The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 27, 1964 · Page 47
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 47

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1964
Page 47
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l 7 T1WWT3AY, AtfOTJST tT, MM Entertainment DIRECTORY ," hTOVTETTMI SCHEDULE Alaedla Tom Jm"; "A Whui Ukt Ittu". Boa orrlee oasat pes Show Mart el euak. Aate Iky "T Deye In Stay": -Bunnln Man". Boa errlee apeae ( paa. Ikn etarta It duak. nUU 'A Hard Dtyt Klght-l -Oun Ptfhl it Comanche Cmk". Baa SHIM epane P-tn-' - Show atarta' at dusk. - lSltst " -Robin ul In T HowIC. II II-110 4 4J TOO..- tJO. Last (how 0. Cutter la Sabre at U rieche", 114. UHJM M: "Cord mi all Vooj Plait", 1 00-4.15-1 SO. Ctntra - "Tna Maaiua at the Bed Death-. lJo-4.l-T S-t . "Tha DnU'l Hand", t oo - Mat now 140. Classes parts Trar1auanbi da Blanche a", 40 . wit. Ctna Million! Cons tant",, tut. Lest complete enow at . -Baetlme Itorr". T4l-4l. Lest mow ja, ' Sitia -The Hew Interns", 1148 -IS - S.IB - V is M0. Uttl Sim The Silence". l.t - 10 Is ' tlaata ' "T Wart la Sundown". 1 34 1 . to ot; "Boy .of tha City" as . 7.10: Tanan'a I Chat' Sfitara". 1 - to. Last show .0. Maylalr "It th Man With tha X-rUy Cna". l ot - 4.00 - 7.10 - 10.10: ChlMraa of she Damn", ate- f .tt-e-so. mm anew a-w. ' Nelsea . The Cmaty Caavaa". Monday Mini Friday, two shows nlahuy, TJ-10. tstardsy. Sunday and oUdaya st Trent Boasts with "One MaaS Way". Boa eniee opena at TJ0 pa. Shew starts at dusk. fiimKa Now Adventure' It 10-1 J0- S- 40; "Gold to tha Caasara". Ust shew to. Blalte w.v. Backet. Will Travel' "Hold That Hlpne-tut ". 140 . T.13: "Ma and Pa Kettle at Waktki". 1 00-4t-K A Hard Bay a Night". 110-14- 4-te4J-ioot. . Star Tap -' Wonder World af Irtterl OrUnm": "Hoetenanny Heat", nasi fl tea epaea at S pm. Show starts et dusk. Bedtime Story", ljt- f t US T.41 S.4S. Laa ahaw SJS. Dnactng floor Show CHATCAU LAUItrElt Danclnt iitfhtr. amartslnmant at S r-IXS CtAIKS Ururtllassset trass f pja. am KXintl Musm ss the telaa d'Or. tnurtatnmaml. ATtNSAt) CLCB - Donets and tws Hoar shows aUBUy. UN Uam aad beauttve fwav gerrntPROvntciAL IOTIL , Dtnlas ana eaetnt nlehUy. yrTAWA SKTUSI Mtswa In she OrUL ST. LCKffS srarn 1 aTAWDtSIIAU. Danclnd east . ontartawaasist BSfhtly. y TAUSMAM I a t a r t a t a a a t Sidy Eahta "f town aouss motcl tawo . tauusiant ntfhtly rreai S.te. OTTAWA HOUSE " ' . : in raa aatix . i ; : ut TBia witxi NEAL JACKSON V and HIS QTJAXTET ; ; SOCK . TWIST aad , : INSTRUMENTAL 1NTERPR0 V1NCIAL HOTEL rjcln Nlghtry to . . ROIIY and" THE HAWKS : THE PARASITES today oatwiaf aad Batertataaaeat trosa Ije ta laje sat. Twaa . 'T i Loct,0,, ffy & $a.;;-7, J Rldeaa SL CHEZ, HENRI HOTEL Safon cFOr ' ENTERTAINMENT , NIGHTLY 'fix TEA WAGON HeHStTt ' iMMnoii uutonct . 1 tJ KSTUMMtT FREE TOT SOLDIER TO tVERT CVtTOMCS tnmmmtmai tut t to n. n ANN ITT I C0k9 eseSyajsjaas 9 SMOROAMOR0) aa. II Msa tatpsv AT THE MOVIES Superdblph i n Makes r For Good Clean Fun FLIPPER'S NEW ADVENTURE. Starring Luke Halpta, Brian Kelly, Tent Hehatrt. Hskta Cherry, Pamela Frank-11a sad Franceses Analt. New play Int. at the Regeat Theatre. 1 - ly CLYDE GILM0UR Walt DUney's near-monopoly in the realm of so-called "lam' ily" movies It being threatened at last by a preposteroui but endearing competitor: a playful small whale or dolphin named Flipper which It, or anyway aeemt Id be a rat smarter than most of the humans surrounding It, . This bdltle nosed mamma), a sort of first cousin to a. por poise, made her screen debut last year In t profitable entry titled Flipper, co-starring lanky young Luke Halpin as the lad who befriends her and makes s pet of her in Florida coastal waters. SEQUEL Now comes a sequel Flipper's New Adventure. And a weekly television series about the same remarkable creature is slated on NBC for the season of Mee ts. "Remarkable," on second thought, is a rather stingy word to describe the exploiu this superdolphin performs m her second starring vehicle even If we make due allowance) for camera trickery end the sly things that can be dons In the cutting room after the filming is over. Such stunts ss leaping high over her young pal's rowboat rv H-2 LADIES' NIGHT: EVERY THURSDAY or balancing snout sr mere r. Flipper. For example, la one lively l sequence she turns herself Into! an underwater tow truck by I looping a bowline around htrl nose end nulling the skiff ml which her exhausted master is I trying to escape pursuer. DOUSES FIRE Flipper also gees on scouting! expeditions around their island I hideaway, douses firs by pur- possly splashing water on It. I and briskly aids a the capture I of three escaped convicts who are holding t blueblooded Briton I and his family as hostages. All this makes for coed clean fun fa aa old - fashioned BoVsl uwn reper style. Mountain Park Board Barges Through Tulips With Scissors Too much of s good thing wu Board of Control's re action Wednesday to a $2,200 tppTopriaUoa . for tulip bulb for tat etty hail. -Ws cut that ia half st the . tstlmatss tad 1 they've come beck with it again." snapped Mayor WhK- tOB. Controller Webber tag- eeated S2J00 worth of tulip bulb would be enough to canst the city hall grounds. The board ellppsd tin ap propriation to half aist ua the staff to awn "Not Sinct v , v. ' " V V MY FAIR LADY Hi You'U Split , Uughtnf mi. GENE ALLAN , llilarloiw Comedy Star , ' HELD OVER! ' 7, ZABETHE WILDE . txslttaf aa Oraaails ttrnfiat . . - taaMtMa. seaciAi. aTTiNTioM te Baaaa.u. wsddtass, Partlaa, eta, Olaaara rma S P.M. Bs4al Aaaaauaadattaa Avsllsats ... tHmums SS4-S1SS a - I 1 fl MOTOR INN w HAVE' WE SEEN SUCH A BEAUTIFULLY ' ' . STAGED SHOW LOS AJeOELES MANAGER Of THE CREEK THEATRE "VIENNA LIFE" I WIENER HUT OF JOHANN STRAUSS r COMPANY Or t5 , . ORCHESTRA CHORUS CORPS DE BALLET STARS OF VIENNA'S MUSICAL THEATRE NEXT TUESDAY nd WEDNESDAY '. aWTOl THEATRE -140 PJH. nexm xm 4 vi.00 Oa Salt at AS I DAVIS AGENCY STORES rASXTNOWOOD Itt SfABK BniTWOS BtUDOS PtJUA Ifiit tp party nd t$ dtttdnt Friday Uturiif mint in Talhmu Vilhp Cartlnfl Avenue at th Kit hut of hy-psa Ntvor s tovsr sf mlnlimim Ctrl m-7001 for rosonrstlont . THE OTTAWA JOtlRNAL RAILWAY POPULAR WINNIPEG (CP) A mutie- I ture ataam railway thai runt I lor 1.100 yards through Astiai-bouM Park her proved to ba -3 I .;:." r,..: u.akaA. "amaiingty popular" in ila Oral week of operation A mid-August. Officials reporj (be railway attracted 20,00 riders in ha first aeven days of operationat 21 cants a ride. r wsTwdwaaf Skot Ihigi 1 1 lagaaaf. SaaClii iespwi iiildiaS asia I I iTun?'l.n:;.,??-ss a banana on herl I I 11 i'!iI'wysL1 child . pU, lor AfllrJCS SANK aad QUEEN STS. FEATURES AT 12.11 Ul ttlU- S La.S - - - Mn 45wTseaail " -. mrnm eifnnn or ruroa Qnr 3555 m J mm www Now! Stana aad saares na-aiii AMOK,,, m THE UK.1 & ' I a fJk T I ,;' 1 ti r'WVaJ C DEaTH 2M-I57S AS 7.M M fssisaj a. PIUS "GOLO FOR THE CAESARS" In Ttchnkelor . . ccnn'in crimen vcfk UM UUD . ws-twiii wsi.inwisg - Elects officers ir$theb2stsinceMT0UCI!ofUIIX Dr. Pierre Moreeu has bees I elected president of the Moua- Uia Perk Cut Club which! opens Its 1K44S teatoa Oct. 1 1 with Louis Malle's "Zaxie dans I It Metro." Other officers art Aa ton I a Boisvtrt. vice . president: Mrs. I Franco ise Dendcamk. sec re-1 ury; Paul Cardinal treasurer: and Rollsnd Leduc and Mrs. Rente Beaudota directors. Screenings will be held at the new auditorium of the Margue-I rite d'YouvlUe College, ml Tache Boulevard. Hull. Mem-I berthip cards will bsisvailablsl after Sept. 1. , TufclKT STCEtTJlPUT Bclvvwfcd!cov5Brel lllISi ft. MARIPN . DAVID BRANDO NlVEN shirley Jones I if s 3 1 -w 13 cm licet fit nraft Rttttrt) 1 sanitT BJm ett SfflslStOHsl . SSttTIlat807! MEET THE NEW BRANDO AT 140 s'. , sajMSBsUraWeWMMl tu I 1 1 11 n aw it I Doors twattitajMUyr iugw at XKnJCnajt a .fflifTf lauw COMFORTABLY AIR CONDITIONED, BOTH THEATRES fl0Mm Ve Jii 4-4yaYrava.aZ'aJ-"s a."rk., immuLMaivsMmm : ' , .. . tssiS -MROtlin t'Tif'".- P"""r"fl - ADDED PEATURE1 BwJlwMMMjUU.MlMui -j lu : i ti -oh wn wir mmmua seat s aassaMBT lessa ?4tWM Opeas 7 JO Deny. tacL Ssasday FOTO NITE NAMES SELECTED LAST NICHT t fftr UfO 2nd llr SSOO - Wb. Roaaoo Clsaretto 104 Chsiplala St. . ' Cstlasaa Peiat "S5 AS : StJas GerasaisM Leuria . 230 Kent St. . .. - HoB ' JrJUJ.l. I 1 v Hi tEATLE FANSI GET YOUR FREE 0uUlD(Gr ff")T0 CF TVE tTltS TODOY TU ST. 7w iwxmii , Fivsl -CHILDREN OF THE DAMNE0 Beware tha Eyes That ParaJyt J vy riAs mmm7m I yV mam 1 .1 AMBASSADOR ARRIVES pHNOM PENH. Csmbodis (AP Randolf A. Kidder ar rived y plane at Phnom Penh Wednesday1 to take up his new duties at U.S. ambassador to Cambodia. THJ '.EE STCSCES kHAYl ROCKIX lYILL TRAVEL "MeatWAiW En IhglW at)BT LANCASTea KIRK DOUGLAS AVA OABDNIK "7 DAYS IM MAY" LAtlBKNCB HABVBT MIS BSMICB "RUNNING MAN" i THE ACADEUY AWAKQ 4 WINNER! ESTlPICTURf m 7htehIe tftidlttt t ones! tJOTaVUCOLOl EM Si ( DUPUY IN PRAGUE PRAGUE (Reuters) Pierre Dupuy, commits loner . gtnersl of the INT Montreal world i I ?I-VitM iTTT TONIGHTI Lauraaco Blanray t lairs BVsaav Baraare Bdaa 43 5Wffi..Tg.ra SHOW STARTS AT DUSKI -H3 (era I a4 . i m . I V ALWAYS A COLOR CARTOON DEUX VERSIONS FRANCAISES EN TECHNICOLOR . LE SABRE ET LA FLECHE" Avee Broderick Crawford Barbara Hale i Dtuxlem Qrot Sujet "CORDON S'lL-VOUS-PLAIT Avee Cantinflat et Franeotte Brian Procramme Peur tnuta la Famllla saue ciimatisee pour Votre Confort! 777-2322 kBBTt 7- (air arrived here Wednesday 40 invite -. Ciechoslovakia to aker part in the -fair, the official Czechoslovak new agency Cev teka reported. Dally (tad. Sunday) at L30 - 8.30 - 5.30 . 7.25 . 9.40 (f t nm webb eaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeteeeeaeeeeeetee NO ADVANCE TICKETS REQUIRED! FIRST COME FIRST SERVED! 4 NO SEATS Sfl ; AT I RESERVED 711111 I .ItV "Mil 'TWO a. b n...u a Offlra ' oaaaa U.J z THEATRES ; StfntiirrstfulrlerM t f IQi va m i a . siiiii DINO ON THE ROAD TO DESTRUCTION MEETS THE GIRL WHO HAS BEEN THERE and back! This film vndovbtodly Is "th most sfortlino ' 7 10V Jseee tlouvw HORST BUCHHOIZ .: C1HWPAAK 2 A ii ari imv BIDS40 S TIMBe Lie . f ', t.ia T aad ie.l that you will over so. i : I I , I umu f IT. il 111- fj e--Bf a e eTa arwrsr ttarw . . a ms avariMVUt tsssssi ssssaWtsaBaesSaiarlahalasw AIRCONCMTIONIO C Produced by CARLO PONTI wktoiyoamiaio MONDAY thru FRIDAY 2 SHOWS NIGHTLY AT 7J0 end 040 - , SATURDAY, SUNDAY and ' HOLIDAYS AT: 1JMJ0440-7JMJS m WElsJ&aaswats simu muom . ti.usos , j REGULAR 7 PRICES tVaie ' Bee leaf: pass saw tat PtATUBB oarvs-iN J OWI.V! "Otxrioa-t Z AT e COMANCBI e ,- catBK e (Cator) SECOND EXPLOSIVE WEEK ! ! ...sno tjevr fiw ov ADULT ENTERTAINMENT Monday thra Saturday atr 1J.4S MS S.I0 7 M . 0.40

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