The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 28, 1964 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 4

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, August 28, 1964
Page 4
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Zcll Me , sSfe Is Equator Hottest Place on Earth? Win the ti-volume Britanniea Junior Encyclopedia for tchooi and horn. Send your quettiom, name, age, address to 'Tell He Why!" care of The Ottawa Journal. In case of duplicate question, the author will decide the winner. Today winner is; Andrea Mull, 10, Bethalto, III. . By A. LEOKUM When wo Ulk about places on tarth being "hot" of "cold," we an talking about "climate." And in general way all climate la determined by the heat of the sun. It I the heat of the tun that -warms the land, the oceans, nil the atmosphere. It la the heat of the sun that draws moisture .into the . atmosphere and thus makes rain possible. It Is the sun's heat that causes dif ferences In air pressure, which creates winds, and the son's heat and the winds together produce ocean currents. So la discussing climate k is Important to consider the sun's beating effect on any particular location. Now because the surface of the earth la curved, the beating effect of the sun Is greatest at the Equator and least at the poles. At the Equator, the rays from the sun strike the earth vertically. Above and below the Equatorial region, the rays strike the earth at an angle. or slantingly. This mesne that the regions above, and below the Equator, the Temperate) Zones, receive fewer rays from the sun than the same area would receive In the region of the Equator, 'the Tropical Zone. 'The other "regions of. the earth. In other words, receive less heat. When a ray of sunlight strikes the earth at an angle. It has to pass through mora atmosphere and so some of the beet Is absorbed by the ah and that's another reason the other tones receive leas beat. AD of this makes the region! of the Equator the honest re-j gicfi- on earth. . But we save been talking about what is call ed "solar climate," climate de pending only on the sun's heat There are many other factors. however, that enter Into the pic ture to decide what Is called . "physical climate, the actual climates found en earth. ' The most Important of these ether' factors are water. 'lend. and altitude. The waters of die oceans and Ocean currents, the existence of large rand areas. and the altitude of the land aO can combine to create different climates regardless of the location on earth, .'.. ; ,'-.--; . : That's why. at any particular time. It may be hotter at a point far from the Equator than It fa there though as region, the Equatorial to the hot test on earth. t e ' ;', C FUN TTME, , .7. The Riddle Bex . L .What colore would ' : paint the sun and wind? J. Which travels faster beat or cold t. On which side of the pitcher la the handle? ' ' ' ANSWERS . t The sun rose and the wind blue (blew). X. Heat You can easily catch cold. S. The out- aide. I J. D. Sanderson ' , Company Umltad t ) ROOFING : ROOF REPAIRS . SHEET METAL WORK i 417 CATHERINE ST. ft. ', CXS-MSB - , run caor . . STRAWBERRY JAM i 41 to. (1.09 :' 1757 RiumII Road ' 731-3884 SLOUER'S FOR HONEST. VALUES t ah' 1 PERSONAL SERVICE : TAtlBLYd ; I ; DRUO STORK ' I ' ynufyltM Work ifttltltf i f fa seseas sraritT ' ' ss sinis STB 1ST !t CABIJNOWOOD TVAZk V . aruixM bsuom plasa BSCOSST KPT. STOSQ :; BEIXf CORNERS v ,. Bar me am. se te pas. .: . astBtear ass. at s am. I HULL-133 Eddy St. t;; Dity e ia se S am. ' .... rrisiy I am. ta S- Tas, i am - KEZ THE PUZZLE BOX Ml 333 555 777 ' 999 Mil The answer to this addition problem should be I. III. Of course some changes have to be made to get this answer. Can you strike out nine figures so the remaining figures will add up to 1.111? See tomor- row's paper for the answer. Answer to yesterday's Cross Word Puzzle; ACROSS. 1. Beats. J. Sea. I. Ter. T. Re. I. AM. s. Toe. 10. Lamp. II. Tramp. DOWN. 1. Beam. 1. Ear. 1. At. 4. Steep. S. Start T. Romp. . Tarn. ID. La. Win the Britanniea World Atlas or Yearbook of Kventt. Send tour riddle, jokee to: Riddles, Jokes, "Tell Me Why!" Today's winner is: Douglas Whit. Buffalo, nr. Kiwanis Speaker Stresses Growth In 4-H Clubs Farm population in the United States is dropping, but interest In 4-H Clubs is Increasing. That's what John C. McDon ald, acting agricultural attache, with the U.S. Embassy told members of the Kiwanis Club of Rideau. and 24 top 4-H Crab members from Ottawa and dis trict Thursday. As speaker at the Kiwanis' annuel 4-H luncheon. Mr. Mc Donald -said although number of people living on farm dropped by S per cent in 1(W, there were still 41 potential 4-H club members 'out of lot in the clubs, compared to 1) oat of JOB in 1040. In 19(3 there was a total of 1,190,000 members, he said. Explaining the duties of an agricultural attache, Mr. Mo- Donald stressed the friendly relationship between the two countries. He added that Canada was the U.S.'s second beet customer (after Japan) In the agricultural market The U.S. Is Canada's best WORKING MONKEYS In Malaysia, working mon keys drink their wages earned for climbing coconut trees. They are paid in soda pop. BY CHARLES H. GOREN East-West vulnerable. East dtali. NORTH 40J1 V K J O Q J 131 Atl WEST 4KI C IS 913133 O 34 71 EAST 4Mlt V1 0 At QJIIs soirm 4v A IS 7 . O K It 7 ( . KMJ-The bidding: East Seats. West Pass I NT Pass North 4 NT Pass Pass L Pass , Opening lead: Five of J ' North's Jump to four no trump was t raise of partner's opening bid end an obvious slam invitation. It should he based en a holding containing 13 or It high card points. North's hand was worth only 14 points and- was therefore a point shy of the requirement for his bid. He Justified his action on lbs (round that his five card suit might prove compensating element South passed four ne trump. However, because of the duplication -of values ia hearts, North's-aggressive action actually placed the - gam In Jeopardy. V"T West epeaed the five of hearts and the Jack was plsyed from dummy which declarer overtook with the queen. The king of diamonds was led and HY ANSWER by QUESTION: De you believe that people - who are overweight should diet? KB. ANSWER; Certainly there is good reason for diet not only from the physiological standpoint but also from the Christian. Diet Is discipline and control, whereas Indulgence is a form of self satisfaction that displays almost no Chris - tian virtue. It Is regsrded in the Bible as sin to drtnk lcohol to the point of drunk-endness. At the same time, those who. are moat , "vocal about the drunkard will eat to excess. . Paul one said, "I keep my body In subjection, lest while I minister unto ethers I myself should be rejected.' Such discipline the Bible holds to be consistent with Christian life and service. Chrstanity la essentially the dominance of the lower passions and desires by the higher. Eating, aa enjoyable and pleasant as ft is, can become an enemy of deeply spiritual life. . And if the Bible bad nothing to say about such things, the average good doctor would Insist that moderation and dis 1 ' r AvmtahU etdutivtlj pt : J .' . .' . Street, Smiths Falls : : THE OTTAWA JOURNAL BRIDGE taken by East who now re- turned a heart to clear Jhat suit. South, proceeded to run the diamonds, but since, he only had' nine tricks four diamonds, two clubs, two hearts, and one spade he had to resort finally to the spade finesse. West had discarded two hearts and a club on the diamonds, retaining three hearts. When ht captured North's queen of spades with the king, he was able to cash three hearts and send declarer down to a two trick set Souths timing was faulty. Had he played the king of hearts from dummy on the opening lead in order to take an immediate spade finesse. West could clear the heart suit; however, when East gets in with the ace of ditmonds he it unable to reach his partner, and' South cannot be prevented from taking 10 tricks. Declarer requires et least two spade tricks to bring his total to 10, so that the finesse in that suit must be risked. Since South also has to drive out the ace of diamonds, it ap-. pears on the surface that be must find the king of spades favorably located. Declarer can improve his prospects by taking the spade finesse first, however, to cover the remote case where East has the ace of diamonds and la extremely short in hearts. By driving out West's potential entry ; card first before the hearts become established. South gives himself slightly better chance to eliminate the dinger hand from the play.' j cipline in such matters is a 'matter of good health. If you are a Christian, it becomes more meaningful for you because we are taught that the body is the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit (I Cor. 0: 19-N). . The Bible has a great deal to say about gluttony! It IS always spoken of as a sin. 1 ' , , . U? "'"'" stales., inousanu ui geese are employed to weed peppermint fields. , then are retired after two seasons when they' get a taste for peppermint Atomic Energy- Ace Detective : The only clue was a strand Of hair in the victim's hand... yet the murderer was found! A remarkable new method of criminal identification ha been developed. Bead bout this amazing -process in September .Reader'a Digest It promises to ba the roost effective weapoa against crime sine the fmnrprint system. Don't mias "Atomic Energy Ace IVtrrtive" . . . ert your Reader's Digest today, advt s) a t suede eatord feethercrepe . soles. Orey or Riverbed. . -' ! ?. lSro" If tsseasssassnsawsssftssssssssnsssssassai TVe tinse kaa coese,1 the Walrus said Soon as the school bell rings Totalkofmanv things) And whv the best are Golden Rule Of shoes that ht--to wear at school So feetcan By like winn.' J ' o- i ' i Strts leather loafer elestidzed instep Oirls' lightweight rabber soiea. Brown. IZA to 4. aK ' . $3.99,; v- t : iwntowti: 142 Sparks StrBstf'V? e' ' ; r : 1242 Wellington Street ' ' '.f . Carlingwood Shopping Centre 2097 Carling'Ave. S J , McArrhur Shopping Centre 320 McArthur Ave. . ; ,? ,j fillings Bridge Shopping Centre 2221 Rivtrside Dr. , J i V. Elmvale Shopping Centre 1888 St. Laurent Blvd. - 30 Beckwith GOREN ON 1, R. E. Hay Major Winner In Final Flower Show There's still s riot of color! and beauty at the "Ex" Horti cultural building but you'll find completely different d I s- plays of flowers and vegetables on view. It's the third and final horti cultural show of the "Ex.t' , . Exhibitors worked well on Into Wednesday night ' to have their entries ready for Thursday's judging. Their dup lays will remain unchanged now till the close of the fair Saturday. And they more than keep up the fine' standard of displays shown earlier, says Tony Ben- cine, superintendent at- the building. He sums up the artistic dls- plays as "excellent" and the displays as a whole this year i "better than ever." Over-ail winner in this third show was R. E. Hay, of 1621 Ortona Avenue. Ottawa, with IS firsts out of 30 flower classes. His grouping of miscellaneous greenhouse plants was especial ly attractive, with its setting as a rockery. A beautiful display of gladioli won a well-earned first for Mrs. M. L. Brown of Kingston.' who used a familiar theme. EYE-CATCHING EXHIBIT She replaced Bimbo (the baby elephant who is the "Ex" sym bol) tn bis hydrogen balloon with ! gladioli, and arranged them against sky-blue back ground complete with cotton clouds to make an eye-catching exhibit ' Mrs. Brown also won first for her display of cut flowers. Against bright orange back ground she arranged masses of flowers along with multi-color ed apothecary Jars, bottles and glasses tn intriguing shapes. IMAGINATIVE DESIGNS A dais especially for young ... r alotni x ' -. ', . BIG TASTE , ,x V L sters drew Imeginative results: design of a living creature made of flowers andor vege tables. . ... Among the entries were a porcupine end a long Insect wearing a Beetle wig. First place went to Hugh Jacobs, of 304 Quintan Road, for hia turtle made of a squash and a cucum ber. A well-deserved second plac ing went to Thomas Bluger, of 13 Helena Street, for his ox made of a red pepper, a mar row, carrots and beans. It looked good enough to eat SEEK RECORD NOTTINGHAM. England (CP) A team of potholers are to leave Nottingham for Franca in an attempt to break the world depth record for climbers ot 3,(00 feet in the Gouffre Berger Cave, the world's deepest discovered In 1037. . PRINCE STUDIES QUITO (AP) Prince Philip will visit the Galapagos Islands aboard the Royal yacht Britannia in November to study the fauna and flora of the Isolated archipelago, R was announced here. The islands are S30 miles west of the Ecuador mainland. See the famous STEREOS on ditolay at i : TOWER Productions rSftpartu : SM-UU ore to I sivfDAY, AUGUST 28. 1?84 I We rent chesterfield suites; bedroom suites; dining room suites; folding chairs; tables; televisions; refrlgersv I torsi tags. torn cribs; office furniture; I " I IY IY THE DAY THE WEEK IWe deliver We supply complete service oa IBsaUl sua sur Sa miM s avrchsM stea. ear Ik mul mi Hi laraiui. Hkfkm r ( la n ... ... m --L. . flAMMMC fll.lUi. ' I rr UM natal ef tnlt-la turattara, u ! n s ear' I Martar tint at III Mamjr. assr OaUwasM, IM-S141. V ' mmasam' MlHIimini I VSk JuHiidUtid rUKiil I UKt LI U. J s'Oi-'i-:;, Fr:Ptrklngrt 1Mb .$torts::;;;jj ' Open Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.-.. " ,v Cloted Saturday 'During August HUSKY FLAVOUR ; REAL SATISFACTION everiT S ... : you expect in an ale i ' . ' .i: -J ' TIE ONE ON HECKFIELD, England (CP) Policemen who drop in tor a pint at the Shoulder of Mutton Inn in 'this Hampshire village can expect to leave the ends of their ties' In the saloon bar. Landlord Ashley Butt snips them off as souvenirs in his 300-year-old pub. INDIAN EXPORTS Indian exports to the Euro pean Common Market countries neve increased by 43 per cent in the last six years. , RENTAL FURNITURE Journal Want Ads bring, quick results. ; . . - -,, ' "VI. A. RANtUN UMI'IEO 'J- - : ' .410 Bank 5trett Phont 236-4571 look forward to -.,V . vX f J ( i) Don't Cut Corns Calluses, Warts UseNew Magic Ru&Off icwiiisc, stcitfa ebraaare. tWrvt u a wjMsJcr-wot-kiM liictttsai prag calM ' DUMA-SOFT AM I terswawMiirtg. sMrti thhrrWiWo b) Mai alt. fo mnnst stua sHiy Soft. St tVMt SftlfleW mmW GmtsUUkJrQntA4mwm,' ADVTv I complete household fiiratoo- 1' I: BY THE MONTH BY THE YEAR We pick ap . to the merchandise while rental. I I1 .if, ,'-.'V': SA-IOt Tin i II BBS faff wlifirs ttom lif-lsg tmsat, wUmssw, mi cp won warn Mrpott swMOsMaiWIll WWfslM With M IsMeTsg ) feSBwlaM I- NSM sawM Oof BtwswOtasJr auetst ssMr M3M mi Jatasea. alivaysS , : I J w (& J ' Y ALC ' 1 j

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