The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 27, 1964 · Page 36
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 36

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1964
Page 36
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20 BANK ST. ' Cerfl-jww. Rata - 72S-M44 -UHaji Iridg feu - 733-7725 his words are. "Where's Norma?" 1 half suspect she en-Joys putting me in the shade. I am hurt and embarrassed that others might notice it. Should I talk to him or to her? SECOND. Dear Second: Dea't talk la either one ef Ibem. Be pleased that yeur daughter and her father have warm relationship. , Every girl's first sweetheart Is her dad, and there is bound to be some sense of competition between a girl and her mother. As Norma becomes seriously interested in boys the daddy's girt bit will be less intense. So relax and live through this stage as you lived through the others. . . Dear Ann Landers: I am a It - year - old boy who has been going steady with a fine girl for almost three years. I would like to break up GUARANTEED REPAIRS on SHAVERS oil makes , ? and 'APPLIANCES. GOLDSTEIN BROS. LTD. Downtown: 142 Sparks Strait 2M-7MI with this girt but. I don't know how to go about it. She is as nice as can be, which is a big part of- the problem. If we had a big fight or something. It would be easy. But her disposition is wonderful and the agrees with me on everything. The thing that makes It difficult is I don't know what has happened between us. I jut lost interest, you might say. . Our families are very close friends and I'm afraid everyone will be sore at me. Do you think I am a rat? UTICA. Dear Uttea: Ne. If you have lest Interest k the girl, teat's reason eaeugfe ta break up with her. Terf the girl yea believe it would be beat if each ef ye were free im be with ethers.. Make it clean and quick. This is the decent and humane way te end romance. LAST 3 DAYS of our EXHIBITION SALE t oar display exbibrt 'booU m the Mamifaeturera ' at al three start rftrathfi -. ' "' ' - SELECT YOUR FABRICS AND GIVE US your winnow measurements ' ' (Minimum length 72" $1.99 yd. and up) . - ' '? . and have' YOUR DRAPES MADE FREE ANOTHER EXIIIDITION SPECIAL :; " At Mr EiMbUten Booth Only . ; .. . . RcadyrMcda Drapes . '. . at Specially Reduced Prices icnR(o)n mmm, Kcirte plan - 745-232J ExUkKiM Memrbctartrf iatu Ycti can get tamed away wearing cloud time One pair will lead yoti to another and why not? A girl can A ways on wun own pair oi smarx. JJ 1 comfortable Cloud Nine shoes. . 1242 Wtllington Street Cerlingwood Shopping Centra 2097 Carling Av. McArthur Shopping Ctntro 320 McArHiur Avt. Billings Bridge Shopping Centra 2221 Rivertide Dr. Elmvila Shopping Centra 1888 St. Laurent Blvd. arf at . , ' "30 leckwifh Strttt, Smiths Falls Cumberland W New frozen foods were discussed at a meetine of I Cumberland Women's Insti tute, held at thehoeje of Mrs. Lois Bemdt. Speakers were Miss Dorothy Cowan and Miss Cathy Hudson. Others who took part in the program were Mrs. Allan Findlsy. Mrs. 1. R. McNarry, Mrs. Percy Findiay, Mrs. Kenneth Findlsy and Mrs. Fred Flndlay.'-i , 3 s. W. - ' " - - - '"f. .' JMfPTWIM ttr TyeptSrjrV . we" "' piwwwW'W'awwwwsiMwMwaiwPM nM earint ttM. r mm .! w CssV ajeifjetay Sjasejjgj m-a M rirt. atw Mttr hwm Urn mmini mi- prr-'"S Mm iifn.t r SM4. im SkMH I M K DEAR HELOISE: What about ahimlmtm-rrim-sped windows and doors? Mine look terible. Helen a 1 keep my elumlnum-trim-ereens bright and shiny by dipping a soap filled pad in , straight kerosene and scouring away. -. All I need do after that is to rub the doors or screens with ' a soft cloth. I do not wash olf the kerosene. It works. . "y Y"" ' ? -eletsba. black ' brown most ' gold red V coffee kelly DEAR HELOISEi I have found eway 1 1 "I f r (f fl Here is something for those of you who have blenders . . . lucky gals. 1 FINALLY learned to use sty blender for grated carrot ) salad, end here's bow: Fill the blender one - third full of water and turn the machine on LOW. , While (he water k CHURNING, take your knife and cut the carrots Into chunks (abou one . halt Inch) and drop, then Into the blender (one chunk at a time, very quickly). Soon as you finish the second carrot, turn the blender OFF. We don't want pulverized baby food. Now,: pick up your other three or four carrots (blender is OFF) and cut more small chunks on TOP of the finely grated carrots. I usually add e few radishes at this time. Now turn, the blender on fast and turn it eff quickly. On again and off again, etc., until the carrots are as fine as you want Pour ; the chopped food through your strainer so the water can drain. Or you can use a piece of nylon net for this end wring it out beautifully. - One can'also add a bit bt cabbage to the carrots. . 1 Pure cabbage slaw can be made the same way. If you like, onion m the slaw, put it in at the SAME time. It's so pulverized that it will be distributed beautifully. I use a dressing made of one half cup of mayonnaise (not salad dressing) one-fourth cup of sugar, and one-fourth cup of vinegar. Mix It well and pour over any of the above. Wonderful. Heloise. . DEAR HELOISE: When taking a freshly-beked cake out of the pag,and H sticks to the bottom Just run a knir sround the, sides of the pan. then set It on a lighted stove burner for a few seconds. This will warm the bottom of the pan and your cake will come out smooth end ontorn. L.c. It wlU do It, The heat melts the shortening slightly. But be sure your, burner Is on LOW end you leave the pan on for only a few seconds. ' ' ' neieiia. ' an AUGUST FUR SALE OniweVllI mi km IrKtsOard hrim tn sm WESTERN-STYLE DUMPLINGS j .K ISJMnlt" ' k . 4 eliminate brokeri'zSppers. Sometimes tippers break tt the top where there.-' is the most strain. So I sew e hook and eye on the' material between the waistband and the tipper and k eliminates the strain,-. . . ao more broken. kippers. v ; .1 - Mrs. Larry V. Travis. ;f ' 1 j Journal Went Ads bring quick results. . f - . i MaasMefniV JUB Me1TMBJM ' W'e"wawv THE fJOUNTIE "asessssssa ; , - i'l r .v.. . .. i , v In finest velour, ribbon-edged to keep that crisp look. Ties neatly under' chin for coey winter warrnth.' 1 the beige " winter clue cranberry 10,99 Frtiman't Milliner). Stcond floor. Downtown Strttt floor, Wutfalt , , ' , i For Quick Shopplne Call - Frelmarft Personal Shopping Sendee S36-M71 First couiia to a rabbit; these western style dumplings, perked up with green pepper and celery slices make a rich, flavorful Friday meal, a change of pace from fish dishes. Since the ingredients are kept on hand in any well-run kitchen, this is a good spur - of . the - moment dish. Simple to assemble and quick to cook, these are a perfect choice for the electirc skillet dramatic at the table too, as the dumplings burble merrily in the mixture of convenient canned tomato sauce and special seasonings. WESTERN OUMPUNGS . K cup pely-unsaturated ell H cup sliced greea pepper ft cup sliced celery I eaa (l-eunces) temate cups water I cups biscuit mix 1 eup shredded Cheddar .cheese rtl . H cup milk - ----' Heat oil in large skillet with light fitting lid. Saute peppers and celery until slightly softened, about 10 minutes, Add tomato sauce and water; bring to boiling. Combine biscuit mix, cheese and milk; stir until well mixed. Drop by tablespoonfuls into bubbling tomato mixture. Reduce heat and simmer It minutes uncovered: cover and simmer It more minutes. Serve at once. if 1 1 34 THE OTTAWA ' JOURNAL THURSOAT. AUOU8T J7, Wi m ANN LANDERS Dwr Ana Undent I im driving 15 mile to a neighbor-tng town bKiiM I don't want anyone (not even you) to know where this letter came from. I hope you wilt print your advice because I can't possibly send a sel ( addressed, stamped envelope. , ' Our daughter (1 will call her Norma) is IS. She is a normal teenager, which is to say little sloppy, somewhat headstrong and she wants to look exactly like! every girl in her crowd. The real problem, however, is her lather. Norma always was "her daddy's girl" out this year it has become worse than ever. When he leaves the house in the morning he never ails to kiss Norma good bye. Yesterday he was running late and dashed Upstairs to give her a good-bye kiss. I was right at the door but he forgot to kiss me. The minute he comes home Every Girl's First Love Is Her Dad V COOKING COLUMN Dumpling Dish for a Friday Supper Scrub diamonds with an. old toothbrush'1 m a bath of' lukewarm water and ammonia to.. make them sparkle. f Milk fll 1 JlLM mm i - ' . V - - i I t .VIJ!Jf. R.Vr'? j - ' i. J ' r y ' ' ' 1 ; i 1 f ' A ":t. VV . WasstTasssasss MrPPLEJU!Cf - I fiiwiiini j M V " ' '-'. 1- '.if'1 t : ' j-' 4 5 "Refresher courses" for your baby -'J. Five wonderful freshets of flavour, designed to please your baby. Theft the good word on Gerber Fruit Juice. Made from choice, sun-sweetened fruit, they're delightfully mild,! delectebty good. What's more, ell are excellent dietary j sources of Vitamin C.i needed for sound gums and body tissues. All are carefully strained for easy feeding" from j bottle or cup. Your choice of Ortnge Juice. Apple Juice And 3 flavour-crossed combinetions: Orange-Apple, i Orange-Banana and Orange-Pineapple. . ; Qerber Juices, like all Gerber Baby Foods, are prepared under the watchful eyes of specialists who work f solefy in the interest of better infant nutrition. All are quelity-controlled eccording to the sttict standards which have made Gerber famous. , Babies are our business ...our onfv business I , I ' I -Gorbor I Oerber Baby Foods LlJ 'JSrr! ? . - v - - '.i'k - r; fc if.-1.. f.'r ' 4 r . ..( m .. ' ; f; Oerber Baby Foods

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