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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, April 18, 1918
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inen Gonnellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,609 VOL. IS, NO. 135 CONNELLSVILLE, PA^ THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL US, 1918. TEX'PAGES. STUBBORN RESISTANCE OF BRITISH HALTS THE DRIVE ON NORTHERN BATTLE FRONT Southeast of Kemmell Hill Haig's Men are Temporarily Forced Back but Counter Blows Restore Positions; Heavy Bombardment is Opened on Region About Lys; Austro-Hungarian Cabinet Resigns;; Change is Made in British Cabinet. , AMERICANS, UNMOLESTijEACH THIRD LINES By Associated Press. LONDON, April 18.--Southeast of Kemmell hill, on the lorthern battle front, the Germans pressed back the British line | slightly, but the situation was restored by a counter attack, the "WHAT HAYK I SOT DOJTR TO SATE WORLD FKOM TlUSr SATS KAISER By A*sbr".a.ted Press. AMSTERDAM, April 18.--Bm- peror William recently made a visit to the battle front near Queant, a war correspondent of the Berlin Lokal Anzeiger wntes. "His majesty's silence was broken only once," he says, "when he remarked to an officer who stood beside him. 'What have I not done to preserve the world from these horrors?'" Germans Repeating Belgian Atrocities on the Russians By Associated Press. MOSCOW, Aprijl 18.--Because the peasants in the Tillage of No- voselki in the government o£ Mohilev resisted an armed requisition of money by German troopii and killed an officer in the resulting scuffle the Germans burned Uie village and from machine gfnns placed, around it they fired upoa tJie inhabitants Including women and children who tried to escape, killing many ot them. A protest against this atrocity has been communicated to the German government by the Russian, minister of foreign affairs. The minister also mentions the fact that the Germans killed an entire family, e^en the little children, when they were informed that one member bad participated in guerilla warfare against them. FIRE AT DAWSON WIPES OUT BIG CONNELLSVILLE MAN HEADS RED LUMBER PLANT; CROSS MERGE »ar office announces. n the British front. During the night there was no change In the Bailleul sector the Germans made three attacks be"ore noon yesterday and in each case suffered a complete re- Loss of $10,000 to $12,000 !s ( J. Fred Kartz Agreed Upon as "I finally got away from Camp Grant. I left March 26 at 7 P. M., and | on an extra fast train we should have I finished the run at 9 A. if. Friday, but Incurred By Ogleree, McClure Co. Chairman of Combined Chapters. JUilFS J-VTO I/EAI) L\ COl'XTY IN BIG 1,0AS DRtTE. Tile subscriptions turned in by each team canvassing Tor the Liberty Loan m the city are as follows: Cnphra Amount Ashe f 66.600 Pryc» Bixler Hooper Crcncley Downs Keagy Wright Wilder -. Kenney Graham Leche 57.550 43.000 25.850 25.650 25,500 25,400 20,100 14,600 14,150 12,560 10,200 Total $342,850 Total Subscriptions Reported at Noon Luncheon $342,850. ENTHUSIASM PREVAILS Mill Run Subscribers Send Pension Checks to Invest in Loan. DOX'T USE BAJVK SAVINGS k the In.inDcb'on Ajrain Urged Upon People, Because Resort (o This Practice Jlaj- Lead to Disaster Fin- anciaily; General News of Big Loam The Germans opened a heavy bombardment of the British positions on the southeastern part of the Lys battle front be- .ween Locon and Robecq during the night. The bombardment ·vas still in progress at dawn today. The statement reads: -"There has been no change on the British front during the night. Yesterday it registered 1JO in the shade--and no shade. "There are 300 machines in use here. Bach pilot is allowed two hours j in the air a day. 1C he has a slight else wrong he is not allowed to go up at all. There ORIGIN IS NOT KNOWNjroiNT MARION STILL ODT|n AliANS~NAME TEAMS FOR THEIR LOAN CANVASS 14 hours late getting into San An- [ tonio. It is very warm down here, j Firemen Haye Hard Fig-lit to Save Ad- j ConnoIlsYlll*. Cniontotvn and Brownsville Represented at Meeting in I'D- iontoirn to Close Cp Details: This City to be Uie Distributing Point. joining Residences From the Flames ' and Call Is Sent Ui ConneUsrillc' Firemen For Aid; Partly Insured.' Fire of undetermined origin early' At a meeting yesterday in Union-! City is Divide*! Into Six Sections and Every One of That, 'adonalitv Will Be Solicited. this morning destroyed the lumber , town actual merger of the Red Cross At a meeting last evening In the "The hostile artillery has Shown great activity on the SOUth- | are three fields here. Kelly 1. Kelly | yard and plant of the firm of Oglevee, ! chapters of tht county was effected, i rooms of thp Columbus Itaiiao. FTa- portion of the Lys battle front from Givenchy to east O f ' 2 and Kelly 3. Altogether there are j McClure Company at Da.wson. caus- Ccranejlsville. Uniontoirn and Browns- i ternal society on the West Side, com- Robecq. "Local attack's were repulsed by our troops yesterday even- .r.g in the Merris sector. "More detailed accounts, of the fighting of yesterday on the forest Nieppe-Wytschaete front established the severity of the about 80.000 men in camp. I took the j ing a loss of $111.000 to 512.000. Only i examination three days ago and I : by strenuous work on the pan of the ? were represented. Point Marion j mit'-ees -were named by the Italians for not. But that town will be in- I a canvass of the Italian population of think they will send me to a ground ,' volunteer firemen were residences in ! vited to come m | ConncllsvJlle in the interest of tie school. I asked them U put me down ] the vicinity saved. The situation ap- | Unionto^m wts selected as head- j Uberty Loan. Dtzio N'anaim uras s a gunner on an aeroplane. i pcarad so serious that a call was sent' quarters of tb» combined orgauir.a- j elected chairman, and M. Ruggien "It will be the height of my ambi- to Cocnolisvlll? for air 1 .. I turns but Conneilsville will probably I secretary of tbe organization. · losses. Southeast Of Kemmel bill the German infantry at-| tion if I can get to be either a pilot · Ttio fire was discovered about 1! be Lhe distributing point. The of- j The r'lty »-as divided into six dis- :acked in three waves and at one point pressed back our lines! or gunner. I have been on sentry , o'clock at the " " slightly. In this locality the situation was restored by a counter attack and shortly after mid-day the attack .had been repulsed at all points. "O.ur line of yesterday evening was reporled intact on the srhole front." e extreme western por- I ftcers agreed upon by the delegates j tncts and a? many teams wore named, .rds. which are located in ' a-rc: | Every Italian will be canvassed, re. a .block be- J. Frrd Kurt · duty for sir hours out of the last 24 ' tion of the ya: and have ?i.i more to go. I drill | the west end of the every day out in thr sun and have . low Bridge street. Th* fire then bad! man; Dr. o. R., more than my share of tan--more in | gained considerable headway and the! vine chairman; H. A. Cottom, Browns- , commirtPf--, Ilc. chair- j jrarriless of wjiethpr or not he or she Uniontown. ha? bubscrihrri through others. The first named being Uie GEKMAXS BEGHV JNTE'SE BOaTBAKDMEVT. WITH THE BRITISH ARMY IN FRANCE. April IS.--A re- « bombardment of the British front between LaBasse canal than 1 would set at home in fc-ur or j pouring on it. u'ere unable to save five snirtmers. I will be assigned to ' the plant. an air squadron some time in tho neit | The office and m i l l department. ten days." Norton. Connellsvillp. Ireasur"-; ROT. riovd Goodnitrht. Tniontowr.. direr'nr of tbi- bureau of developmenl; R". i thrft**-story frame building, was c o n - j A. N". Slayton. tjninntown. I EUm-ed. together with t h e sheds and , tie bureau of civilian r e , i e f ; R. .1. : tt Givenchy and the'Niepjx: forest suggests the Germans con-! I/or "* 1 ' JIKS H °'"' ; os Imost of the lumiier. while the time! Amc-u, I'montown, director of di» '.emplate another heavy drive iri this region. - . "TM'. D A,!, TM"; 0 £ r :?£ i f '° T ? SF ho "''" 1 , ilDd "^ *' erc d;vm :' R Ur f* U °' ?«°i"»"s: MTM- Florence All the areas-backoff^ inth"gas-shells throughout the night. At b o'clock this morn-jot company K. aasth infamr- w h o ' ing the bombardment was nearly of drum fire intensity between! have been in training at Camp ,.-dnn. Lacon and Robecq, where the enemy has tried repeatedly to ad- Atlanta. Ga_. are home on nvo-daj ftir- loughs. Both men are stationed at a port of embarkation. Stehie arrived this morning and Mollanoy early yesterday. , director of burfau of stip- ' vance his lines to the canal. A3IERICA'S CONTROL NO MAN'S LASP. WITH THE A1VIBRICAN ARMY IN FRANCE, April 18.- (Continued American troops opsrating on the Lorraine sector have taken jrus'SOX l.KATKS Dver control of No Man's Land. Patrolling parties, are making I ilmost nightly visits to the German wire entanglements with-| :ut encountering any resistance. A lieutenant and a party of 12 have made a five-hour exploring trip, penetrating to the German third lines and making j ««ru TA nr maps of machine gun and snipers' posts and strong points with- YOUNG MEN TO BE ;ut being seen by the enemy. Twice in 24 hours an American company has assisted: French troops in a neighboring sector to regain trenches tem-| povarily taken by the Germans. The company was led by a' :aptain who took his troop over the top in the face of the most violent machine gun and artillery fire. Each time he succeeded in driving out the-enemy anil inflicting heaw damage. 6 ". So hoi was thf fire that llrcnieo in nrllHvin ' t h e street in front were compelled to i pitas; Prof. c. .N. MrVuue, director pull up a wagon bed as a shelter. ' of bureau of j u n i o r membership. Prom behind this they kept two I The secreuir) of the Payetto cotin- ! streams trained. Two other streams j ty chapter 15 to !·· chosen later and i were a', work from otbrr points. j a place was also left for Point Marion I Across the street window f-hadcs ig- . to elect a vice chairman ' nited from the intense beat, through i The board of directors to be the e glass, -without breaking the glass., governing body of the cbaptct con- Two.) Counellsville jumped into the lead for the sale of Liberty Bonds m Faj- ette county when reports at tbe dinner at tbe itasonic temple showed that a total of $342^5fi had been collected in the city alone. The amount.-: turned in from outlying territories have not been computed yet and Lhe majority cf tbe rural committees have not reported. Uniontown is second in the race with 530S.700. The hands on the big clock over the door of the Second N-ational Bank jumped from $146,100 to half way between the f300.001) and f4flfl,000 mart, making a much better showing. Tbe S542.S50 represents every subscription that had been collected in the city, first reports made at noon today snowed a total oT 5230.DM, ani then i h e captains of thr teams were asked to make thfir reports n f u l l , in order to make th* 1 hands of !b" c'ock go around as far as possible for the Liberty l/oan parade. Over ano'bpr SlOfl.O'W was adJ»d lo -ho first total. By Saturday it is hoped that '!]« amounts turned in fmm the r u r a l di=- trrL*; can be romplltfrl and ddd^d to tbe city total. A ROTVO roan. F^nriiDs in his -^ib- scnpnon, wrote a not" saying, "it lirere is any doubt ahou 1 us rs^in^ ·be full amount of toe loan, i \v:ll uoubir my subscription." The buttons and flags that ivere ordered from Cleviand bavp arrived. They will probably h" delivered in ;ho near f u t u r e by a woman's committee. The names to go on tbe honor flags will be copied from the honor l o l l s and the flags and buttons delivered hy tbe women who will make their trips in automobiles. The outlying districts are still hard at work, but ilill Rua )·? the only ono to makf ri'port. Til" first waj. of th sum of $1,050 in ca^h and loday ?2.2tll One Person Subscribed $50.000; nig' more in cash was, turned m. Among Kast Side -One---Joe Tarjrrvdo. N*. Pernatozzi. F. Gagtiarrti and Guy Cor*ado Two R. D* 1 Angehs, N. Pullia. ^M. Conforn and P. raretri. Three-R Gijliotll. I. A. De Polo and A. Bas- ilane. Pour~A. G. Pileggi, Benamato, V. Donatto and L. Ri- mondio. West Side--One--P. jr. Rlllli. C. Dl "rnn. D. Vernava and M. Ruggieri. , Two- James Ros?. IJ. Nannini and F.' Cortese. SCOTTDALE REACHES $250,000 IN THIRD LIBERTY LOAN DRIVE, ·iHIFT IS JLU)E IS' · ,,, I m y mother and tell her how it hap- BRIT1SH lABIM.l.j p c n c j_ But here, take these grenades PARIS. April IS.--Viscount Milner j and Ior God's sake don't waste them." aas been appointed secretary of state I f^g corpora! fell in a faint and :or war in the British cabinet ac- j di e( i in a hospital the nert day with;o-ding to LeMatin. The Earl of ( O U { regaining consciousness. Derby who has been war minister. | be paper says, will come to Paris as , KAISER W1IA DISSOLVE in.bassador in place of Lord Bi-rtie j THE UKIIACTK RADA. n-!:o retires. WASHINGTON. April 18.--Tn car- TO.VKJHT FOR WASHIXOTOJi". This property, owni-d by Mrs. Mary ' sists of the officers and bureau direct- Attorney Fred D. Munson. who is j L_ Cochran and occupied by an Ital- · ora and four members chosen at ·with the ordnance department, will i ian [ arr .i|j-, and the homes of James large. That reservation was made in I Mosser, Mrs. Joseph Marun and John order that all chapters entering -Jie Flennlkon, were sprayed with water ' merger would be equally represented to save them. | °n the froverning board. The four MeiuberB of the Connellnville flre I tnambers of that board chosen at large department hurried to tbe scene on j arc C. S. IlaraL, o-' L'nlontown; F. K. one of the trucks, but the blaze was -Markell, Connellsville, and Mrs. Mill- under control when they arrived. | M. C. Waggoner and U". V. Wmans, ,, T The loss is partly covered by in- of Brownsville. The board of direct-) by one individual, whoso identity has i Peop'e -.he request of the government. !rance. " ors are to haw the assistance of an , not been made known. The canvass ! that tavings funds no: be di.-tmbed j executive committee consisting of t h e . will be continued until the town goes I for tbl? purchase of bonds, as their tirst vice chairmar., tho directors of over the top with its allotment o f | remOTal from banks might precipitate the bureaus o.' development and civ- $638,0*0. i disaster. Samuel Untermyer of Niur ilian relief, tho chapter chairman, 1 Tomorrow evening there will be a I r ° ril ' broneht up the matter in a le- sccond and third vice chairmen and , monster Liberty Loan parade. The I cenl address. He said: CALLED TO SERVICE UPON BECOMING OF AGEj' If BHI lleforc Oontn^ss Passes, as U ! Probabl mil Very Shortly; Will j Panwlc K ArraufTpd For To- raorroiv 'I^ht. Scoudalc today wound up its first w eek in tiic LiberLy Loan canvass ^irh a total of 5250,000 to its credit. OX this arnour.t $50 000 was subscribed the amounts secured at .Mill Run wore three pension cherk?, t w o given by men and one by a widow. One ?5^0 subscription was secured from the ilill Run district. The bankers wish to keep before l Premier Clemenceau had a :ong ionference last night with Lord Mil- ry ing out their plan to make the able report of the bill calling mto | serrice men who have become of draft age since the first registration date, Juno 15. 1917, was ordered yesterday by unanimous vote of the House, Military Affairs committee. Chairman Dent said he expected it would become ; a law almost immediately. J Hereafter the President ma)' call j each year tbe mon who have become 23 by proclamation without f u r t h e r ' OF THE RED CROSS HAS RAISED $1,205 secretary ex-officio and t » o members , leaders arc looting for a procession I "I advise you as a maun of national chosen at larse. Those membcra of i of not less than ::,000 iwrsons. Three i honor an1 dul ; against draw ng y o u r the executive" committee chosen at bands have beep engaged. Boy Scouts I mono out of ;hc savings banks, eve,i large are F. E. Markcli, ot Cornells-i w i l l look after tie safetj "of little ' though this bond purchase is vastly villa and Mrs. Minna C. Waggoner, folks and the women. mol " e attractive. These banks b.ive of Brownsville. , The whole town is enthused for the ! t b e l r i=°noy invetlcd in slocks, bonds Delegates from '.he Uniontown and ; Liberty Loan, and it is believed i t ] Besides This the Unit Ha« Completed and Forwarded 72-1 Articles Jfadi 1 by "Women. A report of the Vanderbilt branch I Connellsvllie chapters attending the J win easily secure a place on tb'e honor of the Connellsviili' chapter of tbe ( conference were Judge E. H. Repprrt, ! roll. Red Cross to April 15. 1318. shows i_rj r . 0. R. Altman, G. 3. Hamh, Rev.! Alfred iQ er of the British war cabinet witliout lortfolio since December 10. 3D16. The Earl of Derby has been at the -lead of the war office since the L/.oyd "ieorge cabinet took office in Decem- ie 1916. Previously he had teen lircctor of army recruiting and air ninister. Announcement was made ,o'ne time ago that Lord Bertie was ibout to leave his post in Paris where ie has been ambassador since 1905. '.ord Bertie who was raised to tbe teorage in 1915. entered the foreign ?fCce in 1863 and was formerly Brit- sh ambassador to Italy. He is 74 ,-esirs old. __ _^ __ ____________ Ukraine an Austro-German colony J legislation. The War Department es- lolal receipts ciF $1,205. 03. with a bal- . A. N; Slayton and W. Russell Carr ol the Central Powers intend to dissohe ! timates that 1.200,000 men will thub ' ance in tho t r «w«ry of J2.20.S8. H,nniontown; J. Fred Kurtz. F. E. the Ukraine Rada and to install an | oe a( jded annually to the draft class- has als ° completed 724 articles for j jiarkcll. Mrs. J. French Kerr and has ^been a mem-j Austro . Germrin government, a report reaching the state department today said. C3, most of them In class 1. 'men In service. The report in detail 1 Stanley P. Asuo, of Connellsnlle. CAXADIAX MAKE IT HOT FOR TJIE BOCHES. CANADIAN ARMY HEADQUARTERS, by Canadian Press. Limited, April 18. -- All night long Canadian It is understood that registration shows the following: ; : for the new men will be J u n e 5, 191S. , Receipts--Memberships, etc.. 524S.- ! i Their numbers will be 2SS-A, 356-A, 55: !TM r f " nd ' 5505.34: Christmas, 'membership, $401; community serv- ( ices, J50.H. i Disbursements--Treasurer R. C. ' Connellsville, 5131^0; Pittbbtirg Dry' I etc., and when Nn. 25S of the original draft is called. No. 25S-A will be automatically summoned to appear with him. General Crowder said yesterday SCOUTS THE GLEANERS and real estate. If you \\ i t h d r a w your money from them they must soli j iheir bonds and slocks Hi whaU'\er ! they w i l l bring, and call in and prob- ! ably foreclose their loans on real e- I tate. That would precipitate disaster i and would Tall largely upon you, as it 1,School Boon! Will Oho ronsideratton l would clc^e many indusineb and make \4) Poky Branch Swn. | w °rk loss obtainable." Many persons who have .ntejidcfl 1AY DROP GERMAN Although Uie matter has not been taken up by Uie schoo. board it is un 'purchasing bonds vnlh their Fa\ings derstood that there is some discussion ' *TMTM^ "avc «^ucu to 'et the mo,,.-, They HTIM FoilTM the Hci.per, in U. n i about ^continuing the teaching of ; ~^«^ instaMmJill out of f u t u r e earnings. The necessity f n r Goods compaoj, ?3o5^0; "Wright-', So lo Spe«ik. p t h e German language m the high A bulletin received here from Chief 'school. The board has been hearing active against the enemy positions. : ls to be dollbltid during the nest year, I Store company. S1J: Pryce Printing shelling hostile batteries, railways | a ' s ^ generally believed to be the "least ; company. $1.50; for freight and dray- tnat will be done he thinks the draft I age. JUS; Red Cross pins, SI. and dumps, while time after time hos- Scout Executive James E. West in j s m t i m e n t against the continuance of regard Lo the -u:irt the Boy Scouts w i l l tbe stU(J 5* i n l h e h 'S h school hut up to tho prosem t i m e h?s taken no j play .n me t h i r d Libert; Loan drive. tile infantry positions, assembly areas age should be widened. Like all mill- RKSHHfATIOX OF HOGARIA.V MLVISTRT REPOKTKP. \MSTERBAM, April IS.--The Hungarian ministry has resigned, a dis- pa'.ch from Buda-Pest reports. the Huns replied with gas shelling, but neither operation approached the Copenhagen dispatch last n.ght magnitude of our heavy gas shell bombardment on April 8 m which Premier Wekerle had decided to rt^i=ra, oaring to dissension in the min- ,-itry over the suffrage reform bill, ,ind that King Charles was expected ( o reques-l him to form a new cabinet, to* luding the minister who opposed a ;n npromise on, the suffrage meas^ire. TELL BOTHER .UJOFT IT," SAYS DTCiG COEPOKAL. WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN rjtANCB, April IS.--A most pathetic ?tory from the American lines is ibat f a joung corporal who was wound- ·Mi fatally after fighting for four hours. ^ piece of shrapnel struck him in the lead. He had a grenade in each ia - td. Giving them to his corapariOD e -aid: *I guess I'm done. Please writ* 1 to land communications have been swept with a barrassing fire. There have been constant dnets between our own and the enemy's batteries. A considerable amount of gas has been used. Early this morning we carried small projector gas bombardment against the enemy positions to which tary men, he favors lowering the draft Tte . branch has complet- ! eel and forwarded to Connellavnllc , ' | says it should be clearly understood d e f i i n i t e ^eps to liave tho language ! bv ail that the scouts arc 1 the "glean- dropped. ' ers after the reapprs." first because I The matter hap been looked .nto bj , ^7 U -^IT^^H wf r" u ;r'rr' 5cout5 sh ° uid not s ° hcit bec ° rG A P rn spverai ° f uie * iirectoraanddiffercnws age minimum of 21, being con\-inced and furnished cur home boys the fol- , ^ faul wm ^ o ^^ organizaiions f ° f opinion or\ lhe subject uas been that boys of IS. 19 and 20 make the | lowing: S15 suits pajamas, 103 h a n d , " 1 sacond nooule ! expressed. One director ^ in favor best soldiers, but he realizes that Con- ' towels, 66 tea towels. 108 sweaters, 61 ' J 3 ' p · - ----- over 9,000 shells were used on hostile artiiley positions. That gas bombardment was as successful as it was extensive. 22 out of 32 batteries engaged having been out action ever since. , . , , « « » - » * , =""«'« U V L uu.u their subscriptions !° r ^roppm? it immediately b u t oihers gress \5 more apt to raise the maxi- | pairs wristleU. o mufflers, , trench scouu merolv Cor the ouno«e of w °'- ia raUier ^° thoroughly into (he L -- '° *. M «uni c v,,rt c i n ^ ^ i a ^ ^ n . · - i- f - m a t t e r before reaching a decision 'stats educators h a v e expiessed them- limit beyond the present age of ; caps. 48 hospital shirts, 1 ambulance ' ; 31 than to change the minimum. Con- ' robe, or a total of 724 pieces, sequently a maximum of 40, 45 or 50 WANTS TO BE PILOT Or if That is Not in Store Dawwm Boy ffonld Re an Aerial Gnnny=- Pred McGill of Dawson. who is in training at Kolly Field. San Antonio, Texas, wants to be a pilot of an aero- plane or a gunner. Either is the LINEMAN KELED \\ est Ponn Employe is Eleetrocnted ' While at iVork at Kingston. Raymond Fritt? of this city, a West Penn lineman, was instantly killed yesterday afternoon on the Frank Brinker farm, near Kingston, when he came in contact with a wire carrying 6,GOO volts. Pritts was a member of Foreman U. H. "Weigh-tnmn's gang that was repairing a wire that had been broken down by Monday night's storm. Tbe i wire carried 110 volts, bnt as t h e , lineman pulled it through the field it I dots Furlough. Armour Rush, who is in the tional Army at Camp Gordon, ^pending a furlough with Ins father, w James Rush of Addison. ;ivi;-.g them credit. The main service of the scouts be in i n d u c i n g peopie to take out ad- not disturbing the savings -s poinlcd out to all hy the canvassers and 10 level headed persons ihe reasoning makes a direct appeal. The following subscriptions were made through the following banks up to tbe closing time yesterday: First National 5-11,950 Second National - 27,nOil Yougb Trust Company 2.i,400 Union N a t i o n a l . . . i.. IS,350 Cituens National -- 15.100 Title i Trust Company . 9.S50 Colonial National 5,250 N.- WssAsff Forecast height of bis ambition, he says in a i came in contact with tbe 6,600 volts letter to his grandmother. Mrs. Emily I wire. The body will be brought to of Dawson, which, m part, j ConneUsville and taken charge of by MrGill reads: Funeral Direc:or J. L. Starter. Unsett'ed tonight and Friday; probably occasional light rains; much cooler is the noon weather forecast for "Western Pennsylvania. Temperature .Record, 1013 1017 Maximum ^,,., 74 70 Minimum 55 52 Mean , .66 61 The Yough. river fell during the night from 8,10" reot to 7.90 feet. ·gir.g those were prft\;ously overlooked to crtbe. The Boy Scout campaign deliberately planned d u r i n g closing days, April 27 to Alay -I. in spue , Of many handicap. 1 -. The scouts b c i e ! '" are preparing to start t'u'ir uampa ^n j t w o . or on the 27th Ai'ier the t h o r o u g h house-to-house uanvass being made hy the LriotMty Loan committee, it is likely t U u t the local scouts w i l l have some d i f f i c u l t y in securing sm=cr:i- ers. but ihe.troops intend going ahead with the campaign. selves of the opir.ion t h a t the =uudy of t h e lansuasp s!ion:d be t - o n i m u e d ] T h e following -.vomni from ihe 1m- as a trade protection a f i e r the war. · m^cuKup Conception church w i l l serve In the Coum* I s v j i l e liu;'i school t! e ' t] '- n;if1 " to the and their teams sti:dv i-. electr-c. If ihe 'anciKi-'e was ' i o m o i r c w : Kiv-hcn commitiee--Mrs. | to be dropped at this :imp ptudents I Jt D " Duffs«ui =; r . c h a i r m a n ; Mrs. T. \ p b e f n rtudying it fm one. B - EX)I tjo!] "- Alr! -- Kl^.no: Rn-i\ Mrs. threr- years, would loso the ; ! J - M - ^^V^- Mrs. P. J. Harriunn. .^1-5. i credit · Th. w o u l d hand.e.ip any v H- SoiFj-on, Mr c . J. \V. Howard, Mrs. T'ierf?a E u r n « , Mr?. A. !:. .Mo.«- ley, 'r-* P. J Torniaj and Mri,. A. A. Stray D; (hningroom, Mrs. AV. F. Soissou, c h a i r m a n : Mrs. H. J. Coll, Mr?. J. J. Doufihmy. Mrt H. M. Brough'iOn, Mrs. K a t k c r m e Wallace. Mrs. M. B. Pryce. Mrs. Robe S?ho- wbo i r i p h ; i i i f f - n d entering collect 1 Diret-torV,' \S'. M a i n c K expiessed h i m self thiri niorr-nj; as in favor nf early ' action. Union to v. n j choot board last night voted to drop ;ho study. r A Junior R K! Cross dri\ e was started in tlic high school for^he 8nu time this morning 1 , anii the percentage enrolled was surprising, most of the sludents imaiediatcly taking out membersbjps. for Komovrd. X. V.. April Rev. H. A. K11K district Mipcrintenrl- em of the 1 Methodist chm-oh, has ro- movpd tho RPV. C'.. ^\'. Galbrilh from the that j waltt-i, Mrs. F. M Koelliei. Mr-. Jaincs 3 5 -- j E. S;ader, Mrs. P. J. Adams. MIPS Julia i.ownoy, M i b Hose Doaegan, Mis? Kop O'Connor .ind aides. Mrs K. K. I'min-l, chairman of tlio ee of prenched th^ doctrine j Kayctlc rouniy is v r r y much ca- s never justified. Continued on Pac« Two . . . . . , his cliarpc at 'Cnitago. N. Y., because pVonian's Lihprty Loan Commiti

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