The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 28, 1964 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 6

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, August 28, 1964
Page 6
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A V The Ottawa Joupnal Puhllah hp Tha Journal PubllaSlne Co of Ottawa US 131 SvMti Si .34 Sparka at . Ollawa. OnUrto. FRIDAY, AUGUST 281964 The Lost Day in Atlantic City One of Will Rogers' best lines was: "1 am not a member of any organized fait the political,, sagacity of this master politician a term with Implied weak-nesses as well as strengths was demonstrated. It would not nave taken much for the affection for,:Jplin ' F. Kennedy a. Yet. Mr. Johnson should be a satis fied man this day after tha show closed down at Atlantic City. tip from the Deep aoum. tney nave seen a practical repudiation of racism. They have been offered In the Democratic nominee for vice-president the best man the Democratic Party could have chosen- " But Will Rogers, he would not have known his old party. ; , " ' . Mr. Pearson's 'Discovtry' The Government lacks gumption. NDP Leader Douglas asked whether committees could be put to work while the, House is engrossed In the flag debate. The question appeared to take the Prime Minister by surprise. He understood there would be a meeting of one committee next Tuesday. Then he brightened.- Why. yes. he said, Mr. Douglas' suggestion should be considered so that while the flag debate went on "some useful work might be accomplished," v Mr.. Pearson has been ready enough to groan about the flag debate taking more than IS sitting days in the House. But whatever he may think of Opposi avu ?runsvvi a- " w" vKr Behind the Beard child psychologists. Little Johnny U not to be allowed to believe in anyone with whiskers, . , The authenticity of other - circus figures soon .may be questioned. The sword swallower, it will be revealed, has swallowed the scabbard before coming on stage. The gorilla man really is an ape. But all those other bearded "ladies, ' party I am a Democrat." Rogers -nm rrMiit though they may be, deserve .Cypru There are other women was speaking of days back In 1924 about with five O.cock ,hdowt that Tn1eK V?8, De,m0C?U k " T make a sailor blush. To grow a a a , v - man s beard would not be too difficult candidate. , , w . ', - But it takes real talent for a Will Rogers did not know what Presi. man t0 disgui$. him.ef M a woman dent Johnson and modern communica. ,nd produce a maIe cnaracter-tions - probably in that order lstic which a, firs he ht l0 hlde could do to the Democratic Party. The love least is over now in Atlantic City and the Democrats seem organized and united as perhaps never before in the history of the party of Jefferson and Jackson. To use a Texas simile, President Johnson rides more firmly in the saddle than ever. One Bitten But Not Shy One had thought Mr. Walter Gordon had J learned about . the pitfalls.. In;; appointing outside experts on a temporary basis for work in the Finance Department. Three of them nearly cost Right to the end of the convention him his neck Perhaps he has learned something, but not everything. , On Wednesday in a press release was announced that a Montreal ac- countant naa been appointed "as a SDecial adviser on taxation in thai n. to have overflowed to Mr. Robert, partment. for a period of 18 montns." Kennedy. If the brie appearances of He is to be" a "professional adviser the Attorney-General In Atlantic City during a period when it Is expected mean anything, they suggest that he thati considerably more than normal still commands a. powerful following wori, wiii under wmv.ln ,h. MVi. the full formal tribute to the late Presi- from Mr. -Gordon's mind. vention's appetite for the acceptance speech, effective in the Johnsonian way though it was. Mr. Johnson's single flaw in his Sense of political performance may be a tendency towards' over exposure, tE. cause it seemed that this was the wav Ume me ban was so let It bounce ca v A reader In Western Canada writes of paat history, the colonial record, toe Graece-Turklsh feud, end the power plays ia ia. cold war. - The only way out must ,, be to the context of the United Nation. since this is the only possible framework s of negotiations and temporary peacevkeep-mg. This IS not e substitute for e power solution bui ft represents seme BouibHtty 'of restraint an-the blatant excreta, of power and the hitreductioo of wider interests la which aH are involved." Notes' ond Comment A Short Guide: and he is the legitimate heir to his and of Ux legislation following th- 1(h.,nc, , brother's acclaim Had Mr. Johnson receipt of the studies and reports of .. I, ' v j i u. I - lne Kyal commission on Taxation iron ai ivennrur uaiiumaguii iiniit mb- WHATA It AM YOU PRMlM M LOfo mMf'ASSm7fAMMlwmoMfir Ireland's 'Little People' By KEVIN DANAHER la Ireland ef lb Welcemea urban civill- tained by their best work has sculptures St KUeooUy and There are. however, certain, ,unce which has tended forms of life native to our coun make them very cunning. - ' JmI i.i m m nairf an .that latf - 111 1 hra . f . . ' seem.' in recent" for a aaaB V , a -u-- s,; y;-;t. ; oung Love On the Mobe y viQ A Danger ttM Ik Vtrtarla CMaaM -THEY say all the world toves a lover, but that doesn't il associated resulted ia a measure of afflu- Clonfert. Another tvoe is fullv oiean that anyone in bis right f developments has led. in many ence; hardly one of them is ,,nhih.n., -..ri. . ...I .ki. mind loves e ctaldler behind tne Mwlu tta A . i nart nf Waatarn Fumna In rmr. a lillla kiilitan knaail rJ wheal of a mOVint aUtOBOOII. Ily have begun to roll, although the from'8ch a B uitoksi w tain mUgiving. a, to its effect golden coh.. of ancient minting. w,ler ' ,B" And thus it is Surprising how nomination of Mr. Hubert Humphrey 6 that Mr nm'JTtl "M l,f- ,n4 mn Th' ' " " com,n 10 'nd ,nd tolerant the police appear to be is enuinely popular everywhere except ,k . , zi ? n 1 n,V5 divtduala and bodlei have con- much penecutkm by avaricious ml t complete humaa lorm. ltmtTi those two-lnme drivers,ih announced this in the Commons nd earned themselves with the pre- humani? lor It l7 commonly Certai. mermaids of the latter . two minds with but . single mm a.iH ,j , with some pains to put uneasiness' at aervatkm of the fauna and flora held that if one of them is cap. ,vp, have been -courted and thought not connected with car- But the only outlet for emotions still rest. A press release is in the elrcum-, lndlius t 4hes areas, mred and tuad with a steely m.nM bv f.h.rmen control, two bodies in a single felt was tears. Stances a suggestion that the Commons" X Ireland. Moo,' has not keen glare he must reveal the where, ..T. . .... Dlace - that most of us en- Mr. Johnson shrewdly saw to it that displeasure of a Vear ago has eone b'i?wrd " ttJ S luts J his store; a clrcum- c counter so frequently on the U,SCE WATER EACH ZZZ nlghway.: HORSE which Inhabits lakes. .. - " wviuuii -k a- - iai m lurm w inw ivipreacnan, tna auriace. inouen not lere son or'Mr. Kennedy.' ! ., But one is left to wonder what might have happened had this convention been given its head -7 or heart. The President and Mr. Humphrey with their acceptance speeche were the stars last night. But an associate editor of The Journal at Atlantic City going to bounce anyway. , ZJZu?Zlai'mu "demned W wander ,,., (tM tllArme. r- rather than have a : " : "rITlT.lw ..- "wigh mms tor V'.ii- such aa extent . Sometimes n even itmi sought assure that all was in orderJ "1i"5?,t meB,v 'd ueeulvely ci0Us they are fond of horse. ITiha orescrlbed way for Br He id.monK.other thtogv mi J"!S? T.J !.. ,nou.ll 1JmfiSm& tA nciais of the department had been in- ZTTT ZZm.- . . 0Bly "rom MUim so that nothing makes a man formed and su&rted the Idea. "1! (eel Utn, snd It Could be. and vet nam mubn if etaneM an hanonhla. nlatnm. ft , .iL. .-m II. f15! VR LAKE . T married ai to put some wear many officials were told or did many That they formesly abouaded has . unpleasant conwquences; Tk"7r.' (U " lh right frert officials at nearo-top rank learn of It cbT t"!" :aeMe4 ua,a. lor mef rfr .k.. ,k. It be, of courts, that the in tut newspapers, and are they dis :"Tr.J"-,1 " v 'cannot leave the water. reports mat we evening neiungca iu annolntH at- thla snlna, nt.M. .t. !". ,-. .... ... thrkennedys. " . v SLS "! " "to" .' "'- ? 1ACKY THE - t-U... ....a annaran.a Kit Wlf MAflUVUI SUnt WBO SS BOl DOen. St SOmO , J -;- Mr. Johnsons surprise; appearance 0n. wondera if those off.rl.l. whn v. ,Z. Z. .i,h , . tha, nieht before had dulled the con- ,nnnr, MA ,n ,,jfc ,h.. V J i ih. in,..iw. .1 .11 " LANTERN. msy - L- l.aa aeW euae akll having been confined to the lake """" " 1 ,L B.nrou. or river eool bv e isalM p, thsfr eyes the dangerous WIUY-THE-WISP IS other properly quel IT.ed person. PCU ' m M "T misguioeq auman they may be watched from the 7"" - soul to the devil .bore without risk but contact t1 'I1 police car pr 0- monetary consideration with them to the water it peril- duces Instant separation m many instance. Nevertheless It Is odd that it immitnea tr wii , wl,p , . . y apparently takes an accident or ..-Uscky-the-Untsni simulates a ALL xt J". an exceptionally clote approach bccut wtuj aiuaiT, vr ai . . w-i .1 hi. -l...... th rh.r U-rf-tOW" experts the morf highly It 'entirety deterted by them. . A' M" lnl0 aif. most. In pairs. The most Burner- "7" " rtalTSta J. "v.. .... -i..,i .....J thinks of tha, Government's permanent J This is a sad reilecUon upon . UalUin & f0rmer times. More end widespread type, hew- 'to usa m matter -of-fact flgura as he spoke of m under the direst, need a war. for char.ctert.tici and habks. i ? 1..,, JTL slightly lets than human .... the current vogue for sporty, it U clearer than ever that it is tar, example. $-V..1iA. , . . e f Sjkw the form of lure, and range ia aspect from eirplaine . type front . seat ar- too early to speak Of the end Of the j " " C1RST - there is the BEAN large bone, etually black la the very handsome to the deU- rangements which provide a IfannMtv era. . :i i mm ti iwaaaii.1 j L . .tl i u aiialw ualv Thalr daalllnaa ara considerable central b a r 1 1 a r. 1 . a a & r - - ana un - that of a hite-lad . woman. ( certain pooto and gorges. His undergreund, oftee la ancient Youth, tbough, it awfully agile pale ef face with long flowing ruMom taw offer rides to un- earthworks, and are usually and compressible. The mere hair. Some hitherto unexplained , travellers, who, if they sc- lavishly fitted and adorned, active enforcement of the law - - - .. ...... L TkaU .. I. . Ik. fA 1 A L - , .. . The American electorate has reason 10 commend, The Journal for an article me,nt of propulsion - and this rushed wildly through Their numbers bring them Ire- would be aurer .l.ntisfl-d MoreMMniwouslv on uationNi, Cyprus in which . characteristic of many other mad tMckM d finally eueatl, tote eea act with oulcker. thSS!XSmi UM W keeir faitt hlgluJa. tha forms also..-. enables Nr o;hurl.d Int. a boghole. Aa ak hu b their policy is on. than for three decades, there is a clear- l,atiM. thJ mJrTn,,oh noat aently stong som. teet ,,, f,,.i blow was dealt to this of paaceful ooxiwence. thu. no . , , . United Nations role there even thouah noM gently along earn. M )mntlMhU Ml WW BW wai ami w r n. ' -TZJZIZ'TZ CUl cnoice Between we pnuurra. htfinlta diffieultv The above the ground, the. two oarties.They have seen the 11 wa ' ta.,init difficulty.. The " 01 results ana .... - creature by the establishment of IricUon need aria. If their ShOrt Blte f ' - 1. a hia whlma ara rasoactad. VMX sa yi, nTWWiaVl K' ' DemocraUc Party formally , end the a".Pttu S" ; S "P"veiy a,,,,. J, be beard ... r 1 1 e haunt. Pollbuca, Of m?rry tamper th rsjmc. T Drie days of Uly-White delegaUons coming ' v . , v rfaaranded rrom cer Cannt WlckJOW. in twtos; ineir exceea ot goua wasa a. a ji "The easiest comment seems Mi be that ' ramiUes of the DreOrom- i, Neverthelets travellers et spirit, sometimes leads them to Makariott is the villain and It Is a sotTy 'v mrelliaa gentry on the occasloa of aight-should not accept Hits mrit avmans to iota t"ir Aaguste Opseeette (L Lot-state of affairs when a mad Greek priest , ' the death of a relative; because from strange dark bones, bow diversions: this may be done biniere): I said It was easy to on S miserable little Mediterranean Wand,,' axtitocratic connection ;aver friendly these may seem, without danger It care Is taken see that you were sick. can bring the world so close to general attentioai have estumed a .; to coasume no food or drink in Georges Valad (C Montreal-war- But to say this tt to neglect a lot .tat, value, and it is CEVERAL varieties of SPIRITS their company, otherwise it may St, MarvL- Mr. Sneaker 1 .. not unknown that people who r have been obaerved. ' The be difficult to leave them. , ttU the hon. member that I was have been observed. " The-, be difficult to leave them. have no claim upon them pre- commonest form. Terriculs tar- They arc great admirers of sick in on. leg, but not In the tend to have Mara ear waning, reitra, is louna m mi Beauty ana taient, to tne extent neaa. as might be the case with Such' baseless assertions are, fnll i comparatively harm- of kidnapping pretty children the bon. member for Lotbiniere. however, discounted by the ex- eu Equally . innocuous Is and handsome girls and youths; ' - - ; ; - parts. ' PbantaJma rumens, whose habit There are numerous minor 1 D. a, " Guadlock (C Letb- t laa lha bean Sidhe. OUr nSXt M 1. m aH hv lha madaida Bmok- aaaalaa al auh.aaariaa a. kirk BTideel: Our PBHfltrv la aaarlv type, the LEIPREACHAN Is of ,n , lhort clay pipe and trying deaerve full treatment, but those S.000 miles wide and our chil- solUary habit, more thaa one to pedestrian, in coaver varieties described above should dren move from one province to apecimen being hardly ever ution. increase snotor be sufficient te show that these another or one area of the coun- sMn at a given time. The form tramc ha. had an adverse effect forms of life are not only inter- try to another each. year. 1 ta llt of a IWl. old ntan. about .ad ixtinctioa Is fore- esting but also, ia many in- have experienced this, and M inches high, clad ia brtgni. -. a highly. enptaasaM type stances, useful, and that the should like tossy. that the edu- if homely, garb. tr,'' I. Spiritus a.per. knows to hsv. prejudice prevailing against catlonal systems with which I The Beatles stem to ran aa rhnrh ' "si- assaulted wayfarers and Injured im certain quarter, is bom nve nad contact are very close sue onun Ktm to cause as mucn DtrnpLE. manv of Uiem . ,i.. .,. ,ai , aaaiiiu.ia , ..t. ' t The Beatles seam to cause as much people mTy of them ''V " trouble a. , hurricane when they hit .SK eJ ZTz ' "I v: t - , of skill In th. ssystartes et the .f Tha merman and tne MER. It Is ; ! r J i... A? ! craft, and the high prices on- AD kpotar m two twtti Tht mttMIt ing his slate. -If Mr. Whlpper 'Billy Watson goes Into politics ha will have to get used 1 a . a , . titm tactics. It a his duty to see that to, not always being the Good Guy. Cdv.rnor Murrey Mac- tne business 01 faruament is pone.; ( i , - . 1 s - t wren was " j-- After IS days of debate Mr, Pearson m The horses Jumping n 'the, ExhlbU atttemobile ec ideat4 near has to be told by the OppoelttoB' to ' tioa horse; show maka theb , racing tiL- te et get tha committees to work and the , brothers and sisters look staid when Jt ia smem Chureb was idea suddenly hits him as a good oner comes to colorful names. ' wA transferred to Assum- Leadership?. , . . j I ! - I iptioe Church, Eastview. f Perle Mesta. the Hostess wit the f c?f '"f . ! i i . , . sywmwiwuc puny BupportBr.' yet lj.tBi tansdown. Park, t , Stella, the bearded lady at the Ex, some would call her a social extremist, i nJL ... . nnwrai mobiiis- nas qivuigea a traae secret ana orougnt W , f :ation iis.The Netherianda. t 3 0 V. MOPSYC -r v., .,1 iui i vivav enuugn.' "'f V -t ;.Ther. Is . difference in the high time that some grading. But what Is even more of protection be aivea disturbing is that in a city such high ot p It Was cheaper when a child made - tr existence of the fish- te them, and we earnestly urge as Ottawa and In my own city ready for a new School term bv clean- a i tailed variety In Irish coastal interested persons te bestir no doubt the same situation m aa v Tax lap IZC waiera ia evmcvu vy .aociviii ihuhiri id .hv mativi. aaiaw uuuuanuui ua. cvuniry V ISJEW BRUNsWlLri a bieww j INla- irsvvw -- i every" circus In the Country ,to dis- ,; i,i .J,. mL, Doa McDiarmid. Rideae fen- repute. Other bearded ladies, she told. i a iaA ... r ,J. ws Ch won th. Eastern csn-a jourrtal reporter. aren't women at' " -g.f " ..d. singi-. cwn. J. 1 but meAe l. the oily gene TKtM says,, and she has the official recognl- - i .. ? rvt,v i . I tlon of the Sarasota Circus Hall of i isJhe.Wrae of year when, some ft G. Vi "and his'twe Fame to back her claim, f , ?1 ; P-renU wonder whether daujh- h. ix.k of Giouc- 4Ever since the circus as Invented, "' going back to school or to j,w and Kent, prayed far peace ' It. seenii.- there has-been v bearded ak part w a fashion show. ? . e special aervtce et Wettmi-- tody in the sideshow. Now It appears"""'"J ' ' WAb---- . millions of circus-goers have had the, The average housewife In a family JEuTrJ'?ltv-hair pulled overaheir eyes. This ais-1 of four a said to cover J.S0O miles ceVWthe Crg-Csmeroa ensure .is uie cruellest since annia annuaiiy. in uoing nousewroTK, nan oi . Trophy ever e IJ-mlle Rldeau Claus bad his beard torn off by earnest It "picking up after?" ; River course! 0 ' ' llfOW IP YOU'LL RfAD ovra VOIJ9 PKOPOZIX- AND AttftM IT TILL Pit .9. IT AWAY FOR FUTURE E&tRtHCZSi 1 -2 I rr-"1 w V. V t ! O . i . . even when a student moves - from en. area In th. aam. city to another area In the same . city he is very often faced with different textbooks and a different curriculum. Sidelights . Car Befer. the Hers. ' , v . Milwaukee Journal ' For those who fret that most of America may one day be covered with concrete to ( accommodate the ' swarms ef automobiles comes e messsge ycf reassurance from th. Tex Institute ef America. ... ; Prior to IKS, nearly five per cent of the total land of the , then tt states was required, to produce feed for draft animals. That amounted to IT per cent of all harvested land. The switch to motor vehicles had reduced this te 1.4 per cent of the harvested land by 17. Even though modern freeways absorb a tremendous amount of land, they come , nowhere near. . taking ever all the' land form- ' erry needed. to support horses end .mule. - 4 , 'Do Not Get Your Slaves r rom doiuih Inm la. BBC taa.a Mas "J)0 not get your slsves from Britain, because they sr. so stupid, and so utterly in-rapabla of betrtg, taught, they are not lit to form part of -aa Athenian household." . - .That was the opinion of the famous Roman orator Cicertt when he wrote to a Greek friend some 2.000 years sg6 shout the problem of finding servant.. Dr. Anthony Bamett. senidr lecturer in medical biokgyht Glasgow University , quoted this uncomplimentary. -View an a BBC General Ovrseas Service series of talks on !Ttrie Science of Race" u an empl. of how . nations tend to look down on a people (hey hay. conquered and assume 'hat their-, national character and "inferiority" Is fixed nd jtsr-manent. ' But .hittory'-showed thet Human behavior -Vais changeable,' with ,t time, and nations changed their wsys.; Humsn charsctcriAlcs Such as skin color, hair form 'and facial, features,', obviously owed more to heredity than environment, ' Dr.' Bamett said, and had a ' geographical distribution. Th. dark skins usual In th. tropics ' wet. In primitive conditions ah advantage In protecting eensitiv. tissues from the i eun,v But - today . these characteristics were quite literally superficial, end of no social importance. .. -e ... THE Important Characters were those that influenced ability or affected moral behavior. It was, however, very difficult to measure intellectual ability or moral- worth. The first ' ImporUrtt ' facts about "race" and "intelligence" had been collected in th. First World War when every recruit te th. American Army had te take an intelligence test -The fact that ia each state Negro, scored on average less than whites was no doubt taken by some people as evidence that thev wera "naturally inferior". -But there were big differences' in . the averages between - the different States. , i v , . . 1 Comparison between a State where schools were good -and one where; they were bad, showed that Negroes, In the good-school State scored high-! er averages than whites in- the bad-school state. .They -did less well than whites in their, own State, because they usually did not have such good school.. "'The' differences in average' scores obviously reflected dif-" ferences In schooling Dr. Bamett said. ' The only "sere test of the truth of this stand be to sc. whst happened when Negroes end whites- were edu-' csted together; end - given exactly the same opportunities In .boosing, health services and so on as well as in educa- tion. Although in the United' Suites there was hardly ever as yet- any ! complete mingling' of the two groups. In New .'York City, whites and Negroes had been found to hav. the same average score. THE obvious conclusion 'was that differences between large groups of people, irfin-i telligence test scores, depended . on differences between the ! environments In which they were brought up. -"- -? . In the even ' more difffcult. matter of finding liard tacts about moral qualities, and (he. respective influence of heredity and environment, Dr.' Barnett quoted examples from a com-! parlson made early ht this ten- tury of the amount of crime in different European Immigrant groups in the United States.1 Italian and Irish lmmlgrsay. tor example had, shown . a greater tendency to crimes "fit'. violence than Amerirar whose' families had been in th. eoun-; try for generations. But'.ihe children of these immigrants tended te resemble the ordinary Americans in the type pf' crim. they committed. Though' in each group the number , of crimes committed was 'small, it was enough ' make clear that ellildran'a hahila itananVtarf' on the environment in which' they were brougi( up. ,- j Differences' In custom ,and education. t could . be quickly changed even in a , single generation, -Dr. Barnett said.' Unfortunately. II uarv, easy to" persuade- people, to hate or , despise others who looked yor. spoke differently, or hsd silighUy different religion.! V The- -remedy was obvious.' Wherever 'there .Is e mixed, community the children must all be brought - up together; they must never be taught that' one -type Of person Is better nri worse .. than' another. When this is In fact done. H never' oocursvto children to worryi about such' trivial thing as skin color." SAD, BUT UlCRATrvT ! ' Charlmtetowe Guardian ' t It is their own fault. In! ' sy, but It remains a llttlessd to watch tourist after . touxist( feeding, money bito Charlotte-c town's, parking meters . durinej'. evening hours When no such payments are required. v.

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