The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 28, 1964 · Page 15
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 15

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1964
Page 15
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l 'a.1 'r:vr:- ' ... . s 11 l' i ' 'd V ill ,j. '"f u.t ' .? -'y.- X " M AStf ' ' I SUITS 1 AND 2 -PANT. .smartly styled In Fairs ,,' ft newest tones.. from to 523X3 STOTJACXHS fin wool novelty tweeds I12.C3 $26; .SLACKS washable Saxon flannel "SLIMSTERS" lean leg, extension waist C 1 'it- j DISTRICT CHAMPIONS DECLARED The ladies' wction of District It Lawn Bowling Association war slaclarad Thursday. . Shown ar tha 1964 champions: left to riaht. Mrs. Jack Bridgaa an4 Mrs. ArchM Campbell. Highland Park, doubles; Mrs. Harold Ward. Elmdale, singles; Mrs. J. Row, Mrs. W. R. Kenny. Mrs. C. W. Knapp, Brock vUle, triples. . (Journal b Oomialoa Widl Reach Cup Final v ; V F ale mi defeated St An thooy'l 4-1. to move into the finals a the ODFA ,"A" Cup competition. , f tan Rots and Tommy Hamill each scored Jice for the win-ners. Bruno Molina rolo and Malta Florin counted for St. Anthony's. In the other sami-final Latio led 1- over Hollandiaa when the game was called with seven minutes to go became of darkness. The league executive will :ineet this ek to decide Whether to let' the game stand or order Vtindhtd at a later date. ' tl r- v' I' Dick 'Gotle scored the only goal of the game. District Declares Lawn Bowl in Championships Ladies' district championship games were played Thursday at Ottawa Club greens. . Competitors were her from Ottawa, Brockvilla, Smiths rails, Carwton Pjec, Almonte. Elmdale. Highland Park and Central dubs. , - Following ar the result: . A trophy donated by Mr. and Mrs. F. Towsley for triples was m I U2I Wellington (at Holland) 13 V' won by Brockvilla. An entry skipped by Mrs. Margaret Row took eh title. With her were Mrai Uhi Kenny, Mrs. Haral Knapp.. The Harold NetUeton Trophy for double want to Highland Park and a rink skipped by Mrs. Archie Campbell and Mrs. Jack Bridges. The Birka Trophy for singles went to Mrs. Harold Ward of tha Elmdale Club. . : Runners-up in triples war Mrs. Urn Clark (skip). Mrs. Hazel McFe and Mrs. William Maynard (skip), of Elmdale. Tb doubles crown runner-up spot went to Mrs. D. Byers, and Mrs. K. Rose (skip) of rickrill. Runner-up In the singles was Mrs. S. Lewis of the Central Que. Mrs. W. B. Robertson, presi dent of District IS, preaeatad the trophies along with the prizes. Special prizes to the ttngta wanner and nmner-up. donated by Robert Hood, wars also presented by the president. Mrs. M. Cumminga preaentM th Towsley trophy as well ea prize Y Ford Pratt was tne ornciai umpire. V i Hons Import.' Giant Vacuum Cleaner VANCOUVER (CP) - A giant vacuum cleaner to sack th water from " Empire Stadium is being Imported from Britain by th British Columbia Lioni football dub. "Tea machine really works," general manager Herb Caponi said Thursday a a gazed at th ram-seak-d turf Oat has hitom patchy end slispery. "I checked it out-" H said the macaia will' be brought her at tha ax-pense f tb Western F e e t-baH Conference club, whkh meet Winnipeg Blue Bombers here Sunday afternoon. ACQUIR1 REED WINNIPEG Winnipeg Blue Bombers ef th Weetern Football Conference announced Thursday they have acauirad Ken Reed, halfback wno played two years with Minnesota Vikings. Read played college ban for Pacific University in Sacramento, Calif. He was cut by the Vikings earlier this week. Everything you can' ask for in a car. Oldsmobile from Myers Motors. STYLE, power,' action," glamour, from Olds. Maximum ; trade ? In , , allowance, ; excellent . terms, supreme service, dynamic -' deal. Iron Myers Motors,. There's ' the proper .combination., - ... . i ' ' ' " i See the top selection of Olds-mobiJes now at Myers Motors . . . . t t they're' beauties. You'll never -make a better deal than now on lM401dv ...... And once you're In tht Olds-mobile class, 'you've mad tht , switch to tht finest Now, tht opportunity la her. At Myers-Motors. . , . Hi,' Myers Motors Go. Ltd ?- -, 'ELGIN AT CATHERINE 133-HlI THE OTTAWA JOURN.vL By CUNNAB ANGUN some cases, w ar giving you th full description her, in dications are that the deer population throughout Eastern Ontario wintered well; hunters accordingly can hope for a fairly good success rate this year, providing they get a somewhat better break from the weather nan than was the case last yar. NOV. TO NOV. 14 ' 1. In that part of the County of Lanark lying northerly and easterly of the centre line of Highways 7 and 43 to Its mtar-eectioa with Highway 29 at Smiths Falls then 'southerly along that centre tine to the southerly boundary of the county, ahence easterly to the easterly boundary of th county. NOV. I TO NOV. T 2. (a) That part of th of Cartel on lying west of the Riaeau River. (b) Th County of GrtnviU (except the Howard Q. Ferguson Nursery at Kempt ville). (c) That part of the County of Lanark lymg southerly and westerly of the line described m paragraph 1 above. (d) That part of the County of Leeds lying westerly end northerly of the centre line of Highway 32 and 13 from Gana-noque to its intersection with the centre line of Highway 42, thence along that centre line to the intersection with tb pro- ductioa southerly f the centre line of the Narrow Locks Road.. thence northerly along that pro duction and that centre line to the easterly boundary of the county. NOV. i TO NOV. 3. (a) That Dart ef the Countv of Carieum lying east of the fudaau River. ' (b) The United Counties ef Prescott and Russell. (c) The United Counties ef Stormont, Dundee end Gien-garry; - ; ".- (d) The County of Leeds except that part described under 2(d) above, w t . i. OCT. ft TO OCT. 3i j . 4. The Howard C. .Ferguson Nursery st KamptvtUe. (Only bow and arrows may be used.) 5. Only shotgun may. be used, to hunt deer, in (a) No. 3 above; (b) the County of Granville. - - " 1 S. No person shall use or be accompanied by a dog while hunung deer in th United Counties of Stormont, Duodas and Glengarry. - THERE! fiOOD NEWS lar sportsmen over m Hull Aim Cuertin, dean ef the dty't coo- sarvetionists end founder of the Hull Society of Anglers end Hunters, tells a the club has hut about completed arrangements for elahlishmnt ef e shooting range st Mount Caren, about two end e keif sailea east of Wilson's Corners. The club has been working on uus project lor earn time end President Robert Marett, along with secretary Guy La- tang, have artist good deal of time end effort toward realisation of the plan. For tha further benefit ef the club's mariumea, arrangements were made for the visit t Hull this week ef Maurice Lavigaur, security officer of the Quebec School ef Ceme Wardens, operated by th provincial Ministry or Tourism. Hunting and Fish ing. Mr. La vigour addrssd sportamea Wednesday night st the otua House en tun safety. On Thursday, at the Mont Cars sit, bt carried out an inspect- km end edhtstment ef rifles and shotguns for club members and mterested friends. The setting up of th rifle range will be a been LIONS CUT viae ' VANCOUVER m 4- Dee Vicic tn eifht-yetr veteran ef the Wettera reotbaU Conference, Thursday was release! by British ColumBia Uont. The M-yaarld graduate of Ohio Sute became expendable tt one of British Columbia Uont' two-way player when he wu replaced by. Canadian rookie Bob Swtft and at Inside line backer by Jess Williams. Journal Want Ad brtnf ukk results. ltatMKN '-aeaaos-ad r.w. Anaur ' utute . r ,-rl afarcMiifi t City Ceeir UX4T77 3 DEER HUNTERS ARE ALREADY thinking of the chill Autumn days and the early mornlnf hikes up the trails in search of the white-tails. The KempW ville headquarters of the Ontario "Department of Lands and Forests has issued the deer hunting seasons within the district. .-' , Bcut sportsmen may tH rJnbrrJ,rf,i Solunar Tables Aiwtrit mntt .teita attwktkatr ' in' By JOHN ALDEN KNIGHT The' schedule of 'Solunar Periods, as printed below, hat been taken from John' Alden Knight's Solunar Tablet, Plan your days to that you will be fishing in good territory or hunting in good coyer during these times, if you wish to find th best sport that each day hat to offer. Auf Day Daw ae sua. si MM. st. I Turn 1 Wad. I Thuc t rri. . t Bat. t Sua. Mia. MaJ. Mia Maj.j AM. PM list t. . tat u it t u it as tat 1.18 T ie 1.10 111 tat t.t 4 t : as lias M 11 t 41 tee t4 t.M t IS .M M t4 IJ II J t it .. Hull ares porta men, for it will give them an opportunity . not only to keep their "shooting eyes" in practice, but will also enable them to check on the accuracy of their weapons under properly controlled conditions. ALL THE BIG MUSTCIES aren't in the Rideau, set Bob McDonald after reading about Bill Workman's prowess two weeks ago. Bob. who would rather fish than eat,, waa out on the St Lawrence with guide Cart "Nip" Lever of Cardinal this week and brought home an II pounder. The Levere family are all 'lunge fishermen of renown and it is said that among the. bunch of 'em they have taken close to IS of the nth from the St. Lawrence this Summer, hi the waters between Prater Shoal at Cardnal end the Prescott area. When Bob McDonald was dew there, be counted around 23 boats out after the big fish. One angler in the crowd bad a 33 pounder and another had 13 pound fish. ,J Greenwood Results TORONTO ic Trw mails Iran Orwawea tsiawayt nni aeot. Tret. Mil: Bis Way C. IM. L'Haunuxl: f.M. 140. 140 Baica! Sandy IW. Hldui. 4 St.; aiar Nib IC. Arekdakuii. II. TIM til. Mtrria Amos. Shaey-dais Bdltsr. rarcry Our. Thomas M a-llMb? CHuck alaa atarto. j eooont teee. a-roer-aias and ! up. race. T tartan: h-ahatla T in. ctia. tee. tse. Me-, an-d-Thada Bars ir: Hull. 1010. tso. (Stormy Omtua. (H Varenai. et. Tuna lai 4 1. Arbor Bona. Huor't Mbnay. xharn Gala, uc Coanla Alan alao atartod db dood naaii. d flnUhid Id as dead haat. nlacod sacond lor las-nad an braafc at wirai la latar-taranea braak. Scratckod Lucky su BaUy BantU: Third ttee. fnea. MUa Twelve Snrpa (N Varraal. I7J0. TJ. 4 14: Mua Vara Orattaa t. nalmaai, 140. 10. xCindy Sana IL. Mcraddanl. t ee. Time It I I Graonlraa Judy. Lyndan Ada. Jimmy Direct. Busar Baba c. Irma Blue aba alartad. Fourth I7M. s- and 4-yoar-oMa. aea. M1U: Baaaia RiddaU IB. Themaaoni. It M, T SO. 4 10: Ballerina Wick (S. Browni. U.le. IS SO; Orattworrth Byrd IT. Bo-larai, ! Than set 4'1. xGulaaa Mlta. Prim Adloa. Badsar Byrd. sBoflor'B- Grattan. sArmora Bn pierar aiaa eianea. rvtb 0S. S-yaar-otda and a. Pace. MUa: HI Anree Avarul (W. WeUwoedi. Sta. S 10. HO; Baron Hal iB. Browni, 1. 10: Canadian Grattan (O " Rawkei, ttt. Time I OS 4'1 Mr. DUlaa. Baaa Herbert. Dick's Henly. Tw initial Danny. BUly Deluxe aba itartod Sixth saoe. s-yar-oiaa and up. Trot. MUa: Bapllca Harbart 1 Harberti. a 40, 1 7.. I SO; Nancy Brook .. II Orahami. 10.40, set: Chama Mao IW Harvey), 4 lt Tuna 17 I t. Truat Account. also alartad. Victor. Armnra Dtiu, B . xPhllbrlah aUaovar . arataauai fiasjo. an. Paco. Mile: Mlahty State D IMcNutlt.. ttSt. 4 JO. 14. Tea MacNab ia. ueweurai. tea. tie; Thundor Ban (A. almcai. 100 Tuna 1.0 11 Tarn Tally. Adlaa Dominion. Count Marky. May Boat alao started. ElfhUi ll.SOe Junior Invitation Handicap, a-yearldn and np. Trot. Mile: Fanny Bymbol 10 Wtlle). tie. "tie. t.eo: Klntao Colby IW. Well wood I Itt. 14. ItXaea Van B.. IC. tocknarll. (It. Time 1T 11. Vaa'a PrMa C . Caaanl Yalaa. Bye Bya Bars. UttV Wlntli ttot. a-yaar aide and a tan IM. Aplasi. I. It. tac Banlawn Boy IC. tckhartr 41. t ies Jaaa Third J. Oateel Jr.). 10. Time t at l Eddla Caa Dorana Grattan. MaaaaK Chaat. Sputnik. aHeura Vela C alao etarled. - ' Attandane 471, natwa M44JM. kw in co KOWNMO rot sui Intrp Jafobft Heme on Display HICHWAY 15-7 MILES WEST OF OTTAWA See Dee ... for the Best Mel hi dm Ottawa Vttey Travel light with Morcah White . . . ;.',,...,,. ;,-,,.,.. ; Hm't how to hoist a cat. heta eraaje Juieev 1 os. frotli Urn uk I ox. Captala Moraa White : Ubeirtta eur Shake well iweJwith end serve d'ies. CarnisA ,h tit) slice I I 15 tinzvuzt this Sstsrday Dover's Men's Wear 87 BANK ST. (Corner Quttn) W1U EE OPEN Ail DAY SATURDAY OPEN MONDAY AT 12.30 Open Friday Ertning till 9 ?M. THIS SCHEDULE WILL PREVAIL UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE TONIGHT TILL 9 AND ALL DAY SATURDAY 500 Pairs PANTS ON SALE AT DOVER'S LTD., Bank St Store ALL WOOL WORSTED FLANNELS TERYLENE-WOOL WORSTEDS SERGES. TROPICALS and MIXTURES STYLES: Slims, Regulars and Full Cut' Sites to 46 Ret. 17.95 and up to 22.50 Values $0.85 ajBahamV AJ 2 Pairs for 27.00 Cam Free EXTRA ATTRACTION LONG SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS .".V.i'i i only LKM an Bark ahadaa 3 "CharH It tht DOVERWAY" .89 t$rAmt$MO 87 BANK ST. Corner Qutcn " hi ''"- ' I ' fr ' II 1 J- St.- " IU 'iwl -'.1 tto,,' i' t 7 V j crockttf lc I i if i,: , rveinechlW f j J ' " i.ehempejnlos. y t . ;L ft ,? ; . i with r4 cherry yV' ' , . - r" i ')?- A tieo,me. i Sff - , Mj llblauwnta. j '. i ' I S .' ..-1 vttW. ; -;.f.u . , v ' A' ''- . .".''."' ? .,- afr. - '' V --. - ' - i . ' Xi ; j .: v.- . :v jjh t--.-. - . i ) i ii 11 c ' t ' . r " Thd lih t rum with the bright rum taste ' 1' X V ' l. . iA i . v v x -y ?-A irW- taW.aa O " . -s .' . . -a . - . - - -a w , iva ka-w-V-V at, timaVafcafV...

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