The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 27, 1964 · Page 45
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 45

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1964
Page 45
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I 13S7 OLDSMOBtLt M. IXCEL- lent conoiueo. private Hi. pelt. 711-7t. . 17 CHBVROLXT BEL-AIR. 1M-meculelo ear, will finance at 323 mommy, rsa-esie. IStl DODOI CUSTOM ROYAL 3-eoer naretep. eulometlc. rood condition. 300, or bad odor. '. CM4W, 1(M VOLKSWAGEN. GOOD mechanical condltloa Only ... 3350. 743-J4S0. KM VOLKSWAGEN. OOOD CON-,.. mtion, food) tlraa. Mom 733-' , TagT. ; MM MORRIS S. SOLID BODY. HalM. alAA las aaaavaa - 105 PLYMOUTH. OOOD CONDI-Uoa, cneehenlcally eound. 1M .aielee. 4 Mat Uree PA3-O703. . eeantnge. RAMBLER. RADIO. NEW . tlraa, battery. On ownar. 131-30. IPSO CHEVROLET HARDTOP, rmehanlcally eouna, automatic, radio, power Hearing, ona own . ar, rrt. ixa-TM3. INS PORD CUSTOMUNt. IN good repair, ok aa. runabout. food ra 100 01 Dee Odor. tu-oois, anar IMS CHEVROLET HARDTOP 1- door, radio, food condition. 7 S3- 131 CHEVROLET, GOOD CONDI-tlon, boat offer. 13S-13M. ;1SSI MERCURY CONVERTIBLE, Don oner,, eery gooo aaour. . PR7-0473. y STVDBNT, BACK TO SCHOOL! -ISM CHEVROLET. CYLINDER, . automatic, radio, perfect eondt-" tlon. Muat ba aaaa. Star If Ice. isTa. Sas-S40S. VOLKSWAGEN 6 IMS Deluxe. owner, excep- ' ' ejonally low aaueage,. aaat re-t"-oUaere. leather Interior. - "7, WESTWAY vi . AutborUed VOLKSWAGEN fJtg BmaU Car Ctntrt (n Ottawa , ... . : r Our Now Location -1392 BASELINE ROAD ' 739-8106 (Near OEM torn) SPECIAL NOTICE v: TO AU ' CAR BUYERS Wt art now in a position to offer on -the, spot Scotia Plan flrunclnf with IS mln-ut sendee st interest rates of SS.0 per 1100. So-save hundreds of dollars in inter- sat oa the purchast of your new or used car at CENTURY MOTORS ' 449 Gladstone Ave, ' -I , at Kent St) " 233-43I ' 3J3-J773 WHOLESALE , lT0 THE PUBLIC; ' PULL 30-DAY ' z WRITTEN GUARANTEE WE GIVE GOLD BOND STAMl'S RICHARD AUTO SALES ?iS2 Ridean St 333 S793 192 AUTOS WUTeB ALL MAKES OP LATE MODEL peed ears wanted. Par eaah ar ... trade up ar doom. Century Motors 440 Olaneloaa at Kent. 1 133-171. , I HAVE - 17 M . S CHEV- ,. relets. Pontiaea, Parda, Volga-, . ' sragene. Coneuj. Would Ilka 10 earner, pa for lata ajwdel Maurlea Matan, SIS Rldaaa St. IMMEDIATE CASH PO ANY Mka or pMdai la perreet aoadl- LET MS SELL YOUR CAB POR t ran. i nave no tun no cam arranaa a flnnnota) tranaactlaa. Call Jee Marejula. S33-1M4. KlID CASH HIOB PAYMENTS? ; Archie McDonald will buy jrour down, rap cheeper oar and eaah ana part ereau aa ear at later jdaw. Archie McDonald. Lanrlar Weal 133-4713. PRIVATELY OWNED CARS, PER-k, fct condition, eaah. 7r3-liaa. SS4-S10S. PRIVATELY OWNED AUTO-MobUa in perfect condition. Pajr eoeh. PAS-isM. WI BUY CLEAN CHEVROLETS a ad Poatlaca, pap top eaah price . or trade down at Dam la lea AMaenokllee ISM Ca.-Un Ara-aae. f SS-S3V7. WE BUY LATE MODEL OM AND ford produete. 730-aiM. WILL BELL YOUR CAR ON CON. alnmant far top price. TP3-M7I. . PALMER'S AUTO WRECKERS CARS AND TRUCKS WANTED . for wrocklnf. 133-1013. Alblea tO J T5!KC 4 TW1I5J 4AEVROLET ha'lp-ton PICK-UP, ( nvrchanlcaU)! round, cheap. PAS- KEW AND USED SCHOOL BUSES. Larfe atndt en hand, torp dtrtrlnertan (or Bluebird s . Bua Co, Brentford, Ont. Bee C -before roe bur. Shepherd t ton, Alexandria. Phone 77. 4HC I JOS GALLON TANKER. ME-ehantcallp A-t. Itreneed apt II Jenuary. 31.000. 12a-SOU or 733-w 373. 34S Richmond Rood. '.NEW (NO USED SCHOOL BllSES. . Elliott Motors IBellevlllel Ltd. BelleWlre. Ont. Phone W03-4M4. trucks. Pick-ups, all kinds . BHPU II m. aarapSS nsn Ol SJ SJI0PW I k Motor Salea, KaatprrtUa. 333- . USED SCHOOL BUSES JUST RB- , cetead IPCS OMC, tl paeaonfor: .'IPOS OMC, as-paonnpar. Both . Uka pew, TlJX actual mlle- ape. Shepherd Motora, drla. Phono TY. 1 ioi mm wo faints ' ICont. from Preceding Colunui) s as op, mm anp 'n mihii TgURSDAy, AUGUST 7, 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 43. 101 AUTOS FN Sill (Cant, froa Ptausiltag Colurani 4- 6WA6EJ OARAOR WANTED. rROM SEP-. fentber S. vicinity O'Connor and Glouceater. CE3-3M1, avenlnia. PARKING ON GILMOUR NEAR Bans. S31-7I3T or 333-3471 105 HOrOtCYOES WANTED. HONDA SO OR IBS. vain, van anytime. TH-aaw. BYLES AND CO. WE SELL AND SERVICE HON. da SUA. and Harley-Davidada motorcycloa; alee Veepa and NSU aoooten 3ut and Ml Ban Street 1M-M, I . FILM REVENUES HOLLYWOOD -Foreign (bowings of Amtrican fi I m i brin about $100 million a year to UJ$. studios, according to department or Commerce. The YWCA was ettablishod in London in 1144. NOTICE 'oreiea tenden addreued te,lhe N4 -j "w't" wiiii neuionir waiea are Biarxve IKJ1UKM nam von TRACT HQ lit- phleb ere alth rtapeet te "OOIT'CATION AND SECONSTRUCTION AT UPPER END OP 'Mfld the afflee of The St. aniiimMr 11 imm wwe e. Plane. PMlSeatlaai. Pena at Tender. Lakeer Ceedltleaa and Pena af r. - . "Lun epeiiceuea to tae enice ef ue Chief Easlaeer, i",S,C"i-T;"u"" ") St. Peal Street, St. Catharlaei, Oiterle. f.u Sf;.Sf E00" 9"!? "rte. ar the Proieci dtreetar. Wel- UM Pirrler Street 1th ftoer. Montreal. P4).. ar the aeeretary, Mejettte IU?k.V?"" -! . !ered doiiere illMtei hkh wiu ,ae refunded '5? ."i" of the aeere doeuawau la seal order withia thirty dan el the date tied aeere for the return ef lender! If act retarecd Pllala the alweperlod the deMelt will aa forfeited. reader aeaettt ior a una ef set mi taaa tea per earn lai af the ------- ww p. . ,m hi aeceraaaee wim ine lerau af the Feral "" Tender a Bid Seed TthT atneeilT ef !,iS,2,i"t eaadltlenal apea entry late a feraial eentraet In the feral eihlklted with the tender deeumtati aad apea ftuaUhlna aecarlty aoHPtakle la the Authenty. eheU ke arorlded. unmmt eenruy Slid " "a",l. werdanee ,IUi ear aetlluueaa pul ke The aataarlty daa oat kind imu te aeaept the leveil ar any tender . ' L. E. ftBBd. I!.5.H,.'.tAW,e!, '? AUTMOBITY. Secretary. w . n. nmiun ii.-ieee. V T TOUB - J fmgertfbs 1137 INTERNATIONAL llfc-TON top ahapa. Muat ba aeea. ISS4 Plataa. 3333 335-7310 J ; BEDROOM HOUSE TRAILCR. jo a a. isee rergo I -ton truck V-g. dud wheels. Pma gae station. Belle Cornara. Sll-g7S0 THIS WEEK'S SPECIALS HI VALUE I USED TRUCKS 1 . IS4 INTERNATIONAL RI63 srr $400 PANELS AND PICKUPS les. MERCURY panel teono-llne 31 .37 J. Now reduced $1200 TRACTQRS Two 1PS3 IN-.-ERNA- tCQrtrV TIONALS R303 BOTTLER BODIES One 1P3I INTERNA. COrVt TIONAL AITS fUVW $400 131 .CHEVROLET INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Company of Canada . S15 INDUSTRIAL AVE. OPEN EVOaAND SAT. ": 731-8201 " MX SERYU SAYS: ... C BEAUPRE AUTOMOTIVE SERV- icceasortes MICHELIN X TTRRS. MO M ID- fete. Sort lee. 323 70 each. Ke no-tick Motora (Sparta Car epecial- ae), pifssaa. v . a i PARTS AMD SERVICE - AB Baftlah Care Eaelleh Metnra Ltd. t mtia AUTHORISED SALES AND SERV ice. noma, mo. alley aad wot- aeiay cere. . Alignment PRONT END ALIONMENT Drake epeciaiieia. K oilmen Brake and Alignment 33S King Edward Avenue. neiaia. Radiator flfrrict PREE TESTING. PREE USTt-matea, free checking on the vo atoo. Hyp aaaiatar co.. cieaa-mg. rope In recoraa. Bag Wat-Itngtoa. PAS-SSM. . Vpholtterf REPAIRING TRUCK BEAT einaiiona. comber Auto Top up- BHHeearara, aaa eftiaaa vel ALL CEMENT WORK DON. BY Tarry comreetore, guaranteed s to S years. Alwaya check with a registered contractor. Pre, eett- metea. so antna to pay. 3 ALL TYPES PATHML WAL.KB. curbing, sue ran teed, free aau-aatee77lf-4133. CEMENT WALKS. STEPS patios and stucco. Free e s 1 1- V o mnse asm t.ewrarwAnr. are, general repairs. 143 WoaaV rona. Tsa-eaeg. . RECREATION ROOMS. REPAIRS, anraee. rrea eeummee. a. awuoa aeneon umitao, aa e-ou. C. A. lOBANNSEN t 1SS-3S V E R A N DAHS. ALTERATIONS. more iron is ana aoaitiona. re pairs, recreation roorna, roofing and rhhtglee. You name H, whatever R la and we'll do ft. Juat dial the BI0 "J" end wa ll aaa n EAVESTROTJOHINO, REASON- abio prices, rrea eettmatea. 3. D. Oervfn Plumbing and Heating. , 1317 Bank. 7S3-S3M. 1 A V E STROUOHINO SUPPLIED and tnataiiad: aoidaring jointa. guaranteed workman ship, free as Urns tee. Anytime. 334-4433. FOAM RUBBER AND POLYPOAM. fabricating Beattie tnsm ruoner 433 Roosevelt. PAS4003. . ... CAPES. JACKETS. SSI UP. RB-Cerdssh, 334- airs, reasonaoie. IIS. " McRVOY BROTHERS 333 aent aireat 113-3J1I ESTABLISHED 1S3S. PARKING Q . ' 111 iftS1 m Column m,-,ni Wrf-Wo, quallfrtd biulnemt ) who ort rotdy to lorvo you. Don? dtjgy - coll todoy. c UP TO' IS YEARS TO PAY tor the beat m warm air beating. call Hubert Stove and Furnace Ltd., 723-1710. .. .. r i TOWER PRODUCTIONS. ITS Sparka Street. 134-0311. Closed . Saturday for gulp aad Aeujuat GENERAL REPAIRS. POUND A- pelntlng. excavat lag. 743-374T. ALL KINDS OP CARPENTRY AND epan-a, jpasnung. ote. Baa son able. Call Jack, 334070. CUPSOARDg. PLAYROOMS. DU. pkra, ateae, vorandaha, free eeti- matao. amasedietely. Parent. T71- sies. , . OTTAWA peKrrXCTIVE- COAT-. Ing. Interior, exterior decors line Wall paper. Prea eetlmMee. Work guar antes d. T33-O040. . . BOtLDINO CLSANSRS ' PRtVATE HOMES AND OrPICEB. DISCARDED PURNtTURS, CLEAN up retues. removal ta city dump, Modarata . re tee. BE1- S70S. . .' , McELKERAN. YOUR LANDSCAPE or. gardaa loom. Proa of aad. or clay, TOP QUALITY FIELD BOD. lSe per , eej. yd. OPS 311. North Goerer, eolleot. - - - TOP QUALITY FIELD SOD. IBal a bo. yard delivered. Pkoae coiled Kaoiptvuia ssej-Iiss. i a mm HIGHEST CjUALITY FIELD BOD. lee square yara pear iw yaraa. ' eas-sots. ' , : - : . BOD. CEDAR TREES. BLACK earth, petlo. Sasataaai MU4-4043 a SPECIAL LIMESTONE. REGULAR tor reduced lac. Cedar trace. wwanone, ooaa., Tea-taai. . WEED KILLING AND FERTILIaV . inc. Reshtentlal. Induatrial. Oen oral laam apray aarvlca. Phono S33-17d far Ottawa, null area. ' BARN'S NURSERY SOD ' TOP QUALITY ' MERION AND Hahn'a Blue. Alee No. a srureerv Sod at reduced price. Phoao collect, ureeiey ioav .,., SALE. PATIO STONES. WRITE, red, green, block, raiaots. SSS- ; MANDSRLSY SOD ' QUALITY MERION BLUE and mixed blue eeryl 333-3003 ALEM ACRRS SOD USE OUR CERTIFIED MERION Blue nursery pod and our Glea- . acrea euana. eee-ieee. $4 SO Art HOUR UP, VETERAN'S . Fuel OIL moving. 7-as0. , ALL PAVING JOBS DONE ) BY Tarry Contract ors. guarentaed 1 to S yaare. Alwaya check with a registered contractor. Free eettmatea. 34 toon tht ta pop, 330- PAVINO DRIVEWAYS. PARKWO araaa, patching. Work gueran- teed. Thlbeeull raviag, ipa- S33S. i a " " PAVINO. SPECIAL RATES A Muse a, Contractors, spceiaitita In Asphalt privawaya, rs tense, Landeceplog. Year gasraalae. For Information on MR. SERVU call e fft.fT- .0 at-a aaaa aa n-.gj a, a a, A ifi S.f ttttl N ATIONAL CAPITAL -COMMISSION , INVITATION TO TENDER CRUSHED GRAVEL . Sealed Tenders will bo received until 11.00 noon. September 4. IPM. and opened In public fifteen mlnutaa later la the CommtMiee't Board Room, for approximately SOO tone of cruahed gravel to be laid aa Sheffield Roedfrom Inaee Road to WaUtley Road. SpeeUlcatlona and tender forma mav be obtained from the under- aunajl et 301 Carllng Avenue. Ot-uwa, Ontario. Envelop aa to ba marked Tender Cruahed Gravel. Addreao all' tend en to: Secretary, National Capital i Commlaalon, Ml Carllng Avenue, Ottawa. Ontario. Journal Want Ads quick results. bring TO CONTRACTORS eadertleaed la eanlepei prerlded ky laareaee Seaway tatherity. Mijeltle aavu a ee a uaT.. Tnaraaay, r r. ABSO UTE SATISFACTION. paparnanging; Inside, outside Km3is!-.McC CONNOR PAD TNG AND DEC ""'"'S- snienor, eararior apa-elallaed and equipped la house repainting. Quick, efficient eerv toe. Free eoiimaioe. pas gg. - . P. MaeKAY " INTERIOR. EXTERIOR PAtNTTNO. paperruuiglng. , Prea eetiaaatee. , woramaneaip guereateed. 330- - aeet. ..... ... . FORREST BIOS. PLUMBING beating. Free guaranteed. Time pay. Repel our apedetty, Night and CEe-Saig. day ordera Invrssd. PAVINO DRIVEWAYS. SMALL parainat araaa, aapholL Free eetimatee, 1 year written guar. ana-seaa, NATIONAL PR-TfTERS LIMITED, Mn- vi ri mis, vaei-reee. LO-MOR PRINTERS SOCIAL. printing, pnoto, off. oat. wedding Invite t Olouoaotar. CES-3000. viuuoae. SS3 beprioebation; sales and eervtca ell ksanchea Mnr. r eon a. 137 Preetea Street. sas ALL HOOFING AND REPAtRS dona by Tarry Contractors, guar anteed S ta S yeere. Alwaya snecn ens a ragiaiarea aan-. tract. Free eetimatee, . 14 aneenna ep pay. aaeaaua.. , '' QUTNN INSOLATION ' COMPLETE ROOPINO SERVICES. all work guaranteed. Free aati-i anatao. Telephona day ar oe a- . sunga, e-eia-ejee. ..... STEAM tWm MOBIL STEAM C LEA NINO AND pressure weening; car angtnea. basements cleaned and water proosaa. reeeoneoie. 720-S9e. CANADIAN CRYSTAL POOLS BY a. arose aiacea unuted, res- WBLLMAN CONCRETE LTD. for reinforced pools. Seles oat Servtoe, 733-0413. SSS-1TS4. BLUB LINE . TAXI. 14 - ROUS can tie-1333. RED LINE TAXI LTD., S4-HOUR wail aae-aaift. ai. aun.iniv, sinnvnsv nnir aortania nominal on ivpewruers, fat eele ar raatal. J. M. Hill 7733 FIRST RAILROAD SANTA FE The first railroad was built Is New Mexico In 1U1. Before that principal means of traruporutioa were the stagecoaches. . Saudi Arabia bat an area ef) about MO, ft square salles. 90t 236-7511 aa-a,. 4 a , f 01 U6JU NOTICE OP APPLICATION by 'the CerpereUee af the. Tewnshla af Nepeea tee ap pravai or a By-law ta define and eelahllsb THE TOWNSHIP OF N E P E A N ORAINAOS AREA NO. I fPARKWOOO BILLS-PISHER HSIOMTSIl to oatherlae agreeaaeal with the Cerperatlea of the City ef Ottawa fer the ceastrartlea of aertasa sewage works aeelgped far the dreuuis af each Area: Ja pravlde fer Ike aerate a far the said weeks: aad te fcav Pese a sewage rsts fer pack fSiT'NOTiri raiATi ! The Council of the Corpora- lien as me xownaniu or aisiss Intends to apply to the Ontario Municipal Boara lor approval of the construction under agreement between the Corporation of the City of Ottawa the Corporatloat af the lownsnin at nepean af a etnrn aewer 0 a diameter at fortv eight (4g"i Inches on Neebltt Street In the City af Ottawa from Fleher Avenue to 0 point one hundred and alxty . two 1S2 1 root north or the mat ing culvert at Prince of Walea urive. irierenaner called "The neabitt street Drain"), at estimated total coat for tha Corporation of tha City of Ot tawa and the corporation of the 1 own sn id or Neoean of Eighty. Two Thousand. Two Hundred I eel 0. 00) Dollars, of which tha sum of Twenty-Four Thoue- ano. two Hundred S34.iooooi Dollars will be paid by tha corporation of tha cttv eg Ot tawa and the sum of Fifty- aigni Tnoueana taaa.voo.ooi Dollara will be paid by the Corporation of tha Township of Nepean: and tha Corporation of .ma Townanip ot nepean intends to charge a part of the coat of work aa a aewer rata for a period of ten uoi yeare upon laaoe inai wiu or 1 derive a benefit therefrom. It It Is aropoaed that aeventy-flve (73' l par ceatum or me ioisi esiimaieo cost so me xownanip af Nepean or a net estimated amount of Forty-Three Thoue-and. Five Hundred (S43.30O 00 1 Dollara ahell ba met bv brnluree payable within 10 (10) rears on the metalment plan. The annual rate Is estimated to ke s S3 muia on me 1 e value of tha landa. The following la en example of the annual charge on an average dwelling property for which the peeeee. martt an land is si SO Aaaaaaed value ed land . 3390 00 Mill rate a aa Sewer Rata I Annual chares) 1.01 S k Tha area upon wnicn euca eewer rata at ta oa savaro w aa deecftbed la Schedule -A" hereto. I hi Ma eeemntliwia will he aranteOL 41 Any ratepayer may, within. twenty-one aaya arvvr ins rim publication af this notice, cent by prepaid poet to the clerk af the Township of Nepsen. at the ad-draea given below, a notice la writing etetlng hia objection to ouch approval or to the Im position af the special rata. St The Ontario Municipal Beard Play approve we sera aymsi mm numuant to tha a t a t a t e and may approve of the said works, bat before doing 00 It ajiay appoint a tuna and place for a puaue lioaring amen any eblectione will be coneldered. but notice of ouch hearing will bo given only to theee persons who have given notice of ob jection as provtoaa tor aoove. , SCHEDULE "A- i J Bylaw No. tl-44 TBS TOWNSHIP OP NEPEAN DRAINAGE AREA NO. I GamaBencma at the intersect ion ot the easterly limit of the Clyde Avenue rtgnt ot way ana me Nepeea Townahlp-Clty af OtUwe boundary, thence eeeterly alaag tha eald hnundarv to tha a o r t h- eaaterly Hmlt of the Townehtp of wspean. aamg sue nsi in ensi usi ner of Lot a Sunnycreet Drive, theeew, enutherlv along tha eastern umn or sne Townanip ox nepean u a poena too reel eoutn at me nuehlwr enrnae eg Bleck "Cl". Plea No. 4IS3S7. being aleo a point n Che eaet Munaary or rea aei. Plaa SSPOOS. thence weeterly along line, nerellel to limit of esid Block "O" to e point In Lot EST. Plan IteoOl which at IDS feat eouth of aouth-weel corner of Naes Street, and continu-Ing weeterly. Its foot smith af and parallel to the eoutherly limn, af Aahbura Drive, to the eeuOi-eest pmm m wet see. thence weeterly along the eoutherly limit of lot 340. so pee eouin-wees sen" as " all af Plea No. 4111P7. thence diagonally across Ins roses A v e-aue to the eouthaat corner of Lot S37. thence weeterly ' along the. south limit ag lot SS7 to the southern corner of tot On. ehenoe northerly plans tao roar tot Itno : ef lets en to 033 hscrueive. thence weeterly aaoag the roar mh u ef lota SSI to SS4 tacluatvo to the 1 north . west earner of lot oa, thaaco northoelp aions .taa reyr, tot lines of tots SO? l,W4a eluatvo. ta the north-aeet eorner of tot too. thenoe weeterly elong the rear tot line of lots res, TO I , SOS end 343. Plan Ho. 417030. ana along rear tot lino ef Iota IIS to ".gTrUrd PUn ho5 toll in-eluarvo, to the aouth-west corner ot tot 734. thence eeuth-weeterly along a line 100 feet eouthof end parallel to Meodowlands .Drive to the weeterly limit ofBlock -F . Plaa No. 45SS31: theivae northerly aloof the westerly limit of Jlock F to aaaieaisswOTv - dlaaonally to the tntoraartloa of SS'.rth'bound.ry ofLot SS. Con-eeaaton A. Bhtoaa Front, and the westerly limit af Blrchwood Drtve: thence westerly elong e north bound ery of ea td lot 33 to Mm Intersection af the eaet Ihnal of Me rivals Bead right of way with aald boundary, thence northerly Sons (SvH-- Hmlt of the Mart vale Bead to Ita ntoraprtton wtth civde Avenue, then northerly Sum, th limit - Clyde Avenue right of wo ta tha petal of . n iks ra of Ottawa. this ISth day of Auguat. IPS. Clark af the Tovraakto at S4S Rich mend Raavi, Ottawa. Ontario. 1 TOWNSHIP OF; : GOTJLBOURN TENDER FOR BRIDGE Sealed tendere. ptslalp marked "Tandor for King's Crook Bridge, Township at Oeulbourn will be . . - t. .. nnrll pal. (EDST) September S, 1004 Tbo works tneiaae aaaavaisen for and construction Of a SO ft. . - mimtA fMaa h,e4dew with wingwalla and steel bridge rona Tne esee m wnws vwww tow S and s, Concessloa s. Ooul-poura Towaahlp. ... . ... Plana, eentraet documanta aad forat at tender may ha obtained trees the office af at. M. DILLON LTD, , Consulting Engineer, 1 SSI Bank Btiaat, . - 't . Ottawa. aaaa the deposit ef a eertt! ehsnis roe Ola. aaade navahaa the Township of Ooulboura. De-poelt cheques will be Mfundablo to bane fide bidden uaaa tha return at contract documents he good OOaMlUOBwe " A certified cheque for sea per cent (10) af tha total tender will be required to be submitted with eoeh loader. The loweet, ar any seiiwei, wui ne ORVTLLE B. DO WD ALL, Clerk TownopiTf ' P O Box IPS Ooulbgala. BtlttavtUa. Ont. lOrfloe at Stanley . Cstnsra. Oat.) JoumoJ Want Ads bring quick results. , 116U THE BANKRUPTCY ACT la the matter af the bankruptcy et BBTAH WHITNEY FULLS. formerly trading aa Queeasway Aasbalaaee gervlee (Otuws). la the City ef Ottawa, la the Prev-aaae ef Oalarto. Notice ss haeebv etven that Bryaa Whitnav Fuller, formerlv trading aa Ouaeiiewav Ambulance Service lOtuwai. la the City of Ottawa. In the Pies lute ef Ontario, made aa aeslgnmen! aa the 13th day of August. 1004 and that inp wet meeting or creonoro win ba held on the Sod day af September. 1804 at 11.00 a m at the office of the Trustee SIS Cooper airver. mcawa. untarw. DATED at Ottawa. O n t a r this 13th day of Auguat. 1004. C. A. Bouneall. C A, Trustee. Old Cooper Street. Ottawa, Ontario. DEFENCE CONSTRUCTION (1951) LIMITED PROJECT: Construction af Ft re Pumphouee and Pond. Ottawa Wire leas Station, Leitrim. Ontario. Filer 3O0-L3-4 SEALED TENDERS, marked as to content addreeeed to tha undersigned will bo received until 1 00 p.m. E D.T. TuaaoAY. aeptemoer ai, laoe. Plans, apoeiflcoUona and tender forma will be oa view at Bunders' Exchangee la Ottawa. Kingston end DCL Toronto Branch Office end may bo obtained by Prime Contractors only from DCL Plana Section, at the address below an de af SIMM payable ta De fence Construction lissn Limited. Security aeooatt oa callea tor in the Tender Documents muat ac- ny tenders N. 1. SMITH. Secretary. 3th Floor. Keneoa Building. 12S Metcalfe Street. Ottawa 4. Ontario. TENDER ASPHALT REPAIRS STRATHCONA HEIGHTS OTTAWA, ONTARIO - CENTRAL MORTOAOE AMD HOUSING CORPORATION SEALED TENDERS', plainly mark- aa to content to) the aad a. win aa ra e'clock a 00a. Sentamher a. carved up to EDST. Wedneaday 1PM, for asphalt repatra to roods. walks and perking areaa. and chain link fencing at Stratheana Heights. Mann Avenue. Ottawa. Plana, spoctftcettone and forma of tender required can bo obtained by eon tract ore at tha oddreaa shown below, and ore ovallabkt for Inspect ion et the earns office and Ottawa Bunders' Exchange. Each tender muat ba accompanied by 0 10 security deposit. Such eecurity aapoan enaii ne rruinrs hv Central liartaaee and HouauuT Carper e tlon ta ensure due perform- ance Of ine oontract. vaen. n certified cheque, bearer or negotiable Dominion of Canada Bonds wUI be accepted aa eecurity deposit unless other forme of eecurity are authorised by the Chief Engineer All chequeo muat bo nude payable to the order ef Central Mort- eaee and Houalnn Corporat Ion. TImi loweet or any tender not eerily acceptea. B. i. MERSEY. , Manager. Central Mortgage one Housing Corporation. Hampton Park Pane, Carllng and Klrkwood Avenues. P O. Box MIS. Station -C". Ottawa 3, Ontario. HOUSTON Most of the off shore oil well drilling In the Gulf region Is done la waters not more than M feet deep. Five times more boys than girls are color bUnd. J "EX" SPECIALS STRAW HATS SHIRTS h POLOS PYJAMAS BOYS' SHIRTS WINDBREAKERS SWEATERS etc. etc., etc 1-90 S for 10 , ClALIL'S Afen't and Royt Wear ( Opes) Tkss. to Sat. ' ' Bern, ta Ma. 393 link Slrtal 233-ltd 01 TAKE YOUR HOLIDAY THE F..0DERN WAY J U Mk, U ShIsV It lriArfl, tait rw WtM vUl r . . . LXP U VI MOWT. 1964 MODELS, FUULY EQUIPPED TRAVEL TRAILERS FOR RENT OR SALE BeeteS e ratty bisalaua , o 13. is sad IS H. ataaa aemsaklo , e Slak. Mere . . lee baa. ar refrlg erases (ir -e TaOeu is IS sad IS It, sseaeat , SPECIAL WINTER RATES , RESERVE YOURS NOW! On DUplay at Tkis Canvtmiemi Location 1688 CARLING AVE. (Corner CLYDE) 722-4766 ", AFTER 6. 729-7889 or 235)650 St -LIVING-IS GREAT IN THE OUTDOORS BRITANNIA MARINE (1963) LTD. 1 2601 Csrlin. Avenue 8287052 SALE I Only 13 ft. McCulloch Reg. S859, Now I Only IS ft. McCulloch Custom Royal boat. Reg. S1249, Now X Only 11 ft. "aluminum cartop boat Reg. $219, Now I Only 14 ft. fibergUi canoe with paddies. Reg. J155. Now , 1 Only Scatt Sailboats. ) Reg.' $389, Now new .; AND LATE MODEL GUARANTEED USED CARS m . lift fg sPRPr It RICHMOND ROAD "GREENLANE" -. Pre-Fab s '., CSnACES - KC"ES - GARAGES "for a holiday rest - Get tho host" Ill) itiMltlHOttl MilHItlllMHMUM ., Introducing tho "EDELWEISS" SWISS CHALET 3-bedroom split-level. Cedar log 7 ) C siding. Special low. low I sC J UIM per Month ' Aba BTsUahte bs t ' Life Insured to 10 Years Special Bonus We Psy Initial Firs Insurance Premium COTTAGE ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE Class "A" Selkirk Chimneys, Fireplaces, Toilets with Septic Tank, Kitchen Sink Unit with Pump , and Hot Water Tank Free Catalogue Fcatturlftf Cottagog from W5 aad . - MAY H SEEN AT 3C09 CARLIIIG AVENUE Mondajr to Friday t etas, to pM. Saturday It ajsu to 4 BJ. (Across from Britannis Drive-in) or Phone , 020-3091 BY WEEK OR MONTH a Sleeps a to Black sa spites ' Sta ameer Jacks e 10 ft, eats aal aa 0 SMe Bttrrat U$ lor Ytur Trailer Atctuoritt fiberglas boat. atanaap ID 1125 195 $135 250 uAnetl AUTOniODILES 722-3.95 ptaak panel i aa

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