The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 4, 1938 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, January 4, 1938
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 4,193S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTLLE, PA. PAGE FIVE. Basketball Basketball Sportoriais By JOHN 11. M'HOJUC Sports Editor COKERS 'PLAY AT JEANNETTE THIS EVENING ALL-AMERICAN CAGER By Jack Sards -' AMATEUR BOXING Fred W. Sncll, the city's Amateur Athletic Union commissioner, laments the lack of interest in simon- pure boxing in the districts, once the liveliest spot for the sport, The commissioner writes: "Fistic talent may be plentiful in Pittsburgh but it is practically a minus quantity in Conncllsville. Jif- Despite the rare opportunity of competing for such rich prizes as are being offered in the diamond belt tournament to be held in Duqucsne Gardens, Pittsburgh, starting Monday, January 10, only a few boys ore reporting for workouts at the Con- nellsvillc WPA Recreation Center. "Between 300 and 400 amateur boxers, divided into novice and championship classifications, will swap blows in this monster athletic extravaganza. Practically all of them 4 will come from the Pittsburgh district. Doc Herrington will have n few entries from his Pleasant Valley A. C., once a power in amateur boxing ranks but like Conncllsville slipping fast. Grccnsburg Y. M. C. A. will enter less than P. V. or Con- ncllsville while Uniontown, once the leader, has slipped completely out of the picture. "What has happened to the fight game? Is it too strenuous for the present day youth or does the training interfere with their drug store booth hours? Training facilities at the local Recreation Center at 110 South Arch street arc not as elaborate as some of the Pittsburgh clubs have to offer but nevertheless arc adequate for 10 times as many boys V as are showing up for training drills. ' What is lacking in equipment is ' more than made-up for in the experience, knowledge and training skill of Billy Carter, the center's veteran coach and trainer. The Connellsville Kecreation Center has always paid all A. A. U. registration fees for its athletes and traveling expenses to and from meets and tournaments." ^, Commissioner Snell's statement is * n challenge to boys of the region. Continuation of this poor interest probably will mean that he's right in his "drug store booth" view. But we feel there arc a large number of good prospects here who could be developed into top ranking fisticuf- - .-'fers and the city restored to its rightful place among the leaders In ama- tcum boxing. Why not accept the commissioner's challenge, boys? Cage Loop O p e n i n g Finds District Teams Traveling. RAMSAY IS HOST TO GREENSBURG District basketball teams pry oft the lid tonight as the various sections of the W. P. I. A. L. swing into action. ConneUsville and Scottdale are on the road in Section 9, playing at Jcanncttc and Nonvin. Mount Pleasant will be host to Grcensburg in n game that promises plenty of thrills. Dunbar Township, a member of Section 10, makes the trek to Youngwood where it will encounter stiff opposition while East Hunlington raises the curtain on its own court against Derry High. In Section 18, Perry Township has" tho- strong Rostravcr Township to hurdle in a game to be played at that place. Redstone at Point Marion, Monon- gahcla Township at Georges and German at South Union are the contest-; scheduled for Section 14. Uniontown opens its season at home against Monesscn Greyhounds while Brownsville plays host to Mo- nongahcla in the outstanding tilts in Section 4. The Cokcrs, provided they continue to play the brand of ball they have exhibited in the past two games, are counted on to take the measure of the Jeannettc lads although a close game is expected. Dunbar Mules Win Over City Slickers Dunbar Mules took three straights from the City Slickers at the West Pcnn bowling alleys, triumphing by a margin of 244 pins. The scores: I CITY SLICKERS N. Hcnfce 140 155 140 447 Prudentc 104 170 154 428 Isola _ 124 . . . 124 Maricondi 116 146 113 375 Howscr 158 17fi 151 485 Dummy _ 147 .. 147 C. Driscoll _ _ 150 150 BITS HERE AND THERE AH the time Bess Ehrhardt was telling reporters that she preferred a career as an ice skating star to married life she had a hubby--Roy Shipstad. .. The Perry-Fayetto City game will be played Thursday afternoon at the Commodores gym. Fayette City objected to a Saturday tilt, sought by Perry because several of its players will observe Greek Catholic Christmas Friday. . . . Con- ncllsville first joined the W. P. I. A. I. in 1314 but didn't become active in its basketball program until 1918-1919 because of lack of a gym. While the gym was available the year before, officials decided to try their hand one season at the indc- pendent game to sort of build up the game. . . Bobby Riggs, Bitsy Grant and Wayne 'Sabin, three of the Nation's 10 leading tennis players, head a field of 58 in the annual Biltmore championships opening today in Florida. . .. The U. S. Lawn Tennis Association has received nine Davis Cup challenges. Duquosne's passers were literally humiliated when Stanford, paced by Hank Luiscttl, took a 92-27 victory, the worst setback in Coach Chick Davis' 14 years of coaching. A process server caught Goofy Gomez, Yankee pitcher, at the home of a dancer in Hollywood and tagged him with separation papers instituted by his wife as the ball player sought to go to Reno AiOW STARRlAlS- AT foRWARO OJ TM COOVRICHT, t»7. KINC ftATUOES SvNOItATt. Inc. W. P. I. A. League Schedule SECTION 18--CLASS B Today--Belle Vernon at Fayctte City, Perry Township at Rostravcr, South Huntingdon at Sewickley. January 6--Fayctto- City at Perry Township. Gene Hassoris Fielding Wins Praise for Him Recreation Notes By WALTER MISKINIS Final plans for the Reel cation Center aquatic team have,been com pletcd and arrangements made for the squad to hold its first practice Parochial Basketeers Start Home Season With Rockwood Wednesday West Virginia Rooters Greet Eleven in City Westinghouse to Play McKeesport in Other Attraction. STATE ARMORY SCENE OF TILTS. The victorious University of West football team, which on 0 ?he Immaculate Conception High ,w --~.» v ,.., . .%... ,, . Qj»I./,nl Iinn1rn(l\ri11 tsinvn ' rtnnrtc T * c ,, ,, , _ . , . ,, . New Year's Day handed Texas Tech School basketball team 'opens Its home campaign Wednesday night at a 7-B defeat, arrived at the Baltimore I state Armory in the first part ot a and Ohio railroad station Monday night at 10:30 o'clock, the players wearing broad, gaily decorated ten- gallon hats,, and wcic greeted by ;i couple hundred Mountaineer fans gathered here. ^ Coach Mai shall "Sleepy" Glenn, flashing a happy smile, climbed off the train with his arms full of luggage and was greeted by his pietty wife, the former Miss Helen Dcffcn- baiiRh oC this city. Her father, W. S. Deffcnbaugli, had made his home in Conncllsville more than 25 years ago when he served m the capacity of superintendent of school. He is now engaged in government work at Washington, D. C. A motor caravan of more than 75 cars--25 which were used to transport the players to Morgantown, W. Va.--was met at the State line near Point Maiion by Corporal H. L. Isban and Private H. M. Jaynes, both of the Uniontown barracks, who led the procession to Connellsville. v The West Virginia policemen who escorted the motorcade from Mor- gnntown were headed by Sheriff Tom O'Hara, and Deputies Hugh Brand, Mike Gill and George Schenck. Also included in the police escort was C. January 1 Huntingdon, Newton. --Hostravcr Sewickley Gene H.-isson, Conncllsville's only i current active major league player, comes in for much praise in an West I article that appears in the St. Louis South . Totals .. 648 794 7142156! DUNBAR MULES | Rigger . 184 152 223 A. Henze 174 188 . . January 11--South Huntingdon at Fayettc City, West Newton at Ros- travcr, Perry Township at Belle Vernon. January 14--Fayctte City at Wcs Newton, Rostravcr at Sewickley, Belle Vernon at South Huntingdon. January 18--Sewickley at Fayctte I City, West Newton at Belle Vernon. January 19--South Huntingdon at p TM Sporting News, national baseball nexvspapcr. The article, written by Red Smith "" i of the Philadelphia Record, follows: j ,j ' "For such a very large young man, 1 21-year-old Eugene Hasson was re- Dummy Cameron -Colland Fronek Sikora Totals . 104 148 151 I Perry Township. 559 January 21--Fayettc City at Ros 3621 travcr, Belle Vernon at Sewickley, markably easy to overlook during the 1937 training season. He spent the whole spring training period in Mexico with the Athletics, and attracted somewhat less attention than Ernesto,, ._ I the batboy. That was only partly be- 147 178 16G 175 135 122 153 104 470 464 288 153 ..761 831 808 2400 Pine-Pone League Opens. The WPA Recreation Center Ping-Pong League opened Monday with the Shalola group making a clean sweep of Branch No. 2, 25 games to nothing. At the local Center the Floto entry dcefated the Duzack squad, 15-10. Kingview-Vandcrbilt Results on the and Branch No. 1 and Everson contests have not been received. for divorce proceedings. . . A Verona caddy, claiming to be totally disabled as a result of a lightning bolt that killed two other caddies and two players last September, has filed suit for compensation. . . Destructive floods of sulphuric acid, pouring into Ohio and Potomac River tributaries from abandoned coal mines, have been reduced 60 per cent to date, WPA Chief Harry L. Hopkins says. 1937 IN SPORTS - By Jack Sords Perry Township at West Newton. January 25--Rostravcr at Belle Vernon, West Newton nt South Huntingdon. January 26--Sewickley a'. Perry Township. January 28--Fayettc City at Belle Vernon, Rostraver ai Perry Township, Sewickley at South Huntingdon. February 1--Perry Township at Fayette City, South Huntingdon at Rostraver, West Newton at Sewickley. February 4--Fayette City at South Huntingdon, Rostravcr at West Newton, Belle Vernon at Perry Township. February 8--West Newton at Fayette City, Sewickley at Rostraver, South Huntingdon at Belle Vernon. February 11--Fayette City at Sewickley, Belle Vernon at West Newton, Perry Township at South Huntingdon. February 15--Rostraver at Kayctte City, Sewickley at Belle Vernon. February 16--West Newton at Perry Township. February 18--Belle Vernon at Ros- travcr, Perry Township at Sewickley, South Huntingdon at West Newton. SECTION' 14--CLASS B Today--Redstone Township at Point Marion, Monongahcla at Georges Township, German Township at South Union Township. January 7--Georges Township at Redstone Township, South Union Township at Monongahela Township, North Union Township at German Township. January 11--Redstone Township at South Union Township, Monongahela Township at North Union Township, Point Marion at Georges Township. January 14--North Union Township at Redstone' Township, German Township at Monongahela Township, South Union Township at Point Marion. January 18--Redstone Township at German Township, Point Marion at North Uliion Township, Georges Township at South Union Township. January 21--Monongahela Township at Redstone Township, German Township at Point Marion, North Union Township at Georges Township. January 25--Point Marion at Mon- ongdhcla Tcwnship, Georges Township at German Township, South Union Township at North Union Township. January 28--Point Marion at Redstone Township, Georges Township at Monongaheia Township, South Union at German Township. February 1--Redstone Township at Georges Township, Monongjlieln Township lit South Union Township, German Township at North Union Township. Febiuary 4--South Union Township at Redstone Township, North Union Township at Monongahela Township. Georges Township at Point Marion. February 8--Redstone Township at North Union Township, Monongahela Township at German Township, cause he went south as a member of the Wilhamsport team and wasn't being seriously considered as a candidate for the 1937 A's. A more important rason was the fact that after one look at him with a bat in his hands, the ordinary observer felt fairly safe in forgetting the Hasson family of Connellsvillc, Pa , ever had :i son who thought he could play major league ball. "But, as baseball men have been discovering annually these last 50 years, Connie Mack is no ordinary observer. Quick to see possibilities in the rawest rookie and slow to sour on the most dubious prospect, the Old Gentleman wasn't disturbed by Hasson's failure to hit even Mexican pitching. He had .seen him play semi-pro ball around Philadelphia until Wilhamsport grabbed him in 1935. " 'All that young man needs,' Connie said only day, 'is to leain to swing ahead of the ball. He's swinging after the pitch gets past him. But, my goodness, he certainly can play first base.' "He certainly can do that, everyone agreed. Awkward-seeming at rest, this bulky 190-pounder moved with swift, surprising grace on the diamond. His six-foot-onc-inch frame made a grand target for an infieldcr's throw; his long right arm reached with equal case into the clouds and into the dirt. "Yep, he could play that bag, everyone agreed. And forgot him before he even went back to Williamsport. "If, during the summer, any member of the Mexican expedition happened to see the New York-Pcnn League averages, ho found nothing there to make him change his opinion of Hasson. "Gene was having little better luck with NYP pitching than with the Mexican brand. Although he hit .340 in 193B, his 1937 figure never came within shouting distance of .300, and he was shunted as far down as seventh place in the Grays' batting order "For reasons best known to himself and Connie, Williamsport's Tommy Richardson sent Hasson down to Philadelphia on a free trial arrangement when the season ended in the NYP. "Because Connie had been having flrs'.-base trouble all summer, he stuck the youngster in at once. "On his first time at bat. Gene belted a most energetic coup de circuit, as the French say, and from that beginning he went onward and upward. '·In his Hrst nine games he made some silly a\eraei! like .455. His m o i k at the close of the season was and all over town they were .306 comparing his defensive play to that of Slulfy Mclnnis. "Probably the highest compliment to his fielding was paid, unintentionally, by Steve O'Neill, then manager of the Cleveland Indians. Steve watched the kid snagging 'em from all angles and decided he must be using mirrors Time and again he Point Marion at South Union Town- i ship I Fcbuuiy Tcmibhip I inspected Hasson's glove suspicious- al Redstone Township, North Union ly, finally insisted Umpire Continued on Pa£c Seven. 1 Johnny Qwnn give it the official session at the Scottdalc Y. M C. A \ w - Smith, the college city chief of fol- I P°'i cc - 4h.J Questioncd^conccrning the contest, Coach Glenn said his boys were in excellent condition and played a great game. He sfid forward passing was hampered by a strong wind but otherwise the weather was ideal, just cool and stimulating. As the game piogrcssed, his ooys seemed to get stronger and in the last quarter, Texas Tech only had possession of the ball t-vicc. It was in this quarter that Harry Clark, Uniontown High star, made outstanding gains, reeling off a total of 78 yards in ground gained. Harry was met at the train in Conncllsville by his father, J. C. Clark. squad: Bud Spear, Rusty Ash, Em McMullcn, Jack Powell, Bill Whitaker, Colin Archibald, Nate Woodward, Frenchy Alesentrino, Warren "Flash' Hoover, Don Prytulak, Joe McKcnna and Walter Miskinis. ! I Others wishing to try out are asked to get in touch with center officials. The above mentioned are asked to be at the center in South Arch street at 6:30 P. M. sharp Thursday to make the trip to Scottdale. The WPA Volleyball League schedule for tonight at the State Armory is as follows: Medicals vs. Recreation Center at 9 P. M. and the South Side vs. "2603" at 9:30 P. M. League had its official opening Monday and a great deal of enthusiasm double-header with Rockwood High of Somerset county furnishing the opposition. Coach Earl Trump has been working his charges hard to mould thorn into a smooth working machine and though many new faces are .in the Blue and Gold lineup the youngsters give promise of having a successful season. Rockwood High, a contender for Class B laurels in Somerset county, was previously defeated by Connclls- ville High School and the Owl rooters arc anxious to see their favorites carry off a decisive win. As an added attraction to lovers of the floor sport, the Westinghouse five will tackle Al Duffy's city league champs of McKeesport in a return engagement in the second part of the dual bill. The. local indepondant club was defeated 35-28 at McKeesport last week and is anxious to redeem itself. The Westinghouse passers, champions of Fayette county last season, have not hit the stride that stamped them as the outstanding basketball team last year but Coach Brown is sparing no efforts to round them into shape. The visitors have already played 15 games losing only one and that to the Pittsburgh Pinatc professional quintet. Additional scats will be erected to take care of a capacity crowd that is expected to turn out for this dual attraction. Amid the blowing of police sirens, the caravan headed back to Morgantown where thousands of followers were waiting to welcome them The Recreation Center Ping-Pong home. A huge reception at the was shown on the part of the spec- restaurant, tators and pal ticipants. Joe Ray I Three bands. Metropolitan Theatre was followed by a dinner served at the Comuntzis' has charge of the loop. University. High I School and National Guard turnd out to da the victors honor. Allernoon basketball sessions, sponsored by the local center, have started at the State Armory and will continue each day except Saturday and Sunday. With tne diamond belt tournaments- in Pittsburgh looming, the center boxing team is tapering off to some hard workouts in anticipation of a good showing. Johnny AH, who made an impres-sivc start in the Metropolitan Club tourney, peeled to make things "hot' opponents. is ex- for his The Recreation Center Junior Basketball League schedule for Saturday follows: Gaels vs. Lou's at 10 A. M., Paramount Juniors vs. Willom Inn at 11 A. M., Dunbar vs. First M. E. Juniors at 1 P. M. and the North Dawson vs. I. C. Frosh at 1:45 P. M. CASEYS CONQUER SMOCK ROOKIES The Casey Club basketball team continued its win stroak by defeating the Smock Rookies at that place, 65-52. The game was rough and loosely played but Regis Quinn performed in style to pace his mates with eight field goals and four out of five free tries. Saturday evening the aseys travel to Charleroi where they meet the Charleroi Collins, composed o£ some of the best players in the Mon Valley. WPA RECREATION CENTER VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE Standing of the Teams. W. L. Pet. Recreation Center 5 1 .833 South Side ,, 3 3 .500 Medicals __ 3 3 .500 "2603" . 2 4 .333 once-over. '"There's nothing wrong with the mitt,' John reported after due deliberation, 'nor with the guy that's using it, either.' 'John voiced a Ramblers Trip Gaels, Rams Defeat Dukes Bowling on the West Penn alleys, the Ramblers won the odd game from tho Gaels and the Rams won the odd gjmc from the Dukes in the nights of Columbus Duckpin League. The scores C. Soisson F. Pilla . ... J. Pilla .. Moravek _ . Colarusso Totals, Bonfield Homs'ck J. Soisson . Dummy Dummy . _ Totals . . R. Cunco Gandolil F. Docrfler V. Cunco Totals RAMS 102 .. 103 107 - _ 83 123 119 91 87 121 158 101 104 95 85 131 322' 298 289 289 412 518 57C DUKES 142 112 . 00 94 167 83 .. . 102 516 1610 156 87 91 93 98 134 85 347 282 457 255 95 28 584 540 505 1G29 GAELS 77 98 88 94 102 130 138 145 139 95 152 146 314 277 384 429 405 467 532 1404 RAMBLERS Keslar . . . . 94 121 97 312 Freda -. ._ _ 111 90 113 314 Prcstia . .. _ 107 89 86 282 Basilone .. _ . 155 184 100 439 Totals 467 484 396 1347 RECREATION CENTER JUNIOR BASKETBALL LEAGUE Standing of the Teams. Paramount Jrs Marcheletta's North · Dawson Lou's Willow Inn. . .. First M. E. Jrs. . Gales . _ . I. C: Frosh Bear Hangs Self. A story of a bear hanging himself comes from Bobby CCC Camp near Emporium. Bruin stepped on a small steel trap and in his frenzy to shake it loose tore up a tree. Handicapped by the trap, the bear probably tried to help himself by hooking his head over convenient branches. He must have slipped and wedged his head in the fork of the tree so that he could not free himself. And thus he hanged himself. Money Loaned ON YOUR AUTOMOBILE UNPAID BALANCES RE-FINANCED. $ 25 to$ Call or See Us If You JS'cetl .llouey For Any Emergency Moderate Repayments /· , S Fayette Loan Co. 510 Tide Trust Co. JJIUt,-. Telephones 244-866 Connellsville, Pn. BONDED TO THE STATE. · Prompt, Courteous, Convenient Serviced fairly universal opinion there. Whether it will prove i an accurate one remains for n e x t , season to decide." CLYDE A. NETH RADIO AERIALS mid SERVICE ,No Crodil I'lidiip I f l l l ! 75* P i n t 51.43 Quart C O D E 2 4 C O D E 2 3 · O - J T U R Y O t f t T l L L I N a CO., P K O t t l A . I L L .

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