The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 17, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1918
Page 4
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THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILiB!,' FA. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17, 1918. JOHN t. GAlWf llanaBing: Editor WALTER S.'SMja«l.U. CUV Editor. _\ .MISS LiTNNE B. KWCD^ ' ' i t o I . ' 1 , ; ; - . = . Audit B»r«an of j . .-.;*» p«r y»ir by raa '". Ent«rea »« second cius m»tt»r *t the ConneUsvlll«. !*· ^ .X--^' .. Hospital ""Unit"!./American Ex- ''. p«dittonary Forces. France. -- KAUH F. SIJOER;' ' Company H. 319th Uifantry. ·--" · · · ·· ;'tr. a.-a.- A.,-'; . . - Camp I«e, Petersburg Vm. jjj.jj jjrjrrr Th* AMoelxttd. Pre«» Ii ·"·»·" eluilvelr ·ntltlad to tn« ui« tar - r«publieation. of all. new» di»- patch-5 -eradlted to It or not otHanria* credited In thii pap»r and also lb« local new* publlabad bwtln. - - - - - - ETBBTBODY rf W5I. ^ The parades heretofore held in Con- ;".jBellirille in conn;ectloa witli.patrlofic ^occasion* have not been as conspicn- ~ous. successes "ai~"they -should have · ^"be'en. "Weather , conditions . nave at .-times ibeen unlaToralblc,'.bnt* the "dis- -- Inclination of the people" to 'turn~ out -aiwi Uke a place in-ths ranks oi the /marchers has been the ·of partial failure..-.,Slgktseers:are",al- ' ways plentiful along the line of march but they add nothing to the attractiveness nor impressiveness of a parade. " .' Oa Thursday afternoon there should ·' J;be aa exception to the rule, that has "Been, followed heretofore. There ought . »to -be .few 1 sightseers, it ans, .ezcep.t . "those physically unaible to takd'jrart : · :SJyery;bpdy except those . engaged in : . ,-their regular occupations should be -" ia the ranks, not only to make · this pafaje the most remarkable one in ' .^respect to number of marchers, hut ?7as a demonstration of loyalty without ^precedent ia. the history of'Conrieils- .;'.; Through ,tb,e ^jum-her of-yoimg men Sirho have fohe^out from among ns to :"take their place in the Army of Civ- ..iliza.tion, the part we nave taken in all ,of,the war-time activities and the '-growing interest and ccnicfim, we have 'for the safety .-and -welfare of th'ese boys who are fighting or preparing to fight for the preservation of our ·^national principles, we. must bo so i'solicitous abonMthe- success of the SThird LSBeriy Loan .drive that -we will fallow nothing', to Interfere with our .^joining in the forthcoming dembQStra- 'Ctio"n",*6r"anything' else tbat will con! ; tributfr to reaching our" quota in the campaign. ,- From this time henceforth loyalty .is going to be so much in evidence -imong the people of Connellsville that '.failure or refusal upon the part of .'anyone to give proof of It is going to .Inake them marked and closely ·watched persons in the community. ^Participating in a patriotip parade is ; not, of coarse, positive evidence of ', loyalty, but it makes the persons so 'participating mucB less -conspicnouE ' than tboseVho dti not , . Aeide . from these considerations there remains the one of making a showing that wilf reflect credit on the Wr»t . City.- of. Fayette. We -;ha,ve :' ectoatfh*-people · to forin'si Qemonstrct- tibn tiat would cause the/bosoms of ail of us to arwell with pride in showing w*at we can do on short-nolioe. It ; i do it, and eyerybody help in tte 'doinj.' · ' . , . . ' : ... .-.. · '.';·"·;. Much has been saM, particularlr by the K«l»er, aliouf the par'.'the.liqrd- ia plarin* ii tWe-world -.yar.. 'Nearly ev«ry -participant-seenis 1 . to .be ot the opinloB th»t-lfie'I«rd is ·mor'otl KiK'sfle. tfc'tte Katser there, is no question/ whatever. His pose is as the chosen ot God. All ot which must be very tiresome to the Lord. Prom the viewpoint, of the layman It wonld seem that the Lord is letting the people learn a lesson, and learn It 'well. . And" keeping hands oft. In his- own mysterious way he may influence the ultimate result. But he ·win not press- agent the fact. The 'world,JttP.bahly.^will not realize it untUTong after'it is all over, says the Liberty Loan committee. ·: But meantime-the'.Christian soldiers off the field may, do .their par}; .In..a ·. distinctly material Ttajt " Tai_js..,im,- .peratlvsly necessary to tn'e success of the boys in. the trenches. We.cannot win by merely; trusting in the "Lord; We must use ail our resources, -;brins every pressure.'.to'.bear, in u word^fti like fury. '^' ..^ : :',;.;. --..·'... - ' Pray for -victory; just as. much''as yon like: it will help.: But'yoilripelf will bring "-more-Immediate -and-tanr. gible results.: "Spenrt,as'much June as : you please .upon your knees, ".biit':~if your piety, inclines sincerely to'"th : 6 welfare of your fellow, man spend some of your money for .Liberty Bonds and humanity. :-; ; ; . Invocation has-done mush for this ·srearv '-.... .'' .;.' ' '.:: nsore. ; ~ ~~^.' r ^. : ·:';. The Task to Which We Must i Now Dedicate Ourselves #Kfeh»rt ; ' : HrEtfm'6WJfc?.-Ed!tS--)r«n. nfacturers Record?.-··_";:.-'.'· . ' WANTED---Millwrights and. machine repair men. -·. Plant located in a-: goud cityl wjth.-.ficatrclaas liying conditions. Addrees."B. v ,C," .^he "Courien. 13' ; apr ^6t Gftmutf ku ceased to be a Iu4of dTlU»e*taaMii betas.. It Is Merely a gre«t igfcting a«chiae wkieh. Ilk* all eOier »acbJ.erT, ig wHfco»t coMclemce or morals. dermaay k»»w» n« law except tie Ian oi »Wi*. It k«eW5 a* other reaso*..for-lie exhtmoc by Hs ai»b«ll« BUIIteriitfc «»- ' menL : ' , . ' ' ' · ' - ' . : ' . · Therefore, GerauinT fslwghten -h cold Wood, with ao more: fed. : log or coiuKiciec than » piece at ·uchlicry would haYe Jr killteg a man who wm» f ed l»to Mi nrtfc- less m»iT. - " ' ' - . · The mMkhery hw ,no:con. science, no-ifpnil force; hat Uuit't . *e» BO* lesitn iU.terrllfc p»wer for «Tll, the : Individual wfce 'm»« c«»trary; to its appointed plan -for grinding or enuUng'or : cutting, .or far any otier work.for \ - irhich lt» bvllder created tt. Ibis is the IghUng muck lie whlck we HOW lace. Oni rear ago we declared war. ·pea (ienfaajy though fiommnv kitd *fM*lr,W«rjMl[lnf w»r_»pon . ·a iliee tke.Ctuunei- ol 1*14. 0«e yau- ago we *nderto»k to do what we skoiild hare been-ag- t'grwslTely doing' since '" August,'" 1914« -We - pteu«d for a-great " "Mijy-wV proaiUe* th*-Allies a gnat aenplaBe fleet and ships witheat anker; hot we ate only" aow. ro«adl«g -tate rt*a«- these- · jfciem »ata5.»»»t U MaaM l»r tlw fear. time yet. But I am fall of confidence," is-the word.of Premier.I.loyd .George Iff -ffie British- people,-and~alscx- to us. Thero will be many shifts In the tide of the great strussie on the western front, but we muflt sain courage "as we-Jncreas* our strength to raefct the test. " " ' ' ' ' ~ ' "'" - " The Liberty Bond special on the Billyo ia cominff In on time. The city council - ahould diK somewhat, deeper into thel;provlsiqns of the proposed conduu ordihanr-e before permission .is given to dig 1 , up the ( streeta The spring drive ot'the divorce applicants is making bad "rents ' : In Cupid's *line of 'entrenchnienta. .·"Every bond'buyer' in : the Liberty Loan parade and cvery-parader a. bond buyer," should be the slogan for Thursday. · ' ' ' · . . . . · · . How appropriate Is It that,the. news agency which sends out fla'tterin'c accounts of German su-ccesstfs 'is called the Wolff bureau? ' " The Question vrlth the Really patriotic DOnd buyers' la iiot. f'lioV much" should I Invest?" bnt rather. '.'How can I 'pay for aU I would like to take." Thursday Is the day .when every loyal citizen, not engaged in work he or she cannot leave, will be expected to be in the l/Iberty Loan parade, not standing on the curb looking at it. » After, that Sunday .drive on the neighboring. ,townahlps. byV-Connells- ville's army of bond: boosters It is to be expected that, the- patriotic country resident*-would start a counter offensive by subscribing liberally . Of Conrsie! Plttsburg Gazeete Times. The Vice President--Mr. .Marsha.!!, you know--fca.s. joined , h e Anti-Crlt- iulsm Society.^8aylng.'that he Is against tnVSind that"de»troys; etc..-. The.criti- cism he leveled" at thie.voters'of Wls J conain and which helped . eject Mr. Lenroof over the 'Wilsonian favorite was constructive, of course? By Douglaa Fairbanks. Yip! Tip! Are ire-going to 'trim .the Germans? ', ; - · "'-' ': ."Well, I guess '.with'.Vail] btj;,-jjne'le .S3in'« beys roariri' to go. It's an easy But yon naTe:to help. The ~n»ird Liberty Loan is-more im- portant-fnah-the first ana 1 second. The gorermnent need); your financial' co- eperatkrii. -Youmast .do your "''bit" by subscribing to more bonds than your income,will allow.. Victory demands sacrifice. 5 To win without paying' would make a laughing stock of the law of'average." . . Aside from the "investment you are assisting to promote world democracy. Think of it. To make the world sate from unjust ruling. Government bonds are tie last word in securities. Your property, and other investments will be worthless if we don't win this war. . But there's no such word as "don't" in the American patriotic dictionary. . . Remember we.-are all Americans. Let'» get together. Buy more than your share of Liberty Bonds. The gaine~df~life~ resembles tne famous childnboti'game'of't*Follov the* Leader.''"- -Xvlfeh'y.Otii'patriotic duty, your neighbor'will follow, and so Sown the line. "When our boys come marching home] irtth CHd Glory wav- .tng proudly in the wind, you wili be thrilled with" the thought ' that · yon have "done y.ourj'bit." -.. -Let usian'"be'~ stocKholders; in the .Bank o" 'Humanity. Come on. H V? · :·· : ~ ' . _ _ . - · ----«i) in the mJghtr stngglet ·f the last teii days. : Had we done on* duty as a na- UOB and as IndrrUnls, fientanyl, ooild never have reached its" : jresent nighty tighUag. strengtlii Erery uun who "feogkt. pre-V parednesis ererjr pacifist who sold ',;his; »i)«| t« fcr ;%til. ; »(;.*Gerii»y'8; »*· tfo" fthe fearful blood-gMltinMs of the men who are dying that we: -Mi civilization "mar Ihre. Xhronglr; the ages the stall of blood cannot be washed out, 'It ia there forever. hir nation Sailed .to be ready, failed to see Its duty, because it. preferred ite-ease. let ns,.there-:. ' for»,'with Air sonlB^Uckened lr -.-: ttese, tnUi«, ledoiiWe, yes, qaad- riiple, our enerirj- In bdldlng a . war machine .which will onbnatch.- Gennany'g In proportion as honor ] Is V,-tter. th»a-dishowr, an- moral-; Hy ]» better than, immorality, as. cirilliatton Is higher ttaa barnar- ism, nd i»tegr'ty ol life better than" ifirder ind outrage, f That l»-o«r tasfcj and to. that; iiMO, we .»Mt'_ address eirselves .. Twith erery oiice'»f o«r 8tre»gUi? , of bwdy and soul. · 4 · ; , Let.ns begtn the .secwid year by. promptly OTersuoscriMng the Lib-; erty Bond*'and doing .to the full. est ivHat we haw be«» promhinp to the Allies and to onradrei, and" tntis 'irefleem cnr Honor ani save o»r seals a»d the seal of the WANTED.--Two gentleman between tho ag-e.'of. 25.'ah'd Ifl'wlth a'knowledge of saleswwk: to operate old established routee, guaranteed salary and commission.'' This · IB a good poaftioni ·and- not a proposition (or the right .min., .Call.454 J. lor apjxjintTORixt. ,, . . . - · . . - , . . .IS apr 3t inif us; how men may die and make.n hobU -gain thereby. . "Hov sleep the brave " w h o sl'nk · to'.'reat, by all thiir country's wishes blest!" Tho soldier out in yonder- strife -·who* pVves hta ^wlarm and ardent life^ that tyrants arid their plots riiay fall, that freedom shall afain^prevall. Is wastlnjy'notnmg when he dies', but drawing down a golden prize, and men. will see that lilies bloom about the portals of his tomb. "And Freedom shall awhile repair, to dwell, a. weepinff hermit, "there." And .so we: spoke in maud-Un haste when 'we declared that death is waste.- ·· Bdgar A. Guest. F1SH1XG REAS05S. Pish can be bought in t^e market place. So it Isn't the flsh-I'm after. I want to get fre'd 1'rom the care- drawn tece And hack to an honest laughter. : I want to get out where the skies are clean . * An'd rest by a, Viver'a brink, I want to .get out where the woods . are green And 1 want a few hours to think. Oh it "Isn't the fish I am greedy for. It's the chatter and song ofc birds. And the taJk'of trees that' l*te known .before. I am'weary ot selfish words. I want to utretch out, juat my soul and T, . . . . * In a place from the slrlfe afar, And let a few care-filled h o u r s pasa .by As I t h i n k of the thingn that are. Oh it isn't the fish that I go to frou Though there's joy in a swishing line And a splendid thrill when my grip I set Arid a small mouthed bast,- is irvine! But my soul seems cramped in th« ·stif)ingr air . ' That is heavy wfth talk of jraln And I want to get out where the world is fair .., And. thare isn't so much oC pain. Fish can- be bought In tho market place But I long for 'the r u n n i n g streams. And T want to be free from the care- drawn face And the city of dreadful dreams. I want to stretch out. just my aoul and t --. . - . ..-, On' a Hun-klffsed- river shore. And. be, as~a few mad-hours rush by, 'The"man,that 1'.arn/.'ohce more. , W»t*Hl. WAN TED--EXPERIENCED MAID. .Reference required; good wages to right j?arty. .. Gall 515 Louckjs avenue, ' " - - ilaprtf . FOR GENERAL hbVateW'drJt, grobd iwases^ Apply H.- I* CAUPENTER," 810 South Plttab'urs itreeL : · ' · " : laprtld WAJSTBD--GIKL. FOR GENERAL housework. - "\Vages S3.00, small fam- i l y ; - n o laundry TVork. ' 5719 MunhaUl j Road, Plttaburg, 'phone Schenlcy l 1765-H. .; ·'.. ·'·".'' " '"ISaprSt :.TV ANTED--rAlSY .KIND.-OF Ih«r, "whether,. lt|,ia a calling card, qiils bOI : 'or,' thef ; .:flnesr 8ngraved ; wedd^nr Invitation or announcement. We print aiaythingr--^yeryrthlnjf-r-do . It · promptly and-do Jt rteht. . Call, the man at; TH.3 COURIER o'fBco. Both phones. 27-tf TVANTED--A NUMBER OF STRONG young men to earn telephone line work." Good wages to start and rapid advancement. Apply In pernon at CENTRAL DISTRICT TELEPHONE COMPANY'S office, fifth floor- Title Trust., building, Connellsyijle,, Pa. ,-' Sopr-'ecd-iwceks FOR RpNT--STORE. R O O M T ' ' 5 0 6 West Crawford avenue, GEORGE A. MARKXdE.. , · 12aprtfd . FOR RENT--^FURNISHED .LIGHT .'housekeeping rooms. SOT^iEast Cra'.v;ford. " llaprtfd FOR RENT--THREB FURNISHED rooms- for light housekeeping. E34 'East Crawford. . 17apr3t FOR RENT--BI T IL,DING. CAN BE used for stable, garage or" storage room. 307 Saat Cedar. 17aprU - FOR RENT--FRONT OF-FICBS ON ·eeond floor of Dunn A Evan a build- in*. Inquire of HAKRT DUNN. 8jan-tfd .FOR. RENT--fTW.O LARGE DESIR- a b l e ' f u r n i i t h e d rooms for light houFc- teeping 1 .-- Alt - coh.veniericefi. ",41D. North' ittsburg street. 17aprit. . FOR RENT--THRBE FURNISHED or furnished rooms for light bouse- 'keeping, four doors from Brimstone Corner. Call Tri-_2tate 173. 15apr3t For FOR SALE--THHEE AUTOMOBILES. rm sell on ttmc- Bell Phone 515. 17apr2t FO,R SALE--ONE J3XTENS1O.N table and hall piece. 511 South"Pltts-r burg Btreet. second floor. 17aprlt · FOR SALE--ONE _ 19H OVERLAND touring- car. all good tires; will sell cheap. Address or call ALLEN SHAL- LENBEltGER, Owonsdale, Pa. 13apr7t FOR SALE--SEVEX PASSENGER Packard 1910 model, in perfect condition. "Will demonstrate any time. E.' R. Stl*ilS, ScottdaU, Phone .139-K. IGiipr-tfd FOR SALE--SIX CHESTER pigs. Jive of them . fomales. Will weigh about 100 poundH each. Pat .enough to butcher. A. D. BLAIR, Dawson, Pa, 17apr2t - "WANTED -- TOUK- BASBEKING business. RENDIKE'S ' . ' tf - FOR FACTORY work. Apply : .TRJ-3TATE CyVNDY CO. - ' - · ' · 4aprtf tl' " WANTED--GIRLS.- -APPLY CON- NELLsyiLLfc LAUNDRY COMPANY. ' ' . .. ' 17apr2t '.--Four or five "room floor or small house at · once. Telephone 454-J Bell. . . . · . " II ; It "WANTKD--SECOND HAND writer. Call Bell 13-R, or Trt-State 98-W, Mount Pleanant . ·WANTED--TWO SALESLA-DTES. AP- ply FIcks' Store.. Reference required. ! 16apr3t* · WANTED--MESSENGER BOYS over 1C. Inquire B. O. Master Mechanic's Office. ;- ---,_.- "iapr3t- · ·; -WANTED--SECOND TRICK COOK.- -Wa'ges..?7.00''pe'r -week. CUPPS' RES- :TAUR.-V?»*T; ^Vacer street. - · Hapr6t ; WANTED--DISB-WASHP.R. -SVAGSS JS.OO per w«ek. CUPPS HKSTAUR- ANT, Water street. ' ll^prfit . FOR SALE--ONE 5-PIECK PARLOR suite, one large porch swing '.^ith cash Ion. one sideboard, one wardrobe, one organ. 313 South Kiglith street, West Side, ConncHsville, Pa, . · . 16a,pr2t" FOR SA1.E--TWO HOUSES, O-N'K of sei'on rooms, heater and bath, one cottage, four rooms and bath, good renter. R e n t s for J3-1.00 month. Price $2.700, One seven room house on Cedar avenue, S3.0rtO. This is a nice clean houne, large lot. Will be sold on- payment*. J, A. MASON, Secoml National Bank Building. .17apr2t EM pay.» /iiaay, ph'asant wt»rk, w r i t - - inff applications, collecting" premiums, I sick, accident inffur.-ince. No b.\perl- I ence requirod. -VATIOXA1, RELIEF ASSUR.-\N"CE CO.. I D S South Fourth Btreet, Philadelphia. 17-20-apr-" ESTATE OF MRS. IARY A. WHET- ney .deceased, late of tho City of Cun- nellsvilte. Pa. Letters o£ ttdminititi-u- tion on the estate of above named decedent having been granted to the un- dttrsigncd, notice- ia hereby ffivc-n to the persons indebted to the said estate to m a k e ' I m m e d i a t e payment,-anil those having claims atfiLinst the Fame ] to present them properly a u t h e n t i - ' Gated for 'settlement. MRS. EMMA SOISSOX. Administratrix, 510 Johnston avenue, Connelbjvilie, Pa. 17apr5t-wcd ESTATE OF JAMKS M. REJD, LATE of the .city of Connetlsville,. county, of Fayette and state of Pennsylvania, deceased. Letters, Testamentary on the above named estate having been grrantcd to the undersigned, noLice In , hereby I given to all persons ··Indebted to said | estate ,to make Immediate payment, and to thos^j having claims against the same,' to · present tht-m properly authenticated"" for settlement. NANNIE J. 'HEID, Executrix, ConneHsville, Pa. H, G. MAY, Attorney. GmarSt-wed 1776 1918 Join Our Liberty Loan Bond Club 'It's the easiest and simplest way to get,on the home firing line--to strike a bqcly blow at the Kaiser. . Under the LIBERTY LOAN BOND CLUB plan anybody can buy a $50 bond · by paying a dollar down and a dollar a week until the. bond is paid for. ' $100, $200,-$300, $500 worth of bonds may be paid for in similar proportionate installments. These bonds are the safest investment in the world' today. All the resources of the-U. S. Government are back of them. " · . : Don't'let anything keep you away from this double .opportunity. . . An opportunity for safe and profitable investment. An opportunity to help jwin the war. THEY OFFER THEIR LIVES FOR YOU Your sons and your neighbors' sons, perhaps, are now fighting in France or will be "over there" very soon. They offer their lives for us. Can we do less than offer our money to supply them with food, guns and ammunition.? No; it is our plain duty to buy as many Liberty Bonds as we possibly can. It is the least that we can do for the brave boys at the front. And there is r sally no sacrifice connected with it, for every bond is as good as gold--better than gold--for the bonds pay 4 1-4 per cent interest. . . Come in today and join the Liberty Bond Club. The First National Bank The Bank That Does Things For You. -CONNELLSVILLE, PA. AT ONCE ONE LIN'OTTPE OPEaSATOR AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE 1.---13L7 Ford roadster, run lees than 3,000 rnilcs, S360. 1--1D14 7 p.isaenffor ackard, 'S"6. 1--^1916 5 passenger Ford, J37E. 1--1914 Maxwell truoH, S42S. KEySTOSK AVTO HEAIH. In rear of Sll West Crawford avenue; West-- SictQi Connclltf- vH\e. Fa. WH WW T N. Trump fc ITE LINpS TRANSFER U MOTOR TItDCK ·· WAGONS. UOVING ASH aOI«T«!»Q P1AWO9 A ttPRCIALTY. YOUGH TRUST COMPANY v TVANTEH -4. CHAMSKHMAID AT. once." Wages' 55.00 per Week. CUPPS' RESTAURANT, W aler . s t ree t. .'.'·.;"..* · *i, ' '-'" ... . . . . '..-.'' l-l-aprSf TChen the Germans push back tlie British Unes it simply means that ;?fe. must push .the harder In greitingr rcai)y lo hurl the Kun back to BrHn. . ... 'Answer to this'e news.from the western front should fce given In ' doubled Liberty Bond subscriptions. :,"Th» Ouctuatlon bet-ween . hope; and iv must, "continue "-for aome . . . .; ^- -./·;; ·_ · , - · · ; · · · -;.. ' .'. \ BTOG FOB * » X hate .to 'die-^-and jso. dp. j-ou--it;s Bu6h. r !t foolish thing to do. "We feVU "trtcir-we ara- cashi'ti^- ir:, that cUs^rtfu- tiinnjs'a, sin/tt'.s yucK a \vaste of and bonex, and- all the flcsb a mortal OWTIS. "We Jead 'our. sale and shel- ,terecL.'lIves;.we;rcar. pur:.lcids and -feed our wives; we've lived, in. fat commercial itime?, resolving- .everythins 1 to dtrncs. Our fr'ugc.r Instincts show -that .\Tustie is sin by which -we arc ; disgraced, and ao it causes us distress to lose the numfcer of our i-neaa;, ior death--ls--waatei the? th!ny w« dread; there is no rake-off for the dead,'The wmr some consolation -brings; It's us a. lot of things; it's temch- , IS-jrtiars of acer''' PaMNwhiic "WANTED--BR1OHT' "BOY, OVElt'-J6 years of age,to learn job prlntiiis-- .lii^- quire .JOB DBPAlLTd^NT, CoVrTev: '. : ' ' --TT/O -OR ·" THREE -. : ^?7-furnished' rc-ornay'ror-.H-rht iiouseKisep- in^..',-: Cenlipalb"" located. ^ Address r," -Courier.-- ,^-17apr2t - "l£'s :! iootwear-tli!g,t' ^rpmen believe, in','.as wef/h'aye for ears, if you buy them. ; ,.'. - ;. . "" ".: ; ' 'Everything new that!g;gbo'd is here/for your choos- .;.v. ;-, ; · · :;"·-.. .'. '· ." ·' . Black, ..White, Grey, and: Brown. . . . . · ' - - · Shoes--Pumps--Oxfords ..... -- OlrD--.- FALSE . TI^ETET. JJon't matter itVfairoken. f pay J2.00 to ?t5,Wv.per;- set.'. Sead . by. parcel, post rind'-receive check by -ret'ufn mail." Jj. MAZER, 2007 South. Fifth street, Phila^. delphia, Pn. . . 11apr23t" . WANTED--^BARBER. GOOD STEADY single man at once. Wages SIS.'-;ialf over 1 J24 and-better to the'right m^n. Up-to-date- Banitarj 1 " shop. CASPER HAITT;' Bell-Phone ?3 Ring- 12, paw- son.-..Star Junction. Pa. .17apr2t* To ^vcar Safety First Guaranteed Clo.thes, always (£"( A Save fbe mlddlleinan's profit of ?S 9) J-vl and make it your first payment on a Liberty Bond, Meyers Bros., Inc., Philadelphia, Pa. See our Special Represeatative at Sample Room, Hotel Royal, week of April 15-20 from 7 P. M. to 11 p. M. LONG DISTANCE MOVING HEAVY HAULING Fast Service Day and Night Get Rates Work Carefully Done P. B. Kessler, 613 McCormick Ave. Call Bell Phone 234

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