The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 30, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1930
Page 7
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THTTRSDAY, JANUARY 30, 1930. THIS DAILT COTTKIffiK, CUJNlNJUiia^S VlJUiiJa;, PAGE SEVEN. The Paramount "Hearts In Exile," which o.penod c-it tho "Paramount Theatre today is au unusual story o t . l o v e and political Intrlguo lu Russia. The threo central characters, Vora tvanova (played by Holovcs Cpstcllo, I ho star), Paul Pavloff ( G r a n t Withers) and Baron Serge J'alnia (James K i r k w o o d ) form a tri- nugl-o that runs a'dramatic eourso and reac.lins a startHni; climax. Miss Costollo baa 4 splneM story hore. It is ideally suited to her Jalcnts and appealing beauty. In the role of i.ho Iluasiau peasant girl who becomes n baronosa she will arouse a ne*v wave of enthusiasm among her njwy ;irtmJror». This piotnro establishes her llnnly as the outstanding star o£ the nilver Bcrcen, Grant Withers, James Kirlcwood, George Fawcett. and David Torrenco do splendid work. Withers is, without u. doubt, the TOOK promising leading man o£ lilmdom. The sce.ncs of "He-arts in Exilo" laid !n Siberia and tho slums of Moscow, arc Interesting and realistic, due to Iho capable direction of Michael Cur- ttz. ALtoge-ther, this is a Him you should sec. "Hearts In Kxllo" nhowa what great stricVoH the screen has made. You sense tho howling of the wind in tho desolate, icy country, tho babble ot tho ftsh peddlers n!ong tho waterfront of Moscow, and tho pay irresponsibility .of tho poverty-stricken peasants, The program also includes a news reel, Vitavhoue act aud all-talking comedy. JMtftftgWWMWWWtfWMWVU^^ Classified Advertisements Bring results when placed in the columns ol Tho Daily Courier. I In Jieert of Something " Then use our Classified Columns. Patronize those who advertise. wyuvwswwwvwtv*^^ Today, Tomorrow and Saturday Vitaphone All Talkie · STIRRING DRAMA OF GLORIOUS SACRIFICE REVEAUNG DOLORES COSTELLO AS A GREAT EMOTIONAL ACTRESS ess The Qrpfo.eiisri Important film .names aro in the cast of "UiUarned," t'ue ifrrst Joan Crawford talking picturei which Is on the screen at the O r p h u u m Theatre. Robert Montgomery, one of Broadway's most b r i l l i a n t young actors, comes to the lead after being featured in "So This Is College." his first talk- \ ing H i m . . He was si.-cned to a long term M-G-M c o n t r a c t by virtue of kin ; work in; such Broiul\v;i.y stajje hits a* "Possession" and "One of (he Fatally." Youug, curty-hiiircd, possessed of a punch In both hands, and a smile, Montgomery is ratei as one of the most promising "new faces", to bo brought into pictures. ISrnest Torrence needs no Introduction. He plays Joan's scheming Scotch guard'lan. , Holmes .Herbert, Torrence's pal in 'tho picture 1 , mado a name for himself i n ' " T h « Thirteenth Chair," and us ·Floriot's friend in "Madame X." Owen. Lee, b e a u l i C u l slim blond of M-G-M, has the greatest part ot her career as "Marge," the "otlver girl." People' who saw Don Terry play "Mo'Gangster" know him as a very capable young actor. In "Untamed," however, he. engages w i t h Montgomery in a fast m o v i n g fistic ba.tU'e, which brlug's into play the prowess shown when, as "Bubble Dinsmore," ho won the light heavyweight title 'of England in 1926. A movietone act, all-talking comedy ' a n d sound news reel are also being shown. Vitaphone Act? Grace JoLnson and the Indiana Five First Episode "Tarzan the Tiger" Admission--Matinee l(k- and 85cj Nl^M ITic iiiul M)v Monday, TueS'iluy, Wednesday, Thursday Irene Bordoni in "Paris"' wiwwwvwwwvvfwwwvwnifMV'Mvwwv^ Tha next time a headache makes you stay at home-Or some other ache or pain prevents your keeping an engagement-Remember Bayer Aspirin! For thore ia scarcely any pain it cannot relieve,, and relieve promptly. These tablets give real relief, or nutliona would not continue to take thorn. They are quite harmless, or tho medical profession would not constantly prescribe them. .'Don't be a martyr to unnecessary pain. To colds that might BO eatrfly be checked; to neuritis, neuralgia; to those pains peculiar to women; or any suffering for which, Beyer Aspirin is such an effective antidote' For your own protection, biry t ia genuine. Bayer is safe. It's alwc fa the same. It never depresses t le heart, so use it; as 'often an needi i; but tha cause of any pain can IB treated only by a doctor. AS PI RIM It the trade murk ol Bayor Mjujuf»cta» of Uouoacatlouuduitor ·(( 3Micylicat 4 OHIOPYLE WOMAN HAS RIBS BROKEN BY FALL ON ICE OHIOPY'LTS, .Tan. 30.--Mrs. William BnrnworUi is confined to her led with several broken ribs caused by a fa.ll on a slippery sidewalk, The memibwB oC tho ' Methodist Ijadi-es 1 Aid iSoc.le-Ly arc- planning t.o have a play in the near fuluro. Kay Wblpkoy i.s serving as a j u r o r !n Uniontown tli!t wcok. .Mrs. Harvey Morris and Mrs. C-porsJ Morri.s of Hello t!rovx\ \v«-ro s»hopper« in t o w n "Wednesday. Mr. and -Mrs. John Schaofer aro spending :L ncverat day visit at Cliar- i-eroi with t h e i r sou and daughtor-in- law, Mr. and Mrs, Bryson Sc-liofer. M-r. und Mrs. Kat;o \V'c.uv«r of Kil,- tairuing ure Kpoudin-K a fow weeks In Ohiopylc. Beu Morrison was a visitor at Mill Run. Tuosday $5,000 Bride Sue d Why Fat Men Stay Fat "The t r o u b l e w i t h iru 1 , uiiri I guess | t h i s u p p l l G H to W) per ;e»t of t h e in^u , who a r u i i u t t l n K on w e i g h t . 1 iliilti't luivo i he e n r r f f y or "pop" to Hoop 11 off, .IjOHt u i l I n t o f ' s t . in any l i c ; U U i y ao ; t l v i t y iin.l j u J H t liizod a r o u n d n c e u m u - ; l u t i n g the ohl p o u n d u u n t i l J not U u i t HLarl talcing 1 K r u a c h c n Salts--(h;U'p . Llio cr.iminon-acnso way to r c d u o e -- b u l l don't t n k e t h e m w i t h t h e i'lf.a t h a t t h n y possess r e d u c i n g riiuilltloK In them-. This is what they Jo--they clean out Iho liarmi'itieB in your u l o o i v h y keeping the b o w c l H , kidncy» and Hv«r in H p l o n Iid working: ahopo ainl JIM you w i t h it vigor and tireless energy you'd most f o r K o t t o n had existed. As ii result instead of p l a n t i n g y o u r self in an easy chair every f r e e moment and letting 1 flabby fat uccurniilato you f o o l uri urge f o r . a c t l v t l y t h a t ki!e|« you m o v i n g riruund doing- llio thi.'ifr.i y o u ' v e aiH'iiys w a n t e d to do a n d ncucdd to lo to keep In good condition. Thon watch the p o u n d s slide oft! K r u a c h e n Salts are tlif; u p - t o - d a t e Fountain ot Youth. Take one halt 1 teas p o o n f u l in a slixsa of hot nr cold water tomorrow morning: and every m o r n l n t r --and it they Jon't chttiipo y o u r whole Idea about reducing 1 , g'o back and get thr! small price you paid for them. Get an 8"' cent b a t t l o of KniBchen Salts-lusts f o u r weeks--at Unlor, Dens' Store. S c o t i d a l e Agenta, Hoffman Drug Store, o r a n y progressive drtisKlst n i i y w l i e r o In t l i c world. H'H the I.ltde Jnllj- I)o»p Ihn1 (loe.s tt, ·--Advertisement. Jean Frances Schilling Le 21, formerly of Baltimem some time ago caused a act by offering herself in marri any man able to present * is being sued for divorce sertion charges by William Leonard, 78, of Eastoi Granted ?50 a week tern alimony, Jean has been un collect because Lconarr signed over all bin fsecuri his sistert'. / mard, , who sation igc to n de- Frank , Pa. jorary ble to has .ies to Powerful Skin Remedy Disccvered Dries I7p Kcxoma, Barbers' Itch iitu! A l l Skin Eruptions 3fuK* Show in Sovt'H Ja.ft or Jtack. Summit TODAY--TOMORROW--SATUROAY ALL TALKING [ ] a ® With Robert Montgomery and P=l Ernest Torrence Iftl . iEl D§J Also All-Talking Comedy Movietone Act III ®, and Sound News ® SUMMIT, Jan. 30.--Ralph Bush has roturned to Ills lionio at Huzijslwood after visiting UIH daughter, Mrs. Ho- heri. Wlugard. James K. Worth)nfrton visitotl Iris son, R a l p h Wortliing-ton, at 'Union- t o w n . Alvin. Morris of BriiKncll was cnli- ing on liiK iiarnirLsj, Mr. «iKl Mrs. A. H. MorriH. Bratlcn Morris or Marianna was hero oaillng'on relatives. Ho was a:- cnnipanicd home liy hiji .pareuls, Mr, and Mrs. A. S. Morris. Tlio - lalllcv couplo expect to pay au extended visit among threo sons that. Hvo at Marianna. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Flyd-oll and daughter, Pearl, and son, Charles', of Lilians Crossing and .lames and Joseph DeOre of Dunbar s p e n t Tue.s-- da.v evening at the homo of Mr. and MM. C. P. Upton. WllMzim McDowell, Gfrorgo C l a r k anil Jac'ob HarCord were in Connells- viilo Tuesday evening. William Morris of n r u r Kim Grove was hero v i s i t i n g relatives. Thla w o n d e r f u l surgeon's prescription, now ltnov/n all ovor thi world its Moonc's Emerald Oil Is BO ulclcnt in tho t r e a t m e n t of akin dlseasi * Unit tha Kclilng of eoxema Mtops with j n e application. A few applications ftnd the most per- sl.Mtcnt case of ec:zema is lie led aveit old u l i r q n i c casoa oC long 1 standing quickly show reniarlatjle- r c - i u l t a , Moone's Kmeralrt Oil is safe and pleasant (o use; It doesn't stain op Icirvo a g'reasy rcsiduo. It Is so nowoi:- f u l l y a n t i s e p t i c thai- one 1 ottle W6 k n o w , w i l l show you beyon. all CIUOB- t i o n that you haVn a't last discovered ono Btire way to restoro yc ir skin ,to perfect i i c n l l h . ( Go to Union Drug- .^tore or y o u r drus- glst today and a nit h i m for a t w o - o n i K i f bottle of Moonc's Knu-rahl OH (Civil s t r e n g t h . ) -- - A d v e r t i s e m e n t , Patronlzu tliowe who a'dvi rLise. SHOULD GO 'Mutlcrole U frequently cffectivo nftcr firstappliealion and uauatly drawn out muscular «oren«3 and pain by 5tK hour. All dru 8E i«i,. a coffee with a ftfl' or to good you can even boil ii and it won't be bittur. The v. cuurn tin Utah In the freshne u right up lo the moment i f use. Aslt your groeap lor Soyai Scarlet Cffe«. It':; goo I R, C.WILLIAMS A C'., INC. run u«on, PA. 1000-02 W. Crawford Ave. ! We Deliver. Phone 620 ; Fruifs aud Vegetables Stayman's WiiiesarParul jSa.ldwiji-;,.;.a;o.o-:ici 'Apples, ' .: '""' ,4.1bs. ..,........_.,.l,,,. '/Calif. Oranges, per dozen Fancy Celery, 2 Jge stalks... Celery Hearts, large bunch 15c 25c Head Lettuce, 8 heads Somerset Potatoes, peck Fresh Spinach, 2 pounds New Parsnips, 4 Ibs New Turnips, 4 Ibs , New Carrots, 3 bunclies ;. Cooking Onions 6 pounds Cauliflower, Kale, Gab-, bage, Grape Fruit. -". ' ·"· t, 25c 35c 25 c 25c 49c 25c 25c 25c 25'c 25c Grocer This is an independent grocery store. A store that Is rendering tin-, utmost service to the people of on- neHsvillc. On« tliat luis fhve ideals--and Jives u}» to them. TJiej aro: Quality Merchandise, 'Efficient Service and Honest Prices. That these ideals arc appreciated is best shown !y the fact, that our force has been increased Ivy the addition of another meat cutter and anothe;* delivery truck has been added to us- sunf prompt dcliverj*. Maxwell House and White House COFFEE 45clb. Franklin Sugar 10lb.sack59c Cloverbloom and High Grade BUTTER 45c Yellow Cling Peaches, large cans 27c Neighbor Pan Cake Flour,, 2 pkgs 19c Neighbor Milk, tall cans, 10 for 98c Wisconsin Early June Peans, 2 cans ......25c Vermont Maid Maple Syrup, 2 for 45c Horse Radish, home made, 2 jars 27c ite Ocean Pastry 24i/ 2 i Sack Blue Ribbon Malt, 2 cans .......,$1.00 Heinz Spaghetti, 2 medium cans 25c "Our Own" Brand Coffee, per Ib 33c Michigan Navy Beans, hand picked, Ibi lie Calif .Lima Beans, small and tender, Ib 17c Lily of the Valley Sauer Kraut, 2 cans 2Sc Golden Robin Pumpkin, 2 cans 25c Libby's Apple Butter, 2 cans , 45c Kellogg Corn Flakes, 2 boxes 25c Loose Horniny, cracked, 4 Ibs. 25c Davis Baking Powder, 12 02. can 19c Hogsett's Yellow Com Meal 10 Ibs. 35c Hogsett's Pastry Flour 5 Ibs. 25c Super Suds, 25 e Van Camp's Hominy, can ..... ".. Brillo, 3 pkgs ............ _ ........... Unceda Biscuits, G boxe.'j ,, Roman Beans, 2 Ibs Kidney Beans, 2 Ibs Simbriglit Cle' ser, G cans 25c Loose Rice, 4 Ibs Chipsp, Ii large boxes P. . G. Soap, 10 bars 37c Light Brown Sugar, 3 Ibs Neighbor Raisins 15 o?,, pkg. 25c 25c 25c 25c 25 c lOc A piece of china in every package MOTHER'S OATS large box 33c Sandwich Loaf and Potato BREAD 3 loaves 25c Mixing Bowl , FREE! PILLSBURY CAKE FLOUR 2 boxes 65c Finest Quality Government Inspected 20 c 25c 25c Beef Liver, per pound Fresh Hamburg, ground, per Ib Pork Loin Roast,, pound - ;.... .; Veal, Pork and Beef, 'ground i'or meat loaf, 3 pounds ..... Veal Breast, per pound :. , ZoJier's Sliced Bacon, per pound Chuck Roast:, ·per pound ..... Rump Roast, per. pound --:.. : Ancles,.. dressed, ' Tender, Delicious; Full Dressed Neck Bones and Fresh Pigs Feet,;3 Ibs. ..^I:..,. i^ork Chops, "-: per-pound .;:;,,.:....,.,,,,,,.,..., VP.Qrk.^titts," . p e r p o u i i d , __ Skiimod. Fresh';. Hams, 8 ]b,,,.a^ora,go, whole or /half, per povind Lamb.. Chops, per p o u n d ..·...,,,. Pork Sausage, loose.or link, per pound , '...'...-'· Pork. Shoulders, whole, per pound to TO ' Sirloin, Tenderloin and Round Fresh Spare Rib?, per pound Vea! Roast, horn i dressed, per Ib Leg ot Lamb, per Ib Breakfast Bacon., 4 to pieces, per pound /·'oiler's or Armour's sliced Ham, pound . Rib Roast, per pound 5 pound 2 f 0 S t a r 45c Armour's Star and Zoller's Wholo or Half Plenty of Parking Space at the West Side Market i i*M«MWW^*S^W ! M 1 4«^ l WW^J^ i

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