The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 27, 1964 · Page 44
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 44

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1964
Page 44
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5 i1 I, Mi?' It! ill!' ft 1 II! ! i iTmHf n 3 mm w w w g, ej m i ryrr m mw WW ea ttT'i'y'""'lt,'tHi a- tfTryiffi m si i m t ' ff rf 42 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL THURSDAY. AUGUST 27, WM 7101 COTTAK ion FOt UU BEAUTtrUL COTTAGE LOTS uh iroony. uwm after I CHOICE LAKEPRONT LOTS ON Mississippi Lake, all year-round. 40 miles from Ottawa off Hieh- way ' Hydro, terms. Colear BnOTM. T1S-833S. COTTAGES AND LOT. NEW DE yelopmsnt Lake McGlaahan uooa KM. Sel-3333. COTTAGE LOTS PRIEST LAKE, JO miles. Electricity. Will col. teges iron 811 monthly, 771 Ml. LAKESHORE LOTS. - INCLUDING large private point on pika Lake Mar Perth. Wall treed with tall plnaa and birch. Wonderful view with food roada. daad and survey supplied, frontage from 10 laat to 300 feet and priced from 9850 up. Alao, choice c o 1 1 a a plana avallabla. Joacphina Kenya. anwtr, aei-aiaa. rerin. LAKE CLEAR VACANCIES. houaakaaplng cottagaa. boat. 1.- ouo n. aaie ewiiiuiunf oeecn, aoecloue lawn. picnic tablaa. out door ftreoiacee. tantlha arounda. Reasonable. Wrlta loraa's Lodf a. KK a, aganviue. LARGE LOTS. LAKES OK rivare. 910 monthly up. Literature. Kalth Developmenla. 713- ion. OTTAWA RIVER. SO MILES EAST of remrirosa. at need .or cou' loage Laka- Part of 400-aera estate. . mile of clean, wide aala aand beech. M )ota ISO ft. baach IronUga. 130 ft. or mora daap. Wall traad. Hydro ana good roaoa. Excellent Bunting, ftshins. twunnitng and boat-tag Prlea Sit to 331 oar foot frontage. G. S. H 00 par. PO Box IT. Weetmeath. Ont- Area Coda 13. telephone 347-1433 SMALL PRIVATE LAKE. 14 mllei cash mtlaa pa it Thurso. 810.000. half at Thu 1-3313. OtW-J WATERFRONT LOTS ON LITTLE Bttobt lake. M x SM. SMS each. Surveyed. aaSe sandy baach. hydro, pavad road. Open year-round. 813 down. SIS monthly, 00 mtorcot, gwHioie. 300-rOOT FRONTAGE ON PIKE uina. loveiy view, good swim-mine1. Aaohr Ron Ttriaiiaiiaii RR 1. Stanleyville. Phona Forth MT-SS94 or 137- 1471. LAST CHANCE . ONLY 25 choice cottag lott left at Barn take PERKINS SUR IE LAC ; ESTATE V . Afent on Domains Sat, Sun. 1 CONRAD SIGOUIN LTD. REAL ESTATE BROKER .v 771.04 j--. ' DIRECTION: Oattnaau Mllla to . Perkins, follow algna to Parkins n- la Lao, only 31 miles from Bun, .- .. . , 71U toons RIDtAU LAKE. FtSHINO, WEEK-ends 111. Facility cottagea. Lodgo full eara plan. St dally. Money Aorta Lodga. Portland. ' WHITC FOREST LODGE. ARUN-. del. Qua,, on Lake in Laurantlaa mouatelna. mil of aand beach. ' mythmg, boating, eporta, flahlng. cocktail lounge, golf nearby, good food.. Write or telephona 133- 712 iraca wMimama ALEXANDRIA AREA. COUNTRY atoro, fully equipped! for meet, croeoriaa. and work elethee, attached modernised dwelling. years aver ego eelea 370000 ao nuelly. FuU price 31 4.000 Only SS.000 down. , Eldag Valllan- ooun, Brofcar. Aiexaadrla. Ont BEAUTY SALON FOR RENT. OO- n . uannaau point . Ttiewa v A P I T AL REQUIRED FOR raoraiy expanding business. . stockholder baaia. Boa B-tlS. tWBH, CONFECTIONERY . UVINO AC , comrnooauona. good location, Highway 11. roaaotiabla. Box E- WVV. .DUllUi. COUNTRY GENERAL STORE Do ing gooo ominsea. m excellent . sotarut region. Living quarter attached. Box S-41. Journal. OARAGE. SERVICE STATION, reetaurarrt. excellent aojutomanti good turnover, on highway near Ottawa. Due to health. Boa B eve. aournai. OATINEAU ON NUMBER S HIGH way, 1.300 aquara feet. Ideal location tor retail outlet, bakery, florist, confectionery, eta. Box HOTEL. FOR SALE. COHAN, Ont. Licensed boteL cauae death Inquire en the premises to Mra. . wncnaane. HOTEL AMD RESTAURANT equipment ana supplies, oval , Bar and Fixture. 70S Somerset woes, une-eieo. OFT ICE CREAM MACHINES, electric freeze, new and ueed. C, " Mnrcoux. 771-4014. must mm solo nOFTTABLB BUSINESS FOR . IS years. eWmvrraat Lunch and Con-, fecllonery. Apply 343 lamer ' PETERBOROUGH ONTARIO THE " FINEST AND MOST DISTINCTIVE RESORT HOTEL OF THE FAMOUS KAWARTHA LAKE DISTRICT. A LOVELY 13 ACRE SITE WITH 700 FEET OF THE BEST SHORE LINE. . , , Main lodge has 3 vsry ttrgt touniet, dining room seats up to 173, sach with -huta stons flreplact, modem kltch-n. fully aquipptd. recreation room, pool room, stesm bath, , 10 bedrooms,' sach with private, bath. A second lodf contains 8 bedrooms end 8 bathrooms, S American plan cottages, I housekeeping cot tge. Plus 2 staff bousH, all beautifully furnished and very jnodern. Garage, boat house, swimming pool, boats, motors, eta . , This is a going concern with repeat btistMss and capacity bookings, $50,000 cash to first mortgage will handle. Shown by appointment only. Contact Mr. Davidson or Mr. Jacksoa at -. , .. IRWIN, SARGENT & LOWES ' LIMITED . , v 441 Water Stmt. : Peterborough, Ontario -Telephone) 742-3861 7 712 lusmm owofiiuxmc (Cont. from Pseeedlng Column) HULL. HARDWARE. OOINO CON-earn, eatabltehed racanlly, excel. lent location, parking. Reason for Bailing ill health. 777 pace. 777-gjpo. ROOMING ANDOR BOARDING house, aala or rant: 3300 month handles. Bos Journal. SERVICE STATION FOR RENT, ' on uitawa suburban Hood Woodlawn near Conatanoa Bay mrp eaanig. STORE AND HOUSE TO RENT. Gaa, pumpa. garage. Stork for aala. Alao equipment Rant 1100 par month. Bon K-pot, Journal. WELL ESTABLISHED WEST END business (variety ahopl. Com plete with stock and equipment turnover aas.oon par year. A ex lng 311.000. Reason for selling, ui neviin. oox n-srv journal 713 FMIJCUI CONSTRUCTION AND CONVEN tlonal loans. Qualified appraisers. Crawford Realty. Limited. CURRENT MARKET RATES ON 1st and 2nd mortgaxaa. reaM tlal. commercial, city or out of town, private runde. Box e-410. rfoumni. FIRST CONVENTIONAL MORT- gaga mana avallabla. Boursua "onlf risnaant A 7S1 Cork Avanua. ISS-SSM, Agency, a. laav ayaninga. BOITND FIRST MORTGAGES wanted, private party. Telephona miiiaviiw. Kw-7a. WIU. SOY AND LEND SECOND mortgagee. H. s. Dunna, TSS- 74. 1ST AND 1ND MORTGAGE Mana. I will buy mortgagea or land money on them. Montoro. ail Llagar S treat, SU-SS7I or TSS-S7S1. , MORTGAGE LOANS ONE SSt MORTGAGE. ONE low monthly payment, pint or second mortgaga, aaortgaffaa oougni. loana an all typea of properties at low currant ratae. 731-1740; evening ' 733-1 ng 733 Invest (034. National Capital LOOK era M 1st ... ... . CHOOSE YOUR OWN MONTHLY renaymenta on flret and second jnortgagea al no antra goat to you. 11 uita auggoaia a aoiuiion for your money problems, givi yourself a welcome break. Call CES-03SS. . Jamea Wllllan Company. CONSULT Ottiwi't Largest Amncers of MORTGAGE LOANS For ail md us trial, commercial and raatdcntlal mortgmgtnl ra atilrvtnenta ay oalung GLENVIEW v INVESTMENTS tOttews) Limited 77 Mttcalft St US-Si 95 2nd Mortgages UP TO 30 OF APPRAJhED PBOPUtTV VALUE TERMS VP TO TEARS ' e MO HIDDEN CHAROES 'o bonuses J NO UUKaUUai FEES TOO CAN PBEPAT ALL OR PART AT ANY TIME WITH- . . . OUT NOTICE OB PENALTY '.. ' "' ;. ""' The Realty Dlvlaioa of SUPERIOR DISCOUNT LIMIT ED ' !31 WeUtacton Bt tS I1U SO Eidaau St. ' 3U-U33 ST SupeKor Offices la Onlarlo For Immediits Scrvics on . FIRST MORTGAGES ' Call Of Writs' Canada Permanent 42 Spsrto Siett , 232-3795 aorving Caaadlaaa Over 100 Yean 7t4 WAUkOOS VTiQ BANK STREET, OTTAWA SOUTH , - fwww , . so ss. eosnna Days, 73-7SS. - IIS BCCLBS PRICE REDUCED Sit mm. a. aiorey oncx ararenouaa plus of fleea. MLS R-3333. CaU Oeeree u. aia-aiee. Ault Really Limited. IU-4M1. UI AUTOS FCt SHI ALLSTATB UTS, AUTOMOBILE. mnm insurance, . momnxy nay-menla. Charlaa Moatrida, Cia- A BO A I H. ISM CHEVROLET -"op. n. automatic, power teerlns. S140 or neat adTar. 721- CHEVROLET IMPALA. 1333. 3. new. 7as-7oOS. : CITROEN DS IS. IKK) I OWNER. swpmaiiiai. 743-49; DIPLOMAT BELLS RAMBLZB "r" miles, I-tone. fully equipped. CE3-4073. laatii P.m.; CIo-4433. avenlnaa. DIPLOMAT. 1341 CHEVROLET 4- f?Z utomatle tranamlaalon. radio: excellent eondition. un. U4 ar 135-7407 ENVOY, lane, GOOD CONDITIOM. mu nnar S- FOR THE BEST DODO DEAL Ut sei naati, TSS PS7S. OALAXIE 4. 139! SEDAN. AUTO- wniieweiia. awe. 71-4177. ORE AT SACRIFICE. I3M FORD Imuran, automatic srtta extraa. oniu aune - ipsa F"nsicrsoie, mueate under r "-"v. wim weninsn. iti your car wrra . escranano, l-4aa4. METEOR, 133d, EXCELLENT mnwr, smiUJ ttrW BMn. 4)00 orlee. 14 LeBrmoav MOVING TO NEWFOUNDLAND. .ue swcrniea use rora coach jutomatie, radio, aaat belts. SSM. MUST SELL MY 1334 OALAXTE , 04 Fordor demenetretor. power equlpeed. 4.303 mllaa. Mark Thompson. SU-344S; eeenlnca. isrins. : . MUST, BELL 1330 CHEVROLET atatlon wagon 4-door, fally eouipood; Boat offer. nt-SSOS I 'I' lli'i-lilJLli' 411i.ii.l i 101 AUTOS FOt SatlE (Coat, from nraoedlng Column) MUST SELL ISM BLACK ' OLDS moblla eedan, automatic nraxea. ataarlng. I unit dimmer, whitawalls. auetom radio with roar nttur. miiean 7 000. A-l mechanically. Iluo ar boat oner, in-HH. OTTAWA'S LARGEST BELEO tson of English ears ai ronvertlblea 10 choose recondlUoMd and In t All tion throughout, from DH and uprcyCarrsarh, 43 Monkroal PARTS OF 1SS4 rORD FOR SALE. raaaonama. tier a. rA-73aT. . PRIVATE SALE, 1134 DODGE door aadan, rebum motor, new clutch, reliable tranaportat I o n. Herbert's BA Service Station. Spadina at Welltngton. Phona ss-vis. - RENAULT. ISSt. SACRIFICE BEST Offer over 1330; alao 1B37 Chevrolet f, standard. Make an offer. 1XfMe4t. SACRIFICE TO BUY A ROME. ISM Ford Galaxla 300, low mlle- . ago. aiav. 771-447. , TED BICKBB MOTOR BALES- Boat valuaa. IT 7SS-S473. TERRIFIC BARGAIN! loot) caiaxie. one owner, powar ataarlng. power brakes, dual a u t matte, deluxe radio. SMS. Mr. IreUnd. 171 Percy Btraot, 133-173S. Save now. THIS 140 STANDARD VALIANT yours, only 344. 719-1330. USED ONLY S MONTHS, 164 Chevrolet convertible, miles, fully equipped- 43.300. 134-3344 E-I21-A 1963 CHEVROLET BiscsyM 2-Door automatic, powar steering. Finished la maroon with matching tOO interior ....'. iJ'J CAPITAL DODGE CHRYSLER LTD. 1554 CARUNG AVE .729-3116 MYERS AUGUST ALL UNITS REDUCED IN PRICE ISSl CHEVROLET Deluxa - ateerlns, posi tree tion. dark blue an color with matchins Interior. Wae JoV.-: $1495 ( CH0ICE SELECTION BEST Of TERMS MYERS : ELGIN at CATHERINE ', loa the Queonaway) 233-S6S3 2334411 SPECIALS ..... HARDTOPS " . " AND : CONVERTIBLES ti AT." .:, DUVAL'S 1961 PONTIAC 2-door hard-top, white with contrasting red Interior, automatic, radio. 1960 BUICK ' convertible? Alaska white with maroon red Interior. 1961 BUICK 3-door la brown and beige finish. A real man's car. , 1959 BUICK 4-door hardtop. original quality, doat miss this one. , 1959 PONTIAC 4-door hard-'.top, VS. automatic. white and blue, finish, power steering and power brake. 1959 POMTIAC 3-door hard top, showroom condl-. tion, outotanding value " for the year. ... 1958 CHEVROLET convertible, like new through-ouL 1958 PONTIAC hardtop. Sierra gold meuilic, A-l condition, a real Jewel. MORE TO CHOOSE FROM Duval Auto Sales (Ottawa) Ltd. , S98 Rideau Street , The Home of Better Used Can 336-9607 MILT HURD MOTORS r??. i owner . ' .-yS. SPECIAL , ISSS RAMBLER Clam, f ryi. (ndar, 4 door aadan. sun- ' transmlmioo ' $ 1 995 318 MONTREAL ROAD , 7459116 Your Oldest RAMBLER . . , DEALER For Better Dear ; In a Used Car See BLONDIN " MOTORS LIMITED , Aulnorlaad Ford Dealer Home of Reliable ' ; Used Can and Trucks 192-198 MONTCALM ST, HUU PR7-525I 101 (Coat. Itafi Column I VOLVO SPORTS. - 1341. B-1S. I owner, excellent condition. I lata 37. i , WRECKING S VOLKSWAGENS. r rta I p-m. rta lor aala. 771-0743, after 1344 CHEV. IMPALA S DOOR hardtop, fully equipped, 4,000 mllaa. Prtvate. S33-41M. 1N4 VOLKSWAGEN . DELUXE, sunroof, 3.JO0 mllaa. SH3-341I. 1344 RAMBLER -AMERICAN, automatic. 133 h p. engine, other extraa, IS montha' warranty remains. 33.0OS. Stl-SOM. 1344 FORD SEDAN, 1343 PON-tlaa S-door hardtop.' M9S Bulck 3-door hardtop. 3101; lM Pontine atatlon wagon. 3113 t31 Laval Street. Hull. TTI-4373. 1334 FURY CONVERTIBLE. 3.300 mllaa. Trade. SO Cote sea Nalgea noea. 1844 PONTIAC PARISIENNE. automatic, power steering, power brakes, fully equipped. Excellent conamon. Must eell. 713-7418. 1343 IMPALA. V-S. HARDTOP uiiy equippea. ira-eioa. 1343 PONTIAC LAURENTIAN eedan. 10400 mllaa. SO Cote dos netgea Road. 1341 PONTIAC LAURENTIAN. S. equipped, perfect condition. Eve nings. 7-eeza 1381 CHEVROLET IMPALA 3- doar Hardtop, 8 cylinder, auto matic with power steering, ra- Only 83.190 at 'United Car Mar- nas, eel. asann otreet. naa-aoao. 1341 PLYMOUTH SEDAN. SPOT-leea condition, new . area, pri vate. 1043 VOLKSWAGEN DELUXE, grey. 30.000 miiaa. radio, aa new oonoHion, pi.vuv. ov fiscal noon 1841 AUSTIN 330. 8700 OR OFFEB. 7I8-8441 anor t, aaar lor Joan 1383 PONTIAC PARISIENNE door hardtop, power steering and brakes, automatic, excellent condition. 388 Second Avenue. CE4 S41T. PERSONALIZED SERVICE FOR ALL GENERAL MOTORS PRODUCTS 4 MINUTES FROM THE , CHATEAU LAURIER. GUEST Vi - MOTORS LTD. . Authortwd Chevrolet. Corvslr Osavroeat Truca Dealer 73 LEDUC STREET HULL 777-2735 MORE TO choose : FROM ; $1895 $695 radio . . ISM HILLMAN 1841 VOLKSWAGEN : coach $1095 ISSS aretrCEDES-BENl! . 113 ' $1495 IPM VANGUARD Sedan, automatic. 1 owner, ctQQC low mllaaga .. 07J CANADA M0T0P AlES (OtUwa) Ltd. PAUL CARDINAL . Limited - l2S9WellinttonSL 724-1838 Austin-Rambler Dealers NOW CABELDU'S THESE CARS MUST MOVE. ' WEIL REACH -FOR ANY DEAL SELECTION QUAL1TV , VALUE , j i ISSt .COMET atatlon" wagon, eeutpped with heater and , standard tranamiasion. . ISSS COMTT eedan. eutpped with heater and standard transmteelon. 1841 STUDEBAKER Lark aadan. equipped with heater and standard tranamle. ISSI VAUXHALL Create aadan. . . equipped with radio, heater end standard traruenls- isee VAUXHALL Crests ardsn. eoulnped with radio, heater ana . standard . transmission, 1MI VAUXHALL Victor ' Da. , . Uixe sedan, equipped with radio, healer and atandara transmlaatoa. INI STUDEBAKER Lark as. ' dan, eeutpped with heater and standard traasmle- 1848 VAUXHALL Super atdsn. oaulppad with healer and atandara transmission. " ; :.. .-,(.,. : AT ' CABELDU'S Your AuUtotlzsjf) Bulck, PonUsc, Acadian, VauxhaD and OMC Truck Dealer ALBERT at BANK 235-4371 101 AUTOS FOt SJUI (Cont. from Preeadlnc Column) 1344 PONTIAC, 3 CYLINDER. Automatic and radio, 3140. SU- ivsi, 7u-eeae. Ml VOLKSWAGEN neat offer, snow tl 143-3831. DELUXE. as. ran to 1S3I ENVOY STATION WAOON 14,000 orlainal mllaa. Iramacu. late throughout, beautiful Arctic wnne. wiu accept small monthly payments. 731-8113. 1341 VOLKSWAGEN, 34 BOO mllaa. ew 713-4174, avenlnga. 341 PONTIAC, AUTOMATIC. 1-door, new Urea. Evenings. 113-SB70. 1341 PONTIAC LAURENTIAN. SE-dan. automatic. 3. very well cared for. black with red upholstery, mllaa, 731-3331. 1381 COMET CUSTOM DELUXE aadan. perfect throughout, 31 ISO. 133 Woodroffa. 1331 ANGUA. PERFECT CONDI-tkm. Bargain. Phone 313-1001. 1331 TRIUMPH TR1. LOW MILE-aga. immaculate condition. BX1-4108. 1380 PONTIAC STATION WAOON. a cylinder, automates, radio. 81,-430. 731-0103. 1840 SPORTS PRINE. Si .000 miiaa, A-i oondition, st ten shin, bucket seats, radio, windshield waener. etc. stm. T2a-2aS7 - CENTURY MOTOBS 443 Gladstone At Beat 331-4144 1)3-1773 NO DOWN PAYMENT. 1384 PONTIAC PARISIENNE. door hardtop, black with red to tarter. V-3. automatic, full) ly powered. 8319 ISoS RAMBLER SEDAN, a own. . soot less. 01.79 1S3 SUNBEAM ALPINE SPORTS con vor tibia, I owner. sharp. 31 1S81 HILLMAN SEDAN, brand new. 31.583. LIKE 1383 CHEVROLET. 3-PASSENGER atatlon waeoa, fully UH . 1343 FALCON. PERFECT CONDI- Ion. 81.339. 1301 CHEVROLET SEDAN, V-S, Ilka new. 31.9sw. 1S0I COMET SEDAN. AUTOMA- tio. and radio, l owner. B1.4S9 MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM EXHIBITION WON CAR FOR sale. 184 Chevrolet Biacayne. 7B3-1110, . DILAWRI MOTOR SALES LTD. 707 Mam St , Stittsvttle, Ont", ' te Minnies Past Ball's Corners . ,on Hianway 13. Telephone 828-9121 or 828-9122 .'" A SENSATIONAL STATION WAGON FROM THE BIG DEALER BELISLE ISM CHEVY It statical wagon. .. automatic transmission. -' whttewan tlraa. smart all-' ' er blue finish Looks and runs like a new one. The Ideal wagon (or the sver- age family. T BELISlit AUTOMOBILES LIMITED Tony CmreTotet,' Corvslr, Oldaasomlo, Entrap, and Chevroiat Truck Dealer 444 MONTREAL IAD. OTTAWA Eveaung 743-8841, 743-8841 ,. USED Volkswagens AT Wholesale Prices Why pay retail when we can five it' Mi you wholesale? Brand New 1964 PORSCHE , With a few miles. A big sav ln(tIT new prke. "' TRADE YOllR PRESENT CAR FOR TOP ALLOWANCE , , :-: . ,i . , , A large as lection of tap auall-tp VOLKBWAOEMS from 1897 8 1841. all with fullr verified warranty and many other WB WILL TRADE UP OR . A- DOWN.' .. Ton asms it and we will da It , , SHANE VOLKSWAGEN Wholaaale Distributors tor ," Eastsm Ontario and . , ,. Wester Quebaa , (. 2 Michael St at Qieenaway telephone 745-6888 : ', ottawa's largest ."selection : ,' ' of -' ; IMPORTED NEW AND - . USED CARS NEW .,-, MO and Sunbeam sports ' cara, Morris, Hlllman, Sun--, besnj cars; Kaiser, Jeep 4 -wheel drive station watons, truckt and the reliable Jeep, USED - MG. . Sunbeam, .Austin Sprites; Austin. , Hillman aedana; Anglia, Morris, Riley, VoUtawagen, Jeeps. We Have a Large B at Canadian Cara In the jecUon Rnsular . Lane and la Com pacta PERCY CARRIERE ' AUTOMOBILE"' ' 44 MONTREAL ROAD 749-3927 -V" 749-9168 A,4i.i" KiAXi'Jt Aevaj ti.tii iiiii.iii,ijJ,i s.aa. s,a 101 iUTOS FOt SJUI ICoft. from Preceding Column) 1340 CHEV.' IMPALA. HARDTOP, V-3, radio, power krakaa. ateer-Ing. reasonable, leaving country. lei-aaee. 1380 VAUXHALL DELUXE. NO run, ran 10. neater, enow II lie a. 8430. CEl-t444. ' 1340 FORD 3-DOOR. 8 CYLINDER. 8100. Doug e Ease Station. Elgin 1340 PONTIAC LAURENTIAN aadan. radio, heater, new point, 3U-1S4S. avenlnga. lade MERCEDES BENZ 180 OAS 1833 Mercedes Bona 1308. both in perron condition. 771-SUS. 1340 FORD, V-3. AUTOMATIC, 743-1331. KaWAGEN. 1340 VOLKaWAGEN. RADIO, aw, eonuiuon. f jerzve. 1340 CHEVROLET;.-BWCAYNE aaoan. atandara a. radio, good condition. Muat aell thla week. Approicimately 3871 ar beat oricr. 131-4010. 1833 AUSTIN CAMBRIDGE De luxe, wlndahleld weahere. padded daah. 4 now tiros. S snow Urea. 1-tone turquoise and while lm-maculate leather uphoanery, 44.-000 miles. 419-1713 IsS VOLKSWAGEN, IMMACU- late condition. luU. price 3833. Oenerel Utility Sales. 1ST tllch- ood, 738-4047. - jj VERY SPECIAL SPECIALS Clearance sale net Mewl 18J8 DO DOE, a, NEW TIBES. fuH guarantee. IS38 PLYMOUTH. 83 JO 1343 CHEVROLET CONVERTIBLE. very special at 31.730. 1380 PORD STATION WAOON. 8730. 1338 RIDEAU. PVLLT POWEB equipped, titt. 1333 PONTIAC. PRIVATELY owned, no down pay meat, Una ever payments. MARQUIS AUTOMOBILES LTD. 381 WELLINGTON. 131-7184. ABCHIB MCDONALD 333 Laarlar Aveaee w.' n 113-4111 - . 333-8714 1304 CHEVROLET CONVERTIBLE: 4334 Volkswagen; 134S Thunder- oire convaiuoiei teaa oidsnta bile Bterftra 8 door hardies: 1301 ktonaa convertible: 181 FaleoB convertible: less Chev rolet super eporta convertible: isei awmoiet imaala a d hardtop; lsdl Pord tonvertlbla: 1380 Cadillac oonvartibU. fully equipped; 1SOO Palcon, automa tic; laae Chev. Bel-Air 4-door narotoo; leu Plymouth ooach; 183S Bulck 4-door hardtop; 4033 :iaoiiiac convert Ola, ruuy eauuv- naa: learr saateor. LOW OR NO DOWN PAYMENT. Immediate' DELIMERY "'Kt;0N;::;j.-::' AUSTIN 850 Coaches 1100 Sedans v A40 SuUon Wagoni Owpers A60 Sedans " . MCI Sport Cars'-';,.,. Austin Healey Sprites - -AtastiB ItaaJey-a Cylinder i'"'Marlt II. Ptna Selection of Colore.' Options. CANADA MOTOR SALES (Ottaws) Ltd. PAUL CARDINAL. Limited ' , u 1259 Wellington SL 728-1836 Austin-Rambler Dealers BUY WITH ' COMPLETE CONFIDENCE ; 30-Day 100 Warranty 1S3S CHEVROLET eedan. AT. $995 1348 ZEPHYR sndan, economies I s cylinder engine, re- IT"-. ... $895 1341 RAMBLER deluxe sedan, $1695 1841 METEOR dto. soak st $1625, ISSS METEOR eedan. a evllif dor engine with custom UN tnutOTi $1145 , . . radie 1S3S PLYMOUTH aadan. 3Y tone aalnt with custom radio and swmdltlonod $1445 ISSt PALCON deluxe , nOlaage IT, .... $ 1 495 ISM PALCON sedan. AT. 18 , 300 miles. PlnUned In Pagoda , tT7QC r .ml 1841 LARK Davtona l-donr hardtop, bucket teats. VS. . S . $1695 Bae these and our ether ther oughly, recondltlooed mode la today, ."i , t .: Check These end Our -40 Other Choice Can at . MacKenzie MERCURY SALES LTD. Mtrenrt Mtttor . Comtt 1377 RICHMOND ROAD . rcurner Crnpoal . 828-5156 . Vriare Our Cutomr$ Stmt :n TKWTrimtUr Cmlinuoa eat Neat CMumai a's. i,t m m 101 ilHOSFOIlUE (Cant from Preceding Column! 1838 CHEVROLET t-DOOR. VERY good condition, new paint Job. 8300. 384-1378. 1348 CHEVROLET. STANDARD 8. good oondition. Mr. Davla, 883- 1033 CHEVROLET, GOOD CONDI-Uon. 138-3713. 1838 METEOR 8. STANDARD, radio, snow tlfOL 8330. 124- 1838 PONTIAC DELUXE. 4-DOOR. excellent body and motor, radio, very claan. private. Must sail Immediately. Asking 3333. Ask for Allen. TIT-IOM. 1333 VAUXHALL. 8S0Q OB BEST offer. PA1-0831. 1838 BUICK. GOOD B U N N I N O condition, new tiros, radio 143- 1833 CHEVROLET. SUPERB CON-ditlon throughout, very clean in tenor, low mileage, no rust. Muat be sees to be really appreciated. Muat sou. Private,. Ul- otai. 1S38 PONTIAC DELUXE. P R I- vste. low mtleaae. i eondition ins Ids and out. excel- lent motor, 8 cylinder, must aell Immediately-' Bargain. 8433. 130-7813. , WESDMARB MOTOBS Cnemlei . otdameelle 318-8813 e Carp 38 1304 ENVOY EPIC. DEMONBTBA. tor, Diue, rooio: loog Lnevroiet Biacayne, automatic; 1841 Bel-Air autlen wagon: tool Okta-inoblle supar, sedan; 1383 Acad ian 3-door automatiei lsea laienna Pontiae. hard too: 1 Chevrolet Bel-Aer aadan. white: 1840 Chevrolet 4-door hardtop, automatic; 1381 Chevrolet half- ton: 138 Cnevroiet naif I ; Mir - SUMMER CLEARANCE ISSS RAMBLER Ambassador, AT. PS. PB. radio. Only , 10.000 milea. 000 Begucad to PatT7 J 1381 CHEVROLET Bel Air. AT. PS. PB. radio, met belta. '. windahiold waahers. Take swehee" ,... i Reduced te ,$2395 1843 RENAULT Dauphins v . door eedan. low mllaaae, , ,: flret-claea eondition Re- j $1095,, ISSl RENAULT OorsUnl 4-door . aadan. 4 spaed floor shift, r ' lully reoondlttonad. ,, ; ISSS CHEVROLET Bet Air sv, .. paasengcr atatlon wagon. AT. PS. PB. VS engine. . .. anasiutaty original conai. $29?5 Roduceel is : 199$ MAMMIES Cltmta t4n. :$,1395 j;r:i. (' . 1353 BUICK V 4 , .sutomatle. , aranemtvalon , . - and radio, exceptional . condition Ihrouchoejt Re- ,$1395 ,;.:-r i" , v'yjt i ,tvv ," , v LETS TALK A DEAL WAVERLEY MOTORS ; Rimbler, Jaguar,; Renault 180 DRIVEWAY 232-3501 POPULAR CARS -ISSS PONTIAC Lsurentlsa sedan, r Intoned to eggshell " wmiv wiui oaiaxe nvion $2395 custom radio 1341 COMET Custom teach, a a I a m a 1 1 e ana radio, sharp Mock and white 3- $1595 183 PORD e sedan, automatic , .: and radio. Medium blue . metallic with blue tn Thts one at Ilka $1195 -- ttrougtseut ISSS RENAULT R8 on the noort, etnc . plua radio I aCT J ISM DO DCS S Coronet t hard lop. loaded with trea. sharp $695 ISSS CHEVROLET Tshittaa bronaa metallic with whltewell tlrea $1095 A Pme awlactlon at Other Used Cars at Varteue Low Prrm OPEN Tia 9 P.M. "SATURDAY I Ml. : : lewis ; MOTORS . ' (Otuwal Ltmltad Meteor, rnmat. anuaa raroa BANK at CATHERINE 235-5877 v GUARANTEED USED CARS , Take Over Payments 6 i; FINANCE PLAN AVAILABLE '82 Cfiavixilet sedan , SI, 495 "81 Envoy sedan 8695 60 Pontiae, aut ... 81,095 '59 Pontiae sedan .... 8995 '59 Chevrolet wafon . 8995 '59 Old 2-door hi .. 81195 '58 Bulck convertible . 8895 '58 Zephyr eedan 8695 '57 Cadillac 4-door ht 8895 "57 Chevrolet 4-door at 8595 ,...... , . . t r .i , , Many Mora 8a Ctsfmae From as Law aa SIS Down. LABELLE s K'. AUTOMOBILES Home af Ouarenteed Cars 394 RIDEAU ST. (at frici) 235-1848 L- ,n m, ft -M,tf" Ml AUTOJ FOI Slif (Cont. Irom pieoadlag Columal CHEVROLET SEDAN. 3, transmission, excellent condition, radio, 8o84. 733-3348. 183S SUNBEAM BAPIEB Convertible, good rune Lng eondition. 713-0108. H.1 ; 1338 METEOR RIDEAU, 300 3-door hardtop. V-3. automatic, ton condition, owner transferred. 3700, . 333-3338. 1338 PONTIAC. 8. AUTOMATIC, no rust. Ex oa lien I condition S333. 331-7804. IUS BUICK SPECIAL EXCEL- lent condition. 3100. 738-3380. 1338 WHITE OLDS condition, low n equipped, not la 733-87M. 88. PERFECT iieage, powar a than 8730. 318 DOWN. S3 A WEEK ISSl DO DOE SEDAN. AUTOMA-be. very eleaa and licence, balance owing. 3183. PA3-3313 1H3 VOLKSWAOEN DELUXE preaaouiton ranio, recenuy overhauled front end, rebuilt tranamlaalon and rear end, new muffler, new tins. Asking S4M. agg. i SOU, IS3S PORD PA1RLANE (TAN. dant 8. (004 condition, eiheep. T33-7I1S. , IS3S OLDSMOBILB SUPEB S3, power steering anal brakes, excellent condition. Reasonable price. 334-ton , -" 1337 VOLKSWAOEN. EXCELLENT for etudeal. SMS ar bast enTer. 733-4114. ; 1337 VANOUARD. IN RUNNINO 3178. las-ouo. evenings. 1331 METEOR. AUTOMATIC. BE condlUoned motor, nerds licence p la tee and battery. Good for second car. Baal offer will take. 194-1343 1881 POBB CONVERTIBLE PBRPECT CONDITION: LOW mileage, fully equipped. Best MferT 713-1488 UU f. 313-eVMl. SACRIPICB A 3344 LEA VINO CITY. MUST SELL 133S Vauxhall la lop condition. Beet offer takes ear. S13-S013. ' TODAY'S SPECIAL 1962 VAUXHALL .VICTOR $995 . . CARLING . motors : . 845 Carlini Ave. , 236-7183 AUTHORIZED VOLVO. PEUOEOT. MERCED ES-BfNS AND TRIUMPH DEALER ; ,1962 CHEVROLET ; Blscayne 4Door Sedan 4 cylinder and eutomatla trana aaiaalon. Ptotahed In Dover white with . tl07- red totsrtsr ' r . TURPJN r, : PONTIAC, BUICK LTD , : 424 Rlchrnood Road V". 728-1717 , ,i i i YOU fTRADE FOR LESS AT JIM BROWN'S Ottawa Motor Sales lest COMET 4-door eedan. 3 , . aylinder. . radio, black , . and rod Interior.' Wlnv ixwh"'-$1595 ISSS PONTIAC S-door hard, ton, autemetw tranamlaalon. radio, whltewalla. beautiful fleeter blue , with 1-lona blue anterior. StST $2195 ISSS PAtltLANE 303 Tuder. snappy VS engine, radio, ' whltewalla. beige anterior, . beige end lebsscs brown extorter. . d-1 nnc be toon I J i YOUR FORD DEALER 1850 BANK STi . let Walklay Rnadl - . 733-8931 1962 PORD ; FalrluM 5C 4-Door ".,$1895 PARKWAY -rbe Brlthi Spot".t" 1047 RICHMOND ROAD , 729-5121' ' THE HOME OF - "GOODWILL" K USED CARS -: ; - . , 'M 1841 MERCURY Monterey- so. ,. dan. AT. B, PS, PB. Turnpike rear window. - Finished la brown ova-i tains. la now ear condl' $2895 IS8S OLDSMOBILC Super 88 ".V 1?- ""toa. AT. PL - P3. PB. finished to gray : BMUIIIe. A prestige oat , to exealtent condition. Re. a sne. I'"- NOW . at-jyj 1PU PONTIAC Laurentisn 1- door hardtop. V8. AT.' R. . . Piniahed la black, as good Reduced (loo. ."0W."";-,$2195. v JIM TUBMANV MOTORS LIMITED: - ,, , Poatlae'. Bukk. Acadlaa ! . Vsuahall sa OMC Tntefts , 1770 BANK STREET at Alta Vtrta T33-40S01 f any. A' I 8i Si Ii 1 J

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