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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1930
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JLjast JLLtditi dition Connejlsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. The Best Advertising Medium in the Yough Region, rice VOL.. 38, NO. 68. The Weekly Courier, I-'ounded J u l y 1", .18TO. Tliu Hull}' Courier, Founded November IO, 10O2- ju^Tmo. CqNNBLLS'VILLE, PA!, THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 30, 1930 SIXTE33N PAGES, TRAPPED DIVER IS TAKEN FROM RIVER, FROZEN TO DEATH Body of 1'oter Trans Hold Fast In Canadian Stream by* Apparatus. UNDER WATER FOR THREE DAYS By UnitisJ Tress. MONTREAL, Quebec, Jan. 30--Peter Trans was frozen to death as he- lay in a diving suit 20 feet down in the River aux Outarclts unable- to free himself for more t h a n ISO hours, it waa revealed today. Spain's New Premier General Damasco Bei-fniguer, above, CHICAGO TAXICAB OFFICIAL, DRIVER Barney Mitchell Found in Ma- chlno on North Side With Eight Bullet Wounds. FIVE BOMBINGS IN 24 HOURS By U n i t e d Press. CHICAGO, Jan. 30.--Taxicab war turned to gangland stylo assassination today, claiming the lives of Barney Mitchell, 35, treasurer of the Checker Cab Company, arid Glen Jackson, Princess appointed premier cC ^p-ain by tho 33, driver, who was t a k i n g Mitchell The body q£ the "'.liver was brought ! king, following the resignation of j to an undetermined destination lu to the surface at 7:30 A. M. today by Prlmo Do Rivera, is liKe the former, ono of t h e company's cabs, divers and fellow workers who had a military man. Do Rivera was m i l l - I pre-dawn motorists f o u n d Mitcholl, worked through severe cold. the niglrt iu tho , tary dictator for. six yvnrs ami four , Jlis body pierced by'eight bullets, in I months althoug'h, at tiio outset, ho Doctors Immediately examined him Mind proclaimed it a "flO days" govcru.- and a report to the Ontario Paper Company said ho had frozen. ' ·An ice film him;; over the river when Trans descended Monday and swift c u r r e n t was cold. Hut friends hoped that his powerful nliysinuo and his being accustomed to tho cold--ho was a Scamlanavian. who ciimo here in 19-S to make- a fortune-might see- him thvo-.jgn the ordoal. Trans, a sturdy young Dane em- ployod at Outardo Falls, Ont., by tho Ontario Paper Company, as 'a diver, descended early Monday to inspect a coffer dain. He slipped and his suit inent. Rivera Reported Aligned Against Gen. Berenper By U n i t e d Pr ss. MADRID, Jan. 30.--General Damaso caught on a largo npiko j u t t i n g from ' Berenguer -announced t.iday he had tho workings, 20 fe«t below. Siuco completed formation of i new cabinet then, desperate efforts had been made t() succeed the dictatorship of General t o rescue him. , De-vie Begin ami (Juesnol Morsncy, expert rescue divert, arrived at Out- ardo Falls late yesterday after a hazardous airplane trip from Toronto. Held up for nearly two daye by bad weather at Kimouaki, 20 miles from the scene, they came- prepared to descend immediately. There was little hope at tiny time that Trans would bo brought up alive. It was pointed out t h a t divers who have gone down but 25 to 30 feot at i'A'lino De Rivera, resigned. The- Duke of Alba toW the press be had accepted the post i f minister of public Instruction. He sakl neither Francisco Carnbo nor t o u n t Moi'teva would accept portfolios iu th-3 new cabinet. death throos in the rear scat of tne cab which was slewed into a cum on a North Side street. Jncksou was slumped over tho wheel dead. The door on his side was open and one foot was on the r u n n i n g board i n d i - cating ho tried to escape. CHICAGO. Jan. 30.---Thn f i f t h bombing In the last 24 hours, which blew a two-story olive oil store into blta and wreckixl several adjoining stores on the North Side, was laid at the door of an Italian extortion gang today by police as they searched lu tlic wreckage £ov clews. Ten periions were injured iu the blast, which police said wan UK- most powerful in the yours of Chicago bombiug h i s t o r y . Tho injured- were residents «t nearby buildiiif'y who were- t h r o w n from beds or cut by flying glass. Uusiilentf. ot t h e neighborhood, which is inhabited largely by I t a l - ians, wore terror sirlckun for hours Powerful forces in opposition to the I atu ; r ' Jl ° bUlst which .occurred about. new regime of General Berengxier were gathering even b foro tho new premier had succeeded iu forming his government. Two events already have demonstrated that, regardless of. the poll tithe falls d u r i n g mid-summer have j eal elements s u p p o r t i n g Berenguer, come up with ssvollon limbs after but HO minutes in the icy wator. It woulti t a k e a superman, eome pointed out, to survive the pressure of the waters on the comparatively flimsy diving suit. For tho fourth tiuio since the Dane became entombed within his own diving suit, Arvo Silyala of Ottawa, he is bound to face-a pollliciil storm. Wliila student demon* iratiotiB have quieted down, Madrid learned that Prlmo Do Rlve-ra, foruer dictator, would lead tho Patriotic Union in an opposition movement to Berenguer. The second signiflcan'. evant was the beginning of. a light or control of i the "Ateneura De Madrid," an InstUu- 10:.'JO last night. John' J. Cnllota. proprietor u! the Over 600 Children .eria Serum A total oC 005 pupil.'; in t ic public: schools of Connollsville w i l l be given toxin anti-toxin t r e a t m e n t , the first oC \vlioiu will be adm.hiis:erel oil- Monday. ' On Monday morning at !):.' 0 o'clock the toxin anti-toxin will be given to the students at the South Si'Jo lAjitd- iny. It was announced that lire- school children who are l i v i n g within distance o£ the school should be brought there by their paroius at 10:30 o'clock to receive the treatment. A number of parents have signed consent b l a u l t s for children who as yet have nol. enrolled in any school. It is believed t h a t lie work of administering the toxin ,-.nti-toxln to students will bo completed w i t h i n an hour. \ Tho work w i l l bo c o n d u c t e d at '.he Cameron Building on Moud ty a f t e r noon, to pupils at 1 oVloci., while pre-school cliildren s h o u l d bi b r o u g h t to the building not later t h a n 2 o'clock. Further announcement w i l l be made relative the other schools, it was said today, 'Official announcement has bo- n m n d o of Uio engagement of Princer.K Ileana, daiifihter of Dowarer Quo n Marie, to Count Alexander of Hoch- Imrtr, .swoiul sou ,f the I' o I'lifHrf. Princess Ileana cotebrni.ed her 21ut b i r t h d a y a .p-hort t i m e a g « . 'ho has IKM-II reported as h a v i n g been en- Kafjed to tlio J'riao'.- of W:'.!;H an I Prince- H u m b e r t . Picture shows Prin- (.·oss [|-tana a"d C o u n t Alc.xa:ulcr, :.ho "li-yeai-ohl son. of the- head of the Mo lie c of I'less. NEGRO CHURCHES Will JOIN FORCES FOR 3-WEEK REVIVAL ollvo oil who wiuj found terror stricken in his homo after the ex- pionlori, ho had received t h r e e threatening letters in as m a n y days from an extortion ganii d e m a n d i n g that.he- pay $5.000 or "suffer tho cuu- neciuenccs." Ho had taken th« l e t t c r n to tho police and a guard wa : i stationed arpiind his hom«j when tho blast occnrrtxl. Church Gossip li-nds In Pastor,. Janitor, Wife Being Shot. working as a laborer hero descended tion w l t h semi-political power, w h i c h yee'.erdny in an emergency diving i n 1931 p r n c j p U a t c ] a ,. e moni)tratioii 6Ul!:. JIo was unable to release Trans. lie shook the diver's! hands but received no responses. Trans leaves a widow and two that attracted 100,000 i eoplo to the streets of Madrid c a l l i i , g ' for those responsible for tho Moro-:can disaster, j Observers anticipated the pos»ibil- INDIANA CITY AGAIN MENACED BY HIGH RIVERS Uy Ur.Hi-.i I'I-'KS. MKMKJTA, in.. ,) : »n ;H.--r-hu -h Ko.ship ftjvvd from t i n B K C o lop i«, R a i n i n g d-la.n.' wi',lt ciif'i rt'telli IK. wart blaiiitx! todny iV:V i l l * - vrcunds; of ·, · IK chu eh Eicker Absolved From Aiy Blame Hurst Death Three wr-cks of u n i o n revi-al services w i l l be opc-nrd S u n d a y by the: negro c h u r c h e s of the West Fide. Tnc-Tirsl.woc-k the service;- will bn held at 1ho Union Baptist Church, First, street, with Dr. R. D. K;!s, pastor of Mount Xlor. Baptist C h u r c h , p r e a c h i n g . Tho second week's scnMcen w i l l be i i l i Rev. A f r i c a n as the \. M. K. PprcUii In The Courier. UN]ONTOWX, J a n , 30,--A- verdict absolving Charles I f . Kicher ot Scott-I tnreo jx v n;-ons, a m i n i ·'.'··r, janitor and the l a U i ' r ' s w i f o . i dale from any l i a b i l i t y [or damages for Goaded by the gossip. Hcsv. J. A. t the dwuh of Clyde Hurst in an a u i o - SVil'Hiri, a Method!;!, j u l n l s t * r, w-;n to mobile a.·.idi'iit laat August 5 was re- j Ux homo of tho j a n i t o r . AJJ..OK K i l l · U, · turn»v.l c - h o r t i y before 2 o'clock thiti .' last nij.;!U un! (!:-i ; lol u: ' ufttiriiooi!. j whlcli l:o .-.Mid wa.-i tru. fo»:ni i f k ' U of, riw jury had. d.Miborated M,= ' s l j o rumors c o n i i o c t i n g Ida -win- -A ih ' J,OUI-M, Hiirot wu« killed when tho | t h a t of a widow. Tin- r t s l u U t . - r aircu:- d , Kic |i,,,. car ovorluruod on the National hold at M o u n t £ion Church, AV. K. Amos, pastor of tin- Methodist Episcopal C h u r c h speaker. I The final week will be at I C h u r c h , w i t h Kev. C. U Colvin, pastor j of tho U n i o n Baptist C h u r c h , as tho j preacher. j There w i l l bo no Saturday rervicos. j "All Christian workers arf i n v i t e d j to uuiti.; w i t h us," (he a n u o u a c o m t ' r i l road;?. IP.W.VA. ! PERMIT TO CONSTRUCT ! BRIDGE AT BANNING xona. They aro In Denmark and ac- I Sty ot renewed action by the Alonemn against Borcnguer. : Awaiting tho arrival IITO of Cam bo, who ia considered pne of the strongest cording to officials of the Ontario Paper Company, Mrs. Trans was informed regradlng evory move to save him. JUDGE SCHOONMAKER TO HEAR TESTIMONY IN BERKEY CASE men of Spain, a former minister and ; s o u t h w a r d , publicist of note, Berenguer " once delaycid announcement o^ tho results of his cabinet-making. VINCliXNES, Ind., J a n . 30.--rieai- denls of t h K o u f h o r n tip of I n d i a u n were t h r e a t e n e d w i t h a d o l u ^ e of j in water and ;ce as the flooded \VabiiHh and W h i t e ' rivers rose 0:1 their way- j Mr. K l l l o i f . ot U:'.« i o t l c - r K l J i o t t at Jirrst. a u n c t ; ! l c r i - i t!n s' Pike n«ur linnhlock'ii tur b'Ji. U.ioa lun-Ked at t h f Ire;»c! or ! I .Hist ho for* noon the J u r y asked the a t i e m p t to it kmc.i. Acco d- j l i y United Press. PITTSBURG, J a n . ^0.--Judgo R. M. tiib:iou, prceidont judge ot Federal Court here, announced today, that Judgo F. I*. Schooumaker will hear tho Government's case against Judge John A. Ucrkey aiul 15 defendants iu tho Somoreel county rum conspiracy. United Status Attorney John F. Coldlron of Waehlugton, D. C., arid Assistant United States District Attorney "William Aikcn will represent tho government In tho trial which is expocted to begin during tho special term oE federal court opening second week of Fbruary. the ARTHUR FENI4N HOME AFTER WALK OF HUNDRED MEES Arthur Fenian of Dunbar, whose disappearance Monday wae reported to Bur;;e3S H. T. Ellen berger, returned | ycetorday afternoon. It was said he j had walked to Baltimore Ohio tracks to Connellsville, thcnco to Confluence and Friendsville, Aid., and from that point back, presumably by the way of Baltimore Ohio to Somerlield, from ·which place ho traveled by the National pilce to Uniontown and home. Tho distance Is estimated, over a hundred milce. He iiturtcd out a g a i n today, it was New ico jjiins t h r e a t e n to unleash moro wator and Ii:o and send it running over i r e v i o u s l y ur.damagi'd territory near the j u n c t i o n of tho AVa- bash and O U I o r i v e r K . Four W;IH PX- pressed for residents of Posoy c o u n t y , Indiana, which is bounded by tin: two streams. In tho territory n o r t h of the junc- ' lion the ice aud water extends over a j strip from 1:1 to 13 miles wide and the j area ia dotted with sufferers who have | not yet-recc Ivod relief. Additional supplies were b r o u g h t to NORTHLAND SNOWS STILL HOLD SECRET OF EIELSON, BORLAND By U n i t e d Prc ;s. NOAFE, Alaska, Jan. 30.--The silent Northland still held In i t ! snow packs ; the grief-stricken persons yesterday today the fate of Carl Ben Eielson, ; by airplane and the Hed Cross report- Arctic flier, and his mechanic, Earl i ed relief work was progressing satis- Borland, who were lost iu an attempt j factorily. While suffering still is i court for furtiu:r instructions. They . , i , , » f i . ' 'e(|uestwl the court to define tho HIK to tho -itory t.iul !.« MnnJota · . ,. ,. .. , ,. ,. Hoe. Hev. VVilwn then .iro-i at B i l l , ' U , mmmn *^ !'""t,M ,,.., K U K en,-c, onlm- wouudim; him lu UK- Bid*. Mr*. :i- urj ;' "^ Is f«« «'» Ir«-ud negligenco. Jtott, who wem (o tho atd of her b s- A - J ' Jolmaon ot MeyerwUUe was it; ion to Yough- awarded ?H5 against Henry H. Olovor of Unlontown in a voriiict this morn- ban-cl.*vaa shot in ilic brcasi. Believing tho j a n i t o r am', his v; t o ' , dead, Jtev. WIIHOH went .IO.DO a id [ hlK ' It(! suctl for * 165 but t h e jurorsi proptre! td commit (iiilcld-;. AH gave Mrs. \Vihwn her f i n a l Instructi- n, to carry aid to the lee-locked steamer N a n u k . Tho Siberian snow d r i f t s apparently still resisted the efforts of four pilots acuto in places, indications arc that few if any deaths have occurred, ollt- cials of the Red Cross Bald. lOigliteen lamilies stranded ni Bow- ami their assistants, who are digging mens Beud, along tho Wabash, havo - · ' - · · · · ' bocn out of food and fuel for days* while attempts to bring them supplies have been futile. Aviators prepared to Uy over tho section today and attempt to drop food. Little hope is expressed for the' satoty o£ George, Chamberlain, his wife and 'daughter-in-law, l i v i n g near Griffin, Ind. The trio was last heard from two weeks ago. around wreckage ot the Klelson plane, 00 miles from the Nanuk. XVhen th-o searchers, led by JOG Crosson and Jim Glllam, who discovered the Eielson wreck cfter the airmen had been'missing since November D, left the Nauuk they wore expected to remain at the eeene until they have touud tho-bodies o£ the airmen or lost all hope of their recovery. ,DAQUE ARE INDICTED IN ARIZONA PHOENIX, Arix., Jan. 30,--Indicfc- chavglng ilrst dgroe murder were 1 forwarded to Penn: ylvanhi ait- thorities today and will lie served on Ireno Schroerler and Glenn Dague if tho two aro acquitted in their forthcoming trial. The new count agaiiist 'hem result, -ed from tho death y-esterdtiy ot Deputy Sheriff Iroo- Wright, who with other AUTO DAMAGE CASE SETTLED Automobile dnm;i{;et a m o u n t i n g to f l S S aro to be- paid by Stevo Petko a n d Frank C o n t i n i , lioth of D u n b a r | D ADTTCT township, as the rcault. of .u. amicable DHrlil31 a^rcomont niadu yesterday before Aldevrann W. II, Showman. 1'et.ko is to pay $l,;u and Couiiui $".( lor the damages to the automobile uwneil by D:ia Dtmnudio of Dunbar. The two were riding with Donnadio «nrt w h e n (he machine owuer left i'or a short time, the duo, w i t h I'etko behind the wlioel, went for a rido. While comiiut northward on South Arch street., the m a c h l u o trut 1 cyoiid (hc man'.- i-ontiv! and ;rash ad. otlicera engaged in a r u n n i n g gun battle with Mrs. Schrooder, Daguo and Venion Ackermau on the night of January IS after the had- kid- naped Deputy Joe Chnpimm. WILL BE HELD AT CHURCH HOPWOOD FAMILIES FORCED INTO STREET WHEN-GAMGE BURNS ! Rev. Wilson p»H.»rei t l . r o i i f j h a w i n d - w anil saw the Mondova irliiut of poU e-. UastiiiK buck to a*- tint minis' r seized his pistol ant! llrc-d tiv! tin OH at hia heail. 'When t h e chief of police en!.fr id Rev. 'WiliKm w;us s l i g h t l y wo-in-flod, I w bulletn h a v i i i K f f l u n c t d off. All tin e of the wounded persoiiH w i l l recov--r. Investigation by tl/o stale's; attx r- ney'a ofllce disclosed t h a t U-v, Wifs m gave the widow, Mrs. John Wagner, a present lost Christmas which was J e- jectod. Tho letter which he wr. S.e to her afterward was the one he t it out last nl'ght to rvKiver, the i i- vesti-gation revealed. deducted Jor two grave Tnarlunrs. I-'aul I'etrone, Uniontown contrac- a knock soundod at U.o f r o n t (!o , r . I ^r, was awarded IS2.31 against Mike v \ Card Jo for the excavation of .a collar. Tho u n i t of Augiirft Palo of Georges township against Howard W'oodfl of [·'alrchance for injuries received in an automobile accident last June got underway this morning. j PITTSBURG, J a n . o».--Th Pilts- j b u r g West V i r g i n i a Hailw; y Com! puny is asking Federal p e r m ! | construct a bridge across the | iOKheny River at B a n n i n g , a c o r d i n g i to Lloute-nasit Colonel .rnrviu J. Bain who returned yi'.sl.'rdny f r o n , Washington after a conference v lih the j chief of enfrinoers. I This b r i d g o w i l l be w i t h i n dosa proximity of tho 1,500-foot t u n - m l near Jacobs Crock on the railroad's l i n o from Cochraus .Mill to Comi.-llsvil.k-. Work at present, is c o n c e n t r a t e d on a section w h i c h w i l l extend the- r a i l w a y to Old Meadow I ' i H , mmr Sco;ulalc. MISSING IN GAS TANK EXPLOS UNIONTOWN, J a n . 30.--Two families were forced into tho street this morning when 11 ro oi! u n k n o w n origin destroyed tho Hop wood Service Station on the Coolspn'ng road, adjacent to tho National pike. Two trucks, ono owned by John Laf.tu and tho other by Lloyd "Whetstone, were destroyed. The confectionery store of Dan White was saved by the local lire department. The families oi: On key Friend and Harold M a r t i n /who resided in flatt ubove the garage were forced out into the cold Rightly clad. Hold on Liquor Count. UXIONTOWN, J a n . 30.--Angelo Supo, who conducts a small store- at Belle Vernon, was lodged in the county jail Wednesday on a charge of violating the liquor laws. Ho was Instead of at Shady Rest, the debate arranged "by the Men's Bible Class of | held in prison iu d e f a u l t of $1,000 tho Fir.ft Haplist Church this evening ' By U n i t e d Prii-ss, COALINCJA, Gal., .Tun. 30.--With a .spurt of flames that could be seen f r 0 mil-ea a 12,000-gaUon gasoline lai It at Felix Well No. 1, Kettleman H 11 district, let loose early today, IdlJii g one man. Four brothers are miefilng. Charles L. Phillips, oporatov n charge at Lho well, was I ho knon u victim. Pith lie Invited to Ceremony. UNIONTOWN, -Ian. 30.--The publ c is invited to gather at Gallatin Gar- - ens tonight at 7:30 o'clock to wltnc; s the ceremony ^xt which Sorgeai t Smith ( l a b ) Fuller will bo present* d with, the Distinguished Service Cro: 3 1:ty the- War Department. The Weather MINES'TOASTMASTER AT ANNUAL BANQUET OF W. P. LUMBERMEN OVENS TO BE FIRED AT HOSTETTER PLANT A. A!. Ku-lneo, president of. the R tall Lumber Dealers Association ot 1 Western Pennsylvania, will be toarH- master at, tho banquet to bo held Thursday night, February G, in connection with tha 23rd annual convention of the association which will opon 'next Wednesday in Plttslmrg. There will he two seesions daily at the William Perm Hotel. A. H. Oxholm of the United States Department oC Commerce and State Forester J. S. llllck aro among the speakers. Rev. C. Wallace Petty, pastor of the .First Baptist Church of Pittsburg, will be the principal speaker at the banquet. JONES MILL MAN HAS LEG BROKEN John Logan -of Jones Mill is a patient at the Melcroft Hospital, hav r ing suffered a f r a c t u r e of tho left log when he fell while -getting off a truck. Ho is employed as superintendent of the stato h i g h w a y s in the Indian Creek Valley. will TC. at the church. The t i m e will lx 7:SO o'clock. JKlro at Mnrkloysburg. The homo of Dr. .H. D M a r l o n at M a r k l c y s b u r g wan d.vmugc'l by lire to Uic c^lciit oX ?5U lasi. Friday niyhL Republic Store Kobbcd. UNIONTOWN, Jan. 30.-- Cutting the glass from ore of the double doors in the f r o n t ot tho A. P. Company al.oru i n R e p u b l i c Tuesday nig f i t , thU-vcs o u t o r o d and s t o l e a b o u t $10i.) w o r t h lit -rui;wic6 iiud 55 conu iu Coaster Dies of Injuries. ' GRKENSBU11G, Jan. 30.--Oreens- burg's first fatal coasting accident of the year occurred yesterday when Edward Anderson, 15 yearn old, ,son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Anderson, died in Westmoreland Hospital as the r e s u l t of injuries he received sevaral hours before when his .sled was dviv Generally Hair tonight and Frid-a: , i cn j n t 0 the path of a delivery truck. slowly riaing temperature .Friday : ; ' the noon weather forecast lor Wcs~ - ern Pennsylvania. Temperature .Hecord. M a x i m u m .VliiiiriHiin Mc'uu .,.,,». Made Powder Company Counsel. UNIONTOWN, Jan. 30.--Attorney' Charles Stuart Ramsay, son of Mr. aud Mrs. J. A. Ramsay of Be-u Lomond street, has been appointed assistant g e n e r a l counsel for the Hemiles Pow.- iler Company, s u b s i d i a r y ot tho Du- Poat, Ctmiu.itny. oj WUmingtou, Del, ( OREENSBURCr, Jan. 30.--Ofl ciah-- of. tho- Hoatetter plant of the I I . : . Frick Coke Compivny received ordevs Monday to fire 20 additional ovens. E i g h t y of the 350 ovens aro now in blast. DUNBAR PEOPLE INJURED WHEN AUTOS CRASH Mrs. Bertha Martin of D u n b a r s u f - fered a laceration about tho f oruhead and Thomas, Phyllis and Evelyn MarliM were slightly injured on Wednesday when their automobile collided with ono d r i v e n b)-- i-lerberc Gomery of U n i o n t o w n near t h y Keariisi gasoline ! .station at Logans Crossing on the old C-onnellsville-Un- i o n t o w u road. It was said l h a l : Gormly wib; going toward C o n n e l l s v i l l e and Man in was t u r n i n c ; to the service, sstatioi.- when the machines* met. * Dnn Knight, 60, of 'Uniontown bad his right arm and right leg fr.tcturwl when ho warn H t r u c k by an driven by Jess Stewart o! as he was walking along way. Miko Klila ot Footediile jured about the left sliouldiv i i n d back w h e n liifi iiuiomohile 6kijile(l on the Maxwell-Liabelle road and t u r n v d turtle. TEACHERS GIVEN TIPS ON MAKING Classroom Place to Train for Lif, Speaker at Annual Institute Declares. PRACTICAL WORK HELD NECESSARY Two fine addresses by well-known educators marked tho opening of the a n n u a l teachers' institute ol the Councils ville and Dun bar Township School "diijlrlcte today. Moro than 20) teachers of the two districts and many visitors attended the-'forenoon session. An excellent program, was opaji'-xl nr 1:15 o'clock this afternoon. Dr. Klbert K. Fretwell, professor of education of Columbia University, Smith fioh! the high- Sweden's Queen Very 111. ROME, .Ian. 30.--Condition of Quoon Victoria of Sweden IK very grave, according to reports from hur winter home here. King- Gustav a r r i v e d at the bedside of his (iS-year-old ,vifc to find her in extremely weak condition, with her heart action very unsatisfactory. The queen's lungs are also badly affected. Bishop Anderson Dies. CHICAGO,, .Tan. SO.--Bishop Oharles P. And-oraon, primale- of tho Bp scopal Church in America died at hi: homo here today a f t e r ;ui illness . f two weeks. Dentli r e - s n l l m l f r o m ;, hoai't talked on "Practicing Citizenship 711 Public Schools," and in a most interesting m a n n e r brought m a n y imp o r t a n t facts about school l i f e to his audience, "Wo school people nrc responsible for a lot, of things," lie raid, m e n t i o n - ing t h a t the a l t i t u d e of. tho fUmloni when he goe« out into llfo i« oftei 1 . governed by tho habile and custom;! acquired in the classroom. Dr. I'Yctwell said many bad casc.s of d i s c i p l i n e .were s i m p l y "% case ot h a v i n g a good t i m e . " He asserted t h a t ho liked tho youngster who was " f u l l of 'vim, vigor and vitality, 1 and would give n o t h i n g for tlie ones who f l a y put. They ore only 'yes men' wlio-u they RTOW up," he declared. 'Die speaker urged that teachers net up a favorable .situation in the classrooms for good citizenship t r a i n i n g by organizing the p u p i l s to carry out any problem;-; w h i c h might arise. "The purpose- of education," ho c o n t i n u e d , "is to render a. person Independent of tho teacher. Practice tho qualities of citizenship on t'io love! of those doing tho practicing. Practice it here and now." Declaring that eonic people get a lot of f u j i out of throwing "a monkey ·wrench" into tho things ho intimated they may have grown up in a school where it wae necessary to worry r.hc teacher to have a good time. After leaving tho classroom they have to "worry" tho community to get any fun out of life. "Some people only g-et fun out of worrying Die person in authority," lie said. "When they leave school t h u same a t t i t u d e continues. U n f o r t u n a t e l y too m a n y grown-ups try to .see how much tlioy can get away w i t h . Tho business of the teacher ami ychool is to a r r a n g e all offalrs in tho school so there is a favorable chance to practice the qualities of good citizenship. Xow. not tomorrow, is the time I'-or t h i s citizenship business." Dr. Frctw-ell .?-a!d he likecl to :wo teachers who had a.n interest in their students, the- class and in themselves. He urged that teachers maintain an ngrowibk- a t t i t u d e and dress neatly.. M e n t i o n i n g the compulsory school law, he asserted it "is a d i r t y trick to compel children to associate with a disagreeable person." The address of Dr. Robert SI. Rteele, president of State. Teachon; College at California, was very much alom; tho samo line. His topic was "Tho Teacher as a Foreman." 1!; said the teacher should aid each y o u n g s t e r in working out his or IK;own way to do a thins best. Tho educator told of a recent vi:?ii. to a busy shop where he. was very much interested in the story of a foreman as related by tho hi'ud c-C tln j linn. The man was described as " t h e secret of tho success" o£ t h e company. Ho knew his m e n , i h o i r capacities and l i m i t a t i o n s and also their jobs. He used each man to the extent of his t a l e n t , t h e r e b y keepinjv tho employe h a p p y and realizing a profitable o u t p u t for the shop. r»r. Foster applied the samo principle to school teaching'. He said tho taacli- er is the foreman and not a lecturer and that the- teacher should inspire and lead tho p u p i l s under their d i - rection. The m o r n i n g session was opened by Dr. David n. Graham, pastor of tlte First Methodist Episcopal Church. The girls' chorus oi! tho Conncllsvillo High School sang and the p u b l i c program closed w i t h violin solos by ISverett Thomas, a student in. the High School here. I n addition to the m o r n i n g and afternoon programs tomorrow, Uiero will be an evening program for the special purpose oC interesting the p u b l i c in t h e i n s t i t u t e . Dr. R O. Hartwt'll, s u p e r i n t e n d e n t o'f tho Buffalo city schools, w i l l be the speaker. Music w i l l ho f u r n i s h e d by tho High School orchestra and Mary Frances Uacr will be soloist. The i n s t i t u t e c o n t i n u e s until Saturday afternoon. HART CHILDREN TAKEN TO CRESSON Accompanied by A. C. Brown, commander of Milton L. Bishop Post of the American Legion, Miss Elizabeth Harper, Red Cross nurse, Mrs. I/. H, Robbiu.s, ^resident of tho Auxiliary, and Mrs. J. D. Butler of the auxiliary, two children of the late Ray Hart, service man who died alout a year ago, were Uik-en to Cresson Sanitarium this morning for treatment. A d m i s s i o n of t h e c h i l d r e n wns stv- ptired t h r o u g h the efforts of tho Lo-

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