The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 14, 1939 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 14, 1939
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

/; .i SATURDAY, JANUARY' 14,. "l!39 THIS DAIi,Y COURIER. CONNBLLSVILLE. PA. PAGE NINfc. Marihuana Is New U. S. .. Drug Menace By LOGAN CLENDEXING, M. D. AN INTERESTING and rather disturbing book, written by Robert P. Walton,, professor of pharmacology in tho School of, Medicine at the University of Mississippi, is called "A/arttunno -- America's Neta Drug Problem". The author says that fathers and mothers, members of boards of education, high .school teachers, wom- en'a clnbs, welfare officers, police officers, physicians and nurses, Y. M. C. A.'s and Y. W. C. A,'s should all be interested in this subject, and I agree with him. Marihuana is a narcotic, habit- Jorming drug, tho use of which haa jrrown rapidly, in the United States in the last five years. Ten years ago it was little used here except in · Texas and other parts of the southwest, usually by Mexicans. Within the last year 31 states have reported seizures of a varying quantity of the drug And destruction of arcai o f * the growing plants. Grows Wild in U. S. ' Marihuana, or hemp plant, has · the samo effect as tho Indian drug, hashish. Tho disturbing thing i» that it grows wild in most parts ot tho United States, a fact which i» known to the habitues of tho drug. Police and narcotic officer*' h*v« 1 Dr. Clcndcning will answer questions of general .interest only, and then only through his column. seized supplies of the drug and de~ atroycd many acres of the growing plants In Louisiana, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Missouri and other states. This shows how widespread the distribution of the plant is and the easy opportunity of no* eess to it. When it is known that more thsc 100 peddlers were said to have bees scllins marihuana cigarettes to · nchool children in Detroit and that school children, in St. Louis, Now "York, Jfew Jersey and Ohio havo bought these cigarettes from ped- ·dlcrr, the seriousness of the situa-. lion may bo realized. In December, . 1037, a 20-year-old girl held up and Jailed a bus driver. Her husband · ·testified that he had previously supplied her with marihuana cigarettes · .purchased on a main street of his «'ty. Effect* of Drug The effects of the drug aro to pro- · duce, first, a state of excitement and then a pleasant, dreamy lethargy. It has particular effects. upon the sense organs of smell and hearing. : Lovely and enticing odors and beau- .tiful- orchestral sounds are expcri- 'enccd. There is a peculiar stretching out of tho sense of time. One doctor who took a dose for. experimental purposes got too much and his family sent for a doctor. Ho wai seated in the window of his living room and he saw the doctor get out of his car st tho corner. Ho said that it seemed several centuries be-' foro.the doctor arrived at tho house.' · .Dreams and hallucinations 'usually terminate tho first offeeta of the drug, but violent cxcitcmcnt/resulfc. ' ins " acts of violence and behavior disorders, may also follow. -Teachers and parents apprised of the situation and be on 'their guard. EDITOR'S NOTE) Savcn ianpUeta bj rjr. Clendtnmff eaa now to obtained by ftcndinir 10 cenU la coin, for «afh, and a .'. % ·clJ.utfrcastd envelope itjtinExd with a * thrt#ent tump, to Dr. LmeaD Olcnden- ins. in t»ra of IhU »ap«r, Th« pamphlet* ar«i *Thw« Week** Reducing DM". .··In- dication *nd Conattpatlon", " · " , and Calnlnr", "Infant FKdloi", "In- ·tnictlon* lor the Treatment of Dlabetec". You're Telling Mel __Br BILL BRAUCUER 1 Don't complain. Things mjcht b« ivorsc. Think of the tragedy if some prominent millinery designer should luddcnly become Inspired while gazing at the Empire State building. * *· · 1 The New York world's fair frtogan Is "Dawn of a New Day." U may be dawn to tho cant, hot to San Francisco it's just a yatrn. * * * \ Traffic stories" have been crowded off Page One again, but we can expect another renewal of activitj Memorial Day. * * · . WITHTHEHOUSECHA.MBSE .OF CONGRESS WIRED. FOB SOUND, MANY OF THE BEP. RESENTATIVES WILL PROBA BLY HAVE TO ACCEPT THE ALTERNATIVE OF GOING TO BED EARLY. * * · Wo can read plenty of the bizarre In our daily papers nowaday*, in- ttcat! of depending upon weird nov-' ·Is. Thirty-three state legislatures ftro in session. * · · A 100*ycar'tld woman in England admits the takes a quiet drink vn. the tide now and then. Her dit- orction is admirable m view of the fact the hat an 84-year-old «m to rear. . . . . . . . . . . . . NUMSKOU. NOAH«COUl.O A SHOE. SAl-ESAVSN SETT EVEN. VJITH A TEJUE.PHOME HEX. THE VJRONG -o-A-STOffr" DEAR. NOAM- rr BE. MUTUAU. AT I INACTION OR. OUST AND SE.W ·? -r VOUK. NCTrtOM** JOE PALOOKA Variety Reports An Opening. By Ham Fisher J WHAT DOES VARIETY SAY ABOUT OUR OPE.N1N' X-I-GUESS ^ THEY FERGOT T'MENTION IT. VHP-TAINT %'WHO ARE \A TRYIN* "7OE PALOOKA'S COMPLETE FLOPEFSQO//" ·WHAT A SAP THEY MANE OUTA WEUL YOU READ IT' AW VA WASN'T. .^-^ GONNA UET ON/ ( EASY NOW THAT'S PRETTY DECENT--ONLY I DON'T WANT IT- SEE// T TEU- YA X DON'T/ G'WAN TEUU ME I'M A POOL.VA KNOW I AM -EV'RYBUDDV ELSE KNOWS IT. X PROB'LY LOST YER SHIRT PER HERE.H TAKE A DRINK A WATER AN' SIT DOWN. BARNEY GOOGLE nnd SNUFFY SMITH ·Journey's End. By Billy DcBeck SHH-- HERE GWE't\VN» DO PiCT POVO'FUL QUHER.SUH-- RADIO PATROL By Eddie Sullivan and Charlie Schmidt - BUT IRISH SEtS THE MEHPvCING HSURE ftND IMMEDIWEUY UfVPS INTO f\C\lON... fROM ·· THE TfttL . GRASS WITH ORftWN KNIFE.. JUST KIDS '' : 0n An^Empty Stoinuch. -- ; By AdCarfer MUGGS McGINNIS By Wally Bishop DID YOU SET ANOTHER INDIAN- PEE-WEE? WELL-SRAWPA OSHAU6HNESS* 1 ONCE SHcnr six INDIANS WITH ONE BULLET JUST BEFORE HE TOLD r-jr : ^ ^ 'O M6 -=- -wsas.-^ ^ DID I TELL YOU ABOUT MY SRAM'FA O'SHAUSHNESSY OUT ON THE PLAINS OF TEXAS? v---c=r~ t MOPE YOU CAN HARDW BLAME 'THE"YOUNGSTER FOR WONDERIN* I'M WONDER1N'- MYSELF J NOW WE AW.V HAVE A LIUTRDUBUE V ssTisi'iM \w-m-we v - i erne car up FR WMEW -WAT SOUR-POSS TUS Eoore,esr AMO KfeEP 30IM'.. BOTH - -- / -^ '--T.,f*f Copf. IW9. Kir.j faiota Synicut, Int. WotH rizku TIM TYLER'S LUCK A Onc-Man Morse By Lym Young NO HORSE CAN TUMBLE ME.BUDDV/ HEV- COME BACK WITH MV HORSE-HEtL THROW you BIG SISTER By Les Forgrave SPECK! BACK? CEKT'MV? voo -f'lhjw: I'D UEFT GOOD, O\O VOLi ? , T'SA. »iOT OE. OAT VOO T"IM T ? NT'S MA.eznKiS. suREVsv/ sere COM\V % A\vi-c- ·3URE/ BOrT 1N« GOT TO 3O EA.-SV.

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