Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 27, 1975 · Page 77
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 77

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1975
Page 77
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f heUotoTThtf rode Choose Your Kitchen Utensils Carefully Categorized For Cooks Here's a list of kitchen took. BASIC NECESSITIES Good chefs knife (8-to-lO inch», a paring .or utility knife (5-to-7 inch) and sharpen- ;ing stone. '. Cutting board. · Saucepans -- l o r 1-1 Vz quart or 2 or 2-2^1 'quart and 6 or 8 quart stew or spaghetti ; pot, with tight fitting lids. ': Skillets - 6-or-«-inch and 10-or 12-inch, "preferably with lids. Can and bottle opener, wooden spoon, "rubber spatula, preferably narrow to fit small jar openings, flexible metal spatula, Igood meat thermometer, grater-shredder. · Measuring cups and spoons -- dry: pre: ferably stainless steel to double for melt- .ing, and liquid: glass or plastic in 1-and-2-cup sizes. 4-cup optional. I Balloon whisk or portable electric mixer -or both, medium whisk or rotary egg beat- "er or both. Slotted spoon, nest of mixing bowls, potholders, strainer or colander or both, potato peeler-vegetable parer. · Cookie sheet -- 1 or 2, with sides so it "IF ITS FORMAL WE HAVE IT 11 [asters CJuxeao 1O16 QUARR1ER ST. PHONE 3O4-346-0483 MIKE RICHARDSON will double as a jelly roll pan. Pie plate and;or round cake pans (2 or rectangular baking pan. cooling racks (2). Loaf pans -- preferably 2, for bread and meatloaf. Baking dishes -- 1 or 2 for casseroles. Shallow roasting pan and rack. Cleaning supplies, scouring pads, sponges and/or dish cloths, towels, a long- handle bottle brush. Basic cookbook. NICE TO HAVE To some, these will be necessities depending on your cooking style. Buy them as you need them. Pastry brush, tongs, corkscrew, kitchen shears or scissors, funnel, sifter, timer, juicer (plastic), potato masher, rolling pin, acetate sleeve for rolling pie crust, pastry blender, food mill (Foley . . . others too often just don't work.), ladle, toaster. Heavy duty mixer and attachments, blender, tea kettle, coffee maker (electric or drip.) More and different sizes of: saucepans, Skillets, knives, whisks, mixing bowls and spoons, baking dishes (perhaps oven-to-table ware), baking pans (angel cake or Bundt pan, spring form for cheesecake.) Pepper mill, nutmeg grater, egg slicer, scale, bulb baster, muffin tin, ovenproof ramekins or custard cups, canisters (airtight), assorted molds, cookie cutters, souffle dishes, mortal and pestle. Specialty items (if you use) pan, crepe pan, waffle iron. omelet JEWELERS Ireasurea L^u i DIAMONDS REMOUNTED i DIAMQND RE-STYLING DESIGN WORK IN STORE »EXPERT JEWELERY REPAIRS. TWOSTORESON reasure ua "D" STREET -BEHIND THE MOUND 516-616 D Street 'AMPLEPARKING South Charleston, WV PHONES 744-6433-744-4461 25303 EAR PIERCING HEADQUARTERS iBmtaEiicH (ASH-LAY-A-WAY FINANCING AVAILABLE By MARILYNN MARTER Kugki Newspapers Writer You're a sooa-to-be bride and every store in town is pommeling you with literal ure on the "22-pkce last-a-lifetime cookware bonanza -- individually priced at $129, now at the just-for-vou, oae-time- only bargain price of $70." Problem is, you know you really only NEED about ei$it of those pieces and can legitimately use maybe eleven. For you the rest are a waste of money and storage space. The pieces you need probably would cost maybe $45 bought individually at that same store -- $25 at discount stores or on sales if you shopped carefully. Do not buy sets, pots, knives, whatever, there's almost always something you'll never use. Your best bet is to buy what you need, when you need it, for a specific use. Do buy a good chef's knife. Carbon steel is the best and worth the price, a minimum of $5. A cutting board will save sharp knife edges. For skillets, cast iron is the "best and cheapest: Season them with oil, heat, use and love, and they get black, shiny and wonderful." From $2 to $10 (-, 8-, 10- or 12-inch; in five-and-tens and hardware stores. If you can afford it, the pretty enameled ironware is nice to have since it can come to the table. For saucepots and skillets, too, if you like, stainless steel gets the expert nod. Estimate $7 to $15 per pot -- less in discount stores. No one seems to use a double boiler -the professional cooks work right in a saucepan (with low heat and a whisk;. If you must have one, make sure the top can double as a casserole so it will get more use. For most of the gadgety small utensils on the "must" list, the cheapest is often the best. If it's gussied up, have a second thought unless you need all its uses -- Like a combination can opener, bottle opener, and corkscrew. Most of these will cost $1 Your budget will make many decisions for you -- a spoon or whisk and "elbow grease," $1; a rotary egg beater, $3; or a portable electric mixer, $7 to $14. Stainless steel mixing bowls will last a lifetime . . . but you can use your saucepan in a pinch. If you opt for plastic bowls, get ones with lids and they'll double as refrigerator containers -- even if you add metal bowls later. Some food jars (a brand of peanut butter, for oae) have measuring marks and can be reused, so you can even bypass measuring cups in a pinch. Measuring spoons are out in some kitchens, ordinary teaspoons and tablespoons fill the bill. But measuring devices are inexpensive enough and handy enough to be included with necessities. If you include baking supplies, aluminum is fine and cheap. Don't worry when they get dark, that "seasoning" makes for better baking sometimes. Among other wise-shopping tips are these ideas for your consideration: *A large stainless steel mixing bowl will double for salads. The smaller ones can be used for serving in a pinch. *By making your -quart stew pot an oval one, you get a bonus pan for braising and roasting. , *If you're getting a scale, look for one with metric conversions since the switch is not that far off. *A timer can prevent a lot of wasted burnt food and a good meat thermometer can eliminate overcooked roasts. Make sure they are reliable. Watch Your Money Make Money... Use The Great Green Machine TM Helping to build a better life for you: that's the way we see ourselves. From the President to the teller who waits on you, we work together like a well- oiled machine to help your money make money. Thus our nickname, The Great Green Machine. Green, after all, is the color of life. It'? no accident that it's also the color of money. It pays you to preserve as-much as possible where it is going to grow fastest, with the highest degree of safety. It's against the law to print your own money. But with The Great Green Machine, you get the next best thing. i /; / X ' .A jF-^\ {/·' ^ A \^ The Summer Bride Fresh ... Feminine . and Glowing Let our experienced Stylists style your hair /^viJvV,c·**' for Y° ur wedding day. i / / /| f^j\£p ; Kaye Hill, Owner and Operator $ % ·-. X \ \ House of Charisma Beauty Salon Dunbar Shopping Plaza 1 Oth Street PHONE 768-9680 OPEN EVENINGS Br APPOINTMENT wesf Virginia BUILDING A LOAN association 450 QUARRIER STREET CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA 25301 Phone 343-4633 THE MARRIAGE OF THE YEAR UNITING BEAUTY STYLE AND QUALITY AT PRICES YOU CAN AFFORD! Allow our experienced personnel to assist you in creating an elegant home decor that will precisely complement your good taste and newlywed budget. SOFA SALE! If ever there was a time to buy- it's now! All kinds! All covers! All sizes! All superb quality! . .*'·; m ! = · ! ! TABLES 20% OFF Carpet by Lees Instafcd With Pad Specials Riding Star Make Way Superstar Trie Notice Captivate Vitality Opening Night Celebration Nugget Sale $ 9.95 '10.95 '10.95 $ 11.95 '11.95 '11.95 '11.95 '14.25 '14.25 WhyNotOie In And See Our Selection Of The World's Most Beautiful Carpets SALE ENDS AUGUST 7TH .·· / though the selection is great. FLEXSTEEL , quantities are limited... BROYHILL .so hurry in for/ay tchilc our stock * «- ·/ KROEHIER ' of fine values is still large 20% TO 30% OFF ON ALL SOFAS CHAIRS 20% OFF on ALL Bedrooms Thomasville, Bassett, Broyhill, American of Mortinsville OPEN IONDAY ANDI FRIDAY NIGHTS UNTIL 9:00 , OFF ON ' Kf-uy's CREEK.) ROAD FRK Delivery Bonk Financing Factory Service FURNITURE COMPANY ^ 949-3103595-1111 442-4532

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