The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 18, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 18, 1918
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

I PAGE TEN THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVUJLiE, PA, THURSDAY, APRIL IS, 191S MAKE ELECTRICAL POWER AT MINES; SAVE HAULING COAL "zT* TT»T Heasore For JEellef of ?- the Baftroad and Pnel I SltMtions. GOVERNMENT PROJECT AbrMdjr Under W»y to Be I ocaied in ' tke Aiiknclte Region of Pennsyl- ^--vna; S«r»ej« Aatfcoriwd by the IMtcd Stete* Fwl L Ai a jrar measure Cor tha rebel of i-the unsatisfactory railroad and fuel {-.conditions, steps are bermg taken to ?-«atahlifl high tension elect-ic gener- Bating plants at tb« mines particular} ly at the mmee close to large manu- ..laeUruig cities, as m New Yorfc. "PeraaTiTama, Ohio Indiana and II- IJmoia. and inated of hnlrag the ont in cm. send iis raergy out cn»r the wire*, to be conrerted into Ujjit, h«at and fewer and transmitted where light, fcaat and power are to be f has alrrady been fntd* that a gigantic project, under i 1 tdenl anspkseB, to to be undertaken ;in. the aoJhradte region of Pennsyl- A BBI«T auttonzfd br PueJ * Gaifleld is under way, 4* its object the estaWWh- |*jMnt ot ontzal stations at the an- nine centers to ssipply com- irttbin a radius o£ many It is propoced tbat the project* be nnanced by Jie government. ' ««teite ptans for irtilck are norw be- _lBT. modced out by a committee of plan as a wnc4e has been on- *er cocuderaiion by many engineers ttot * tone time, wo aave realized ?th»t the existing practice ot ouling ^c4cl_to -the plants is muarlul, ·wholly and a bordca to the raU- - iirreatigatioii -win ^hov says vaft known engineer, that most (he small indiMtrUl plants that coal under betters are ^ locr to eight pounds of . per ytaasA ot coal burned, tn- ;aia«d at ummnHng 10 io 12 or U f t -water per prond at coal, tlM prc«ct war C=*M tis is o£ ^rtm^Tt* 1 ·waste. - ^_ ~**~. ptats and plants sneh u ibm1(\ be .installed at mines bars "1 acoMnend even. fnnieT coiaer- tft*t,ilA at ULO mines by,, planU, using the gas pro,, lor tn»l to make the lush ten- _uu earrent and sare for the market ta* coke, ammonia, tar ptoduc ~ etc tJiia plan eleciric current ,, sold cheaper tluin that tin by }rj"drc-«l«ctnc plants *^t Is not suggested that tne rall- :road wffl be umnediaiel; relieved ot all coal tonnage, for tho ships will 'need coal, and nnlass 01 until rail- iroed* are eleccnfi«d they will need *eoal, but by the prompt Installation of larfe electric ptanta at mines m 'the coal fleSde close to large cittes. .tfriti, -will be a largely Increased de- tend tor coal and a correspondingly jiarje.reitasiag of cars tor other lad- i "Th»-on« oatstandmg uasatistactorj "feataxe of tho war preparation pro- ,.jram ha« been the inaWlity o{ the Iratlroads to handle tonnage, and as l» »ar measure some snth enterprise V, outlined, operated by the governor under its control, would at least a partial solution ,^_ ___ _nsall5£actoc7 railroad 2nd fuel r cc«dUlons. *· "Dae to the crowded condition of ta plants furnistoES railroad equipment -Owns is little hope of largely atrtracthening the railroad Ask br adding railroad equipment, feat it is possible to relieve this link fofaome of its strain. "PTOBO«ed ways and means for the tag of this situation have re- L nothing but a speedmg up ol methods as api'lied to both i and the fuel conditions. H ' and big and really con^.,, has been offered it has not poMicly rerealed, and the de- mm^ is for somcttiijig new and big ·ad conntruetlTe Beoause we have, Jcr years, hauleiL coal to e^ery man- ·tawtonng, lighting and power plant ^A~ the country ** Jio reason wiy we *kanld contmue to do so indefinitely, thereby loading the railroads with a tooMsrt that newr should have left thamiJtw." RHEOMAUSH LEAVES YOO FOREVER Vrie A*i Deyoiita Art ke Rbruntle P»!fin t 1. TLexf* tfce «T»tem WllklB "CORRECTLY DRESSED" When, you thmk of a man as "correctly dressed ' do your thoughts go back further than the fact that he is appropriately dressed up for the occasion' To be correctls dressed means to be clothed in gvx- jneato that are coTrgctly tailored of dependable fabrics along up-to-date*style line^ and sold at prices which are correct because they represent the cost of the clothes pins no more than a iut,tififth)e profit. \ Men and Young Men Will Be Correctly Dressed in Wright-Metzler Suits and Coats $15 up to $45 See how carefully they are tailored from coat collar to trousers cuffs See the quaht of the flannels worsteds serges mixtures and other fabrics of which they are made \ Then see the variety of up-to-date models for men and young men- including military styles witn plain and slant-cut pockets, double breasted models and conservative styles See especially those at $25 to $35 Nobby SPRING SUITS For Youths and Boys You progressive, wide-awake young fellows don't want clothes designed for your dad You DO waat syeeial styles just made for YOU That is wh you should come to tlus store for your new suit You are sure to get correct" style acre and fabrics wiht lots of "pep" to 'em Prices to suit you Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. "TIT PUTS JOY IN SORE, ACHING FEET "X7, How Tin' Gladdens Tired, ·*«! len, Burning Fe«t--Jfs Glorious f jUi' what relief. iSo more tired feet, no more burning feet no more swollen, aching tender sweaty feel- No more soreness in corns, callouses, bunions No matter what ails jour reet or what under the sun -ou ve tried with out getting relief just use Tiz "Tiz is the only remects thai draws out all the poisonous exudations -which puff up the feet. Tlz 1 cures your foot trouble so you 11 never limp or draw up your face in pajn Your [ shoes -wont seem Jghfc and your feet will never, never hurt or get sore and swollen Think ot it, no more foot misery, no mo-e agony from corns, j callouses or bunions Get a 25-cent box at any drug store or department store and get instant relief "Wear smaller saoes Just once try "Tiz Get a whole years foot comfort for only 25 cents. Thini of it. PARAMOUNT THEATRE --TODAY-- A, BRADY PRESENTS CARI/TLE BLACK WtlUL AND JUNE ELWDOE IN "THE WAY OUT" WORLD PRODLCTTON IN 5 ACTS UNIVERSAL CT RRBVT EVENTS ALSO A GOOD COMEDY RALPH ASD SATUB1UT-- PRESCNTb \fAn M-UlbH IN "FIELDS OF HONOR" GOLDtTTN PRODUCTION PJ S ACTS Al£0 A RIP R04JUNG COMEDY. -- CO*QX«-- ifABEL NORMAND IN "DODGING A MILLION" Smithfield. f ConnellxrlUe Pm/r Co whom all know !· mathonzed to say to r xiietunaUe sufferer In this vicin- 'Jtj-*t it twc bottles of -Ulenrhu the «·* ooacpierer of rtiBomattom, does swt "top all arooy r^due* swollen and do away with even the ttt twine* oC rheumatic TiaJn he jiadiy retum your Tnoney without AIMnrhu has been tned and tested T»»TS, and really marvelous re h*T« been accomplished In the »*»»re- cases wfacra the suffenne aerony vaa intenao and piteous the patieot -WAII helpless. * JLU*urha relUTe* at once Immed laiMlT After you start to take It the f*od wort beffbta. It sdorches out tho wrie *cid depo«lta. dia«olvea the secre ttoiu and drives rfe**niM-tic poison oar o£. tie body through tbe kidney* and It's marvelous how quickly it act. relief often comae In two days even in ca»e« iwivr* the suffering painful oil tr^c«-s disappear In f*» days Mr James H Allen, the discoverer ·wfao for many years suf- tae torments of acute rbeaxna. J*0irea an snJTerers to know tbai M not Trant a. cent of anyone a unl«#s Allenrhu decisively con- thls worst of 3:11 diseases and * Instructed the ConneUsville Company to guarantee it in j SBOTHPEEILD, \-pnl 18 --Clyde Grimm of the 134th. Field Artillery of Camp Sheridan, Ala, arrived here Tuesday evening on a brief .furlough, ·nsitfttg his mother over night then leaving for Dunbar, -where he called on his father G M. Grimm, who Is m business at Dunbar After a brief i call there he started on hla return to his command. Clyde Is a member of his regimental band Tbe government seat the band back north on a concert tour of principal towns m Ohio to boost the Liberty Loan. After filling their schedule, all that desired were granted a short leave of. absence at Canton O , to visit their homes He says be enjoys' army hfe and has not been sick a day since entering the service nearly a yea- ago He has a brother, J A. Grimm in the service at C-amp Gordon, Ga,, who has qual- iled as a sharpshooter and expects to go over soon and may DC gone now They have not met since entering thf service. James Brady and Jerry Jones of the White Honse mere borough business visitors "Wednesday Born, to Mr and Mrs Frank Morgan Toeoday, April 16, a boy Wallace Show has taken out a license to operate a truck for the prospect Coal company. Dickerson Run. those whe- affvertis-e. DICKEffiSON RUN April 17--ilr and Mrs Harry Patterson of Buena Vista are spending a few days vislt- jng the latter's parents Mr and Mrs "William McDonald at Dawson Oscar "Workman of Camp Lee, Petersburg Va. is spending his furlough here with his his sister, Mrs, J C Jacobs Vr and "Mrs J C Cooley have returned to their home at Greensburg after a verv pleasant vis't here with their son Ames Cooley Mrs Martha "Workman, is seriously 111 at the home of her daughter Mrs Robert Thompson, at "McKees Rocks A W Nicholson spent es^erday wich his family at M31I Run N K Hoffman and I E Hawkins of I Pittsburg irere business callers here J yesterday John SIcGowan of AIcKeesport, tras transacting business Itere yesterday John Francis of Glassport, was a business caller here Taesdav Strengthen our patriotism by excreting it with a pair of Liberty Bonds ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAT "MY FATHER ' the Second of Jae Benjamin Chapm Senes "THE SOJ\ OF DEMXCRtCr" * MARGARITA FISCHER as a Vaughty Boarding School "Viiss in FDUSH" --FRIDAY AST) SATCRDAT-- LI\A CAVALIERI IN "THE FTERJUI, TEMPTRESS" flany Scfiool Ghiltiren are Sickly MoUMiB who value their own comfort and tho ffeffare uf iheir c)n ilren, should n*ver be with on.aborof Mother Grays Swe«t Povtdera foe ChUdren for use throngliout ba season They Break up Colds HeJleve te*orinLneB9 , TroaMea, Used. hT mothers lor 30 yeare. TUESK PO^ DKR3 MATER FAIL. All Dr IB Sto-t», «5o. Aw t accept any subttitnte. Sampfc FHIifi. fl, Mother GmrCo^ Le ]toy t N Y Gray Hair urr _ A prepttmtSoelof rMtonas BftUml wlor to r»T « l*d*d Lur for r«»nvua[ ttudroil iad M * hoitdrt** ·JM Ii not 6 drt, GtatroHM *HJ btrtttw *t »U Itiiofcj-Cu,K«»ik, H J, SOISSON THEATRE 0\E WEEK BEGINNING APKI1 15TH TEEMAIN'S MUSICAL REVUE An Up-to-Date MUSICAL COMEDY CO. 10--PEOPXE--10 Singing and Dantchog Chorus , 5--PBETTY GEBLS--5 sljTOSICAL TBEMAETS--3 * Comedy Musical Act. ME. GEORGE MAETDT Eccentric Tramp Comedian. MR. BEBX TBEMADfE Irish Comedian ant. IA MONT LEWIS Prestodlgitator Extraordinary Matinee Daily at 2 o'clock, continuous until 5 o'clock. Prices lOc and 20c. TKVO Performances at night, beginning at 7:30. Prices loc and 25c. Lest We Forget to Do Our Part say, -who have come back from ·«· Over There i tbat at night the troubled earth between the lines is carpeted Tilth pam They say that death, rides whistling in every -wind aud that the verj trusts are charged with awful tor- meat The} say that of all things spent and squandeied there young human life is held least dear It is not the pleasant- est prospect foi those of us ^ho yet can feel upon our lips the pressure of our mothers' good-bye kiss But, please God, oui love of life is not so prized as love of light I N this renaissance of our country"' valor we ·who will edge the wedge of her assault make calm acceptance of its hazards Foi us the steel-swept trench, the stiffening cold weariness, hardships, -worse For you for whom we go, you millions sate at home--what for \ou» We shall need food We shall need care We shall need terribly and without failure supplies and equipment in a stream that is constant and never ending Prom you who are oui resource and reliance who are the heart and hope of that humanitj for which we smite and strive must come these things Buy Your Country's Bonds Buy Them TODAY! New Models for Spring and Summer The last fe\\ da%s have brought a -wonderful increase m both the size and attractiveness of our disp^ of ne\\ Hats for late Spring i id earlj Summer wear NPW models arriving from NP-W York -- new models finished daih in our oun ^\orkroarn«. kepp rhp showing ever fresh and tie?* For the Week-End "V e wish o dl-ect attention to chic becoming new (Signed) Citizen Soldier No 25S ^National Draft Army Introducing a NEW SILK HOSE Shown m Black, White and the Fashionable Shoe SKades--$1.25 Pair. Made of pure thread silk and fibre silk woven tog-ether This insures extra near Its full-fashioned stocking with double garter tops of lisle, 4-thread heel and toe and double sole--ThK store earnestly recommends this new stocking as ^e have tested it in rations ways for both wear and wash. Ask for o. S-2"5. SPECIAL! 500 jards of cream and ivon Curtain Nets 36 to 45 inches-wide in various prett\ designs Edges slight!) soiled 0E FOURTH otr the marled price. ,-- at t l_t") to «10. Vlut* JlJlnns.- *l o, jru! upn-ord. niack-aiMi wbit*' Sports Hilts, TTesi Hafv anil ronirli Sailors, rtojrinfi m nncc Irom ?41i ta ^2i, »itli spwial sJiomnt'-, at Si 0", SS.O 1 ; and *«.'(, These $2.50 Foulards Are So Very Good "We don t *ee veil how JIPT couJd fx* better a i d fha( seems to be Lbp ·fta-; most women feel about them from tie a noun i the are bin os The^ arr* in a fine weave bla^k dark blue or colored grounds and the printings are as prett as can be polka dots «tnpes checks and figure* iEien somo bordered TC56 are tLfi famous CHKNEY SHOWEK PROOF FOULARDS, *Q inches wide $2 50 a yard Specials! Slx90 Belvidere Sheets regular 51 50 values for $1 29 36 inch Blue Bird Mull, a beautiful sheer Nainsook specially priced at 33c the ·* ard Actual value 40c Cilaraiiag Blouses Yos Will Gladly Choose Both for Style and Price Some of the (inei ones suggest Paris at fiist sight And well the\ might 101 faithtuJlj have thev been copied from original exclusue imported stles But there ire plentj of sinipier inexpensive models too, the kind for general utilitv ^ear It s an assortment chat meets every demand of style color, bize and price VTirtlimor "Waists at $1.00. ortli Waists at $2.00. Dmiitj and Voile Waists S2.50 to $7.50. Georgette and Crepe de Chine $3.75 to $19.75. Now Showing Complete Stocks Silk Sweaters _ Silk Underwear Muslin Underwear Silk Petticoats Spring Suits Silk Dresses Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. LAST WEEK OF THE AHCADE Lnder tho Management, of Trimble £. Tuerffs Big 15C Ualinee Dail) at 2 30 Evening Shows at 7 30 and 9 15. Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. PEifDRDfS. THE H4.KMONT BVGS MAE ALLEN Champion Buck Dancer In the Musical Farce "THE NEW LANDLORD" IRVING LEWIS On lie Screen--"VElsGEANCE AND THE WOMAN 3000000000000oai ^^ § Patronize Those Who Advertise in This Paper. I oGaaoaooQSG!29Socieccacca^

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