The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 18, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 18, 1918
Page 3
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THURSDAY, APRIL, 15, \yisJ THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELISVILLE PA. PAGE THREE. NEWSY NOTES TELL WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN nui'-s OF f SATI5 AM StTDE. I Committee on Nomination Suggests Officers for the i". M. C. A. ELECTION TAKES PLACE MONDAY Enrolling Officer ior PnMc Service Krserre Has Sent' Ont 11 Recxmits and Has Sertral Xore in View; Hisrh School Society in Reorganized. Special to Th* Courier Sf OTTDALE, April 18 --Tie Hv-Y duo has reorganized for an acuvo schcol campaign during the next six wee*s The officers elected were Joha Kramer president Clyde KL]U 1 . first vice president \\ilham Bcd- dows, second vice president and Joseph Knowles, chairman of athletic relationships The cluto is made tip of fi\ e seniors fi\ e juniors four sophomores, three freshman and two giads school representatives They mci t regular!} each Mondaj in the educational rooms at the Y -M C A. Officers ominated. The Y M C A. nommatins commit tee presented the names of the following aa directors r or the nest th-ee ^ear* ^ S tadereon A J Sker.p , n th]; pre[)} J Warren Brooks Dr Arthur Waide greec stjn 0 , ersiurt lb trltmned w i t h R P Fe-cr \* F Stooei Berkev H fnnge of t"c same shade The bodice Bovd Ralph Stoner, C Lee ilellinper, , 3 of n suede (o ma ,^ h the 5atm K L Stoner R. Lee Sherman and H j D Stoush Tne election will tike p ace Monda \pril 22 The bo ird wi 1 meet on Maj 3 10 install the row o'f cers and elect officers from tie directors. tleven Sent Forward. GARBAGEUTILIZATION Subject of a Bulletin Issncd hr tht }oid 20-page idminlstration bulletin on Ga-bage v, ilhatn rerguaon enrolling off cer ' rjtilizat on w th particular refer foi the department of Public ?eri ice ' Reserve has been "verv successful so ence J u iiization feeding been prepared b\ 'he Garbage Dn, far m furnishing men Alreadj le ] S10 n o the Food Administration ind hai sent 11 men forward from his i i s available m printed torn T*it pur \Kmlt- for ship building already , pose 0 , J h t oartnge u t n zition 1m th se men ha\e bee-i called and ar in i S10I1 j s 0 urge sa ing o r Mien uisti. t 1 - service Two local men base an-|iood products .is ar jniuiced for lid sv ered *he call for wor* in Fraice j man consumption to increase the meat one a trainman and one an electr cian 3Lp pn am i t he production of ec b Fntertam 1-noncls. ; ats an( i ft.rul /er mater ils Vlieses Thelma and Mayme Smeirer T w e n t y odd bi! ion pounds, ot cai bage are p-oduced in this couu v jiearh and the garbage pail is one o f Trose present were Florence Hutner , our m0it e^peu SIS e uxiine- Put fo-d. Hazel Kelh Mary Miller L'ret- I lcss garbage in the pail and take ,110 e ta \\elsh Marie Detwiler Bernard out ^ [hi tpnier-iatHe idci and in bulle entertained a few ot their friend at South Broadna\ on Tuesda\ evening c p Q b e r ^ a t n e i su u lc ie n . C ark Robert Hlckey Josepn. Shei th] , bulle m ^ su u lc ie n . de=cnpt on n k Merle Waugaman Prank N ' h m i is g n o n of d ij c - en , ^e-hoJi of col »c ilnard OHara and William C^mn-| t l o n aad M i,]| 7aUon i, 0l j bs redu ion bt U and feeding to hog \\itH enplia. s c- n ^t'lod as b«n 0 ' t n e nec(J , 01 hundreds of Iratk Mwt Satordnj. upon t !, e On Saturday the grade schools t-ack adapvCd te-un-, w i 1 ha ^hei- meo for t'le comniunu tjl ,,hich ac tt mod r re c l a m p o n = h p This will bt dei ideii duc lon plants m^ max use ecrti-g d lyoucks Park One huidr d hoys ^ an , m nedla e CO nse-\ation m o i n i l ! compete M i c h interest has o( en , u r e for Wi _ r pllrj)0 , is pmrting the in stallation of a reduction plain HOW ANY CIRLI CAN HAVE PRETTY EYES njan feat to lea-n which bn is the b si all around a h'etr Rain ha 0 pr» \- ued the ho ding of Jus mec b r °"e t i» time Instructor 3tissed. ilarcer McIKam assists!) geura.1 sucretarv of tno Y M C. N. »"io le't f r farm work in Kan a^ b s au n s^ed a 'he local i oc anon so ccessor has been named Johr Kro ner. Jr bojs v o-k seciejrv w i l l continue in a Hrger »phe-e ot » n r INCRLDJBLL it -until sciool closer at which t i r e he v ill become swnmming instructor p or all classes silrcr BnUeti- e^e-s are r h a \ t (4ii.rl- ng r ^ pi r I a ^ o p t i k c / e n tlit et.s and a rp-i-i \ ou w i h L mall ottlc guararneel to niakt eves heal In spalK'iL and n v a c i o U o Tht quictc cl ange w i l 1 please %ou . , ,_ A l u m i n u m oe cup l'H-LF V A U 1=1 the siHer bullets tba, wi. *m c]arkc _^ (h \o s^r J ^ P r c red stramtf or ONE, WAsH w i f i wa=h w 11 b IR*I t w eek u e v. i 1 1 J ^ i-iis war And sihen, bullets are rioulded not alone from what }01 lend 1 tit from what you sa\e and lend This is the was to increase A m e r c a s lighting strength ^ou will be more iian agreeablv surprised at che laige ^ivints on ^ o u r needful pure'rse« i ome la and be convinced at a g acco - ou 11 see the largest and best elec on of millin,er\ coats suns rh"se=. fan's and chi dren s wea- hrsierv u »lin and knit wear etc Bro rtwa% I adies Sto-e Scotldale Pa Ji st as i ou set off the car --Adv Personal. Vanderbilt. \AMMRBlL.T \p-ll IS -- M i . R J Stonei of Scotdi!* M aed hei par ent» Mr and Mrs W i l l i a m Bail-} on Tuesdaj J B T Ienderson is \ i s u i n q In fither Jllijah iicnder or of ^ art u Ferr Ohio Mi and Mrs Ralph B ack V \ Co* 0 TOve and daughtti I ster I r I Black A b Pollack and Rinc^ 1\ n- |terhalter attended the LIKs m i n s t r e l Mr-. M J Kennedx 'and da ighter it the Sois.*on theatre Tuesdax e\e- Mirgueiite leu for Camp Ha icock nmy Vugusta Ga on Tuesday w h e r 1 thex j "Don t f o i ^ e t the "Red Cros c enter\ il xisit friend^ .tainmeut m the Plesntenan church Misseb Irene Beck and h,l abeth on Satu day eienmg Vpnl 20 begin H u n t ' e j of "Voungwood visited f n e n d ' i ' n n g at S o'clock 1 01 e for a few da%s Mr and Mrs J R Byrne and rtaugh- urs Hi da and \irgmia am' sons Jo'm and Prank leu this roo-mng for Camp Hancock Augusta i a to i i^it tbeir--on \ L RvTae Mrs Robert Rishebeige of Braddock is visiting friends here Mrs Amu. Musgrove visited Mt Pleasant friend, j«sterda Berlin or Bust is a night r poor -.logan unless It is backed up IrteralU with Libertv Bonds The Vancierbilt Fancy Work club met at ihe home of Mrs J C Moore on Wednesday You Too, Will Chooi on© It's a very easy matter for you to decide which Talking Machine to buy because' the Pa the Pathephone is ALL Talking Machines in ONE--it's the ONLY standard machine that plays ALL Records. And at the price you pay it's a LARGER VALUE than any other machine made. Pathe Sapphire Ball and P»the Record Grooves --eliminates the changing 01 .Needles' --cannot scratch nor -wear out the Record' -reproduces in a clearer life-like tone than anv othei machine on the market todav' No Needles to Change! The Pathephone plays Pathe Records with the famous Sapphire Ball--which is PERMANENT--doing away with the everlasting annoyance of changing needles. And the Sapphire Ball is round and smoothly polished--to perfectly fit the groove of the Record. That's why the Pathephone renders the selection precisely as it is rendered by the artist without the loss of a single tone color or overtone. And that's why the Records NEVER wear out. Pathe Records S5c to $4.00. Pathepttones $30 to $225. Hear These New May Records! $1-', 20.V--hwp th" Holm Tin's I l l i n i u m ( t v t i l l o ) . 7c \Hicn Ibr t»rejit lieii U t m n I* ^ h i n t n i ? (Sharpo), 21)1]"»--The rHrkttrnn Mrntter-' « ordion Vocorannnnnont ~ocal ftfTn Moilloy ^o. 1 ""Hiis-cal i onmh Flits** (Intro. 1 Siren's ^-tmt; 2. Vn O l d - I n s h t o n o d 1 iru 3. 1)1! tlie UomK JUoil B » ) I TTIC local Quiniof Tn«ii Gem Hfdh i o 2 **ramp F i r p songs'* Htiiro. 1.\f Oollr rirn^ -* Ilnnej" Hoy. ' t nmriwft -,. ( V hen r i b n n v ( omt«- M iroh- me Home. ~y. Thfro'll Bt u Hot Time in thi Old lorni loiiiplit 1 *. J/iTit "Vocal QinntC" I anersiti iBRH^( Koy»l Dadmnn Jtall (i:r ioVx). 7oc Vrlhnr I iiMUs, Tennr, 4 In the I ami 0' i a m n Tnmo (Mt Carthy-1 isclier), VrtliTir i- iplri«i t 11 nor. Vc^oniion ^ccoinpaniniont 20121--Hj s w ( ( l i t ( M i x l t r . l ouis ^ o u n t r ) , M e d t i y I ox Trot, Intro. " M f f f f( at 7*c the Station Uiar, Unudini Brothers Irrnrdmnivts V Scitx^hn High-Ball {4rr b\ R i u r t i n o Itrothtrs), ncdlct OIK Sipp, Intro 3 "Rac: Pip* * 2 " \ u » m ! onnt " * K J u o JicJls of Sriilnnd.*' 1 V u l d I aitj S i n * " Bondini Brothers, Vceorthouiits 2011S--Mi*.pOD*-ln 1 f nMiril f n n ^ f r ( S o u w i ) , **M inch" "5C Nflifll K(*^rio M t r r h (Sou'-n), JOJOO--1 nrruuip fKryan-I IM b o i l . \ 7"c ( r h e Mo t h e Kiirhl to l o w ^ on (Glatt), ^ft320--(.oinc Fp irom *'t«oine I [" ( H t r s t h j , Medlcv 7.»t t^i tt'o FTTO of "* on" M i d n i g h t Molt/ (Holland), Come to Our Main Floor Pathephone Department Tomorrow--You're Always Welcome at Aaron's. This Special plujoe Outfit 13450 Cor^i^is f)f the ^"fl Modol and T o u r choice of 6 Double faced Paihc Records -- (U selec-* nans) Comparp- ' n^ ^"i"" r "51 machine on ^^ode Pnthj v-uh anv he manici ^menean Tl^pnblte Tt»nl Ymcnuw K r p u b h r J^and a r T i t r U \\ illuini*-, liTritoni 1 Strlini? I r l o One ^fop, Inh*»i "Horn's ^ H l ^ ^ ( a n HenublK 1 Hund Vnuncaii Koniibl This Sje ml P n t l u - Outttt Cors!«t«! of t f - p ^l""»0rt \lndi I ind \our choice of f 1 Doublo fi^cct Palhe Uecords-- (12 selection*) Compare tbi« $l"j M c d t l Pithe *itb a.nx other $200 mif hme on the market Connellsville's Reliable JHouiefurnishers Since 1891 I'll is Speciil I'nthc- Ou(f t _ . _ $10450 i r n Model and vour choice Fa he Records -- (12 selec- Consists of hr i of t DoubU fcccd t ons) Tompari? this ?100 Mode! Pathe with anv other $125 machine ou ho marke Confluence. D unbar. U C Eason for wall paper-- 26mar27t Vrtio to "Patronize. Those who advertise in The Courier Daily CONFLUENCE April I S -- T h e mol- ing of he cot age re a idenc( lately oc- cupiea bv Llod Kurtz o t ie lot ad joining the Lutheran church to be used foi a parsonage is progressing icry fd.\orabl under the superxisioi of Contractor J W Clouse Daisy the little daughter of Mr and Mrs H.ixrv "Watsoi 19 -eccnenng from t phoid fex er Mrs U/zie Sproul has returned to her home near Ohiopjie after a. x i b i t w i t h friends here Mrs J S Sheiber of I namus his -eturned from a x i s i o to Someiset \rrs Ben Brown has i eturned from [ a xisit imh friends at Cc-nneiLvillo CHRONIC COLD , WITH VINOL Mr. Bagley's Letter Printed Here as Proof | Dunn, N. C -- "I suffered with a chronic cold for four months, coughed 1 day and night Had to keep on work- 1 ing -when I was not able to I saw Vmol advertised and tncd it, and I j want to tell you it just cured that cold m a short time " -- J C, Bagley, Dunn N C ' That's because Vinol is a constitu- tiona! cod liver and iron remedy which aids digestion, enriches the i blood and creates strength Then chronic coughs and colds natarady disappear Yo ir money will be returned if it does rot help you, Liughrey Drug Co ConneUsyJJle DT\ d C Eason Dunbar, and it the best drLg btoie in everj tow a and cu^ in the countrj Bliss Native lerb Tablets tfte Only Medicine Tfeat Does the Work In the Right Way. Meyersdale., }· nclo^ed find a one dollar mon-v jt le please send 10 me o-u box 1 Ut \ a l \ e Horb Tablet" I hive u^ntl one box Vt Ir^t I tosk *u o ablets ererj ni^ht and no^ f take ihoi t one fifth of a t ible t s e r n srht as my bowc s are rnc r r*-jnJ I ir I have 'mffervd fr in c ri^ilua lion fur e l c h E e f n \ ar« j, id hi* js tin only medic-ine that hn 1 * i-one th« u urk m th ri^ht \^^\ Kl \ 1 I- N W h * T Houston TOT 1 v*r^ mail brings us C^it m-onials '"om neoplo li all waUvs o' l i f j as to *e bent-lcnl r*"*-i t=i fron takinir ^1 -v, Sati\»s Herb Tablet Thev ir thf or J% recffmizt-d mndird hi ~b remcd 'or the r eHef o con-? i- pation kidne^" ind liver com-nlt nt and the minj Ills irl;!nff fn m t diiontereu *^t.oniioh ^V"hcn yo i b u \ a box of Blibb N a t i v e - H r r b T i b l f t s vou r -ceive n. #11 r i n t r c th it i* the\ don t lo ill \T tf clan for t l n o u r m i c\ ^ i l i 1 - r fLidf ti Start i" i J i \ a i i i b f t , i n a iif th m Or ^ : tl/l at n» w i l l nif^i. th* n e x t ilaj bright. T h e s t i i u i n Bli'-s N i t n c I l t r h Tablets j. r f jnii up in % e) low box's of l\% i T t i n u r ^ d ta lets each anl bear t c p loto s*~*\. trraph o' \ onzo O B5K-. (^Ctt L.of k for t*ie tra I mark ^03* MFTGRfiDALi: ipril 17 -- R e v ra-Jter J J Hi,id-v u,as a. \isitoi in Cumberland ou Tin,sda Mrs Grace Price of Brownsville is b.Lru for a fe\v di^s via t w i t h rela- Lnes ^.nd friends John Dahl spent Tuesdav \jsitmg ia Cumberland William Tidoaberg of G-lencoe was transacting business ia our city on. Tuesday "*liss Lulu who visited relatives and friends ht~e for a £ew dayi ret u i n e d to Pitlbburg on Join Pennsylvania's New Army of Poultry Producers Pledge Card Campaign for mor Pou trv condiicted bv Depa-tment ot Agricul tt r^ Harriaburj. Pa Pennsyhanla War Poulin CoraiulsMon Penn svlvaoia Statt, Poultr Associitlon and D t p a r a n e r t of ^^ricuUurc VTashmgton D C » I L I YOU J0 101 I Sli V H r T Check items which fit o»r case for ^uidauce of "\Vi.r Commission I agree to set one or more settings of LSKS or purchA'M? bab% Chicks or breeding stock to produce same to help the food suppH ot the \ation T can affora to invest - and am Interested in 1st -- , 2nd . .. chickens (Vame breefl prafe-rpd) [ have »__ feet available I have ,, _ , at tbia time (Deserving cases will ha\e special atten^jon.) I would be willing to become a producer of poultry meat, ]f ifter proper inveitlg-uiori \ o u find m application for hatching eggs worthy of such cona derat on I carnot afford to pitrcbaso chicks or hatching eggs I will gladly report to proper authorities the buc- COBH of rm hat^h when demanaed I desire to rece ve list of chicks and egge for sale and such free infnr mation m the wa\ of bulletins or other literature that will give me such nformation as to enable me to obtain the maximum re^jlts with the miuimurr expense Signed , - , P 0 Address Cipress Office or R J" D Route , Penna Rieck's Ice Cream Fresh Prom Pittsburgh B\ery Day TAKE A HOME Served With Many Dahuous Dressings at Collins' Drug Store, 117 S. PITTSBCRG fvTREET. SAFE, GENTLE REMEDY CLEANSES YOUR KIDNEYS Fn StMc BeJl M2 I O C U - AD IO"NG IHST^CP M O W I N G S . , Kcsid net 101 Haas VTC^ lO\M-U",YILLt ( PA. W. W. Giotfdty j 1 Mit, "\\ I j Mm \ lef MI v, itb Mr 1 - R McCuno ind (laughter ftsdi} for a Ten d 135 ti\p-» in Sv»iss\ale Erant of \tanct was a. But t hoidu of GarreLt calling on fnoidb Price $1 p^ Iarko and bo-t Snld h\ V Mi s John v, ii» shopjMng: Ueie ruescliv If ttu Sirmuies can die toi Libe-ty ·^urelj vou can buj for it | 1 or ceitunes GOLD MEDATj Hoar | nor [ 1cm Oil has bot.n a stand ird houbt-holcl i -at) -ic ti ouble nut ill dl^e ISLS LOU | i i - t t I v\ h L i e jltna-rj urga fa Che u d n e j in bUd le are the most, nn- I li.nt ortans of the bodv rh j art- he IHttrs the p u r i f i e r s i v ui bio d I I f tht- i oisons ^ h i-h c n L e r ) it b j H l ^ i n i tliioiip-n hi bi u»i uui M n a i 11 f "ot c t i t U v thrt w n t I b'. th K i i n t - y s a n d \ j NHdd - \on trc do wied h i\ b en jdj 1 ht.\ ; fried I I LH I Lt- t ViTio to ratroal7e Mrrchants \\ho ad^eru e ther good" The Daily Courier ^ *l«trjK»ndLi i. b i 1 ic L "torn it, i ut U h t i t J a 1 pan n 1 » (l . r ibdoinfii ,, i l l s t u n s ^ i v e l lt\ v h p n n a t i n 1" i H in I j ui in« rheurr iii^ni, ci Hica ind ibiRf) all n -\ n vou tn ( o\ t'to i i d n t j Q a n d H lder C 31-,n % I I , H i irl m Oil i a p t u ! ai c 11 h it \ r m .al ^ nt i! dm v-i n ( if 1 i ^ t i h i is rr It s i r r i h t i i ou c t i i l n u J 1) 1 LJ ill \ i n Liid (M v ivery For 0) t ^ a. -itam-arc! h u u s I ro tht, p u r e or ^,1 .r 0 1 u. ! - . .d uid a 11 p n e t ' 1 -i! nj- s ot iln,, i-I! ind j uhm r f The mxt fame you sufisr \\ith headache, indigestion, bilious ness or loss of appetite, tr-- r it rmi N I J j w l ] J I I i v L vlly nl tdd n o u b l f II d Ml D \ l H i n l m O « HI rpfunrf the ms i ^ rented In ti roc LK s V^-ii r oi the pa-teriL medicine --Adv ^ P ile 1 p j-in'i mi r ao aub uti F. T. EVANS ESTATE ROTH PHONES. i HAVE YOU TEIED OUE CLASSIFIED ADLETS?

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