The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 27, 1964 · Page 42
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 42

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1964
Page 42
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Page 42 article text (OCR)

i J" 40 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL THURSDAY, AUOUST -ft. IHo SOI TUCRDB WilTU (Cant, from preceding Column) Ml MOMS TO Iff 403 MOM AID Mb 'iCont. from Preceding Column) 701 BOUSIS fOt SHE ICont. trom Preceding Column) 701 8 ousa fCt SJLU ICont voe PTecedtiur Colueul 701 KisaroisAii ICont from Preceding Columal 701 wusaRt JAU (Cent from preceding Cohimn) ICont. tram precoenng Column) SNQUSH CATHOLIC ' TEACHER far Grades T and I m Uii .Coch-ran Separate School, for September opanlng. Plceee give eualiilcstiona ami alrj desired to 1. A. Chsuvtn, Sac.. Box 1490. Cochran. ENGLISH TEACHERS IFEMALE1. with Quebec diploma for elementary achoala. Apply atatlng qualifications, tetters of reference. xprkmee and talaphon. num-, br to: Catholic School Board of Raplde-ree-Cbenes. PO Baa IT. Aylmer, PQ- QUALIFIED PROTESTANT TIA-char for US 1 and 141, Mountain and Matilda. Dull commencing Splmbr. Apply stating salary and qualifications to Mrs. Vvoan Baldwin. liwermen, Ont. 1 QUAL17IEO NURSERY SCHOOL teacher, for Scptombar. Apply m writing. Manor rare nurecry 14 St. iaurM- bivo. 505 TfflTIOI BECOMB BIIJHQOAL la vreeka, In group. All languagaa. scaeol of Modern Languages, sit somereet wast. CIS-SB44. MATHEMATICS. CALCULUS, physios, English. Franch and enemierry. rAS-uoJ. svexlBgs. 'Piano lessons, introduc- i ha? hour'ijji?? ovanings." radio and television it a tiona from coast to coast Dead Sports and Commercial An- - noanccrs. Wosthor Girls , DJ'a, Commsnlators and Nsva man. You may hv hidden ; Ulant. Call Tha National Insti tute of Broadcasting, tw-wis. NEW IN OTTAWA L'Ecole Universelle , 235 O'CONNOR ' French, Sponish and Arabic' Chores of private and (roup teaching . For Information ' , Call 233-3363 Register Now and Start in September. 504 HIT JERYKB BRITANNIA VTLLAOE ABBA. Will mind children daily my. BROOKFIELD GARDENS, WILL Ma d children, my borne. 741-401T. 1 CARLINOWOOD AREA. MIND SJvPERIENCED CARE FOR CBUL- . 1S PretorisT EXPERIENCED MOTHER WILL mind child bom. Ottawa South. xj-osi. GOOD CARE FOR CHILDREN, epe. vreeeiy. aee-aoia. GOOD CARE. BABY. MY HOME. u weakly: sm-mts. INFANTS OIVEN GOOD. CARE. weekly. 72J- MIND CHILDREN. MY HOME, r. vt. lavww. aivesia. aONO CHIlXrkUt. AMY AGE, MY not. MIND CHILDREN WHILE Eer. works. French ansa. TI7-SJ7. MIND CHtLPREN, MY ROME. aioneay to trmay. asT-veis. MOTHER WILL MIND CHILDREN, my home. Monday-Friday gzs. 1VI. ORLEANS. WILL MIND CHI mo car. 74. OVERBROOK. CARE OF CHIL- dren, my 74S-ISS4. BiDOEVIEW, MIND CHILDREN, my heme. S1B-S4M. BiVERSIDE PARK, MOTHER win mina naoy or cauo. Bay nonva. Tsa-veua. SANDY HILL. MIND l-S CHtL drsn. my home, dally. 3-s41t. vnj. err r-uTi nirv u v noma, daily or weekly. Eeerrlew nrae. Tpaepp, after p. WILL MIND CHILDREN MY noma. 140-770. WILL MIND CHILDREN ANY age. my Binia, Minerdila, SSt, 171 a. WILL TAKB CHILD TO BOARS m my noma, aae-osp. WILL MIND CHILDREN, MY Bom, psrhwood Hilts. TS-1M. YOUNG CHILDREN. ROOM. ooera my name, aauy, weekly. fee-eeiB. 507 mm VAUIT UtftRIENCED GENERAL, REP- steeo bm. S adults. II Powell. SU-: sa-saai. HEW APARTMENT. CLEANING man or woman, full or part- wne vau eae-aiee. WANTED IMMEDIATELY! COU- pie tor country hotel. Woman aa coon, general, jaan aa eanenoer. Live In. Steady empliiyiiianL Ap ply am aeiv, eeaeraiaa. . 401 I00KS TO 10 ACCOMMODATION. ROOMS, weakly or monthly, eemo with running water. Vondom Ha tel. oev nomaran Btrees wees. ATTRACTIVE BEDROOMS. TWIN bade and single bed. elean. quiet ATTRACTIVE. FURNISHED. BIN' gla. Sondv Hill, geatleman. 7 waeaiy; aa-eBT. ATTBACTrVE. WELL FURNISH' ed, private heme. Stt S4. Laur ent. Bite-isie. ATTRACnVg, NEWLY DECORAT- ' m-el bwVQIsMpvoI 4BsTf 4nMlw mg. tu-aill. ATTRACTIVE KITCHEN. EQUIP v ped. bedel rtlng. West End. lad lea eniy. 7ZS-S3S7. ATTRACTIVE DOUBLE. USE OF kitchen, private entrance. Leur- wr East, new King uwat 77S. AVAILABLE ROOM FOR THE BxniMuon oy eey or week, eom- Sieieiy equrppeo. aM-4717 is-xiie; IM-Mis. AVAILABLE AUO. St. 404 LAUR-ler Avenue East, wall furnished ooaroom, tTeen, as smpnone, no othee luoniois onHable foe imrversity teacher a . etudent HS. SM-e&l. BARGAIN. MOVB IN NOW, DOU- m. newiy rwly decemted. garage, .yard. One aide wall ear LaurenUea High. 7W-9ll. BanBTTTlNa, WORKING PERSON asn. 14 Ceolral. aM. CU-MM . BIDsITTINO, WITH KITCHEN eel vi lag es, SB Daly, aftsr t bedsittings. large, also . alnglse, completely furnlahad, newly decorated, stove, refria tS-Sil?"" ' M,f,- e0ji4i a,av,., j, BEDSTTTIMO. KITCHEN 1TTI . front balcony, parting, S4S, een uei. iso riors. BIOSITTING. KITCHEN a) T T E. parsing pcc, wh av. riw oess. BRIGHT. CLEAN, . NEWLY DECO-ratad: rurnlahad roomat Arm strong a trot. gae-giag, BRtOHT BOOM. SUIT t. NEWLY furnished, privileges, near Wsat- gais. i as ease. CENTRAL . FRONT BEDROOM. pnvs-s noma. M-a i la. CHATEAU LAFAYETTE. 1 YORK. Pit weeaiy. si sally. CLEAN, WILL FURNISHED room, St. Laurent . Montraal oaa. SHS-Bse'l. CLEAN ROOM. HO MONTHLY. uwy preeerrea, oeByeatting op tional. ssoocr. CLEAN. NICELY FURNISHED room, quiat, suits tola for student na-isis. CLOSE WESTOATE. FURNISHED. prlvsla homo, kltchaa privileges, parsing, iza-ssuv. CLOSE TO UNIVERSITY, BRIGHT, clean room, cooking privileges. Television room, share balcony. 137-0427. h- ' COMFORTABLE, QUIET HOME. centre Town, utcneu privileges SU-TT90. COMFORTABLE, FURNISHED double, treat, single. Mann-Chapel ban route. U4-13CT, svs- C O M PORTABLE BEDSTTTINO room, housekeeping, e an tral, business gtrL SId-MM. CONVENIENT TO TEACHEB'S College, t rooms, quiet home, aitcnen privileges, co-t-sg-n. CRYSTAL BEACH. FURNISHED room in new home, aaa-iua. DOUBLE HOUSEKEEPOfO. FRIO- grill, linen, telephone . vicinity Normal gchoot-Minetun 14 a-a17. BASTVUW. FURNISHED BED-room, near bus. parking. 14- visa. EASTVIIW. NEAR MONTREAL Read, suit girl, privileges. 7 ea sy 1 1 i EASTVIIW. ROOMS FOR RENT. auorprueges. private antranc. JT NTT MAN. , AVAILABLE, single bedroom, gentlemen f aired, parking. SU-epag. FRONT HOUSEKEEPING. ELEC- tneaiiy equipped, i osa. tae-es; FURNISHED ROOM. LIGHT housekeeping. Frank Street. 131 04S. evenings. FURNISHED BEDROOM. OCNTLO man prefarrea, atrueoe - amva- way. see wear. FURNISHED, BEDSTTTINO AND itcnen. auna a girat. aoe-'ieeT. FURNISHED -ROOM. TM COOPER a treat. gsaaasT. FURNISHED ROOM WITH KIT chenette. and nitvate beutroom. completely a If eontatned, new home. Bivoraide Park. South. GENTLEMAN PREFERRED. PARK mg. lit Oouibura Avenue, saa. Hit GLEBE. S-ROOM UPPER FLAT. unrurnlsbed. equipped, ago. UN GLEBE. FURNISHED. SUN- OLEBE. SINGLE HOUSEKEEPING epananent. quiet gentlemen. U4- Tsta, GROUND FLOOR. LARGE ROOM. 4UB SKMOd. S33-S7SS. HOUSEKEEPING ROOM. CEN. tlemsn or elderly person 123 or see fiapaaa DfMEDIATELY. FTJRNIBrrED. UN. furnish cd 1-1 -room Oats, park LARGE BUNNY ROOM. NEWLY decorated, twin boob, Oieb. LAROE FURNISHED BEDROOM, private entrance, electrically vuyrc-, peramg. aee-iet. LARGE BEDStTTINO. COMPLETE ly furnished, refrigerator, rang. . tt. sink. SS Fairmont. 7JS-J4U. METCALFE COURT, DAILY. Metcalfe. CU-oaii. OTTAWA SOUTH. 1 ROOMS. FUR. manea. tvf Ayimor. raTkino. PRIVATE HOME. NO CHILDREN, near bin, Eestvlew. 74S-42S. PROTtSTANT HOME. TUNNEYo feature, aoun wonting ilady, iiichoa privileges, garage, m- ROOM FOR RENT. SW MONTHLY. ROOM WITH KITCHEN PRIVI-tegee. West End. I3-SSSS eve. ROOM, KITCHEN. PARKING pnvtieges. Close School. UI-&SJ! SANORINGHAM APARTMENTS. Mveiy rooos, pctvate ketk. park new. may. aae-ITa. BANDY HILL. NEAR OTTAWA university. Students preferred S1S-04S. SHORT TERMS. MONTHLY BAT. Riverside Hotel. Attractive 7te7. SMALL BALCONY ROOM. BUTT . gentlemen, antra town. CES- webt end. BEDsrrrtNa ROOM, onn nee. pea. Tia-aa7S. S ROOMS, parkins; pu PRIVATE BATH. t FURNISHED HOUSEKEEPING rooms, private en Irene, neer Number t Building. SM Loretta Street. 1 LARGE ROOMS. PRIVATE entrance. . carpeting, ptivata genu earn, persing. Tt I set. . SANDY BIU. COURT RENOVATED .THROUGH OUT. new iurniture, water In each room, carpeted halls. Kitchen, mas, see uaaooae, ABOADf, B4I FULLY FURNISHED, BEDSIT ting room, aantf-prrrato. eemma-nlty kitchen, equipped, tewyt. alon, girls. slMtas. ... 402 ':: lOOWlillD LADY. FURNTSHED, ORILL PHI VI- Jga. am. mtrx s-aaa. Jomrnmi. BOOM AND BOARD FOR STUD. ent. prdxanity of EOI. Write Boa E-ito, ioanml Telepbooe eevsiea. vnopeou. WANTED, BOOM AND BOARD La private heme, near ft- Patrick's Called, Reference eon be euppima. bob B-tSs, Journal. 403 lOQXUtoKW ACCOKMODATTONS. - NOME wee neees, persma, eameerwe-tton workers welcome. 133-991. ACCOMMODATION FOB 1. LAROE room witn twin boos. estvM ACCOMMODATION FOR S O IN. ueaieji Bngiun Borne. ipa iw. tier. tis-aeTs. ATTRACnVg ACCOMMODATION epeckrus prrvale home. Ottawa soBih, eentlemon. ass-seoa. CENTRAL. NEAR BANK. OOOD meaia, poraing. tie ciiawur. aev-a--e. (Coftt. from PrecedTng Column! a,..e - ,a A-S, . A . .4, e. 4 GENTLEMEN. Ill WIIKLT, U unary, Dutch family, Driveway. SIS-MIS., GENTLEMEN. SINOLI double rooms, Sandy HI SUJ. ., . - AND . tat- Rtim maaei eltavtauvn room, bathroom, home cooked meals. Crystal Boy ana. 12t- GOOD MEALS. OPENING NVRS ing boms, suit penaloaere. SIS. eisr. HULL. LIKE HOsfC. GOOD meals, laundry Ineluded. Gentle- am, TTl-ojsf. LARGE ROOM, SUIT 1 WORKTTO people, perking. SH9-M1. NICE SINGLE ROOM. OOOD meals, gentleman. SM Oladatom. PRIVATE. FURNISHED ROOM with beard, gentleman. MO monthly. 409 Bay Street, earner Maclaren. tM-WIt. ROOM - BOARD. GNTLEMEN, students. Government people. 13 Holmwood. tM-Sttf SINGLE. QUIET. CLEAN. GOOD 'meals, near bueaa, gentlemen. M-4S. WEST END. LARGE ROOM. PRI- veta home, free perking. T21-7IT. after S. S GENTLEMEN, . WORKING OR reiirsa. carimgwooa ares. rAS- iee. TDf MOBS fOl SUE ABLE. GRACIOUS ASSISTANCE. Thomas Shlpman Limited. "Re- alter'. Bee aw ads ALL ADVANTAGES OF COUN-try living, near Aylmer Read. Excellent location. lUterev. 4 bedrooma, I bathrooms, large living Touring room, fireplace. erege, aarga laaaarapaa tot. 5! ALTA VISTA DRIVB. MODERN brick bvnaBlow. hot water heat ing, aaajoo. MLB K-JOOO. George lowtth, -Besitor." I as ranee. -eoiTaviee, rie sail. ALTA VISTA. J-BHROOMBRICK room. S flrenlocea, fully land-, raped lot M ISO, matured tree, mvate aele. 7se-eBS. ALTA VISTA. 1 BEDROOM brick, tu-storey, well land eceped lot. it. bethrooma, ree reetion room. Near achoola. shopping eentre. Immediate oc cupancy. - law oown paj ailiil. sitjoo. si-am. ALTA VISTA. 4 . BEDROOM brick bungalow, atony extras. ae ejwft. - - 7 ANY PROPERTY WB LIST Oil the city we Seal wo 4W7. ATTR-ACTTVB LARGS COUNTRY horn. ia acre aattlnt. aU faaili. ties, saeoost btIm. aas.ST or A Invent S84J1. ATTRACTIVE. CIVIC HOSPITAL room, fireplace, en. i large bed attached mmtm. at '.verendob, ' b, lxs-ei4e. ATTRACTTVB, TEBOM a BED- room otmgaiow, Ooroo, Taa-iaas. AVAILABLE. WEoT BHD BPLIT. level. 4 a in am a, playroaaa. saa- BRICK bungalow; s bed- rooma, oaunaea MUM. Viueo, Sa.OO handles 43-a44a. BUNGALOW. CITY VIEW, S BED roorns. fisoe, suo eWwn. 7za- BUNOALOW, S BEDROOMS. UR- swveai aseree. BOTBe. pavsa 7H-H1I, BUNGALOW TJOTBLR. ONLY azajov .ss nenaies. one an available Sept. I far purchaser. Only S year old. Aero Realttea ana insurance, m m, anytime. BUNGALOW. S BEDBOOMS. Many extras, uaasa vuisg. 17.Ma. M.700 down. SM-47M. BUYING! SELLING V CALL noaa nwoi sstata t Itroswsj Urarteo, 7W-4JM. BY OWNER, S-BEDROOM HOME. amelient condluon. near Carle- on University. sS4-etoS. MINTO Csnedal Most Honoured Builder 12 NEW 1965 t. s f , . . - ( MODELS ON DISPLAY IN FAIRFIELD There is a wide selection of homes now available for immediate occupancy, end con-truction has now started on bomes that will be elljlble for : the Winter Incentive bonus. NOW is the time to reserve your award home... on the lot of your choice, in -... t. . - , FAIRFIELD " BELLANDS . , - AND , IAKEVIEW rurnhmed modan on display In FAIRFIELD. Drive west ea' Richmond Rood fust peat the Pimm ait Intereaetlan, or take ' DAILY IS . Sunday ie e I mf b f".i il r t V i 4 f ' ' "- . - : lit? h, ' - I BALLERINA ; Lovely and famous French baJlerina Ludmilla Tcherina, presented a atatueaque appearance as she attended the Red Cross Gala Ball in Monte Carlo's Sporting Club. Princess Grace of Monaco also attended the affair which raised funds for the work of the Red Cross in FrajK. 70i loica rot uu iQnnt, from Preceding Colamal CALL VERNA COOK. "REALTOR." fn-osoa. wnn nemee and prop eniea . ror u the dlacrlmlnallng buyer. CASTLE HILL CRESCENT, S- etorey, 4 ooorooms, urMtensped fsv-ooei. CITY VIEW a-BEDROru n D N. gsiow. ettecnea garage. Tas-igia. COPBLAND PARK. SPUT-LBV. . S bedroom., den. Avsllsble uct, s. Tis-aan, CRYSTAL BEACH. 1-lltTUUVlu aurigaiew. Uvuvg room, large kltehen, bullt-ln even end range. ' cartmrt, fully Landscaped. gl.oo own poynuRK. aioa asoBWily rirweas. eee-eevv. DOUBLE. ALTA VISTA. OOOD nvoatmeBt, ananal rant aa,U0. DUPLEX BUNGALOW, OVEB- v-e.we. reellB. 0VSUX. RICHMOND R O AD. vaurenut Avenue, p yeera old. o BBoroama. reo ones constnie tion. hardwood floors, carpet On main flaee. awninee eartveee paved aids drrva to a brick and Mock double garage, pnaseaolon aj mam floor very reasons b4. EFFICIENT AND PERSONAL Pf ekje when von are buvme aviiana. vau nuoeon bob -Reelicr.- 33-XJOl. FOR HOUSES. ALL TYPES. CALL ait. OATnfBAU, SS lABROSSS. S-yaaa aid brtck and atone bungalow. S bocreoana. 3 Macks from Xngllan school and church. After GLEBE, IP-ROOM. It A1 CE4- 4437. i OLEBE. BRICK. GOOD CONDI- -vs. rerawe aevpea-J. oouoia ivwa ssno, eerry poa aamlan. good reesdential area. convenlsnl to eoboola and churches. Call D, C - Oreer Brskar. SM Wit. IF YOU ABB THINKINO OF BUY mg at- selling reel eetale. aell Major Realty Ltd. TU-I44S. . LARGE TREED LOT. SEMI-BUN' gsiow, a large as aroma none, very risen, situated Blackburn Hamlet. A eking BI4.000. MLS SaiS. McKeown Realties Ltd., 137-4404, Eveoings, Leo McPhoil. sao-aeae. MOUNTAIN PARK, HULL, NEAR rmspitsi. cvturen. ecaooi. Red brick kunsaiow. solid, a leer, like am. Let 100 large rooms, llvwig. dining kitchest 4 bediooens. a beth- roems, solsrlum. collar S leot nign. oow esorage, apmg. elear- mg. once, gll-toe, SS Frertmte. 771. aise. COME OUT AND SEE, THE NEW ACTIVITY at: GLEN CAIRN ROCKCUFFE PARK: " , a,..(a, . : X , , . WOOD AVENUE . '; , This attractive apliu level bungalow, on a eecludeg cul-daw sec, baa S bedrooma. 4 bathrooms. bright family room ' and a eui.nad porch opening on to e patio and berbecue. The large master bedroom with beautiful Raman bath en suit Is apart from the other rooms Evenings Mrs. Lewie. 7U-4771 MANOR ROAD On oni of the fmoat hvbj la tha Vtnago. W offer for sole thle ' (WMming white stucco s ete-ey . The Mali aell tags of the floor rooms eve Ice tha house cool and welcoming. A specious entrance hell Owens Into the living room, asps rata dining room and atudy. A acres nad pa 1 10 takes edvwm-ksge of the Immaculate lawns ; and flower beds. Upstairs the master bedroom ha its man belli ami d reeving roam. There are S nvare bedrooma and bathrooms. Mm. Me-Neugk' on. 74P-1U1 evenings. . Sampson &McNaughton Limited Realtor 233-2689, 7491331 ICnatlneud e Nest CnleMval i'J' M' 'lJ A A.-.!. NEAR MONTFORT HOSPITAL. new o-Baxoom or era asingaiow, ceramic bathroom, carport, S17 sae. with 3ve down. Louie Tlt-lr Ltd.. Reallor," Hi Montreal KOBd, 74O-4S01. NEW. 4-BEDROOM BRICK HOUSE with fuel fireplace, oak floor and carport, hear achool. Price eie.wv. sor vaporg, awoner, TSO-99U. OTTAWA EAST SEMI - BUNGA low. a bedrooms, plus basement bedroom, new oil heating, ga rage. SI4.S00. T. A. Clerk, "Reel- Inr SsU7Sa PENNSYLVANIA STONE. 4-BED- iMi euewr eviwv vweeiev SOS. Otto Cllngen, "Reelieri- 7U- vv ie. PRIVATE SALE. LARGE HOME on Xcho Drive, . overlooking canal, completely remodelled. I bedrooma, axeeptlonally large landscaped ground;. Ht.OuO. lM-tlll or SS4-SS7. PRIVATE SALE. S-BEDROOM aollt-level on land scaped ta-acre lot. Kemper It garage, fireplace, ftntehed playroom, fridge and stove. I17.8O0. pnon Bu-ne. RANCH S-BEDROOM BRICK BUN- sa low, lot 7 x 100, spocloua Uvlng room, wall to wall rug. fuel fireplace. California styled kitchen, dinette, playroom area, handy echooia. sliopping. trane-portatlon. City View area. Own er moving ueA. vniy e-vvuv. Offers Invited. Edward Seed, "Realtor." 723-U2S. - SEMI DETACHED. H BATH-rooma. West End. M.0O0 ksndlaa. 7ia-P77a. SOUTH EAST. HAWTHORNE Mead owe. s-tary 4-bdroom house, ror sale or rem, uwt STRATHCONA AVENUE. S-ROOM. nonva. neer oesie, n-, callent condition, Sl.40p T. A. Clark. -ReellorJ. JM-77BD S-BEDROOM BUNOALOW. ACRE lot. bus by door, mil west of nUMOUCK. BBa-avs. S-BEDROOM BRICK HOUSE. OT- taws Weft. A gooo nouae ai 414.000. urs uaoerg. avromar 7U-40O4, SlO0 DOWN. T . BEDROOM ones nouee. aenves d . w piospetlne. -Bealtor. aae-vi j. IIJOO. S-BEDROOM BRICK BUN T. -Ir7-r.. Vs. Soe. Outstanding value, muet be aeen. 41.000 down. 51 Dpraon- nena street, huii. it i-jeie. 9 CASH REBATE. PLUS PULL Inlamt veheie. eft seuwe- fee Mcmia morteene if roaulred. S . bedroom bungalow. Large fenced lot. grove of trees. Sub urban stittavtiie. sje ssee, S1SJO0. S-BEDROOM BRICK BemgBiow, on eaieaiiuei. pn. separate schoola, 4 per cent mortgage, asa-ieea. SUBURBAN UVINO PROlnCSSIONALLY CONSTRUCT ed hiinata on ruu i-acre oas. poured concrete founds! lone, brick and cedar aiding. 44 anilea west cat Oreely or S miles paat BUMBO eieion inevev. eetrw1 peyment peso, see.a Wlnaine Bileiael anil nrincto Full pHtt gllfvS. Ben Levin, leaaltora.- jaa-aaii, eveaiaai 71S-SU. ', TO 4VO - ; rsirrTtAI. an. SPACIOUS AND Inexpenaive. even every new from t ie to S pm. for your kv spectlon Vancouver Avenue off Bank. Regional Realty Umited, aaa-tsia; evennige, iiwi,. MINTO Canada's Meet Honoured Builder ANNOUNCING A NEW 4 BEDROOM 2. STOREY DESIGN NOW ON DISPLAY IN PARKW00D HILLS Mtatot neweet model home tt now open for Inapactlon . . , TUB KINGSWOOD. on tsm4r with a refreshing difference. You'll find a delightful new aspect to aeml-detechcd hemea ... . with elegance evident In every ouutandlng feature. Mintoe ouallty eoueti nctlon and awsra-vrmnmg design hi now offered at a truly econ emicel price ... on a lovely hillside setting la Ottawa's DOWN PAYMENTS FROM '-,$895. PARKWOOD HIILS Visit aw aeodeM en dtsoleF every evening l Including setur dayl HI B Sunday HI S. , OFF FISHER AVE. JUST BELOW BASELINE BO. , 728-5837 ONCE YOU HAVE SEEN. ... (. .. . j.- . , . . ... f m .. y . ' . .dPropkfield Gardens , ' . (Ottawa South) You WUt Want to CsU tt Hotrie. CAPITAL, HOMES" $840 frotB down .' i Models locatetj oa ' Brookfleld Road ' at Kaladar AvertiN 731-5285 4f'ii.HJ' TBOS. SBIPMAN LTPS BEALTOR 444 Bent St. It-tll Open Bventaea Till pas. FISHER PARK DOUBLE. ASKING e-v.wv. i. lean, ejuiet area, neer vivw nospetau gooa ducr, excellenl to entree Cell now. HAMPTON PARK DUPLEX. S bedroonie each apartment, double garage, paved drive, racreo tlon room area, and a Boat of ' estrae anotlees. S10S PAYS PRINCIPAL, INTER- eet ana taxaa on Ibhr risher Helgbu S bedroore bungalow, recreation room, privets drive, large lot, close to all amenities. CARDINAL HEIGHTS. - BED- roem bungalow, asking only 414.- Any oown peyment con- til soo. Semi-detached park eaey lerme on oaiance. way Park . bungalow, private drive. Vow taxaa. cloee ie schools, shopping, transportetion, an offer. OLEBE. S-BEDROOM HOME. IM- maeuiste condition, busco windows, den. new plumbing. Insulation, slam hot water tank, and many ex Ires. " By appointment only. BEL AIR PARK DOUBLE, BED roome each aide, private drives. g yeera old. epotleee. cloee to shopping centres and Qoeenswar, ; imaaaaieto juneamiiwi e other aide leased Sl0 i athly A real buy. THOMAS SHIPMAN UMrTED, -neaitor, 0000 eenange sue v. SSS-S3SL r-i.asaviaw BUNGALOWS PRESTIGE AREA OF QUALfTY that baa everythu'lriclurfTng a S-car garage with workshop od iacent to ine recreation ravm. all landscaping complete. Pas. eeealan can be arranged. Ceil 'Harvey Ponton. tiB-3357. George f- nlngt 714-W7. 114.444 DaWS Drive Meautewlands ' S-BEDROOM BRICK BUNOAIW on a it. avoecape- eve w 1 trace and patio. Brick fuel fireplace, kitchen with eating area. CALL LOUIS SILBERa, SSS-tSSS. Ault Kinney lty L I m 1 1 d, S3S-S34S. LOUIS TITLEY LTD., REALTOR" , , InsBrsnce. Leant . Ill Bldaan. Sll1148 '. SANDY HILL. COBOURO STBETT, attractive eotes Bn hwj- 443. s finished rooms with powder room ia basement and pri vate entrance; pas uooi . lame. ei-.A vhm ees-saas. BASELINE ROAD. NEAR WOOD rtnre wiinrvp,' p " - bungalow, cathedral ceilings. WSH so wau aai peia e-e-inw flniahed - bessment: 4U.140. Terms. Boser Titley. SIS-USB. SUvtes Tkatrkev Street MODERN S-ROOM BRICK BU N- gaiow on spec lotai corner ins. Low down payment. New excle-alve bstlng of George Anka. SIS L'led,' Auit tunney swoiiy Royal Trust 23154311 $13,500 CENTRE TOWN 68SVi687 COOPER ST. ' Estate aal of won melnUlned double. Cvea. : cell Murray ODetl. $!5r200 EASTWAY GARDENS 1336 AVENUE R. bemgalow with large recreetion room. An ideel home In well mslntatned coeadltion. Evas, ceil Murray OVeil. ne-asot. CARLINGW00O 2047 OOVERCOURT AVENUE $20,000 CellraeTOj styM Pengs low wit S bedi eon end attached garbage. Beautiful large landaospod lot. Close to shopping, schools and churches. Evas, coll Vara $22,000 CITY VIEW 1 38 CANTER BLVD. CtePeHt mO arfefSOlg,, 4lk4aTTC!alaBal 4StlJ. maior shopping eentre. 4-bd room S toty been with ne turet fireplace, ceramic bathroom. MLS K-SS1S. Bvgt, call Vera Babe. 721-4437. ROYAL TRUST Realtor YOU ARE INVITED TO VISIT , BRAfeMOR park' Aa exchjerv are of Hne hem eetgnd eaprmely for oxoeulrveei ereetad to rs fleet th etitus of an eevieble group of Ottawa tamUlaa. New deal m priced trom $100 to sss,ies. - Loos led uet Booth 'and west of the Queens at ay-MslUand Ave. biterriups. 728-5072 0AJI-ENSVIEW CONSTRUCTION AD.vlskmof campeau "Your Key to Better Uvtri" .. MUST. BE SOLD '" . ' ; 113,500 : tlcOOO DOWN S-kadiiiiiin bungalow, tnunedl-at eccupency. Rideau High : School - looallen, excellent neighborhood for children. 733-7383 7487123 MERV1N GREENBERG ii LTD. -- REALTOR tle-ltrll -vS-S. seiiiil -.k. NEW HOMES Fairfield etelght ' Ftam 414,44 JUST MMrnjTTED. FINELY FIN-leoed. offering excellent eon-atructkvn, quality features found oniy in mora expensive nomas. aia.suo. s-Rooii brick split- level with earport. colored bathroom fixtures, divided basement. -note 1 x no aitchon. Ezo.MO. WHITE BRICK SPLIT- level. 7 rooms, S batlirootna, attached garage, 4 bedroonie. FOR INrtRMATION AND AP pouitment can Nets Clarke. Hsxvstick oai-asaa. or curt Kovee, 7I4-aoo. Ault Klaaey sieaiiy umiiea. Bee-eesa. . OTTAWA SOUTH ' BLXMONT AVENUE. A VERY nice older home in good condition, close to park and but. uiree Bocuooms. recreation room, family, room, adjoining kitchen. Diana ueiany, was nor. 1J1 4100. , : TBOS. SBIPMAN LTD, RSALTOB zu Mala street tsa-aiis . Open Evenings , TIB a aim. Down buys st. Laurent ouievaro eommorclal site with neat semi-duplex and ektre large lot. Speculator "a dream. SlOrtOO full price. .r 11.000 DOWN. GLABAR PARK bungalow, s bedrooms. September Doeaeeaton. aia eoo OTTAWA EAST. S-STORSY, RE- oucao 10 irwo. aneorooms. 1 k oauia, garage, g reguu lots, beautifully lanriecaned KENSON PARK. LUXURY BUN gaiow. ouut-aa garage, at any, many extras. 414 Son SUNNYSIDE ECONOMY TRIPLEX uiet loceuon. a 11400, 41.000 down. v GLEBE TRIPLEX. JUST RB ducea fully equipped, partially furnished, real steal at SleVSOO. with 41.300 down. S BEDROOM MODERN. BUNGA uruiwa. BV.BW. 11.000 DOWN. BEAUTIFUL MAN. ordaie bungalow. 1 bedrooma. beautiful garden, hacking MCC Borkland. t FOB THE PRICE OF ONE. S1S.- bvb total ouya a unowa aat home. Both thee handyman specials rented. ,.e-OVELY HAWTHORNS MEA-dows. 4-hodroom bungelow, owner trsnsferred. Reduced to Sllv WE8TOATB GARAGE. ' SERVICE station, torrifte potential. ur 000. Offer wanted. OVMBROOK. 4-BEDROOM HOME lovely condition, Bpimboff pos-aamlon. SlSJeOO. S . BEDROOM HOUSE. OTTAWA Bast area. Two registered tots. very ntcs noma, umy a 1 1 aw. PARKWOOD HILLS -LOVELY S Bedroom home, i v baths, beeu tiful landecaplng. Living room and dining room all for the Brio nice si-BTjrraAlxw. a bed- rooraa. wnn a acres la no, nwi for , aubdtviolon or gardening, onlv a few minotea drive from city. A steal at S10.S00. . THOMAS SHIPMAN LIMITED, -itsaitor.- open evtvilnga till a. XK-eisi. ALTA VISTA CHARMIrfO S.BaaMlOOM BRTCX some, largo uvtng room wits fireplace, excellent aueanen with eelang ere, lot of tip Its botlaroarna, profeeion- iiiilii lajian lot, oeoutu u t and snroobery. pet ' drive, ear aero, a eat. 4 eMaeaari New MLS. Call Mrs. CauUleld. Kelly . moot. "Ileellocs,- 7 1001. evening tSS-soia. OPEN HOUSB rV" .... a. ermsy ' . 1-4 Saturday - toe DAVID DRIVE. MXADOW- UcKte. near Shopper c Ity. and CoUsge- new Ontnrm Vocation - ia S-BEDROOM BRICK BUNGALOW, on 44 ft Undecaped lot with and peuo. noun luel fireplace oaung area MLS USTINO K-1S ALL OF fere will he ebrtaidereal. ' CALL LOUIS EILBERO. SSS-SSM: Ladle Keimenn. 7M-4010. er Clara Koves, TSS-SVOS. Ault Kin ney Realty Led LYNWOOD IMMEDIATE PPJVATR SALE LOVELY S-BEO- nungaiow oy -icrwa, lorBv I kt7 bsatiUfully land aia-eeis. CENTRAL MORTGAGE It HOUSING CORPORATION : FOR SALE Attractive 3-BEDROOM BUNGALOW Located at 44S MacMlllan Street. Oatlaeea Mills, P.Q. Kr$u,oc)o . : Down Psyment S Balance to b paid ever a period of as yeera at the raw 1 at St.. Apply MR. M. C ST. JEAN. P.O. Box 3518. Station C , , Ottawa, Ontario Telephone 729-8121 ' . $1,000 DOWN IMMEDIATE POSSESSION EMYFiAN SpUt-kwet, brick. A1U Vista area, alee condition tlvrough-out, completely Undscaped, $12,500 ASKING For Apoointment Call i Mrs. Robertson 825-1737. Mrs. Cordon 722-4133, Mr. Brenning 733-8911. C A. FITZSIMMONS CO. LTD. . . Realtors and Insurance Mortgsges , 187 SPARKS ST, 232-7183 WEST END' Burtfatow 3 bedraotns Uv inf room snd dining room, modeni kiuhen with loU of cupboards. High, dry base-metiL Beautifully landscaped, fenced loL All In a wonderful residential area, cloee to shopping, . schools, .churches and but. Asking 819,80a p2,00 cash will hatxlle. . For full particulars, A 1 call 336-8951. RHODES i- REAL ESTATE UMITED Realtor Insurance . V ,v. a a a. a-a. a. a, a a. a a, a.q 4 ' OABDBNSB'f DSUOHT S-BEDBOOM HOME, LARGS Living room, dining room, mala floor den, completely finished basement, landscaped garden, tiled patio and pool, off Island Park Drive. Owner muet leave jy Sept. 1. PA4-M44. SUBURBAN UVWO Ob Adjotalng NCC Pari LOW PRICED BRICK SPUN level of 1 rooms. years old. , echooia nearby, owner t peraonsl situation roqulres euick tele I would like to -how you (hit horn located on Sklpton Rood m Muardale. Coll La el la Kel-nuiui, T 34-40 20. Ault K I n a o y Realty Limited. W-OM8. COUNTRY BUNOALOW SS4I. S MILES SOUTH OF OT Uwa. S bedroom house, fire place, large lot, vendor e to leeve. Immediately, prl duced. Stuart Tosh, 7J4-P Albert Gale Agerjciee Ltd, tor.- 724-eSI BLMVALB ACRES CAMPEAU B-4. S BEDROOM brick bungalow, fireplace, peved arrvo. oaeeilieilt pieyrawm. iv guv. Minimum oow own pay: 04,000. 7U-J441. . SECUBITT SEAL B4TATB (Ottawa Ud. SIS MaeLeren at, t4-71M S bjbu-14 p as. . CRYSTAL BEACH, S BEDROOM! bungalow. Flniahed room in beeement. Good area for chll- ' drco, S years old. 414.400. Wf-ST CENTRE. GOOD BRICK tnplex. Income In 4-ecetxmt , condition. Only 1 14.400. ALTA VISTA. . BEDROOM, I bawroom brick bungalow. Attached garage. Iteereatien room. SI7JO0. ; CBYSTAL BAT A NICE COMFORTABLE FAMILY tome, featuring iirepiacc. em-ing room, large Kitchen, attached garage, peved drivo, and krrely Wdaceplng. Reduced t P14.4O0. . Imroedlate occupancy. Reddkk and MacDoneld LhL, "Real-or.-TasI707. Evenings, Fred But oldgo. T4SMe. or lent Wathan. tl.444 JUST SEB WHAT YOU CAN BUY with this down payment, j-ovoiy S-bed room, bungalow In West End. Cloae to ec hoots and Car letou College glJO per month will pay your mortgage and taxes Vema Cook. -Realtor. " 771-4SM. Mrs. Otto. 7-440i Mrs. Tburnpson. 714-7704. . . IIS CLSMOW AVENUE LAROB HALLS RECTBEATIOW thai home euitsd for entertolw. Ing. achael are otoee, tueo vrerw- ' portatlon. Pceeeeelon could be Sept. 4. For details pleaae ceol ttrs Huteheson. 004-414; Mr. , McKewen. set lies, or Mrs. Love 734-170. c. A. FMmhnmima and Co. Ltd.. "Realtoro" and Insur ane. MorWagea, SS-Sarhs enreet. Baa-lia. 4 APARTMENT BSVSNUB TTJuurrc HETtftur on bmall ccon oown paj iiwin. etawena 00. Gram annuel Income IS400. All Bbadroom apart men te are eeeity rented st tne inonthiy. Ideel Olebe toceUen neec Bank Street. To kimllgatl Jhhi revenue prcawrty. Mrs. troldskmn. PRIVATE SALS . COLONIAL BUNOALOW, ' - IN" baavtlful aauvien sei-ma. ewnj outstanding featurea including--- in living room, dining led betnroem. a bed- looms, kitchen with eetxtg area. ancei lamuy miKmimm echoott, and iltooplng. wey Tsrreee South. S17. HOMB PLUS BfCOMB trtrPt-tX FLORA STREET. S stoma, 11 rsmna. oejuupea kitchens, oil tarnaes, double gs-roge. privata Ion. flSMS, SM- MOVE RIGHT IN AND SAVE ' -4500 ' - BISSON'S Pare de la Montifne 7711409 1 " Wt SU Bappinut LESLIE WONG , COMPANY LTD. REALTOR '233024 Bur and Save 3-Batroofn ButiQcliM toaded With Krtrt . Check thlt' long Bet of extra fuel fireplace, dining room. built-in aaUng area I frtgersMw, aluihk. stove, den room, s bchrooma, attached an -trior. Asking SlSjee, tmm. Ta thi iparkling new Uetmg wtthtn S Mocks ta aU achoala and Alt Vista Shopping Contra can Mr. Eerie. TSS-iaeS, Mrs. Fouraier. SU , LIVE LIFE AFRESH ; INVIGORATING. That's the Capital Quality Moms Idea in r : " redwood: park ; (Wast End) '.' " ' CAPITAL - Homes, $1290 1 from 1 . ,1 ,. ..,. Models located on Morrison 9, Drive Just Off Baseline Rl 828-6920 's T ,.. A. a f t ..... f

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