The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 30, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1930
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAGE SIX. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTLLB, PA. THURSDAY, JANUARY SO, I03b. P E R S O N A L M E N T I O F Mrs. Anna Colvin of .(SSjKast Craw- tortl yvenue has roturneU from Washington, Pa., whore she visited her (laughter, Mrs. George. Morrison for the last thvec wooka. Mis. Morrison, who has been III sHicr biiforo Chmi- mas, is sllshtly improved. She Is still confined to her bod,- Tln condition of Mrs. I. V. Houzcr who has been critically ill lor sov- ora! clays) at her home in North Pittw- burg street, continues about the sumo, it was said t h i s afternoon. - Mrs. .1. French Korr and slsler-ln- i«w. Mrs. A. I. Korr of Reaver, loft last nisht for St. Petersburg i'la. 'Jfhey will rMvvln until spring. · Mrs. J. H. Fleckenstoiu and liUla granddaughter, Irene Springer, went to Unlontown this morning to aponil the day with the former's daughter, Mrs. ,T. J. Alt. Mrs. I/eon Khrman o£ Birmingham, J [ Ala., who was called here by the j death of her mother, Mrs. Kathryn \ Gill en, will return liomo tomorrow i men ill UK. Aulnt Bet "Pa says futttro wars can't loot long on account o' modern methods o' destruction, but pedestrians keep on lastin'." Mrs. Samuel Fritsky and son, John, ', and Harold Gregor o£ Mount Pleasant · and Mic.hal Whorlc- of VanderblU visited last evening ^vilh Mr. and Mrs. John II. Whorie. * Mrs. .1. K. Laughllu and little _-..,.«.,,, pAD «» ftW |i; M daughter, Ann, of Kast Crawford ave- j TONIGHT FOR WOMEN niio left this morning Cor Wheeling, \V. Va., to visit t h o former's sister, Mrs. Elroor Liuvson. Mr. Laughlin will go to Wheeling on Sunday to accom- p a n y Mrs. I.aughlin and daughter homo. Mrs. John McKltrick of North Third street, West Side, \ \ e n t to Plttsburg this JLOU have a Word for this Laxative Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Oppenhelm of 10-ist Green street, were Pittsburg visitors today. Mrs. J. n. Kern of Xcwmyor avenue went to Pittsburg this morning. John Lackey, brother of Quay Lackey of this cliy, who has been s-oriousl-y 111 in ·.. Mary's Hospital, Ietroit, Mich., where ho u n d e r w e n t an operation, is able to bo up in a wheel chair. Uso our Classified advertisements. WESLEYAN SINGERS HERE FRIDAY NIGHT AT FIRST ML E. CHURCH One of the musical treats of the Season will bo offered to tho music lovers of CoritiolIsvUk 1 on Friday evening, January !U, when the Ohio W-esleyan Singers Club will return here to present a secular concert in tho first Methodist Kpi^copal Church. The group of musicians who will oomo here will consist of a mixed chorus of 40 vo^ies and instrumental ensemble, chosen from the organizations total membership of over one hundred. Ifiuk-i tiie direction of Prof. Harrison IX l^c-Barou, director of tho department of music of Ohio Wesley an University, tho singers will present a widely varied program of music, including part songs, negro spirituals, anthems, motets ami glees, interspersed with several instrumental numbers. IN DR. FOX'CAMPAIGN ' AT MULRUN CHURCH The union revival at Mill Run is moving on most hopefully, with larger interest in each succeeding servlr.e. Vivo denominations had representation last evening. A children's chorus added now interest. The-preliminary services arc attracting many of tho young people. They aro in charge of the evangelist, Dr. C. ,'J. Fox. Tho sermon -was a most stirring and inspiring one on "The Lost Art of the Church," au app-'al to the large aucHunco to pray. , Tonight the- wome.i are to bo counted, the men on Friday night and the young people on Saturday evening. A mass meeting of tjlrls and women will ho addressed by Dr. Fox at 2:30 P. M., Sunday, The evangelist is a speciaiist in women's and men's meetings. lie is to .peak upon the subject, "Will the Girls and Women of America Cause H e - to Fail?" The subject tonigh' Is "A Corking Good P cturo of a ( inirch Crowd." Here are some.morr "Foxgrania": "Prayer and the a . o r a g e Christian haven't met for so loug that they are total strangers." "Tho church rnci ibcr who has passed up prayer is backslidden, no matter what ho says or does." "One of tho biggi -it privileges on earth is to have a littl-u chat with flod !"/ way of the prayer route." "If gossipcrs w u l d use* their tongues as much to vin souls as they do to carry gossip hell would hang m o u r n i n g over her gates." "When church members excu°e themselves from revival services ith a pretty good sign ti.ey have wandered from God." I N 1875, an earnest young man began to practice medicine. As a family doctor, he treated many cases of constipation. He soon saw the harm in common purges and began to seek something better. Out of his experience -was born a famous prescription now in vide use. This prescription was written thousands of times. It proved an ideal laxative for old and young. Children like its pleasant taste. Older "people like it because it doesn't gripe or cause discomfort. It is a mixture of fresh herbs and other pure ingredients; thoroughly effective for tho most robust of men. Stimulates the normal muscular action of the bowels. So its use will not become a habit. As people saw how marvel- ously the most sluggish bowela are started and bad breath, headaches, biliousness, foverishness, or no energy, poor appetite, etc., are relieved by Dr, Caldwell's prescription, it became necessary to put it up ready for use. Today, Dr. Caldwell'a Syrup Pepsin, as it is called, is tho world's most popular laxative. All drug stores have the generous bottles. The product never varies from Dr. Caldwell's original formula. So you can take it with confidence or give it to the youngest child. DR. W. B. CALDWELL'S A Doctor's Family Laxative MESSAGE OF PRINCESS RAHME IMPRESSES A LARGE AUDIENCE JOHN BAKER DIES NEAR VANDERB1LT John Baker, CB years old, died at " o'clock this m o r n i n g at his home at Nellie, near Vaiulorbllt, from complications. Mr. JJaker had been a resident cf ( that vicinity for approximately -10 j years. lie hud been an employe of j t h e Corrado Coal Coke Interests. Ho is survived by his w i f e , Susan, and tho following children: Mrs. Peter Lewis, Ocean 'Irovo, Ca.; Mrs. Michael Kusinko, Akron, Ohio; James, Clairton; J o h n , li.irberton, Ohio, and Andrew and SIIMIH, at home. Mr, linker was u member of St. John's Homan Catholic C h u r c h on tho West Side. Kimernl arrangements, i-i rhargc of Fronch S, Durst, have not beta completed. Golden Panthers Lose First Game; Christians Win Tho C h r i s t i a n J u n i o r s this m o r u i u g h a n d e d tho GoUUn I'antiiors tholv first defeat in n game pl.iyed at lh« gymnasium of the Chriitiaii Church. Tho score was 11-3. The- line-up: Chris linns --11. P;intli«'rs--5. Porter 1 3. 1!. Kiiiu Soisson _ ]'. P. Perms M-OHtrezut c S. Miskhitu Uush - (!...... /. Misklttls Henry ( , _ i. Ki i n e Field goals--M .tiezut ·!, Henry, J. i). Kline, S. ftliskl iid. Foul goals--Ru .h, P. Perrus. Hercic-e--B. So sson Use L'kissliicil Ads. Results quick!} follow. \oucaf t feel the rejuvenating, effect S.S.S. brings the^ body by t/ie increase of red-bloodce/Is A clear, emoolli, lorcly skin enhances personal ntfractiveneas. Men admire it. Women pn.isc and secretly envy. Wore lia}pineas nnd friends ma/ depend upon it. Y OUR popularity may depend upon a clear, smooth, lovely skin. Jt is the accepted way of telling the degree of health a person possesses. Naturally a skin which bespeaks healtji attracts. Skilled physicians recognize the appearance of skin blemishes, lack of appetite, flabby flesh and loss o£ energy ;is an indication, thai the body s power of resistance is low-that thc"e is a deficiency of red* blood-ce'ls. The w a y to the skin is through the biood. Strong', healthy blood nourishes the body and promotes smooth, clear skin. j Many thousands have regained' their strength and charm by taking S.S._S. It is Nature's own blood tonic for raiding the body's power of resistance to infection and disease, improving the appetite, building firm flesh and clearing the skin. S.S.S. promotes healthy body , building. It increases the number | o£ red-blood cells. It is made from strictly fresh vegetable drugs and has a success ful record of over 100 years back en it. All good drug stores sell S-.S.S, in two sizes. Ask for the larger size. It /. more economical. Makes You Feel Like Yourself Again Tns-pircrt with the loiifrinp for her native home and fired w i t h live, tiisiro that some day her c o u n t r y might re- saln Its lormer power and prestige- aniong the- other nations of the w o r l d , the Princess Rahme Haidar, of Damascus, in au eloQuom and inspiring mc-ssage .ast night at Trinity Lutheran C h i n c h , pleaded for a riosor and better understanding between lier own Syria am! t h i s country. Uarbt-d In the ricli robos of her house nnd h p e a k I n p Kngl.sli in a man nor Ilia' is astounding when one considers t h a t sh» was born and reared far from IKo in- fluonces of UI'H western w i r l d , Princess Rahme's recital of "Under Syrian Stars" w \ s clothed in tlu; lanKuap* 1 "i the highly c u l t u r e d and e d u c a t e d American woman. She c o m p l e t e l y wo'.i the hearts of her largo ("inKn-pa- tlon and held them w i t h a real [K)wr from th« hoginnlnt; to the end. i'i-;ucc«B Kahme was i n i r o l i u c d )i.\ Or. W. H. ilotrick. liepluiunc w i t h iiu introductory word ri'Bai-diiiK her uativo l a n d , and t e l l l t i s b-v'inc of her i a r l y l i l p and (if her (.'diKati-m in t h e Amc-rict'ii colleges in lier n a t i v e Syria and of her t r a i n i n g in thi-i i u t i n t r , P r i u c o s j Hah me stated H i n t fr'io did not wisu her audieiirp- to ris'c her any credit, ''or: "I arn deeply indebted to the U n i t e d States for tho KnglSMi language, the d e v e l o p m e n t of my na- t i v e t a l e n t and above all for tho k n o \ % - lcdg(i it Jesus C-hnst." Then foll-ou-ol a ino'.t i n ' e r e s l l u g nnd i u l i m a t o Biimpso oC the i n n e r lit'c ot i n c S y r i a n racp. ' "My main motive In ( h i s c o u n t r y , " Princejs Huhme- declared, "s to K i v c a correct and t r u o p t c t u r r oC Dial s.icrotl land across tho swas, a l a n d t h a t I fa l i t t l e known about and not often j u s t l y appraised. Much haw boon w r i t t e n and told about t'alrsline, but it lias mostly all cmno from the tourists who have made the 'six woek' trip to my c o u n t r y and who have bd- dom e v e r come inlo contact with tho real life of the H y r l a n . Tliey iiever see behind (lie walled gardens of the Syrian home and have almost invariably judged the l a n d by the blind and the beg^ara whom they moot upon the strc-ots. This h a r d l y is fair, for the ciee-p sou! of any c o u n t r y , docs not lie on tho surface." Princess itahmp p o r t r a y e d her native i ace as shrewd character readers, possessing a great desire t u r l e a r n i n g arid as capable of playing an independent role in the ittfalrs of the world as any of tho smaller countries, and w i t h o u t any d i c t a t i o n s from Europe She closed her mcssago witii a b e a u t i f u l l y worded t r i b u t e to tho land of her birth and then called upon her secretary, Miss L u c i l l e Burgess, to sing with hor a duet in the language of Palestine, Tonight at 8 P. M. Princess Rahme will present her own dramatization of the Bible story, "Nauman, tho Le/pcr" iu four acts, assisted by her secretary and on tomorrow evening, w i l l mako her last appearance here, showing her own moving p i c t u r e of tho Holy Land, "(Jems of the JOasl" and also one scenp oC her own drama of " R u t h and Naomi." For Sports, Street N OT so long, not so short, bu Just a smart length, Is this' weed! and flannel jaciiut unsembh (or aprine The tweed i» n blend of blur » an* grays, white tho flannel 1» nnv blue. Tha flannel la ti'etl for tho I odlre. ttio sleeve nnd pocket t r l m m l r j anil the bciet. The skirt said jacb )t ar« fuahioncrl of tho tweed. Following t h e newer ru!» .' chlo the jarket 1ms no collar ar d tho skirt fullness In attained by mi ana ol iBroclcts Instead of pltiltn. Ti o trl- anirular ala.shc!i In tt;e top if t h a skirt, revealing lh« navy blue lannel, %re aji UncruHtlng detail. workmen were killed And th. re were seriously Injures! wln-u sevc - al tons of rock, loosened l)y blasting, crashed d o w n upon thorn In a riitlroa I tunnel hero today. Those killed wore Bcecher Wellman, Ray (Jouley and Ta /lor Miller. Eight other workmen in the tunnel eacaped i n j j u r y . * * * PITTSBURO, J a n . HO.--7 ddltlonal meclings of c i r c u i t s of the Pennsylvania .State Association of County Fairs were to be held t day after I lie n a m i n g of dates ye»tcrc iy for 10 tairs In tho Wcatern ffart of die State. Tho Somerset county fair '.'ill le at Jvleyersdale, August. 19 to August 22; Cambria county fair at ];Teneburg Scpteiinber 1 to September ( . Just Off the Wire U n i t e d Press. .Tun. :?0. --County DelocUve John U z e l announced a (hrco-dny i i l l h i i a t i i n t today, ili- r t M t l n g AVolmovelanrl c-ounty nvo-r- c h a n t s and ollic-rs p r r u i i t t i i i g and slot machines in Uirir esrablislunonts to ilihposo of t h o r n bo- f«ve Monday. If th-ey aro not disposed of by Monduy Itz-o! said ho would in- l"uct his deputies to launch a buries, of raids to cl«ui u p tho county. * * * PITTSBURG, Jan. 30.--Charlos D. KiMnhani, former justlt-o of I ho petico of Vprsuill-cs, who was c-onvictol in the M:Ki % ti5p»rt rum rini; foiispirucy t r i a l , wan gruuttMl a new t r i a l today by Judgt 1 UiLnoii in I'Yxloral Court. # * » U A l l K l K l H ' I t U , Jan IJO.--I^oaping trom a train us ho wai, bo-ing taken to rhiUniclphiu liy a lctectivo, Harry Hobel, 45, \vij« k i l l e d laJt 1 yehtertlny. Pobol luui hct'ii arrested in PiUahurg i;i cliarsos of non-.snpport oi! hiy Uun- i'.y m Philadelpiuu. Buljc nt Harmon Ho ne. A daughUir, Hetty Lee, was born this morning at 2::!0 o'clo ;k to Mr, and Mrs. Ewiujj Harmon of vVesi Morton avenue. Tho family no ,v consists o£ two girl« and a boy. Mi d, Harmon was formerly Miss Edfith ( ollxirj!. Electric Li/iht Clit ins In order to f i n d me drti . chain on electric bulhs nnd the b u t t ms on the switch In tho ( l u r k , paint he end of the olniln imcl (lie butto is with a luminous paint. ItoUiry Meets Tonl ,'ht. Tho Rotary Clul) will UK it this even i n g at G : H O o'olock al U o Carncglo Frco Lihrarj. Rub veil over throat and chest MILLION JARS U.' ED YEARLY v. Jan. Three M1JS. K L K A N O I - HOY Graduate Corset ere, Mrs. Kloanor Hoy, manager, buver nnil graduate co; sctiere and nic'dicul fitter, will uttt nd to your personal ueuds and cor iet require- in on ts including nsatorj Ity llttings, hernia mid medical abdominal supports. "\Vo are exel isive agents iu Connellbvillc for C imp's belta --XELSOX'M-- Corset DepL, 'iJiid Floorer i pecials for Friday aind Saturday W IT EX you hitvo n prescript ion to )io filled t h i n k first of us, Wr have a ivpll slocked lalmnitory and ivll} havn no ilh'fipulty in Mipplyiit^r wlnilovor inprred!- nf.s .your dorlor specifics. A\\ proscriptions iriplc cheeked for accuracy. Palmolive Set 85c iShftvinpr Cream 25c Afler Shaving I'owler $1.00 Mello-GIo FAC'K l'OYVJ)EJt Both for 35c Liggett's OPEKO COFFEE . A l l SB 1.00 tv TOILET ^ WATJR RS $1.20 l»r. G a l d w e l l ' s 7Q/* fl e/^ 50e Jontcol Houpe 25$c Powder Puffs $1.00 Duska Powder ·0e J)uskn rorfnme Wool or Vclonr 50 c Trc-jnr Compacts Both for 1.00 $1.00 Puretest Aspirin 59c 50 c 1'nlm olive Shampoo Talcum Powders 35c Tanlac Vegetable Pills $1.50 Arra Tonic, Special With Coupou All $1.50 REYMER'S CANDIES $1.21 50c to $1.00 Rubber Gloves 39c 124 West Crawford Ave., Oonnellsville, Pa. SPECIAL BELL TELEPHONE SERVICE (EFFECTIVE MARCH ist) TIME OF DAY WHENEVER You WANT IT A new Bell Telephone service will be available March 1st. Day or night, you will be able to get the Time of Day by telephone. Simply ask* the operator for the time. The cost of rendering this service will be met by a five cent charge which will be made each time the service is used. This service is provided f c r your convenience and meets a popular demand lor "time of day" i n f o r - mation by telephone, Beginning March ist FOR THE RIGHT TIME, ANY TIME Ask the Operator Sfp^ ls'\i|$l|sf.'f ^jjiJfy/ x5£*wTttV£x*'^ THE BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY OF PENNSYLVANIA PATRONIZE THOSE, WHO ADVERTISE

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