The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 30, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1930
Page 3
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V THURSDAY, JANUARY SO, 1930. NEWS OF DAY AT SCOTTMLE BRIEFLY TOLD Special to The f ' o u r l o i SOOTTDAL-K, Jan. HO.--All ollleers of. St. "Paul's Liuthrran Church h.v.e been elected for tho joar 3930 and a directory of tho church and organization officers has been Issued, as follows: Church council--President, Rev. ,T. B. Lambert; vlc-s-prealdont, II. T Stough; recording Bcre'tary, George 0. K n g p l , financial secretary, Harry C. E n g p l ; treasurer, ,1 K Alblg, Christ Kromer, C. L- Itoltzer, TCdward Anderson, Albert Sma! 1 , George Kro- mor, C'. C. Bash. V. H. JUJler and L. 0. BitttMT. Bible school--General superintendent, Virgil H. Miller; recording sccte- tary, Vwda Small; assistant recording tecretiry, Thomas (tlbt,on; treasurer, C. L. IIc-Kzer; statistical secretary, Harold Van Horn; adult department assistant superintendents, Harry C. Kngel and Walter Bontu, librarians, Raymond Baker ami Charles LoucUs, pianist, Margaret Keiuon; assls-taat, Mthel Rosenstepl; chorister, MrB. Don R Baker; primary department super- iri tendon!, Mrs. J. B. Lambert; at- wlatant, Mrs. Harold Small; recording secroUry, Paul Sttuoman; HbrariaiiK, Charlfs Ulery and Klrner Baugliman; pianist, Mrs. Harold Van Horn; home: dopartmont superintendent, Mrs. Al- j bert Kroall; cradle vssil suporintend- eiU, Mrs, William A. Hawthorne. Ladies' Aid Socioty--President, Mrs. Ucorgo U l e r y ; vice-prpsklont, Mrs. Hurry C. Kngel; seeroliiy, Mrs. C. C. Bash; treasurer, Mrs. John Krilsch- ijau. Women's Missionary Society--President, Mrs. Harry C. Engc-1; vice- president, Mrs. L. A. Zimmerman; secretary, Mrs. t. B. Henderson, treasurer, Miss Elma Y other; btatiB- ilt-al secretary, Mrs. Walter Itaines. Young Women's Missionary Society ^--President, Mrs Harold Van Horn; vice-president, Elizaibot'i Krugor; secretary, Elizabeth BeiUz; treasurer, Mrs. 1-ieslio Forsylhe. Lutlier League--Pres.dent, Clarence J DAILF COURIER, CONNELL3VILLH, PA, Canadian Champion 1 Defends Title J» N. Y. Miss Eva Dftwes, holder of *the Ontario high jump championship, will come to Now York next month to match her title against that of her American cousins in tho Mel- rope flames, atai-ting February 8th. Miss Dnwes is one ot but two Canadian woman athlotos who have been invited to the gam eg. - MYSTERY DEEPENS REGARDING WHITE RUSSIAN LEADER Kromcr; vlre-pretudjiU, Pauhne I l a t n p * ; secretary. Hetty Gibson; treasurer, A n n a C. Carlson; pianist, Margart Fentoii, assistant, Grace 'Anderson; librarians. John Ecliard and Silas Murray. _^ Tjight Brigade--Sttpcr intondent, Mrs x Ralph Byais: president. Virginia Gibson; ^ice-president. Beitv Baker: sec- letar.v-troasurLr, Alice S t i u c k o f f Me-n'f. nrotliprhood--President, Wai- tor Bontz; vice-president, L. C. Bitl- nor; seorrtxry, Harold Van Horn; treasurer, H e n i y K i u g c r Choir--Mrt. Don U B.xkcr, dircctoi and organist. Ushers,--Chief usher, Walter BenU; assistunts, a l l young men of the church. More T(ahbltt Trapped. By Unlterl P.-ess PARIS, Jan. 30.--Mystery of tho disappearance of General Paylovatch Koutepoff, White Russian leader, who vaniehed here Sunday, vat deepened by alleged statements of n H^wsian atudent, 10 days ago, that Kcmte-poff "had only c-ight days to live " Agents of the surcte gent ral today questioned the student, a man named Otzovitch. Georges Beseadowsky, former Soviet -minlatcr, declared today that operatives for the Soviet tecret service recently placed Koutepoff under clcee surveillance. The police are also investigating tho statement of a. Russian chauffeur w h o says he saw an individuil ie«onibling the mittsing in the ompany ot t\vo othei perontj near the Sovir-t embassy on the night ho disappeared. G c n u i a l Koute-polf's, wile has fllel a complaint against an " u u K u o w n pei- Betw«sn 32 and 18 liaps lune been '-on" responsible lor her hut- hand's difa- set hy tho Boy Scout^, v ho are trap- jpo'rarance. Koutepoff had been plng wild rabbits t h a t have Uke-n up thetr abode in t o w n . Three more were trapped yesteicUy. D\vight feloiiev got his t h i r d r v b b i t , Claiencc Blackburn, one and Paul Stouer, J r , one. Six bos have tmpa ottl \ The rabbits liavo boon t u r n e d o \ e i to Deputy Gnmo W a r d e n C C B i o n n . ·who w i l l take thom to tho Ci-eek Hill di»tri( t and liberate tlum. Mr. Brown on Tuesday d i s t r i b u f p d food in the Hill district and on his travels saw rabbits, squirrels, a. jj r ay t'ox and t mink. T(t Attend Sorvice. The nusiness Gii Is' Club of the Y M. C. A. w i l l meet at 10 30 o'clock 01: S u n d a y morning at Ihe Y M. C A. U Hfcieml the- sorvico at St Havthoio- mew'i, biplsco-pal Church. (o On l)»(j Sulnrdaj. missioned by the late Omul Duke -Nicholas to head nil brancbe« of anti- ,5ovict organizations. FAYETTE JURISTS CHOSEN TO SIT IN ALLEGHENY COURT The two night patiohnen elected. b c o u n c i l at its fcpeclal meeting, Ous Ho/ftuuii and Don It. Baker, -yull go on duty lor the first on Saturday n gut. lloelvcj Bible Class. The Theodore Hocke,- Bible Class oC t h e Methodist Episc-opil C h u r c h - w i l l hold ,i b u b l n p h s and so^Jal meeting at Cie c h u r c h on Friday evening. .linenile Music Club. The J u v f i u l o Music Club met at tho hom.e of Mrs. r,eo S k e m p yesterday id lorn0011. Tho program was; I'iano solo*, Virginia Green, Lois Graft, M i t r i o n n a Hockcnbiiry, Phyllis Ovei- holt, lOIizabolh Kron er and Dick l . u w e l b n , violin ntimber.s, Harry Kortnoy and Joseph Ik-Huski; vocal holo, by Betty Buck. Personal^. M!M I.auia Tischke of Atlantic- C'ity 1s the giteit of her parents, Mi. and .Mrs. Krcd Tischke of ISvcison. Mis i Anna and Uussol M c r i l t t have t:ono to St. 1'c'erblmrg, Fla., foi several nocks. I'atronlzo Lhoso who advartlse. A Real Musical Treat OHIO WESLEYAN SINGERS CLUB ·10 Mixed Voices Orchestra Soucrs In The FIRST M. E. CHURCH Friday Evening, 8 O'clock TH'hKTS 5lc t'hildron's Ticki-ts «_."c LMON'TOWNT, Jan. 3-L--Assignments for visiting jurists v ho are expected to svrve in the Allegheny county courts at Plttsburg during tho year 19oO have just been released Judge JJiuih W. Hendc-rson of th JTayotto t o u n l y courts is schedule I to servo hvo \\!oks ami J u d g e S. Jo'm Morrow of the Kayette- c o u n t y courts four weeks. A total schedule of 100 weeks for \ l s i t i n e ; judges ha.s been outlined for the Allegheny courts d u r i n g 1930. Vlblting juilsts tat 100 Wfeks in tho Allegheny coiuts during 19 "J, Vlbiting judges in Allc-gh^uy c o u n t y jeeeivo $30 a day for each day thoy serve- and railroad fare. Remuneration lb paid from tho Stale Tre isury. DANDRUFF GOES --ITCHING ENDS when Xomo touches th« scalp Douse t o o l i n g , healIn^, cleansing Zeino uit Itio si-iijjj and r.ib vjjyorously. 1C y o u ' i c like thousands o£ ethers the d a t u l i u K vanishes and itchinff w i l l lie a atirpriHO und (teiig-ht. Uio t h i s l e m u i k u b l e . cle, n, f u m l l y Ikiulil fieely. II 3 the s,ll!o w n t o yet I ' d oE D a n d r u f f a n d h i i i K .Stalii Keep Y.cmo I m n d y feafe and Uu|u n J a b l o lor tvll form of i i t i t a t l o r i b of the .skin and scalp OOc und ?i UO.--AUvertlscmcnt. Dr. JtlcHs at Smlthiiclil. Kev. Dr. Thomas G. Hick,, tuperin- .oudent of tho McKeesport district oE lio Mothodiht Episcopal Church, will pieach at tho ymithfield (!hurch to- lighl. At tho closo ot t'io service, vhlch w i l l begin at 7:30 o'rlotk, Di i:cUs w i l l oflicialc at tho (irbt f j u a i - M-ly tontorptitc ot the M I A M I , A r U , Jau 30 -Isolation \ a r c i s loi h p i n n i m e n i n g l t i · palicntb \ere filled to rapacity thi. morning iiul it hocunvo noccfesai y to guard !ii\ate hoineb to maintain quarantine. KIHod bj WASIUXOTON, I n d , J,u 30 --Mrs. naronoe J U T a l l , -13, was killed late Ijbt ni^ht at her home lien* when he-r husband a u p a r p n t l y , mistciolc her for a burglar and iiicd a hhotg.m. Open jiin! .Sufurilnj Tljcs xfimlned '·'rnmes Filled 109 JNorth Vittsbur^ Strect : LIGHTS fl of NEW YORK Particular Johnny O'Connor, who knows his Broadway better, probably, than any othpr man, telfs the story of the efforts of a vaudeville ngent to sl'fju up the contestants in the recent six-day bicycle race belcl at Madison Square (inrden. He thought that the winning teum would appreciate the, extra money to he gained flora a khort tour In umdeUlle. lint the winners refused the offer when tlioy learned that they would hare to piny four shows a day and five on Saturdays and Sundays This reminded O Connor of the vaudeville engagement undertaken by "Doc" Coolc nfter he "discovered" t h e North pole. Ooolc, *ays O'Connor, walked off tlip hill nt McVicker's t h o n t e r In Chicn«o, complaining that his dressing room was too cold. * · * Politest Fl. E. Ward, president of the Irving Trust company, has been set down In history as the most polite of nil bankers. His company Is erecting a 60-story skyscraper at 1 Wall ^street. Just before erection of the* steel skeleton bpgan, Mr. Wnrd sent n note to each of some 550 captains of industry and (limnce whose offices are In adjoining buildings. The note to J. P. Morgan read as follows: "May we hope you wll! bear with as aa patiently as posdlbla during the unavoidable onlay weeks t h n t lie just i ahead. . . . Our builder IB pressing the work at top speed. His schedule and the present season of closed windows will nt least minimize your discomfort." * * * l* F»d» A gentleman who works on Variety and who consequently calls himself a Variety ratigg reports tbnt dnnce directory have become such exports that they can tell a girl's nationality from the look of her legs--and slso how good a dancer she is. Saya ho: "The chorine who may be a crossword puzzle fi-om ear to enr might bo extra intelligent according to how her limb reads. Dutch girls' legs are shorter «nd chubbier than most. Spanish girls can be Identified by thin ankles und knees. Inner ankle curves denote German blood. A French girl hns small bones and extravagant muscular curves. Intelligent girls lift their legs highnr whlla walking. American girls bnva the longest shins." * * * Fruitless Search The AinerJcio Society for Psychical Research has been conducting n fruitless search foi a rpal New York ghost, liut, It appeals, ghosts just can't live in Now York. They can't ' i i nl apartment honse life, and then- m ^ tw suitable private houses w h u li might bo haunted. Tl e old Jniucl mansion used to be haunted, but the city acquired it 25 years ago, and now it Is just one JIKHV museum. And there's a prke of $21 000 waiting for thc person who finds a real New York ghost. * a * It'» Tough Loan days lie behind and ahead of the theater business. Twenty productions closed i n ' t w o weeks, and ODD of them lasted t h r o e performances. Another lasted four. One Broadwayfarer remarked that tho only way to boat the game this season is to close a production before it opens and then sell the tnlkle rights. * * · Tail Light! The Idea of persons carrying tall lights to protect them from motor traffic has always appeared fantastic enough to get a good laugh in the vaudeville houses. But It is no laugh- Ing matter with Mrs. Ida Lathers, who lives on West Kad avenue. Mrs, Lathers, a New Yorker from the old day«, carries a red lantern v.hen she ventures out at ulglit. Tor 20 years she has been a direelot for a home for the aged, a n d ' f o r that many yea i s she has been taking a surface car to visit the Institution Nowadays, ehe iincis, motoritta speed by tramway cars without stopping, and only by waving her lantern can she board a car in safety at night (f by tho BelJ Syndicate. Inc.} Nose-Pulling Tells if They Are Sober Lawrence, Mass. -- Convinced that your nose knows, poflce havo adopted*a proboscis-pinching nolicy to determine whether alleged drunken drivers are in-" toxlcated. The suspect closes hla eyes and then makes six attempts to grab his nose. The plan waa first tried on Arthur Parquette, who was given his freedom after finding his nose four times in six attempts. Atrip to your drug store tonight for Epsotabs will save you unnecessary suffering and inconvenience. Positivein action, two Epsotabs at nighjxwill give you coristipatioh relief i n t h e m o r n i n g . And they are so easy and pleasanttotake. In two sizes. 2Sc and SOc, at your druggists. Write for ficc sample. THE DILL COMPANY Norristown, Pa. THKEJES. of the wei Coming events cost their shadows before' By refraining from over-indulgence You mm who would keep trim and fit;; ; you women who covet the tantxlizing curves of the truly modern figure--when tempted to do your.;el£ too well, light a Lucky instead. Be moderate--be moderate in all things, even in smoking. Eat healthfully but not immoderately. When your eyes are bigger than yo'ir stomach, light a lucky instead. Coming events cast their shadow. 1 ; before. Avoid that future shadow by avoiding over-indulgence, F you would maintain that lithe, youthful figure. llucky Si 'ike, the finest Cigarette you evec smoked, made of the finest tooacco--The Cream of the Crop--"IT'S TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat purifies and so "TOASTING" not only removes impurities but adds to the flavor and improves the taste* + r n ' ' ' ??? '. e ?P?, rdl2e ** mod ern ^rm by drastic diets, harmful reducing girdles, fake reducing tab lets or other quadc 'aaa-fef ' remedies condemned by the Medical profession! MiluSfs of dollfrs each yefr^re wasted on these ruhcu lous and dangerous nostrums. Be Sensible! Be Moderate! Wo do not represent th/t smok TUNE IN-The Lu« ky Strike Daoce Orchestra, every Saturday night, over a coast-to-coa* network of 'the N. B. C. © 1930. The Amerie«n Tobicco Co., M/t. I g ?, ! I w ·8 M \ ·^* ESTABLISHED^ N F A Y E T T E'COUNTY "KEEP mm TO THE END OF THE ROAD" As Harry Laud-ir sang:--"Keep right on to the and of the road. If- the -way be long, let your heart be strong." The road of saving and sal ? ; investing will bring you to success. Yoair account is invited $ I I I m i TITLE TRUST OF WESTERN PENWSYLVAWA $ C O N N E L U ; V I L L E , P A , The O n l y B a n k n this Com m u n i f y that originally paii! and has constantly p a i d 4% on S a v i n g s Accounts I I 1 SAFE - CONSERVATIVE STRONG" PRIVACY Safety, economy, convenience -- these advantages you have for the protection of papoi-s and /aluabics in a box of our Safe Deposit Vault. You havp absolutely private use of the box you rent, i h c heavy steel construction ami other protective features assure SAKIDTY, while the low annual rentals--$3.00 and upwards--and ready accessibility, mean economy and con"- vcniencc. Resources Exceeding $3,300,000.00 V^ Thaa® Who A ivei*tise in The OLDEST BANK IN

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