The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 27, 1964 · Page 41
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 41

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1964
Page 41
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Page 41 article text (OCR)

y HT 7 THURSDAY, AUGUST 57,,18M THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Hlrea"". sot - wnnuom ICMJai Piasadlng CMnal 1 STEINBERG STORE TO SERVE VOU Falrtawn Plaxa -21tt Carting Ave. Blftngd Brldg Plaza 'Wsetgats Shopping Centre - Eaetvtew Shopping Centre Bmvsie Shopping Centre 855 Montreal Road 19 Ledue Street, Hull LOW 10W PRICE ATlOBLAWS JJbby pares. 43t LsMawa SIM FMeHt'Clmw. 51 " . 43 tea pkg MI Kinoa ADORABLE POODLE puppies, Mil etersdsrd. blue-black, aad atreoiui assorted colors. . moving aananti sale. 71- TjALMATIAN fmu, ucn- npenten tuuuxk puppies. and a wuvw. mot tu- HUNTING MOUND. CUAAAN-. ed lor hunt In. BeerHlee. nqi pedigreed saint Bernard. somelo. enasrthe ant ItS-tUt. , POODLE. SH-VER. wniatujix. IHMm a ysar. clou- 7j-aj3 fEGISTERED GERMAN SHEP- I Bus. IU nwsstha 'modaMoo aneiitUblo. Btuet mil TTmvnxm kennels. . pets ..kwM. baa . for sals, lltl , bathed, ellppad and L All Ull Of BUDDlM wl. fits Wtlllncton.. 711- SMB. Etittaville las.. tetO ua of pet ippim. tor poodles, tint tot breaLUtttobeaetleersasty togo. . Sired by AmHrw Champloo " auver amiaBiea - tjnampion tud an enters available. Mr. , Kanncta. two beautiful standard Meek stedli piipptae. regleter- e.ea; iiiimiiii - gig am. TOT rOX TERRIER PUPPIES, ragietarad. Sn-lteT. WaNTKD ROMS. FOR BLACK lltftlMtf. - VaatIMaTe' ' 4 KITTENS XOOKUfQ FOR GOOD - so am ins umnu VETS BOARDED BATHED. CLIP- -ped aad Broomed, imw kennel. . rassse w. syaa. .in atop. Jd uvmoa-fDaisT DAISY omiOU'M TIME. - re down payment. M iwilla to far. Phone ! Eenhrua, or write ltd Btartbevwuga. Ottawa. AaV FOR,SALV CLOVER. Imy. Mt-sna.- gUREFORD HERD FOR BALE. 10 bL MMMt. neretom ana WANTED RID (NO BOOTS. LA- die- t and 111; area- I ar HM TaP-lee. JMA SUNPSIO COUS Ottawa coma wants silver . Mian. lai. I Ma. 147 and I. Alaa MM IMS. 1HX I Baa acta aad 4oUan. m-TlW. BEE OUR GREAT SPECIALS ON atampa and eetna, alee Kennedy half dollare et our 1 bentha at tne Ottawa central Exhibit loa. Manevacturera Annex Butieini Ceta Centre af Canada. SM-Mtl WAjrTED, 4 PROOF UK SETS. pay aa. ami aew, temnm. 44 BBNNE0T V. MINT SETS SS.SS SET. S MINT COINS, le. Sc. 10c, PM and Kw Ptiiladalphla ar Denver aaiata at w llta. Sew York S. 489 MSCSAU A. n. tan musical ABE: I WONT HAVE TO SELL , pear aalnaard aaalar te bap tae erandarral Cana erran. at Kaa rarwiaax; aary Bare aa ' Love. Abbey. - - AU. YOUR nONINO BEAUTf- rauy none any noun, raa ano CARD AND MIND READING, alaa tea knrraa read. taS-4TH. CROCHETED MATS. WOOL ten kilt aka-ta. band atede. IU- OISCARDB FROM TOUR HOME fat at el tta-rrn IXOOM BEAOTIFVLLT CLEAN- erexed and polwbed TeM- FREE ROOM, BOARD OFFERED to aldllll Clllllni ariUi Talukiai eoueot, a McOenaMa HAVING TROUBLE WITH TOUR SSM. i MAUR1CB FREDERICK TAYLOR a 4W BrtMany Drlre, Ottawa win an ew rvaponaiDie tor any acted bi sty on and- after MIND CHILDREN.. MY HOME. MOVINOr FOR LOWEST RATES ewpeaaebie aarrlee eel a. Fnlly bnwred. Ite-7tll. NEED STOVE, WASHER, DRESS-er. bed and rain etroUar. s)4- PIANO TUNING OR REPAIRS BT exparla. Year pkaaa will laat 1 lenaer and retain Ma value V , aioveiiy . auintainea, Robertana. Pbujle and Tiller Led- 14 Saarka Street, SM-IM1. PRINTINO, .LETTERHEADS OR envelopea. (14 theaaand, earda tnyera fed. Caarrlnt.ttlt- PROTESTANT WIDOWER, UGHT rarwitna. waaM like at Seaaar. aaa aatakar. ate dilal ar. WrMe Be aaa -Qwen. ae. RAWLEtON PRODUCTS. DELIV- ioOM, iOAHO, A NO CAM FOR eMertp paaata. I Tra-iiri. SERVICES. ruaat laid, icpaliad. HiaUei ttea aa bend and etubaatia ta-aUaaiiata. Mew paanaa and aiailial latliaaiHi tar aale. (Can tinned aa Next Column) 400 ; KBWUU '.. Cat rtoa Piama'laf Calaial CI EHTI TIC INTRODUCTION Canlra, M Avaaua Roa4. To- raaia a. oni. aa aaa. SINGLE.' UNATTACHED." idM rrtaaitihlp auk. IMraauaaa aa at aooa cnaractar. aU aaati Out-ol.lowm toautrtaa wtleoma! coandanttal. Talaphaaa UT- ma. bos ixrn, Journal. SINGLE GENTLEMAN. II, INTER' aria aiaatinf aUula Ia4. cao Panlnabla. Baa E-Ma. Jaurnal. SPONSOB WANTED FOB INTEL- la bnaarlaal (Matarical ijaei (or Oaada'i faalannlal. B-aaT. Joaraal. THANKS TO THE BLESSED VIR a aaa at. uiini tor I raeaivad. DaroUw Olaaian. TRUCK. m-TON. REMOVE RUB- J, "aaa jama, mnaiaaia. TYPEWRITERS. RENTALS. RE- w. Bvanus urar. pbaaa UPHOLSTERED PUBNITVRE RB- awara. rapalr, ku. baa ahalni aooaiail. Qualiw "atarlaia. Low arteaa. M3-T7. WENTWORTH HEALTH STUDIO. aa auam,iparataa by WENTWORTH HEALTH STUDIO, awaaaia and ataam. oporalad by Juaa minimal, pnona U- WH NOT RENT AN ECONO-CAR r row aaauoBT no travai ra-amrttaaa and ajaakl Mm lata SUB toa Ihlnk. AU nan auln. autie. hiauraaoa. Mat balta. ra- iapw iwiiw. - TARD. CILLAM AND CABAaaa iaanaa aaa naiuM away, ta- awa. nainuac aatau earpantry awa can and taaiaat YES IT HAPPENEDI U A WEEK Jny maona ana Da a MA Rktaaa StraaL Store a n d Ply In parton, no phana ealto. ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNERS ACCOUNTING. BOOKKEEPING, financial tatementa, roturna. ModariVT 1M-41TL aitar SOI Mill JSlf WAHID AMBITIOUS ORADE. XIII GRAD- Iraainif aa a. TtS-J14I.. BARBER WANTED -i FIRST cwaa. food wafaa, asoallant arorkina candltlona. fuirantMri 7S araakly. Apply to Sportamaa Barber Shop, 1M ani atraat w.. nracKvuia, on CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT'S affleo raatnna . attermodtata or aonlor CA atudanl or recant padaata. MacLaod. CooBia and Company. 1M-III. CLERK. JR., JkGX 11-Id, 4 TEARS man eoneei, lauaiai oil tea ouuaa with pi pi actional Mmv Apply In paraon. To Gloucaatar Street. COOK. MUST BE EXPERIENCED rn dinlna room work. ReMrenc Apply In paraon The Batlar Meter Hotel, tit Montreal Reed EXPERIENCED BUTCH EE AND counterman needed InuaedUttely. Olebe Meat Market. UVMU. EXPEBIENCED SERVICE -STA- tkm .attendant.-Texaco Sara lea tatioa, sat snyta Hoed. EXPERIENCED TELEP HONE aaieamea, .wanted. Apply Mr -MurdeckTt14. ' , EXPERIENCED SHEET METAL ' workera, tor inatauind pepper ftSOf apt 9mtQ6 btWBeH 14, LICENSED MECHANIC. TUNS UP LOCAL ARCHITBCrB OFFICE reaulrea tae niilin at eaaiblnafl prlnuns mnebaia oparatot. inae-aencar. and drawing Ilia Clark Reply atatlnf eelary expected-and retareneea. Boa E-aae, Jour- RESEARCH TECHNICIAN For tht Biology slid Heslth Physics Division to stsitt with studies of ths etTects of imdiition oo ceils, tissues and whole orgsnisms. Prsfer-enos to spplicsnts with edu-cstionsl background in biology, with training or experience la genetics snd histology: " r ; Quote file number snd Include full details of eduetioit snd experience hi first letter to IU i t-i-B " "atomic inergY ;' ; J; OF, CANADA. .LIMITED ; v .CHAlK RTVER; ONTARIO Medical Sales ' Representative I I .v,' t 'a ..',5 Required for Ottawa and V-, ley area by top ranking altar-macaaUcal hotna ta call aa dattiaa. drag atorea, baepltelt. with a mtnlmuat of aaa ar two ; yeara' eilrerlty training bi re- rl Bat eeaanttal. - Been) atlary- phat incentive beaaa plan, eeaapaap ear. Hear! manranca aad hoapltallca- Appllcanaj with aale aptitude and dettr tor ta war ding work b prafeaaiaaal ttebf tr te-VI lad ta apply,' Mating euali- ber. ta JOHN WYETH 4 BROTHER (Csnsds) Ltd. . ' J M75 tbn4and Ro(1. ,' Bos 2130, SL Lturent, Que. Govsi nineut bcpartjueiit ' Requires for Northern ' : ftiwerlirrs tatrucuoii ' Project for 3 Month Period. KlUNEMEN taetalleuee) SXWeiao t ahaee fMaPeMlt aNCgMrlaTnaTet vTaTf fPTTayaal, Bleetrlclent an lb pen line v v " UNfc-MrLAJTrvitri 1 tSURANCt OFFICE for farther detalla. ICrattlnued on Neat Cnlomnl - Ml rUU KV WAIITtrr (Coat, (real Piduadlns Celaaut) LOCAL POSITION. S140 WEEKLY plua eeaunlaalea. Senior aaelrle- uUnea. SM-eaaS t-S, except aaiuroey. MECHANIC WITH PAPERS AND reference! raantred tor ear etaaoa. Salary eeraaieaeurate with ability Phone Don r lower. ita-TBte, oatwaea r e.m.-i pjn. 7al-Ull. alter t p.m. MORNING 1 available PAPER ROUTES cau SH1H. PRINTING' PRESSMAN (LETTER-araaa). I-S yeara expertenea re-aaired. foed advancement. Ap ply tn pareoa auimberf mntert Ltd, sit BreeeehlU Avenue. ' RELIABLE, GENERAL. TO LIVE eeiory. eeUldren. Ralarei . ejat-itet. SANDER TO PREPARE CARS FOR Minima. Experience aeeeaiery. Muat have ehaiiffaur'a licence. lnaurance benefiU. Cottar'l Auto bop. TSt-SlM. , SECOND COOK, APPLY THE Dip lomat, l Montcalm, huii, awa. SHOE SALESMAN. TOP ealanea end beneftta, experience neceaaary. Dtiinfum preievree, Shoe Boa. Its Spnrka. TAXI DRIVERS. OVER It YEARS or axe. Apply I we wemnnnn. TOP EARNINGS ARB tN FULLER avuea ir wnunf woraera. aaa- UPPER SCHOOL O RADII A TEA RE- nuirea nv Ottawa iirm or anar- tered eeeouatante. Mratraum re-crulremenu Induda 04 avarase en oreoe is papara. Apply aox 1 E-avT, Journel. I EXPERIENCED . . , ' . , HAIR STYUST .; ' .MALE or FEMALE Wsnted. Sslsry depending on experience. ..; J- For tppointmenl tall . , 74-183 - TAB MACHINE OPERATOR Experiented o p e r s t o r for Tsbulstlng Depsrtment of tn Induttrlsl Pltnt Hi Cornwall, Ontsrio. ' . ' Inatsllstion conuint two 407 machines with auxiliary equipment ..V'. t . Good opportunity for sd-vMcement in the future to computer operation. ., REPLY TO f ii BOXI JWRNAL i PART-TIME telephone soucitdrs : - ... . ; - '"'' i " ' " " "J-J J Here is sn opportunity to subsidize your present aarnlngi snd tin experience in telling by ulephone. vBlnlingutUtm sn ssset Good sttary snd commitsion. . -, EVENING EMPLOYMENT 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY CALL 23S-51M P.M. TO .M. ONLY CA. STUDENTS' Two Northern Ontario Chartered Accountant require Junior end la termed tat eta-daatt and S cantor otudent or a employee of aaaior atudent calibre. Enquiriee - from .B. Comma, and atudent who have written final weaaomid. Ade-quete eatery for married atu-deata. Na travail rag or over- Box E-564, Journal CAAAPEAU CONST. CO. LTD. ARCHITECTURAL DIVISION, ,, , ' Reutree- ' .V intermSdiate; draftsaaan , With varied reatdenrial and etna end health plan applicable. Area a taruar or trainee draft. Cat) MR. PETER DOBBING - - 128-51)11 2932 Baseline Road V.4! iifUfW . , SAWYER . 1 -'" i - a Experienced Sawyer ta operate .. S Band Head Saw with raw. me e earrlagd and ayaraoii I Mgger. Thb ta . e MUenary wagea ens fringe benefit. Emplarment Office (, Weyerttafwjer Csnaoii ltd. ' "."aVw TSS'' Seuri Ste. Mart.' 6rrt. ' 501 ' MALI SLf WAMTID ' ICaat rroea pratadlae Cohunal WANTED. YOUNG MAN RE-Iweea aeaa 14-to. Ruinfuallam a aeaat but not neceaaary. Shla-nlne and recelvlnd with a na-ilonally known eompeny. Apply within: alter 1 p m. at TS1 i BankSlreet. , . YOUNG MEN TO TRAIN AS RE-- lief room clerki while ertini aa .bell boya. Muat have Grade t. be neat and plaaaant. Apply hi paraon at daak after a 'p.nv Alexandra Hold. SSSkBenk. , YOUNG MAN FOR GENERAL dutlea In email elf let. Junior matriculation, reeutred 1M- YOUNO MAN FOR ESTABUSH-ed uaed ear buainaaa. Mechanically mallned. general duttet, chaufteur'alioancc, ateedy employment. Reference- Apply tn paraon, 407 Richmond Reed. S BOYS. WANTED, CHAUFFEURS tieeaee required. Duinfuai. truing- ebluty preferred but not a neeeeelty.. t-day week. 7-J0. evenlnga,-' : TaHNKINO OP SELLINGT , THEN WHY NOT SELL REAL Es tate everybody need our product. It'a aatlafylnt. Independent career, and wltb Tneenea Shipmaa Ltd., "till-tor." you can force ahead with Ottawa'! proeveeetve. d y a a mlc f. wny nee call ueorav Thomaa. Salaa Manaeer aowf ' xae-sae. aao-evTa. (- LABORATORY TECHNICIAN n aaQuixED by national re- . aee--vk CouneU to perform xthop, . atory duuet tnet- woaia inoiuoe: eelleetlnd of data aperetlne and maintaining X-ray diffraction ' unite. -Appliceau) muat. poareea at leaet a seruor Matrtculatlon preference will be alvea te thoee bavins nineieity trainins In pnyaioal aciencaa. KXperMmce m darli room' taohniouei and alee- vieity anna no eaventateoua. Initial eelary up. la 0 per annum dependlnd upon ouallfl-eetrona. Apply ataUne ate and ell detain) or education and ex- grrlenoe to the aVnplayrnent fflcer. National Reeeeroh Coun- ell, tot suaaas Drive, euawe I . wunte Competition number PP REAL ESTATE OPENING . Leas EtUblriked Office , Ak Ollver- WITH SELUNO EXPERIENCE ou can ao wen wim ua. ununited opportunity for atneere, energetic perron. Educational training and other benefit. .Our decade of honeat deal Inge a) a reel aatet fee you. Erneet i. Ollver Reeltiee Ltd.. "JUaltor," S3S-S4QS. for appointment INSURANCE . UNDERWRITER- Excellent opportunity tor young men SI-PS to aaeume a potltion of rerponilbulty at the Ottawa-Hull of! Ice of lead-ins board eompeny. -Ability to deal taaowledgtaWy with alt clime of general nv aureaea after Mltehka tnlniag. Applicant ami be Mllngael end have minimum of t year' Imiiii tin d experiaaee. TELEPHONE 232-4RS9 - Banking ' . ACCOUNTANT LEADING NATIONAL- FINANCIAL WSTTTUTION Sequlre exparienced, aagr-1e manager with a banking background to manage It, aav-mga department ,la ,one of lu large branch a, Praainl auto of appUcuit muat be equivalent ta that of renter bank accountant or aaatetaxt ateneger Age it to SS. Competltire Mlary and orne-flt pregraai prat rplendld pp- Knowledge af French Important put not neceaaarlly eaetn-tUL .' Oar atari have been tnionned of Ulla advartlaement Reply V BOX E-558 JOURNAL, .SALES . . PERSONNEL . Rambler is beck home sgsin st Wsveriey Motors. This mssni t 'complete re-wrgsniEstion of our ssles de-psrtBMnt, requiring the appointment of t fully qualified Sales Msnsger who knowt vtluet snd can spprsiss used csrs. Ws will slto require (4) four ttletmen to service our Rambler. Jsgusr snd Renault clientele. These must be men of integrity who srs prepared to strive for g high standard of earning. If' you srs looking' for s ground floor opportunity this is yourichsnce. - " MR. R. S. ROSS for sppolntroent st ." ; W 232-3501 . ' ,: -: f ! : ; YOUNG "SALESMAN WANTED Uoti OnlyK For ' dignified' work In Ot-uwrirtt ta' be trained In direct td contumer sties. This position offsrs untur-pssssd opportunity for ssles leader. Full commission psid weekly, no eompstition, plus certain rapid promotion for msn with sbility. Apply in person to I. touch , i, .v Mark Bunding , J00 Cooper, 8treet A-f Suits X . From 10 s.m. to it lioon' tUUU, tMag the ManrMg IS leUara at the MexkairoaraaW. low bow suury worda tea you form veriJcxJly and korUaaUJ-lyT Una aavword anjy eaoe aad ao proper nouna or plurald plaata, When worda contaia kaa Uiaa I letter and are la eaate ana I.e. TOICW aeor. lag is I pt lor word ro- and I pU. for word -ICE." MAXIMUM NUMBER OF POINTS P UNI IB JTVJB. To aaalet you, we have buarted a few soVMttonat lattara. A C gEEg MtAR LOP ;,, SCOElrW ui vidimu S4eWa...Slt.30gggry 4'atafwf Mfall. a4 fUj arl P R Wjt eMawrsff Wtl4t, . ptL i lulc IC tot se mm TOTAl 44 aaJaeS baasal sart k W ati. IBM. lha Mmnuig. 827 uaxrtauHd ar luag Faaturei traanau. 501 , rUU Rl WARTD (Coat, from Preceding cohunal ISORT ORDER COOK, EXPERIENCED. OOOD WAGES . Apply. In peraon, Sharry'a Rra- eurani, aparxa ai V naoner. PAPER BOX MAKERS BXPXRISrSOEO, 1 -COLOR PRDVT- ing preaamea, act up man for cello meohlna, FE and atralght line gluera. Heldelbur end Melhle cutter. Confidential re plica. Box E-blS. Journal. PAPEB BOX MAKERS EXPERIENCED BANDERS. S AND a operator, corner cutting end guiiiotrne operator, cortuoaauai repute, box A-ai. Journal. 5014 UlfSMa AID ACQITS TBOt. SBIPMAN LTD, RBALTOR NEW BRANCH OFFICES I .. quirt aeleamea to trala la real ' etute. Upper iaeoua bracket a vail Die. tx real aetate in-duatry ta - vital to Ottawa' future.- Learn it nowl Con-fid en tal appointment. cell ' Oeorte Thomaa. Sale Manager, t eaa-aaai. avenuupi aee-auia. 502 ,RMAIE W WAHID BABYSITTER. RELIABLE WO- . man. Weatgat area. 7SS-TT. Babysitter, from mondat te Friday, it weekly. Ttt-tOU. eiwxr a. Babysitter and hovsekeep- er, t to I. pertweod Hill. TSS- avie. BEAUTY COUNSELOR REQUIRES wu, pnn-tuna. emoraoua women. TU-aadT. CAPABLE WOMAN TO MIND Deny wnue mother work. After a, xae-tea. CLEANING WOMAN FOR 1 WEEK. preferably a Oder ao yeara, live In. Will be alone during day. profeaudnal Sun. TAa-ltoi, eve- EMRASSY REQUIRES EXPgjtl. reoa, preieraBiv live -in. lory. Box E-41t. 'ournal. EXCELLENT OPENINOS FOR branch atore manager and checker, ateedy employment, guaranteed weekly eelary. Apply at heed office only. Brook-hire Cleaner Limited, tn Boyd Avenue, t block eouta off cerung el weoo'i Motel. EXPERIENCED. GENERAL OR nouecnaepcr. eowi lanuiy, van- we Town, rererenceo neeaeaary. aleep In. Sta-Mat. after t p.m. EXPERIENCED. ACCURATE TYP- let tor wnoteeaie aaraware eon-tract danartment. aaeretarlal dutiee. Apply 1SU Chatelala EXPERIENCED NURSING ASSIS- tenta for loeel noapiui. excel, lent working condition, pieaw annlv In Parana. Mondav ta Fri day. between lo-ig noon. The Parley Heepitai. I Barton street. EXPERIENCED WAITRESS, S5c par hour, daytime ehut. Apply to La Chandella Reataurant, tt Launer Eeat. EXPERIENCED SNACK BAR operator, atari ti per he Tat-suU, after T la. STENOGRAPHER Young lady required with minimum 2 year offict experience. High school grsdu-ste. Mutt have ' good shorthand and typing abilities. Duties viried snd interesting. 5-day ireek.';. " Full employee benefits.. For Appointment Call -MRS. MOUREAU .. CANADIAN WESTINGHOUSE i CatTO. 1800 Bank Street .733-2500 ' CHARTERED- : ACCOUNTANT. ' Requires Part-Tims ' ' SECRETARY - AgS 20-40 .' ' HOURS 10-4 Mutt be experienced bookkeeper snd flnsncisl ' lUts- ment typist. . ; v . SPARKS STREET . 729-7068 . 502 .-ma m nam (Coat, rraat Preiaaing Caluautl EXPERIENCED STENOGRAPHER witn anowl work regutri with knowledge of aaeretarlal wore regutred for diplomatic mlaatan. Apply tot WUbrod Telephone US-east. EXPERIENCED, OENERAL OR neuaekeeper. a edulla, g wagea. eleep la. tte-tltl. EXPERIENCED WAITRESS wanted. Daytime work. Good wegea. CHy View Real ureal atertvai Road. Tap-awe. FREE ROME FOR RIGHT PER, eon tn return for light houae- -. noio euitee. write wita reier-eneet. Box SI4. Morrieburg. GIRL. TO SLEEP IN, REFER-encea, tiao monthly, t teenage cnuoren? sat taieaa rera Drive. IJe-i54.. GIPL OR WOMAN FOR GEN aral bouaawork. Watt End. 1U- lag. CLERK . TYPIST. BANKING EX-penance preferred, for Truat company, junior matriculation, uaual beneflu, t-day weak. Box n-Aw, journal. GREEN VALLET OIFT SHOP RE-oulre a lady for -weekend end evening work, preference given to marriao women age ao ao te. PAt-trae. HOME AVAILABLE FOR UNWED motner. very light duties. I child. T4o-J7il. HOUSEKEEPER CXPEKIEMrrn aleep In, high aalary, refereneee reeuirea. rav-vaa. HOUSEKEEPER TO TAKE COM. plat charg of home.' a teenage ooya, references required, t-day week, peraon 14-U only. 7U- HOUSEKEEPER FOR WIDOWER, with tchool-age children, one at home: live-In, modern convenience. Blotaom Park, gaa-oegs. evenings INSURANCE AGENCY REQUIRES clerk . typist for tape recorder dictation and general office routine, tday week. Reply giving peat experience. Box E-93. journal. , , JUNIOR STENOGRAPHER RE-qulred by trust company, Junior matriculation, uaual employee benefiu. t-day week. Bos E-32. , Journal. KITCKEN WORK. MORNINGS onir. box Baaa. Journal PART" TIME RECEPTIONIST FOR . aootor'e offloe. state age. expar-' lance end expected salary. Box S-tet. Journal. RECEPTIONutT . TYPIST in quired for duwnlona bnalntei nllKe. Experience preferred but not easential. William Taran Ltd.. 1S1 Leurter Avenue Weet. Apply RBCEPTIONIST. BILINGUAL also wat treat. The Diplomat. I Montcalm. Hun. a to a. REGISTERED NURSE FOR STAFF. SO beds. Box E-J.71. Journal RELIABLE WOMAN. S3 TO S3. aioeriy lady end deugnter. ugnt houae duties. Uva In. SSS-SOat after S. RELIABLE CARE. YOUR HOME. -s pm., wood rone acnooi area, for girl S. 7as-03tt. evenutge. RESPONSIBLE OENERAL. HOUSE- noid dutlea. food of children, excellent atlary. I leap la. TSg- MOS. ' SALESLADY. EXPERIENCED PRE reraoiy m jewelry, mum do rei eponalMe and willing to do other , work when not busy with cue-, tamer. Seism depend on ex-1 penance ana anility, wrae m conadene la Box B4tS, nal. Jour- We're cofrctmsd about 1 obtaining staff to eerve our In-creating iruinbar of customers because we are not satisfied With rats than tht best for both courtesy snd efficiency, if you. feel qualified, phone The Davis Agency, At 236-7446 . I. BE A HAIRDRESSER Great cfrportunlty, learn Pleasant, dlgnllud profesatf.n - Good wagea after graduation. ' Tbnaaand sue-onaful . Msrvsl eladenis. A merle 's greatest system Illustrated cstslogue free, day elaase Write or eaU MARVEL HMRDRESSIN3 SCHOOL 72 Rideau Street, Ottawa CE6-061S PART-TIME TELEPHONE SOLICITORS Here it an opportunity to aub-tidize your present earnings snd gain experience In selling by telephone. Bilingualisrn sn sttet Good aalary i and commistion, EVENING EMPLOYMENT P.M. TO P.M. MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY ; CALL 236-5158 P.M. TO P.M. ONLY " ' IT IS SOMETHING : or which to be . PROUD V ' . i to qualify as a . PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS WOMAN WITH CANADA'S LARGEST TEMPORARY AGENCY OFFICE OVERLOAD , ' Ws Invite you to Join us If "'you art tn experienced: STENOGRAPHER' . . , DICTA TYPIST TYPIST BOOKKEEPER ,. Cell Anytime 236-0779 TnraJhr-il,l'', i r"v"r.- r 502 KMAlf R&P AITBr (Coat, tree Pmaglag Celuaan TELLCB FOR TRUST COMPANY, preferably experienced, uaual beneflte. t-day week. Box E- . ttl. Journal- t UBOENT. WOMAN TO MIND t children, live-la. country home. Light bouaawork. Daytime. Mitt!. Mr Conley. Evenings. Car-iaioa Place.. ittlWl. URGENT. PENSIONER OR UN-wad mother. 1 whom age child accepted, room end board plus aalary No heavy work. De-laO until ao WAITRESS REarVTRED. GREEN Valley S arte u rani, most be II yeara. experience preferred but not aaaintlal, fuU or part time Itt-tTM. WANTED FOLKS Of OTTAWA and dlatlict la show our ex citing Una et Chrlatinae cards ta frieade snd neighbors. No experience nor eatery. Our big. full-color catalogue make II eety ir-get plenty of order Earn extra money this wsy. Writ today for Chrlaanae card en approval vend tree catalogue. Monarch Card Co Dept It. in Cannon. He Uton WOMAN TO MIND CHILDREN ana asep bouse ass-trot, Inge. 1 WOM.'i'' TO MIND YEAR OLD conn, vsciniry west Is Tower Morrlaet Street. TT1-SS04. after t WOMAN WANTED TO MIND Children Monday to Friday, my home, m-oiao. evenings. WOMAN TO CARE FOR 1-YE A It-old girl, light housework duties, free room snd board, plua 110 per week, gat Slat, after M. WOMAN. FOND OF CHILDREN. nuuBeworx. live-in, good wages. tet-Illt. WORKING. MOTHER WANTS live In, babysitter, for t preschool children. North Gower. tst-Moa. YOUNO, ALERT RECEPTIONIST with typing and shorthand required Immediately by loeel expending eompeny. ell employe benefits. Including pension, own transportation an asset. Reply at writing with full particular to office manager. Box E . age. Journal. YOUNO LADY REQUIRED IM-med lately, reception let . typist. Weet End. plaaaant working con- Tlt-eaat. PROVEN Real Batata Sale Method NATURALLY PRODUCE A HIGH- er vwume of buainoaa The Thomaa Shipmaa Limited School of Reel Eatate will trala you to auccasw ana -nam wnue see Learn-'' Decide right bow. te find nut about this ehaJlerjgtng aro- Teeeion or ceiling o c e r irie Trtornaa. sales ttsnai aati. evenings sat-toT; Manager, aJt- SEAMSTRESS MUST BE THOROUGHLY CAP-abla of working on expensive fiwns. 46 hour week. Apply tot parka Street. EUNDERS FRUIT LANO ' CASHIER. SALES CLERK. EVE-nlnga and Saturdays Apply tn person, xaos Ceiling Avenue near Woodroffe. , AVON COgMETICg HELP OUT FAMILY BUDGET. Earn with Avon. For deUMs cell an-saes. EXPERIENCED COMPTOMETER OPERATORS Eeared hn m i dietary far teav' Call er Vlatt VICTOR COMPTOMETER , LIMITED , 227 LAURTER WEST Room 220 .-232-7966 LADIES! Become figure work specialist by training st s Gimp tometer Opart tor. CAUL OR VISIT VICTOR COMPTOMETER ' LDbOTED Room 220, 227 Lsurier West 232-7968 SALESLADIES FULL TIME PART TIME Potitioni open in our ladiet costs, drassss, miiltnery, children's wear department. -Psrt-tlme: If yaa are auvatt- eat for a position now er leter la the Fall com m end dlecwa bear aad aalary with Salary and commission, pen- Bilingual ptafaind. . t ,, ;'. Apply . - MRS.-a BRENNAN Personnel Msnsger . CAPLAN'S 133 RTDEAU STREET t Small Attractive Home for Elderly Wotnea Requires st ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT A GRADUATE NURSE 'h With adrainittrativt sbility. ; Apply Superintendent Bronson home I - ti BitniMii Avvnu ;'." 232459 . sos ' wamn winu EAtmpY tour Nome. PAtwr- ma. dacertrn. Interior, exterior Free eetlmst. 7 as-ISO BIUNOUAL GENTLEMAN SEEKS daak dark pealilon. IS yean experience, also knows switchboard. Bea 1-41 L Jearael, r phone tas-SOQO after six pa. BRICKWORK. CHIMNEY RE-. pair: cement work, flagstone '- ana lucres, Free eataxiaMa. U7- ton. CARPENTER. CEMENT WORK. block chimney, painting, a tea a teeing, tat-asst. tssJt. Irs nine. 50) OVIOTMIlT WAKTIi; Coot tmn rreceouit Column) CARPENTRY OUTSIDE. INSIDE. Bltng roof In aavaatroueb- . .n . -. . " -ati eoa. e-ezva. , CARPSNTSY. SLOCK 1 B B I C K and cement work of ail kind, floor and ceiling tile. Interior. . exterior painting. atl-Otad CARPENTRY. FRAMING ADDI-tiona and kitchen cupb o e r d a3t-d07. ' CEMENT '.WORK AND 'STO N r maaon. Guaranteed Free ea-Umate Feat service las-lTIt DR AUGHTSM lii GRADUATT wonting lull time employment tn mechanical and or erebltec-tural drawutgs Good refereneee Wa-4a0. EXCELLENT DAY WORK BY EX-perlenced woman Reasonable. Anywhere. 1OT-OM1. EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPER seeking position, willing to take 1. on full responatblllt of b e m c Muat have top sslsrr. aleep out Box E-VX. Journal FAMILY. 'NEED OVODD JOBS" truck, hedge trimming. a-0tt IRONING DONE REASONABLY at my home. Excellent work. -aaa-este KITCHEN MODERNIEED. GEN-era! alteration, best workmanship reasonable rate. aaa-ltM MAN WITH TRUCK WILL HAL'L re fuse to dump. Reason b 1 e rste las-tata. MAN WITH SMALL TRUCK. DE-alree light delivery. Tig-ltSS. MAN. BIG FAMILY. NEEDS work. Have truck, clean yard, painting y tsndarsplnx. badge trimming, sil lobe accepted ssa-eae MAN WOULD APPRECIATE Opportunity to learn welding. evenuigs. vae-esvi. MAN WITH TRUCW FOR LIGHT moving, cleanup, lawn mowing. 74S-XH1 MARRIED MAN WILL WASH walla, floors, ceiling, odd job. 73-3ees. MATURE WOMAN. . AS SECtP-tkmlat typist, doctors office, afternoons. Office work experience. Box E-taa. Joumel. MIDDLE-AGE COUPLE DESIRES janitor maintenanca. lady house-work. 134-104 NIGHT WATCHMAN FOB A FAC-tnry. aat-Ot3T. ODD JOBS. CLEANING BASE- ysrds. etc. ess-seat. PAINrEaV EXPERIENCED. BIO or small. W 11 do them ell. CEJ- SSI1. " ' - r PAINTING. SATISFACTION guaranteed, experienced painter, reasonable rstes. atd-sdSt. PAPER HANGER. PAINTER AND decorator, free estimate 137-150 PLASTERING REPAIRS. STUCCO, painting, carpentry, cement. brick tis-isee. aat-tTtt. PLUMBING. HEATING. LOW coat. Free estimates. aST-SOST. RELIABLE MIDDLE AGE WOMAN desire light bouaekeeplng er babysitting, Uva out. i-4A. RELIABLE WOMAN LOOKING for day work, tax-teat. RELIABLE WOM.'JI DESIRIt housework, gist aa hour, toe lor transportation. 7TT-17U. SP ANUH "cfHrpiXLIA VrW Ee-ope. it year experience, want ob ae domestics in Canada. Reply SO Maripeae Avenue, Ottawa. STEADY EMPLOYMENT DESIRED by reliable marl lea man. cleaning office, tardea Ing. eight watchmen. ' metntenance work. KlnUng. S ysarr exserianee snd rears with Sanitation De--pertinent, eiao experienced I as farming X-0T7. I - TWO MEN Wim TRUCK. DE- aire any hind at work. 1-1 PICK-OP yard. tae-taet. WE DO ODD JOBS. CLEAN yards, easements, etc. WELL EXPERIENCED PAINTER willing to work aalaga. Saturdays. . Free estimates. Call Mr-Clement. TTI-144J WILL DO HEDGE TBIMMDtG. landscaping, painting, free estimate. Beferencee. Odd jobs ac-cepted 130-170 WINTER ,' CLOSED TOURIST piece owner iixeo responsible employment, haa top ret erencea. ' a'so led reception let. house keeper vacant. PO ! i Boa 1. Port- land. Ont. WOMAN WILL DO CTXANINO Maming only. 137-4)13 WOMAN WANTS HOUSEW O R K by the day. Tas-EUT. TOUNO WOMAN. WORK BY DAY.. T4t-noa. FALL CLEANUP MAN WITH TRUCKS TO CLEAN ysros. wean wwiaows, painting. trrior. exterior, neege 504 TUCOS WUTLD ENGLISH PRINCIPAL rCATRO-llci. to aunarvla It elementary Eng'km claim Must have at leaet B diploma from the Province of Quebec Apply etet-ing auallflcatlona. experieetce. aaltrv tauuaalsd to: The esthetic school Board ot Ppide-dee-Cbenaa, PO Box f. Aylmer. PSJ St. lterrsJem's, Separate School Board Ajaz, Ontsrio . IIS eiats. frera Metro Toronto 1. aesnuraa 2 QUALIFIED- TEACHERS- far Ssplemhar 1 te Sans Ir-hoel f Science!' 1 for Elementary Orades IJuaier School I Baser starting salary tlJO Fully paid PEL Attracttv yeerty Apply to MR. M. COFFIN 148 Exeter St Ajx Telephone 942 0325 A)u Collegiate Institute Board of Ottawa Application win be tecalaed ' tne unocrsMsnca far as tee -I. CaassnerctsJ Uthorthend and S Outdance end iuaeor Engllati I Preference . wiu be liven ss axes i - SALARY SCnSOULE . .: CetepaTy I , Stsne- pa.ete . Category n , ta.ton, st.TOS Cttegory 171 tS ton. t na' Category IV i tsaoa-tltao . H. PULLEN ' SupermteBdent . I COLLEGIATE WSTTTUTE BOARD OF OTTAWA 662. Lyon Street, - .' Otuws 1, OntRfH i J Asi.i"s"-e A V a-,., f.s s. j.saj-aaifHsrl4 imm Aug a a a a ai ta i senee, ds i

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