The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 17, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1918
Page 6
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PAGE SEC. THE DAILY COURIER, GONNELLSVTLLE, PA WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17. 19H. HOW MUCH SHOBID ONE INVEST IN LIBERTY BONDS? Answer Is Fowd !n -Table "Showing Family Income and Skare of "Each In War, A great many persons ask the question, ""Wat is my" share of the coat of the warr The Bankers' Trust Company of New York,, through. Its statistical department and with the assistance of some of the leading economists of the United States, has worked ont a table that gives positive information on this "point." E. T. Norton, chairman of the local Liberty Loan Committee, has studied it thoroughly and i3 of the opinion that it is worked ont on a scientific and equitable · oasis. A. portion, of the table follows,,.the first column' showing -the average family Income, the second the amount contrflnrtaMe by eatfc famfly: 4 S» I 82 ." ' " UOO '. 113 ASEIU. BAU»ilIf_B.USES .. _,..:. . BIG AXDUIi RELIEF FCSD. ;~ :usso ·:-"· 1,500 ?..- .v». *«g 2.40C 2J60 3JOO 135 151 175 196 ao ssi no 301 Miss. Anita" Baldwin, daughter of I re'famous race-track man, "Ijucfcy" ; Biidirin, has inherited her. father's i 'dness .for drar* .animals"... For the i tio'rKs and tradued' dogs ia ^thc war | she-fias raised -an-animal -relict fund of owr-?i50,0()0. -". . '· " 5JSDO , - " 658;..: i.9n 2.4CO 9,500 1T500 3JOO MSB 10.460 1S.200 " 3SJOOO.- 56000. - 25,000 . 82.500 the jmumt oontrir/otaWe by each family it would be proper to deduct the tttcccoe tax p«M tr that fam- Irjr or ImfaiMual. TvrSber, Hie amount given r'Cofcmm 2 iv flw Kno^nrt 0'-^ tbe f«m1y aboold sobocrfte to the 'out-daring tn» Tear now beginning. Conflnoice. April K.--a hou« and garden. Tnalring is the order of the J«j- in our ttxra. · JKr. and Xrs. C. Z. TEUT bare gone to Green Sprtnfe W. Vt, Ktaars ttvcr wDl rwtte In the rutnre. £L S. Bovlln, who has been quits sick tor semi iveeks. Is able to be around.~a«aia on the street. Mr/'and Mrs. Hkrry who hav« been lirins in, Akron, (X, lor several months, have moved back here. Mr. Portenfleld will work for Contractor J. W. Clouse. Mrs, J. L. Bieber has returned from a visit "with her daagbtor, Mrs. George "Wagner,.at ConneBawiHe, Pa. 3rs. Charles SCnder of .Bockwood. is visiting h«r paxeztz, Mr. jind Mrs. E. B. Brown, here. Mr: 'and Mrs.' George Straka were visitors Jn Connetoville yestorday. -Mrs. F^red Koonti still cotinues to improve · from -his recent severe illness. -She is staying at the horns of .her steUr, Itra. B. S.' Shipley. SmitfaficdrL ·;· SMTIEFTfaj). Aprfl -IS.--Cbailes Sutton, 1C years oM. wfll poesfUy loose the sigtrt of an eye by a piece ..of T«p«rtm»« which he was breafctag strikinit him. 3ta. Ida Conn of PaiicJiaixe visited Mr*. Banna. **~ J --m. her mother. Tnwday. John Oorm of Gane ins a bowoogh i t i M n Toeoday. Ser. Barpb BeO ncehmd a tetter Tniartij" front h*» aon, Ralpb, wbo re- cent2y eia13a*»d ia~ Caaeda. after rctteted by a draft board in the Stafem and to not in a , In toefc»Bnt that occurred f ont vtth Irk) comman.on a irm mile hfte. "Whfle. they", were a tar muungjlt not a" citizen him. hovwiif^ cot ^iis hand. 'Salph BeO." Tbe citJ- be an nncie, a brother of Me OOf HOL Sin Ha* Ike Bfegect Job Any An EWT TaeHed. He mnat not only organize, equip -and feed- a vwt ftgntrng- force of hli ovn, Dot he ronst gins constant aid to ·oar war-worn. ADIec. Let him know ly our rMpoose to the Thirri Liberty ·Tata, that fe are bacUng ntm. to a flnMi. Boy tooodi urtrll it hurts. The · jPh»t" NatioiMil of Cdoneltevine will accept your sntacriptloBL on, the: Join Pennsylvania's New. Army of Po.ulbry Producers Pledge Card · ' . V Campaign Tor more Poultry conducted by Department o[ Agriculture, Harrisburg, Pa., Pennsylvania. "War. Poultry Commission, Penn- · sylvania State Poultry Association, and Department ot Agriculture, Washington. D. C. .*: ; . WELL YOU 110 YOim SHARE! Check itsms which fit your case for guidance of War Commission. I agree to set one or more settings of eggs, or purchase baby chicks, or breeding stock to produce same to help the food supply of the Nation. . . I can afford to invest .__ , and am "Peithin. IBCECK, April 16.-J!frs. S. K. Eicher of Pechin, is visiting her parents in Ohio for a few months. She expects To" be :back by the first o! Jane. . ' ." J-ohn Rlley of Church Hill, has completed a garage iu his field near the iboardmg house. He has purchased- a new Overland touring car and expects- its-arrival by the first i of the -week. · · · Mrs. Arthur McCusker; and family, Mrs,.Michael Kearney and daughter, Mary Margaret, and Mrs. James Rilcy and'family of Church Hill, were at Connellsville shopping this week. 2£iss Gladys -Miller, who TVTIS home over Sunday, faas returned to her work at Briar Hill Coke company yesterday. ·Miss Sadie MoClain of YJntontown, was visiting relatives-and friends ot Pechin vicinity over Sunday. MT. and ilrs. "William Hogan of Church HJ1. moved to 'W'est Side, Connellsville, yesterday. : airs. Hugh Carr of Ferguson and Mrs. J. L. Keffer. and son Fredrick of Keffer's station, were at Connellsville shopping yesterday. Louis Rearick,-who boards at H...I*. Band's of Pechin Station, was visiting friends in Ohio. . Harry Baker of Pechin, who has- been kept home by a ibealed foot, was able to attend Sunday school Sunday. -Mrs. Harry Dean and infant son ot Beeson lane,- were 'visiting the former's . parents, Mr. and llrs. Lewis Martin, of ICeffer's Station. . . Harry Burnsworth and family of Scoudalc, were visiting Mrs. Burns- worrh's parents, Mr. Jind Mrs. 'Lewis Martin, of Keflers" Station,, over Sonday. . " ':.'."/ "" ' George GUdroy of HUlfarm. was vistling his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Gildroy, ot Hardy Hill, over .Sunday. ·Miss .Margaret Mahoney !of Church HfU. was visiting her friend, 'Miss Elizabeth McGarrity of Scottdaie, last week. Miss Emma Kennedy, John Senor, Eleanor S«nor, Benjamin Setter, Richard Keffer, Mrs. J. Q. Adams and granddaughter, Belle, J. A. Lehman, Eva Lehman, Nellie Lehman, Leone JCUer, Margaret Lehman, Bertha Miller, Lather Miller, Mrs. John Gildroy, Phoebe Gildroy, Jessie Gi'.droy and Enth Gildroy of Pechin and vicinity. were attending the concert at the ranbar township hrgh school of Leis- enriag. They enjoyed the pictures, music and- recitations. - . -If you. refuse to. buy Liberty Bonds and-the-'Hun conies it will be your own'funeral and a scarcity of mourners. "-PatroiftBe those who "advertise,.- - Ohiopyie. . 17.--Mrs. .Mary Cunningham and family, are moving 'to her father's farm'up the pike; " Sirs. F. M. Bush, spent Tuesday shopping and calling on friends here. Ben- Harris was a caller 'in town yesterday. - -Miss-Nora Totten is quite ill- at her-home at-Kentnck. -James Stull of Camp Lee, Va_iis at his home-here on a furlough. Bnrdette Sailor are building a new addition to their store. Tfant Help I Then use our-classified", column, suits will follow-..." -' - interested in 1st 2nd 1- ! L-^- (Name broad preferred); j feet available. ··; . ; . y I have _ -- . chickens at this time. . . [Deserving cases will have special attention). I would ho xrilliu£ to become a producer of poultry meat, iC alter proper investigation you find my application for hatching eggs worthy of such consideration. I cannot afford to purchase chicks or hatching eggs- I will gladly report to proper authorities the success oE my hatch when demanded. - ' _ : .-. Tdesire to receive !iat of chicks and eggs for sale, and such free inf ruination in the way of bulletins or other literature that will give me 1 such iD-formalion as to enable me to obtain the maximum results" with the minimum expense. · · Signed P. 0. Address · . . Express Office or R. p. D. Route . \ ,,___. penna. Help Win the War With COAL P RACTICALLY every consumer of coal is engaged in war work of some kind. They need cofi in large and regular shipments. This company has been appointed agents to purchase the requirements of a large number of important industries. We appeal to coal producers to advise us what coal they can snip to take care of these very pressing needs. Government price paid. Prompt settlements guaranteed. MOORECOMPANY,INCORFORATED land Titte Building, PHILADELPHIA, PA. WHEN I WAS PEDPt SOoOHr EVERYrHI .. FROM THEIR HOME MERCHANT. THOSE THE HAPPY DAYS THE ACTION ON PIANO is SIMPLY TERRIBLE, i WISH WE COULD S E N D / T BACK AND GET THAT FINE TONED PIANO FROM OUR HOME MERCHANT. IMAGINE.'; PAYING CASH IN ADVANCE FOR THAT RATTLE BOX Af-ID I NAD TO PAY ALL FREIGHT CHARGES TOO I CERTAINLY EXCUSE ME FOR * LAUGHING BILL! BUT I THOUGHT YOU KNEW SET THAN TO BUY-A PIANO OUT Of M-C.i*ler-ker 19)6 ' I H I W-H-I I I J I I H BOXING IS VERY POPULAR J WITH ALL SOLDIER BOYS ± Charlie VVTutJ! of Chicago, the ,. lightweight who is in charge of "' · · boxing at Camp Custer. agrees . · '. \ with cantonment officers that j \ ' · boxing has proved remarkably · · J! successful In the training of.-aa- ;; tional soWIers. · · The more I think of the box- |', lag situation In camp, the more · · I am enthused over what a won- '.', derfal physical builder boxing ' · is," said White. !! "I have been working here for ' ; several weeks, holding classes ','. '. \ every day, and th«. improvement 11 *' ID men's spirit and action IB ,. very noticeable. I know one thing from experience. A man 4"cannot bor unless he'ls in good ;; .physical condtticn; and when · · men^ are In condition to box'!', three to ' idx .hard rounds, I am · · - sure 'they are m .condition to do ! '. aaythmg asked of them in camp.'' · "I am working out a schedule I ' . now to have boxing bouts 'nearly ' ' every "night." . White's methods ','. and results have been praised |; by several cantonment officers. . · 2 .It has been interesting to note | ; · ' that some of the lightweight's . · '.', students are yoong men who did [ \ ' ' little or no hard work before » · 1! drafted. , |' MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH PHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. I JnstOver the Bridge ConncUsnllc (West Side) Bdflle Cole, formerly 'with St -Panl In .the American... association and Bloomlngton In the Tlrroo-I league, has quit baseball to help Uncle Sam and'Is now in' an'army camp In tbe Sotrtlt- ~ · · - · - · · · John McGraw may import a Cuban Infielder. The youngster Is named Her- riez and made a good Impression, en the Giant lender' while the latter was jn the Islands. Oubtm fans call him a second UiranVflle. Bfe Is twenty years old. ' : - "-·'·. "·- . W * · 1 STQRACC * I I 8»TrEBC I iildrd SERVICE STATION Carroll Battery Co. A Factory oinlned Battery Man. MUSIC THAT RENTS PURSE AND HAPPINESS The piano mail order house invariably offers "something extraordinary" as its bait and likewise finds its victims everywhere. We have here in thought the man. who heard the finely-toned and attractive offerings of his home merchant but who later chose to send his money to a distant city for a piano that was described in the old stereotyped way as "just as good" and which was offered at a few dollarsless. He paid the freight, the drayage and. expense of tuning, only to find that he had received an unsatisfactory, poorly-toned and all- around-inferior piano. His wife regrets his lack of discretion, his friends laugh and his father recalls that in his day there was happiness in community cooperation. MORAL:--It isn't always the prettiest bird that sings the sweetest song. A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS,, ZDIHEHMAX-WILD COMPANY Furniture, Hues, Sluves 154-155 V. Crawford Avc. W. \. LECHE Dry Goons 123 W. Crawford ATO. THE HOKNER COMPANY Men's Wear 10 .V. Crawford Are. COLOMAL XATIO"AL BA5K Corner I'lttsbvrg Street and Crawford \\enue. MCDONALD MUSIC AND ELECTRIC co. Roj-at Hotel Block S. I'ittsburff Si. H. KOBACKEJi SOS8 "The Big Slorc" i". Tittsbars St. C. TV. DOWNS Footncnr for Everybody 127 '. Fittslrarg. St. j COSXJELLSV1LLE MAITKET ASD .NORTH END MARKET Leadinc Grocery Stores 136 and IS13 X. FittsbDri; St. ANDEESON-LOUCKS HAIOMVARE CO. j HerdTrare 116 V. Crawford Are. ' CHARLES T. GILES Jeweler HI West Crawford Are. . BKOVTN.E1X SHOE COMPANY · Shops M'est Crawford Are. . CONSELLSV1LLE DRUG COMPANY ! Drugs 130 West Crawford Avc. ' PETER JR. WEIMEB : llanos and rhono(,-rapbs 127-128i;a5t Crawford Are. i A. Yf. BISHOP Jewelry , 107 West Crawford ATC. THE AA'RON CO. "Home Builder" 143 '. Pittsbnrg St. CEOWLEY-aiEST'REZAT CO. Shoes ftr the Wboli; Family 113 W. Crawford ATO. ABT3IAN WORK China and Wai] Paper 147-151 W. Crawford Are. THE CENTRAL STORE Dry Goods 211 W. Crawford ATB. ELPERN'S Ladles' Snits and Coats · 130 S. Fittsbnrg St. FIVE AND TEN CENT WALL PAPER CO. Wall Paper 103 IV. Apple St. WELLS-MILLS MOTOR CAR CO. Agents for Willys-Knipht, Overland Cars, Accessories WERTHEI3IER BROS. Men's Store 124 5. PiMsbnrg St. CONNELLS.VILLE LAUNDRY "Snow Wliite Work" 12!).Baldwin ATC. COLUMBIA HOTEL John DUBBBII West Side FKISBEE HARDWARE CO.. Hardware . IV. Crawford Aye. WRIGHT-METZLER CO. Department Store V. Crawford Ave. ' LAUGHREY DRUG COMPANY Drugs. 112 S. 1'ittsbnrg St IIAPPORT-FEATHERMAN CO. Tou Cun Do Better Here. 65 54-Acre Lots at at Tlieso Ro-markablj" f.ow Prices: Lots on Pittshirre Strcef, §125; I.oU on Poplar Strict. S125; lota on Hawthorne Street, S100; Lots oil Carson Street, SSO. City rTater. Casi or ou E.isy Paj-nients. C. B. 3IcCORMICK, Ageni, P. 0. Box 144, Coiincilsville, I' a . -BE'EBI BEnt --The Women Take All the Fnn Ont of It B.v C. A. VOIGHT Jiueoea, I'VE Soto LIB.EC.TVBOMDS PAa --- t-TeiL Not) A MAWi OP ^^ Lljte ME CAl A LOT AT' A T^ME LIKE.ITU I6Ae-- I'VE SOLD OVJCLE PE \M WOLDIWC.TME RECORD UBEHW \ W N\y DISTRICT--Thou SAMP SOLD I HAVEU T T3EEU A 5ALESMAW OF MBEteTTV Bowos · 1UST \^88M?Mm

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