The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 17, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1918
Page 3
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ifsfffe^,,. · ' k *T^,..WEDNESDAY, APIHL .17, COtTRIEB, COIWJLSVlii.B. THE P4UI013CT. CHAPLIN BOOSTING , THE LIBERTY LOAN IN WALL STREET UP.-ia fire ipkrf:' BiuV bird feature In^wMet^Hirtiert Raw-' . .;'liiuon to fii*t infr6ducetf*as a'yirong ; 'college man, named Dick Court, is be: 'ing presented "today.""Young" Court's : father ii a, member .o£ the United States »«ciet service. Titk is a strong 'athletic fiBow, a«d takos in a ;foot: ball fame., .Thii game Is especially ' - interesting' and. -well staged. In; the ; - t a m e it develops thai -Dick lacks "courage at times of crtsit. andi-tbis .-weakness is .a constant scarce, ot ir- . rltation to /Bis father. The ' main ' "theme of the'stdry revolves about.tois . x '.weakne»s.\Dick-ls in love with a : girl - .named Clara Brayton, a part, portray-* : ed by Claire DuBray. She is really , a .member, .of. the .secret, serrice .and : Dick is subsequently put on the'same r · case -with her by his father.' IDick '" ''proves his .real courage in··roundSng:,_ : -op a house full of spies and rescuing : [ : . the girl. The climax is exciting and j - contains an-'agreeable touch of humor. [ I Tomorrow Jane Elvidge, supported by I. Cariyle Blackwell and John. Bowers,' ·: ·· ·. will .· be. starred, in "The "Way 'Out,V a; play dealing with a gu'estlon of international marriage. The climax'of the 1 production oecnres on a battlefield in I -Europe; Friday and Saturday May : Marsh-will-be seen'fn "Fields of : . Honor," the Dew. Goldwyn- .picture: Monday Ebimr Wehlen will appear in "The Shell Game." OKTHECX THEATRE. "T5K GEftL : ·WITH THE CHAaf- PAi3WE'laCHB.~i- : So" matter how low a mail or a woman may go there is alwan a chance. -for a "come-back"-- alawys a chance.. that something will. stir the spark of honor . and cut outas with a surceoifs .knife, ihe moral sore that has grown -'because the cor- .- .reel: mental w snrroiiiiduigs were lacking. Such, Is the cue in ·The Girl With the Champagne Eyee,"^featnring ·beautiful' -Jewel Carmen. '· Tomorrow^ · ".--"·My Fataer," the- second of "the. Benjamin Cbapio series, "The Son o! E«niocracT,";will be shown. Also Margarita . JSscter aifcars as ew«t Ann 'in "Ann's Wnfeh." indU-' .It is ·Wary of a finishing school esca- which lead to a rcnaance. THE ABCAOE. · : ' ittt, ' ciiix SHOW."-i With an ocean..Qfrfrm and a la.ugh.on t*y* r T wave bring Lewis and his '-.' '-Cnicke C4oo Show will today and-to- '·-.., j..morroro.4)Tesent,.at i th8 '. 7 ;"Kew "Landlorfl," "a "niusica To ; illnstr»te what he meant by poshing the. Liberty Loan subscriptions skyward, Douglas Fairbanks wound up the show ror.a vast gathering- at the Subtr'easury zuilding'in Wall street,'New York, by grabbing Charlie Chaplin and hoisting.him by sheer force at bis' arms high abore 'head. The crowd sail-the point,-and'Charles didn't mind'a bit. Tlie photograph give a..view-o£..the great throng that jammed ."Wall -and Broad streets for several blocks deep"to hear and nob the famous' screen stars. visit-.TFith relatives in'Cumberland. . . ..Mr. and: Mrs..Clarence Rowe have returned from...Philadelphia, -where they had been attending the wedding of the.former's brother, Fred E. Howe'. · . . . " · - ' · Mrs. Arthur Sartor was'taken to the Allegany hospital in- Cumberland · on Sunday, where she will remain EQT treatmenU. · · - . i .Mr. and Mrs. Jf. HI label .visited friends In' Fair Hope on Sunday. '-Mrs.' Chan Fisher and daughter, Barbara Ann, of Somerset, are visiting at the home of Dr. and Sirs. C. P . Large. · ' . . - ' · Mrs. John B. Saylor and' son Wel- musical farce com- j din ot Canton. 0., are rfsiting rela- edy. TQR company is composed.'ot lives and; friends here for several weeks.; · ", ;. .-. . " -, Ring the Liberty Bell,, folks, dont toll it. .. .-I "' - i capable, »rtit» : ana ; there, is , .. 'ftamJtiible tabloid' offering with scenic splendor and'inagnlficcnce;,..witli elee- ttlfal eBects that are new and novel. The latter ji posslbl}- 7'Trr our classified advertisements. greatest ever seen with a. ten people organiza- ,-, tion. The costnmes. are creations' of sartorial aft of the latest fashion, and were especially designed for- this company. Joy, gladness and merri- mum. are - t h e , big. elements, as "Jir. L:wis- is--a real comedian' and. "he.:-is ably supported'by. Billy Russell. The va.udevine specialties .will_ include -a. iriilin solo by "Bern! Provost and new numbers will be introduced by all the members of the company. Miss May Allen is possibly .the best buck dancer this theatre-bas'Aver had. "It''ex- cellent ' singing- company : . and the songs will include "The Garden^of Italy." "My-' Sweef-AJsace-Lorraine" and "You'll Find a Little Bit of Dixie Everywhere-" -.The-; picture wUl~be "Vengeance and tne.TOman.' ANEASFWftYTO } BANISH PIMftES ; If -you are troubled with pimples, ; Wackheadsv..;^acne;.. .barber's : -"itch, .blptchea^fr.ectteft, ,or. other - skia r dis- easei or biemijh, »ow' is tie time to get rid of it with Hokara. ., : ..' This pure and siihple skin healer Is being introduced' Inr' Connensn-ille. by i-~A;»C]»rkfr at teh low price of 35c,. . for a lib*ral?stzed jar, and. they have ·old hundreds of treatments. -- - . · - ft.,contaias no grease or acids, is cleanly:to use.and is.,»Ltrue nourishment fair the skin; ckianing and-clear- ti»»_ - (tor _ - gire"per- jS*5sati«Sictton,. return. the empty jar A*T ; tBe jiri Clarke 'Drnjr Store and Ues ;wHl r T-erund jonr. money.!, .If .-you lutre-.any'skin -trottble,' you~ caiitnbt fffVA .. SSc'^o .- BitU-r.'.aararifage'ithaa for a jar ot this skin food. ..-.' :'. '· · Mieyer»dale. ·· - ' · e B. i Cnaxiotte, N: I 'Ci- Isjispendlng.-i JiVe^day/ furlough 1 .her»:.Trltlr-'hls 'parents';', Mr. and -Mrs. "I ElJ,Har.e.. and 'other" relatives and .'?, friends, · . . . . . - . " ..':'.. . , . . * v ",--Mrs. Ed Dill rad -little^ son have "gone to yfelt : reiativas and -friends' in^ '-.. Philaderphia. Get at the Real Cause-- Take Dr, Edwards[ Tablets ": That's what thousands of; stomach sufferers are doing TTIOW. Instead ' of takJDg tonics, or trying- to patch -up a poor diBestion, ."ffiey. are attacking the nolcavse'oi tha'/ailmsnt -- cioggedlivet and-disordered bowclsr ··;: ;' . .-.. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets arouse the 'liver in a soothma-Tiealinj; way. When the liver and bowels^are pSrforraing their natural functions, away.'goes indigestioi and atomacli trouWes;^ .' H you have a ^- in your mouth, tongue coat«d,'. appetite, poor, lazy, doo'Kare feelini;.: no 'ambition or energy, troubled jrith' imcjigested foods,. you should take Olivt: Tablet*,- the sub- stitnte fbr'caloraet r · ·- ,r.I)r.- Edwards', Olhte Tablete are "· pm-ery vegetable compound · mixed with' olive oil. You will know tbein by their oUre. color. They do the week without piping, cramps or pail. - ·;-- Take one or two, at bedtime (or quick"! " relief, so you can eat what 1 .you like..: · At lOc and Zac per {iox. All druggisU. The Duke of Wellington often caited-the "iron duke," showed his courage and strong will at Waterloo wtien he helped defeat Napoleon. It takes greater -cquragre, vim, vigor and lasting qualities to win the battle todKy t in the front-boe treocheK, tban it did in olden times. Energy is a natural outpouring. of a healthy body. It does not spring up in n night. Boild up that which Nature has given us by takmr 'a compound of iron, recently .'compounded by Dr. Pierce, and named by him "Irontic." This iron-tonic tablet is easily taken up by the blood. If you try "Irontic" tablets, the brain responds to the r new blood itf circulation; the bodyisready to figrht against stagnation, which holds yon in bondage. You gain in vim, vigor, vitality. Try it now. - Don't wait. Today is the day to begin takmi "Irontic" tablets. A little-"pep and you laugh and you live. A little energy saves the day. "Irontic" tablets make rich red blood. With good red biood comes courage, then comes success, which leads to more and siore success. . Dr. Pierce's " Irontic" tablets are to be had in sixty cents vials at most drug stores. If you wish to test them send 10 cent* to the Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo,- N. Y., triul package-- ;'.'·:.- TRY OUE CLASSIFIED ADLETS. Ic A WOED. Mr. Business Man: You would not think of renting any office that was not lighted by elec- ' tricity, as it would not be modern. Why then "-.will you. have your wife work in a home that, is ··:.:noC!' modern? Think 'this "over and call our, nearest office, for our! house - wiring propo- sition. .-' " :·· " ': .',.-' WestPenn ^·n««}»l«D«aHeft-ti»i»r-ftir*«" ·?,'··*'·* ; - A · - ; - · " / ' · ' · ' :· - · : .- ^^^^S^"^t^|ia ; i^vifX ; :^r::4:'.-.;- WHAT IS LIBERTY? Do you think that you inherit liberty merely by being born, that it comes to you without effort just as you inherit eye-sight and your other natural possessions? If so, you are malcing a great mistake. Liberty is something that cannot be had for nothing. That is why it was said in the old days: "Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty." In these days LIBERTY BONDS ARE THE PRICE OF LIBERTY * · · If you 'prefer American liberty to military ati tocracy, then you must do your share to see that it is not overcome and trodden under foot by the enemy. If you cannot fight the enemy with gun and sword you can fight them with your money by buying LIBERTY BONDS so that America's brave soldiers will never lack anything that they need to help them to win the war and preserve Liberty. Every LIBERTY BOND you buy is a blow struck in tbx cause of Liberty. ~ BUY LIBERTY BONDS ANp ^UY THEM NOW ANY BANK UBERTY LOAN ADVERTISEMENT has been contributed by THE E DUNN STORE as a patriotic contribution .towards winnin g thewar t* iDf«ti«u md will ul ttrlctin. ' *° ' ** THB BVAIO C«CINN ATI, o. TO ne^vspaper can succeed vnth: ·* out advertising, therefore ,-w't I , ;»pKcit the patronage of our reader.- ; Absolutely RemOVeS ' ' tforlhoie who by, their advertismt * .. . OOOOOOOOOCXXXXSOO! jor tnosc wno u,uicu HUVCIUHUIL T j - _ A ; _ _ T-» . , i 'help to~make"tiiis paper possii)Ia ; InulgeStlOn. Druggists J ;_:'/ ·-·"·'';----,··'" ' '· · '-' refund monev if it fails. 2Rr« *» WEAR Horacr's Qothing OOOfXXSOC

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