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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 7

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, August 28, 1964
Page 7
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JOHNSON'S PARTY TEXAS 56th birthday parly in Atlantic City Thursday. The President then sliced the first piece) off the area representing bis own state of Texas., A-jouraai winpbeta) Result of Tough Talk By ISAAC DEUTSCHE Spatial Journal Cetspaadeine v During the bnet but vio-' lent storm in the Gulf of 0 Tonkin quite a few Western observers compered the events there with the conflict over Cuba In 1M2. ' If the comparison between 'the two crises, the Cuban and the Vietnamese, appears some-what unreal, this is so mainly ; because of the striking differ-: eace to the behavior of the 1 great powers involved. When the Russians had as- tabtlshed their missile base In Cuba, Washing ton confronted . .. them with sa ultimatum; and ', President John F. Kennedy at once ordered America war-. ehlpo into the Caribbean Sea . threatening to destroy the Soviet base. Not for a tingle .moment did the United States .accept the Russian presence) , hi Latin America, so doss to , its own borders. Khrushchev i yielded and withdrew hit ml- ilea. ,'. . - .y By contrast, the action of , the Americas) naval units m tbe Gulf of Tonkin did not . bring forth any ultimatum ; either from China or from , Russia. Both Peking and Mot-i cow replied with verbal tests against American aggres-ston; bat none of them threatened any immediate retalla- Both have ds facto accepted the American pretence In Viet v Nam, Laos, and a Southeast Asia at large. It would, in any . ,ease, be Illogical of them to treat the American bombard-, met of tbe North Vietnamese 'coast as something like a ca-'ens belli, when they have not treated as casus belli the J aid that U.eoe American ex- ports and soldiers have been "quite openly giving to the gov- eminent and the army of ' South Viet Nam in their strug-4 gte against the North. , What tbe events In the Gull -of Tonkin have thrown Into sharp relief Is the actual state ' mM ixmlAlitleal and mllitarv 'Inequality between tha USSR and tns U.SJW an mequaiiiy 'that Moscow has tacitly ac- ' , , Russian moderation during v the crisis was calculated to ; aernonttrats to electioneering 'Americans that they have .' nothing to fear from the : USSR. Moscow has been try- tag to tell them In Its own ' way that they ought not to ! allow Senator Barry Gold- water to make their flesh creep with tbe old feat of eotn- aiunlsm once again. -' ' 'f 'Will the American electorate U Impressed by thlt Russian f moderation? ' i- Will tt bead Senator Ful- bright't warning that events IB Southeast Asia mutt not be allowed to upset the Improved f relations between Russia and America? Or will tbe America alec . torate conclude that "tt pays to be firm with the Reds" and r that President Johnson has : achieved some success In Viet x Nam because be bst acted there In Sen. Goldw star's spirit? These are the Important questions, for k Is the result of the American elections that is going to affect deeply Rus-' to - American relations one ' way or another. The bom-' bardment of North Viet Nam, If it is not followed up by ' 'new and mors massive mllt- Atlantic City boardwalk with its Italian sausage, frozen custard and saltwater Uffy gobbled to the shadows of a hundred palm ' readers. '.'.. The party was to celebrate President Lyndon Johnson's Mth birthday, Thursday. The wake was to remember , Jul. 1 S JsS- &hae, tary action. Is not likely either . to worsen or to improve those relations. - ?. . But obviously lbs events in Viet Nam tend to exacerbate the Russo - Chinese controversy. Once sgaln the Chines are arguing that Khrushcbe-vite "appeasement" is a standing invitation to American sg-gresswnv and that lf Mr. Khrushchev acted over Viet Nam with anything like the firmness with which President . Kennedy acted over Cuba, the Americans would not darn to behave to Southeast Asia as they do. ' ." "-, ' PAPER TIGER V Yet. despite this argument and despite all their talk about the American "paper tiger," the Chinese themselves behaved during the crisis not less cautiously and not lass mod-' erately than did the Russians. They have not even threatened to tend "volunteers" across the boundary to help the North Vietnamese, although there bat been no lack of demand In Peking for some suck ges- Jure of solidarity. And If tbe Chinese are ask ed why they demand of Russia more firmness and determination than they themselves show, they answer that the Soviet Union is the only Com-:, munlst power which can deter American imperialism, but re- fuses to do so; and that It to all tbe mors essentia) that the power of (nuclear) deter-rence. should not. within tbe Communist world, remain a Russian monopoly. . J More than ever the Chines Hungry By JOHN BEST . ? ' YANGI YER; Uzbekistan (CP) The steppe called Hungry will soon be looking for a new name. A big irrigation protect la fast renderina Its area- M 00MeU . This young town 10 miles southwest of Tashkent, capital of tbe Soviet central Asian republic Uzbekistan, Is the nerve centra of the project . It la aimed at bringing to life 2,M0,eM acrM of eeml desert wasteland long known as the Hungry Steppe and converting It into productive farmland., -NEW LAND ! The name Yangi Yer hi Vt-bek means "new land." Ten years ago It didn't exist Today It has a population of 12,000. The first settlers in Yangi Yer bi lsM. when the present ac celerated phase of the land-re demption program began, lived fn tents. Now the Inhabitants live In neat, semi - detached homes. ., ... Fed by the Syr Darya, one of the great river systems of central . Asia, which flows north and east of bare, the opera tloe la designed to bring TM.0O0 acres under cultivation by 1171. Subsequent phases will bring a further MOMOt acres into pro duction. - - '. MILES OP CANALS 1 The remainder of the ambitious design Is bemg carried out In adjacent areas of Ka zakhstan and Tadjikistan. ' Uzbekistan, t per cent of whose 173,IOt-oquare-mlle area is desert, semi-desert or arid mountain region. It not without , FKIPAT, AUGUST 28, 1984 ;THE 6TTAWA JOURNAL It Was All Tears Lake. Crazy foiled Up C5c3 Then Cheers 1 .. . i. .. 1 ... ; ,1, ; emSirjotic' Fairly KeOoirDgj ' By JACK BROOKS Speetol Journal Cerreeptewtace ATLANTIC CITY - There was birthday party and aa Irteb wake aH rolled into mm .ken Thursday. And the taste it left in the mouth was about ai bad a that cauad by. this shoddy President John Kennedy shot down Jn Dallas last Novent-ber: Separately they had their ' President Johnson roar with laughter as he gestures menacingly at Arizona, the ( le state of his rival. Sen: Barry Goldwater, before cutting a huge cake at his Together in the context of this convention they were misplaced. Nov. 22 In Dallas was re membered as Black Friday. an V " Te STYLE now feel Justified in their ambition to develop their own nuclear arsenal and to go on opposing Kbrushebevite "opportunism and 'capitulation," . : la the meantime the Rut-siaas have announced that If the United Stales and Britain do not agree to an unconditional convocation of full scale international conference) ever Laos. they, the Russians, will resign as co-chairmen of the . International Commission on Laos and probably also of tbe similar commission on Viet Nam. . There has been much talk m connection with this of a Russian disengagement from Southeast Asia; and the Russians themselves, have, done much, to encourage sack speculation. . , vs It is diff icult to believe that they can afford pursuing such a policy In the long run; but 1 the Russians may well see at It definite abort term advantage. They realize that the protracted socio-political crisis in tbe successor states of old Indochina It coming to a bead. Tbe contest between commun- -Ism and ami communism is approaching n decision. The Rutaiana are finding It mors and mora difficult to curb the Communist-inspired guerrillas In South Viet Nam and Laos, who feet that they , are. powerful enough to overthrow the antl . Communist governments ' there and to unite their respective countries. (World Copyright Reserved) - (Te be Csat hided) .... i - ' ' I 3 Steppe Now Filled siperlsaca to irrigation schemes. The Fergana Valley, IN miles east of acre, to watered by irrigation canals three main ones total 221 miles In length-using wster from the same river system. A total of TM.SOt acres have been brought under cultivation In the lush valley, which supports a population of I.300.0M and produces cotton, silk, vegetables and vast quantities of fruit. SUN-SEARED Here in the sun-seared Hungry Steppe, where rainfall fat toss than 12 inches a year, water - bearing canals and troughs to a total length of ttt mMes have been constructed. Boss of the project is Alexander Izhsam Nlthamov, a robust, energetic engineer. Ha direct operations from an office here that has direct radio icon-tact with each of the II state farms, nine growing cotton and one producing fruit and vegetables, which have already been established on Irrigated land. TO GROW WHEAT , Nizhamov says that by 1171. aut farms of 2J,sot acres sack win have been built Besides cotton, fruit and vegeta bles, the crops wtU;tnclode wheat ' .-. This year, output of raw cotton to the steppe la expected to reach M.SOi tons compared with H,Ot tost year. By the end of the decade. Nizhamov" says. tha region will be producing 29 per cent of the Uzbek cotton harvest Uzbekistan already accounts. for two-thirds of the cotton produced to tbe Soviet Un- ton. - - t ' - August XI to AUantic City should be remembered as Tawdry Thursday. . There was bombast and pathos; cheers and tears; happy birthday songs and maudlin mourning; garish fireworks, parades and million dollar hoopla and sentimental eulogies. ' It left this Democratic Party already reeling after ,Jthe events of the week like a' crazy mixed up kid not knowing whether to , laugh or CT- ' Her were i.OM delegates and chousands of sundry bangers on weeping one minute for a man months dead: cheering the next for a man garishly celebrating the' reaching of an age which most men would like to ignore. Held anywhere else such a combination would be difficult to stomach. ' In Atlantic City 1 which -could well claim the title of the' gouging capital of North! - America it was impossible., j The place abounds with pic- tures and busts of the late president There is a poem about him (it's billed as special delivery from heaven which includes such lines as:' "We're happy up here and Patrick says hi, too" (Patrick Conservative By GORDON DEWAR ,ef The Jsarssl : MEMBERS' OF THE OFFICIAL OPPOSITION are complaining all over Parliament Hill, about tbe cancella- , Uoa of planned visit to ' Britain, Czechoslovakia and Russia by special Senate- Commons group. It bad been planned that if Commoners and three Sen ators, among them the Speakers of both Houses, w o I d depart next Tuesday for the three-week Journey, i The trip was cancelled , yes- : terday. The cancellation was announced by Mr. S p t a k r Macnaughton, who offered tbe reason that the Speakers of both Houses, phis certain other members of tbe Commons, could not afford to be absent while Parliament continues to Sit ' u i " Hon. Mike Starr (C Ontario) states that the cancellation la aa affront to officials in the countries to be visited. Since be waa to go en the visit, be is aware that arrangements for it were begun foar to five months ago and required a large degree at preparation on tha part of the host countries. ; ; ; ; i - AD the preparations they nave made... be stated, will now have to be cancelled, awaiting new v notice from Twenty-five thousand persons are employed to tbe steppe, a quarter of them women. AU told, the region now supports a population of TS.tea 0f whom at per cent are Uzbeks and the remainder from other Soviet republics. There are 14 schools, plus a school for tractor drivers. ' ' ... , ' ... "On of our great problems." says Nizhamov, "la salty underground water which to some places goes down to a depth of M metres. These waters have to be evacuated before fresh water is brought In." WAGES HIGHER They are drained In a special take to the west of here. Wages, says Nizhamov, are IS per cent higher than to Uz bekistan generally. For workers on the land they range from IN w us ruoies a month (1120 to .1 t J!0n'lnKti?B ork- kl ..J mon,h- V .J. ,h-. XLT L .JTlL nmSn. K-i2i u. HmaSllS ..V ihiiws ayaaiMeT- tics: IN excavators at work. 4N bulldozers, 0t scrapers. TM cotton-pickers, 2.S00 tractors. The present Hungry Steppe project may prove a mere prologue to a far more ambitious scheme. This to to divert tbe great Siberian rivers southward and westward to central Asia, bringing further new life to the drylands.' ' ,i Tbe technical and engineering problems Involved are being studied at aa Irrigation Institute in Tashkent However, it will be? years beore tha plaa It carried out ' 7 k , ' "t ' -A. - -1 - S ' was the Kennedy baby , who" died a few days after birth). Ail la wept over one minute and trampled on the next as the mob surges to view the living. fauo . this Thursday was brought Jackie Kennedy, widow of the young President. For .three sessions spread over six hours she stood in a receiving line as the 3,000 odd delegates filed past At a stage at the end of the room actor Fredric March and his aife Florence Eldridge gave readings of some of the late president's favorite quotations. It included such items as John Buchan's Pilgrim's Way and another titled "I Have A Rendezvous With Death." Happily it did not Include anything delivered from heav- Some of the delegates wept at H all. Then they went outside and pondered aloud bow many votes this re-Incarnation of the ..Kennedy name might bring come the November elections. Jackie had pondered for months whether to take part in it; whether she could take it. It was an on- again- off-again arrangement and the Complaints Canada that Its people are ready to visit. TERENCE NUGENT (C Edmonton -' Strathcona) had words even more harsh. . He declared that tbe cancellation was a direct result of the continuing flag debate. (He alto was to go.) "As far as I dsn see," be said. "Prime Minister Pear- son baa Just told us that if we don't quit the flag debate,' we can't go on this trip." ; Both men spoke as they ' nursed arms aching from antl-. tetanus, ami-typhoid and anti-smallpox shots which may have affected their general t, feelings. -' ' r. Hon. J. Waldo Monteith (C Perth), also suffering with a tore arm. suggested that tf n Speaker was needed to bead the delegation. Senate Speak-: or Bourget might readily have gone, since tbe Senate rarely sits these days. The only silver lining to their general cloud, they ' stated, was that they have to hand a full set of vitas, with ' passports, for visits beb i a d the Iron Curiam, and theyj . might be able to use them individually if a recess aver ' occurs. ';'"' ' . COME NEXT TUESDAY, a Conservative MP plans , to bold an unusual sort of "Beer" party.. : George Muir (C Lisgar) has told his friends he will entertain that evening with the money be expects to be banded over by a Liberal MP. .' That man to Bruce Beer (L Peel). Parliamentary secretary to the Agriculture Minister. Thus, the idea of a "Beer" party. Some time ago tbe two members entered into a bet For SIN. even, Mr. Beer declared that the flag Issue would be settled by Sept I. Mr. Muir accepted the bet and it now appears be will win It V He wilt have no shortage of guests at the party he plana, since) tbe MP's will -still be hero In large numbers. Knowing the Individual, It la possible to say that Mr. Beer may even serve as co-host with Mr. Muir at the gathering named for him and ,k popular 1 Canadian product informed of this possibility. Mr. Beer stated: , "In the fammaf wordt of i Bracken, fit offered the tesoership (or. M this case. ce-hostrnr-ot thi. party) to'n"'to which I would have to give consideration.'" . It would then seem fair to lay that the flag Issue is not developing all-out animosity on all aUea. - "NT BSOI ROM in tficwir WIKHIB V vssa ibis (U5022 s t tin fii5r . coin landed tbe wrong way up. The wake, went on in the evening at tha final session of the convention. Between pictures of nominees Johnson and Hubert Hum- -phrey delegates were shown films of Johnson's political career and the thousand days of the Kennedy administration. Only the mighty reception given Robert Kennedy when bis tried to introduce the film about bis brother, and the film itself, lifted the performance out of the rut of nostalgia. For even to the most poignant moments of the film the thudding of the birthday ccie- I bration fireworks just outside and the drums of the panders could be heard and felt 'a the huge hall. 1 The tears of delegates were punctuated by tbe birthday bellow. There was nostalgia too for other departed Democrats . . -the late Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt and the late Senator Sam Raybura of Texas. Over the nation's TV screens the message was clear! Look at our great leaders of the past; the present ones are Just ss good. Outside the mammoth tasteless birthday was roaring on. There, were parades, 2S bends, drill teams and march groups. Ethnic groups tinging, dancing and shouting Happy Birth-' day Lyndon in a dozen tongues. Tooting, whistling and tiren-Ing birthday greetings; a regatta of small vessels, a blimp and half a dozen helicopters. s A CJ.000 firework display Including a N foot portrait of Johnson and a fM foot brthday cake all outlined in fireworks, r All the outside celebration took place on or near Kennedy Plaza tbe area outside the convention ball where on the AlUtO BUHDIM9 SUfHT An amiune at Cssspeae Co u aenoa Co. U HANS BARZ Cstl new Ssr , rw m home. We have S ea ' gVoVY RtaaVMI tlWM,OT4wSI14rt COW" t suibuiu to imi fm. -rasa KSTIMATES. Sm the "Mr. ' Horn tamMMW skow , trt BHUal ea CJOCI every " aaasajr at S4S pas. ...... Free estimates at your bene - 828-2731 FREE your Truvt Agtnt or cau your BAR PLATE' every liifh Next CANADA refreshing tnjoy fort . service trip, It resulted in the nomination of a President whose identity was never in doubt , i It named a vice presidential candidate after a lot of manufactured sutpenx. And the naming could have been done Just as well at a White House press conference back in Washington. It wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars for overpriced hotel rooms, overpriced labor and overpriced meals. All it achieved was publicity some good, some bad. Mercifully there won't be another for four years and not in Atlantic City. HOME IM?R0VE1!ITS 2SS3 Baseline Roa4 : Store Hours: " ' . .'J ' Open Weekdays IS-S p-m.' Saturday a Jn. . g pjn. , Order desk open daDy from S am BtaarkarS OtaSwaMien Aluriaaai wlas, immts AlasMaa SMtaf rrawia immi ee . choice of jjfPLD-AVYAY or a Brst quality I ft. a S ft, GLASS MIRROR , with Ree Room wa tastau. mindcil! time you go on a safari -away from home, go AIR . and enjoy fasl. l transportation! chef-cooked, complimentary meals. quiet com- and friendly, courteous x every mile 61 your fly AIR CANADA. ' FLY AIID TAKE THE TIME OUT OF TRAVEL ' CAlGARYi Up to 3 flights dally - $94.00 Icenomy or-wiy. AU mbout AIR CANADA'S eonvmUnt Tfcfcet by Mail" sermce. , i See dirty boardwalk there is an illuminated bust of the assassinated president Maybe such a day was a fitting end to this convention without a purpose, j It has been dragged out for four days for no other purpose than publicity and equal TV time with the opposition. It came up with a platform that could well have been and actually was written toi the oval office at the White House. It caused two southern delegations to bolt but their states had been more or less written off as Democratic strongholds anyway. B IRKS Fine China-Crystal -Silver v No Poyments Til April 5- Home Improvements caa be done now with no down aayassnt or carrying charges aatB April, IKS, ander our special Home Improvement plan. Up to S years to pay.' - . . - - W. Tikg 0b Tb. Wholt Job CMttfM BtoOrte UnUNallMS aaauiMM aw aa carsts CufHtt Maaiktat Saraaes neMlae ' 2M - M2. r . .7 ' v " in,, ! ill n. i m.i.i 'iiiumiii. II li"iii.inmiiiiii.iiM.n.i...i. yiium i..nii ' i mm .'m. Hi..... il .ii i.i .i"!.!..! -in .ni n mi it mm.r, nitil.Vn. iiroi.itJMtMJTJl ' - 'i' ' -.: -:X '"";':'''i.

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