The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 19, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, April 19, 1918
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*"«·*!·«»-* Cpnnellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,609 VOL. 16, NO. 136. COiNNELLSVlLLB, PA., FRIDAY EVENING, APRIL 19, 1918. TWELVE PAGES. FRENCH VETERANS OF THE SOMME SMASH HUN LINES ON FRONT OF FIVE MILES CITY PASSES THE HALF MILLION IN Violent Counter Assault Launched in Mud Knee Deep to Protect Amiens; Six Teuton Divisions Beaten Back After Desperate Effort to Break Through arid Gain Only Small Footing at Tremen- dous'Cost; Italian Fighting Men Will Soon be on French Front, Italian Premier Announces in Chamber of Deputies CITY OF/RHEIMS IS ALMOST OBLITERATED By Associated Press.. WITH THE FRENCH ARMY IN PRANCE, April 19.- -The hardmcnt by both of the opposing armies along the front from Caste! to Alaliy-Kinoval. During the night the French reduced certain machine gun nests on the front or the attack yesterday. The number oE prisoners taken by us has reached 660, at whom. 20 are officers." Total Reported a ! (. Noon Luncheon Today Reaches · PLAN TO COMPEL THE REGISTRATION OF; ALL MEN BETWEEN 18 AND 50 ! | TVouM Put IVholc or America's HJIJI- Toknr Into tiio \Var: \Vonlil Catch fjOfrfprs, CUT OF BHEDIS NOW A MASS OF PARIS, April 13.--Rneims, which has been on fire for a week, is now nothing but a great pile of smoking Wlcrs afwl Slackers. April If.--A plan, evolved in the office of the provost marshal general, has hecc submitted to die President which, if trr*od:nd in a law, will have the effect of requiring the registration of every male citizen bet wee 3 the ages of 38 and. 50 and subject thereafter to draft for Speaker at Hiph Sfhool Hall Tonight iTM"',^' indu "' itriai or agricultural Tells Canvassers That H Is Sat, 5er?1CC ' Kaiser ltn( tho liirmnn I'oopli' tlic Tnitwl Stnt«s and AUii's Jlnsl-Oefeal! m °n to fill out questionnaires as did . j those between M and 30; to classify Connellsville look ,n n ,h,,, , r r a j th TM » regards their employment '- H/I * ITP A nnnrcip MAKES ADDRESS The plan, in brief, is to have Congress enact legislation requiring these took another great ruins. During the past week the : siurt in the Liberty Loan campaign ' Germans have fired more than 100,000 j today when 5564^00 wa.s and in regard to their conditions of shells into the heart of the cfty, ac- I scribed by workers : S . rC F h ° ert? l!J± i dependency; 'then to give the War Del ' partment authority to dispose of these cording to the correspondent of Le I served in the French administered.a sharp setback today to the German forces which since the great push have been hammering away relentlessly in an attempt to get astride the railroad co'anecting Amiens with ClermeraL The attack was carried out brilliantly. It began at dawn along a front extending about five miles between Theiines and' Mally-Raineval. The result was in addition to the capture of several hundred Germans and the seizure'o'f a number of important points which the enemy had occupied whence he prob- aSly intended to make another forward bound. This ground has been the scene of nearly a dozen fierce encounters since April 4. The Germans have thrown at least 15 divisions into the fray at · different periods in an obstinate effort to reach their objective. ._. Before the French went over the top today the Germans evidently saw that an ..action was brewing.. They sent poisonous shells but did not do much harm. The French artillery preparation was extremely vigorous. Then the infantry .went forward in a dense mist with a fine rain. The ground was in terrible condition. The soldiers went over their knees in the mud but those veterans of the Somme were not .dismayed. On the northern flank they soon carried the commanding which have disappeared from view under tbe accumulation- of debris, i Broughton, superlarendcnt of the Bat- Ancient buildings in the Place Boyale i : date ! / "~ of the most far-reaching consen'ueneo, It would give the War Department absolute control of the labor situa- and the Market Place, which from tbe Kith century, have been re- ! duced to dust and ashes. Tlie vault- i ing ot the famous Rheiras cathedral, j the correspondent, says, is failing j stone by stone and soon there will he j nothing left of the edifice but the west front and the pillars. Thousands Participate in Parade Over the Streets and Hear Ringing Address at Its Close; Pageant Excels That in Uniontown in Numbers and Length; Business is Suspended and Those Engaged Join in Boosting the Liberty Loan. EVIDENCE PRO-GERMANS HAVE NO PLACE HERE Surpassing in magnitude anything of the character ever staged in Fayette county, iho Liberty Loan demonstration yesterday afternoon in Con- nellsrille has been acclaimed as positive evidence of where Conncllsvilie stands'in tho war and" as its answer to any pro-Germans there may be in the BBCT.V. FRO?l GKIUtAA CHOWS PR1XCKSS. GENEVA. April 19.--When Miss Edith Cavell was executed in Belgium by tbe Germans a girl friend. Miss Julia Wyss. aged CO, of Geneva.: was sentenced to 25 years penal ser- | vitude for the same offense. She is j now in a Prussian prison. A peti- 1 tion for a pardon, signed by 3,000. women of Geneva, was sent to the | crown princess of Germany nearly a i year ago. A cold, almost brutal re- · ply, signed by Baron von Stultenzel. j secreiary to the crown princess, has ; _ just been received. It states that tie ; heights. Meanwhile in the center another wave of infantry en- j petition cannot be taken into consid-; tered Senecat wood where numerous machine gun emplacements eratiol "y te crown princess. which defended the approaches to Caste! were reduced and cleared up in most courageous style. The outskirts of Castel were reached an'd the garrison of that town was menaced. Farther south other French units occupied the dominating heights and advanced toward Anthim farm on the road between Ailly-Sur-Noye and Moreuil. Everywhere the Germans offered the sternest opposition but nothing could stay the French advance. .-· . · ' " ,. . -j . . . When, thejighting calmed down prisoners were still coming in.- A number of machine guns fell into the ha'nds of the French. The German casualties were very heavy. 6EKHAKS KEPUtSED IX GIVEXCHT ASSAULT. LONDON, April 19.--The Germans were completely repulsed MAKE OF PHYSICALLY FIT, TOTAL OK ius REACHED $MOD. The reports made by the captains of the different canvassing teams at the dinner at' the .Masonic Temple today showed $564,200 collected in the Liberty Loan drive. The reports follow: CAPTAIN. AMOUNT. Pryce f 91.300 Ashe Bixler _ ,, Leche Downs . Hooper Wright Crowley Keagy . _ Kenney Wilder _.; Graham- B. 0.- Total ______ 86,300 48.000 ·47,300 .40,000 37,650 35.350 33.000 . IS.IOO . 37,250 . 6.1,250 ,5564.200 tion in the United States, and it would ' The greatest foot parade in the history of the city flowed over the principal thoroughfares of tbe ciiy for over an ,hour while thousands looted on and applauded. also give 'the military authorities a n ' ' Unioniown also had a parade. Persons who saw both agree that Con- · nellsville's easily outclassed IJist at tie county seat. The Uniontown procession stretched out a distance of a mile and a half it is estimated. In it were many automobiles. Conservarie estimates place the length of the Connellsville parade at two miles. Kilty minutes were required, it was said, for it to pass a gix-en point. Capping the climax of the denronstraiJon was a masterly arraignment of Hohenzollernism by tic Hev. Dr. C. L. E. Canrighx of PRtsburg, the speaker of tie occasion, on the lawn at the Carnegie library. Business was suspended for the duration of the demonstration. Headed by the Great Lakes Xaval Training Station band, the thousands of people formed on Veech street, West Side, and coming east, fina.ll- broke up at Its Carnegie Free Library where an address, filled withered hot statements and declarations of patriotism was given by Dr. Cartright. formerly of Scottdale, hut now lecturing for the government. j almost inexhaustible reservoir 01 sup- f ply for future armies, i It is not intended by the plan, for j the present at least; to put men oe- j t«-een the ages of IS and 21 attd bei tween 30 and 50 into the army. It would be able to taltc idlers, i loafers, men who do not support their i wives, I. TV. "W.'s. parasite Socialists j l a n d all that class aod either force ! such men to go to work in useful oc- i cupatiocs nr else put them in the i army. Refusal to obey the orders I given thsm would make them subject \ to trial and punishment ,by court| martial. BIG CONCERN SEIZED J tioTmment. Takes Over Uernum- ownotf'Sfagncto Company. By Associated Press. ·WASHINGTON, April 19.-- The gov- . crnraeni has lakea over the big ; of ihc Bo soh Magnoto com MAY VOLUNTEER Almost ever}- store in the city was closed at 2.30 o'clock and the clerical forces for the most part marched. Many organisations were in line oi Places Open in Annj- tor: among them the Baltimore OVo Booster's club, the Italian band, cleri- Fayerfe' i cal and shop employes of the West Trained Selectives. Opportunity is provided _ county selcctives to enter the military j Penn Railways company. Boy Scouts, service and continue their ordinary | Cadets, Liberty Loan' canvassers' nig plum vocations :n au order received by the ; teams, with many other organizations ipany at; seven selective boards from state j and more than a thousand school chil: Springfield, Mass., and Pialnfield, N. draft headquarters at Harrisburg. ;dren. The high school students went : J., and directors will be named by ""'"- '*·- --' -- ' -- --··--*- ' · · Aiien Property Custodian Palmer ore Ohio railroad coropsj-, re- i conduct their operation. Investigation ted that tlie Baltimore Ohio ' showed. U was announced today, that With the order came a poster which j into the parade" in a body, is known as the "nation's want col- The parade lasted more than an umn." In that poster is set forth the , hour and required about 50 minutes positions which are open lo selectives ; to pass a gj ven poini timo ported KTTf KIN'S VIFW workers had solicited S61.2SO. making . tc company 15 entirely enemy ownea. tjuaunca sy civilian training io D I L I Banners with reminders of the 1 ib- lUiUilU J __ T U, H a rand lolal o£ ?ss , ii2llu [or Coan(?!ls _ j The move has been under donicti- Applications may he made io any of j ^jr 1oan Had threaten! ns all -kind- r-- I v i l l e alone, not including outside ter r i Potion . f o r . some time.....A. thorough , the local boards for.' positions · until j o . disaster to tie alser were carried ritbry: '· ' ·(·irivcsilgation' has been made of the April 29, when tie lists will close.. i o £ disa£ter K a ^ The teams will not report at d i e - i concern's affairs. W n i l e the company An immediate need exists for j a bjg ,. treaol ner tomorrow nor any Ume next week : s capitalized at only ?75,000. its real | sfcm «d men in the various units of until Wednesday. Dinners will be i valuation, it is said, is about ?,,000,- , Genera! Persbing's force, according ' 000. ; to tile explanatory letter of the Pro- Aciu'rist Commission Ing Them j fur Soft Sn»ns. i By Associated Press. | WASHINGTON, April 19.--A do-j 3ervec i Wednesday. Thursday and Fri- claration that no physically fit man · dar _ and u \ s exacted that the cam- within the draft age should be admit-; pa j gn i a the city will be closed by that ted into the ordinary non-combatant (time. Every canvasser will be still AND FEATHERED in. the attaci tbey launched yesterday around Givenchy oil the j branches of the military service if i hot on the "heelf ot dollars over th» southern side of the Lys battle front, the war office announced: men outside the draft age can be! weei-em! and will not st today. When the sfesault ceased, after he*vy losses, the enemy ' found equally competent is made in ; p a ig n j n g vm ul Connellevil ' ' Beaicr Hun ts Seventh in Steel Xill stop bis cam() Re Pnnishe ]. had "only been able to secure a'limited footing at one or two!" lel ' or vh ' ch Representative Claude ·: waf over its nuota. From all indica- ,_f! 'V!^,""TM _ [1* Rarlock points of the more advanced British defenses. - TM'f^?^ J^L..! ,^ 8 i ^» ^»TM »«* *!.*»!: f. 1 ^ wa.i-.en from his home dudng the night and tarred aad feathered by a I party of 10 :nen who charged him with j vost Marshal General, accompanying 'the order. About 12.000 men will be needed in tbe near tuture for a long list of expert lines. Six different German divisions, it has been determined, House, has just seat, to a ^vestern Uwv-j s ;d e districts ure expected to have a yer who irrote him. Kitcbin'sj golden stream to t u r n iu. correspondent, said he was willing to j The H. C. Frick Coke comraoy to- make a sacrifice to come to Washing-; day subscribed ' 5,000 through the were engaged in the unsuccessful attack in the Givenchy-St. Venant sector.- The enemy launched further attacks last evening south of Kemmel. These were broken up by the British ar-jtoti and take an officer's commission' city banks. At the Union National tillery and.machine gun fire. The attack against the .lines i n ' f o r iluty here but that be had seen. f£5,000 was placed and the remaining the Kemmel Sector, the repulse Of which was reported today, Jan article attributed to Mr. K i t c h i n i IJO.OOO at ihe First National. took place yesterday morning. In minor enterprises at various points during the night the British captured a few prisoners and some machine guns. The statement follows: J criticising as slackers men who, with! \Vhen captains of teams began to doing actual military work. In v i e w j h a d no increase to make, ^ h e n on:/ of the various statements on the sub-j 12.000 more was needed to top the jeci attributed to him, the majority i halt million mark .1. 13. Angle offered sedjtious utterances and refusing to buy c Liberty Bond. j Earluck. who is employed at the i steel mills i.n Woonlawn. if said, to I be the seventh workman I 1 rom 'J;at place lo be punished by f-j!!ow workmen or neigbors hecauso of their altitude toward the loan in the Mm- i paign started. RECRUITING MINERS ident of 3^fKI Skilled 3Len is Beinc Formed. Irvin Wolf o£ Rocirwood. has been named recruiting head for the community of "Roclcn-ood for the special ng itfgiroent which the Station band, numbering TO pieces arrived on schedule time trom Uniontown in cars provided by persons ot that city and was met at the foot of the West Side hill by a commitifa composed of J. L. Evans and J. K. Angle. Rev. Cartright was n»et by E. T. Norton and G. S. Connell. Just a minute and a half ahead of schedule; tie parade started, policemen marching at the head. Only one .TJIO- mobile. in which Rev. Cartright rode. was in the parade. Mayor Duggan and members of "The hostile attacks reported to bs in progress yesterday j |ead(!r of the Housc de ' cide[l ' to ^^ju, g re 5) , 0 oo of tbc'amount if Bister j morning south of Kemmel were successfully repulsed and other attacks launched by the enemy in this localityduring the evening were broken up by our artillery and machine gun fire. "With tbe exception of artillery activity on both sides- in the battle sector the night passed comparatively quiet on the whole British front. "Regiments From six different German divisions . are now j known to have been engaged in the unsuccessful attack deliver- j ta^ e °"^TM'n,'is»"oncd'Tn" me "non-corned by the enemy yesterday in the Givenchy-St. Venant sector. | balant branch es of the service. Many hearers. The fighting at Givenchy, as on other parts .of this front, ended j suc h young men, perhaps, their n u m - j " Thfl in the complete, repulse of the enemy who at the end of most!her reaches into the thousands, have\ f m "' rttviavefl lllc nontenant. determined and costly assaults was only able to secure a limited i succeeded, through some kind of in- his attitude clear and expressed it ia a letter to the lawyer, as follows:-- . "My chief, protest is that young men within the draft age, who never saw a military training camp, who never server! in tho army, with no military as a soldier officer, have been, and arc would increase his total an the board ; SOMERSET MAN ARRESTED another $1,000. Bisler made the in- j crease in his report, clearing the halt j Charged With fiu-Tyine ConeeaJwi million mark. Lieutenant George H. Roeder, who will lecture al tlie high school tonight, spoke for a short time after the din- nor. He told some thins* concerning lho war inat ''°P° n «' ) tho of his W«i(Hiis: To (ict Archibald P. Blackstonf ol Somer- I set county, charged .wirb carrying i concealed weapons was arrested here ' yesterday 'by Patrolmen Turner and ; Geiger. The police- picked him up a s , HI:TCHL f N SON, Kan., April 19.- corp-i ot the m.ited States army has : council w«re in line. The West Side been au'joriied oy voluntary enlist-: v olu«eer Firemen and the South njent. j Co^neJlsville firemen marched ahead T!:.p regiment, will be known as tbo °f 'he women's contingent. S7th Engineers' Xational anr.y and 1 Although it had been requested that wi:; cuasust of siz companies of 250 | everyone join the parade instead of men vc'j. '500 m«n in a l l . Tbe j watching it from the street curbs, corps is bting made' up of men obosen | there were thousands ilinine the for their skill. 'streets. When the crowd assembled. !on the lawn of the Carnegie library. the overflow filled South alley, and packed Pittehurs street, .1. E. Angle ibis morning said: "t Kansas Cermans and I'mJVpnBDns ; think it was the mopl successful foot Hlvcn Slenin'ca/it tVurninir. | parade Connellsville ever had. r un- I acrstand wo bad a longer parade than. NIGHT RIDERS APPEAR ,1-lv nf chWrv in balile is * suspitliouR e b »TM"'- r TM d whcc i 3i al ,dbill s printed in black type and day »[ clur%li in oattle i.s , Wca p 0ris W(?r e found on him he was' . . . Utnonto-wn.*' footing: two points in our more advanced defenses. The enemy is known to have suffered heavy casualties 'and:his losses in the course of the day's fighting were equally severe. ITALIA?! TROOPS BUSHING TO FRANCE. April 19.--Premier Orlando announced in the Cham- tter of Deputies today that Italian troops would 'be dispatched to the battlefront in France. The announcement, which was received with a storm of applause, was as follows: "Italy, which follows with admiration the heroic efforts of the Anglo-Freach troops on the western front, could not remain absent from the battlefield of France. She wishes to bring to her allies tangible proof of solidarity and very soon the colors of Italian -regiments will fly over the fields of Picardy beside those of the French, British, American, Belgian and Portuguese, thus sealing the union which exists between the allies peoples fluence, in securing com missions, from' lieutenancies up, in the Ordnance, Quartermasters, intelligence. j or some other department, for no other purpose than to escape service at the front. The uniform of the American soldier, instead of being an insignia of dare and do for the country, is being desecrated by. its use as a shield ajid protection to slackers. "And I further object to the real soldier; officers or privte'--tie man who m'cst face danger for his country --being required on al! occasions to deferentially salute such .non-combatant commissioned officers. This tends to destroy the morale of the army, and "This i [rally round (lie fla.g and don't shoot til! you see the whites of thoir eyes stuff is dead. It's gone long ago. You've Rot lo have tbe wherewithal these days. And it is Liberty Bonds j that is needed to get this. If you and the'- governments." SOWB TAKES HOLD OK SHIP SITUATION. WlASmNGTQN. April 19.--Chanes M. Schwab today began active work as director of ship building tor the shipping board by conferring lines west of Robecq. on the southwesterly part of the Lys battlefront field by capturing ground at Riexdu village farm yesterday afternoon. Kecomel Hill on the northerly- side tnrned ovec lo Cnn.sfable Rottler, who made information against him. Blackstone will got a hearing he- fore Alderman Fred Mtirik some lime think you are it out of your heat!. the Kaiser, go We are fighting)! ROAD BONUS MONEY a powerful combination of people j To Be Distributed to Townships and its the Gorman people we have to defeat. Germany is not becoming weaker. . She is gaining strength. She flliich Hn\e Complied With Lam. In the distribution of township road homis Tuoney, as the state',s share to Barton counly whore- there is a large j population of (lorraan i . 'As it marched through the city tb* ignra -Nigh t Riders." made ihcir ap- l Groat ljl]cra 1and waf . ^^ mw ^ loftey In the eastern part o f , ^Izufc, the jackics in the blue uniforms and white leggio's and hatg making 3 fine apjiraraBcc. Before the speaker was introduced I the band played "America," which, was pung by the assembled body. The Tho posters, »-bich wcro ntukri to ; bams - a n d fences, warned -ucrman F pies, German s^patharrs »n sl«*cr,- 0»t a v».sn trom the ndcu , m.ght he expected.^ _ j \ lbc Re P ubIic -" w h i o h w E^- -«»«·- rn««r»mT 1 17 irmT HE1ENWAY HERE ^ Hymn of sung by Krs. °t ^. Cart - weaker. . bhe is gaming strength. She bomis Tnoney, as the state's share to f ,, rie ,,utifnl Man Nnw Bo«siinR AVar ! Rtv. Cartrigbt was introduced by is exploiting Russia and leave it to her ihose townships which have tally com- j Uardens. K - T - Nonon and his ringing deolsra- is an injustice and humiliation to the! Connellsville, Fairchance aud. New to get what she wants cat of there." ! plied with thx? law, layette county Rev. Father J. T. Burns made a short tali as did Rev. G. ti. C. Richardson. Centers figuring large in yesterday's bond "push" were Uniontown, real soldier. I include, of course, as real soldiers,, the Engineer Corps that goes to the front. ·"My position is that no man within the draft age, and physically at, should be admitted into .these non-combat- the battle area was still being j ant branches of the service, either as with i heavily bombarded this morning in Bernard McBarach, chairman of the j preparation lor fresh assaults · by. the war industries board, and J. Leonard Germans. Heplogle, director of fuel and supples J The British destroyed bridges .of the board, regarding transportation | thrown across LaBassee canal yester- and .supply problems. He asis the ; day afternoon by the enemy. They board to speed up delivery of plates \ told the entire. ' waterway to addition · and. other stee- to the shipyards. Ho having re-established -their west of Kobecq. a private or commissioned officer, if men under or over the draft age can he found equally competent to perform the duties. -In my judgment', such men can he found by the tens of 'thousands, ready and willing to undertake tho performance of such duties. COJCPAKATITE QUIET OS BRITISH FROST; 31*CHUTE GUN' XBSTS WITH. THE! BRITISH ARMY -IN j E. -April 19.-- Exhausted by. the! allure" oif yesterday's heavy attacks on. e- GIvencfcy-LaSassee canal front '-t Germans made no .Jurtier move ARE WIFE!) OCT. PAEIS, April 19.--The French last night reduced German machine n«sts on the front of yesterday's attacfc southeast of Ainiens, the war office ·"·ing the night, and on the greater i announces^ There was heavy artillery ol the Flanders batclefront quiet ; fighting in this region. The statement ' j follows: , : , . · tneir ''"There was a 'rather vioeat tom- ^ this morning. ' , .he-"' British re-estaSUsbed Xot KatuxaUzcd. OMAffiA, Neb., April 19.--It has just developed that Major Heary A. Jeff or the Signal Service, now at Camp Cody, who was born in Germany, has never been, naturalized. He came to.Amer- ica when eight years old and was 23 when his father obtained his second papers. Major Jeff is 42 years old. .He has held many civil offices and was with the Nebraska troops on the Mexican border. Salem. By an unprecedented spurt tae loan workers at Fairchance yesterday more than doubled that community's allotment of ^21,090, and last evening .with total subscriptions of 360,250 was well on the way towards being tripled. By the addition of Fairchance, Fayette county now has five honor towns, Dawson, Republic, (Continued on Page Two.) n Slightly cloudy tonight and Saturday; · continued cool is the noon weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Record. 1918 1917 Jlaximum - .70 79 Minimum 40 56 Mean '. ~. ;.55 6? The Yough river fell' during the I night from 7.20 feet to 6.00 feet will receive ?12,M6.Si: Somerset coanty, 53S^f)2J2: Westenoreland. $22485.64. This money can be used for road construction and improvoment only under plane approved by tbe State Highway Department FIREMEN.INVEST $5,000 Part of Kelief Fund is Turned Orer to The New Haven Hose company as, a meeting last evening voted to invest 55,000 of the Fireman's Relief fund in Liberty bonds. It was also voted to invest J20Q in War Savings Stamps. ! Besides the above the firemen individually nave pnt $3,500 in Liberty Bonds. H D Hemcmvav who wn- in Con-! " ons *"»*» handclapping and nellsviro several vears ago under tie | cnoors - rHev - Cartrisht called tho auspices of the ci'iv lwa,Hifnl mov- j lurn " u ? ^nnellsx-illo Amcrtafflf. a. meiJTSiid a return visit lodav. this ' "*oaderful danonstra.ion of ideal time as representative of the ; t»"-.ousm." He said that the gaiber- War Garden Commission. Sir. Heoienway is endeavoring to interest the public in tho necosKit^ 1 o f ! greater activity in wur gardenii:^. He ; umli * conferred with lo^a! men. also go to Uniontowu. Hi) iviU FAYETTEJOYWOUNDED Wnsontown Mnn is '»till«\l l»y War IV* purt.mcnt of Son T^rhiK Stu»t. W. ?. Cixmt'r nl \i;i;.t'Uu« n, w ceived -ivorrt ihi:. inovutuj-. fro',-.; ih JBssing- SiUp in Port. A CANADIA^ ATLANTIC PORT, April 19.--The schooner Jean Canrp- bell, 54 days from a Nova Scotian i port with a cargo of flour, arrived ! here after having been given up lost. Cooner. w,'^ wottsuletl i Prance mi April S. Has 100 Percent " The Second ward Softool bas ST. PAVU Sri'.. AIIVII iv. flcial nolUv r,uinliuin!ns \5:w laud Alexander, rt^r i»tu-hv at Tniontown and him prouder of his American, itship thnu lie ever had been bc- ; for.'. "Wuai dot's Ibis great Liberty ixjan (mean"" Kov. Cariright answered his · o w u qucsUon. "It means that you I people u-ho havi' never before, smell; eil biittit'.vmokc, or suffered from tho ;. pain of bullfts. who even objected lo \iiiyiuK tuxes, .ire Kfing :o come : ac-mss rtiid liuy bonds." boi-iarinit vlmt i-onquept was not Aiuoruit'.H aim in this war he said wo \u»i:liln'l \vnn! Kaiser Bill's old I'oimif.v sinhow. "\\Tiat would we . dj \\nli it it 1 we did have it? Well wo w.m't lui\e ii." · r,ruii;ins down his fis\ and pro- a ( .\uv.v:ni; the words with the greatest ji'iMiviruon K-v. Cartright said, "When ! ve si-, through wiih Germany we .ran nut hti- in Khorto Island, tho ;sm;\!it'S! stato ia America." Shouts .itui ohwrs fron) many voices greeted I cl uli. to ! Ho \\tUi '.U«- \\rt\ ity. -NYK ( *d a 1M percent enrollment in the ...on. April SO. « as s .,,t t., C.UiTM s , v ' T._ : rt_j ,-, - .. . . . . . . . ** '· Junior Hed Cross* draft tu*ant r* "I'm fu i» to say to you that we're ^·.must war." continued the s li lell you thai this war is (Continued on Page Two.)

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