The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 18, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 18, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, FA. THURSDAY, APRIL IS. 1918. iy Courier. HESKT P. SNTDES. Founder' and Editor. 1S73-1JU. THE COURIER COliPAST, Fabll»h«r». · -- t K. 1L S#YOR, ~ " President. JA3. J. DRISCObL, S«c'y and Treasurer, Business Manager. JOHN L. CAN'S, - Manuring Editor. WAITER S. STI3OTEI* ' City Kditor. -MISS LT.VXE B. ' Society Editor^. MEMBEK OF" '. A?soclatud Press, Audit Bureau of Circulation, .Pennsylvania Associated- Dailies. · T-wo cents per copy, 50o v per -month: »5 per year by mall it said In advance. E-uored as second class matter at tbe pos'ofnce, Cormcllsville. Pa. THVKSDAS BY£'(.:, APR. 18, 19 IS. r~~-~~~~~~^ ?^~~~-J J ;. Tkt Courier', Serrlre Flos. J { " "WCLLIA3I P. SHJSRMAN. } ;Hospita: U n i t L.. American Bit pedltionary Forced, Fcnoce- } , RALPH F. SLICIBK, ? Company H, 319th Infantry. J ' u. S. X. A.. J Camp Lee. Petersburg. Va- The Five Great Lessons of the War - By Gclott Burgesa. "VVhat have you learned from, this, Let no seditious word or act go first year of the War? | unreporied. Let the alien enemy sub- Have you learned that no Peace- is i ject declare plainly where he stands, j possible but one · founded upon the | whether be is for us or against us. If German born, urgo him to join the League Cor Americans oC German Or- Triumph of Democracy? Germany's faithlessness to her | freaty agreements in Belgium has had ' ism and thus manifest at once bis Us. sequel .in her deceit in Russia. ; ineradicable love for the Fatherland Germany's frightfulneas is the deliber- I and his devotion to his adopted connate policy of autocracy in itb design to enslave the world. AH pretenses ot liberal reforms have been drowned in the rising lust Tor world-conquest. try. Those who are not for us are against us'. Have you learned that your Patriotism Is being tried by your Faith and Intoxicated by self love and ruth- your Works? | Jess ambition tie Kaiser and his war I Be not cast down by defeat. Spread lords seek to bring all civilizations un- j no rumors of calamity. Vhen the dark der the reign ot brute force. Nation i days come, encourage the timid and . after nation lias fallen their prey. If j foartui, reprove t h o alarmist and we are to survho that malign doctrine j backsliders. Aroused now to the sol- of Might-raakes-Hight must be der ' emnity of onr task, the d u t y wili be stroyed forever. , (performed to the end--victory! Yet Have you learned tnat you, too, can ! only when every one does his full fight m the battle for Freedom? , share shall that victory come. ] Lend your money to the Liberty | Urge haste, urge thoroughness, ! Loans; give it to the Red Cross. Bv- | urge ivnremitting effort. · Take the .' ery dollar lent the Government helps i w ar seriously, for war is grim work. I equip a soldier; every dollar to the | and we have an enemy who tiiinks oE JRed dross sutcors him in bis time of Nothing but efficiency. Our soldiers need. 'If you a r e ' a patriot you can ! are not only to be amused, but armed n o ' m o r e keep out of these "drives' 'and taught to fight. Insist that this than, if a soldier, you could refuse to comes first. go over, the top into No -Man's Land. More guns, more ships, more aero- Dollars are soldiers, too! Your dol- planes! Is your Congressman or lars will fight to end the war. Each ' Senator lagging? Punch him up. Act private im ay think his own worth i every day as if your life ana your small--but all together they makr an j wife were in danger. They are! army. your dollar seems "small, but Speed up :he war! if each does his share the war w i l l , Have you learned that Waste is have sufficient backing. i Treason? For yur boy's sake, ,f tie is "over ] Upon us our Allies depend not only there," subscribe! You would not re- ' £or men and munitions but for food fuse to help a pal? Well, you have a l a n d clothing. If our permanent lib- million, pals! Help them! | erty is to be won. they must for a as a collector tor a tuna to iurn, 3 u j Have you learned that the Enemy j while defend it for us, till we, too, can a supper- (o-the colored draftees a^ain * here--with us, too? · fight. directs attention to the necessit} for The soldiers' blood, in the trench- e\eir ·person to be constantly on .heir i es, is not only drained by flying shells guaroVagainst .being fleeced- by s^uve j -- it id sucked-by rats and lice. Here I clad ' *' asle ls ireason - arrti bold strangers. -Appeal to assist i at home we have z. human vermin MeMber of Tfce AMO«l»ted The Associated Press is e»- .cluslvely entitled to the use for republication of all news- dls- " patches-orcdited to it or not ;ott£eryise: credited In-this p*pt;r and also the local news published TheValo- ~. ..* . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' ·PCX A STOV TO IT. The-airest ot a colored man posing Shall we waste, then, w h i l e they want? 'While they are to be fed and Save wheat, save meat, save wool! The war needs preying upon us. Just as evil and in- i everyone's strictest economy. sidious as the trench pests are the j The good ship Democracy is sorely pro-Gorman spies and Propagandists heset by the storm. Shall the passen- aad the Pac'.fistK who seek to impede ' gcrs revel while the crew starve. or discountenance tie war. them, watch for them, seek them out. i lest all be l in providing comforts, necessities or even luxuries for the soldiers is the nearest way to toe heart and purse of the patriotic citizenTana man? un- si.rttpulous scamps over the country a.-e taking ad-..".ntage of th'S to secure funds-for their personal.gain. 1o put a stop to this method of obtaining money uriSer fal'se pretense j evary citizen should tnake it a rule to | refuse- contributions to all solicitors ' except those' wh'onT-they know to be i duly authorized to make a canvass. At j the same-time they-should promptly notify tbe police of the presence in Somebodf has said that "duty" is | the city of any unauthorized collector, the sublimest word in our language. Whenever money is to be rais d for I Our supreme duty is to carry this war j any purpose relating to tie war or to j to a successful conclusion. We have, the men who are to form the fijrhtlng never been beaten in any war in ! Watch ' Divide! Divide, and save the ship By Ch.-imp Clark. battle and wound our self-respect beyond all surgren, for we ail rnuit ^realize that no nation will long snr- · rive or deserve to survive which does ·not protect all Its citizens wherever ' they may be on land or sea. IVATI GARDE5S. -By v.-a'.t Mason. forces local men. Who are well Known .:n'd -whose Integrity is beyond flues- ion, Trill be assigned to that doty. Don't encourage graft games by contributing to'Strangers no mat'er how Kalm which WR have been engaged, and the ' They will not te me bleed and American people are determined that ' or shoot we shall not be defeated in this titanic struggle. President Wilson and the Congress have solemnly dedicated to -, plausible a story they may t^ll" or i this cause all of our national re- hoV strongly they may appeal tu your ! sources in men and property--i£ need patriotism and generosity. .JUST SAVE A LITTLE 31 DUE. request of the government to be. The two most important things in wa r are men and money. The Congress w t l vote them from time to ! time in such numbers and such Liberty Bond buyers to make their i P ameots out of their futare ca:nm S 5. i a " lounts as ?" deemed * ec f^T to insteafl of withdraws their sav^s | t h e accomplishment of American funds'for that purpose, fa reasonable . P ur P°- eK - antf propef and should be heeded. Another l a r ^ e bond issue is linpcnd- Tliis appeal should be considered ing and it is to he hoped that the ; froin. two standpoints, both of which hor.ds will be ' -imptly subscribed j concern the bond buyer and tbe community. Savings deposits, due to the cultivation of habits of etonoi.iy and thrift.-have come to form a very considerable item in the availably loan- able funds of the banks, heme any for. Those of u.-. n-ho are over mill- j * tary age or for any other reason are j debarred from fighting can pay, and ' practice what I preach and invested j every dollar I had, and some I bor- , Bill, f o here ! B u n k e r Hiii. I vi*ld my dull and rusty [ s p a d e w i t h q u i t s as much d e l i g h t a« I I \ v o u l d wield rr.y» Clashing' blatip. U I W f i e fH to flK-u. I n\ay not l e a d my 1 daunrl'-Sh n i ? n . -md cry, "Charpe. Ch^i^r, churls.' for I am o',d and h a v e 'a. wen. my u-aii-tMnc Is too lanre li"t ' I c a n toil in w . n d a n d h e a t , rind raiso * my p.u-d en sas-sj. t h e luRci'jn-; bzuash, t h e j u i c y bf ot. t h e wholesome s;)d.r- roxvjjruss. A n d every t i m e ! reap :i J ' e . i n . .icccirdni: to the do pi 1 . I q u e e r a PrufMaJi s u b m a r i n e , and but » T e u t o n hope. I n time \ of j m a e e in!*, i ais-lng Iie.,s- is work t h a t I alihor: but I am r a t t i n g greens l i k e ihobc. ft · peas w i l l win the war.' I'd rather m o u n t a p a w - ing S t e f f i , find charge, w i t h lance at rc^t. t o m a k e t h e f r i g h t f u l fooman Mfed. jind k n o i ' k h i m K « ' ' e y wt"*t; b u t then i hoe' w.n win th» i my d e a d : , 1. At t l a w n ' Lpy J u l hi ·'. I I i my t»puda day, ! tlare n-t si', a n u r s e t h a t ha: . Iron s-p'ie, I'm bii.-y rniMnsr p r u n e - i'i Kori't*. I'm p r u n i n K p!^.nl And v f i t · Oh. p r u n e s .ir? t d i n c w f don't a d m i r e -it is our solemn duty to do so. I w h i c h ijs no mcc:ipiior--hut i toil o: ; .ind never tir«. for prum-.-t «'i!i w i n rh I dream rtf cri'Ttm " [ fields w.hert 1 h-i\ e str**v reduction in the amount results in rowed, in bonds. M irc-am of n-.-d^ .uid a corresponding limiiation in The ser- j A failure of this new bond issue ! * Me TM" L i n L f a l ' out of ! " vic« the banks can render enterprises [would injure our standing m the i norr'.*: an'd indi^duals who are borrowers. M-orld as much as the loss of a great ' for hp Inasmuch as a large amount of busi- - -- --__-_- _ : -- = - --.. -,_--- ' -j-...-. ^ ness m every done on 1 ""'"'" ' "~~~~~~~~ r ~~~ L__ 1 _ ~ borrowed capital, it follows That the Inability of the. banfes Jo accora-mo- . ie cjioir customers will havr the effect of restricting business aD'l Indus- to''- That there may he no decrease in tte amount -of money available for local uses it ;s important t:iat savings account? be loft undisturbed. Considered from another point ot vieyr the purchase of bonds o:: installment to be paid oat of future earn- i ings, is much to he preferred over the I withdrawal of savings fir t':at purpose, With the I\nnv. r lcr!ge t h a t a dcfVnitc sum is to be provided each week to meet t r e bonds payments, purchasers will have a new stimulus One Cent a \VonX No advertisement* tor l^crn Tha.n 15 Cant* Classified columns close at noon. Advertisements ot want*, oftloa. tie., r t c e f v p d alter that h o u r will not QD^car u n t i l the flay Collowina TVANTE! YOL'P. B A R B E a i N G ] and do it i « COUHIKU itflce Call t n e man at TIJ- Both p h o n t - i 2 7 - t £ KACTUIIY I n p r t f t l tr*»r Ileor. I ' f l R to;, pmeticir.K economy a i ! El systematic -savins. The plan embodies the prlncipJc of s. n !f-sacrifice v.-h'ch is the spirit that will have much t« do with Don't impair your-savings account; just add to it by saving eno'igh more to'pay for your Liberty "Bonds. WANTED--OlftLS. APPUY CON- V.'cst C r n w f i r d I . L B l.AL'XOKV CUMPAXV. ! M A U K U 2 . 17apr2t i: -STORK R » M » . V . S iivunu**. ( J l j O U G K 1-ia.prtftf ·CD--SECOND B A N D TVPE- Call Bell U-R, or Tn-State *3Jcbtf 98-W, M o u n t Pleasant. Thr- f-irther SecrcT^ry B*\k T travr-1- eiKon hts j'.fccmt vtsfit to th* 1 war zone the.'closer home he found t i e war to he. - HundinfT moneys-over to eve y 5tranK- er-u'ho comes alonk with ?oint aolrtier beSJ-flt scheme jan^t good hi^irjegs .or tco*d patriot IS.TIV Handinir the fitke ?oftcitorp over to the police Is both. Tiie example of u u t L i n t ; the fierman lartuajic out of c h u r c h sei vices and the schools ^utrht to b«* fornwcfl by c u t t i n g Gorman ihousb*^ o J t of the minds and German symp-vlh es out of the-liearts 1 f*t al! who ^vould otherwise be jeal AmerfcanS The incident at the .EiU'irnore Ohjo shops ye^terriBrj- shows that peo plfe who oonsitrn I*iberty E.ind*s to watm place arc themselves playin with Rr*. · i'ANT-BE---TWO S.SLKSLAnJES. AP- Klcki* Storv. i t e f c r c n c e requ red. Fiji: K E N T -- K i n i N ' I S K K P L I G H T um-keepmt; rooms. 3D" liast Cr:iw- -'l, H a p r i f d FOR R K . N T -- T U U E B rooms for l i ^ h t hous* lOast CrawforO. f p i n p . T.3-J 17apr3t W A N T E D -- : M E S S p X G K R BOYS over 16. I n c i u i r e B. O Master M e 1 chanlc'4 Office. 16Bi.-3t ]-'OR It l-:.\ T -- B U I ljl IXG CAN' B i: used for sraMe. srarase or storn.Sf room. "i~ Hast Cedar. I 7 a p r 4 t WANTED-- BU 6 years of age. ^ Paid w h i l e learnine- SILK MILL. l l i a p r t f d _J | TOR UBXT--.FOUR. I1OOM FLAT. O V B R ' tent r a l l y Im-atcd. I r n u i r e J. L PiCIl- IlL'H, 111 West C r a w f o r d avenue. J S u p r U t __.. FOR JIBN'T-- FRON'T OFFICES ON' W^VKTED E K I G H T BOY OVKH IS ! accona floor of D u n n Kvans builci- years ut age to learn job printing-, .inquire JOB DEPARTMENT. Courier. tSapr-tf W A N T E D -- TWO OE T H R K K U-N"- t housekeeping. Centrally located. Address "ROOM." care Courier . 17apr2t Ing 1 . I n n u i r o .of HARRY DUNK. Sjan-tCd TTA.VTED--BXrER] KNOE1 ·Jleference rcqu ired; erood wages to right party. Cull 515 Loucka avenue, Scottdalc, Pa. llaprtf W A N T K P . -- M i l l w r i g h t s and machine repair" men. Plant located f n a city Addi v l t ' first-claw living conJittons. 'B C," The Courier. 13 apr fit FOR RENT--28 ACRES GOOi PAS- ture iand, 11^ n i i l e from citi on t'le Narru'vs. Also 135 i.cre f a r m D i i n b a r on the U n i o i l o w n ro.ttl, iJI!.^ IT. y e a r r p n i ; » t . See A. E. WAGOX15I1 CO., Bell phone US. Tri-Stntii 8^5-X FOR SAJ W i l l soil i Bell P h o n e .115. 17apr2t Frnncc h.u; -h«-» h e spit's When FOR SALB--A I-AHGE LOT WITH U stable on it; f o u n d a t i o n for ,L liouae. Prfee 2 « T J , J". A. JLVSOX. Srfond »N':i.- i B . i p r 2 t i W A N T E D -- TWO UELIABI-E ' ntaldu." One m u s t be c x p e r i r n c p f l cook. UO r.nI Bon), building-. , position open at A p p l y MKS. W. \ F. STAl'FFKR. 601 Louclis a v e n u e . ! Scottdalc. Pa. ISapr^t Every bend In the Brlt'sh 'Ines must he met by · Americans b e n t . i n p thei.i- tolves -more resolutelj :.. ;he job of hre.iklris; the power of ri e Huns. Have- 'you *r««olv«l tc morrow than you did helping 1 "win the war? do mor* to ay tovi WNTI;D-- OLD FALSE TF.ETH. j Don't matter 1C broken. I n n y S2.00 to | f 15.00 p**r set. Send by parcel post ' and receive check by r e t u r n maU. L. ! MAKKR. 5,007 South F i f t h street. Phila- to- j d f l D n t a , Pa. 11apr23t* FOR SALE--ONK 19H O V E R L A N D t o u r i n g car, ail good tires; w i l l sell cheap. Address or call ALLKX SHAL- wensOal^, Pa. 13apr7t ! FOR SALE -- SIX CHESTER WHTTi: I riffs, five ot them females Will j vvisiifh about 100 pounds each. Vat e n o u g h to butcher. A. D. BLAIR, Pi. * 37apr2t Before Oth«- Hunrdp Get Them. M o u n t rieas^nt J » u nal. School d!rRCttrw w i l l nhiw ·«· Sodom In deciding to hold the o!e*C'ion of next year'K teftiher* at nn carl; dace. I WA.VTED--BARBER. GOOD STEADY , _ j single man at once. Wages 513, h a l f i -- _ {over $21 and better to the rljrht jran. j FOR SAJ^E--OXE SH13TLAXD POXY. I l"p-to-da.te sanitary * Bhop. r*ASPER , broken for f a m i l y Or m i n e use; one ( H A L T , Bel! Phone 9* Ring' 12, Daw- ' sev*»n p^sscnfi-er Davja automobiJe; one i son. Star Junction, Pa. 17apr2t* five pa^anger Reo. Bargains for q u i c k · ------~ -- tiL'ycrjr. JOSKPH BO\*E. Smithtott, p^. 1 6apr3teod In order to conserve fabric ya.rd- age, the Commercial Economy Board have regulated the styles in men's clothes and have eliminated all belts and frills, on sack suits. As patriotic American citizens, we have pledged our loyal support to the Commercial Economy Board, and in accordance with their recommendations have refused to buy or sell suits with the various frills they have eliminated. ALL ¥/OOL--100 PER CENT AND NO COMPROMISE. These garments, while adhering to the style limitations, have plenty of spirit and grace in their lines and the other readily recognizable evidences of skillful cutting and thorough /workmanship. $20.00, $25.00, $30.00, $35.00 and $40.00. The Homer Co. 106 W. Crawford Ave. Connellsville, Pa. It's footwear that women believe in. afc we have for ?0 years, if you buy them. Everything new that's good is hore for \ our ohcos- Ing. Black', Whits, Grey and Brown. Shoes--Pumps--Oxfords YOUGH TRUST COMPANY 54-Acre at Thesf Upmarliably Lo^v Prices: Lots on Pittihiirp Stroi-!. Rl*:»j i.ols on I'oplar Str«(, fiW5; Lots on Hawthornr Strcot, $1W; J.ufs on C«rvi n Street. SH). City Mater. Cash or »n J'n.ujjrnj.s. Further Information Ask C. B. .McCORMICK, Atrcnt, I*. 0. Rox 141, CoDiie!Niill», I' a . 70 feet garden hose, i!0 feat 18-inch lattice wire, etc. Cn.ll mornlnpr, 202 West Washington avenue. t8a.pr2t* Packard 1010 model, in perfect eondi- Lion. "Will domonetrate any time. K R, SIMMS. Scottdale, Phono 193-R 16apr-tCd LOST--LTCRNHK TAG K.3r,7 -rd If r « i . r « e U t n o« no, S ^ ^ b " lh 1 ' " " " ^ i ·o i h f . s e hu.vsr.5 claims ajrain^i tin c to prt.-^i.':it t.hem, properly .iut;ii;*i- iu*. C u n n c I l u v J l l e , ' Pa. ISitjjr Ct uced In Thi Courier «1- TVA-VTUD--AN'Y 1UND OF HK.l.\' t · In?, whether u Is a ealiinc- card, au!e btll or the finest engraved wediVa*r Invitntlon or announcement W« print FOR SALE -- BRASS bed two !,ma£I pas st I3EO, IRON ves, leatlt^r wl; c n m b i " f r t SCALP FOR SAJ-.E--TWO HOUSES, ONE ot seven «-oorrua, heater nnd bath, one uottaKG, f o u r rotims a n d bath, pootl . . . rente-. Hentj- for S3! 00 m o n t h . Price j on the E C - t a t ft of (.1 52,700. One seven room house on la'-e of t h e 'U o Cedar avenue. $3.COO. This Is a nice i ettc c - ' i i n t j , Pa., d MrPon.iM l'riy, A ' t « ' r n p v » . KSTATB t i P GEORl-rK W. M c C A R T - ney tir-c. -.u.vti. t,^ t^»ent".r\ ' ~ 'per: "VV. ?.'.cC.irir.i?y. · o n n c l l i v i l i c , Fay- ·d, having- b KXAMLXATIpN FTll-iK. ; jir.i; h u l l ro-ton d in cr, * J- \-lri liea3 .111! f.n.,- clean house, largo lot "Will bp sold cm payment*!. J. A. MASON, Second X-i'ln""! Tlr'Ot r - l H - M - - 1 7 a p r ' » t prai'teii to hereby JT'.VG ^1^ ^ t r * f t the underfaiened, notice I? :i to all pel sons Indebted to - a t u r a 1 c tre .f".tf"l .* Kptc..iJ1.v. \ ' n . l ( i ]t;,\ m.i: - n g t - H a u v nrk niarif u. oriit;i Wednesday, Thvr.vd.-ij*. J-'Mdny ,UH! Sa 1 - u r d a y each wrek y to li.iK'. Kve'iiitr.-, by a p p o i n t m e n t .VKS. ,'JE,O. T HL'HST, Tri-State S04-X, "Woolworth b u i l d i n t r AT ONK UNOTV! AT DAILY con ONCE '!·: DPI THI; Illr-JU O. ICRATOR ·'F3CE Want Ads--.1 Oettt. a Worn.

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