Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 20, 1976 · Page 9
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 9

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 20, 1976
Page 9
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10A --June 20, 1976 Sunday Gazette-Mail Cltirlnfcn, West Virginia Your Bridgework By Jackie WUcox North dealer. Neither side vulnerable. North S K Q J 6 H A 8 4 DQ103 C K J 1 0 West S8 H J 9 5 3 2 DAJ8.5 D 9 7 6 2 " C853 C Q 7 6 South S a l 0 7 5 4 3 2 HD K 4 C A 9 4 2 The bidding: North East South West Int pass 3 spades pass 4 spades pass 6 spades pass pass pass South's jump to six spades was certainly a reasonable call. With first round control of three suits and second round control of diamonds opposite his partner's strong no- trump opening, his chances for 12 tricks seemed bright. West led the heart three and South trumped in his hand. He led a spade to the king, ruffed the eight of hearts and continued with a spade to the queen. Next came a low diamond from the table. If East played the ace, declarer could later discard one club on the queen of diamonds and one on the ace of hearts. If East ducked with the Mrs. Wllcox ace - South would win the king and pitch his remaining diamond on the heart ace. He could now afford to lose one club trick. Unfortunately, West won the king of diamonds with his ace and returned a diamond. South rose with the queen and later misguessed the clubs to go down one. Declarer could have improved his chances with a slightly different approach. He wins the first trick with the ace, discarding his low diamond. He ruffs a heart, leads a spade to the ace, trumps dummy's last heart and leads a spade to the queen. Now comes a diamond to the king. With no hearts remaining in dummy and no diamonds in the South hand West would be end-played in hearts and clubs with a diamond return giving declarer a free finesse. Even if East did hold the diamond jack, South could trump that trick and still have a chance to guess the location of the queen of clubs. My apologies to Bob Allen. I was not aware until recently that he attained the status of Life Master during the recent Charleston Regional Tournament. Congratulations! LAST WEEK'S WINNERS SUNDAY NIGHT DUPLICATE NORTH-SOUTH 1 Mr. and Mrs. James Olsen 2. Mrs, Ann Pollltt and Mrs. Austin Miller 3. Bob Allen nnd Robert Bailey 4 Larry Logsdon and Jim Morrison EAST-WEST 1. Jade Wyall and Stan Given 2. Dora Grubb and B. Gumowskl 3. Bob Habcr and George Habcr 4. Russ Hennen and Lylc Glllisplc BRIDGETTE CLUB NORTH-SOUTH 1. Alma Perry and Mrs. Roy Monroe · 2 Mrs. H.C. Rilcy and Mrs. James Morgan 3 Mrs Esther Markham and Mrs. Russell Van Clcvc EAST-WEST 1 Mrs. W.J. Wlschmann and Mrs. Harry Welsch 2. Mrs. L.T. Snider, Jr. and Mrs. Austin Miller 3 Mrs. David Thomas and James Morgan MONDAY NIGHT DUPLICATE NORTH-SOUTH 1 Jade Wyatt and Robert Bailey 2 Mlmi Lawrence and Mrs. Harry Welsch Some People See Chess As Art Form By Charles Szasz Although some consider chess as simply a game, it is considered by many astute observers (and especially those who play chess) as an art form. One of the true artistic forms of chess is the field of endgame studies and problems. It is in this form that chess provides a vehicle for creative expression. Just as a music composer utilizes sould, instruments, and sequences of notes to create music, the chess player uses the chessboard, chessman, and chess maneuvers to express his ideas. The chess composition may differ considerably from traditional art forms in its content, but it is nevertheless a product of the human mind which is full of beauty, imagination, and vigor. Consequently, it is possible that a chess composition may have as much aesthetic value as an artist's painting. IT IS INTERESTING that the Arab nations discovered chess composition as far back as the ninth century A.D. From this early beginning, there has been many famous chess composers--Lucena, Ray Lopez, Polerio, Saivio, Greco, Cheron, Troitzky, Gorgiev, Bron, and many others. Probably the most fascinating and famous composer was the American, Sam Lloyd, the foremost composer in terms of volume, quality, ingenuity, and sheer devilment in the construction of chess problems. Lloyd was also multitalented in other areas. Aside from being a renown chess composer and chess player,, he was also a magician, ventriloquist, inventor of words and mathematical problems, and America's foremost master of intellectual recreation. He created thousands of puzzles, tricks, and brain teasers. His most famous inventions include the Parcheesi game and the "14-15" puzzle. Since Lloyd's death in I911, no one has been able to come close to topping his re- markablgvfeals. 3. Mrs. B.N. Kissinger and Mrs. L.T. Snider, Jr. 4.-5 Mrs. Austin Miller and Mrs. Charles Lemon 4-5 Clarke Smart and Reuben Graham EAST-WEST I. Kurt Pocsi and Jim caraDlllo 7. Mrs. O.B Eakle and Mrs. Ann Pollltt 3. Mr. and Mrs. John Chapman 4. Mrs. Dan Robinson and Mrs. R.D. Patchcll TUESDAY NICHT DUPLICATE 1 Russ Hennen and M.J. MxChesney 2. Linda Oonley and J.R. Bird 3 Mimi Lawrence and George Fcuikts 4. Cox White and Austin Miller EASY ACES CLUB TOURNAMENT NORTH-SOUTH 1. Mrs. D. 8. Eakleand Mrs. Ann Pollltt 2. Mrs. James Morgan and Mrs. George Woo 3. Mrs. H.T. Redd and Mrs. W.D. Rolf 4. Mrs. B.N. Kissinger and Mrs. L.T. Snider, Jr. EAST-WEST 1. Mrs. Austin Miller and Mrs. Tom Moore 2 L.G. Carney and Mrs. J.C. Wells 3. Mrs. C.E. Ell's and Mrs. D.L. Groves 4. Mrs. J.A. Gatens and Mrs. D.D. Smith OVER-ALL I Mrs. D.£. Eakleand Mrs. Arm Pollltt 1 Mrs. James Morgan and Mrs. George Woo 2 Mrs Austin Miller and Mrs. Tom Moore 4 Mrs. L.G. Carney and Mrs. J.C. Wells 5 Mrs C.E. Ellis and Mrs. D.L. Groves *! Mrs. H.T. Redd and Mrs. W.D. Roll BEGINNERS DUPLICATE 1 Mrs L.M. Gllllsple end Mrs. Walter Spears 2 Mrs. R.D. Patchell and Mrs. Morris Gallagher 3. Mrs. James Beheler and Mrs. Oval Carney KVBA NORTH-SOUTH 1 Dora Grubb and Reuben Graham 2 J R. Bird and John Cayton 3 Mrs Retl Bean and Mrs. Robert Bailey 4 Mrs Anthony Solomon and Mrs. George Woo EAST-WEST 1 Mrs J.A. Gatens and Mrs. A.C. Rogers 1. Mr. and Mrs. Evan Harris 3 Kurt Pocsl and M.J. McChesney 4 Mr. and Mrs. O.D. Smith BID AND MADE NORTH-SOUTH 1. Mr. and Mrs. Rofrtrt Ballty 2. Mrs. Ann Pollltt and Mrs. D.B. EakU 3. Mrs. J.P. Engk and Mrs. C.E. Crow 4 Jade Wyatt ind Rtubtn Graham EAST-WEST 1. Link Youns and Jim Morrison ·L Mrs. and Mrs. Walter Sptars 3 Mrs. D.D. Smith and Mrs. J.A. Gal«ns 4.-S Mr, ind Mrs. L.T. Snider, Jr. 4-5. Dora Grubb and Kurt Pocsl BRIDGE CALENDAR June 20 SUNDAY Sunday Nlfht Duplicate. 7 p.m. Morris Harvey Collegt Union. Public invitee MONDAY Bridgettt Club. 10:30 a.m. Home of Mrs. Har'!. Hsrr/ IfuHOA?t«day e Nigh. Dupllat, 7:30 p.m. Morris | Harvey College Union Public inv.ted. WEDNESDAY Easy Aces. 10:30 a.m. U. lirtei, ovu SRf'sSS"co^f Duplicate. 7:30 p.m. Ne* Dormitory. ers Duplicate 10:30 a.m. Ho-, cf Klltrvev Coll*. Union. SATURDAY Bid and Made. 7:30 p m. Home ol Mrs. Harry Welsch. Public invited. MONDAY SUNDAY OPEN DAILY 10-10; SUNDAY 1-7 MEN'S SPORTY NUMERAL POLOS Our Reg. 3.88 WOMEN'S THONG WEDGE Our Reg. 3.97 66 Pr. Short-sleeve polyester- / cotton/ rayon-knits. KOOCIpcivestef the fbe of AmacOn life BOYS' NO-IRON TANK TOPS 2 Days Only Cool and casual thong served up on a low cork wedge. Vinyl with tricot lining. Our Reg. 1.48 Kodel* polyester/cotton. Our 1.18, Sizes 4-7..87« 'Eastman Kodak Reg. TM. I 2 Days Only J PLAYTIME MATCHMATES QUILTED PILLOW COVER Girls' summertime matchmates in various styles and colors. Sizes 7-14. Our Reg. 1.47 Fits 20x26" pillows. Asst. prints, i colors. Zippered. Buy now ana save. CHEWING GUM CRAYOLA* OurReg.26t 8 color crayons. BIG® PENS OurReg.21(Ea Medium point. 3-PC.SET SAUCEPANS OR KETTLE Spearmint Cinnamon Orange Our 2.77-2.97 STAND Your Choice 2-qt. aluminum tea kettle, enamel finish. Or 1-, 1'/z-qt. enameled steel pans Artificial woodgrain Typewriter stand with fold down sides. Can be used for night stand. Buy now and save. TIC TAG* Our Reg. 23* WASHCLOTH Our Reg. 211 Cotton terry. DISHCLOTH Our Reg. 21* 13x15" cotton. Refreshing. w-oz. Netwt. (Similar T Our Reg STORYBOOKS Our4for97* Children's books. CARD GAMES HERRING Our Reg. 24* Product of Canada. Chaise wit Frame. 3 Positions .11 -oz.* SUPER GLUE-3 Our Reg. 1.47 2 Days Only 13V2-OZ.* RAID® Our Reg. 1.97 PKG. 51 CUPS Our Reg. 66* INSECT REPELLENT Our Reg. 2.38 Plastic foam. 6 2/3-oz. Size June 20 and June2l, 1976 Bonds quickly ·Nel wt. June 20 and June 21,1976 6531MacCORKLEAVE.S.E. CHARLESTON, WEST VA. 1701 FOURTH AVE. PATRICK ST. PLAZA 1400MacCORKLEAVE.S.W. ST. ALBANS, WESTVA.

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