is my Jndge, Tm telling you «-truth,"-protest«ii v the scldier. '*FJog ine ? Ifr yon- -.will--father 1 the -compoote UuuTimother night In those You. know,, that, jrtd quinta r 'Where Pancho Cue to made a goat of himself? Perfectly, Dor you mean to say that yon saw old JBstcban rona walking with his head In bis handsT":. " .. ' ' ."· ' "No,.but.I saw that sherdevll who fell In tbe well, and broke her. neck." "Eh? Wheri'did*you. behold this-this marvel J" ' Xwo^nlghtsJago. -She was there beside" the" "well'and J her face shone through the night like a lantern. There was fire upon It.. She-came-and went, like a moth to the lamplight I ten you I, repented of ray sins. Some of the men laughed at me when I told them, as they had laughed at the others. -But list .night two of the doubters went up there." "Xlxnctly: .And they saw nothing." "Your pardon, my colonel. They came-back-ln a cold sweat and .they spent the night on'th*ir knee.). The woman was 'there 'again. You have seen the 'salt sea at' night? Well, · her face was aglow, like that, so they said. Tbeyheard the clanking of chains, too, and the "sound of hammers,' coming from the very bowels of the earth. It s""aH' plain enough, ~-when' you know the story.." But It Is terrifying."/ · "This Is Indeed amazing," Cobo ae- mowlcdged, "but of 'conrae -there is some' simple explanation. Spirits;!* ndeed there are snch things, are made of--.nothing--they : are^like thin air, low/ then, cbold they rattle chains7 Cou probably, saw some wretched pa- clflcos in search of food; and Imagined the rest"- -- · · · . ·Ondeed!' Then what did I hear with hese very ears? --"Whispers, .'murmurs, p-oans, and' the' clink'ety-cllnk of "old Sebastian's chisel.. For his sins that old'slave-is'chained.In some cavern'of the--mountain. Sonndlesi I . I'm : no iaby! I know when Tm asleep, and I know-wben I'm jreake. -That place is accursed, and I.want no more of It""TO BE GBEAT CADfS DT SATDTSS. 'eople' have Honbied Their Siivttgi During the Tear. '", ' It has been estimated, that 'the people ot this- Country; have 'more . than dolled their Savings during the past ^ear.. The total savings, which usual- y'ainount to flye or siV.biiljoii ilollars, now aggregate .over. 14 biliicm. dollars. If you savings 1 d'o aot show' a Taigo ncrease, .it .iB..because-you;are..faU- - . ng behind, in .- of prosperity. . Open a Sayiugs, Account : with The itizens National: _Bank,;.- 130 North Pittsburg.'..Street,.. ConnellsviUe.-- Adv. If Io/Are HunUag Bargains\ - Read the advertlselng column* of The: '.QMirier;. 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