The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 4, 1938 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 4, 1938
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 4,193S. i'HK DAILY COURIER, C()NNJSL,LtoVLULU, FA. PAGE THREW; Rabbi Urges Devotion To National Ideals; Speaks at Inaugural Jewish Church Leader Recalls Visions of *·" Founding Fathers. ASKS BLESS INGS ON CITY SOLONS A devotion to the ideals for which this country stands was urged by Rabbi I M Waldon as he asked for V- Divine Guidance for the city administration Monday when Mayor Ira D Younkin, Councilman Abe I Daniels and Controller Fred W. Ncuroth received their oaths ot office Rabbi Waldon said: "America was born of the desire for liberty. It was reared by men who had the greatest passion for freedom and was conceived by those who yearned to worship God according to the dic'atcs of their own conscience. Hither came the dovvn- trodder of al! races. Hither came the persecuted who sought the opportunity to be once more men "They saw floating upon the air a flag that spoke to them of equal rights, that said 'under my shadow the strongest shall submit to law and the weakest shall have his rights defended' They saw a flag that said to the world 'free education, free opportunity, a chance to all' They saw here a land of blessed promise They saw here the evidences of human independence and they heard of that mighty document, 'the Declaration of Independence' "In this day of stress when many countries are reverting back to tyrann, depotism and prejudice it is good to be mindful of our democratic V institutions of government and to invoke the guidance of God for the future courses "In our day man's hard-won victories are being challenged and endangered In manj lands the state has become idolized instead of being a means which a people sets up in order that it might live securely and in an orderly fashion "Consequently dreams of national x grandeur and expansion have be* come the obsession of the men who are the rulers of such states In order to achieve them wars must be waged Death, devastation and misery lie in their paths "That is why at a time when we inaugurate our leaders into office it is good to ponder and consider well the path of the future and supplicate '~ God for His gracious blessings of understanding and discernment "Our founding fathers believed that the people were capable of governing themselves. They realized that this nation was called into existence to give a now trend to humanity, ' This thought is expressed in a statement made by the rabbis of old. They said 'The will of the majority is an expression of the will of God' They who assume leadership in a community through the expression of the majority of its inhabitants hold that position by the will and grace of God 1 Let us pray that our patriotism to our country and loyalty to our community be more than for soil upon / which we stand. Although there is something within the human heart f that attracts us to the place of our birth, love of country is something higher than love of place. It means devotion, devotion to the ideals for which the country stands. We of America love our land but yet more should we love the ideals for which this land stand 1 ; May God bestow His blessings upon our mayor and "councilmen and annoint them with % His gifts of insight and courage, of health and peace" NEWS OF THE COURTS Wreckage of "Pky House" in Which Boy Died UNIONTOWN, Jan 4 --Emory Vargo, Point Marion, on a charge ot desertion on or about April 17, 1935, won a divorce from Trcssa Vargo, also of Point Marion They were wed February 13, 1928, in Oakland, Md. The husband averred his wile wilfully and maliciously deserted him without cause on or about April 17, 1935. and continued in her absence for more than two years Charges of desertion on their wed- Img day resulted m a divorce for James Hugh Cameron, 20, Connclls- ville, R D , from Mnne Cameron, 24, Mananna, Washington county They were married April 15, 1935, m Wayncsburg "She wanted to live with her people," the husband declared. The husband, in his testimony stated they had never,lived together as man and wife. Oath of justice of the peace was administered by Deputy Recorder Pauline Lowers to the following men elected to office list November and who cnteied in upon their duties Saturday U W Beichlcy, Brownsville, Joseph Williams, Fairchance, Jmmos Joseph Williams, Fairchance, James Cavalcantc, McClcllandtown; C A Black, Smithficld, John M Murt, Faycttc City, R D , Washington countj, Charles E O'Ncil, Everson, John F May, Connellsvillc township William B Kurns, Allison, charged with violation of the junk act by Constable Harry Hart to which he entered a plea of guilty, was sentenced by Judge Hudson to pay costs of prosecution amounting to $78, the payments to begin next April 1 The defendant was charged with burjmg from minors last August 11 at Allison, junk, valued at $25, the propcrtj of W. J Raincy Compan O'Donncll Collier, McClellandtovvn, arrested by Evvlng F Smell, McClcl- landtown, on charges of assault and battery an aggravated assault and battery growing out of picketing at Hopvvood during the recent truck drivers' stnke, was sentenced Friday by Judge Hudson to pay all costs of prosecution, the plaintiff s doctor bills amounting to $30 and spend one year in county jail However, the court stipulated, if the costs and bills are paid, Collier will be released on a one-year/parole at the expiration of nine months of his jail sentence In imposing the penalty, the court issued a warning to all pickets that they must operate within the law and than any found guilty of violations will be dealt with sternly by Police ore shown searching the wreckage of an abandoned building at 711 Crete Street, Bronx, N. Y,.which collapsed, burying t«n boys in the iihamblcs. All extricated themselves except Frank Passaro, 11, *bo was dead when police arrived. Thn house, louft vacant, had been used as a playground by children In tno nciehborhood. It collauscd without warning. (Central Prut) Make Floors Gay with Rug Crocliel Household Arts by Alice Brookp f PATTERN 5699 Here s a new design for gracious liv mg . . . i crochet rug that you easily make yourself from rags, camilcwicking or rug wool Mike this rug in six inch squares . . or use the same directions for an afghan or pillow m 4-Fold Germantovvn yarn For a boy's room or den use black, reds or grays to get an exciting Navijo Indian effect In pattern 5699 jou will find complete instructions and ciiarts for making the square shown, an illustration of it and of the stilches used maternl requirements To obtain this pattern send 10 cents in stamps or coin (com preferred) to The Courier Household Arts Dcpt, 259 W 14th Street New York N Y Be sure to write plainly your NAME, ADDRESS and PATTERN NUMBER judges before raigncd. whom .they are ar- To Name Red Cross Directors Wednesday The annual election of directors by Fayette County Chapter of the American Red Cross uill be held at Red Cross headquarters in the Un- lontown Postofflcc Building from 4 to 5 o'clock Wednesday afternoon The chapter board consists of 23 members, one third being elected annually for a term of three years The following persons have been nominate- R M Haincs, Pardee F Day, Walter F. Underwood, Mrs. William Baul, Dr C. H LaClair, Mrs. Sara Erhard and A. M R Jacobs. Any member of the Fayette county chapter is entitled to vote at the annual election MYRON TAYLOR FEELS DECLINE IS TEMPORARY NEW YORK, Jan 4--Myron C Taylor, chairman of the United States Steel Corporafion, said "it is difficult for most of us" to believe that the current business recession is more, than temporary. Taylor expressed the belief tnat "concerted action by the men and women of commerce and industry, must and will set in motion the wheels which sympolize work, wages, comfort and 'lappmcss" Somerset Bank Director. SOMERSET, Jan 4--Mijor Ernest V. Cook wai elected a director of the First National Bank to succeed the late William H. Miller A former cishicr, he had sc.vcd as a vice- president rir«l to File Claim. Donald R DeBolt of South Con- ncllsville the first person to flic his elaim for unemplov mcnt compensation it the State Emploment branch oflice here Monday morning Railroads' November Net income Is Lower WASHINGTON, Jan 4 --The As- asociation of American Railroads reported thit net riilway opcr iting income of class one railroads m November vv as, 55 2 per cent below tha' for the snmc month 1 ist yeir The association attributed the de- creise to higher operating expenses and lower revenue-. Tom Sherwood Awarded Eagle Boy Scout Badge Because ho could not be in the city during Boy Scout week in Fcbruaiy T Sherwood, Jr better known a Tom, was presented with an cagl Boy Scout badge--indicating th highest rank attainable in scouting-during the vesper service at th Christian Church Sundiy afternoon Tom, a son o£ Mr and Mrs. L T Sherwood ot East Park, is a studen at West Town School, Chester county He was home for the holiday vaca lion. The presentation was made b Douglas K Mcllvainc, chiirman o the district Scout committee Mr Sherwood had the honor of pmnm the badge on Tom who in tur pinned a mother badge on her, whil Mr Sherwood, Scoutmnstcr J Southard of Troop 8, of which Tom is a member, Assistant Scout Execu tive Milton R Wyatt, members of th troop committee and the troop an the congregation looked on M Wjatt, introduced by the pastor the church, Rev Merrill L Cadvve! made a brief talk, ;ii did Mr Ilvaine Tom was the seventh member Troop 8 to vun f the coveted priz The others were Melvm Soisso Jack Frinks Charles Philhppi, Jac Rcngin, Daniel Ridenour and Jam* Shartzei Steel Man Dies. PITTSBURGH, Jan 4 -- H Hugh irt L-mghhn, 59 former director the Jones . Laughhn Steel Co por ilion md a gnndbon of one of tl compan s founders vv as buried Mon dav He died Satuidny Laughl was active m the Young Men's Chri tian Association and sened as member of that organizations meln pohtin board. h r e e V i o l e n t Deaths Mar New Year in County FINISH FIGHT AGA UNI UN1ONTOWN, Jan 4--Three vio- cnt deiths mirki d Fayettc county i oiervancc ol the Nev Yeai while at t 10 we reiiiij med in a number of utomobilc (accidents' duung tiic 'cek-end Martin Luckey, ngcd 03, of Wood- idc, difd in Umontown Hospital at 30 Sunday night as the result of njuncs suffcird v^hcn struck by a ruck opentcd rca. hi u home by Melin R Weiss, of Morgantovvn, W i Andiew Rusko 55, of Outcrop was nstantly killed \.nen stiuck by a B O passenger rcii hi! home Falling headlong down 15 concrete tops caused the death of Gorson lidcnoui, aged 40, in Brownsville, ate Saturday night The driver of the truck that killed .uckcy told stitc motor police that jUckcy stepped m jioit of the ma- ihme at 2 30 Sunday normng The iperator atsiitcd m removing Ihu inured man to the local hospital. Motor police said they aie continuing then investigation into the county's first highway fatality of the r c*ir Exhausted after picking up coal for lours over a half-mile stretch of the 3 «. O railroad near his humc at Outcrop, Rusko sat down on the edge of the track to rest and fell asletp. Six hours later his lifeli-ss body was found with the back of his skull ciushed Evidently he had been struck by the passenger trim and the crew was not iwaie ot the accident, County Detective John C Wall said Precipitated hcndlong down a flight ot 15 concrete steps leading from Snow den Squaic, Biownsville, to pool room Gerson Ridenour, plumber, suffered fatal injuries When an automobile driven by Chirles Krause of Isabelle failed to make a sharp curve from a roadside onto tho National Pike at Brier Hill early Sunday, and struck t clay bank four occupants were injuicd, one ievcrely Miss Margaret IJoga, 2 of IsabelJc, in the Umontown Hospital with a possible biokon nan shoulder Kiause suiTcied minor injuries as did two other occupints of the cii Miss Wandn HudRe and Alfred BaMey, also of Isabolle They were treated foi cuts Cecil Ad ims, 30, of 70 Kerr street suffered contusions and other injuries when he accidentally fell from an automobile in North Gallatm avenue, early Sunday morning Lucas Coole. 48, of Fairchance sustained lacerations on the faci when he accidentally fell from an au tomobilc in South Gallatm avenue early Sunday morning. Thomas Shank, nine, of 57 Eas Church street suffered rrinoi cruise when he ran in front of a truck. Mane Shiffbauer 22, of 91 Mill view street, suffered a laceration tc the upper lip when hor car ran into a telephone pole Harry Murray of Conncllsville ant Viola Arnold, 20, were injured in the same mish ip. NST JAPS ES CHINA By EDWARD W BEATT1E United Press Staff Coi respondent. SHANGHAI, Jan 4 --A new Chinese government, pledged to a imiih flght against the Japanese, rc- Icaicd all political priboners Monday, oidered an intensification ot guerrilla warfaie and opened an ajrplane jombir.g campaign against Japanese eld areas. One of the first acts of the govern- -nent, headed now by Dr. H H Kung s president of the executive yuan, ir cabinet, and finance minister was o order reformatories throughout China emptied Prisoners in these nstttutionb aic almobt all pohtcal, md the political prisoners in turn arc ilmost all communists This move marked the close co- pcration, in face of the Japanese v,ir, among elements in China who lad fought each other for ycaia. Nevertheless, Chinese said, the new government did not r-ark a turn oward the left but on the contrary was i turn to the right and a victory for more conservative elements The principal effect of a change o£ government by which power was centralized and Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek, commander in chief of the jrmies, relinquished the executive yuan leadership to his brothcr-m- iw. Dr. Kung, would prove a more efficient fight, Chinese asserted Chiang, though he gives up the title of what approximates that of Mime minister, loses no power. He remains commander ui chief, chief of the general staff and chairman of the new nitional military council whicli now controls industry and agriculture with dictatorial powers Coal Production' Drops 50 Per (en! WASHINGTON, Jan. 4--The National Coal Association estimated bituminous coal production amounted to 5,925,000 tons in the week of December 25 as compared with 10,014,000 tons the previous week Coal men attributed most of the drop to abnormaly large production and accumulation of industrial stocks just before the new Government- fixed minimum prices became effective December 1G. B M. Hollander Dies. SOMERSET, Jan 4 --Bernard Mirks Hollander, 55, formerly en gaged in the shoe business with a brother, died Thursday in a Balti more hospital. When bead throbs and aches and nerves shake, Capudino brings comfort In Just a few minutes. Being a liquid its ingredients are already dissolved, ready to act Copudice quickly clears the head and soothes shaky nerves No narcotics. By the dose at drug store fountains or in 30c and 60c bottles. CAPUDINE Confluence CONFLUENCE, Jan 4--The borough schools resumed Monday after a 10-day vacation during the Christmas holidays Paul Fike, who has been attending school at Carlisle, is visiting with his family. Mrs Howard Sanner is slowly improving from a severe illness Mr. and Mrs George Mickey of Charleston are contemplating a visit to Salpulpa, Okla, in the near future Mr Mickey, now retired, was a former Baltimore . Ohio Railroad conductor Mrs S T Downs continues to improve slowly from a long seige of poor health .EXCUSE IT, PLEASE! "I've been auctioneering for 20 years," says Mr. Cooper, "in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee...and I've seen the tobacco Lucky Strike buys at auction after auction. It's the best in smoking quality. Bob Cooper -- tobacco auctioneer --tells why he, and other tobacco experts, prefer Luckies ... "Luckies suit my throat, too, as well as my taste. Even after crying out bids 7 hours a day, Luckies never bother my throat in the least." (Reason: th'e exclusive "Toasting" process expels certain irritants found in all tobacco.) "In every section of the Tobacco Belt where Iauctioneer,"Mr.Cooperadds,"I've noticed tobacco men smoking Luckies." Are you benefiting by the experience of the tobacco experts?... Sworn records show that among independent tobacco experts, Luckies have twice, yes--twice, as many exclusive smokers as have all other cigarettes combined. C

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