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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 1

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, August 28, 1964
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'VPS" WW"WWW i CLOUDY, I SHOWERS' Low, 60; High, 75 The Your Home Section and TV Journal in This Issue 79TH YEAR 220 SEVEN CENTS OTTAWA: FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 1964 Sunset 747 fm. EOT SIXTY-SIX PAGES m ' f m w Ottawa Journal 1 4 JOHNSON SOUNDS BATTLE CRY Y President Johnson, promise to lead the Democrats ''. to victory in November he accept! the party's dentisl nomination in the closing session of the Demo- ',' cratic convention in Atlantic City last night. . iAF-Jouraai WMphoe) Night of Emotion L B J : Hel Build Great Society By AICH MacKENZlE ATLANTIC CITY (CP)-Tbs United States Democratic party, embarked Thursday night on Hi election campaign, summoned by President Johnson to grasp "man's first chance to build the great - society place where on . SAIGON (AP) Mobs roamed the (iUered streets of Saigon to-"'day. waving machetes and meat cleavers as heavily- arraed - troops stood guard to prevent further -bloodshed. Street gangs defied pleas from Roman Catholic, Buddhist and government leaders to lay down their arms and go borne. A mob of 201 predominantly Buddhist youths carrying clubs and hatchets set fire to a Catholic newspaper . office and school while police looked The Incident was a renewal of Thursday's organized, violence that turned the capital tote aichtmare of lawlessness and mob rule. Police placed the death toll t four. Reporters, however counted at least eight bodies. Saturday's JOURNAL u- ROYALTY DINED ON PORK AND BEANS When the future King George V visited Ottawa fat 1801, he was treated to bean supper In a typical backwoods shanty specially built In Rockcliffe. Harry Walker photoatory In the Saturday Section. Then and Now The changing face of Ottawa in the pest M years is illustrated In a series of contrasting photographs. Saturday Section. Ottawa Profiles Interviews with Bergie Thor-stemssorv director of the education - program" in Canada's northtand; and Michael McHugn. assistant principal at Fisher .Psrk. -- Long Cycle - Aa Ottawa teenager bicycied down to New York m three-and-a-half days. He talis about it oa the Youth Page. Garden Page A full peg 1 devoted to Tall gardening topics resumes with articles on seeding new lawn, and fertilizing so old one. . ; Saig the meaning of man's life matches the marvels of man a labor." . JFK TRIBUTE : And in a thundering IJ-mio- ute ovation for Robert " Ken nedy, the party offered a -re markable memorial to the late president John Kennedy. It was a night of high lory, color and emotion as the four . day national Democratic convention ended on this city's gaudy boardwalk. About 20.00I people including the delegates and alter' nates cheered Johnson in his nomination acceptance speech. He dedicated himself to creat ing greater national unity. But delegates earlier had re fused to be silenced to their roaring acclaim of Attorney-General Kennedy, the late pres ident a brother. He stood solemn and moved. Then tn introducing a memorial film about bis brother, be spoke simply of the asi sinated president's goals, his ideals and his hopes. "The gladness of this high occasion cannot mask the sor row which shares our hearts,' said Johnson, who was marking bis Mth birthday. "Let as here reded tea t ourselves to keeping burning the golden torch of promise , which John Kennedy set aflame." . Johnson flew to the conven tion from Washington, the same thing tie had done Wednesday for the unprecedented purpose of personally revealing his can didate for vice-president. Aa anticipated, ft was Sens tor Hu bert Humphrey of Minnesota, who In his acceptance speech Thursday night attacked Re publican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater. . Turn to rage UW SEEKS CONFIDENCE VOTE RED DEER (CP) Robert Thompson, national leader of the Social Credit party, said Thursday he will seek a vote of confidence at the next na tional party convention. . SPONTANEOUS Kennedy Touches Off Fantastic! , Emotional Outburst at Convention By JACK BROOKS pedal to The Jearaal ' ATLANTIC CITY - For fantastic ' mmotea Thursday night this crowded convention ta Robert rttzgeraio Kaanedy.. All Jm did was stand there. The crowd simply would not let him apeak. Eleven times he tried; ll! times the roar welled op and him back, v MIGHTIEST RECEPTION ft was the mightiest recep tion ever given by a political con vent ion to a man not adopt ed for the sop off ice. Bushnell Raps CBC Spending CJOH President Urges Corporation 'Live Within Means' TORONTO CP) A former top executive of the CBC said today the publicly-owned corporation has become extrav. gsnt snd be seriously questions whether the Canadian taxpayer can afford "this ever-in creasing cost" ' E. L Bushnell, president of Ottawa's privately owned television station CJOH-TV and former vice-president of. the CBC said parliament should give the CBC a fixed amount of public funds every five or 10 years "neither too much nor too little" and tell it to "live within its means." LUNCHEON ADDRESS ' ,. (In the 106344 fiscal year, the CBC spent. SI 13,000.000 with $78,000,000 coming from public funds.) Mr. Bushnell, who resigned from the CBC in 1959 after a long career in the corporation. spoke to a luncheon marking press dsy at the Canadian National Exhibition.' He praised the high auality of CBC TV productions bat asked whether "this eowstry caa afford so atuch pert eetioa at such a high coat," Mr. Bushnell said Dr. An-, drew Stewart, Chairman of the Board of Broadcast Governors, had said that "In principle" he believed the CBC should get out of the advertising business. "1 disagree with Dr. Slew- art, he said. He proposed what should be done about the CBC. ., . ( . I Tata to Page a-BUSHNELL For New ATTENDANCE lM - ISO Friday ..... SMI MA , Saturday ... 71414 11123 Moaday .... 11X457 SSJgl Tuesday ... (M17 (.7t7 Wednesday ... , MJSl 7LM Thursday . . 7,7M $4,742 Central .Canada - Exhibition Association officials nave visions of a new total attendance record for the Ex. With wanner temperatures and clear skies Thursday, they watched happily as 78,786 visi tors went through the turnstiles, 12.024 mora than the 66.742 who "took In" the fair the tame day bt 1963. Thursday's turnout brought the total attendance to 505,- 612. more than 33.000 ahead of last year. , Only incident Thursday was just after I p-m. when a gaso line motor on a midway ride burst into flames. Close to 30 petrons scrambled off the ride as the Are broke out. The Fire Department quickly put out the blaze arid the ride resumed operations.:' , ',; -. , ...... 'Pentabonn'. BONN W There was no trouble finding a nickname for West Germany's new defence ministry headquarters.! Washington had pentagon, so Bonn had to have a "pentabonn." Shoots 20 - MINUTE OVATION And R showed the world why Attorney Genera Kennedy, brother of the president cat months ago, was from the running In the vice f presidential stake. The Kennedy aease bigger aad carries asera asagJe Is salt the liking at Presides , Jaaaaaaw . ' There would be no the ticket for blra and a ber of the Kennedy clan. The reception given Kennedy equalled in time that given Johnson when ha first appeared before this convention the pre vious Bight, It dwarfed all those Florida Citrus Cleo's A twin engined DC-3, securely tied down at Miami airport, was airborne by the 125-mile-an-hour gusts of wind generated by hurricane Geo, and deposited more than a mile away in a deep canal that fringed PMCS Huddle On Pay Hike s Pearson Expected To Back Mcllraith i Stand-Pot Decision, On the Civil Service pay pro- test. Prime Minister' Pear son and Treasury Board President Mcllraith were talking with a picked delegation from the staff associations today. , While be has promised "sym pathetic consideration to a n y reasonable argument," tne Prime Minister was expected to support the position tsken Dy Mr. Mcllraith that the salary increase, worth en annual $10,- aoe.Kt to S3.000 Group "B" clerical, atenographic and office administrative workers .was "fair and equitable." REFERS TO BOARD Each time be has been ques tioned ha the Commons shout the pay issue, the Prime Minister baa made a point of re ferring so the Treasury Board President as the Cabinet's man m charge of the situation. Tarn to Renfrew Doctor Aids Baby In Mercy Flight SIOUX LOOKOUT. OnL (CP) An RCAF Otter aircraft from Armstrong. Ont- flew three- week-old Indian boy suffering from pneumonia here Wednes day on a 123-mile mercy flight. Fit. Lt Merv Connery, a 27 year-old ah force doctor from Renfrew, OnL, said the baby was "close to death" during the 80-minute flight Connery administered mouth to mouth artificial respiration during the flight. '?j'.', r-y..- The baby, Cadricke, Nieml, was in improved condition Thursday..;" s, ir given vice-presidential candidate Hubert Humphrey, aad when, two hours later, Johnson appeared 1 before ' the same Thursday ' crowd the ' reception be got was tame ht compari- rtir it tunsT . ' ' i After four minute Johnson out R short, chairman John Mc- Cormack asing the power of the presidential title to quiet the crowd. ' ' - " But It Ms doubtful whether even such a power would have silenced the Kennedy demon stration. - , , . . ft was net ergaataeds haad Industry Hard Rampage AAulfcm) Dim Do mage CLEO LANDS PLANE IN CANAL FAMED FOR NITWIT ROLE Comedienne Gracie Allen Dies After Heart Attack HOLLYWOOD (AP) Grs- ciety until her death. Ten days ? 'r:VT -y cie Allen; whose scatterbrained comedy helped make Burns and Allen a top act in show business lor 34 years, died Thursday night after a heart attack. She war II. ' Spokesmen , for the family said Miss Allea died at II: lt p.m. and that her husband, comedy actor George Burns, was at her side at Cedara of Lebanon Hospital. "Contacted at the Burns boms in Beverly Hills, William Bums, George's brother, said the popular comedienne- bad been as seemingly good ' health -before being stricken. ' He said aha had experienced mild heart attacks In the past. They didn't, however, seem to slow her down much, because she was active in Hollywood SaysCS . Battle Not Over TORONTO (CP) - Civil servants should not expect col lective bargaining to solve all their problems. R. G. Mac- Nelll, chairman of the federal civil service commission, said Thursday. "Having won the battle for direct bargaining, do not think told the convention of the fed eral Unemployment Insurance Commission Association, "lt will bring new problems and new challenges." He suggested that staff asso ciations must hsve a . greater knowledge of technical, scienti fic',, and administrative prob lems to bargain effectively with the government. v ' did aet blare; greatest argaa 4 the world's ! They , lust sat and cheered and cheered and. cheered. Some of tt probably was for bis lata brother, for the Ken nedys as a cum. ' - But It showed the power was there if a Kennedy use tt. And that power could have caused the greatest' floor fight in party history If this year Robert Kennedy had chosen to fight the Johnson decision tak big him out of .contention. Tarn ta Page KENNEDY Hit the held. Resting in the wet." but undamaged, and pilot at iu controls. ago she and ber husband were among the guests at the gala wedding reception for Edie Ad-ami and her new husband, Marty Mills. She appeared effervescent end cheerful, aa she has been since her retirement Until ,Lm ,k. .... l taining her nitwit role some times made her tense and with drawn. At the time of her tirtment. Burns explained why she quit: "She's never missed acting for a minute. She never was a ham. anyway. Most actors are aware of playing to an audience. Not Gracie. The side of the stage toward the audience was a wall to her. She concentrated only on what she bad ta say and never gave a thought to cameras or lights or makeup or anything. . . . She deserved a rest. She naa oeen working alt ner life. and ber lines were the tough est in the world to do. They didn't make sense, so she bad to memorize . every word, it took a real actress." Miss Allen was bora la IMS. Fear New Cyprus Clash Free AP-Renters NICOSIA (CP) - Danger of aa armed clash between Greece and Turkey loomed anew today aa Greek-Cypriots threatened to repel a landing by Turkish re- ptacement troops on Cyprus. Half of the MS-msn Turkish contingent la to be sent home Monday and replaced by new troops. But an official source said Thursday the Greek-Cyp- riot government will ass force if accessary to prevent any fresh Turkish troops from landing; . v . A spokesman for the Turkish embassy retorted that any such move will be met by Turkish force. He said the troop land ings will go ahead as scheduled. re - - ' . By Barry That's the title of a re- V hi m Causes canal the cargo plane was will again fly. but with a lAP Journal WireptHMol ' ' GRACIE ALLEN one of four daughters of Edward AIImi aona end ttance ik hkt i. s Fran. Tara to Page COMEDIENNE Cleo Claims 124 Lives In Haiti LES CAYES, Haiti (AP-Mediclne, food and other supplies began arriving here Thursday night for survivors of hurricane Cleo, which virtually destroyed this southern port of 20.000. . Officials said she storm claimed 124 dead in the Les Cayes area, injured hundred and left the city in ruins., Seventy of the dead were crushed in the market place when an Iron beam collapsed. Others were trapped beneath she beam and could not be freed until the storm's lOS-mile winds subsided. Cleo destroyed or damaged nearly every house In the city, leaving hundreds without food or shelter. It f tore up streets and ripped down utility poles and blew away part of a hospital roof. I Stand Gofdwater ; ' ; ' book by the US, Republican Saturday, The Journal, will ,1.11. . gii a. iu UeUij NVtV the book. Watch for the Saturday. TV" TsJL Vim .JJl'JrQl j j j I I .presidential candidate. It puts his jYlewa of domestic affairs and foreign J affairs, including NATO and the ' United I Nations, securely ori 'the record. ,. Starting r97rnkll.H W. S. aw- - MMaaaa a v pVsil taken from Tim article V CAPE KENNEDY, Pie. (AP) Hurricane Cleo, weakened by a multi-million dollar rampage up Florida's populous east coast, slapped harmlessly at the space centre here today.. With a curving. 2,500-mile path of death and destruction behind her. Cleo swept slowly northward from Cape Kennedy . and coastal residents ss fsr north as Cape Hatter as, NC. braced for her approach. STILL DANGEROUS "She's still mighty danger- . ous." a forecaster warned. Cleo, which left Miami and , 200 miles of Florida's "gold coast" looking like a battle zone after striking with winds up to US miles an hour, hit Cape Kennedy with winds that peaked at 69 m.p.h. That was 10 miles below hurricane strength, opt enough to cause serious damage to the. sprawling space centre which was prep -red to weather winds more than twice that velocity. Six giant space rockets rode out the storm lashed securely to their launching pads and crews resumed the work of preparing them for firing. The U.S. weather bureau at : Miami said Cleo was expected to move offshore this morning ( and intensify. Hurricane warn-! ines remained up at Brunswick, Ga.. and gale warnings ex tended to Hatteras. The storm was moving at about 10 m.p.h. Cleo took no lives in Florida, but damage was estimated at S50.000.000 and at least 132 persons were injured. BORE BRUNT ' There was no definite esti- hnate - of the damage to the Miami metropolitan area, which bore, the brunt of.Cleb' fury Thursday. As it moved up the .coast, Cleo smashed town after town and dealt a blow to a part of Florida's citrus belt that could send grapefruit prices rocketing. Groves h the south-central area were littered with fallen fruit, end some growers estimated M to 73 per cent of the grapefruit crop,, bow i reaching mstarlty, was blows off. During the storm oranges aad grspefrait whizzed through the ah- "like cannonbaris," observe! s said. At Jacksonville, about 170 miles north of Cape Kennedy, the U.S. Navy ordered the carrier Shangri-La and accompanying destroyers eastward into the Atlantic and out of the storm's way. THE DAMAGE TOLL First surveys of damage showed: Metropolitan Miami Eighty per cent power failure, 61.600 phones out of service, 12,000 homes damaged, store windows smashed and merchandise ruined, streets blocked by fallen trees snd limbs, hotels, apart ment houses snd homes without windows or electricity. Fort Lauderdale Roads blocked by drifted sand, power and telephone failure, building under construction razed to the ground, numerous fires, damage esthnsted at SIS, 000,000. West Palm Beach Power and phones out, planes dam aged at the airport, shipping centres littered with merchan dise from demolished shops, an 85-foot ship beached to the north. Fort Pierce Fishing pier swept away, roads flooded, general power and phone fail- ure, boats sunk in harbor, homes unroofed, cars flattened by falling trees, large portion of citrus crop lost. Vera Beach Power failure. roads blocked by fallen trees. windows smashed and homes unroofed. Inside The Journal Below the Hill ........ j 21 Bridge . -., ... 4 Billy Graham ,.. 4 Classified Ads S3-41 Comic , ja, 11 Coming of Age ........ 17 Crossword SI Editorials Financial .............. IS Kilgallen .............. 2 Sports. ....v 12-IS Tell Me Why 4 TV. Radio Sa Theatres 2 Westher - S Women's News i a S fey

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