The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 28, 1964 · Page 16
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 16

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1964
Page 16
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THE OTTAWA JOURNAL FRIDAY. AUGUST 28. 1W4 GIVES REDS OPENING GRABBED BY FAN 16 West's Position Threatened By Upset in Viet Nam By WILLIAM L. KYAN . AP Special Correspondent The civilian explosion ta South Viet Nam can prow serioui blow to United State efforts to hold back Communist pressure in Southeast Asia. Already some of America's allies indicate lack of faith that the war against the Viet Cong can be won. If the alternative to victory is negotiation, the prospects for negotiated peace are also unpleasant trom various viewpoints. '' The South Viet Ham explosion should have surprised nobody. The wonder is that It didn't come sooner. Young people there have known nothing but war,, tension, dictatorship and frustration. They are resilient people, but there are lira Its to their patience. '. Frustration seems' the key word. Young, educated people m the cities want soma sort of representative government. But In a country at war there Is a high price on a luxury like free elections. Democracy as it is known in the West Is in pitifully embryo state m South Viet Nam. YEARS OF TALK - For years there has been talk of (he need for social Justice, c o a o m I 6 improvement for rural people, measures to raise public morale, elimination of corruption, appointment of army and government leaders , on the basis of merit. These were talked about long before President Ngo Dinh Diem died in last November' i coup. Would Stop Liquor ; Safes to Militia ! ST. CATHARINES (CP) - A coroner's Jury Thursday recommended that (he sale of liquor to memberi of the Canadian Army militia attending summer camp be stopped. The jury was investigating the death of neth Ide. 22, of Toronto, a mil itia sergeant, who was killedJ July l when he lost control el his car and rammed a tree near here. Witnesses said a drinking party in a mess at tot . army camp at nearby Niagara-oiHhe-Lake preceded the accident, i "'.".' V - ''! Cruel repress le n had not helped Diem survive. But re straint and avoidance of blood shed m this week's uprising did not seem to help Nguyen Khanh, either. There is deep frustration for Americans, too. To those on the scene it must have seemed that only a strong hand could marshal the country for the effort needed to beat back the Com munists. When Duong Van Mlnh proved a disappointment, there were hopes that his successor, Khanh. had the strong hand needed. ' '; .i In these circumstances South Viet Nam had to progress from one dictatorship to another. There had to be . a dictatorship until there was Victory and there was no sign M victory. mow the question is whether South Viet Nam is back where it was last November, with little to show for two coups. -The explosion this week has-the look of a depressing symp tom. sign of weakening resistance, a search for quick solutions. The majority may, as Americans say, be against communism and even neutralism, but that won't help if the will to fight a stubborn, furtive insurrection is eroded by internal chaos," confttsioa and ; frustration. ,'r t p .'.;' '.-; i' CHANCE FOR REDS Developments likely will encourage 'the Communists and Communist regime in the north. If they, act according to pattern. they will take full advantage of the confusion. ( All this can have an effect on American public opinion? especially if tt visualizes the enpea-stva effort ef the last few years as wasted. f' jt' - -J ' In tad net of Asia and among America's attfes elsewhere. It can generate pressure for some sort of MsntlaMil . P What kind of settlement could there be? The Communists make their terms clear: Withdrawal of Americans and settle- "In the spirit of the pro gram of the Rational Front for Liberation of 'Sputh Viet Nam.! That Is ano&ar way of saying a conference 'ishould. prepare south Viet Nasi, tar-aa eveni (-omm unlet takjhovrr. NO MILEAGE CHARGE ay only the gas you usa BESSIW RENT-A-CAR SYSTEM eenATss av smwot a ito. CENTRAL CANADA" EXHI2IT10N ' LAST TIMES TODAY eftd SATURDAY ' : ; THE ANDY WILLIAMS SHOW with the OSMOND EStOTHERS tt ' ew Na. i -Lt ' -saw " r 1 EVENINGS ONLY AT 8.30 P.M. Admission Reserved Beats ' ' $3.00 . $2.59 . $2.00 $1.50 . . ra ArtuDB ifuaa tmn. mc m mca tana boummtmai zvz?r mKl SHOW TONIGHT COllStUM AT 7.30 PJWL - 1 ChlMmi's star tnmunm. B ise reeM, ,, . ChlMm eaew II tn ta itmUi. . CAR AWARD EACH EVENING Am Mil slrm af n BakiMttm; imr mMm tstkM auan in tMtiM. s wta. Car A war immmH Iraat Ike S)aMka I. s. asck evMtae. Ttakas nt sm elaka 'U .M kur tkae tasse sil.s. Va ssat fee ea SM There is suDoort in Eurooe for neutralization of both North and South Viet Nam. There Is little prospect that the regime in the north would agree to be neutralized, and neutralization of the south alone would leave tt to the mercy of the Commu nlsts eventually, when they were ready to move. Such a so lution conceivably could under mine fhe whole Western position on the Asian mainland and lead, some day, to Chinese dom ination of the continent. Once 90 "Mm. SpKa Sarers jt Choke of aotours, verjr m , . L. f -j ' fw . Y L- a COMMODORE JOHN C O'BRIEN. 45. Canadian naval attache in Washington since 1061. who has taken up flie appointment of Senior Canadian Officer Afloat, Atlantic J 3 HERE ARE THE FACTS! Ringo's Pled Brings Return of Medal NEW YORK (AP) Though they ariived in the dead of night,' the Beatles were met by 3.000 vety-much-alive teen agers at Kennedy Airport early today. Screams, shrieks and moans assailed the ears of the mop-topped quartet, but nary a fan got close to them. The four ran from their plane to waiting limousines minutes. 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