The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 30, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1930
Page 4
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FAGIQ FOUR. THE DAILY C O U R I E R , CONMSLLSVILLE, PA. THURSDAY, JANUARY so, 1930. TIUB COURIER CO., Pub!l»hcr«. HBNRT P. SNTDBn. r r o a i d c u t and '.Editor. 1870-1010. MRS. K. M. 'SNYDER, L'resldent, JAilKS .T. P r e s i d e n t and General P. C. BDMUN'DSON. . Vleo-Presldent, _ MISS R.'.A. DONEGAN, Secretary, and Treasurer. JOHN i-. OAKS, ' : Managing Editor. XVAI/nm S. STIMMEU' City ISdltor. ; MISS lyYN'XE B. Koi;Uty..Editor, '.. ' . · . ; . .MICMB13R OP A n n M - I . - u n N u w s i m p o r Publishers Ay a jciation. A u d i t nui-iia-.i ot Circulation. l'oiin«yh;m!a Xowspaper Publlshora Association. 'i'wo c e n t s per copy; 50c per m o n t h ; S.'t.OO por year liy mall U paid In ad- van no. l-o per week by carrier. K n t c r ^ d as secotia clnsa matter at the , C o n n c l l s v l U e . In it .section ot this country, i;s loss beiKjIiclal I h n i i apixiara. Much ot tho buyiuK is done elsewhere. Many ot the articles arc .produced In the prison or on tho farms adjoining, creating conditious of c o m p e t i t i o n local iMople would not ca re-, to n.i-cet.. PenitentiariM.shoiild.iVot ho built on improved fe'i'iiie farm land. Better fur would it po to locato the«i on practically jbarTen/waBtos where the inmates eoulil : be employed in clear- Ing the land and bringing it to a degree of fertnity a n d - iroductlvncs8 That would il:o · turning-laboi to good account. M'aiaiig two blad-e r of j whcrf;pn^ 01 .more grow befor-o form ,pf offor,t in which prkonei a can 'be profitably employed. There are Vii6t. acreages in the State where such Inipro veuve tit can bo carried or) vtth o u t - . approprlaUns choice 10,11(1. - - . . . ' . .'.. "·' THUJtSDAV IIVE'G, JAN. JM), 19«0. TUT; inyjusT TAX LAW. Tho more familiar taxpayers become with tho new law, which imposes an additional penalty of one- per ceut a m o u t h 011 delinquent taxes until paid,or t h e i r property i« sold to satisfy the claims for tajiefi, costs and penalties, the more they are convinced that it !a an inlciuitous, unjust and u n f a i r measure-. UK a c t u a l operation te cortaian to compel many taxpayers to eufi'er tlto Iocs of their properties, especially if they have been unfortunate during tho hist year, out o£ employment or otherwise deprived of a source of income. Faced w i t h the possibility that tho ac- · cumulated peimtticfi and. the many costs that will accrue by the- time the properties arc put up tor sale, will In jiunty instances equal the amount of the tax originally aieeeaod, they will make no effort to pay. Disheartened and discouraged these taxpayers vr.!!! permit their properties, evon though they represent many years of striving and saving, to be sold, being utterly unable to raise funds with which to pay the tasee and penalties. Other persons, pwninj; unimproved lots in towns will reach tho conclusion that it -will bo better to let them go to ealo than to continue to try to hold them until conditions change and an opportunity is presented to sell. Iti either eaeo comparatively few w i l l be a"bi© to redeem their properties w i t h i n two years after sale ae the law provides may be done. Some taxpayers will oven make no effort to repossess themeelvert of their properties. AH inevitable result of tho new law will bo that an excessive number of properties w i l l be offered for sale next Augufi-t. J'.Iauy of them will not bring the amount of the taxes, penalties and cell's. Others will not receive a bid. The- county commissioners will hold t i t l e to these, retaining them u n t i l purchaser.-! are obtained. Meantime they will be withdrawn from taxation and the ins resources of the respective communities and the county be reduced accordingly. Within a few years the coinmisslonerrf wiil become large "hold era of undesirable, non-taxable laiidti. "IHJYJXG "Y . OF xirui U..EXT The change In the vi ewe o f . tha county comini isioners on the eubject of ine'taUing voting machines through a bond issue, to the- purchase of such number as finances will warrant, will no doubt satiiif}' tho taxpayers ot tho county .better ,thau had tlioy been aelted to approve an additional bond issue for this specific purpose. Ordinarily there Is a against .bond Issues', notwltUatanclirig they often provide the most expedit- ·ioiis means for acoornpliehing certain definite objectn and purpoHCB, Tho almost universal approval ct voting machines at the -November ol'ac- tlon shows the sentiments of the voters, bat it is douotful '}f Jiiany of them consider 'xl that tljelr inetallfttio.n would roqulr! . a vory : 'coheUlorable sum of 'money. Perhaps few gave thought aa to whence thi«. money would come. The arrangement to provide it from- 1 urreut revenues,' which can be increafod by greater economies in administration, will -suit the taxpayers better than to pay the principal and interest of a bond issue.. ' - . . · : . If you owed $100 in taxes, on which a penalty oC live per oent ihul be-cn added on October 1,-and had reduced tho principal !y payments .to say $40 by the first of January, and con- timied to pay f l O - t i mouth until May, and nieautime were taxed an additional penalty of fl.OO a month, what .rate of interest would you be paying on the. last ¥10 by Way 1? That Is a''problem- in tax arithmetic the deliquent tax payers would like to have worked out for thorn before they decide whether it will bo cheaper to pay or'havo the county treasurer sell their property. If you are fi-jfupporter ot the proposed canalization ot the Yo/ugh you should show your colors by enrollment as a member of tho youghlog- heny River Improvement Association, President Will Get "A" Tariff Bill Not to His Liking ill Represent the Best 01)- tahauhlo ( Under C'irrumst«iices. By 'DAVID L A W R E N C E ( C o p y r i g h t IQ'M by Tlio Courier..) WASHINGTON. 30.--President THE PRICE OF. PROGRESS Hoover will t a r i f f b i l l -- w i t h It :'H belle-veil t h a t about one yoar'n ,, o n e m t i o n ot the law will ui-oiwe uuch UlD accent on the ' u. And it wilt viKorom, Kotcsts that w i l l load to »,, r ** TM n [ » ,' ll ,°. """ F?^ °*^. igorous p material modification, if not complete rope-til, visions. of, its u n j u s t pru- DOES FAYK'tTK' COl'XTV W A N T A I'EMTKXTIARY! DOGS 1'V.yetto county roally -want a p e n i t e n t i a r y esl«xb!i.shed within its boundaries? C a r e f u l consideration of the prop- o s i t i o n w i l t doubtless convince many citi/ens that such an addition to our Clilabli.shir-ents is by no means desir- ablo. A c e r t a i n a m o u n t of odium at- to all comrnunttlos wherein f-uch p r i h o n a exist. The outside p u b l i c associates penitentiaries with tho localities in such a manner that carries no c rod it to the towns n cares t to them. 'i'\vo instances may bo citod showing 1his clTocl. I n Center county where tho now Western Penitentiary has bwn erocted about six mile.'* from or early April tor signature. And he will sign it. i The · nieaair-o will not bo t o ' M r . Hoover's Itklu.:; any more t h a n it will bo to t h a t of Congress but it w i l l represent tho :est obtainable compromise under the circumstances and will permit the Republicans to go to tho country next a u t u m n with a record of the- Federal Farm Act and tho tariff law as the ma,tor accomplishments of. t h e i r Icgis-lativo effort!!. As for rate:;, Congress making them. Tho e x e c u t i v e i n f l u e n c e is secondary. The votes in the Senate arc m a k e s h i f t m a j ^ r i i i s s b u t t h a t a f t e r a l l is the w i l l of 'lie Senate anl the expression of Ih v variety ot conflicting interests. Far from obstructing the prosrress of tho bill, tin coalition has actually f o r w a r d e d the measure since the holiday ruec-as of Congress'. And it has applied the brakes to some 'ot the e x t r a v a g a n t l y high rates which the House - b i l l would have imposed. liollet'oiito, t h e establishment IK in- coalition has heutt a re.slrainiri Tho fac- separably connected w i t h that t o w n , tor and w h e n tho b i l l is f i n a l l y lOvery t h n o : o n v i c t s escape, or t r o u b l e a n a l y z e d it m i - y tx. t h a t fiotue ol! the of any k i n d occurs among the Inmates,'conservatives w i l l w i s h I he coalition or a rnurtk.ror is electrocuted, tho n e w s goes forth to tho world' u n d e r a .1'i'llefonto data lino, ;i.nd that town Buffers . f r o m tho association. Had the c i t i ' / e n s of H i n t town and tin: vicinity of. the pri.-on thoir way about it, they w o u l d K ' l s i d l y vote to remov-o the penal i n s t i t u t i o n lo .some- re-moto point. U p w a r d s ot .'1,000 iicrcts of fine lai.d, In a boautit'ul valloy -havo and are used to provide- for the sustouanco of the prisoners) Tho c o m m u n i t y derives no -benefit,; not ov-en that of taxation, therefrom, and tho fanners are ovon denriVe'd of tho markets tho prison would otherwise offer to them. True, it provides -employment for the prisoners, but under conditions that do the- s u r r o u n d i n g country absolutely no good. Another instance is that of tho West Virginia Penitentiary in tho town of i ' h i s occupies a s tu entirely w i t h i n *:·.· t o w n l i m i t s t h a t would 'be- h i g h l y I v i b h - for homes or new industriiH. : .. . . r.carcely a resident of this lev. r, ,;..! would not bo slad 1C their l o w u n i ' j l i l be rid of the blight the p r i s o n lui.- l a i d on t h t town. U i h v r ainl s i m i l a r Instances mlsht IK; ciitxl tv show t h a t penlte:itUu-ieu are not the k i n d of institutions any t h r i v i n g and up-to-date community jM'C-ds or dV3lres, Thoro la over proa- t u t the menace ot prisoners escaping, u s u a l l y of the most desperate- type. Tho p u r c b a w s oC supplies, which is urged as an argument tending to show tii« advantage;* of UiLs kind of had gone f u r t h e r toward maintaining tho status QUO on l^ordnoy-ATcCumber rates. The lI}j fi^h'. will eomn on the export debentur" plan and tho provisions for pres deutial modification ot the tariff t h r o u g h a tariff commission. Those are tl.o so-called flexibility clauses Tho il.ebou'lure plan rolates to agriculture and is to be optional. The Federal .Farm Board now probably has · p'o/wt r .enough to put i n t o effect an export, debenture plan. Bo the legislation jjlvlneHt'such optional or discretionary powers is not important, relatively speukiiij,', if tho Farm Board is composer! of a personnel in sympathy -with the President's well k n o w n o p p o s i t i o n ' t o tho scheme. I t - m a y bc-coinq .necessary for Mr. Hoover to yle'.d on the de-benture optional provisions ; iu order to get the flexible tari'lt Idea t h r o u g h . The latter is tho a l l - i m p o r t a n t alibi. K it r e m a i n s In t h e law, the- President can d o m i n a t e those rat.f.s he doesn't like, Hi' against w h i i - h tin; country sots up a protest . a n d ae ran c o n f i d e n t l y ass u r e tho pt?opi-- t h a t Hie tariff commission c o m s t i t u U ' K a c o r r e c t i v e i n s l r u m e n t u l l l y . 'A'llhmit. tlu t a r i f f -om- mlsaioii and l l e u b ' o powers, I ho President must d*;'end the whole- tariff bill and ask t h o ' W i n t r y to . . h o eouU'iit w i t h a promisic that at Uio first op- p o r t u n i t y , i£ i.l,e bill work's out uii- -rir- It -ifiil SWrTTi'1'i Vi''^" 0 'in ^ BCouse do the "flexing" instead of the .President or a, tariff commission directly responsible; to him. In either event political pressure w o u l d bo iri- tonse. It is literally linposeilble to determine at this date- what the f i n a l show-dpwn will reveal, but if tho Konso insists on tho flexible tariff plan which the President favors and Mnety-Seven Per Cent Of American Wen Die And Leave No Wills Ninoty-ficvon por cent of American lists the export debenture- plan go mcn dlo w i t h o u t m a k i n g a will. And through, Mr. Hoover may achieve a ! D m n y O f thcao- leave considerable victory that w o u l d - salisi'y him. But \ cflilil( . s w h i c l l con60 q,, C r tly are eaten !io hasn't Intimated yet t h a t such a compromise- would be acceptable and :he chances are it would be impolitic tor him to say so until the measure gels i n t o conference where such, as agreement would 1 have to bo consummated. up by delay, by urine-cess -ry taxes, and by litigation unti! the wii ow flnds her- soif with only one-half n one-third of the amoair. t h a t tho hu hand has expected her to have for t le support of the home and ih! r e a r i n g of t h e ch!!- [ dren. This !« UIB s i t u a t i o n br mght to light l i i n H in an article ELM TREES ARE NOW THREATENED WITH A FATAL BLIGHT A w a r n i n g has been sent out by the P e n n s y l v a n i a Department of KorcstH a-id 'Waters that the- most, b e a u t i f u l i luenrartc'C i.hat is s'.iade tree in America, tho olm, may | (,, women. Theirs b- t h bo destroyed if tho D u t c h elm · by Frederick L. C o l i i n j in t.lio c u r r e n t CJ^^jd magazine. M r . C o l l i n s is tho wife's -!-:tie'itial, if leliwito, duty to insist t h a t h-ir husi and make a legal disposition of life ; ropcrty. "Seventy per t e n t of ho men who women are not as capable in flnancial mattera n« mon," he aaye, "'but e-till there are many who tio-od expert advice on financial matters." To avoid oarly disintegration -of estates ho urges that all estates of any size be loft in the hands! of bank or trnet comiiany experts an administrators. Child Learns Early To Imitate Parents Abnormal and unpleasant habits ot behavior in children tire BubUe la their beginning and .development. They are easy lo prevent but hard' to euro, says Dr. Samuel McOlintock Hum-ill in an. article in tho current Hygeia. O n l y -within tHo leavo t h e i r n.oney t women," he polntB out. " X i i i f t y per cut of all tho is made out. fouaekeoplns! ul "v v n t m n rcccnt - vcaTfi have t h a t it r"y SK '' tul s concerned with children, .studied tho uuestion ot their mental health. Dr. Hanrrill points out, but they have advnncwl some distance in .safeguarding tho ch.ild'w m i n d from. I n f l u e n c e s t h a t migln cause diatur- bances later .in life. The simple act of sitting by the child's bed at n i g h t or reluming each \\ hich has ravaged the elms o£ Kuro])i, in i h o flnti! analvsio Liu rs ia tho r e - i fitakt?. And j timo ho calls us back develops a trait caters this country- No way to light t h i s (hscovercxt as yet. I t has bocn resrinbl»-s t h o c'icatnul. b l i g h t in the spued v iilch it spreads ami the e f f e c t u a l way iu which, it ruin!! l.ho trcca. It was 'first dii'i-.overocl in H o l l a n d in l'J20. Since t h a t l i r n o it. has dc- v-iHtated tho clinit of H o l l a n d , B'lUm, Franco and l i c r m a h y . J.''-7 it !i;us appeared tu IS UK! a n d . "Kvon a homo-i.ia'.'lo w out lo.L-ul a - s i s l a r ci.-, is I \ v i i l at ; i l l , " ll( idldWri. a n d i n f o r m a l Ijpq in-.tK a s to my w i f e . " and, "Mrii. '. a l l , " h a v o boon :irrflpi:'- t h o c o u r t w of Kl-ode j-j c j. i noiii n?fip-'c l i v e l y , and I I l u c e o t " sailor, a few wnr ; w h i c h was w a s h - i r l ; 1. done w i t h - t h a t is normal to every c h i l d ; namely, b i n d i n g by an K r p U s h -'· urt. .A.ny b a n k e r or I-iwyt ovc of power, a desire to control hia. s u r r o u n d i n g s for III'H personal satis- · t h a n no | f a c t i o n . It is autazing how e a r l y thl.i Such s l m p l o ; t r a l f - '-"ay m a i n t c B t itiielf. To keep it " K v o n - l l i l n g ; ""ithin normal l i m i t s is one- of the I leave h e r l " l o s t - "5»''P« I "t;iiiL f u u c t i o n s of parent- 'IIM lera! by i ' lom '» tot ' there :s no trait more dc! md' and n i i . | s l r " c t l v n lo h i H a d l l | t experience. , · u n i q u e w i l l ' I u o h of a c f l l l f l a behavior is dcter- i m i n o d by i m i t a t i o n of his parent?. ! What, a l o u d of re-KpouBlblllty that lilacoB on tho s h o u l d e r s o.f parents, educators and all those who liavo to tho tralulnK ot the cJiild, Dr. q u e i t on ft biiard ro, w;is hcki The twigs of tho e-lm c u r l , and the leaves w i t h e r , when tho free- iu firsi infected. The leaves at t h e top remain for several weeks, but o v e n t u a j - ly tho tree Js H t r l p p o d ba're. K e d d i s b - | n i e n t s are in o n l i r 'o !» bindlnj;, ssya j jjood a n d tho bad b r o w n Blreaks become visible, in the wood of a diseased elm. Trees from 15 to 'to years old are in I be m c l t l n u o a w i l l and j HoiuH] observes. Unfortunately chil- fitr.ttB how D i m p l e tho require- ] drc-u do not discriminate between tho in their elders' .Mr. ( . ' i i l l l i i s . arl k c a p i r i f r an.icl "The I I I H i n tliMt; ii~ t i rnout apt to be lnfecl.-.l. Tin- i-pores j t . ll;lOi . w , l k ,, i l i v ; i ! . i a b [ ,,. - t s u U s n -iu-n w h i c h cause the d i u c d K » are H proad · |hc , |v i ,, n() w l n a , aU .J,,. . f o r c w , na} by the w i n d , entcnu E Uic trees ^ j | m ^ t c l l t ^ r( ,, a { tho J n _ t h r o u g h small wounds. i . . - in UK C/ood House-1 behavior. \o matter how absorbed they may scorn to be in play or books avoid t h e ( h o y a r e constantly w a t c h f u l a n d W o r k Is now being carried on to d e t e r m i n e w h i c h varieties of elm ar«, | potls * oM.tisallon liast sti.scc-itlbl(.* to tlicv diaeaso, and these will be propagated, s i n c e no method of control of. th.o plague haa sen discovered. Family Tradition Holds Long in Michigan School t e r m i n a b l e d e l a y , i.ho d e / a s t a t i n ^ cx- -and I 10 widow l e f t in tho end w i t h o n l y a ' l i r d of what: the h u a b a n d i n t e ; i d x l to leave here." Almost ct|U«illy -at fan t w i t h those who mal\» no w i l l s ar« ho men who nanu t h e i r w i v e s aa exec itors of their ««5 and thesis who b ive tlioir i n - Huranr.c In an u n r u f i r i k H l l u m p 6tiin to j ( h e i r f a m i l i e s , pay:-! Mr. i o i l i n s . "This do-!ti not mran tliat some (.·very :-Uirrinpc or sarcastic: remark registers on t h e i r receptive minds. GAiljlBX, M'ich., J a n . .'50.--'Children ol' Beaver Dam school, uiiar bore, to- d-iy are- a t t e n d i n g clas.HOK in tho « ' b u i l d i n g thoir i j u r c n t s a n d g r a n d - ; did. Moreover, thoir Ic-achor, M r a . Eliza K o l l c y , in a sisitor of I ho .school's early mas lor, A l v i u T. Mor- lc-y. Morl-cy q u i t Ic-achin-g the l i t n i v u i ' Dam school -l-i years aso, and a niece, daughter of Mrs. KclU-y, took charge. Several years a^o the niece annonncc-d she no longer wished to teach, HO Mrs. Ivolley, although a jjranttoiotli-or, entered AVes-tern Stato Teachers College, Kal'amazoo, obtained' her teacher's c(-rtillcat and relieved her (latight-cr Abe Martin that tho family t r a t l i t i o n at Dam might .bo perpetuated.. favorably, .he request Congress to reconsider tic- p a r t i c u l a r provisions u n d e r (ire. w a i ts a flexible tariff, but wants tu be sire- tiiai the Senate* and Beaver Tho Governor's J'AiCKSOX, Miss., J a n . 30.-- A. woman r-C'ceutly wroto Governor Theo. (.!. BiDxi of us i'ollowii: "0e»ir. U i l l . B o : Conditions h e r e a r e t e r r i b l e , l/udies a r e n ' t sal'o; tlioy can K-t out tor the n i o o i i K h i n o , even." \Vl»Hlur l a w . .onforcoui-cnt i.'; lax or 'licol.UfK f l e l h e r y iy ueailnd' d u r i n g cold wii.s not made- cUmr. Uretifcs lionjy Kccont. rilS, Tenn., Jan. 30.-- On the day after a newspaper |raisod his record, Patrolman Tom Newell was m:sisol on his boat for the- first time City's Aerial Blanket of Soot I n u fiuciit to diacovor what makoi; n p tho aorial "blanket" that ishuts out so miieh simshino from tho inhabitants of big cities, it .has been f o i f n d in «IK i i i f i U i m i o t h a t tho blanket i;i i-omposo-d of «5 tier cent carbon diiHt, uiwl 10 .per cent mineral piirtleles j and ash, w h i l e the romaiiidcr includes a variety oC materials. Factories, (iiitoniobiloa and highways all lielp to contribute. The people oC cities breathe these K ul is I an cos iiHo their lungs, w l i l l e ; a lan;e part oC tho b l a n k e t o v e n t u a i i y rents on skyscrapers am! other s t r u n t n r o s an-d mar thoir . hoauly. Autouiobllos also suffer tho ( l u l l i n g ol' -the bright llnlshcs -of tho cars by tho forming ot "traffic Iflni." K o r l u n a t c l y , in the case or tho motor car, the trufllc H i m may bo reonoved and the Kurl'acea nuuio ajs bright and s h i n y ae now. Bitt to scour a 60-story building is something else, while -getting the. foreign matter out o£ human lungs IB quite another matter. Still, sorno- scientists claim that, breathing about three tcaspoonCuls ot soot and other stuffl a year la not aa IKM! ae it sounds. ju He. was racorted aick. lo lo \w-aj' (· \' : n i u ' H . i m l ! i l o n ' t w n n t t'.' lui b ' J l b u i ' o i l u'Hh n o l o i i f j s v j l l t - b o t t o i n p l i i r t w l i p n pasK l.hc h o t e l , " i'(!m:irked T a w u e j A p p l e , t h i s f o r c t i o o i i t s.;uc,fn \Vc\-: 'i.l'a.'i.iji-i' ! i ; i - sot a p u n y MIK: soru I'I'T ! r o n l i v l i t - r c iic-'s wuivtC'l i!\ Kan--.t.-7, a u ' I" '··· '"' ' "-·'"' l h y l d Cloi'gj'jnun SlvQols Two and Soli'. MJJ'N.DODTA, 111., Jan. 30.---Angered by gtiasip a m o n g his flock, conn-oelhiK his naino with that of a widow, and b l a m i n g : the j a n i t o r of 'his c h u r c h for 'Hie l a i l c , J t t r v . .1. A. W i l s o n , (JO, shot and wimni.lbii the j u u l t o r , Hie j a n i t o r ' s wife-, and h i m s e l f iadt nlfc'ht. Seven Ji'uuriHl Lost in Oast, Storm. WILMINGTON, N. C., J a n . IK).--Fear that seven m«n had drowned In -mount a i n o u s seas oft' the. coast here was expressed this m o r n i n g u t t e r a search | of the coast failed to locate tho men j aad a small tugboat. I A single day of coughing saps more vitality than three square meals a day can give you! J L H R E E square mc»ls d»ilp --containing enough energy to do the thousand and one routine taskt of the day! Yet, nil thi» energy can so easily be wasted by a Tiol«nt, irrittuog coagh, leaving you nttetiy cxhaiMfed, without strength or ambirion. Medical science teils us that conghJag uses up energy more quickly than any other bodliy exertion. That is why it is so important to ^dicck coughs at the start Pertnssitt quickly relieve* the congh by getting at the immediate cause. It loosens the phlegm, soothe* the irritation and quiets tac cough spa*tn. It is the sufe method because Perms- sin is a purely herbal remedy and coo- tains no dope or harmful drags. It is pleasant to take aad trill aotapsct the stomach. In addition, any druggist can tell you that doctors have prescribed Pertussin more often thao any other advertised cough remedy. It is safe for every cough and for crety member of the family. "DON'T COUGH YOUR ENERGY AWAY" To Is your husband or brother or son one of the long-suffering males whose tie- racks display the hideous selections of hurried women shoppers? · . » ,, By riding the electric cars your shopping tour affords you time and coo* venience to pick ou»: ties for the males of your family, that they will be proud to wear. PENN I ail ways TIRE PRICES PLAY SAFE. IJHV ON'LY 3VATIOXALLT AUVERTISTRH BKATS liny from yimr homo store tin A save -money. Jf you prefer Brands not listed (jelow AVO will g-et (hem for yon. Firestone Pathfinder Sue :.M)xJ.-10 .' (,· »i k£ It it »«.\«.oo C s. 14 l iji 5.70 7.25 «.40 7,15 7.«0 SJtO J)l70 10.25 12.01) J2.25 4.85 5.00 9.25 12.35 Vacuum 17. S. Rubber or Cup Cioodycar Goodrich $ i.M) 7.40 7.00 S.50 S.!)0 (UO , 1 1.20 11.70 l.V-'O lii.70 ;.oo 7.00 10.00 10.00 11.35 $ 7.10 8.10 7.!0 0.10 0.75 10^5 12.10 12.75 14.50 15.00 5.S5 KM WM 11-50 15.80 $ 8.10 8.70 0.00 10.10 10,10 J1J20 in.oo 18.05 ISA'S 10.20 7.10 Henvy Duty iiOxl.iO 28x4.7") 29x-1.7."» ;io.\-r.o« 10.00 10.20 I l.fiO I !!.!." 'i;i.i!o 11.0(1 15.50 15.70 lfi.20 12.70 17.00 11.70 12.10 1UO 12.00 12.75 U25 H.»0 15.10 17.00 17.75 1»^35 M.'_T .15.50 1!5.70 i!J,Q 10.00 1(!.40 IS. 15 18.50 Union Supply Co, ^* J» Qf Sixty Stores in Nine Counties of PcansylvanJ*.

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