Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 20, 1976 · Page 4
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 4

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 20, 1976
Page 4
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4A --June 20, 1976 Sunday Gaxette-Mail ' . Charleston, West Virginia :#:wtt*:m*:^^^^^ 1 Ounces f x·^^^^^^^^!·^^^x·^!·A·^^!¥;%·;·^x·x·^^!·^^^^^-·J.*i of Prevention | Unsuspected Lead Poisoning Threatens, Adults, Children ywwmMwmu^^ Listen to Parents About 'Pot' Open Minds Dear Editor: I'm a ninth grader. I started smoking pot a couple years ago. Last week my sister told my folks I was using it. They caught me with some in my socks. My dad's now making me stay in all the time. He won't let me use the phone at all. He keeps telling me that marijuana will mess up my head. Please tell him that a joint now and then is no worse than the whisky he drinks or the tranquilizers mom uses. If you put it in the paper I'll be able to show it to him. Locked In Respondent's replies: Dear "Locked In": The points regarding your parents and their habits are well taken. Why donlt you be an example for them by taking your father's advice? Your parents are adults and you are still under their supervision. Also, marijuana is illegal, alcoholic beverages are not and your mother could be using tranquilizers for physical reasons, on doctor's orders. MaryBurdette.MSW Coordinator, Social Services K a n a w h a C o u n t y Schools Elizabeth Street, Charleston Phone: 348-7770 Dear "Locked In": I am afraid that no one can say al this point whether Ihe use of marijuana ("pot") is dangerous to an individual's physical or mental well- being or whether it is not. Much of the research i n d i c a t e s few severe problems arising from moderate use for a short lime. There is more question about the long-term effects or the effects of heavy usage. The moderate intake of alcohol, for most people, has not been found to be detrimental to their physical or mental health. However, excessive usage destroys many parts of one's body and frequently interferes with family and work relationships. Marijuana has one extra problem which alcohol does not have at this point. The buying, selling and possession of marijuana is illegal. One of the most important questions, however, is why the use of any intoxicant is necessary. Many people, young and old, use drugs or alcohol as a means of avoiding problems or difficulties in their lives. Perhaps you might examine your own reasons for the use of marijuana or other i n t o x i c a n t s . The Region III Drug Treatment Center, located at 415 Brooks St. in Charleston, is available as a resource to help individuals stop their use of drugs, and to assist them in making changes in their life styles. Staff Drug Treatment Center 415 Brooks Street C h a r l e s t o n , W. V a . 25301 Phone; 343-4196 Have a problem and want expert opinion? Write to Open Minds, 1217 Lee St., E., Charleston, W. V a . 25301. Tkii column is a service of the Sunday Gazette-Mail and the Community Mental Health Center of Region III, which provides mental health care for Boone, Clay, Kanawha, and Putnam counties. We are unable to answer all letters in this column. However, a mental health professional from Region Ill's staff will reply to all letters, provided the writer includes a stamped, self-addressed envelope. The opinions expressed are those of the professionals named and in no way necessarily reflect the opinion! of the Sunday Catette-Mail or the Community Mental Health Center of Region III. By Marlon Wells Copely News Service Lead from preventable, but unsuspected sources might even now be adding to the cumulative body burden which you or your children carry . . . and threatening your health without your knowledge. Small children are at highest risk from excessive lead levels. Known or suspected hazards include kidney problems, learning disabilities, neurological effects, hyperactivity. brain damage and, in some cases, even death! However, adults have been poisoned too. A certain housewife is very glad she happened to read an FDA warning about lead poisoning. Only then did she suspect her stomach cramps, fatigue and headaches might be traced to lead poisoning from a certain earthenware casserole dish she'd been using. Many symptoms which signal excessive lead levels are also common to other ailments. INDIVIDUAL susceptibility to the effects of lead varies. A number of experts suspect that ". . . some vague and ill- defined human ills common in the urban population are manifestations of mild lead poisoning." Since lead is such a widespread environmental pollutant, the lower our intake from avoidable sources, the better. Is your family ingesting lead from the following? 1. Spitballs and certain specialty food wrappers. Researchers at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station found that multicolored, printed portions of some food wrappers tested from bakery confections, gum and candy, frozen confections or ice cream bars, and confection- ABCs of Health filled straws contained lead in concentrations of over eight hundred parts per million. The printed portion of one sample wrapper had ten thousand one hundred parts per million lead. Results of testing have suggested that printing inks with leaded colors have been used in colored portions of at least some widely circulated newspapers and magazines and some children's books. * * * COULD THIS POSE a risk to children who chew paper, make spitballs, wrap packaging around food while eating or chew or lick wrappers to get off remaining goodies? To lay safe, discourage such practices. 2. Leaded street dirt. Especially if you live near heavy traffic, teach your children to keep dirt, vegetation, snow, dirty fingers and even lollypops dropped on the street out their mouths. Roger S. Challop, M.D. of Columbia Presbyterian Center noted that for children, "it takes only a fingernail-sized chip of lead paint or leaded street dirt, ingested frequently over several months, to ... develop elevated blood lead levels." According to Henry A. Schroeder, M.D., "Food grown near highways is often badly contamined and could be toxic..." 3. Older, heavily leaded paint, plaster or putty. Some small children crave nonfood substances and can be very secretive in eating them. The risk is not confined to city tenements or to any particular section of the country. Both interior and exterior paint may be a hazard. Children have been The Human Condition Veterinarians Face Other Causes of 'Kissing Disease' Malpractice Suits By Dr. Leonard Relsman Thomas Jefferson University QUESTIONS friend of mine has monon- ucleosls. Does one get this disease from kissing? My friend says he hasn't kissed anyone In months. ANSWER: I've been prepared to criticize at times--even if somewhat unhappily--Little League baseball, the Boy Scouts, Walt Disney g-rated movies, Kate Smith's rendition of God Bless America, motherhood, apple pie ... But, to kiss off kissing as being potentially harmful absolutely, no! I couldn't imagine anything more unconscionable or more depressing. Indeed, infectious mononucleosis (IM) has been labeled the "kissing disease." UNFORTUNATELY, most of the scientific evidence for this related to the observations that IM (also known as glandular fever) was an illness primarily affecting young people-college students, army recruits and the like-and there were frequent outbreaks of the disease at schools and institutions such as West Point a few weeks following winter and spring vacations. Presumably, vacation time gave the youngsters an unusual opportunity for excessive osculatory exercises--and infection by the causative agent of mononucleosis! One of the leading medical investigators and a world authority on IM, a Professor Hoagland, wrote 20 years ago dogmatically, certainly without any hint of emotion or romance, that "glandular fever is ac- quired by the intimate oral exchange of saliva." Well, compare this comment to Alfred Lord Tennyson's lyrical description of kissing, of course, th poet being unswayed by such derogatory scientific hypotheses: "0 love, 0 fire! Once he drew With one long kiss my whole soul thro' My lips, as sunlight drinkath dew . . ." THE GREAT ROMANTIC poet-and your friend, the nonkisser--may rest easy, for it has become obvious that kissing plays a small role--if any at all--in the transmission of mononucleosis. ' The villain of the piece has been identified after many years of intensive search. In fact, to a great extent through the efforts of the Doctors Henle, a husband and wife research team at the Institute for Cancer Research in Philadelphia. IM is caused by a virus. The Epstein- Barr (EB) virus. Related very closely to the herpes ("Cold Sore") virus, the EB virus induces a syndrome of fever, sore throat, swollen neck glands, enlarged spleen and general feelings of weakness and malaise. The abnormal white cells observed in the blood during the illness account for the name, mononucleosis. IM IS ALMOST always a fairly benign illness, but although the infection runs its course in about two weeks, it may frequently leave the affected indivudual in an exhausted, tired state for several weeks following the attack. And, like many other viral infections, IM can be transmitted from person to person by way of droplets--via the coughing or sneezing route, and by prolonged personal contact. Ironically, the contagiousness of monon- ucleos is very low, and spread from person to person is rare indeed, even within families or within college dormitories. It is thus unlikely that even Tennyson's not so fleeting (and not too filial) kissing would be blamed for spread of the EB virus. In most cases, infectious mononucleosis remains a sporadically occurring infection without any necessity for incriminating kissing. Optometrists Elect New Officers WHEELING-Dr. John Casto was elected president of the West Virginia Optome- tric Assn. during the group's annual congress at Oglebay Park here. Other officers are Dr. Van Lilly, first vice president; Dr. Freda Slaymaker, second vice president; Dr. Dale Palmer, third vice president; Dr. Douglas Conrath, secretary-treasurer; and Dr. Joseph Myers, president-elect. Dr. John Janney, immediate past president of the organization, was named outstanding optometrist of the year. MORGANTOWN-When Joe Dokes took his pet English bulldog to the veterinarian, he left instructions with a receptionist for the animal to be sprayed. He wasn't amused to return from vacation to find the animal, a valuable breeding dog, had been spayed. Dokes" reached an out-of-court settlement with the vet. That kind of mistake today often leads to a malpractice suit, says William 0. Morris, West Virginia University professor of law, who has written a newly published book on "The Veterinarian in Litigation," published by Veterinary Medicine Publishing Company of Bonner Springs, Kan. * * * "THERE IS NO humor involved when a person's animal has been injured or killed," Morris observed. "Besides, animals are property and a person has the right to compensation for properly which is wrongfully damaged or injured." According to Morris, the nation's 32,000 veterinarisns -- like the country's physi- cians, dentists, lawyers, and other professionals -- facemoi'e malpractice suits. "The number of malpractice suits is on the increase and I personally look for an epidemic of them because of this consumer-oriented society in which we live," he said. "Veterinarians, students, lawyers, and the public should know their rights and responsibilities." "MALPRACTICE claims against veterinarians aren't uncommon," he said. "By reading about the pitfalls that others have encountered, a person can avoid making the same mistakes. The cases that I reproduced in the book are 20 of the most significant of this century. "They are presented in their entirety so veterinarians and lawyers can see how the courts have addressed themselves to the problems and how the courts have endeavored to resolve the legal disputes between animal owners and veterinarians." a new look is here in our Beauty Salon... smart, beautiful styles for you and Jim Frost guest stylist is with us Everything looks bright and beautiful at our full service salon. Some things haven't changed though. . .our Helene Curtis quality products and our skilled staff of professionals. We offer you the best. . .pleasant, comfortable surroundings and the knowledgeable, courteous service that you want. To celebrate our bright new look.. .Uniperm special. .. ONLY I 7.50 ONE WEEK ONLY BEAUTY SALON- Mezzanine PHONE 346-0911 EXT. 289 900 Virginia St. East Phone :M5-1 I BOLL FURNITURE Shop Monday 'til 9 Tuesday- Saturday 'til 5 Great Buys on the famous Sertapedic! Healthful extra firm support at low, low prices 90 159 90 199 95 twin-siie sets reg. $179.90 full-size sets reg. $219.90 queen-size sets reg. $279.95 We've been selling the famous Sertapedic mattress for years . .. and now at these very low prices it's an even better value than before. These sets offer firm support with deep-down sleeping comfort. At these prices you'll save from $40 to $80 on each set. But our stock of these great mattress values is limited, so buy now from Boll's. . .prices have never been lower. known to work their way through newer coats to older, dangerously leaded layers beneath. IF YOU LIVEin an older apartment building or house, take no changes. Remove such paint entirely or make sure it is effectively covered. If necessary, consult your local or state health and housing departments for free information. Sweep or scrape away plaster and paint peelings at regular, frequent intervals. Take care not to breathe the dust! 4. Keep in mind that some pottery contains ead. There have been reports of serious illness when a pottery vessel which didn't meet appropriate safety criteria was used to hold foods or beverages capable of leaching out lead. Before you use pottery to store or serve food or drink, be sure it's safe for this use, particularly if if it was made outside the U.S. 5. Hobbyists working with lead. Follow appropriate safety measures. Is your work area properly' ventilated? Don't handle food or lick fingers while working. Wash hands throughly as soon as you finish. * * * IF YOU HAVE reason to believe a member of your family has suffered excessive lead exposure and may have built up an elevated lead level, report it promptly to your physician whether or not there are any apparent symptoms. Possible symptoms authorities list include: Childrn: lethargy, irritability, vomiting, adominal pain, weakness or paralysis, convulsions, coma. Adults: headache, malaise, pallor, constipation, abdominal discomfort, loss of appetite, fatigue, nervousiness or depression, weakness, numbness and tingling of hands and feet, encephalopathy in severe cases. Don't let lead place a needlessly heavy burden on your family's health! BUDGET STORE celebrate in shades of 76 Just in time for Bicentennial parties a long White sculptured skirt of 100% polyester with coordinating shells in your choice of Red, White or Navy. Perfect for those special occasions during this very special summer. Sizes lOto 18. This two piece fashion must is priced for the budget-minded too! 16.00 DRESSES- Budge* Store

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