The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 30, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1930
Page 9
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i Second Part Page !£·"·--:-_,,!· . ^ii.^.... !_.-..-. [s 9 to 16 -- _ ~j VOL. 28, NO. CONNELLSVILLE, PA,, {THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 30, 1930. SIXTEEN PAGES. ·x NEW GENIUS BUILDS CAR AT SMALL COST Oeorge S. Brauks, pioneer automotive mechanic of St. Louis, who for the lust: thirty-one years lias built 12 types of care, has now perfected a model "four" which cost h h u but $185 to niukcj The car is of the midget type with an 86-inch wliwlbaso and n trend of 4C inches. It has a repotnl speed of 00 miles nn hour nnd will do r mllos on a gallon of eafl. Brants claims that the auto cau be profitably manufactured and distributed for ?'.S75. Photograph shows George S. Brauks with his mldeei car. AMTI-RATTLER FOR FRONT CAR FENDER Two Pieces of Stmp Iron on Lamp Lug Stop Noise. Ton can prevent tho front fenders of certain types of small cars from rattling by Installing two small pieces of strap Iron as shown In the drawing. Tho strnp Iron should be about 3-10 Inches thick and the pieces about 3V6 Incites long. They nre bent at right TOP VIEW Anti-Rattler Attached to Car. angles, and n hole tfi drilled at the outer end, to fit on it lug of the lamp bracket Tho Installation shown was lande on a Chevrolet of the 490-type. Before drilling tho holes, place the pieces beside the radiator shell so that they will spring tightly against it after they have been attached to the lamp-bracket lug.-- Guy B. Clark, Everett. Wash., In Popaltu* Mechanics Magazine, AUTOMOBILE FACTS A front-wheel drive !s being pnt on Uio market by nn Indiana car rannu ·facturer. Combining this' with the back-sent drive will give it nice balance. · · · It Is estimated if all the automobiles In the world wore placed end to end, some hot dot; stands wouldn't do any business in thoir present locations. * * * A tourist back from abroad says .you have to speak very distinctly to traffic officers on the Continent. Many of tlu-m do not understand broken Knglish. Few Simple Traffic Rules Will Make Travel Safer Beile'vlng that the cart-ful observation of n few simple truitlc rnles will materially help In making travel safer on the highways the Uulted States National Chamber of tomruerce fans prepared the following recommendations for drivers of automobiles: 1. Always remember yon engineer, fully responsible. 2. Always · test your firakes when starting and have them inspected frequently. 3. Never pass n street car when ft Is stopping, or if the law permits, proceed very slowly past it at the legal distance. 4. Exercise especial care In crossing In front of a street car or In passing . It, as you cannot tell what may be coming on the other siO«'. 5. Always signal with hand when slowing down, turning or stopping, even though you have ar automatic or mechanical warning device. C. Ix)oU before you beck and sonnd the horn threa times. 7. Try to drive with tislng tho horn as little as possible. A sadden noise may stop pedestrians in their tracks rather than warning them. 8. Don't count too much on the common sense of th« ottv»r fellow. No one is 100 per cent alert all the time. 9. Drive slowly in streets where children are playing. Iiemeinber your own childhood. 10. Cross crossings cautiously. Warning bells may be out of order, watchmen or gate operators may bo oft duty. Trains cannot stop as quickly ns you- can. Shift into second to avoid stalling on tracks. Temporary Repairs Made on Broken Tire Chains If n driver should bo so unfortunate as to break so many cross pieces of the tire chains that they will not re main In place around the wheel, the chains should be removed and wrapped around the tires ns one would wrap n. rope. This, of course, applies only when tlie car Is stuck in the snow or fn deep rnud, for after getting under way, the cumbersome "lump" should be removed. Owners should get Into the habit of repairing tiro chains, the work requiring little effort. The garage makes a charge of 10 cents, even for one new link, which, the owner can Install in less than one minute \ v j i h a chain tool which most supply stores offer, or which can be had from the chain ruun- ' ufncturer. EJLT B or comfort Tlic complete range of widths ami sizes AAAA-EKEaudl-12 guarantees a perfect fit for any normal foot Ktuia. J e t tick JMelodios over %VJ7 ;uut i».*so- e r y Sund !' cvcnliift ulsu civcj- N. (i. C. urk Hooper Long Knim J r l l u - k Dances CMITfSUb'Il MOTORS JflOSWIT THIS IS THIS MEW STRAIGHT THAT STARTLED,.THE INDUSTRY THE LOWEST-PRICSill EI®HT IN THE WORLD Weeks ago, leading newspapers were informed of a mysterious new eight-cylinder car which was performing almost incredible feata OK the great natural proving ground in the steep mountains of Pennsylvania. Out of cariosity, and sensing a news story, automobile editors harried to the mountains to investigate. There they joined in actual driving testa under conditions of their own selection. They saw and experienced feata of performa ice that set them ^ritin g colur ins of praise about a new raoto c car wh®se very »ame was eb 11 a secret. Now is revealed the name of that mys- terious'cor--the car they proclaimed a » nsation. It is the new Chrys) cr-built De Soto Straight Eight--th« lowest- priced Eight in the world--a car that comes before the public on the wings of a nationwide chorus of expert approval and commendation. On the basis of overwhelming dollar value, the new De Soto Straight Eight,beyond all doubt, is as outstanding in the eight- cylinder field as its famous companion car, the De Soto Six, ia outstanding in the field of sixes. Every comparison unalterably verifies this fact. OTO S T R A I G H T E I G H T 6 4 9 LAIRD REED MOTOR CO. 505 West Crawford Ave. Te ephone 1348. Connellsville, Pa. Dame Fashion Smiles By Grace Jewett Austin Just the other day Dutne Fashion was among a group of young people, and they all want; ed to Bhow her .something, or tell her something. "X o u thought people would never carry muffs any more, Dnine Fashion, because worn, en'a htniili are so busy. But some of us really like them. See t h i s pretty little mink I think It Graco J. Austin. muff I udds a real touch to my new coat." A n o t h e r fiirl was showing her cherry satiu pumps, just dyed to match a long and swlshy formal gown, ttnU she said: "See my latest gift of attachable Jeweled silver s'trnjis on my pumps. I never wanted to wear anklets, like n Hindu, but these flexible sirups help to keep pumps in place and are so pretty, I n t o (he burgjiln." Still another declarer!: "Now we have this dress-length business oil worked out. Tills is the very lutest, and the correct thing. From any time in the tnornlng til! five o'clock in the afternoon, skirts from four to six inches below th« knees are correct. From five to eight o'clock, there is a transition period, when girls and women arc allowed varied choices in length. Then Ht eight romcs a mystic hour ns f a t e f u l ns Cinderella's stroke of twelve. By t h e strict rule, a ft CM- that hour, skirts 5rnp right clow it iilmost to the toes. Ton get the Iden, do you n o t ? You may wear these long skirts, too, if you wish, from five t o eight, but for a 'real doings' such nra getting; to be the rule, a f t e r eight." A f o r e and more, ns On me Fashion studies the new styles, (hr.v seem to have ihfi happy designation of "ponce gurtnrnts." Just as a soldier's mil- form would tal«« h i m t h r o u g h his clay, in w n r i l m e , w h a t e v e r In? might moot, so In those years since the w a r , a woman could put on a "dressy sports" dress in the morning. \vciir it to l u n c h eon, l o an . a f t e r n o o n club, and unless for a formal event, onward into the evening. She was really on n war- u n i f o r m schedule. WHS she n o t ? rui a f t e r nil, w h a t is more restful to' v n woman than c h a n g i n g her n t t i r e ? Da mo Kushion rartnlnlj? would nbt want to go so far ns nn e n t h u s i a s t i c 9tlPuKy why er wants to see woman revive joorl dressing to be a full-tfina occupnt OB.' Women are exceedingly clever. ' 'rav- (·lers from the Orient teSl us o- the Japanese custom of speaking f a '.''two, three, or live kimono day " to designate temperature that m eded .more or less clothes. So in da -s to 'come, women may often leave lome carrying a convenient case with i sec- ,ond, or possibly a third costumi. /· Mnny years ago a wise woman said, "To have foot comfort, change your shoes several times a day." It may be we shall sometime look bad and think it was barbarous to have worn one dress straight through a da ·. ©. 1939, Wesitern Ncnvspupqr Unto .) Party Frock--Red and White Crepe de Ciiine The French capital is offe -Ing numerous d a i n t y l i t t l e party fr cla for youngsters. One of them ia n lovely red and white crepe da o h l n t , featuring a plaited skirt with a v hite kid belt. I THE MOTOR QUIZ (How Many Can You Answer?) Q.--What product ranked first In the export of manufactured articles? Ans,--Automotive products, with n value of $500,174,431. Q.--Whnt was the amount of the motor vehicle tax collected In 1027? Ans.--About $308,000,000. Q.--Wftat sfnte has the most anto- mobiles in proportion to the population ? Ans.--rCallfornia, with one car for every two and seven-eighths persona. Q.--When an engine can be cranked easily by hand, yet the starting motor works KlugglnJily, what trouble can be looked for? Ans.--Discharged battery, -worn brushes or dirty: armature. Examine Ignition system. AUTOMOBILE HINTS Modern man drives 2,000 miles in a week and calls It taking n vacation. * * * Statistics show there 5s one automobile for every 70 of the world's population. 'Some drivers seem to have an Idea It Is up to them to kill off the other CD. Tax in Various States Yields Total of $375,000,000. The gasoline tax Is deductible in filing Income tax returns where tho language of the state law specifically lists It'as n tax on the consumer, according to a bulletin Issued by tho legal department of the Chicago Motor club. The bulletin pointed out that It lu clear that the .consumer always pays the tax, regattuess of the wording of the law; therefore, the consumer should be allowed, a deduction In all Instances. _, . Interpretation of Law. "However," continued the bulletin, "the bureau has put a strlcl interpretation or the stata gasoline tax laws In Witt" rulings already made. Consequently, In states where the bureau rules that the gasoline tax applies to the dealer, the only remedy remain- Ing for those states Is to amend and clarify the.state gasoline,tax laws ao that the language of the act specifically levies the gas tax on the consumer. "The gasoline tax In force In the various states this year will ytgld n toted of approximately 5375,000,000, ·which, if construed as a tax on t h e consumer in thn various states, would amount to a considerable saving to tho, motoring public, .T. H. Braun, general counsel for the club, declared that the bureau of internal revenue has already ruled thnt tho gas tax Is deductible under an Interpretation of the laws of Delaware, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nerr 3Tork, North Carolina and Virginia. On the other hand, If the tnx Is added to or made a part of the business expense of the owner of such motor vehicles, it cannot be deducted separately as a tar. The motor club attorney asserted that decisions have also been rendered by the bureau ·with respect to the states of Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland and Ohio, holding that under Its Interpretation of the gasoline tax laws (of these states, the tojc la levied against the dealer, and therefore Js not deductible by the consumer In filing his Income tax returns. Important Pointers on Washing Out Oil Filter When washing out a filter, such as an ell filter, care should be taken to pass the gasoline or other wasbSng fluid through the wire gauze In tho direction opposite to the normal flow of oil through the device. The reason for this is that if gasoline Is passed through In the same direction as the oil It will probably leave particles of fluff or other substances that might have been caught, sticking just wlier-; they were, while washing In the opposite direction would dislodge them. Shock for Men Here's a shock for men drivers I A recent survey conducted in 30 states showed that only 5 per cent of nil accidents were due to women driving cars. It was also found that on an average more women drivers bring in their cars at regular Intervals for mechanical checkup which Includes brake Inspection. This, it is held, practically eliminated mishaps io the failure of a vital part of their cars. Brakes nre often overlooked. I Logical When Marlon'a mother coaxed her to drink her milk, she objected strongly. Trying to persuade her, her mother said, "Why, Marlon, your little eons- in, Rnti), drinks her nilik better than you do." * Very quickly Marlon responded, "Give It to Ruth, then !"·--Christian Herald. . A Trifiinsr Matter The Is'urse-^-YoU've sewed up a pair of forceps In that .patient, doctor. The Surgeon-- That so? Never mind. I WHS going to order another operation, anyway, and I'll recover them then. If I need thera in the meantime I can -.borrow a 'pair. Not One, but IVJany "Say, mister," said the l l t - l e f e l l o w ! to n next door neighbor, "nrt you the ' nuin \vbo guve my brother u dog last week ?" "Yes." "Well, mn pnys jo rnmo ind t f i k f i them all buck.'' Deer Wrecks Motor; State Refuses Pay Hnrrlsburg, Pa.-- A deer collided with tha motor car of .Ellas' Flneberg, Scranton, Pa., while driving in the I'ocono mountains, dfnriaglng radiator, fenders and headlights. It cost Firieberg $44.70 to have the damaged car repaired. Fineherg sent the bill from a Scrnnton mirage to the highway patrol for collection. "I am advised that the responsibility for the care of this rond is with the state and that the state highway patrol Is responsible for such damage," Fine berg wrote. Capt. VV. G. Price, bend of thi 1 pntrol, returned the bill to Fine berg, acknowledging it, but say- Ing that Flneberg would have to take care of It himself. It Pays to Modernize Your Plumbing Safeguard the Family's Health With Proper BATHROOM Fittings Where d i r t is absent, sickness is greatly reduced. Clean surroundings always promote health. The design of modern plumbing fixtures is such there are no sharp corners, no cracks, or crannies where dirt and germs may accumulate. Ease of cleaning and normal spotless appearance do much in promoting health and happiness. "I'-UOBT WHITE IT'S RIGHT" /f~*Tt ¥ £* IT" 1 "WS J"ff ·artri"H'tB" CHAS. F. WHITE :t36 South Pittsburp Street. 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