The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 29, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1930
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29, PAGE NINK Basketball By JAMES iff. DJKISCOLL. Coker Uriiontown Dribblers Margin in Coast From There to Victory ©- Orange and Black Quintet Uti« able to Count Shots From Free Line. LAST HALF ' ABOUT EVEN Tho second quarter spelled disastrous for the Connollsvillo High S-obool basketball' team at Unioutown laet niffht -when tho countyseat passers ran up a big margin and tho Colter's were defeated, 21-11. In every other period tho game was thrllllngly close, especially the third when each club garnered juet two po tixts. CotinellsvlUo mado a miserable showing from the free lino. Out of 15 chanc-os cue was collected. Had the Orange and Black aggregation been "hitting" at all and. the. average percentage of free shots lioeu. collected, there might have been a different story. Shots from under the basket were also wasted by CoiiuofiBvillo and It didn't requlro a very snappy brand ot aggressive basketball by tlie coun- tysoatera to grab the victory. Tjhfcre was a low count in the opening quarter, Uaiontovm loading, 4-2, '1'hcu came the disastrous second Ieriod. In it the victors registered 10 more points and held Connellsviile to three, the lone foul goal being registered at Uiat time. Uijack's Held goal gavo Coimells- viilo its score In Uio first «uarter and Mil lor counted oue basket In tho second period, with Kudo registering f r o m tho free line. In the meantime his Joe John, the husky countysetit center, was leading Ms club on to victory. Miller also scored for tho Cokers in l he third period. 'lite game placed (Jniontown more solidly at the head ot the league and il appcarH practically certain the conutyseaters will achieve tho championship of Section Ten. Tho line-tip: mtoiitovn-- 21. ConneUs-illle-- 1L. His Fistic Prowess Brings Him Fame] Captain Oliver "Trader" Home, of the University of Pennsylvania boxing team, whose flatie accom- pliahmenta have gained him a reputation from hj« hom« town of Yonkers to the; colleges in the middl* weat where he will meet some of tho leading intercollegiate boxers .in tha coining: treason of boxing meets. SCOTTDALE ATHLETIC FIELD 1MLY IN APRIL ®- pfficlals Said to Be vSecnringr Information Ahoat Grounds, Lodging and Meals. Kord ...-. _______ ... ____ K-- K\;rha,vt .............. F. J. John _______ ...... -0 Hankiu _____________ .O Jones 1/ujack Miller Bradley Johnson S u b s t i t u t i o n ; -Brown for Kverharl; Klko for J. Jc.liw; T. John for Ford ; Ford for Puglia; ScUnun for Jones; Kudo for lAijaclc. Fiold Koals-- Ford, 2; Everhart, 3; J. John, -'; 1'uijlifti .7ort-3, Lujack, Miller, 2; Johnson. Foul goals --, i out of 12; Cotinellsvlllo, 1 out ot 15. rnlontown ------- 4 10 2 5-- -21 Oonurllsville ....... 2 " - 1 -- 11 Itetcreo -Aquadro. Seottdale Takes Hard Garae From tbuitt Pleasant Perry Township Scores Easy Win To Ckse Dunbar Terry Township High School easily scor-od a tleciHkm ovor Uio Bollo- Vcr- r.on quintet last n.ifrht to keep on the t i a i l of D. T. II. S. in Section XII, W. P. I. A. Uoa,gue. Tho «coro was :;o to 12. Terry forged into llw load at tho flrbt wlilstlo and st-eadily increased iUs margrln throughout tho battle. In tho preliminary game, the Perry t;lrls defeatet{ tho Italic Vernoa foxtot, !i2 to 14. Tho lino-up: Ucllo Vernon--12. Perry--80. Stanley J? Daugherty Waslc-frk .- I'" 1 ---- Galley Wallontine C Swotts Coates Gi--.. Thrasher M a r t l u G Banghman BubstituUous--Bailor for Stanley; Ka'itnmn for Was leek: Bradley for f'oates; Miclictior for M a r t i n ; Jenkitm for Daughorfy; Kiniak for Baughman. Field goalu--Wallentiuo, 2; Martin; Daug-horty, 2; .leukins, 3; Galley, 3; Swetts, 4 : Thrasher. Koiil goal.',--lieUo Vernon, (! out of 10; rcrryopolis, I out of 7. Ke-ferco--I'hillip. I SCOTTUALE, J in. 29.---Tho State ; Armory was fillei to capacity last j night, for the H t o t ' U i K cage duel between tho dribblers ot Seottdale anil M o u n t IMoasant w h i c h tbo Blue aud White won by a acro o£ 34 lo - after a hectic battle. Seottdale cxperu'nced consUl«rab'.o difficulty iu downing tho powerful Mount Pleasant v lerans who tought the Scotties to au even mark during tho first quarter tnd thca made un- other great showi i? duriug tbo t h i r d frame. "\Vitli Kicher paving tbo way 'with sis field goals, th · Klrkman machino mado a game- Btai d in tho la^t three periods lo forge alo tbo front. Tho line-up: .tlouut I'iwi.sanf--t'o. Abromaou I" 1 . . F. G. .. Substitutions--i Immons for Abromson, Skemp for llubh, Couway for Waide. Field goalb--Alirombou 2, I'alacinm, l'reri, Voi'kln i', Jiencdict 4, Hicher J. Stauffor 2, Gax ^, Waid-e, Hush, Skainp. If'oul goals--Mi unt Pleasant, of 14; Seottdale, i! out ot It. Score by p e i l o i l b : Mount Pleasant . ..-..11 :i S Scottdalo _ . - 11 S 0 Kef c-ret--Shock ity. LOCAL BOOSTERS FAVOR NEW PLAN SCOrrDALE, Jan. 29.--U satistac- tory arran-gementa can he completed, Athletic Park will be tho scene of tho spring training during April for the Hcottdalo and Waynesboro teams, operated by tho St. Loitfs Cardinals Jn the Middle Atlantic and Blue Ridgo leagues. It has been learnod from authoritative circles that tho National League management is securing prices mid terms for tho uso ot tho ground's as wofll as lodging and meals for about CO or more athletes who will vie for positions on the two combinations. St. Louis, it is understood, is also scoutinj; for similar terms at Waynesboro and a decision ife expected to bo handed down HOOD. It has been intimated, however, that Soottdalc has a decided advantage as tho ball park is considered a tremendous aseot by (he Cardinal executives who demand that tliclr athletes bo trained on a turf infield, so as to got a touch of tho hie league atmosphere. Howovfli 1 this matter is to be worked out but it is felt that tho Scottdulo Baeoball Club will do all in its power, to persuade tho St. Louis official*; to conduct tho t r a i n i n g camp here. Sixty athletes, it was said, could spend considerable money in the comiminlty during a month whilo training hero to got into shapo for the vigoroTis baseball season. Meanwhile officials of the local diamond organization arcs getting things into shape for the opening of tho 1930 drive curly in Way. Considerable mom-y is to be raised between now and the Inaugural contest- and the management is expected to lo»e no time in gttiug down to cases. A "hope client" ib to be glvou away and tlckott, for tho article wore placed on salo today. The "chest" is bf-iug d'ih- pluyeu in tho Byruo BaildiiiK In PHtb- burg iitro-et. Oilier mediums of raising finida also are being given the attention of tho Lltiilo Cardinal ex«cu- tlvctt. The c o m m u n i t y w i l l bo can- vabed and the baseball boosters .»ro ex pocked to poutrlbuto liberally toward prcficrving tho national pastime here. An official of. the local loam de- j clared that if the St. l.ouKs CarUinii-ls j wero able to work out a plan that ; would result in the- sprint? workouts i at Aihl-etiu Parlc thero would bo a j number of diamond contents bolwcon j Scottdalo and Wayjiesboro. J u s t who ! ·sfill to tho royirr of tho t w o trams ' has lot biMn dollnlt^ty tlcckk-ci al- I h o u f h it is felt that a(, lc;u,t bM' from last year w i l l again bo with their respective ouUHs. Boxing Fans See Great Show At Slavish Hall as 14 Youths / 3 Show Willingness to Battle J-aladino Freed Volkfn Benedict _... Cos Waidc Hush o u t e--;M BOSWELL DEFEATS FERNDAI.E QUINTET IN OVERTIME GAME Boswcll High scored tlirco field goals in tho exira pcrlol Monday night to win ?A 'a 2S, over LUo Feru- dalo HifiU drihbiors at the hitter's court. In tho preliminary game, tho Fern- d.'tlo lasslc-s tool a 34-12 c o u n t over riot) well's sextet. Tho llao-up and .score; V, New Electric Lamp Is Being Developed I y t T n i t f d i j rci,3 N K V V YOKK, Jan 29.---The rays of a new dec rlc light now boint; de- I velopcd w i l l biii'pasa oven f hoso o f ' iho sun Itwolf in vital, hcaUh-^iviiiK ciualitu-h, i n Iho bplief of Dr. M. ), (inoctor oC lighting ve- s c u r r h . A d d r o k s i u t f a mooting- of t h e Aaior- J c n i i l!i--'itu;e of Klcctrlcttl Kiijrineprs, I! htii kt % ;* h said tho lijrh't would b n i i K a b o u t a IIPNV ora in which u ( t a l k j ( . f i l a r coutii bi» trunsi'nrmf'd into » j l i ' - a U h f u l a plnco tm ;v co«ntr hilltiido [ HI auinmer. Culd't. I I P I V O U K troublow ' and other i iltnents will dlmlmlah and | man's l i f e f p a n e x i o n d c d m a n y years : Thi* now £;!obo criiVrrtrt's l u p u ' i i f i i ,i'ul t u i u j s t t ' i i tflpmiMltt. I t not yet j b. r" PIT ft c oil, but H i . l . u i k i M ^ h i bt i i . i , i i I ' l l i i M l l ('t' tlUl't C--5 h a U u u i t o 'Uo;'.- N\ ho Boswcll-- 8-1 Station Ball ,G Forndalc-- as ______ - - -Thomas .- -- W l e s l n g e r MuVickor HURST FACULTY LOSES TO EAST HUNTINGDON In a preliminary coutf.'4 to (h', Hunt-East: Huntingdon t o w n s h i p clasl: at the fornier's gyninassium last nigh', tho Alvcrton faculty llvo dc- feattcl the Hurst quintet In a real battle, 40-37. The tuna wore- wild with delight at the teachers' clo«h when both outtlia went into the game with "everything they hud." 0^·'en Iluritaniau'a u h i l l t y to hlioot field goals kept his aggregation out in front, he registering JO timcH. P-rhififf was tlie bulwark (A TlurU's offense, although tho others came in for their share of points. FIglit Enthusiasts Howl With Glleo at Tlirllliiug Amat/'iir Entertainment TED MANCUSO GETS VEREICT Ono of the greatest amateur boring sho-va over wHnss«d in Coniw'lavill-e was staged last nilght at tho Slavish Hall ibefore sovoral huadro-d iowling fans wlio saw an excellent pi jgram, reploto ivltli action from start '.o end. Several bout.s were on i'ho c; rtl and everyone proved, to bo ,i "cork- r," the boys showing a wiltingn-eas to mix it up and they did it aplenty. Th 3 pugilists, ot Uio sitnon-puro callbr ·, wero evenly ruatchod and in not B single instance was either of the sc appcrs deateivoly (ho better warrior. Jn th fln|.l bout, Kcldlo JM«' latterly at tlnionlown took n declHl a over Young CloraouthS of Joannotte I i a real scrap. Both bos wh-owod a d sire to land a haymaker but tho ne«il-e ' 'iwinch was missing, C'harloy Cravotta of Unionu wn and Davo Uaries of Viilloy A. C., Vilmwr- ding, Jmd tho fauH howling a i thoy tore into each othor to c;trry off tho honors of tho evening. Tho Pay otto touTity*eater took the- declaim utter a thrllWng battlf. Walter Oorbin ot "SVeflt Norton lj«t a closo rtocifnoU to U u f i - h I', rkor ot Scottdalo. Thlt. pair of x\m n-puro.-i wivt. after i h r laurel*, in a ' intnmer and toug" manner, vi:lous di Ivcs being fi^nt from rights aad loftt, rir Uiill! of Oojinelltvlllo w H on Hie nhori i]fl of thf dti'iftlon o lint*. Sli'.kloB of \Vctt N\ston In iinnl'lu'r liumuior. A f o u r t h round wu; irdred wlK-ii the ofHrialtt felt that ho lirsl throe failed 10 prove- lth?r tl o vsupcr- ior. Mike. Tomusky of Valley A C 1 ., "\Vil- niordiiig, reftitieci (o back up i ador tho toi'riflo wailo!).', ot Joo Var oaky of YounKWood and stayed in the thick of tho flght for the tht» roun hi. The Yoimi;wood hoy WHS given he deci- t-ion by thooflic ia!«. Summy A^to of Unlomown soorod si jiidKo'«i doalhlon ovor Pc-to Sli - r m a u oC CcmuollnvUlo whllo Toddy \toncnKo, another r o n n u l l a r f l k boy, ' on ovr-r Johnny (iiiulieiti of l.'nlonto' n hi the otK'ninij lx«t. Ttics .hoyfl ml. up a ill)) Hiul tuck battlo t h a t lust intly put tbo I'aiiH m their foot. Ivluio Uusfjan and Joe Cafferty wcie tho roter«t's vrlnlo D ·. C. W. Utits and Donald Bbcior f Tv^d as jtidgcu. I f . C. Sladdoi.k wat bo timer, J'aul Cohen tho announcer, » id Dr. (i. C'orrado, t h o t l u h phyKJcian. East Huntingdon Victor at Hurst After Close Game assers Straight Win Over Sewickley High Club 17 on Bout Vuce T)ca h. BORDEAUX, France, Jan. !3--LUtlo hope is held thin morning \ ir fbo 17 left aboard tho British frcl? lit Knol^ worth late night when (1 2 life lino snapped after cai rying night, including two wcnwn, to safely. The 1 out broke on a reef neai Biarritz. Four Killed by Tmi i. Bt'JjATON, Alii.,, Jan. 9.--Throe women and a child were hi led hero late last night w hon their t ulomoblle was etruck by a freight tr In at a c TCWlug. Four othois ctscaj 3l injury. Tlie two bottom place clubs in Section Twelve o£ the W. P. I. A, League --(Oast Huntingdon, and Mount Pleasant Township High Schools--battled hard last night to stay oul of last po- fcitiovi and East Huntingdon loft, that berth to Hurst by virtue of a three- polnt decision. Tho contest,' played at Hurst's new gymnasium, ended with a count o£ 30-16, after a hot encounter which saw the Mount Pleasant township lads always fighting un uphill game. East Huntingdon stopped i n t o i'ie lead at the start and hud a comfortable advantage of 30-4 at the- half. Then in the third Quarter the Thirst "Runners" found the range and pop- ptd the ball through with buflicient regularity to tie tho count'at JO-10. From that t i m j on the Alvcrton crcvf v, as a w a k e again and ran the count to 17-10. Hurst steadied up and began to cut down tiiin lead, with o n l y a scant tluee p o i n t s sep- (irailm; the clubs at flic finish. H f i s t Huntingdon --19. Hurst--18 SJiaoffer. V . Lehman TomeehUo--, V M. Smith Andrlsh' C W. Smith L o m m o n -- ,,.... G ., HHI; Dezort 0 _ ,, ...Jones Substitutions--Wilson for ShafTor. Mold fioal*--SluicnVr, 1!; Andri.S'h, 1; I.emmon, J / c h m a n , t ; ,"U. .Smith, 2; Sen). Foul Bonls--Wait Hunting-don, 5 out of 11; llur^t, 2 out of 4. ijcoro by periods: Kast H u n t i n g d o n .. S 2 finrit . . ... _3 1 Referee- Urlflcoll. · WADD LAMBE-QT AHD "WQGY" lj A M [$ E R T. basketball . coach at' Purdue university, can rightly beast that he turns out 1 good baaUotbill playcrn. Since 19^1 a Purduo playjr has ted the Bii? Ton Confercnca scorinf; )a basketball every year cxc ipt two. , P. I. A. League Summary fShcuror Maintains Kecord; I lends .Section XII. LOSERS COLLECT BUT THREE GOALS a- in (i--1C Negro Chemist Extracts Milk from Peanuts TUSKEGBIS, A l a , Jnn. 23 -- Dr. fJoorgo Washington Carver, profofiBor ol' chemifetry nt Tuskegeo Tnstituto, claims ho has dorlvoii more 110 imoful products f r o m the sweet potato, 165 from the peanut 300 diCfercnt painte from clay in this urea. li'rom swoct potatoes, ho enyn he took rubber, ehoo polish, j i o w d e r and m i l k , ami from the peanut, f n t t e n l n p r oU, bleaching cream, coffee and milk topped with cream. lie recently received tho Spingarn award presented each year to tho negro achieving tho highest distinction in tho art? or sci-cnoes, SECTION TEN. yesterday's Remits. U u i o n t o w n , 2;t; flonncllsrillc, I I . ScoHdnlo, 3-1; Sloutit I'leasnnt, 25. Grr(ii'3burg, 35; Latr Jjc, 13. L. Pet. 0 1,000 2 .667 2 .607 4 .333 Greensbnrg _ " f ,33S Mount Pleasant t G .167 Games FrMtr. Mount Pleaaaat at Uaionlowu I.ntrobe at .leanueite. ConnollsvIJlo at Greens burg. SKCTIOK FTTE. U n i o n t o w n .Toannotto Seottdale Latrobo ..' Monesson, -S; Doiior i, IS. Charleroi, 23; Monongahela, 13. South Brownsville 23; C a l i f o r n i a 15. fjludenfs Clash IVillt FoUec. .·UADHID, Jan. 2D.--Studonlti clashed w i t h civil; guardu j n ihreo sepai-ato parts of Madrid about midnight. Two youths wore reported wouhdc-il. The clashoa were tl'c rcisulU) of tho government LlOijUig Madrid "University a f ' e r a 6tulen( Mrlkc. t'lussiiiod Advertisements Bring r«t,ults. 'fry Uioint Philllpc, -..- _ G ........ Uaughcrty Homer _______ __ G _______ ....Williams SubstitutionK- Kelly for Wissinger, Rorabaugh for Williams, H l t o for Kelly, Kelly for Hite, Ryan Cor Kelly, WlllUvnw for Ry in, Walter for Reese, J Daniels for Ilorucr. Field goals; -- 'I houuis C, iMcVlckor 4, Slot lor, Call 2, Hec^o B, rhilllps 4, U w n U l s 4. Foul KOU S -- Tlmnuw, 4 out of 7; Wi«- stnger, 2 out of ;! ; McVieker, 1 out o f ! :!; Jjnnsherty, \ out of 1; Kelly, i out i of J; H t f l t l u f , I H ' l i l ol C: Hull. 1 out of I U ; KIH.-HO, 0 out of 1; I'liillijj.-,, 1 o u i ' ol' "; Honuir, 1 n u t L 1; Duniel-i, t i out of a. ' Ueferee-- llati h 1 Clnssiiiod Advertisements nriu-s it's nits w iu'U jilneitl in UK* t ol- u mm of Th-o- O l!y (\turk'r I'atroul/e tbi ao ^ Uo advei USB. a\i«ragrc of .382 Clialkod Up Jij Manager in 100 fire-nil (Humes. SHOWED BEST IN PINCHES SCOTTDALE, Jan. 20--Tho Courier yesterday anuouuced glad lidiuge to i tho tollowors o£ the HcotLdalo o n t r y | In tho Middle Atlantic JxxigiK* in tlu| iorm o£ an official statement t h a t Bd'vln I law ley Dyer would bo at the helm of tho Little Cardinals again n e x t season. IXdie had a very successful campaign last year, coiittldei'liig ( h o ex- c e l l e n t b r a n d ol' Uic l u i i i o m i l U i / i t w.'w played by t h e ^ouiigritem who put up a tHerliiiK light t h r o u g h o u t both hfllve-tt of tho 192!) schedule. In acldi- llo.i to tootling some neat baseball out ol. his material, S k i p p e r Dyor put up a ulcfi game in the Held Dyer was in 100 ;-anies In li'lli), Koinu; to bat r,UI UiiKti i\ibl n e l l i n ^ 3 - I I hir*. tor ,111 i\"ras;i' ol .",'2 ' rue nunidgor tallied for a total of 100 bases, tin blows Inc l u d i n g 12 doubles, eight ' riples and f o u r liomo runs. j [ ( h In it c i r c u i t clout was the flr»(. 111 1021) it Athletic! Park. BdUlc could wait tl cm out at, hit 2S walkfi proves. lie collected cyon tvttcrilice h l t a . Five, tls ics ho was hit by a pitched bull. Ill speed on the paths la atle-sted by 1.1 e 25 eack« he pilfered, dcaplto tho fact bat bra was hampered by an injury to 1 is log. H o ' btruck out IS tlmofc. Bddl- was right there- wlien it canio to hit Ing in tho pinch uul liis K\vats sent o cr BS nuib, ' a pretty neat mark, In t ie field, he handled MO putotit), nix , ssiista and made «ix on'ort for un live age o[ .flflO. i In several pumen hr wei t on tlie mound in i r e l i e f rtik; to try "iit hl« ami. IIow x \c i r, he W H S '· arjjnl · w i t h j o;if (Idem. I n all hn pit h«i 11 i i i - i For7iioi- C'olletre I.OTi!^ WttJi Cardliuil AtlilcJic ,Sar St. Houls (,'harlerol Donora West Newton _, Mo"ongahola South Hrownsvlllo California .. , 0 1'ot. 1,000 .833 .500 .500 .333 .33'J .000 Monesseu at Wost Newton. / Charlwol at Donora. California at Mouon; uliela SECTION TMELTK. Yesterday's Hesults. Duabar, L'S; Bewick ley, 10. Kast H u n t i n g d o n , 1!!; Hurst, 1G. Perry, 30; Belle- Voi uon, U. JA Pel, U 1.000 1 .800 2 .GOO W. ------------ 5 _. ..... ..... i ~ ..... ....... '.', The J, it Lie I'urdindl.-j of IDL'U surely could touch Un 1 olvl appl and l h ( f-i'HKon's woilc f o u n d I he c ub boaflllnp n inftl'k of ..",02. Ilowvfri poor ficli!- iim mid eri'atii pil h i n g Ivi pt tlifi team j t i o m talcum l.iureU, t h e t i e l d i i i K l o r ! t h e j enr boin^i .U5u, ' h e o I 111 m a l v i n ; , , tit'i-vii ^ i n h y i i . l h n t t 'J 19li niitxinl*; ', ONCE HURLED IN BIG GROUP and 1,23'J .assists. When it camo to hitting, the roster werif to swat 3.S7S fime-s and collected 1,171 timte for a iient average ol^ .302. The blows in- ciudeil ISO doubleii, 90 triplets and SO homers for total bases of 1,771. The team made 133 sacrifice, hit.-,, drew I,'!OJ milky, i i t r u c k -out 490 times, drove in fil7 r u j w out ot tho t!S3 scored a n r l 3D were l i i t by p l l c h c d balhs. Dyer iia,-s 1-i'fMi hooked up w i t i i the* f i i n l i i i s i l r i to i n i i u u i b e r ol VoarH ami ilu rintt J u n e , l!)2U, lie wu.^ w i t h t h e N a t i o n a l IJCURUQ club, p i t L h i n R , p i i u - h h i l l i n g inui p l u y l t i f ? in the outfield. K'UHc was a f o r m e r collogliito ace and made an enviable let.ord in football as well as baseball, lit; is a c i . i d n a t e ot Uii e ( i . h i t u t e it H o u s t o n , Texaf. w h e r e lie- p n n o i l a H h i x , at I m i h Dunbar Perry Sowlcklcy Belle Vei'non ............. ...... 2 ;{ .ton Mast IIiintinj;don ........ .1 4 .200 Hurst ...... --------------- ...... ________ 0 lj .01)0 Games i'rMuy. 1'Jasn Huntingdon at Dunbar. Belle Vernoii at iSei'ickley. Perry al Hurst.' SECTJOX T l f i a T K K X . Yesterdaj's UPsuKs Rrownsvlllc, 2G; Soutli Union. J-. Tledstono, 11; Germ ti'i, 11. Point Marion, aS; (icorgcs, ^0, N o r t h Union, 21; Cirmichaeih, 17. Th-p nnrlefcat-w] passer of th-c D u n - bor Township l l i ^ h School proved (u )f- too much for the c f i i i n t c t of Snvlr!i- )*y Towns-hip last n i g h t a n d chaiKcil up tho e i g h t h consecutive triumph of th-o season by n .scon* of 28 to 10 to m a i n t a i n t h o unm-arrcrt record a n d l o i i t i n u o to bold first place in Se«t'on X I I , W. P. I. A Ixaagua, lirueo yiieaic'rV, boys wore maulers of the situation at every stage as is gleaned from the fact that J l c r m l u i o collected hul, three Held Boots flurin.'; t h e «nlire oaltlo while tbo v i c t o r ^ chalked up an even dozen. Both club.s m a d o the same showing from the free lino, each getting four out of seven attempts. Joe Tulley, candidate for all-W. P. A. I,, honors, again paved the way for the Loisenring t r i u m p h at (ho homo courts as lie sank fivo fieM goals and Ihoit shot one out of three from the foul zone, Coa-ch .Shpa,ror managed to use four of his rcserv'cA in the contest for a major portion of Uio games as t h e S-ewickley contingonf tried dcfiper- atplv lo got into the r u n n i n g for tho section leodciflhip. However Lb« Red and Miack was not to bo denied. Sowtckloy failed totally in tho first fjiiarter as Leisenring sank four points. As Dun bar garnered serou more in the Ho«ind framo, tbo vis,ltor.s manured to got three. D. T. again r«t sov-cti points in the tbird period a.i Ilerminie tallied five. In tho last quarter, i h o Red and Black swept away, getting 10 more as the Invaders were forced to remain content w i t h two. , Tho f-eoonr! hdm garno will !K» played on Friday evening when East Hnni.ingrlon Town slid p comes to IX»K- e-nnnj,' No. I. The Alvorlon club put up ,i i-lose battlo al, t h a t place but tho It i d and Black .should ho ablo to continue itij undefeated record. Tho llnc-up: Jtinbor-- 2b, Sewickley--in, Tuilpy ,, p CampfleJd Miller p. GoorJJin lk*li rous r,ail-y ., Hcllly I^oughnor Petrl -..~--«... C S u b s t i t u t i o n h - Nore for , _ Icr for Nero, tturkoy for Miller, H«sli- en Ixyrg for Ualk'y, Nosbitt for (ioodlia tor Loughner, Ojrmiiorpo for Bchreno, ""'il goals --Tnlloy 5, Nerc, Beh- Uailcy 2, Iteljly 3, Ciimpflolcl, out o f ? ; foiiKs-- D u n b a r , RewleKloy, 4 out of 7. FtuKj-- Tulley, I out of :!; Ofile- Uiorpe, a out ot U; RHUy, 1 out of 1; Campllold, 1 out. of t; T^alimore, t out ol' 1; bought! or, 0 out of H ; Petri 2 out ot a. Hel'croo-- A u s t i n . I ' m p l r e -- Arnold. Store by quarters: Dunbar . _______________ i 7 Scwlekley ............ _____ o 3 10-- I'S STANDIGS North Union ... I/. 0 I Point Marion Uedstouo -German . 3 ·! Curmlchaels ... _.. 2 t GeorgOK -- -- _..( (i South Union 0 7 fiumcs Friday, G e r m a n u1 Urowusdlle. Point Marion at South Uiilo:). at L'nUni ut Pet. 1.000 , 7 1 1 .GOO .42!) North Union Wins From Carmichaels To Continue Lead North Union Township scored .1 21-17 decision over Carmichaela at the former's floor hint night to mainialoa its undefeated record in He;tiou X l l l W. P. I. A. /votigue. Tiio CumljerhUKl township quintet if (Jreeno -oiin!.y put tip u stublwru battlo Ihroiighout and Kay WelslTt* jjiotege-, were forced to oxort tb*m- belve.s to tho limit Jn order to eke out Lh-o tiny juargin. Tho line-up; N o r t h I niou--21. Carinlcburls 17. Lewiii , .. V n u r n c t l e I '"' Mler - · ·· y . . . . linglfch h h i f f h a u p r c Porter Four Seulenceu to XIJWARK, N. J., fun, 2 9 -- F r a n k M c H r l w n , tho "Jersey Kid," ami companions in th-o- s k y i n g ; of a K cttsbiel' in a boldup Were sontenccil late IBM n i g h t to Jic in the- chair, M . u r h i). Tlie o t h e i s ;u-r- \"l( tor C S f a i n I i i c t r o , .Jch-'i)h H, do a n d l..nii,. " C! . Allieoii iht l i n t ion-- (ioodiah for Kihher. Kiekl goal, -I^wh-, :, shlffhauer'\l, L'hazio, Scions 2, Kngllsh, Mi-Cjmbs ·!. l-'oul goals--\orth Union, n out o£ 7; CanuichaelB, 7 out of It'. | Score by periods: Xorth Union 3 ;{ s 7 "1 jC'arnilcliuelN 0 « 0 G~-i7 Jtefcreo--Wall. Citizenship Granted To 15^326 in Month A l l f i w u i i m b e r i i i R 15,3^0 ln j cnm« natiualU.eU Hi7,i!in of llui L'nllfd Stales l u i i n ? , November ot last year, Italy fimiialKxi more, citizena Ihan «uy o t h e i country, w i t h 2,£i79. Moie aliens were, milura Ize-d in Now York t h a n in any other fitato. The tot.)| « a s 4,!)BG. Uliiiofa, with J . O U i , I V n i i - v l v . i u i a . svitii 1,!K,7: OMo, w l l l i 1 . 1 ) 7 , vin,l f ' j i l i t o m l i i , s - i l h 745.

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