The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 19, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 19, 1918
Page 10
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,'iaacfjt:. A-.uua.Hgtt,, IB, ela surprise parity; ai : I, .it being ibout 20 report a . . . . . . . ersoatot- Buena Vlsfe' was a recent Dawson oilier: ..... : " »" - 0-Ij)Oiii:L' r * t . h . her. sister, Mrs. .-1 *"-'--'-'-. at JO.'--"--t---.' _r;-0 2 p.OOO- . Tofcy's J Etttsburg. at Cincinnati.-. .-~--_;;.;__ _ ^ . ,,, " Brooklyn »t;»eit Tarts; m% . .'AXEKICAKJAAGQE:-,;·-.. " Chicago 5;-St- Loiiiaio:. - . -.'.X. ,;." ^Cleveland 6; Detroit'2.' -.-...'. ':,".'X " ' Other games postponed';--Tain 1 . ||5; , Standing oif fte- Clclisi 'j'; ; : Cl*veland |3Sew York S-:Cnlcago , t Louis _4__ l-~ 0-J..-WO 3ESi"? i ".soo ·-·-· i-' 1 .500 _i_: 0 1 0 S .000 liSBt. Louis at vihicago... ,. ,._ "" "· Detroit at-61e»eSHK ----~ - ":.'; New York at Boston (2). ' Philadelphia at-·Washington.- home'frbm a visit at Ne'w;-Castle::,..; '.; r-; Missj.Grace Jacobs-'otrEast-Liberty, has accepted a positlbn'dn tfie; Dicker; j son..Run.yard office.. ;\j _ t \ ; ;· .r.Jolxjt.Eandymore -'w*s; ;. ! 5 1 .1*'5S;;P^ frie'n'ds'jlii West Ne« r( ""-' !1| » I ' 1 's'lav5---' . iVrTT Manning :the home tif Mr. an 'New"Castle. ' '-i-,.,U'i_irii -· Letters have been received, tore' "from John-A. Nicoll, who is serving. 'in the navy for Uncle "Sim,....spme- 'where in Earbpeah-waters. He is well -known here, having-been a ; clerk la ! .'the Dickerson Run yard office, and is a 'nephew · of Prank Merrill of :East Liberty. ' · · '-'··---.'·'-. . ,'^A. consregatioaal meeting , of the *BTesbyteria.i church -will be-held in the Cochran banauet hail-on ^Friday exening. All'members of the church 'are expected to be,uresent^.,_....--.- Perryopolw. a.JRRYOPOL'IS,- April'vl--Miss Pearl Ritenour was a Pittsburg "caller Monday. . 3Irs. II. E. Shaffer was a Connells- .i.-lUeXcaller Tuesday.. . .. r .. Urs. A.-W. Kern, has;sold to.George f^'lt. Armstrong of the -West Sido the Andrew McClintock place near Leis"' r\mt, tlw-sale-ieing .made-thraugh . ^Z«!I'-.^^*^r A v"TCS^.rt«WV.--X- C?e\nt- ~ Ttke^puvcfTaMf- bougt for-" iavest-^ Brat- He will remodel-tfie "house. js- Mr*. Kerns Is moving to Connells- 1 fUle. . . . ; Tike- c«re of the inen behind ^tie · KaB»Laiid';LibertT 'Will-; take care "of mlt~ Bnyins- a : ~Libcrty Bcrnd will : htif some. lives at Dunbar -Wednesday. · Mr_-and Mrs.- Howard. -Aflarps; .-were .^Mrs. Sam'u'eLGrass has!ot o( switches, guaranteed human hair. Switches made from yoir combings at reasonable prices. " IDaprlt Mrs. Thomas Hixenbaiigh and Mrs. L, Ai'Brown. were Connellsville'shop- pers "Wednesday. The Ladies' Aid Society 'of .'-the Christian church will hold_ a Saturday afterlsoon^'m'eetlng at- 'the-home.~pf Sfrs. Thomas Htsenbaugh/ . -'· · .Bright eyes, .'clear completion,- vhn, vigor and forte, all indicate perfect health; you. are handi-, capped in the race of life.. Take Hoi- lterTs'." Rocky' Mountain" Tea each week' and'k'eep'up with .the'live ones. 35c.' "Tea or "Tablets.--Connellsville Drug Co.--Adtv.' " " - " - Frank Seder's Mammoth New J^ To Be Opened In May All ^WesteiTi Pennsylvania ^^is talkitjg; : about - thecwonderf .-i Kanfe ,, Seder's now rapidly approaching coni- pjetion on their ; old. site Fifth A-venue, ~ ; Sinfthfieid lari "~ ' It -will-be the ^Largest Beady-to-wear store v for "Women/ Men ; ,and Children in the United Stotes*.;c; It occupied ah entire block: on Smithfieid street. - . : Frank . new home BEFORE Easter and in February theyj)eg:an ; their Eemoval Salej to , . .disp^se'of-'alfth^ ? -the same time theySjBou^ht wfavily of ' - ; Spring Garments; : for:thte?new store. As a resiift pf~th~e~delay-tEis-entfre' stock , -««»^ m" openvjfcbe NEW^STQ^E.with qnJy gew^ - eleonr^feesh^ -goods--principally- -SUM- ; MERiapparel. Our Great Removal Sale is now going on in our present store, /of- ^^ New Spring Garments At a Sayjng r .QJ Sarithfietd Diamond Streets, Pittsburgh, Pa. ^eliminates the changing of . Needles! : · --cannot scratch nor wear out . ' . the Record!- r -reproduces, in a clearer, lifelike tone than any other machine on the market today! . ' ' . " ' . " to deciide which Talking Machine theyPalhe Pathphone is r /litL Talking Machines in ^^^i^andarli machine that plays ALL Records. than any other No Needles to Change! -ThelPatKephone : plays Pathe Records with the famous %pphire Ball^whickis PERMANEISIT--do- ·ing avay-i«th the everlasting annbyeince of changing needles. And the Sapphire Ball is round and smoothly polished--to-perfectly fit the groove of thcs Record. That's why the Pathephone renders the selection precisely as it is rendered by the artist without the loss of a single tone color or overtone. And that's why the RecordsNEVER £wear.out; - . " : Pathe Records 65c to $4.00, Pathephones $30 to $225. Hear These New May Records! . n · · * ' . . . -. -- . 401S2--r*cal'G*ni Medley 3So. 1 "Mnsieal Comedy Hits" (Iiatro. 1 Siren's Song. : J1.25 · 2. An Old.Fashioncd Wife. 3. Till.the Clouds £«U BT). lyric Tocal Quintet Toenl Gem Medley So. 2 "Cafflp Fire Songs" (Intro. 1. -Good-bye Dolly Gray. - 3. Honey Boy. !). l!omrade«. 4. Wben Johnny Comes March- l»g Home. S. There-H Be a Hot Time i» the 01d,T»wn Toniirnt). . _. _.. ._.. .,- .,. . . 1/yric Tocal Qnlntet 20324--:K«ep.1the Home Hres..JBnniiD!-- (Sorcllo), 75c :iVien;tIie .GriSt Ked Ditwn Is Shining (Sbarp«), tjnirersity Quartet. Koyal Dadmnn $34.50 This Special Patlie- phone Outfit ,, Consists o£ the 530 Model and your choice of 6 Double-faced Patbe Records--(12 selections) x Compare .this · J30 Model Pathc with any ?45 or $50 machine on the market. This Special Pathe- phone 0«tflt _ _ : __ Consists .of. the 5175.00 Model .and your. choice of 6 Dpuble-faced ; J"athe .Hecords~: 0.2. selections)/ , · . · ~ ' .' . " ' . ' - - *.'~ · '· Compare. this,$175 Model Pathe with any "other J300 maeffine" oa the market. . '" _ . 75c -^Mr Sirectie (SHjaer-Ionis-Iong), the Startioli JBearj"- " " 30315-- ^Thc BurktoTrti Strattera' Ball (Brooks), · Toe Arthur Fields, Tenor, Accordion Accompaniment IB th» l»»d 0' : Yano Tamo CScC«rtkr-Fiscuer), '; '-'-·· ^ - "Artlior riclds, Tenor, Accordion Accompaniment iFox Trot, Intro, "ileet JTe at Bondint Brothers, Accordionists A Scotchc Hlgli-BiUI (Arr. )»y, Boudijio Brothers), Medley One Step, Intro. 1. "B»s Pipes." 2. "Annie Louric." 8; "Bine Bells of. .Scotland." 4 _--.. AB |j| jjug Syne.^ Bondlnl Brothers,. Accordionists forward: roreret (Sons*), "March" American BeptibHc Band 7£c ^f«,Tal-Befieri-e"M»rci^Sons«), Americaoi Bepnblic Ban! 2flll»-- lorraiiw (Brran-Flseher), Tt'arwick TTilliams, Baritone 75c Gltc Me the Bight to tore Ion (Glatt), . Sterling Trio S0820-- Oolip tip, from ; *eolng 0p" (Hirsdi), Xedlcy Oho Step, Intro. "Here's, 75e - to- the Two of Ton" - - - American Bepnblic Band Midnight Walta (Hplland),. · ..... Am«ri«am Kepnblic Band Come to Our Main Floor Piathephone Department Tomorrow -- You're" Always Welcome at Aaron's. Connellsville's Reliable Hou»efurni»hers Since 1891 This Special Patlie r phone Outfit. ___ $10450 Consists o£ tiie ?100 Model and your choice of « Double-faced' Paihe Records--(12 selections) Compare this ?100 Model PaUie "ffith any other ?125 machine on the market. on tai FOE · All that is necessary for you .to do Is to cltp-the coupons' and Bring -or send th'em to The Dally Courier office with $i;49 'an : d" the beautiful. Flag Is yours. Description-- The flag is 8 feet long by 5 feet wide; rainproof and sunproof American bunting-- absolutely fast colors. Stripes sew. ed, double stitched. Has. strong canvtis. heading and. metal grpmnuents. This 8x5 Foot Flag !or6 CoBponB'oE'ConsecattTe Bates and £WI Cash. Note: -- If ordered by Mail add idc for -.packing and postage..' CLIP THIS FLAG COITOK TOBAT 1 and, with required cash, .for Flag send to Flag Department THE DAILY COURIER J391-2JT- Crawford Are, COJOTEHJSVliLB, PA. Street-..or.H.-F...B. No-- Town. . Meyersdale. . MBYEESDALB, April 18.--Next Sunday, April 21, a patriotic meeting will be held in Reich's auditorium at which time the local Union No.-2?74,^,Jffil!.Udedicate,thgir service .flag, in honor ot all.-members serving in the/colors..' Patriotic ad- Tdrcsses will b'e given by; the local | ministers .'andidfDcers. of; the union. j.There will" be .good singing and music by the Citizens band^ . J3ve3*yhody is cordially iuyited. : · - ' , ' ' Lawrence Hartle, -. son of Mr. and '*Irs: ;; John'Hartle,'-and. Er)wai-d--Kelly, ·}son bf SirV and Mrs. J. P.-Kelly, both ·! with Company .-.-C,-. 110th Infantry, .Camp Hancock,: Augusta! Ga.,.are here' ·on a 10-day-furlpugn with their par-. .; cnta and other relatives and friends. i . Mr, and'Mrs; .CharleS'-Walters have "j returned to''their hbme":iD~C6nrielli5 1 ' 1 i.yille ; afte'r::.a. few-days' -visit here with Absolutely Remove^ Indigestion. Druggists refund money if it fails. 25c- relatives and friends.. . ' . Earl -R. Beggs of Confluenco was a Meyersdale'' business' visitor on Wednesday. . . . . ' . - - . . ' Kev.. Ross Murphy, who visited friends here for a few days, returned to his home in Shippensburg, Pa,, on' Wednesday. ~ " .-· · -; - : ' . . . . W. 0. Houot has- returned from a business trip to Philadelphia. Miss Kathrya Kattan spent, several, days during the week here visiting friends. ' . .-, Mrs; .-Borne Shirley of -McKeesport is visiting her mother, Mrs. E. D. Leonard. . , -.:·.'.'; , . · . : Harry-Garditl-of-.Philadelphia was a visitor on "Wednesday -at the .home of. his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Phllson. . Mrs. .W. F. P.a'yne and daughter, Miss Mildred, were visitors to Pittsburg on Tuesday. ' . . - ' · ': "".Joseph Jones : of Omaha;;. Neb,,'-is. | : yisiting...relatives and a.few''.w.eeks. ^-..,..." . .; \..; \ ' -'Read our advertisements. . -^ - ... ' ;.' Mrsr-M.' J; .Glotfelty "of"Salisbury .: wds'-snopjivrig .and 'calling on'frieiids . 6'ere'WBdiiesday. .-"··' .,,--.,.;., W»o to Patr»nte. .Merchant'), who.' tdverlije their goodr The Daily CourJor. * COULDN'T WORK GAINS 20 POUNDS Parker Had Been Like Bead San Until He ToofTanUc. "Yes, sir, I have been taking this Tanlac for about two weeks, and I hava gained twenty .pounds," said J. B. Parker, .machinist, of 163 Bast 121U aveiiue, Erie. . '.'It \vas about a year ago, that I suffered-.*.stroke-of-paralysis. At tio lima-1-weighed 20S-pouniis I \vas obliged to quit .work, anil I haven't struck a. 'lick in my trade In nearly twelve months, I.fell off in weiglit to 147 pounds, a loss of 58 pounds. "I have been nearly dead. In tact, I .was so bad oft that I tjionght my days were really numbered. .'.."I:.heard . about Tanlac. I made some .private investigations about Uio medicine. .1 inquired of several neighbors, who were talcing Tanlac. Tlioy told me it was the thing they had--evor : UBed, and-tnai 1 would makfi no mistake-in. testing it. I thereupon bought mo some of the medicine. 3 began, improving in a tew days after commencing to us« it. -My strougtli came back to. me. gradually, arxl 1 am now today-stronger .and feel youngur tttan I lave Celt, in years. ..."Yes, it .is .'true. .1 have gninod .twenty, pounds In ..two wocks. It soema strange to: believe, but it Is cortaliily so.-J am iiowifeeliug so woll.Uxnt I am going -back to work next Monday. . "I consider. Tanloe the most wow- dertuli medicine ever sold licro." Taniac is now sold hero by the Connelisville Dr«B Co, Tanlac can also -bo secured in Pnn- bar.. ,at : D.. C.- Baso^'a Drug Swro.--· Adv.. . . . . Confluence. : GONJWH3NCE, Aprir IS, --. Mrs, : B6'yer ofMance, wna.n 'vocorit vlaftav hers with' her. dttiiKhtor, Mrs. 11, 3* Keidel. · - . " , . '-Mrs. Frod Koontx, wlio la vfteoven- irig nicely from a-long aovwa Uln»a», is. 'contemplating » -trip lo Oshn\v«, Ontaria, Canada, to irfnlt-liw »]*i*r, Mrs. W. P, Knlsht, in tlio nisw -future. K. K. CrOllor; )v))o IKW b«w\ employed by, -Ills .In-other, M'. -ffi Onllor as. a hlncksnriili foi'isavonU years, resigned and gouo into tUo Jpin Pennsylvania's New Army of Poultry Producers . Pledge Card Campaign for more Poultry conducted by Deparcmect of Agriculture, Harrisburg, Pa.. Pennsylvania War Poultry Commission, Pennsylvania State Poultry Association, and Department of Agriculture, Wasblnston, D. C. TYILI, TOU DO TOCR SII.VKKJ Check Items which fit your case for guidance of TTxr Commission. I- agree to sot one or mora settings of es^s* or purchase baby chicks, or breeding stock to produce same to help the food supply of the Nation. ' I can afford to invest --.- and am interested In 1st 2nd (Name breed preferred). . feet available. I have ,--_ . chickens at this time. (Deserving cases "wiU havp social attention). I would be willing to become a producer ot poultry meat, if after propel- Investigation you flud. my application for hatching eggs worthy of such consideration, 1 i-anaot. affoitL to purchase, chicks or hatching eggs, 1 will gladly report to propor authorities tie success ot wy hatch when, demanded. I desire to w-aive UBI of chicks and egga for sale, and such free infor- maiiou. iu the way vl buHetlus or other literature that will give me such infomatton as to enable ow to obtain too maiimom results with the minimum espouse. Signed -__ P. O. Address ;. Express Office or R. F. D. Route . i__ Penna. busiaew. Mrs, CSsurgt) ifrawe ia visiting with friends in ConaaUavUl? at pruatmt. Miss Minnie AvgnMlne, who has sv»nt the \ lu. Florida, ivas horp yoiuerday on Uer way to her home in Artdtoon, TUoa, Brawn !i»s r*tnrnoi3 from vta- iUne friends tuid irnnwirUnK bosluoss ,Mrs, C, S, YounHiu awl daMjthtor liavt* returnml ti tlwlr- homo *n Con- UBilmlUi! »rttir visltlns Mi'. Vonakln Usrs a (ow i)tty«. Mr,i, K, K, Ttestto went to C-MmoUa- vlilfl ymtlerdity. to vWl Jrtanls. ,Mr, Slipvtrtaw Hu«(«v, employed b' Cnutrawor A. AV. Clouw. Is making prttariiliin5 10 W ov* his family here from Qhlm»yl' Whajfl.v^!' .vour fiuftuviul uioaswrp j'ou f(ul-le flUisd. with ft Llbcrw Bond. It. The Better the Printing of your ; stationery the bettei the {mpression it wifl create Morat Have your printing done here. THE

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