The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 30, 1930 · Page 16
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1930
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN. DArint oxcmr.EK, uurJNI JLLSVILLE, PA, ' THURSDAY, JANUARY 30, 1930. Basketball Baseball EAST By JjUIES Iff. Shearer ftlnchlno Faces A Ivor- ton Combination at Loisen- riner Friday Eveninir. GAME TO BEGIN AT 8:15 O'CLOCK Bast Huntingdon "Township High School basketefi-rs will play at Lciscn- rinc No 1 gymnasium tomorrow night, opposing the undefeated Duabar Township High passers m the lirst game of the second ha lit of the schedule in tho Western Pennsylvania, In- lerscholartUc Athletic League. Alve-rtou broke into the win columns in the circuit tor the. first time Tuesday night when Hurst was whipped and this has served to instill a fighting spirit into the Huntsman machine which may prove troublesome to Bruce Shearer's warriors who have been sailing along on an apparently smooth soa since the lid was pried off be-fore the Christmas holidays. . . . DunhaT he.s gone into eight combats and in each the Red and Black has proved masters of th-o situation, placing every contest on the right side ot the ledger. A large crowd is expected to witness this f r a y w h i c h 5s scheduled to got under way at 8:15 o'clock. Paroehiat Team Beats Fairmont In Last Minyte A garrison finish, rivaling in t h e exploits of Frank Merrlwcll and other fabulous heroes, mark-eel the sin gift point t r i u m p h of the Immaculate Conception Parochial High School basktHoers last night over the Fairmont Catholic High quintet at tho State Armory. Tho final score was !iS to 27. D u r i n g the final 30 seconds of. play. Ifoyo y a n k a b e a u t i f u l i;oal from along tlw* .-sideline:-; at a very diflicult unglo to give, the local combination the fdgo after the ConnellsviU-o club had nuido a gnat rally in th-o ttna.1 half to catch up a ad paee tho Fairmont drib- blors. Wlien tho curtain was rung down on tho first quarter Fairmont was leading by a count ol' S to 1. Tho Black Diamonds "maintained an advantage of KJ to S at tho end of the lirst half. Howov-er r. stalwart d e f e n s e and a neat offense put tho local Catholc out- Jit Into a position to gorge, into the lead. Ilasaon led in tho scoring, getting live floid -goals. The locul teim plays at Ambrldge noxt w-eoi. A. roturn gamo will be play-eel at .'Fairmont on February IS. SUPERINTENDENTS LOSE THREE GAMES TO SHIPPING TEAM The Shipping Department won three straight games from tho Suporin- temdents Office on the. Elks alleys iu tho Capstan Duckpin League. Swallop was high scorer -with a total of 4(19. Tho scores: Superintendents, 6S1, 706, and 189, with a total of 2,200; Shipping Department, 801, 757, and 847, with, a total o£ 2.-105. Floor Squad Meyersdale Wins From Beall Squad In- Return Clash MKYERSDALl dale High Schoo o£ Frostburg, M return cneagonv to 22. Meyersdale cl the first, nuartc-r While the Marj-1 up four. This : too big a handSc The l i n e - u p : Meyersdale--.'II. Price ._..., Kerrigan --. Cook , -Boyer - Havlor -- ~. .Substitutionsler: Heal!, Oh a: Field goal-.-;--· Cook 2, Itoyer I Hushes, J f i t lor. J'oula--K err if.- 5 cnit ot 0; lie .Matese, 1 out of Miller, 1 otu of '.' Referee--Groi :, Jan. SO.--Meyers- d-t-ifeatfirt. Beiiil H i g h .. Tuesday n i g h t in '·. lit by a score of ;n nchcd the brU.Ua iu by t a l l y i n g I t ]Ki' ll!J md;rs were cbalkinj; lg early lead proved ip for the I n v a d e r s . ... K. -- Mates*!' ,, F. H u s h e s ;,, Crowe .. C!. (j_ . ·M i-y c rsda 1 c, J1 os t ct dice. Tico '':, K e r r i p a n -, . Hosteller ;i. Muh-.--o. MtddltvUm O, in, 0 out of -'; IJoytr. l e t t e r , 0 out. ot 1: ;',; Crowe, 'i out of ''·: ; Cbiindlei', u out of 1, THE MOTOR QUIZ (How Many Crvn Toti A n « w * r T ) Q. ilow mm t 1 less does It cort the farmer to pay for b'.s nutyuiobllc or truck today tin n in 1913? Ans. Thirty- -!,Kht U- -Hlxtv-i'hrec |-jr cent less, fn 1 '13 H would rike J.5«"K bushc-lB of vv'li) it to b u y en «v«rag«- car, whereas? : his same cnir e«n be bought today f r V'.'/l bushel* of whem. Q. W h a t 5 ?reeiitare " f " l! t; "* automobiles a i ; r'jj1SfU!rri :n towns: of under 10,00*- p o p u l a t i o n ? ADS. F i f t y - f i v e per cent. Q. "\VhRt Is i tu; percentage of rtosotl cars m a n u f a c t u r e d in H'US? Ans. E i c h t j - f i g h t and fl"e tenthn per cent. Ten years IIRO th percentage WUH only ibout 10 per cent, the other 90 per c-Qt being ope j c-iir?( it that .Inic. Q. What nrc among- the commonest causes of making It necessary to be towed? Ans. Iiunnl»K ont of gns and ignition, trouble, ignition system should be '.nspected li Uie s^rirsg n,nd rail nt on Losing C o m b i n a t i o n W i l l Droji From. Preseiii Th 1 for F o u r t h Position. " COKER OUTFIT ·VERY HOPEFUL T i i e Gokers w i l l ;rok to G r e o i i s b t t r f ; · H i g h t o m o r r o w u l i f h t t o c i i c o u n t p r t h o W f W t n i o r c l i i i K l curit..VHejiti»rs In a ret u r n eiimtsonieu-t i n S u c t i o n ^. W. ·!'· I. A. I j t t U g l l G . M e n t o r Carroll's o u t f i t if; U c h i n p for a U i u m p h over the Doiilr rcinl^r iiuis- rnuj'h UK this O rails** aiul BKu.'k j,|runj; a tip surprise ort t h e vv-ir'trnorii.'i'-ud boys w h e n (he?" calm* f o !b? t l i j ; h School e.v-HMiHslHiu ca.rlifr in tin* y r u r . tro'no tiro t h e l o K i n I'so Chissifiod Ads. C3cwt is small. Results aire big. Keeping Valves Straight Is of Utmost Importance Keeping the valves In order when removing then: from the car is not n mntter merely of inserting them in a board with suitable holes arranged In order. Unless this valve holder !s marked for tr nt: and rear there Is the possibility thnt It may be turner! nironnd, in which ease the v a l v e s would be replaced In reverse order. Since valve-' tend to adjust themselves to their particular place, It Is .Important to r"turn them to their original guides. Tiie property marked vnlve Jiolder makes this possible. "And how do yon know I sfient my vacation driving a motor car?" asked the amazed client. ''That," said Sherlock, "is einrmmtary. Only the hack of your left }i;ind was sunburned." m u c h of a wconO horse. In d c s i j t n l n s certain nr-i f a c t o r y engineers KM c (twin tin u n u s u a l m a r Kin of re.servi! power. Tho (i SO IK .'i|ulpjmi] w i t h ti T'..' is, p, i r i o t i . r ; t h e S IV) w i t h n huMrod i. ji. s i r t i l K b t ilj,ilit motor, n i M l the l- ri w i t h it 1115 h. p. a i r n l K h t eight motor. Keserve power l i k e w i s e j')lay« an important part tn tho l i f e of a motor. The engine w h i c h !.-·: cnrnjicllod in deliver i!« full puwtT t o - f t t t n i n a certain svieed in u i n i c r n strain to m a i n t a l i i tiuit NjiePd. f/iis u n d oil crin.siiuiptlon n r e iucrcnsed ;md the v u r l o u s p a r t s begin to weaken. Easy to Herr Grafstrom, but- Fay Strict Attention to Rear Tire Pressure In these days when safety ia the p a r a m o u n t Is.suu ut all times, it Is iiiit- n r u l to pay strict n t t f / i t i o i i to front t i r e pressure to avoid t i n d c r i n l l n t l o n f i n d possibly of » blowout, but there Is a tendency to neglect the rear Urea. A rear tire blowout will cause u K k l d if the car is going over slippery rinds or if in process of stopping at tiie time. That covers the safety point From the mechanical standpoint the rlsi? lies In c u r r y i n g I he rear tires at different pressures, caused b,v all o w i n g one of tiiE.'it! to become under- I n f l a l o c i . .hist as w i t h c a r r y i n g tires of d i f f e r e n t sizes on the rear wheels t l i f ; (liffen.'nilnl is t h e n made to act c o n t i n u o u s l y . Since tho d i f f e r e n t i a l Is supposed to operate only on t u r n s and when one \vhcel Is furcoil to go over a b u m p , the excess action Is c e r t a i n to cause Iircinalure wear on the unltr- AUTOMOBILE FACTS v i H p , GrcVN--!"!!'^ a m i ).»- isr-d iVr f o u r t h pt.tiinori - a m i o u t f i t at Ur - ! i ' i h u r c ; w i l l d r o p i n t o a i IKUM « i x t h run-ii-Urn. Tito C-oi.or.-i ar-^ i f - t o v n n m ' ! Hit.t Lho- w i l l ket-p in Ot" t l i i r k V ! !KJ hat'. It; i'or rankii.ic in !!'«' first, d i v i s i o n . Yv'hHe I b r - bu! K M i he I t i f t p r ' x flno!', M-'im'i I'l an! «·-!!! K'I in !.';iU l ii!i'iwrti ;, H / J h;(t to MOUNT PLEASANT PLAYS TOMORROW ATUNIONTOW MOt'.S'T I ' h K A S A N ' T , J . J U . ;!''- · T K - ; M c u n t l i'.';-,!'.iii"-t.'i;:!'-.;;i|-..',v!! S-AS-O i - ^ i i - j v U ' y i ' f i a', i ' n l o i ; j i / n i i st ',t:» r» i r;:!.-^ .--.f t i n loc:v! oJh'-'-;-i1'. '.':-· ·'.*'·:·· -h .-,- ', h- h';-. n r-.-ins {',.-'·'i".! t I*-'.'; d- : i i v fsc-""ij|-jl }-;r!!i'' -,'. J f i c S;:;i:!--y jis^!'):ii;^ , 5 - v..'- l'\. ' . ' - ' t i ' - r c u u - OOTJB Sarajs«n proudly thawing to two femaJc admhtsrs tho f 10 000 «ne«k niM«ntcl to hli i as first prize after hia victory in the 'rich Ajniii Ceutata open d ,impion*bii. f . ' u m r Wil A U r a r l U of TiUis I i A r i n - til M i l l T I I - t n. GIF LAFAYETTKS 1 ON SATIRDAY! -·· -.,·-.. i · .it,» )'i.:V. '.;» - d i -i'.'- ;,- '-'··:. · t«r - ; , - · i r j i M . \ l '* o .;.!· M Quick Acceleration Is Due to Rescrt'c Power The r;'*k nccPi'Tiiti'^i of m u n t o nubile is due hi u l:\.rgi* d'-jtrei- to t h e amount of fi/wer re·*(!· TO of tin? rn- Rlnc. l"(n-.i-j;ii!y l?i i h l - s n o t i c e a b l e In tie h i g h e r d r l v l n f i SJ«.'PI|«. A« nn ll'tistnaSon of t h i s , or,e horsft may be able I" timvc n lru-d nt a »!i'w :-!-.t:it,u, m;- i - . i - t U - i en!-;- iU-!\(hiO In · t.-i-f---,; ;h; '!j:;hoiu ill..- 1 - 1 , 1 ti'.!i;'.i!y. i i w i U b r t r i s ! it i f - ' i r i o r k , Tfli.' J ' ' H j i - ' i ; r H - J - a f - ' l i J V ! '!} W\]\ ) ) i , ! V ; l i i f! on 'S:it--)!-'i..ty r;ii:!:t, I ' h r i t r H i b is · :::i- b' -.- .! -,n W ··',.·! is H.MI;I yU-ania ii;n! i i;i i hi-. Ih'.t-s-i u l t r a - ! l j n iv i.:!i may be ; 1 uil'(.-rud f . i i i . - . it i :.-.!] c\ I'Misive p r o - i l i i . s i l i d u (n bi uii.' :!:,'rn ! t-ro Inn. t h v ; , H i l U ' k ! l l : l ! i i V l - : ' M i i ' t ! Is ;·· oil C ' i v l U i f ; I U ' l U l l l B h U t 1 l : i j b l . ' H T . | Tho f ^ i K a y i U f - F 1 n v i von K'ver-a! i c c i t i S ( j c i l t u - ! ( A ! l i - f ! u / : y , ; f l o u r ! t i t l e s , n i i d t h i s j c - u r . s i ^ ' . n ' i u he h i ! p o s i t i o n i u do i! a j j a J u . '!'iu- c ! n b is ' a i v a y oiu. i n I'nu.r. in U ; A l ! v n h i ' i i y i C o u u i y Lea^ii-. ; Homes , ! Every flay you w i l l Um homci and iionio sltcfi advertised li our classified columue-- roaii thorn ivfsr. BY At, M I C K E Y C O C H K A N E may be tlitr (rreaU-tit n i a s k m a n i?i the big time today but o id-timers have seen plenty rf c u t c h c r s as good if not b'-iUT, ^..Jtrft f f t'(l^ ^"fitxt'.-5! "'? n.!\ o-.f7-'T!r-nfl *;tf-.-Is^T^ v."H?i l,"*ii.'t.f i'-s j .--.ny(.*^r, K i i ' t vi^ft f a r t»hir.l h . t i t v . - r c I!!!'-'ri K.vm»r. fhiii-:.;:- Ucr:!i(.-!l. ! -o JJi.«i:on/,- an-1 S i l v n r [-'ILnt.. 8 n y r f « r caijgbt ffir W a f l h l n i v l o n , B'.:hig ( h r o u i - h mc.ny hot. carncultrnff w i t h no Mil.'.-·'!!')?(! HI r e J t e v * hl.-n smU no pai!'!*--! i i i i l l . i !IM! j i r o t p f t o r or «!')ln imar'J.." !': pr'!»-'-i W; ho'iy f r o m Uw rs(t') isji'its of Uu: ;;·''"='·*' !-.u;isrfl uf Huyti'-r. * b"n lii!v :l,yn b p i i l n f j th» IviU wi»n--.!. h' niaiii-ifritr f-t iho clci %VM,-h!n;.-jon N a ' i o n r t i n ttn'.i lAU-r t'.l.-n"-' ui7!j.'l/-e, ii-; !i..-.! In 18"5, j u s t 70 y c u r * f!il. Buck K w i n g wa,r Ui^ b r i l l t n n t bnclt- Ktop of U)o G l i s i i f n (iiiil C l n c l n n n f l u n t i l ho, l i k e Sny.H-r. Turrioil nianamT and txr.nip tu.': uf t h u Iv'ed f.Pi.;:? tn IS'Jfc. Thoii;:h B u - U i i l not ilo so well as tniumirer. )i« m u s t («: r c n u j i n - bcrfrd RJt oiivj of t h « Viart.ii^.'d h i ' l ) ! s catobcrn of n i l tin-,.-. Chni'lfy t ^ - n n - ( t wa;i a grcnt C(iti'h"r w l l l i ihff t.i'troiU f r o m 1882 t o I S i h S . n n t l w i t h tlio Btiiitons from 1SS9 to IS9',| It v,-a* l i l n great, bnck- stopping t h a t m a t o r U i t l y nld«il t l i f t Kc.'in Kntera tn th'jlr .iiiceessfu; Jrive.H to three fliic.s. Doc Bu:lionjT wa.t one or tho m l p h t y men with St. Louta and Hrooklyn as this laat c e n t u r y Kllpped Into Itn tlnal dyeade. Silver Flint, wan the stnr backstop of Pop Anson's great 18SO-1S81-18S3 c h a m p i o n s h i p Chief go audit. Ho handled the slants of Larry Corcoran and Fred Goldsmith, t h e acc.'i of i:he!r day. Flint also caught in the lirst world series, Chlcajjo versus Cincinnati--tin, scries that ended in a tie. League Action ROCKVTOOD. Jan. 30.-- Koekwood High School dribbler's continued nn- ·fioivii.l«(l in tlio Soim-erset County B u w k e t b a l l 1/ea.puo a? the Salisbury n u i u t e t was Biibm-erge I by a .score of 3! to 7 011 the local lioor. .Bockwood waa neve: 1 in danger and tli-o t a l l y at the end ot tho tlrst half ttto-od, 17 to 5. Tho Hno-up: R ockwooil -- W. J 1 .-FV_ C -- pht En trios Expected Post Uonds to Insure Pftr- ticipation in Group. MUCH INTEREST SHOWN IN LOOP ·\V h 1 to Klnuii-el Keart'oas Kr tiger JSutall ...Salisbury--7. .... Bender Liven good Miller _ Knccht Wagner _ G Substitutions--'Meyers lor Kiin.mel, Morrison for White, U ik-er for Kreger, Wolf for M^y-ers, Mardlwr for M-lll-er, SI'itip/iiiiK for Ljivengfiod, Deal for f l-'leld soaU---Whito ii, Kimmel 4. Zoarfoss '1, Kroger 2, Morrison, .M-oycra Bakor. Llvont; Mil 2, Ktiocht. Fouls--White, 1 oir. of 1; Wagner, 1. out. of H. SV.M'c rc-o--For gio. PANTHERS DEFEAT WEST SIDE QUTFFF BY LAftGE MARGIN Tho Pant.h«rs c'ofc itod the AVesi (id !y 11 sc,or of -W to, 17 yesterday. I r 'K-a« t h e fourth .=-.ra!cht t r i i u n j i h . Tho I ' a n t h i ' r s li\:i' ;-V.iay ,-\t t h e · ; r - r i i n w o o u C h u r c h , - y n i . The l i n o - u j n I'mithcr* 10* H'f*f S i d e -- 1 7 . *r. l'?rnis *F Armstrong: M,.-kt!i-is C -. Gregg .1. I I , Klin-e G Mar n el I iv C, D f l l i s u t t l si j,v;i!iv-- -!. Pi rrus fi. F. M i s 'i, r. I'ftrrua ·'·. K l i n o '.'. Ifom.iu- ir^-fi; t. C;r;^; no !. l,;.-...V.': r f., Sid", I out. of 1: )":in:; oiii. of ". ReprcsfulativoB of the eight ontries in the Mid-tile A t l a n t i c league will gather Sunday afternoon at 5J o'clock: al, the Tltlow Hotel in Uniontown to con sitter tho IMG schetltilc. Much interest is man if ear. in the session iuasm-nch as the loam oflicialw are expected to pofit t h o i r bonds whi:h will i n s u r o their entry in Uae circuit. thi« campaign. Scott-dale, Johnstown, Jea-nnette, WJi-eelng, CuniDcrland, Fairmont, Ch-arlerol and Clarksburg exixx-t- ed to have delegates at tho nreetinK which will bo in charge of Klmor M. Dailey, pr-esldejit, who is anticipating another very successful campaign oil tho national pastime. According to prolintinary arrangements, tho schodnl" w i l l begin oHhcr on tho lirfst. Thursday or fir«t Fririny of. May. However th-e cniir« proirrain may not. be ratified u.nti) a lattei' fiathfirlns as sonio of the business associates m a y d^str-a to Kive more con- pi deration to .maUfccra contfontinp; thorn. COUNTY RED CROSS ELECTION FRIDAY; NOMINEES CHOSEN S ' N M O N T O V N , .l;iu. c-!vi-u'in of ftlH':rH C u i i i i t y Cluipter, Ann w!!) be hiMd Friday chapter H f - a d q u u r t t : T i t l e Trust HuSicii; lipou f r o m 10 A. M- i iU'iulHTship in Cr»s.-i for tins c u r r e n t to v o v i t i s privileges. Ix.n.'u iiotuiutitud arc S. A re ford, ehiiinmu- viifo-i-liairnian; 11. .' vkM-clm:!rman ; Hev. K n i u h f , socreUiry; Dirtu-.tors -- Home !»i.'ll C a r r ; ilevt'lopu J iodil ; uc:ount!-, K. licit;,-, \\ r . P. Sche Mrs. J. C. Work; Ih; J u n i o r Rod Carroll; s u p p l i e s , J' Di recto ra-at-larK«j- Haruh, J. Fred, Ku Judge .). \V. iawsou. B. Moore and Charl- Keagy Correr Schedules Fast Perr/ Firemen for Tomorrow The Kcasy C o r n e r w i l l "et.oi) out" toniorro rc;il gaiiu: and u i i t i c i p u t port f r o m Iho rims who 1 w i l n u K H i n g a lot, of f r e o yeur. T!te Perryopolir. Fi'roni by II. n. 'Blair who once the Perry JmlepeiuientH Fay-Went loop, w i l l 1 , bo k o t b a l l team / n i g h t in a s Home sup- ave enjojyed oontostu this n'o Club, k l l starred w i t h in the old here for the engagement. It will 'be one of the Corner's hardest contests and conies hi line of p r e p a r a t i o n for -the clash wit hthe Caseys for the city honors. The game will 'begin at S:.'M) o'clock and will le preceded by an inte-i-CKling in-ollm'inary at 7:;-KI o'clock. Thc-.p^e- l i m l n a r y is Kche-dule-d between the Howitzer Loam and t-h-e Company I c l u b at, 30.--'Hie a n n u a l ;'or the Kayelte rictin lied Cross, .lanir.iry 31, at ·s, )K57 l-\iyi:4te 11;-. 1,'olls will be ;n-m 4 r. M. j Hod year e n t i t l e s ono Jliiccrs w h o h a v e is f o l l o w s : Karl ; R. M. Fry, Hrst . Cotiom, second . Burr n. Mc- L.. H. Iluiu-bort, service, \V. Rus- leiit, K«v. E. A. J , Arn-ott; imb- tick; production, -st aid, Dr. H. A. Cross, Helen N. iKn Davis. -D. 1C Orr, G. S. ·tz, S. E. Taylor, K L. Owen, .loliu sis W. Baer. Tho ("aHi.-y Club, com.posod ot youngsters who expect t.o cut a f i g u r u in the; baskotball world beforo th« sea- K O U is closed, w i l l take a. "fling" at tho Scottdale Buieks next Wclno.3day ovcnlnj; ut. the a r m o r y here. ., Tho c o n t r a c t for t h e ;;ame won closed last :ii;r!it, f i n d tho Irish c l u b will be busy f r o m now u n t i l Unit tiuio p r e p a r i n g for (lit- eiicomiu-r. The a t t r a c t i o n w i l l br tho best, off e r e d C O I H H - U H v l l i y fans t h i s season. In \Vcstinon.'l:ind c o n u t y t.hc BnicKs f.rc. rceardud ns the cream of the in- d e p e n d e n t c l u b s and it w i l l take :. powerful e f f o r t on t h f t p a r t of the Caseys t.o keep even. However, a victory for tho Conuo-llsvillo contingent would be a big "feather iu their en p." Tho Uuick orgauization is all well known to followers of the sport here. -Marlin, Fuller and llnnisinau have all w o r n U n i t y F r a t e r n i t y uniforms a n d the other two men in t h e visitins linc-np, Caffcrly and Turk, have been w i t h (ho Casey Chib of other days. It was a n n o u n c e d by Henry B r o w n , · Casey business manager, t h a t a iirc-- l l i u l n a r y w o u l d !K) played between tho Keagy C o r n e r t i u i n t o t a n d a team composed o£ former C o u a e l l s v i l l e - a n d U u n b a r Towjiahip High School players, b u t the Corner management said it k n e w n o t h i n g oC such an arrangement. However ,it seumed certa'n t h e Keagy outfit would participate in whatever p r e l i m i n a r y might bo played. Tills evening the- Irish crow goes to Latrobe for a return engage-merit win, ' the Murdocks and on Friday night, plays the PHtsburg Lake Erie team »l N e w e l l . POLISHERS WIN , ODD CLASH FROM MACHINE SHOPS 'The Polishers won the odd game from the Machine Shop in tho Capstan Glass Bowling League at Kilts alleys. Hudoclc was higli with a total of 439 for the match. The scores: Marline Shop, b'Sfi, 7U1, and 7G7, with a total of 2,215; Polishers. 695, 827, and 7CM, with a total ot 2,286. r ·^·^^..wrt..^^., Grafstrom, world champion and O l y m - ' i c sanies cout-'ndwr, hi» counlrvnion rin C T t h i b i t i o n of praeo c-n the silver blado-a, eay, '/hat'a what makus it so difficult. ''. W h e n n - f o n d e r is d e n i e d , It pnys to I hiive it repaired mnl rcc'iinied nt once. i * * ', i An oucasltinfil drop of oil on tho sjiiire l i r e lock .inn.v savn l.iiiio and i ; r o u b l e In ih.o n r x l change. | ^ * * ' S t r e e t s In I'crlin h a v e been made j o U l d j i r i i o f . Inn I t ' s a s i i f i - lict t h a i t h e i i i v i ' r n j r t 1 A i n c r l c j i n i ! r i v e r c o u l d ntiikr- h l s cur c u t u p on 'IMII. * * + "A lice w i l l ir.'ncl nn nn n v c r a p o ·lO.IKKi mile.'? In i t n i l i c a ( m u m l . f I'.on cy." The n n i t J . r l s l w i l l llii 1 )! i r n v - . - l (i s!m'!.-ir d l K t a i n ' o t o l l i i ' l I t a t n wiiyskK' s t a n d . · * * W ! i l l i t i Is p i ) S K i b l to w l i i r t n cnr 111 H O C I U I l l Cl'lM', o r t i V f l t I n h i g h l o w Bear should b« n.scil I'si-t.-jit when you n r o Blurtlii.a d i m - n l i M I . Tho use of one of the h'uiiier wciirs p i l l s n s i r u i t i ,111 l i f e onrr|jir ( h n f w i l l hhciw (n Hnio MOUNT PLEASANT CITIZENS TO HEAR PLEA FOR Y.M.C.JL MOUNT PLEASANT, Jan. 30.--Tli-i matter of locating a branch of th» YOUIIK -Men's- Christian AasoeiaUon in the borough will bo th-e reason for th- visit here d u r i n g tho week ot Marcii 17 of Li. J. Darter of Philadelphia, extension secretary of the Y. M. C. A. Ml: Darter jwp-es to sched-ulo several mass ineefingH BO. that-he may b able to present the proposal to th-» cit.iezns of the comm-unity, looking forward to tho establishment of the "Y. ' M"mhevs of the rt prcsentattve team of English, Scottish a n r l Irish lowlors arriving at N r nw York en the S, S. Hama ia on their way to California to l a k n part in the contest for the Charles J. F'ox t r o p h y . A f t e r tho ·.'.-·-·?tern contest, t i e team will play in tournaments iu various Am* rican cities. tlaterjiar :o Proper Care Will Make Tires Last Much Longed Tires, among the most neglected n! nil motor-car essentials, cun be mnta to render remarkably greater efficlenc?' with improved economy, by systematic and I n t e l l i g e n t cure. This point, often emphasized by t i r e engineers, has been conclusively prowl in n year's test, results of w h i c h h n v e been computed. On a m e t r o p o l i t a n bus fleet iselccl- cd for the tost, n savins of 448 bu*. tires widi a total of 7.213,706 tirc- niilos, nt: an average of 20,047 miles t- the tire, was affected, according to thu. (Jala available. Under th« caro of nn expert tlra 1 man the-' tire mileage of this entlra; licet Is declared to h a v e been Increased 07 per oi;nt In ono year and] records for tho firs! t h r e e months of t i n s year show an increase of 9C per- com over ISVJO. Tim t i r e expert took -h:ir^(! if l i r e inspci.-tion and tire cai a iu tin:- beginning of 19^7, It was explained. The Pastor Sayst F.von tin- must s(;cpttcal ghoul 4 nwe that, the Ki-eat ti«h has swallowed up the boo); of J o n a h . . , The worst h y p o c r i t e ts he who In I'n- n h l e to p'.-nr;!i'Mto h i s o-,vn dlssfuls«.-# John Audrew Holweu,

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