The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 19, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 19, 1918
Page 7
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FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE SKVTETt. CtNTRAL GAS PLANTS TO HEAT THE LARGE CITIES NET STEP Inf the Conservation of Coal and Economies in Its IMstrildition. GREAT SAVINGS IN FUEL Are Being Affected Where the Hun-'' flic tu re of Power H»» Been Central- bed; us JInch as 50% is Estimate Among the English. JJsars of Power. ''The next- step in the program o: the national-, food administration foi the reduction ol. coal burning is the construction of central power planis --or gas plants, if more feasible--foi heating and operating factories and industries, office buildings and keeping residences warm," is the state: meat of Charles. E. Stuart, chief conservation'division of the.Fuel Administration. '.'Extension of the service of large plants, witl». the .suspension' of small, isolated plants,"- he .said, "would! achieve considerable fuel saving. "The Fuel Administrauon," he continued, considers the central power, Piant method, especiany as has been ^^n^rry aboutTM^ other : developed in New T.ork and Chicago, heaithv skin by ^g a litt!e Kmo the most satisfactory, method of obtained at any. drug store for 35c, or : saring coal. ...' 'extra large.bottle at $1.00.. "The individualistic way which ' Zemo perierally removes pimples. Hack- fuel is now consumed in cities is'not heads, 'blotches, eczema, and ringworm efficient," he hazarded. "Aitoifof coal aTM» '"«*» «* ;*ta dear and healthy. buB,ed in a ,ar S e central station wm fTM J» *%g%SZ££S£, praduce at least four-times as much : no thi n g. It is easily applied and costs a' electric power as if burned, in the ; tne K trifle for each application.' It is: average small plant, and if central- : always dependable. Professor RauseEberger, who has been credited with' ^having.. invented heavy-gun section of the Krupp works Ized burning can be introduced to a greater extent the amount of fuel may be. largely reduced without reducing in any -way the ultimate production of light and power. · . "It may be generally stated that in a building · where electric plants are fceited and where exhaust steam from engines is utilized' itt,,the" heating o£ the building, furnishing hot water requirements and possibly providing a ·very small amount of steam for industrial and other processes, such a building can -readily; 1 ' ado'p't central station;- service . without a loss .of money and at .a large percentage of sating; the fnej. ...' . -, Tit is the Idiitjr of the Fuel Administration to devise means for securing a curtailment in the .use of '-fuel: in .ways which.-will infpbse a .minimum of hardship. If Is'believed.that there are many plants, not only in. New To**, bat throughout tbo entire country, which coold, at least temporarily, shot down their own electrical .machinery and purchase power from - otliers at a financial advantage to both parties and with a considerable sring in fuel, . 'TTne whole question comes to this point: ; There .is'^ust-so much fnel to govrouad. "Hlere" is just so much transportation equipment to convey this fuel,, and .again,.as stated above, the question is tie best seans of utilizing the fuel with respect to all there has been under con- n the qneetkm of curtailment, of certain classes of industry. Such a curtailment baa been effected in other countries at war, one of the prime objects having i«en tV saving of coal. "England estimates that one-half of the fuel now used in the manufactur- ing.of power in that country could be. saved were complete centralization of power eflected. ·^At this point another very important question, that of the release of 4he.operatives ol the'plants, present itself. In those cases 'where'small . electric plants are closed down entirely .there will-be a larger number of men available 'than in.cases where a partial closing down is brought about. In any event these skilled- men are 1 vitally needed in .many of the war in- dnitries at th£ country, and provision fe now being made whereby men of such training will be assisted in ob- taialng profitable- work suitable to their ability." The E. W. Ross Co.. Cleveland. O. HIGHER WAGES For Kai'road 3Cen is Hecoomrndation of the Wage Commission. WASHINGTON, April 18.--The. Railroad Wage Commission has completed its revision of wage scales for railroad employes which provide for increases to approximately 2,000,000 employes. The recommendations will be submit- ted'to Director Geenrai ^IcAdbo upon his return to Washington. · Nothing waB.made ? itn,.-.v-n as to the amount of the increases td\be given, although it .bas been said that' em- ployes now receiving small, pay will .be given the largest advances. Tt is understood the recommendations ."call for a sliding scale of increases and that all employes, regardless of union or non-union aBlliations, have.been treated alika. . - · · · ' Kec«nt Advance Will Add Knormons- 1 ;. ly to St«el Company Payrolls. - · The -increase of approximately Ms per cent in tie wages'of steel .wori- ers will add .about $104,100,000 a year to the payrolls of the companies ' as follows: . .United States Steel Corporation, ·$523(OS,50; Bethlehem Steel ..Corporation, t!2,59e,747; Republic" Iron Steel Company, $2,636,172; la Belle Steel "Company, J8SS,780; other companies, $36,875,743. v.Try;;our-classified advertisements. Ohiopyle. OHIOPTflE, April 18.--R. C. Holt and Bert Wolfe made' a trip to Pittsburg xecently ;»nd .brcught,. sereml cars. Mi. and Mrs. George Shipley were paid a vi»ii'v'Vr"edhe»dj|jr"eTeninj;'iby the Stork wha lift »*«i.V Thi»Tnake thr» BCD* aa£«iz the-familyX Miss Bi»ie^B«igs of :: influencp waS a visitor in Obiopyle Wednesday. Mrs: F. M. Rush.and daughter spent Thn»da};Jlie, guests .of; relatives,'.fu" Connellsville. " * ' * · . Miss Myrtle Daniels left Thursday for -Stewarton to spend a week the .guest-of relatives.- ·'. Every .time, you\hoard. a dollar you help a Hun. : S?Biiy: : itXISprtyVBond. : -'.-. Miss Mildred Bailey departed Wednesday evening for .Connellsville to visit b*r-grandparents. Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Colbo'rn/ ' ··'·" Mrs.. .Nettie.rKall^has returned- to Connellsvill*. after a few days spent here. ; · . . - - . : Miss Helen Jones was among the Connellsville shoppers and .'callers yesterday. ; . ' . : ',: . Mrs. Emma Shipley of Bidwell | speat Thursday calliig on Mrs. . 'i Linderman here." ."- ·* .' · ·,.,.," 01D TO BEOPKX; rtaati Me Since tt« riTil War Are I Being K»plorx-d. Increased demand for coal by the various industries of th« couatry and particularly by the Pittiburg district has caused the r'eopenini;, of jufmerbus mines:-which had been abandoned"/S . It i said, that'aimost ..evferyj^cal: mine In t h e X o ' been explored with a- S po«iLle : view- ol lit betos^Teopened'.-Ji'Som* of ' WHENDDTF CALLS Every Soldier knows what the , bugle ; call means and gives qr'nk. response. It is 'the- duty of every citizen ko.purchase .Third-Lib- · erty Loan Bonds. ^They are.. issued;,in r ' aniburits'of $50^'and ,up, and.. pay 4 1-4-% ^interest.'v Subgcribe . Let Our Response To the f Bird IJberty Loan Ring Around the World ^ Lfet us poiir'ottt. our dollars in i.^way 'that "shall inake all ' . the . ..peoplee of -the- eartti realize that .^ 'we are in the.'flght:.tb » finish. ;. ,:.VThis .b^nk.,pla : ce3 /r aU ( its jacili: 'tiiiis at your coirrasahd." :;' · j " : The security 'is' the best ia the world and the- interest very lib- - "ei-al. , . "-..Bonds niay be bought oc the installment -plan. Come -hi: Cor '·'· full" information. 'j and Columbia Records We know of no surer way of making permanent friends for this store than to sell Columbia Grafonolas, because a Columbia Grafonola in the home adds so much to the joy of living--that's why we want to put a Columbia Grafonola in every home. The sweeter, clearer "LrFE-TONE" o£ a Columbia insures your complete -and . lasting satisfaction and -we.liko * sell you things. tint we know you'll be ever- satisfiRd with. Come in and her.r this wonderful instrtimont. You'll fled us at all times ready and eager to play lor you any oC tlie new or old favorite selections. The more critical you are the more certain it is that you'll be satisfied with nothing less than a Columbia Grafonola when you have listened its superior tone. This Is a Very Popular Model We'll 'deliver it to your home on terms so easy that you'll ·scarcely feel the cost, with 12 ^elections QQQ FA (6 double records) for- only ...1 __ ...... __________________________ tPO.voOvl And Remember-- NO iNTBREST CHARGES at the Rapport-Featherman Company. Your Last Oppo'rtunity to Get One of These Bed Davenport Suites for Only - - - - Prices have advanced considerably since we purchased these suites and we can only continue to sell this low figure until our present stock is sold--so come early. Think of the conveniences of such a Suite--as well ar, furnishing your parlor or living-room most comfortaly and aUrastively, this suite also provides you with an extra bedroom because the Davenport is instantly convertible into a real full-size double bed. The frames o'this suite are of SOLID OAK, It's sturdily built and upholstered in that rich, golden brown imitation Spanish leather which is s6 fashionable and so serviceable. "WE'LL MAKE TERMS SO EASY YOD'LL SCARCELY PEEL THE COST. -This Handsome Library Table EASY TERMS $1.00 CASH, 50c A WEEK. This affords an excellent opportunity for people who noed a table tor living-room, library or parlor to get a beauty without feeling tie expense. It is sturdily built and highly^ finished in imitation of the rich grain of quarter-sawed oak. ' Bed, Springs and Mattress Complete Outfit For Only "We know'of nohting that will please you women folks more at Spring house-cleaning time than the opportunity to buy at a big. saving this handsome bed outfit. So that everyone who sees this offer can take advantage ot it we'll deliver it for only S1.00 CASH, $1.00 A WEEK. THE BED is that universally popular style with massive. 2-inch continuous posts, .in white enamel or golden bronze finish whichever you prefer. THE SPRINGS are all-steel, strictly sanitary. THE .MATTRESS is full weight, fibre filled with, cotton top and good serviceable ticking. THIS SPECIAL OFFER IS FOR SATURDAY ONLY. . It's False Economy to Try to Keep House Without a Good ' Refrigerator. "We have a size, style and price to sufit every requirement and shall be glad to put one in your home on easy terms of payment: arranged to suit your convenience. All of the Refrigerators that we handle are built upon scientific principles which, insure), not only greatest econ- A strikingly great value--built of duartcr-sawed oray in so far y as ice consumption is concerned, but sweeter"....oak,.in. thaU-rich. golden finish. ..Fitted-with-large,.]. ·· · ,,· , . . . - . - , , , , , m ^ . . " ' (· more Wholesome, more palatable foods. The temperature heavy plate glass mirror. Delivered on easy terms,is mai n tai ned at a low degree by a pro'per circulation of oriiy.'?1.50 CASH; $3.00 A WEEK. .. : . .,;.. -..( cold dry. air so that no foods can get damp and clammy. This Largo Colonial Dresser Wicker Furniture For Your ~Sun Parlors and Solariums. 'Come and see our display'of handsome pieces. Beautiful Rockers, upholstered in handsome flJC cretonnes, as low as ; . *pO Chairs, Settees, Stands and Swings to Match. COJOTELLS- TH.I/F'S MOST M-' PEXDABJjE FTJR- 5JTUEJE STORE. pSIBOLE-filJICK , HEIErU BLffl It Soothes-and Relieves Like a Mustard Plaster'Without - the Burn or Sting Masterde is a clean, white ointment, made with the oil of mustard. It does all, the worl: of tlie oW-faDhioned mustard I better'and docs not biis-! tor. You do not have to bother -with z j cloth, Yoa simply rub it on--and usuaily the pain isgocel., · . :. , . Many doctors apd nurses use Muster- ole and recommend it to tfaeir patients. They \vi|l gladly tell you what relief ft gives from.sore throat, bronchitic, croup, stiff neck, asthma, jjcuralgia. congestion, pleurisy, 'rheumatism, lumbago, pains arid aches,''of :the. back or joints, sprains, sore muscles, bruises, chilblains, frosted feet colds of the . chest . (it often prevents pneumonia).--· . 30c' and fiflc jars;, tospital size $250. AfvlERICAN TROOPS GO THROUGH GERMAN WIRE ; AND BRITISH CHARGE ACROSS NO MAN'S LAND THE COUBIEB. nk-llt^Dues-Thingjs-for ion" Aeconits Invited. 1VITH ACt'l'lUTKLY. FITTED GLASSES.

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