The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 28, 1964 · Page 13
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 13

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, August 28, 1964
Page 13
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FRIDA. AUGUST 28, 1964 The Sportspicl By CDODE MacCABE ' ; When John Kenerson came in from1 the Chicago Bear lata last aeaton he was hut another big guy lh a parade of NFL cuts going through Canadian football camps. t. ' Nothing In his record indicated he was an outstanding ; specimen. He'd been' with the Rams for a couple of years ! and with the New York Jen In the American League. He'd been associated briefly with the Dallas Texana in the A Ft, with the 'Frisco 49ers. and he'd Just been cut by the Bears. But he was big . . . f 3", and a well-proportioned 260 pounds, so the Riders were going t take a look Doesn't cost anything to look. In that first workout. Big Jawn was caught in an attempted trap play and he hit Sam Scoccia and Kaye Vaughan some powerful licks: So people started to look. He Just might be as strong ' as anyone in the game in Canada. He has smashing arm moves, and there's nobody who can Just blow him right out of there. He can be beaten. e can be beaten, like b.-. ood de. an and he knows the e's not getting by on Bar.;'.;, r . anyone, but ' femive man . game. He' : shear power. He admires opponents who come on hard right, at the be-- ginning, and keep coming the '. whole game. . r "Sometimes, a man will come at you really hard right . at the start," he- says, "out then you notice be surts doing other things ... until he , throws a bone at you (and he balls his fist to indicate the I bone)- Ct they'll atart throwing those cross-body Mocks, or going at .your feet, trying to cut you down without hitting. - "You get those backs., running fakes. If you Just let . 'em ran in there, they'll come piling in all day. So you rattle ; 'cm some, and then on the fakes they start showing you they don't have the ball, ' - I AN EXTRA CAME OUT THERE "Man," he says with a slow chuckle, "there's an extra , game out there. J How come, though, a man of his ability has auch a record ; of travel? WelL in his own words, he got "messed up some." i He was born la Chicago. His father worked In the stock-! yards, and be was about as big aa John 1 now but be had never played any games. He warned John to be a fighter, and be used to take him around to gyms and by to get him Into the ring. Once John got In there. "I waa a big sucker," he says now with easy mirth, "and 1 got in there with this guy and be bit me some pretty good one. I guess because I waa always the biggest guy around, . people thought I should fight But t couldn't even hit this guy ... I was throwin' them from way .out here. "So t Just took off those gloves and I told him . . . ; Man. if I can't hit you I don't want to fight you.' " . In an alley, though, he not so retiring. . He had some words with Angelo Mosca recently, end be suggested, in gentle-. manly fashion- that maybe they could meet somewhere later, 'socially of course, and discuss the situation . . like.. . , eyeball-to-eyeball. -.-:v w. i Td really like to see how he'd go," John says.., J- , '. But Angelo didn't favor the private' project, John says, and Kenerson isnt courting any more messes. But, all the same, he wonders, f ; '. '"V!-" ,u . . Kenerion weighed 15 pounds to public school. He ' weighed 250 in high school. J ..'..;f LACKED THE WPaJI . fi "(' "HI,1 ltBaaaa)aaa- atB)a3aaaafaa. fr " I It-.- lv: V A? , .v. j- r. "i. : ,2., A zy t ,,a.r if ? , . S t , k . ,2!11'5 li Mi KENERSON CONFIDENCE , 1 ' , H self -consciously rubs' "corner" on the back of his head "part bone and part meat," he explains while be talks, and he fingered this belt of muscle when be ssid: ' f "I talked to people from the big schools when I finished high school, but I Just didn't, think I could make ft In a big school, I mean the marks . '. . I didn't think I could cut It Although I wasnt a bed student ; ' 'V "A couple of fellows I played In high school with were going to Kentucky State . . . a small school, and when they were going. 1 figured I could make H there too. So I went" They didn't have greet teems at Kentucky State, and Kenerson's fame didn't get much beyond his bnmedlate circle of friends. So when he finished school, he wasnt even drafted. He signed with the Rsms ... signed for the minimum . . . no, bonuses .' . ; no extras. He stayed two years, playing behind regulars, and then he was cut. '".-$ W . . He went to Dallaa. and he thought be was set up there after the first day. But be got a call from the 49er. They had claimed him on waivers. He didnt want to go, he recalls, but they said he had no choice.. So he went ; The 49ers played that night and Kenerson wss a spectator. The next day. they called him in and told him they were sorry, they, wouldn't be needing him after alt '- - ,VSo he called Dallas right beck, but they had Just picked up a tackle. A friend steered him to the Bear, but they didnt need him. so they steered him to the Jets. He was all et with the Jets, but the Bears came after him the next year, offered him a bono and so on, and he fetl he could make It .y.,. . if "V.".""1 st Bulldog Turner was coaching the Jets. He told Big Jtwn he couldn't mske It So Kenerson decided to try. v, . i 'jiAgain he was behind it veteranV Ha WM uh0BV and he didn't catch. - -; : y .? . ' . ; y.,. . .. .'.. 1. fy THOUGHT BS HAD IT MADK . '' "I thought Td made ft" Kenerson ssy. ,7 had played tome good games.: I thought I had made it . . . and In my hometown,". ,..y-,."r' -"v,'-- I But a cutoff deadline found Kenerson again on the road, and ha came to Ottawa,,'' '' ' -" ,j "When 1 got here," he say. "I figured this was ft I had to make it here, or Uy nut a year, and I didn't want to do that I knew I could play in the American League, a couple of place. But I'd have had to lay out a yeerV t " And eo that first day when Kenerson served up some hity licks, he was dealing for' keep. , K He' only J5 now. He's Just now learning the Ttlder offence, and he looks forward to the time when he gets some mileage In that direction. ; , ,v " j Not very much has been said about Big Jawn. He'd a quiet person. Off the field, h doesnt wslk fast enough to , ttir a puff of cigarette smoke. , He's had no great publidty ... no raves. ' ' Vr? -.'' ' " But the player know. And John haa com a long way . lnc the day when he didnt have the confidence to go. to a big achooL - c ; '. l When he rr"ka to Red O'Quinn about coming up here last year, he told him straight out and no tones that he could make the dub. . ; ' , H was being thought of as a defensive and. and Red suggested he might not have the speed for the Job. ' "Wett." Kenerson Hid la that manner of understatement he ha, "nobody has ever accused me of being slow." . ' r' 1 YOU OCT TO KNOW TrUNOS ' ' And of course he did make it, and as long as- ha put out, he has a long and singularly "unmested-up" period to go. And what' been the big change in attitude: v "Wert," he say, "a you go along, you Just get to know, certain thing.? . . - ( ... . : , And John Kenerson know he can play football w The Ottawa THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 13 ' r f fir i Jr nl s v . x v ; . . r "A ' If As.' - - - ( i r, ' Johnny Count (28) of Hamilton Tiger-Cats Is : mowed down by Montreal Alouett tacklers Ted Eltby (67) and Billy Ray Lockiin (5S) in a plunge during Cats Humiliate Ah 32-1 By TED BLACKMAN MONTREAL (CP) - The Montreal Atouettes had J u 1 1 been humiliated 32-1 by the Hamilton Tiger Cats, but coach Jim Trimble wss sporting a wide grin. ' "Hey, you're smiling," said an astonished reporter, "Sure. I'm smiling," Trimble said. "We Just ran' out of baiting wire and chew Jag gunv that's all."-, v-, .'..4 - As Trimple explained it the Ale had never expected to win their first three gsmes and Thursday night's defeat waa overdue. Now they had fallen apart at the seams bee a a "we don't, really have that much Muff." .... I .. '. 'y COMPLETE REVERSAL The Al had nothing on this particular occasion, but the Tiger - Cats played with the distinction of Grey Cup champions that had. been .misting In their first three games. The net result was a complete reversal at th US walloping the Ahi handed Hamilton fa the opening game." "We wanted this one badly." ssid Ticat coach Ralph Saxio. "We beet them m every department. It was Just like eight years ago when Montreal beet us S2-M here and then lost S-14 the next week In- our stadium." Bemie Faloney, who get off the bench late W the see end quarter to break the scoreless tie and assume control; ei the game, would eei .no- "comeback" talk. TEAM EFFORT "It: wasnt a comeback." said the 22-year-otd quarterback who ha been u a d e r Are recently for ankupir I a g play.-"It was Just a great team effort Everyone want ed to get thie one." -The toe left Montreal "still in first place in the East with six points, two more than tHtewa. Hamilton moved into a tie with-Ottawa, leav-big Toronto; behind with two points.- ;-' ' y--.' - Ottawa - pfays Toronto at home next Tuesday. ' Faloney left the bench when starter Frank Cossntlno failed to move the chib and promptly led the Ticats M yards downfield for . the Initial touchdown. Johnny Counts grabbed aa 11-yard pats for the first of his two scores. . That was all the margin Hamilton needed. The rock-ribbed defence took over end held ', Montreal's, powderpuff offence to a Jaeagtrre six first down and a total gain of 192 yards. But those figures don't Include the SI yards that .quarterback Vera Cote and George Bork lost to Ticat tacklers. SCORES THIRD TD Faloney scored the third touchdown-and Bobby Kuntt counted a fourth late in the game after' Jackie Simpson eiabned Marv Luster's fumble deep la the Al end. Don Sutherin kicked a field goat, single and four converts. - Montreal's-, only point ap. peered to be a Hamilton gift Gino Berretta punted the beQ yards to the. T I e a t end tone'' where S I m p son Jo BESET ON Statistics MONTREAL (CT SUtKUci la Um HamUtoo-MaatnsI Iwlm rostbl( Caafcrane fuM: ntuni nwni e , is .... SS IIS rim Yes Yards 14 114 I 041 ioee Pum madtrt4 ti t M lnlrc by e PunUav. yd... 1441 PumblalloH .. .... I'l Pmmtot. yita. 440 conceded. The 17.477 (ana knew he could have run it out and they loudly cheered : Hamilton's generosity., , v 'i .. Fahmey's best weapon was ' the pasi and he wes success- , ful on six of II attempts . against Montreal's all Cana- ' nadian secondary. . Tommy ' Grant, Hal Patterson and Sun ' Crissen caught balls for long - gsins. ; y 'v.'- . Their total attack measured 1 258 yards. 212 on the ground. for it first down. "The -pass protection was" " excellent and the receivers caught everything I threw,. Glair Waits for NFL Cuts i . tf r - st ? ' i - . - Lineup Still a Problem Ottawa Rouih Riders move Into another day's workout this afternoon in preparation for Toronto Argonauts with one eye on films and another eye oa the out of towa plane arrivals. Coach Frank Clair Is expecting another NFL cut today and while arrivals are nothing new, Clair it anxious about thlt one. It Is Rider policy to bring la ai leaat one a week on the hopes of landing a good one! They've had a few In and out m the last couple of weeks. EYE ON QBv':,.y;, yy ' Now ehey have an eye on a quarterback or halfback they thmk could help and he's due in anytime. . With reserve quarterback Mike Motolf now on waivers another quarterback would be bandy as insurance eo Riders are hoping for something along that tine. But for the moment the preparations are for the Ar-gos. They worked yesterday on both offence and defence and today Clair will decide oq his lineup for aba Toronto invasion. i-?4.i y i- y' And' he has some thinking to do. This is the import question at end of uting either George Behi or Jay Roberta. ' On the Canadian side he fiss to dec id whether to go EFC Standing 5fWTrAr1i Montreal . 1 "0 71 51 6 Ottawa ....2 1. 0 SO SI 4 Hamilton ..2 2 0 7171 4 Toronto .A 1 2 0 3T M 2 THURSDAY'S RESULTS Hamilton 32. Montreal 1. TUESDAY'S GAME ' Toronto at Ottawa. ALL SIDES Thursday night's Eastern Montreal. said Faloney. who refused to take any of the credit dae him. "Faloney looked like a different man out there," Trimble said. "He was yelling at the players end encouraging them like a real leader." HISTORY MADE He conceded that Montreal's six first downs wss the lowest number accomplished by a team he'a coached. In fact ha added, "maybe to history." Cole and Bork alternated several time with little success.. Only once In the first three quarters did Montreal eras midfleld, and- that, waa only for one down. ' ' "We're going to start one quarterback . from now and stay with hime," be said. Saxio picked Counts out as the outstanding factor in the gam. -The New York Giants cut was playing his second game for Hamilton and piled up II yards rushing, one of them a 10-yard gallop that set up FsJoney's touchdown, i ' with Kaye Vaughan or give the Rider captain another few days to strengthen his injured leg. . ' Then there Is the case of Larry DeGraw in the defensive backfleld. If DeGraw comes into the llnup a Canadian must come out and if DeGraw la activated not only must a Canadian mitt but a Canadian mutt be cut. - If that happeni it would be likely either Peter Quinn or Gary SHirieder who ' would have to go. At the moment Quinn is the. best posiibitity sithough Rider are look 1 0 g around for a deal ,. . Today will decide all those question and when, the lineup I decided Clair will have Dodgers Win LL Crown Dodger blanked. Yankee 7-0 Thursday night to capture th - Elmval Acre Little League' championship. Dodgers won the best-of-three final series 2-1 la game. Dennis. Weitzel pitched the victory for the champions. He struck out a total of 10 battsrt and allowed Yankee Only two! singles. . :' Billy, Fox wu the losing pitcher.. - . rank. ...... eeeeee S a Dooms ... sol stat amy ri ami Otona Wt !' oaant watuatu aae ram ttav. NORWEGIAN TRYOUT 'TORONTO (CP) OeUtetn Mallerud, a goaheader with Norway national hockey team, will report to New York Rangers of th National Hockey League when the tralaiag camp opens et Winnipeg Sept IS, general manager Murray Patrick said here Thundsy. j '1 1 Football Conference game in (CroornM Wlnpbote) "He didn't get far in the U.S. because be was a -specialist due to his site. He's only IS pounds but he's built for the Canadian game. He'll be exceptional up here." Any Hamilton injuries, Ralph? ' "There're never eny 'when you win," . Anyone hurt on your team, Jim? . "Just their feelings." naiT quABTsa 4 Me .seorine SSCONB qilABTia -t. I Hamilton, twinhewn (Count! . .1 . 3.4f Hamilton, imml Katborlnl TBIBO qUABTSB namutoa, touonaowa ICountai .... sas 4 Hamilton. aoaai (! S Hamilton. aM (oai (SuUMrlnl rollBTB aUABTKB e Hamilton. tMcMewa (ramnarl . 130 It t Hamilton, eaavavt (Suttiorlal e Hamilton, atnsl (BuUMrta mint Seld soalt ----- s.oe S MontfMl, mast amtt ...'...teat 10 Hamilton. amwj4w iKmtal ... isas 11 MamUtaa. ceavatt taaUMrtai fun time to worry about what is coming from the NFL. Not thet there are any particular worries in the Ottawa camp but Clair is hoping be caa add some depth or may. be come up with someone who caa break into th start i n g lineup. With no Immediate emergency and with a tough road trip coming up be hat no time to spare for scouting expeditions and has to rely on what he can pick up from her. " He thinks he has a line on someone now end if that doesn't pan out then assistant coach Don Branby will like- ' ly head south after the western swing to look for talent EFC Leaders By The Canadian Press Halfback Don Sutherin of Hamilton Tlgar-Cat booted four converts, a Beld goal and a single Thursday night to take a five-point lead over Ted Wet-kins of Ottawa Rough Riders in the Eastern Football Conference scoring race. Sutherin picked up the single when he missed on his second Seld goal attempt aa the Ticats crushed ' flrst-plsce Montreal Alouettc 32-1 to gain a two-way tf for second with Ottawa. ;, y "y Sutherin now ha - seven converts, seven field goals and a alngle in four game. Watkina lead in th touchdown department with four. The leaders: . ; 'TD C FO SPtt Sutherin, H ... 0 7 7 1 Wstklna, O .. 4 Col,M ...... 2 Hatcher, T ...2 Stewart, O ..,'2 Thelen, O .... 2 Racine, O .... 0 Count, '.ft-i.;. 0 24 0 12 0 12 0 12 0 12 1 12 0 12 1 II Berretta, M :, o FINAL GRAB DAY Ends Sat. 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