The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 19, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 19, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTLLE, PA. FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 1918. (Emitter* P. SNYDEB, Founder and Editor, 1879-191*. THK COURIEK COMPAKY, K. M. SNTDER, President. JAS. J. DKISCOLL. S*c'y and Treasurer. Business Manager. JOHN L. GANS, "* Managing Editor. . .-WALTER S. STIMMEL. City Editor. MISS LYNNE 3.' ICINCELL. Society Editor.. MEMBER OF: Af9ocittid Press, Audit Bureau of Circulation, 'Pennsylvania Associated Dailies. Two cents per copy, 60c per month; $5 per yoar by mall 1C paid in advance. Entered as »econd class matter at the postofflce, ConnellArille, Pa. " : run Axner ca utterly with his legions; subdue hir-completely; scatter her armies ard loot, her treasuries while incidentally subjecting her people to the same' treatment that was accorded Belgium, Serbia and-France, before we -would ever submit. .We don't believe ho could do it; but he might. ' And about the fce -would smash would be that statue."-' Alnd in; he end he might smash America and all she stands for and has fought for. just as completely, ^'one of us cares to live to see that day. .None ..ofl- us cares . to .hoard, "his money, to hand it over to the Kaiser. ·It would be far better to take out some insurance again-st sucli an end. In other "words to buy Liberty Bonds. FRIDAY ETEOTfd, ATB. IMS." The ,only thing 1 noeded was a bridge ·and yesterday's loyalty demonstration would havo reached from Connellsville to France. Tfce WILLIAM P. SHERMAN, Hospital Unit L, American Expeditionary Forces. France. RALPH F. SLIOER. Company H. r.lSth, Infantry. TJ. 3. N. A., Camp. Lee, Petersburg, Va. Member The Associated Press !· **- cluslTely entitled to the use tor republlcation of all new* dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited In this p»p*r and also the local news published herein. OITR The old town la waJdng up as it loosens up. No better evidence of the change need be given, nor has been given , than the Liberty I-oan parade of yesterday. Organized on short notice ant on a comparatively small scale, it developed into.tiie.biggest affair of the kind the ctty'has witnessed since the Centennial parades of 1906, and the firemen's parade of 1914. .Those were planned weeks ahead and elaborate preparations were made to presets them as spectacles, not as evidences of the sympathies and interest of the people in a national crisis. The dis- --BRIGHT BOY OVER 1C years of a-gre to learn job p r i n t i n g . In- quiro JOB DEPARTMENT, Courier. 16apr-tf WANTED--EXPERIENCED MAID. Reference required; good wagea to right party. Call 515 Loucks avemie, Scottdale, ^A- llaprtf WANTED.--Millwrights and machine repair men. Plant located in 11 good 'City w.Ith. "flrfft-Qluss living- conditions. Ad tires* "B--C," The Courier. 13 apr 6t WANTED -- TWO RELIABLE maids. One mast be experienced cook. Position open at once. A p p l y AIRS. W. F. STAUFFER, 60-i ' Loucks nvonue, Scottdalc, Pa. 18apr3t WNTED--OLD FALSE TRETH. Don't matter if broken. I pay 52.00 to 315.00 per act. Send by parcel post and receive chock by r e t u r n mail. L. MAZER, 2007 South Fifth street. Philadelphia, Pa. lUpr'23t* WANTED--ANY KIND OF ine-, whether it is a calling: card, snle bill or the finest engraved wedding Invitation or announcement, We print anything--everything:--do it pro.rr.ctly and do It rlpht. Call the man at THS 27-tf Contemplation ot w.hut is corning to him when America strikes its salt in | COURIER office. Both phones. the war m u s t ' have moved Brutal Bill , -to exclaim .when viewing a battle- fteld, ''WhF.i have I not done to preserve the world from these horrors?" Scott-dale has struck the Dawson salt in its Liberty Bond subscriptions. ConnellsvIlJe could, do no less than gracefully yield honors to U n i o n town the county Red Cross headquarters so long as we have still greater honor of f u r n i s h i n g life head of the organization. · \ W*re you yesterday? a watcher or a marcher Connellsville's loyalty demonstration ?eems to have taken the "pep" out of the Huns. They didn't got anywhere on any of their drives yesterday. Note has carefully been made of the absence of seVeral well known citizens f r o m the ranks of the marchers yesterday. WANTED--A NUMBER OF STRONG young men to learn telephone l i n e work. Good wages to s t a r t and rapid advancement- Apply In person CENTRA!- -DISTRICT T E L E P H O N E COMPANY'S office, f i f t h floor T i t l e T r u s t building, C o n n e M s v i H e . Pa- j Sapr-God-4weeks : F*r Rent. FOR RENT--STORE Wrtst Crawford Avenue. MARKLE. ROOM. 505 GEORGE A. 12aprtfd FOR RENT--BUILDING. CAN BK used for stable, garage or storage room. 307 East Cedar. ITaprU FOR RENT--.FOUR ROOM FLAT, centrally located. I n q u i r e J. L. PERR(.:S 111 West Crawford avenue. ' ISaprSt FOR RENT--FRONT OFFICES ON second floor of D u n n .t Kvans bulld- inir Inquire of HARRY DUNN. 8Jan-tfd Some of the aidewalk sightseers! have not yet seen the liffht. The j dawn is approaching. FOP. RENT--TWO L.ARG-E DESIR- oble furnished rooms for l i g h t housekeeping, first floor. All conveniences. .110 North FittSuure s l r « y t . 19aprlt The drive on -German text-books in the schools ts producing almost as many casualties as some of the drives on the western/ frunt. · · By Mfr*«n. VRDEX PEKILS. I've spaded up my acre lot, to matte a wartime garden; 'twill be the smoothest little plot you ever saw a bard In. play oC yesterday was altogether a | r v e sown the-temd of boneless greens spontaneous expression upon the part! [; hat "^ to , P Ifras * our daddies, and i * · -have beds of peoa and bcana and !/*!*!, of the people of "their loyalty to our country in. the days and hours of its greatest =need. . In this sense it stands alone as the greatest patriotic · demonstration in. the history ot Con- nellsviHe. Made up. of men, 1 and women frotn all walks and stations in the" life of the city; of .native-born and naturalized citizens having ties of kinship and affection in taany foreign, lands, and Including among its marchers the ex- ·tremes in, age, from first grade school yonagsters to those who have passed, .-well beyond three score years and .Uen, the parade fare living proof that th» patriotism ot the people of Coa- nellsvill* is bcinj; aroused as never ·^before. They are beginning ±o grasp toe possibilities, the perils and daggers to America of -world domination by the Kaiser and the -war-lords of . Frussianism. They are realizing that . upon the shoulders of those of us who jtay behind most fall the burden, of 'providing all those things the boys -who hare gone and are-preparing to go to France will need to sustain : them In their conflict vrfth the Hun 'Beast. By their participation in the event ' -of yesterday the marchers gave expression to their unalterable deter- -.min«tion to bank, our government to ·the limit in all that may be necessary . : to . the war. They re-affirmed their allegiance to the nation under who«e fostering care they have enjoyed the blessings' of religious and political liberty. They again gave", no uncertain notice to those who may be halting between -lore of some far-off land .whence they or their fathers escaped tyranny, poverty and oppression, and duty and fealty to the country ff their adoption, that they must come to the right decision and order their .liyes,\daily walk and conversation an§T give' and serve as becomes loyal and patriotic citizens. That is the form Connellsville's awakening is taking. Those not yet aroused must not fail to heed the tem_ per of the warning note. WBEttTY ETJGHTE"? On a little island in the entrance to' New York harbor stands "Bartholdi's famous statue, "laberty Enlightening the World." It is the first thing that speaks to the man who' arrives from autocrat-rnled Europe, and it breathes the spirit of our land. It represents all for which America has striven acd fought for more than a hundred years. It stands for what we are fighting for today in. this world war, ·we are reminded by the Liberty Loan Committee. BUT "WHAT WILL, IT STANB FOR IF GERMANY "VUN3? The best that America may hope for, if .we lose this fight, will be settlement upon German's terms. And it is generally kr.own what the Kaiser's plans were, what his terras wers to be, BEFORE AMERICA ENTERED THE "WAR. " If he conquered Europe t he was to come to America and make us pay the cost of the performance. FIFTY BILLION DOLLARS TYS HIS PRICE! . "What will be Hs price now should America lose? Of course he would have to over- fi nnan b-adxli ea. Ami n el jrh bor 9 com*, along 1 and pay, "In vain Is all y o u r toilitvg! For vagrant hena wjll come this way. your trfeasured garden spoiling, ' And dogs win come, and once or twice they'll watww in your lettuce, tfren you'll recall our SB.SG adWce, a?j. then you won't forget u-s! And when the moonltgiit, white, intense, tho world .In silver washes, a cow will climb your garden fence, aod eat your Hubbard squashes. Some nigfit a horse, from halter free, perhaps a grey with dapples, w^ll come and clLmb up yonder tree and swallow all your apples. And hoffs "will come from distant pans, lonf? leagues they'll come, a-kl tins", to cat tho onions that the hen* passed op ax uninviting. Oh. we have raised such g-arden saes, to fepd strch vagrant var- t min.ts, and we have werpt and crfed 'Alas!' and torn oar beards and garments." It's such encoaraKwient as tb-ta I s»t i whe-n T am hoeinf?, and it the peaceful bliss I felt, to see ttrircgs growing. Ed car A. Guest. THERE'S A LETTER IOUK 3IOTHEB. (An incident ot the signal corps lted to us.) He -WAS on the line In Flanders, doing 1 service -with a ftag. j FOK RENT--ZS ACRES GOOD PAd- ture land, li^, mile f r o m city on the Narrows. Also 135 acre farm n e a r Dimbar on the U n i o n t o w n road. i a 5 j a yoar 'rental. See A. E. WACONEH t CO., Bell p h o n e 148, Tri-St^te 825-X. | ISaprSt j For Sale, FOR SALE--1917 FORD TON TRUCK internal gear drive. 30C Hill Htrect- Tri-State phono 112-2. 19apr6t' FOR SALE--TWO HEAD HORSEa harness and waffon. CHAJtLJES H A R MON, Snydertown., Fa. ISaprXt* FOR'SALE--A LARGE LOT WITH a stable on it; foundation for a houae- Price 5300. J. A- MASON. Second National Bank building. 18apr2t FOR SALE--ONE 1914 OVERLAND touring" car, all good tires: will sell cheap- Address' or call ALLF»N SHAL- LK.VBERGER, Owensdale, Pa. 13apr7t FOR SALE-- BttASS BED. IRON bed fft-o small BUS stoves. leather chair, book case and desk combined, 70 feat Burden hosa, 30 feet 18-inch lattice -xvIre, etc. Call morning 1 . 202 West Washing-ton avenue. 18apr2t* FOR SALE--SEVEN PASSENGER P;vckuxd. 11J10 model. In perfect condition. W i l l demonstrate any time. K, R, SIMMS. Scottdale. Phone 193-R. I6apr-tfd LOST--THURSDAY AFTERNOON b.:tweon Seventh st: it. West Side, and Carnegie J-4brary, one ladies' cameo pin. Liberal reward If l e f t at Courier oflice. laprft* Fou FOUND--LAST NIGHT Piiplar Grove and Chamberlain on. St^te rond, pocketbook containing 1 oum ot money. Owner may have~ame upon )dent!Hca.tion at homo of StRS. CATHARIN'K DRISCOLL, Eairt End. and p a y i n g for this ad. I D a p r l t De*rrtion Notice. He "wa* telephone and- wireless with that little bit of ragr. At the farthest point from safety 2ie was standing 1 at his post . Picking up the information that his captain needed most. Wben. a flash othind the trenches caught his ever-\na.tchful eye And h« stood and read the messag-e that was dancing through the sky. He ·wondered wh^tt was coming from his fellow signal man, "Wondered what would be the order, as the lettering" beg-an. He had done his trick of duty, he had "been there through the day. He was tired and he was hungry, and. he wished, to get away, - . But he read the rapid waving-; 'twas the news he'd wanted most: "There's a letter from y o u r mother ·waiting 1 for YOU at the post!' Over miles of dreary trenches, over friendly gun and foe Camo each cheerful., flashing 1 letter of i , the news he .wished to know. ' Through the heat and hate of battle | and the smoke-filled atmosphere. : Came this Httle touch of kindness and i · .this sirn-ple note of cheer. - i Not a srtern command of duty, tut a! ·word of which to boast: i "There's a letter from your mother j nlTintlnir'tnV'wood ^rattine for you at the post.".. I Township High S RET WIFE having l e f t my boa,rd and bed w i t h o u t having; Just causa, I will not Lo re- sponwfbfe for any j u s t debts -contracted by her. S. R, ENSLEY, Y^un^rwood. Pa. 13apr3t*-fri Se-nTn;? Machine*. ·FOR SALE--TWO SINGER MA- chines at 56.00; other machines -'U 510.00 and up. These machines aro guaranteed to be in first class condition. WHITE SEWING MACHINE CO., 129 South Pi-tteburs, street, Connellsville, Pa. 13apr2t* AdmliLbrtrator** Noti LETTERS OK ADMINISTRATION on the estate of Jasper Thomas, late of Dunbar townahlp, Fayette county, Pa., deceased, having been granted to tlic undersigned, notice is h e r e b y i griven to all persons indebted to said · estate to make immediate p a y m e n t ! and to those havlns" claims ap.ii/ist ' the saine to present t h e m properly j authenticated for settlement GEORGE i C. THOMAS, Dlckerson Run, Pa. I . 22mart3-fri TELE SCHOOL BOARD OF PERRY township will receive applications for grade schools until 32 o'clock Saturday, May 4th, at which time school* will be let. The same date bids w i l l be received .for supplies'. Bida will also"b'e received on the above date for ·work of the Perry p High School bund-ine, out"There's letter from y o u r mother!" Can't you picture now the joy That went dancing through the shellfire to tha«t lonely signal-boy? Oh I don't know how to say It, but somehow It aeonoa to me That In hearts so flne as they arc lie the seeds of victory- Hate and lu»t win never, triumph over boys who'll tell each other In the heat and clash of battle: "There's a letter f r o m your mother." WANTED -- YOUR business. RENDINE'S. BAR BERING tf WANTED--GIRLS "FOR FACTORY ork; Apply TR1-STATE CANDY CO, 4aprtfd WANTED--STENOGRAPHER. AP- ply In own h a n d w r i t i n g to STENOGRAPHER, care Courier. 19apr3t WANTED--SECOND HAND TYPE- writer. Call Bell 13-R, or Tri-State 08-W, Mount Pleasant. 23febtf WANTED--BOYS AND GERLS OVER 16 years of age. Paid while learning CONNELLSVILLE SIK MILL. l£aprtfd WANTED -- GENERAL HOUSE- leanlnff and cleininpr rugs and carets. WM. H. BRANCH, Bell 138-W. ilSaor2t* side; plaster walls inside and vamLsh- ins the ·vvood work insi-Je. J. R. MAR- ! TIN", -President.- Perryopolls, Pa. W. ; L. RISBECK. Secretary, Star June- , tion. Pa. 19-20-26-27-april u - THE KIR A F OR the young man who wants smart style, but beneath it a foundation of solid quality . . . . who wants an appropriate, unobtrusive business sack suit--for him, by all means, the Kirschbaum American . .. .Tailored in the Kirschbaum shops and offered in a wide range of cassimeres, worsteds and serges--and every fabric pure wool - - - $20, $25, $30, $35, $40 It's footwear that women believe in, as we have for 30 years, if you buy them. Everything new that's good is here for your choosing. Black, White, Grey and Brown. Shoes--Pumps-- Oxfords YOUGH TRUST COMPANY Di Pierro, late of Dunbar t o w n s h i p , ' Fayette county, Pennsylvania, d-ecoag-! ed. Letters of administration on t h e ! above named estate having 1 , been granted to the undersigned, notice, is h e r e b y Building-, Connellsville:, j bakery and frame stable. Terms of Sale.--Ton per cent down j sewerage bids should be and to those having claims against the i [llc s:ime to present them, properly au-! thentlcated .for settlement. ALFONSO BASILONE, Administrator, Con- Llonal Bank Pensylvania. - -. -- ~ - . - - _ , Paving 1 and sewerage bids should be on day of sti'.e; balance of o n e - t h i r d ; separate. * \ on confirmation of s a l f t ; o n e - t h i r d in ! The right is reserved to reject any j six months, and the r e m a i n i n g - o n e - | _ _ - _ Q[ie year from confirmation i The t w o - t h i r d s u n p a i d to b-: i given to all persons indebted, to said! ana "^u" plds. GLENN "A. CADWALLA- | t h i r d edta-te to make immediate payment, D K R ; Clcrk o f Council . S o u t h Connells- | of aale. :cured by mcrtp:atre on the premises; boarins six per cent interest p a y a b l e ! nellsville. Pa. torney. J. ICIitK RENXER, At- 5apr6t-frl ed u n t i l 7.00 P. M., May 6, 131S, for f u r n i s l i l n g all. the labor, tools and material necesaary to construct the following-: jf Approximately 1,4SB feet^ot sanitary EC war, and 1.458 feet of Btorm sewer on "Vine and Painter streets;" approximately 1,000 feet of storm. sew«r on Wine street; approximately 3,398 feet ot sanitary sewer, and 1,725 feet of storm sewer on Pittsburg street; also approximately 3,900 cubic, yards grading, TjCbO square yards paving, 1.353 lineal feet curbing, and. 347 lineal feet backing, to be used in paving Syca- -more street from "Wo'odlawn avenue to Allegheny^.' in the TSorougrh of South ConnellsvUle, Pennsylvania, .!n accordance . with plans and Hpeclflcaticms o n ] Pa. apr5-12-19-26-may-3 iale- ot Kenl Kntnte.! as the painenta mature and c o n t a i n - | ' ing insurance sulllcient to cover, t h e . unpaid remainder, j John !M. Core, Attorney. tato of Amanda Park deceased. will ofTer at Public Sale on the prem- iaes the homostead of the deceased or. Saturday .May 4th, 1918, at 2 o'clock P. M. Said hundred Sfty feet to land formerly of A". J. Hill; tlienee by same sixty and three-fourth feet to lot No. 22; thence by same ono hundred and fifty feet to Walnut street; thonco by .Walnut street sixty and three-fourth feet the pln.ce of beginning:,: containing one-fourth of an. acre more or leas, and being 1 lot No. 20 In plan of the village (now. borough' of Vanderbilt as.laid out by William H, Speers. T h e r e - I s erected-on said lot a sub- file Jn" 1 . the "·"office of J. Howard Render-} stantial two. story alx . room frame son. Boroufrh Engineer, .Second Na-J dwelling 1 house; one store room and AT ONCE ONE LINOTYFS OPERATOR AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE LIQOfDS AND PASTES. FOR BROWN OR OX.BLOOO SHOES. TteF. F. BAILEY COEPOEAIlOilS. UWnD. BUFFALO..H. T. Deed to be made on which time possession in pre ilo* t l o n ffivon. ROBERT o n f f o n . property is deacnbed as. Ad mlniatra.tor. P. O. V n n d e r b l l t . Psu I 2 a p r 4 t - f r i d a y Beginnlng on Walnut street, corner if lot No. 'IS;- thence -by lot l"*o; 18, one . =T

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