The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 13, 1939 · Page 16
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 13, 1939
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN. THK DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 1929. KAROLCIK IS PERRYOPOLIS F I R E C H I E F Commjssioner Has Held Offic^ Since Company Was Organized. PERRY STUCK ASSISTANT Four Pies at One Tiir,e presided -William assistant · County Commissioner Michael Karolcik was rcclcctcd chief of the Perry .Township Volunteer Fire Department, :an ofllcc he lias held continuously since the organization of the company 13 years ago. Perry" Stuck was chosen asiiiiant chief for his second term at the reorganization meeting in Karolcik Hall Hall at Perryorxlis, over by Russell Blair. ' Bak'e'r was named first chief. R. - R. Strickler was c h o s e n chief und Bert Skilcs vice-president. 11 was the first time men had been named to, these offices,' the duties having previously been handled by the chief and assistant chief. Edward WcsUall was elected secretary, Roy Lynchrasslstant secretary, O. P. Pore treasurer, .William Essington, William Wilkic and A. J: Blah? trus- tccs.-Charlcs Lcpley first .lieutenant, Ben Stricklin second lieutenant, James Buttermore captain, Mahlon Lynch' chief driver, L. J. Potter first assistant driver, and Raymond Stuck siren attendance. It was announced that additional drivers will be appointed. The firemen's relict association organization-was effected as follows: lows: " President, John-M. Palonder; vice- president, - Bert Skilcs;. secretary, William Essington; treasurer,-Charles Garce, and trustees, Chads Chalfsnt, Wendell Bycrs and Perry Stuck. The membership of the fire department at the present time approximates 100. Mrs. Dorothy Batbsratc, will show how it's done at The Con- ncllsvillc Courier CookhiK School, when she bakes four pies a beautiful, even brown at one time in her modern rancc oven. This will be one of the many equipment demonstrations that will be intensely interesting: to the homcmakcrs of Conncllsvlllc. The classes will be held January 25, 26 and 27. Have you ever groaned because your oven wasn't large enough, or because when you baked more than one pie or cake at a time, they didn't brown evenly? Most housewives.have experienced these difficulties--that's why they'll bo especially interested in Mrs. Dorothy Bathgate's demonstration at The Connellsvillc Courier Cooking School, showing how four "Of course the average housewife may not often bake four pics at one time, but it's a comfort to know that she can iJ she wants to, when company is coming, /or instance, and that she can depend on good results every HOMESTEADS HIRED SUBS TO DO WORK Special to Tho Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, Jan. 13.-While no home purchase agreements are yet in sight at the Westmoreland Homesteads in Mount Pleasant township, the Federal Government has readied the point where it wants to clear credit-hours of homesteaders off the books by redeeming them in cash. I Congress has authorized the payments oC credit-liourf in cash but so' many problems have arisen hi connection witli credit-hours that homesteaders at Norvclt are all "up in the air" at the present time. It seems that many of the homesteaders hired substitutes to do their work and obtain their credit hours and now that a cash settlement is in sight the substitutes arc demanding Iheir pound of flesh, it is said. Away back in 1934, the Government decided t' -t each homesteader would be permitted to work on his home or on the project. He was to receive no cash money but he was to receive 50 cents credit for each hour worked. The credit was to be applied toward the purchase price of his home. Each homesteader was to he allowed to work out 1,200 crcdil hours, making a payment against his home of $600. That system continued for several months and then because of the State compensation law it was discovered that some cash had to be paid the homesteaders for their work. So It was decided that each homesteader who works 24 hours or more a week was to be paid $4 in cash and the remainder of the hours were to go in credit as payment on his home. On Trial in Slaying Insurance Covers Band Instruments Only in Buildings Solicitor Samuel D. Bracmer re ported to the Board of Education Monday that insurance carried by the; school district on the its musical instruments only covered such instruments while they were in the school buildings. K they became damaged while the band was parading or whilo. being used at a football game here or in some other town the loss would have to be absorbed by the district. The solicitor advised the 'purchase of supplementary insurance for protection while not in the buildings. Mr. Braemer was asked by the board to contact an insurance company and learn the cost of such insurance. time--whether she bakes one pie or four. "I'm going to give recipes for pics can be baked at one time and | cherry pie and pineapple raisin pie still have a beautiful, evenly browned on my third program." Mrs. Bathsate has planned many interesting and practical recipes for her throe classes, since, as she says, recipe collecting is almost as popular a hobby as .stamp collecting. These COUNTY HAS RELIEF GAIN OF 100 CASES The final week o£ 1938 brought a net increase of 100 cases, or 2.1 per cent, in the direct relief rolls in rayelte county, according to figures made public in Harrisburg by Arthur W. Howe, jJr,, secretary of the State Department of Public Assistance. A total |of 188 cases were opened and 88 closed. Of those put on relief, 53 lost private employment, 88 were taken off the WPA, 23 had their unemployment compensation expire and 24 for other reasons. Of those taken ofT relief, 33 received private jobs, 12 were placed on WPA projects, 12 received compensation and 31 for other reasons. There were 213 new applications for assistance while on the rolls there were 4,950 eases, representing 18,855 persons, and expenditures for the week aggregated $30,881.10. Then TONIGHT-mas- cage throat, chest and back with VapoRub. i 11 f M Il « poultice-vapor ac- f ~l I r~'\ 1 tion loosens phlcBtn- clcars nir-passagcs-cases cougb- Jng-rclleves local congestion. This 2-STEP METHOD is ono of the proved ways of using VapoRub that have made It a family standby in m o r o homes than all othermcdJca- tlonsofltskind. Joseph Scutcllaro (left), unemployed mason, arrives at court in Jersey City, N. J., accompanied by an attendant, for trial in the murder of Harry L. Barch, Hoboken poor- master. Scutcllaro is accused of stabbing Barch with the letter's desk spindlo during an argument over a relict check. ('Control Prtti) Trade In Your Old Radio or Phonograph On a New 1939 R A D I O Tivelvc Jlontlis or 3Lore to Pay See Us Today! Clabaugh Radio Service 101 Sellers Arcade. Phone 163. Hear Western Union. crust. "I can bake four pies, or four layers of cake at one time," says Mrs. Bathgate, "because the oven of the modern electric range is so ample in size. And since there is an even circulation of heat throughout the whole baking period, I don't need to worry about some of the pics burning on the bottom and others being too brown on top. Nor do I have to shift the pies around to help them brown more evenly--I simply put them in the 88 Somerset Deaths Probed During 1933 SOMERSET, Jan. 13.--Coroner F. E. Sass of BosweU reported 88 deaths were investigated through his office In 1938 of which 22 were suicides, 29 highway fatalities and only two classified as murders. v Of the suicides, five were the result of shooting, eight by hanging, eight by poisoning and only one in any · other manner. Five men and boys came to their deaths in hunting accidents and six died as result of farm mishaps. Four died of accidental burns and 12 of natural causes. oven--shut them. the door--and forget recipes are on the printed programs, and you'll want to attend all three classes so you can add them to your collection. The first class is on "Lighter Tasks"; the second, "Budget Meals," and the third, "Recipes by Request." Classes will be held in the Or- phcum Theatre, January 25, 26 and 27 at 9 o'clock, each morning. Arrested Student Suicide. CLEVELAND, Jan. 13.--Coroner S. R. Gcrbcr recorded as suicide the death by hanging of K. Kenneth Kettering, 18, freshman student at Baldwin-Wallace College, arrested twice on the night of December 12 for driving an automobile at 45 and 75 miles an hour. $5,000 for Smile. SOUTH BEND, Ind., Jan. 13.-June Spry, Purdue University coed, wants $5,000 for a lost smiJc. She is seeking damages from three persons with whom she was involved in an auto wreck last July. She said her face was so disfigured in the crash that she could no longer smile. 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Of),, *·* runs *VC P I N K SALMON No. 1 Can lOc ROMAN BEANS For Soup . 2 Ibs lie PUFFED RICE lOc PIXK SALMON Easy to Prepare LEMON JUICE Tree Sweet Brand SHREDDED 1VHEAT . N. B. C. Popular Cereal .Xo. 1 cnn lOc - 7^2 ox. cmi lOc 23c TTSCO XOODLES .................................... 12 m. pkir. Klc Fine or Broad -- Cellophane Pkfrs. USCO CATSUP ... .................. 2-- 1-i-ox. bottles 2!tc Made of Ripe Tomatoes UNION COFFEE 19c ,,,. VEGETABLES FRIDAY AND SATURDAY For Quick Energy WELCH'S GRAPE J U I C E Drink It Dally Pints Quarts 23c 45c Cheaper by Ca« JIOCKW001) COCOA 2 11). box Kic For Candy, Cake Icings, ftc. KOYAL DESSERTS ..._ nkiy. 5c Chocolate, Vanilla, Butterscotch CELERY SAT/I 1 slnss cruet l»c McCormick's Bcc Brand HOUSE OJL' LOUD'S TJiA, Mill pkg. Jl)c /i lb. Pkg. 22c . . . V« lb. Pktr. Me. IVORY SOAP FLAKES pkg. 22c For Washing Sheer Fabrics USK LAVA SOAP ....2 cnkc.s lie Removes Grease Easily KRAl'I BIXA'EU lkg. 16c G oz. Macaroni, 2 oz. Cheese BOX AMI POWDEK cmi 12c Hasn't Scratched Yet P. 0. SOAP ...... . All 1'urjiose Soap LAltGE IV011Y SOAP ........ 2 Medium Cakes He SMALT, OXYDOL ...:. ......... ... Lartre Pkir. 21c :.10 giant bars 37c Iflc Henkcl's Pancake Flour I'i Lb. Pkff. Old Tymc I*anc:ikc Flour Free! OJRAXGES : iloz. 24c California 2IG'S--Florida 288's 2 doz. 25c. GJUMJFKmT 0 for 23c Florida G4's TAXGEKIXES ~ 2 .loz. 23c Thin Skinned ISO's APPLES - 3 ll)s. 23c Delicious APPLES ..,, 5 II). bag 17c For Cooking 2 Bass 33c BEETS 2 bundles lie Add Variety to Meals C A BJ5AGE · ........U). lc Solid Heads CAUHOTS 2 bundles lie Solid--For Soup, etc CELEKY HEA11TS ,, Imnch lOc Crisp Stalk Celery 8c EX1)J VE head 7c Healthful KALE 2 Ibs. 9c It's Good for You LETTUCE _ _. _....,. head 8c Icebcrff Crisp OXIOXS 3 Ibs. lOc For Vcfrrtablc Soup PA USX IPS ,,..._ ,, 3 Ibs. lOc Adds Extra Flavor PEARS 3 for lOc D'Ajou--They're Good POTATOES _ i Ids. 20c N'ew Crop S1VEKX 1 POTATOES - .» Ibs. 22c Jersey Medium TOMATOES lb. 17c Fancy--Solid Hipe YA.rS ...,5 ibs. 23c Southern Yams

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