The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 30, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1930
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 30, 1030. THJil DAILY COURIER, CUiVNIUL,:) vHVlLLE, PA. PAGE FIVE. · *v LANDLORDS SEEK TO EVICT UNPAID CHICAGOWORKERS Go Into Court for Orders to Put It Families Into Snow- Coverctt Streets. SOME HOPE FOR RELIEF SOON P.y IJnHotl Press. CHICAGO, Jan. 30,---Unpaid for a inon-th and a half, some of .tlvo 40,'000 employes of Chicago and Cook county faced eviction f-om their honH'S -today because they couldn't raiso rent ononoy. T./andlord« have gone- into court seeking to put It families into the snow-covered streets. Reluctant judges wero forced, to pran-t several eviction orders despite th-ulr feelings but tho rest of tho cases wore continued to stave off action as lon.g as possible* In hooes s;om-o solution of Chicago's debt tangle will result in pay for the workers who carry on despite tholr poverty. One city employe, Mrs. I/outs Mogrlopsky, a n i l her four children were ordered to vacate a flat because she had no money tor rent a u d - i i o prospects o£ getting any u n t i l millions hiivp bean raised and poured in tho treasury. Joe Thompson, a school j janitor, was ordered out o? hia $20-a- montli room. Hia salary of $127 for January remains unpaid and there is no cash in tho school treasury for cither salarlso or coal, Two rays of hope for at least temporary relief from the load of almost $300,0-00,000 in t'.obts that mounts daily flltere-d through the gloom in an announcement thi,t Governor L. !·. Bm- inereon will confer I n t o today with incnrbers of the Chicago and Cook county tax boards and a veiled announcement from Silas Strawn, head of the "rescue- committee," that "som-e- t h l n g may be dona for the- county in a day or two." G e t a t t h e r e a l cause. That's w h A t t h o u s a n d s of ai.oir.ncJi s u f f e r e r s are d o i n g now. I n s t e a d oC t a k i n g tonics, or t r y i n g to p a t c h up a poor disresUoii,, t l u - y are a t t a c k i n g t h e real causu of t h e a i l m e n t -- - c l o j i ' K e d l i v e r a n d dls- imlr.rcd UosvclB. l)v. I'M w u n l s O l i v e Tablets h e l p :t r o u s e lli'i I Ivor in a socnhlrifr, h e a l i n g w a y . W i i c n tli : l i v e r a n d b o w e l s arc j . p i - r M - i n l n u t l i i - i r n a t u r u t f u n c t i o n s , j i e o p U i r a r e l y H i i f f e r f r o m I n d i g e s t i o n a n i l stomach troubles. l l a v o you a b:id taste, coated t o n g u e , }oor a p | e t l t a . n lazy, d o n ' t - c a r o fecl- hf-v, no a m b i t i o n or e n e r g y . t r o u b l e w i t l i u n d t K - e s t t ' / l f o o d s ? T r y O l i v e 'a'iihlcls, t h o s u b s t i t u t e f o r calomel. Dr. K«l w a r - I s O l l v o T a b l e t s ari a j u i . f l y v e g e t a b l e c o m p o u n d . K n o w C i r - j n h y t h e i r o l l v o color.. T h e y d o t h e w o r k w l l l u . u t g r i p i n g , c r a m p s o r l « i l n . All d r u K K l s t s . l-'c, Z0: and BOc. T a k e one or two at b e d t i m e for q u i r k r c l l o r . Kat w h a t y o u l i k e . -- A d v e r t i s e m e n t . Three of United Family in Hospital With Typhoid Fever Special to Tho Courier. MOUNJT PLEASANT, Jan. 30.--The third ofla United f a m i l y lias hoen admitted to the Memorial Hospital suffering w i t h typhoid fever. Sophhi Secora, aeven yearn old, was brought in yeotorday. Charles, 15 yearo old, and Agnes, 10, worr already patients. Another child died ·( t h i s disease. A u t o Door Torn Off. Mystery surround:; an automobile crash in Eaglo (street on Tuesday eve- nlng. Residents he;trd u crash as it two automobiles had come together. Hushing to the scene they found tlio door of (in automobile, a -seat and I some broken glans, but no cur or driver. Legion Smoker. Janice A. ZuiidoJl I'crU of. the American Lotion is p l a n n i n g tor a sinolfcr in lie club rooms on February (i. There will be bridge, five h u n d r e d anl pinochlo. Other .manner of entertainment is being arranged. The muetin-K j will negln p r o m p t l y at 7:30 o'clock.! All former sorvico men aro invited. I t ! is the hope of the Legion to increase j ite piemDership. Doctor lin; H Hon:i. Dr. C. L, Rc-hanelc has purchased the ; Morrlii Gordon ]iou:;e In V i n e street, i Mr. Gordon left yest+irday for Wurren,! Ohio, where ho w i l l locate. Mr. G o r - 1 don's family w i l l f o l l o w later. j JKIks Flan I'urty, The Elks are p l a n n i n g another of the very popular card parties for Fob- i ruiiry G. Friday and five hundred will j bo [ilaye-d.. Other entertainment will bo i provided. I J'riiyer.Servers .Resumed, i AfU'r several yea-s w i t h o u t m i d - 1 week prayer service ri they wero r e - j suraed at .tho Flrnt Reformed C h u r c h laat evening and w i l l c o n t i n u e to be! held each Wednesday evening. j To Crude Atlilotie .Field. Monday evening, K*obrunry Ii. the boarl of education will open bld» for ' excavating, filliuK, K've-ling and drain- j ing of the athletic ii»ld, at tho rear of the Ramuay High .School In Eagle street. CABEFULLY AVOID CARBOMNOXIDE Autoiat Should Take Every Precaution in Winter. BANDITS LOSE NERVE AND FAIL TO ET $500 IN GREENSBURG RAID 3an; 30.--The hold- lip ol' the loiso y u u n j ; wom«« attendant at llio C o m m u n i t y Savings Loan C o m p a n y b a n k in West Socond street (Mil not yield :!iy p r o f i t for the two l u u i f l H s w h o e n t u v c i f t h o i n s t i t u t i o n 3 / i-slci t (lciy s h o r t l y aCtr.r noon. 'I'lio ha milts ontered the bank w h i l e I h " manager was at lunch ami while Mrs. AJli-.o l!;iu;;Urnan, w i f e of 1'aul K. l i a u g h m i i n , a ck-rls, was In attendance. They covered hrr w i t h a gun anil Hcoopccl all tho m o n e y trom the cash tlruwrs Into a pile after binding tho woman's luiad^ and feet '.vith heavy t w i n e . They argued w i t h each other as to w h i c h out 1 fihoiild continue tu have tho responsibility of ttio weapon, lost, their n e r v e and finally, visibly Mhukcn, d a s h e d from t h e building leaving b e h i n d the currency, said to a m o u n t to $500. CONSTABLE, TWO OTHERS CHARGED WITH EXTORTION UNIOXTOW.V, Jan. 30.--Following a hearing before Alderman Marfi Allen Wednesday a f t e r n o o n . Constable .Jesse A. Cole-, William H a l f n i l l and Frank J5i\rchanowltz, alias Frank S m i t h , were bound ovor to court on two in- formations i-.liir.'sinK thorn with, blackmail and c o n s p i r i n g to extort money. Cole, \vho iciilified ho waa w o r k i n g out (£ a, local alderman's olTu-e, and M u l f h i l l £urni.slt(d ball in tho s u m of $.1,000 in both cases w h i l e the t h i r d man wa«i held in the jail in default oC bail. Chicago.--Motorists should take the utmost precautions to protect themselves from the d u n g e r of curbon monoxide during tiie winter months i and the simplest la to never remain | j in i closed garage w i t h tho car run- I rtlng, according to a statement Issued by the Chicago .Motor club. Assumes Natlonil Proportlono. It was said that f!ie danger from curbon monoxide ha* assumed national proportions :md an automobile running In an ordinary small garage with doors and windows closed will produce enough of the gas In a few inlnuteg to cause death. "The only · safeguard Is never to run the engine unless the garage door Is open or at least two windows," the motor club asserted. While there are no definite figures available oy the annual toll of deaths from carbon monoxide, the census bureau says there were i.',378 (tenths In 102s, while -the number of automobiles has since nearly o u b U d . Get Into Open Air. The club pointed out that a crtr owner working In n garage with the j engine r u n n i n g sh'oukl go nt once Into j the open up n fouling the slightest hcndnclic. Kifeetive treatment of acute earbnn monoxide poisoning wuu outlined as follows: | 3. The victim should be removed to i fresh air as soon -M possible. 2, If breathing hua stopped, or Is weak and I n t e r m i t t e n t , or present In ! but occasional gusptt, artificial respira- [ tlon by the Schaefer method should be given persistently until l normal breathing Is resumed, or until after the heart has stopped. S, Pure oxygen, or a mixture of 5 per cent of carbon dioxide in oxygen, should be administered for 20 minutes or more, beginning as soon as possible. Hody Jn Snelj Hurled From Car. NKW YORK, J a n . 30.--Police this mornius are aee-kiiig to identify the body of a man, w h l i - h was. hurled in a | .sack i'rorn an auti'mobile into the night crowd upon ijueensboro bridge. Steal .Downlnir's Auto. "L'N'IONTOW.V, Jan. SO.--An antomo- bllo, a largo sedan, owned by County Detective A. A. Downing, together with a pair of handcuff:*, a gas g u n and a large flashlight, were stolen Wednesday sifK-rnoon about -I o'clock w h i l e the office;: was in an a l d e r m a n ' s office- pro;iL';:u!;ii;V a i-ase. The ma- chino was f o u n d abandoned f o u r hours later in Ben Lomond s t r e e t . ( J e n c n i l ("oiincnu Dlrs. i ' A U I S , .lor.. ::u. ..-Om-riil U.iii.- Xapoleou C i U u c a u . w h o ( · ( i n i i n a n d e d !ln J O l J t Cavn ry D i v i s i o n i n t h e . World \V,;r. ili,-d hciv i m t a y . Ik- Irf | ;;. sou nt t i n ' " · i v a l p h y i i ' i : m Wjf ! ! h«* t'orl! ·::.-» of H a n i . 'I'u Kt'vNo l.iuv Against .lews. i WA11SAW. ,1 .in. no.-- l'roinitfi- C a s i - j met' Uartcl 'iias sent a letter to the j m i n i s t r y of ji.Ht.ife u r s l n g p r e p a r a - [ l i o n at oticc of a g e n e r a l r e v i s i o n oi j Uiv.- and tlic^/olitioit of .-ill p''ov. ; !'Kii[.-:! of t h e i r ci'.i-,o,: ; -Un i I Stop Coughs! Don't I|tt ccrughn develop into oerious illiicnj. Check it with Severn's Cough Bal- »om. Btop the tickle, aoothe the t'urout. A ntandard counh remedy for 49 yeor'i. Safe, vaactiva. At your dlUKKllto'. Two s, 25enad53c. A dollar's u o r i h of .sittisfue- Uon for every n u t you sycutl. full And Y o u ' l l 1,'ct U: r h o u c a T U B N E W F O I U O T O W P ? S E D A N In tfce Tftm S«Am r«N* ·«« a littlnfmitSuA tncaaifl* of the nntreUm ****ap «/ lint, mtiii-h mdd* j« mmeh charm t» M th» fu*9, r**my W*ri 6««Uet. SltuUator, h»*i, cowl, lower roof line, Jendvrt, wheel* -- every ftt'tnl of Hetign reflects fft« new ttffo tmJi beauty that Itma been pltc«dtvithin the meant of taseryonf:. All ff the new F»rd car* mm finished in m vsricty of colors IHE introduction of the new Ford bodies has set a high standard of motor car value. From the new deep radiator to the tip of the curving rear fender, there is an unbroken sweep of line--a flowing grace of contour gaming ad led charm from the rich and attractive colors. « «c « « You will lake a real pride in he smart style and fresh new beauty of the Ford JKist as yon will find an ever-growing -satisfaction in iu safety, comfort, spee'd, acceleration, ease of control, reliability and economy. In appearance, as in mechanical construction, craftsmanship has been put into mass production. New beauty has been added to on standing performance. c « « « « « « A feature of unusual interest if the use of Rustless Steel for the radiator shell, bead lamps, cowl rmish strip, hub caps, tail lamp and other 3xposed metal parts. This steel will not rust, corrode or tarnish and will retain its bright brilliance for die life of the car. Here, as in so many other important details, you'see evidence of the enduring quality tJ lat has been built into the new Ford. « « « * * Roadster, $435 Phaeton, $440 Coupe, $500 Twdor Sedan, $500 Sport Coupe, $530 Two-window Fordor Sedan, $600 Hirer window Fordor Sedan, $625 Convertible Cabriolet, $645 Town Sedan, $670 C.-IH pricuf, /. o. b. Detroit, 'plus freight and delivery. Bumpers and spare tire extra.) U N I V E R S A L CREDIT COMPANY PLAFTOF T I M E PAYMENTS O F F E R S YOU ANOTBIEK FORD ECONOMY 'Ello Folks! y Ere Again 1 "Sfr" Prilip Scott, the hsayy\veight fistic pride bf the British Isles, waving a greeting to New York, as he arrived on the S. S. Homeric en route to Miami, where he will meet Jack Sharkey, Iron Bridge IRON BRIDGE, Jan. 30.--- Wilrnor Jones and sister, Miss Gladys- Jones and friend, Mis» Myers, all o£ Dlck- ersou Run, wore the -gu-osls here Sunday ol Mr., and Mrs t John C. Faith. II. M. and C. A. Woodhull pL' W. Vii., wore here Sunday with Lh-elr sister, Mrs. Garfle-ld Miller, There are many .people here confined ta th-eir homes with colds. Mrs. Jesse- Vauee, had a small hone at the wrist oE her left arm broken hy a fall on tho 'ice at here 'home on Tuesday evening. Mr. and. Mrs. John Croshy and children wero at Mount Pleasant visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Balle on Sunday. Jamee Frey oC Alverton was liora Sunday with his school friends, James au-d Clifford Crosby. Mr. and Mrs. Biumct Adams and Mra Adams' father. Harry Kmerlch, all o£ Cleveland', Ohio, spent the weekend here with Mr. Adams' father, Samuel AdnniK, uud .slstc-r, Mrs. Harry I Faith and i'aarily. j Miss Virginia bii-whead is conflneii i to her houw; with illness. : A via Sr ix Confirms Annulement ClassltU'tl ; Try Patronize those who advertise. jHosafk, Schietingrer Company Adjusters of Federal and State THXCH Accountants Auditors 1415-20 Pork BnildJnir , Pa, Gibcrson Kasa. aotriety ,., aviatfix, confirmed the report thtt her marrltge to Dr, Gcorg* Frederick 70, noted gem expert, and vice-president of Tiffany Co., had been annulled last November.. The 27-year-old ladybird is said to havt affirmed the fact that the proceedings were carried out , in complete amity.

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