The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 28, 1964 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 2

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, August 28, 1964
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The Ottawa Farm journal Page The Back interprovincial trade has not thown up to any marked de- grea. I Such movements, of course, have the effect of swelling the supply of hogs going to mar ket and thus easing prices. However, it is pointed . out there ia a $2 freight differen ill between Edmonton and Toronto. Then, about 80 per cent of the hog output in Alberta la bought by the three largest packers; they can therefore in fluence West-East movement. And the Ontario Hog Produc ers' Marketing Board may also wield an influence on supplies -brought into Ontario Pork prices in the East have also been sustained by a greater retail promotion effort which has shown up In a 5 par cent gain in 1964 seven-month consumption over the same period a year ago. On top of this there has been a strong1 trade In pork product with the , U.S. Total pork export to August 13 were up .nearly IS per cent, with shipment of cooked hams shooting up 131 per cent. www No Threat Yet Fears have been voiced that Canada's thriving .beef trade with the U.S. 33-week ex ports to that country are up 32 per cent might suffer from the new U.S. quota on import of beef, veal and mutton other than lamb or goat meat. The new global quota is based on 1959-63 average imports. It only come Into effect if import exceed 110 per cent of the base period. And the quota may be adjusted percentagewise according to the - increase or decrease in U.S. domestic slaughter over or under a bask amount Oa the basis of statistical evidence oa the ' meat trade. It I believed It is anllkety this quota win be invoked for another year, at Wast. It also fab ia Ottawa that It Is highly problematical whether the U.S. measure will affect Caaadiaa exports of these products. Total exports of beef, veal, mutton and lamb from Canada to tha U.S.. Jan. 1 to Aug. 13, 1964, amounted to 13 6 million pounds. Even if the total reached 23 million pounds this year It hit 17.1 million pounds last year this would be only 3 or 4 per cent of the total movement into the U.S. Outlook for domestic cattle market Is for slightly rising price until the end of September when they should fall until around March of next year. On the - supply side, inspected daughter for the first 33 weeks of this year was up 10 per cent Canada-wise. w Controlling Pests Farm Quarterly say there are four methods of controlling bird pests; (0 Scare them off; (2) shield crops from them; (3) make crop unattractive to . them: (4) destroy them. In Pennsylvania, sterilizing gents are being tested to curb avast m Wtmlmmm) vhmbsss 1 M Bank Street 23t-tM7 STOBB lODMl Jfeaaa te rrMar, am tm t am atareay, aja. a I pja. m uit aw UTOAT, AOS. 29 tor in ' PIAr.aStT.nIat tzi Repairs 171 SPARKS STRUT A'asMMi i - By R. U. Mthafry Comment, critical mmi Ym - a HhtrwU oh Ik farm Forty AcreS"","ricM"t'" Prices of Grade aTujes at i reproduction of itarlings and Toronto hold about last year's blackbirds. level, in the face oLa.-rise in -k k It marketings of 12 per cent which iQj fln(y fnjj nas aireaay Diuugni wn'I cass grading! close to the predicted third quarter level of 130,000 head. One 'would expect prices to drop with volume of mar-ketlngs. In fact, tha It per cent Jump In marketings In the West has been reflected in lower prices at Edmonton, and the spread with the Toronto market recently has been around $4 per Why has this spread in prices persisted? Last year and in the last half of 1962 there was I movement of hogs from On tario to the West, and before that tha movement was the other way. But since then such itie third Eastern Breeders Incorporated consignment sale of Holstein females, sired by EBI sires, will be held at Exhibition Park, Kingston, Oct 13. . . . The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair will be held at To ronto, Nov. 13-21. Entries fori livestock close Oct. 10. . . . Estimated 1964 apple production for Eastern and Northern Ontario is 1.790.100 bushels, a drop of 3 per cent from 1963. . . . The New York State Agricultural Experiment Station at Oeneva, New York, says. their new Aurora pear ha per formed well in tests in Ontario, among other areas. The new variety ha a longer storage and shelf life than Bartlett . . - According to "Agricultural Statistics for Ontario," 1963, Prescott County had the largest number of hens and chickens among district counties at June 1. 1963; the total was 256,500. valued at $277,800. tkmal director of the Canadian Union of Public Employees stated. Thursday that the striking employees of the Perth Public Utilities Commission were in favo' of a public referendum to decide whether the PPUC would accept the union as bargaining agents. On Wednesday two commissioners, Stuart Bell, chairman, and Glenn Blanchard made the first reference that they favored such a move to settle the six-week-old strike. Mr. Bush staled that prior to a referendum, a meeting would have to be held by both parties, to reach an agreement, that In the event of a union victory, the strikers would be reinstated under the wage conditions enjoyed by the new employees of the commission. Ha also stated that It would be In tha interest of the public - MONTREAL Prices were generally higher on the Montreal livestock market this week. Trading was active and demand good. Cattle prices were steady to J 1.00 higher, calve 30 cents to $2.00 higher, hogs SO to 73 cents higher,"and sow, sheep and lamb steady. Receipts: 1.762 cattle, 1,666 calves, 730 hogs, 432 sheep and lamb. . Slaughter Cattle Trade Dull on Toronto Market TORONTO r Trading was dull on a comparatively heavy supply of slaughter cattle lacking quality and finish at the Ontario public stockyards. A few choice cattle offered traded actively at steady prices. Butter, Eggs Churning cream and butter print prices were unchanged. Butter prices: Agricultural Stabilization Board tenderable carlot:' Buying 40 score 33; buying 39 score 52; selling 33. Fruit, Vegetables 'Trading was again quiet on the wholesale fruit and vegetable market. Heavy supplies of all local grown commodities were being offered and quality was excellent. n . the fruit section most prices were fairly steady for the best quality with, alight losses being noted for some varieties of plums as these supplies were heavy. Peaches, peari and tomatoes were unchanged with a noticeable improvement in size and quality noted. Favors Referendum For Perth Utilities PERTH William Busl that the referendum be held as soon as possible and not be dragged into the municipal election in December. An order by the Ontario Supreme Court Tuesday has allowed six pickets, three at the pump house on Leslie Street and three at the new filtration plant on Sunset Boulevard. E. A. Gilchrist, organizer for the CUPE said yesterday that several citizens have made donations to him for the 14 striking employees. At an educational conference of tha CUPE at Port Elgin last week.; students collected $4St tor the' strike fund. Mr. Bush said that several national and international' unions would feature placards denouncing the usa of Section tt, during the labor day parade in Toronto. This is tha act invoked by the PPUC to prevent its acceptance of a union. . Prices Generally Higher For Montreal Livestock Choice steers 23.30-24.00. good 22.00-21.71, medium IS. 22.23, common 13.23-18.50. Good heifers 21-23, medium 18-19.50, common 11.25-18.25. Good cows 15.50-1750, tops to 18.50, medium 14 00-15.75. common 12.30-U-13. canners and cutter 7.00-12.85. - Good btuls 17.50-18.75 mon and medium 12.00-17.73 Good vealar 24.00-29.00, tone to II. M. medium ze.aa- 23.00, common 12.00-20.50, crasser 14.00-16.00. - Grade A bogs, 27.50-28.50 plus .80; sow 17.50-18.00 plus .80. Good lambs 20.00-22.00. common 15.00. good sheep 4.00- 8.00. common 4.004.00. Ebck Wholesale price to country stations fibre cases: extra-large .3! -.52; large .49- .50: medium .43; small .24: B .27; C .23: wooden cases: one cent higher. Button Current receipt non- tenderabl 51; 93 score tan derabl 33; 92 score tenderable 32. Cheese: Delivered Montreal waxed current receipt, whole sale Quebec whit 36; colored 38M. Skint milk powders Spray process No. 1 in bags 12-13U; roller process No. 1 m bags 12-13; feed 11-12; butter milk powder feed 8-9. Optical Oar qaaMSsd smislsllsa sarv Us Our Easy Credit Plaa JACK SHOW JEWELLERS 112 Sparks St Ottawa 41 Ckasstafi St, sjaUths rails Potatoes: .Wholesale selling price. Que. new 50 .83-1.00; NB new 50s 1.05-1.15; NB new 10s .32-.34. Peultryit-lTiere was a good demand for broilers, but supplies continued ample and price were lowered. Receipts of all other kinds of poultry were adequate. Sale of roasters and broiler turkey was fairly good, and the fowl market remained quiet SHOW SURPLUS QUEBEC (CP) - Premier Lesage made public Thursday Quebec's balance sheet -for the fiscal year ending March II. Revenues c a m e to 8S4IJ55.-1IJ.H ia. U83-44. Ordinary expend it arc reached $003,717,. 2SS.34. for a surplus of 135.- 517,811.72. Quebec's surplus the previous year had been Barbecue? Kb tool Crssts Roia s a rinil swissi nr n4 tibia wtm aue horn Franc I rasas gram n ftasara, it BrGrtt$ 7 tQOlX ' RATABLE WINK -Shop at Your 3 A.UB.IP. Store TODAY ! 1 RIDE RELAXED RIDE REFRESHED GO O.T.C. ENJOY TtiE BEST THE OTTAWA JOURNAL In the vegetable section heavy supplies of cauliflower, red cabbage, head lettuce, field cucumbers and peppers of all varieties were barely steady to lower. Turnips, both waxed and plain had few sale as prices eased. The potato market was fairly steady except for minor prices losses on the 50 and 10 pound sizes. Apples, early Mcintosh bu, 3-4. 6 qt, J5-.60; Duchess bu. 1.75-2.23. Red Rome bu. 3.83. on- mb ATOM' I Launn ran m FRIDAY. AUGUST 28, 1984 Perth Per Capita Debt Lowest of 12 in Area Perth had the lowest net debenture debt per capita at $78.34 of 12 Ottawa Valley towns and cities, according to the 1963 municipal statistics of the Department of Municipal Affair. The report also show Al monte had the lowest per capita tax levy, $62.26, where- Cornwall had the highest total taxable assessment at $61,663,113. Highest net debenture debt per capita was reported for Brockville. $316.04, and highest per capita tax levy for Pres cott at $118.05. Cornwall took first place for assessed population with 42.- 856 residents; Next came Brockville with 18,456; Pembroke, 16.223. Smiths Falls, 9.653; Hawkesbury, 8.643: Ren v ) rfoi 'milium -t-i it swwaj ... SoasssssBsssaBBwawasajBBaBTJS 'I vvvjsr frew, 8.483; Perth, 3.667; Am-prior, 5.632; Prescott, , 5,131; Carleton Place, 4.77J; Almonte, 3.481, and Kemptville. 2.064. Taxable assessment for other centres was as follows: Brock ville, $21,105,925: Pembroke, $17,264,175; Hawkesbury. $10,-. 179.740; Renfrew. $8,700,567; Prescott, $6,672,107; Arn prior, $6,439,656: Perth. $5,791,287; Carleton Place. $4,564,809. and Almonte, $2,859,665. Per capita tax levy; Arnprior. RESORT TO GRUMBLES LULWORTH COVE, England (CP) The Royal Navy Is to suspena commanao-type unaing exercises at this Dorset resort because visitors complain the beach has turned into a mock battlefield at th height of the holiday season. $107.73; Brockville. $106.73: Carleton Place, $83.71; Cornwall, $111.02; Hawkesbury. $92.75; Kemptville. $86.06; Pembroke, $102.65: Perth, $77.-71; Renfrew, $98.77, and Smiths Falls, $93.67. Nat debenture debt per ca pita: Almonte, $139.69; Arn prior, $197.80; Carleton Place, $199.74; Cornwall, $190.43 Hawesbury, $166.64; Kempt ville. $182.70; Pembroke, $123 70: Prescott, $289.30; Renfrew $233.66, and. Smith Falls $146.12. ANNUAL CEREMONY OF ST. 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