The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 5, 1938 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 5, 1938
Page 8
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HKJHT THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5, 103s. PERSONAL MENTION Miss Sarah Jane Hoover, daughter o! Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Hoover, lett Monday tor Frederick, Md, to resume her studies at Hood College Oppman's Taxi. Phone 700.--Ad- vcr i~cme-t--Coct-tf. R" s, TKi c-a Kolrar of Leisenring No I jr J M -s Patricia Miller, r i ol Ii" in- ila ard RoLcit Sikox c' I' 5 c v at', "ried the Ice Follies t I e r-i -u t e Gardens, Pitls- bi.r i I - ' ; r i ' l t I ur * i r ! c 1-, clc mod ard pr -i, 7 I o s Ci h . C i t y C --f \ - t --' "-4t. Ji. i lo c ! air, N. J', is s' - ~ a » o \ ' o' v-ication \v ith T . r I ?' -. Tony Miyerchcck of L-- c 3 To 3. C ·- to o . - ill"css Kay's Beauty £ i s ; 3 U orinly m^rsC'd by :" -. 1 '-- A-ho, formerly Ell el SA \C\ .' cinent--4,°n-2t. I' s. Will -m Mercer Stecle ard h" 'e davgiiter, Msijone Day, who sr -t the r-ol.d s w th Mrs Stccle's p'a- -t-, Rev Dr. ard Mrs W.lhom H. Ilc'a ck of Eacl Pattor-on avenue, left this rroi-' g tor their home atl Scarcdalc, N Y. I Indies of Greenwood M E Church will hold food sale, Saturday, Jsn 8th in Mistlcbaucr Store Room, W. Crawford, beginning, 9 30.---Advcj- tisement --jan-3-5-7 Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Micheils ard son of Johnstown have returned to their home after spending the holidays -with Mr. Michcals' brother and sitter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs Marshall Micheals of Gibson avenue "500' and b^go, P. H. C Hall, Thursday ni£ht Admission 25c Door prize, lunch --Advertisement.-- Aunt Hef Bv ROBERT QU1LLEN a ,, i.. J any diessm' room connc_.-d with the bath room when I was joung When you got out o' the wash tub, you had the whole kitchen to dress in" 5jan-2t. Dona'd and Richnrd Jones have resumed their studies at Allegheny College, Meadvillc, after spending the holidays at their home at Poplar Grove. They motored to Mcad- \ille Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Jones, who re- '.Oss Convex, AfSitede On fellsm Too Much For Wife; She Asks Divorce Continued from Page One. a farm product who never learned to sleep in pajamas "I was brought up in the country," he said "I've slept without pajamas all my life But I finally got used to wearing them It vv as a struggle ' He said he tried to convert his wife to his viewpoint in the matter before he gave jn. "I asked her to try it for a week and that we could drop the subject if it was no good. That was fair wasn't if" A true bookkeeper, ho brought to turned later in the day. | court with him yesterday a brief While they last, 2 Ib boxes Martha-, mlcd Wllh rcccip t s an d bills, to show Washington Candies, 90c. Jessie E j, ow wcll hc treated his wife Grey, Eclvidere Candy Advertisement --5jan-lt Jessie E Shoppe -- Misses Grace and Ann Younkm have returned to their studies at Hood College, Frederick, Md, after spending" the holidays with their parents, Mavor and Mrs Ira D Younkm, of West Peach street. Mi's Rose Aline Mestrczat, who spent the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J Raymond Mestrezat of West Wellington avenue, has returned to Coraopolis where she Is o member of the High School faculty Cafeteria, Christian Church, Thursday, 11-30 to 1 and 5 to 7--Adver- tisement.--5jan-lt. Howard Hucy and niece, Miss Hattio Mctzger, of Pittsburgh have returned to their homes, naving spent the holidays with Mr. Huey's parents, Mr. ard Mrs. Norman Hucy in Limestone Hill Cecil Hixon of Pittsburgh Is £p"nd rs a few weeks visiting friends at Dunbar. K-ss MTJone Johnson has rc- 'turrcd to her classes at Pennsylvania Coll-30 for Women, Pittsburgn, after sp-rding the hoi days with hoi parent', Dr. ard Mrs. L. Dale Johnson, of P-ce ctrcct Mrs John Eildwin and Miss Sara Hc wept frequently and several times removed his glasses to wipe them as hc tolcV the judge of finger waves, permancnts, and facials hc bought for her. He wept more when his wife's it- torncy, Frank Teed, began to read some of his love lotteis In one Cady compared himself to General U S Grant Cady said hi had listened to a radio program telling the story of how Grant's vvifi helped him to face his problems "Oh, darbng," Attorney Teed read "I believe in your love for me. think it is as real as the love of Julia for Ulysses and I need your love a much. I need you to help mo figh long enough to conquer myielf. x x y Strengthened by your love I shall gi along and do something really grca in life And the credit will be ell yo'urs In another letter to his parents-m law, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Medley Flora, 111, hc mentioned his visit t Dr. Wood when he sought to dc termine the reasons for his wife' "coldness " Testifying in his own defense Cady s-ud that Mrs. Cady s Bister Esther Medley, came foi a visit u July A quarrel devflop"d, he saic Ft,T,p-rev of Edr-wood. Pittsburgh, ' They becan to throw slams at me, v.s t-d Mr. and M'S. J. Hall Spear he said, "and 1 counted them. Ther in Ar-I" street New Year's Day Mrs Lydia Fc---r and d-ughter, THE OLD HOME TOWN erwl U S. Patent Offie* By STANLEY A FEU.ER. CANT BE TOO FOSSY THESE \F YOU CAMT HAVE VEN\SON, TAKE HAMJ3UKGEI?, THATS MY MOTTO \ME WERE AIM IMG AT A DEER THIS CRITTEI? GOT )M OUR NNAIT TILL. THE BOSSY tEU_ DAIRY HEARS ABODT THIS THREE CITY HUNTERS GUESTS Of* tHE CITY, AT THE TOWAJ JA»l_ - . , - _ ._ COPYBICHT I91--Ut W JTAKICV--K HG ftATURtS SYNOTCATf I*. | - i " -»D ONE DEAD, THREE HURT BY RUN AWAY GREENSBURG AUTO GREENSBURG, Jan. 5--One man is dead and three others seriously injured as the result of being pushed through the side of a house by a runaway automobile driven by John Walton, 37- ear-old Negro of Carbon, at 1 oclock Tuesday afternoon. Another man, an occupant of the hou c e, is suffering from shock. The dead man is John Donohoe, 66 yeais old, address unknown, who died m the Westmoreland Hospital at 5 15 o'clock Tuesday night as the result of shock, a possible fracture of. the skull, amputation of his foot and the fracture of both bones in the other leg Search is. being made for his relatives. The injured arc Jack Murray, 54 years old, of Ridebaufch, an c\-soldicr. Patient in the Westmoreland Hospital, suffering from the fiacturc of both legs above the knee and possible internal hurts He is also a victim of shock Frank Stanlcj, 59 years old, of Pennsylvania ivenue, this city, who also is suffering from severe shock following the fracture of both legs below the knee F. L Robinson, 77 ye irs old, suffered slight cuts ind bruises nnd from shock, at his home, 101 West Pittsburg street. Thinks He's Savior; Forces Young CoupSe To Live Like Animals wcrc 15 in 10 minutes." The pay-off came when his wile Mss Irene of Balt.morc, M d , re- left h, m in August tu-n-d Tuesday evening after a visit' "I wanted twci eggs for bri vv " M-s Fce-er's son- n-law anJ . he said, "but Mary said sh d . of ri't Patterson avenue since Ch- trr-s K :s iDotty Dl-kin of Scottdale w-; a Conno'lsville shoiper today M -s P.CSC B-rron of Mount Plcis- nnt ar~"c'"d the pliy, "You Can't ·eakfasl," she would cook onc lor mc and furthermore she never would cook more th-n one I objected but I had to stop and go to work. Then she left mc" Previourly he had offered as exhibit "A" photograph of himself, Stork at Hospital. Ihcre were two births at Connclls- villc State Hospital during the post .24 hours A daughter was born at 3 10 o'clock Tuesday afternoon to Mr. and Mrs Walter Bi\lcr of 216 North Colt ige avenue and a son to Mr. and I.Irs Donald L Frcermn of i Uniontown at 2 40 o'clock thib morning. o'it W !h You."''Tuesday'ev."nTng ' stripped to the waist, showing at the Nixon Theitro in Pittsburgh numerous dark spots on his arms and · Mr and Mrs. Peter R Wcimcr Mr. shoulders. Ji"d I'r- Jo'm Brcdy. Mr. and Airs. ! "Those," he said, "were bruises left .Eu'-nc -n, the lost of Browns- V 1'e. v il be honor guest: at a din- ncr-d-nce to ba given this evmng by f*e Grconsburg Kiwams Club 3n"tnlHtion of officers will be held w 'h C'cn B Kc"k inzinllirg officer. when my vv ifo bit mc." Mrs Crdy listened intently as Attorney Teed began cross-examination of her husband "Did you trj to make fervid love to your vv fe on a Florida beach," K. of P. Installation Faycttc Lodge 239, Knights of Pythias, will meet Thursday night at 7 30 o'clock at the Odd Fellows I Temple, South Pittsburg street In- istailation of officers for the ensuing ] term will take phce and a large attendance is desired LOS ANGELES, Jan 5 --Sheriffs deputies went out to San Gabriel Canyon todiy to rescue a young couple who were reported to be roaming the mountains' like animals, nude or nearly so. almost starving and held under the domination of a religious finatic. The officers had a warrant for Mark Silveiman, 38, a shocmnkcr, who, according to his mother, came home one day last September, kicked open the door and shouted to the firmly "I an Jesus Christ " Then hc told the family thai the world was coming to an end on Christmas Eve and hc was going to prepare them for it. Hc destroyed everything m the house, srmshcd the China, burned the bedclothes and furniture and dlscaided all the fixtures that were- loose. He gathered up a few scanty clothes ind a bag ol walnuts, loaded his mother, brother and sister-in-lDW into an automobile and hied them off to the canyon, where hc his kept them ever since. Hc set the mother, 62-year-old Mrs Rebecca Silverman, free last Sunday because the rigors of the mountain life- were ruining her health, and it was the mother's story that sent the officers into the cin- on today to hunt for Mark Silverman and rescue his brother, Joe, 23, and Joe's pretty wife, Becky Silverman, 19. The elderly woman said thit Mark wouldn't let them wear clothes bc- ciusc hc considered such things sinful, and that most foods also weic denied them, so they had been compelled to forage for food, eating nuts, herbs nnd whit they could salvage from garbage cans Airs Dorothy Silverman, another No Fraud, Rule In Hood Estate Railroad Suit - M r s Gcoico H Fuehrer of Mor- j Tc = d asked f'll a^-nue vv II reti-rn ho-ic r -rs-l "« w " s a lonesome place, protected d?v c"-r a vioit with her n-ncw , ir °"* _y lcw ard n ece Mr and Mrs. Norman rcpl cd lor- 1 , of Pit'.-burgh ~ Mr and Mrs. Edward All-'n and Mr- K-^-'d J. Inv n sn:nt the M s. Gsrtiiidc Mat'lias Dies. SOJl^RSHT, Jan 5--Mrs. Gertrude Mathias of 7318 Hamilton ave- - Mr ard Mrs J-ck Irwin of Dun- · nU c, Pittsburgh, a native of Somcr- bar have ^returned from New York sc t, died Monday in a Pittsburgh wc-k-c" 1 visit-ng friends at Youngs- tow n, Oh o. a big thicket," Cady Judge Prystalski adjourned court City where th*y were visiting fncnds ov~r the holidays. - Mrs Ruth N Ringer of North Pittsburg street had as her guest fiver the vvcck-cnd Mr. and Mrs._J. Jf Roger and daughter, Betty of .Pittsburgh and Ernest Stanion and i T5on, Clarence Earl, of Scottdale. The | Rogers returned to Scottdale to | spend a week with the Stanlons. Mrs Jonn Brown of Mount Lebanon, Pittsburgh, who Is a patient at the Montcflore Hospital, Pittsburgh, is slowly Improving Mrs Brown, a former Conncllsvllle woman, was seriously injured when she fell down the cellar steps of her home. ' Helen Bradley of Pittsburg street, Scottdale, was admitted to the Uniontown Hospital for obesrvation. hospital Ncmacolin Man Dies. Henry Babbitt, 60, stcwart of the Ncmacolin Country Club near Bclls- I villc for the past four years, dropped I dead after eating lunch Tucsdiy. Hc was a former resident of Waynesburg and was formerly steward of i the Greene County Country Club Heads Somerset Council. SOMERSET, Jan 5--Dr W. D Fuller, patient in a Cumberland hospital where hc was sworn last week, was rcclected president of borough council for 1938. He took the oath from W H Beachy, the new burgess. Continued from Pa(,c One. and Gu Corrado for $20,000. Cor rado then sold the stock to B . O for $00,000 After this transaction, Hood's cs tate brought ch irgcs that the B O midc f ilse entries in the Indian Creek Company s books, that fraudulently oppropiiatcd earning and friuduiently influenced the pric for vvhieh Hood s interest w as sold Schoonmakcr found the pi ice pan for Hoods holdings "VMS not influ enced in anv vvij by any allegci fraudulent or false representation 0 the B O " ff You Have a Go to Bj LOGAN CLENDENING, M. D. THE ONE THING that everybody agrees Is best for a cold is rest I And it is the one thing that usually is ncg- "ectcd I mean rest In bed. I f t h a t alone is done In the first day or two of a cold, it would do more to s a f e g u a r d against the pos- "ible hazards of the e o n v a les- ccnce than all the medicine In and Rest Dr. Clcndcnlng the world It would shorten the entire pe riod of discom fort -- the long-drawn-out hawking and coughing and (muffling. But cv cry thing seems to conspire against doing it. Colds come at Inconvenient times You are needed at the office. Or for the housewife, Bister and the children are coming to visit. There Is an examination at school, or there is especially heavy work at the store Anyway, it's Just a cold, and the idea of going to bed for a little thing like that is sort of sissy. So the rest in bed is discarded And one of the hcalthfulest acts you could do for yourself is left undone Because with rest in bed, an at tack of grippe or cold might be a good thing There used to be theory that an attack of typhoid fever -- after the debilitating effects were over and, of course, always provided you recovered from it-would eventually be beneficial because it "would clean out the system ' The old housewife preached that gospel, but when X was studying medicine it was greeted with scorn by all the ultra-scientific members of the faculty. But that was before this new! fever treatment was found to be beneficial for everything from social diseases and arthritis to alcoholism Perhaps the old housewives were right, and fever of typhoid accomplished the same work as the modern fever machine j In the same way, the fever andi toxemia of a cold cin be beneficial But/ this is provided the proper conditions for their operation arc. observed--and that means rest in bed. Relieves Symptoms As for other treatment, It Is largely designed to relieve symp-J toms. In the latest edition of Cecil's 'Text Book of Medicine",! the revised article on the common cold brings the Information right down to date, mentions local applications and these medicines--as-, pirln, phcnacetin, codeine, Dover's poudcr, papaverinc, and the indue- 1 tion of sweating. A careful experiment was made on all kinds of medicines for colds. by the health service of the Uni-j vcrsity of Minnesota. Students with colds were given capsules for colds without being told what was in them They were, however, asked to report on the effect of the medicine The greatest acclaim was given to a pill containing equal parts of codeine and para- verlnc Seventy-five per cent of patients with this reported Improvement or complete relief while taking this The only objection from the patients standpoint Is that these arc narcotic (although only mildly so), and require a doctor's prescription Most patients like to treat their colds themselves, so aspirin and phcnacetin will still be popular. The subject of local application* in colds Is an interesting one, which we will take up tomorrow. Grim. Reaper WILLIAM C. LITTERER William C Liltcrcr, 11 years old, former district manager of the Atlantic Refining Company o£ Uniontown, died Sunday at his home at Richmond, Va, follow ing a brief illness. RAYMOND 15. KELLY Raymond B Kelly, for six years nn employe of the Wright-Metzler Company at Uniontown, died Tuesday night at his home at Uniontown following an illness of complications Rcdfern Declared "Dead " DETROIT, Jan 5--Paul Rcdfern, nviatoi who vanished on an attempted non-stop flight from Georgia to Rio dc Janeiro in 1927, was declared legally dead on petition of his wife, Mrs Gertrude S Rcdfern. who came here recently fiom Cleveland. Third Son In Familv. A 10-pound son, the third child and boy m the family, was born at 11 o'clock Tuesday night to Mr and Mrs Anthony D'Auna of 133 North First street. West Side. The mother formeily was Miss Mary O'Donncll. diughtcr-m-la v, he ird the mother' story and wore out a compl nn against Mark, nsstrting he wa a lunatic. Mark's cinvon colons, the mothc said, was located ,ibout 30 mile from Lob Angeles She said tint si had lost 20 pounds dunng the fou months ordcnl befoi e M-u k began to ' notice her condition and decided to j turn her loose. He had Joe take her | in the automobile to within a block 1 of her looted home ind put her out Joe paid a boy to help her the rest of the way home but she was too to walk she said, and had to crivvl the block on her hands and j knees Joe hid to leave his vv ife I with Mark v host ige, to guarantee . his return | "They re living in a cave like animals," the mothci told the shentl Syphilis Discussed For Phalanx Members Dr R R Morrison, Dunbar physician, addressed the Beta Chapter of the Phalanx at its regular meeting Monday night using the disease, Syphilis, as his topic Later hc led a forum on the discuss on of syphilis, answering questions put to him by various members. Pictures o£ the disease had been shown at the club rooms about two weeks ago and the talk given by Dr. Morrison enabled his listeners to have a better understanding of sjphilis This week has been set aside by the Pennslvama Department of Health for those who want the Wasserman test No charge is being made and it was pointed out that those who do not caic to attend the clinic at the Second National Bank building could hive the test given by their own physician. Hah Protects Children. BOLZANO, Italy, Jan. S--A hotel here which refused to take in an Italian couple with four children has been closed for "action hostile to the state " SHORT WEEK LAW APPEAL DELAYED By United rcss. - PHILADELPHIA, Jan 5--The case lo tcs! constitutionality of the 44- hour neck law will not come before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court this vv eck and possibly not next week, Thomas Racburn Write, counsel for many of the concerns c! \HcnKing the measure, told the United Press Tuesday. "Mr. Margiotti (Attorney General Charles J. Margiotti) and I have conferred several times," White said. "We are trjing to get the record in shape as soon as possib'e, but it will not be ready for presentation to the Supreme Court this week, ai d possibly not next week." Romance meets up with trouble in a border town hot-spot I CONSTANCE WORTH W I L L I A M H A L L Pratvs*l tr OEORGE * Under Direction ol" A. Sotopoiilos I'uidK Theatres TODAY AND TOMORROW GOES THAT VO/* A Laugh Riot "GHOST TO GHOST HOOK-UP" A Radio ISnnihlcr's Special)}. --Plus-Latest "ows Cartoon Solci-tod Miortv THE NEW THURSDAY DOUBLE See It With Your Own Eyes! O FEATURE The A 3-Recl Feature filmed by Universal Pictures One of the gravest "incidents" o f modern times . . . shows the Japanese p l a n e s bombing and sinking a U. S. s gunboat. LUPE VELEZ M A R J O R I E LORD MARGARET DUMONT J A C K C A R S O N Directed by Edward Clint. Produced by Loo Marcus Scroon play by BcnnyJtubln. Bert Granet, Byron Morgan R K O - R A . D I O P I C I U K E Showing Last Times Today WAflffl: JDAN BENNETT. Ai4iMOWBRAT'J«tt»COWAH Rh»~d rh~ BWTTD ARTISTS I93S~ IN TECHNICOLOR

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