The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 29, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1930
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29, 1U30. DAILY COOIUIfill, UONNKL'LSV X.LE, PA. PAGE SEVEN. Gen. Damaso Berenguer Named Spanish Dictator To Succeed De Rivera New Premier Expected to Have Cabinet Completed During tho Day. DISORDERS IN MANY SECTIONS ISy United Pucsa. MADRID, Jan. 2fl.--Promter-Desie- nato General Dauiaso Berenguer took precautions today against, threads of disorder In S'.win by speeding formation of a now government to continue the dictatorship. Hpurred by indications of uurost in Barcelona, Cadiz, Csitalonla and Madrid, tho quiet military man who was onco courtmarttaled' after Spanish military disasters In Morocco expected to install his new ministers before nightfall, succeeding the resigned cabinet of Primo De Rivera, "I owns as a soldier to fulfill my ' duty and, I will act as a citizen," General Berenfruer said as he iaced reporters with evident hesitation and some 'embarrassment. "I plan to re- xiuiin In tho government only tho length oC tlmo necessary to restore Spain to normal constitutional government." Meanwhile, the news of the forced resignation of Primo De Rivera, after sU years aud four months in power, appeared to ha-ve unleashed the loug- smould-oTlng resentment ot i-nclicals, despite declarations that CSeneral Borongacr's cabinet would be composed principally of civilians -with only otio or two military members. Striking sttidcnta in Madrid rioted lato last nlgftt b e f o r e the royal palace, hoisting 1 a red flug and shouting: "Viva Uberty! Viva Republic! Death td Policemen!" Police charged the mob, posting heavj guards around 'the palace in addition to the usual sentries. Troops wevo mobilized Inside and police reinforcements wore guard- ins the square before the palace. Despite tho action of fiuards, the s t u d e n t s sot tire lo a building on the boulevard Ak-uUi after m i d n i g h t , b u r n i n g a Mand wher-e the Catholic newspaper Kl De-bato received adver- tislnfi und sold papers. Forty-five students have been !vrrest-d. One girl Y.-IIM w o u n d e d in tho fighting. Students fought with police ut Barc e l o n a , s h o u t i n g "Ivong 1*1 VD the Ko- jiuhl'ic!" Revolvers wen: fired into i he air as they paruded on the boule- vard'ft. Orw peri-on was wounded. DUturbant-ea in the Barcelona Medical School forced closing: of the insti- t u t i o n ami Mmtlar ttubversive demon- f.trallons were held at C.ullz just he- fore the resignation of Primo Ie JUvora was announced. Disquieting news concerning mlll- ··ary forces at CuUloulu aUo had bc«n TOTwrted yesterday and Madrid oll\- · ·Uls took extraordinary precautions J .o avoid an ujirlshiK in tho aviation and nutoniohile corps of the army, orderini; the troops to their barracks. Civil fcuard-J w e r e ordered to aid police In nmil d'stricts. Reports t h a t Major Ramon Vranco, (he t r a n s - A t l a n t i c flier who recently was Imprisoned and then released for opposition lr tho dictatorship, had at- tompted to start a revolt at Cadiz appeared lo have been nullified by the ehanKo In Kovernmcmt. Franco flew to Cadiz yestei-duy, damaging his plane- in a violent landincr, to c o n f e r v Hh Gonoral Oorleil. M was said they p l a n n e d a revolt aguinbt "Do Ilu-eni, Imt Gene-mi (fodcd denied the reports. A l t h o u g h tho radlcalii apparently w o u l d nol heltato to take advantage ol' tae crisis If possible, tho vast ma- j o r i t y of tho people of Spain went on t h o l r way i i u i e t l y and with little concern for the c h a n g e In government. General Heroncuor- was expected to take the post ot minister of war in addition lo the presidency ot tho council. Admiral Marquis Mngez was considered a likt! minister of marine ami tho .strong-handed G e n e r a l Mart i n e z Anido was-, said to he likely to remain a.-* minister of interior alt h o u g h other sources affirmed that norte of the proseiU cabinet irinistera would remain in oflicp. Count Onadal- iiorco said ho would not participate in the new cabinet. The resignation of Primo De Rivera yesterday mornUis was the direct TO- stilt ot his request that the chief military leaders of Spain give him a vote of confidence. Ho later admitted his mistake In not asking Kins Alfonso's onfldtMieo in · him rather than rc- f f r r i n s d i r e c t l y to Iho military. The rosiRiitttlou wai accepted by King AltoiiHo at tho mornlug Bessiou of tho cabinet, but was not announced officially u n t i l last nlfrht, w h e n the premier formally presented his resignation at tho royal palace. Tonight Church Night in Mill Run Revival Campaign night was a very Inspiring one at t'ho mvlon. revival at Mill Run tlnltod Brethren Church From start 10 finish every minuto was filled with helpfulness and blessing for those who were present. Tho ivfendanoe was \evy good and the siuglu? ot the largo chorus was most inspiring. Dr. C. J. Fox, tho cAangellst, will meot with tho young people -each Bight for IS minutes starting .it 7:15 In one of tho Sunday school rooms. Tho adults will moot at the same period in tho main Bible school room for prayer and continuation. The 3vangc-l)st spoko to the school children this morning. A children's chorus will help nightly with theeing- Ing, a prize will, be given to tho on« who can repeat the largest mrnrbor of texts of Uio sermons used by the evangelist. The ^sermon thxim« this erening Is "The Lost Art of the Church." It will be church night and tho number of people from various churches will bo given recognition. KoxgraniH by Dr. l'ox« "Aft Inactive Christian mekes a mighty poor appeal for the Christian life." "A do-nothing Christian will -never tfe permitted to onte.- t.hi pearly gatea." "The fact that eternal misery awaits all who find not Cod should move all, church people to be all-UieJyear-rounci sou! winners." , "fjhuroh, members aro either boosters ir-roosters and each ouo should classify himself." "All churctt mem'bej-e wno do not trot sriuaro keep others'from God, am! all such nhonld -sit -up and take uoHivu of this fact," "Tho man who dies away from God will be In tho lost world forever after ho breathes his lust breath." PRETTY YOUNG FACTORY GIRLS FIND RELIEF FROM PAIN "I u-jll ttltray.s !el g j - a l x f u l !n iry heart,' sayn Mlio Slycmak ul' X J n l o n - to«'n, Pa., "to the si»! ' n U f i c men who liavc Riven World's T"itic 10 nulTcrlne "I'.eforo 1 loarnpil nbout Worlil'» Tonlo 1 used tit H u f f e i t e r r i b l y at !n- tefvali.. t srould II.LII a w f u l Khoolliiff p n l n s ncross the .small ot n\y bark and u t i ache In t h e lop of my ho.itl t h a t wui like u liol Uon )iroBSln-f do^ n on my brain. \ V h i - n 1 had t i i ' S e vpclls I could nol so to w o r k . This made it hard for m" 1 to hold a. Job. T rlttl lots of 0!ff i r c n t tiiodlt'lnc'S. b u l n o n e of tliom tliil !!)·! any KOUI). B- arirl by my B i n f r i e n d told mo how \\ orlii'u Tonic liarl helped, her. She. «ald tlic hcrbt In World's Tunic worf j ntliorcd in their ii.'iturrtl t l n t c a n d usi 1 t h a t way In coiuponnilitig tin 1 inci Iclne. This is why World's Tinlc b i l n s s such amass. ( U K benefits. Otiior so c.'illod remedies Jiro o f l r n mere 'cl extract.!! 1 which cannot posSflblv r e t a i n kindly Nature's c n n i t l v c pO'verH. When my n « - x t bad a p e l l h i t m ( trii! World's Tonic. J f o u n d II, ab . o h i t f l y d i f f e r e n t from any rnnedy t h a I had over used before'. I wa.s b c l t i r f r o m the f i r s t bod If. I f o n t l n u r d I n k h i f r I t for a w h l l o l o n R f r bdciliisn I wanted t' B«t tlio ooniplfto fffecl of W o r l d ' H Tonic on my .system. But I d CL not lose a day from my work. I Wf.s absolutely free f r o m the t e r r i b l e pains In my head and liafk and my w h o l u syatcni folt ref r c M h e d and cleansed. "These ba.d spells don't bother ma any more 1 . I don't lol them get started. At the llrst « y m p t o n i s of one; corning en, i take World's Tonic anil that's the List of my trouble. I tell all my girl f r l c n d b at the fat'tov to keep World's Tonli: on h a n d all t i o time. Tt his holpeei e-vcry R-lrl wh.i lias used It." World's ToiiK- Is oji siile at Oonnolls- vllla ]3ruK Co.. and all o t h e r modern d r u g stores. (A-12) -AdvcrllsBwent. Champion Confluence CONl-'LUKN'CW, .Tan. L'J.--Danlrl rimith. who luu been 111 for several wookh, has bom removed from his home to tlu 1 I-V.intz Hospital where ho w i l l undergo n severe operation. I'hurlf* Cris;-, the well k n o w n lumberman of Sorncrfleltl was a busiuosa visitor hore yoi-'ta-i'day. Mr. and Mrs. W. \V. i^razee and daughter, J u l i a , wero recent visitors w i t h th( f o r m e r ' s father, Lot Krazee, alM) his I)rothc"-in-lc.xw and sister, .Mr. and Mi's. KiihM'lt SiJiirKin near Somer- (ickl. MrA. John 1^'tle Is In Huintrsei tins ·\\ i'ok ensaged In jury d u t y . Mlsa Myru Door, who 1-5 alti-iuLn? school in PUtslmrs, is spending a tew tiuvh' vacation hero with her p.m-uU. Mr. and Mis. William H »:· J. C'. Rutil !u- l e t u t i u d t a t I'ittsbiu - ul'!t j r ut !· » InM-f w i l l ) UJ.i I'lUJill). '}'])( ( u i i ( i i U . . n of J 1! I'olbtiMi uf .ii rsi' ( ' l u i f i l i , s\ IKI hiiM ! lo; -several in Milli.s \ s i i h r and otli^v .uli-KMiis. is net Mr«. .lohii ! i v i s is \ ; ; t i I'lV'-.h'ir'.: : i.d t l m m - CHAMPION, Jan. 2 a---The Da no gal Grange presented a three-act drama, "Getting Square With the Boss," on Friday evening, January 24, at th« Kopper Theatre at Melcroft. A large crowd was present. The revival meetings conducted by Ftov. H. C, Gonso at the Church of God at Indian Head closed on Sun-day evening. Klgia ColTman ,irid ohiKlrcn of Buchnnna^ spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mre. Smith Uundorf. Hcv. Virgil C. Fmnoll of Indiana, guvo a vory In tore? ting lecture Sunday evening at County bine Church on "Why Girls Smoke.' llin sterooptlcan slides "Werii very lnt r t rc«ting. Smith Bundorf sjient Hunday afternoon at tho homo oC his mother, Mfs. llnndorf. Heed Geary ealle I on his cousin, Leo Geary of Krepar on Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard B u r k l e y ' and daughtei'3, [jouisc and R u t h A n n , ' of Delmont arc p l a n n i n g to spend' uext weolt-eml hen i Jicob Miller of MelcroU recently i made- a huaincs c u l t at tho homo o f ' J. C. Boahm, Mies Sadie Bark ley ct Acme graduated oil TV id ay, J a n u a r y 2J, from C a l i f o r n i a State Tr- ichi-is 1 ColloRo. D l e n i ) (;wiry, son ol' Air. u n d Mi-«. \ l c \ tii».iry of I'l'iii inj; lUui, \isks-cl al i th» Louie ol Ul l i "lul. . l . i i i i i ^ lieiiiiui, on ^un«J'i ivfU-i nu in. i Tin 1 C o u n t y l.iiii mali- iiu.uU'L \ s i l i hok! ilit v-oekl;, i i r . a - t l i e ut \ l n ( l i n u h ' ir.'xl SniuUiy I ' ^ i - n l is. ! 1 iioktni; fo · ISiirpjilns I If s-o i "urt (!· A liu-.-tt-j.iis c n l i t n i n o l of 'loo O a i l j Coo lor j TITAPHONK 100% TALKIE / He Snared Her Sorrows And Foxind Happiness Sounds the soul-cry of two )one- ly Jiftarts---stepping from sorrows to, sunshine--with. cveVy loot beat echoing a heart beat --struggling, fighting for the joy.'; society denied them until Love showed them tho "way! Drama that's big, higj Big! Telling the most inspiring lovo stoiy that has ever reached tho screen. Vitaphone Act With "Phil Baker in Spain" All Talking Comedy, "The Take Off" Admission--Jlatinec Ifle and 25c; Nipht 15e and 35c Thursday, Friday and Saturday Dolores Costello in "Hearts in Exile;" twvMWfinevvnntvvywMav^^ JruatcHt JJargiuils of tho pntiro cm', now shown! Scores of Other Fine Hero Soo Owr Interesting Y f f u dow Displays! First--Furnish Your Home; It Tells What You Are! 4 Luxurious Bedroom Pieces Now Specially Featured at Here is fine Quality! Brawl new stylo! Full size bed, dresser, a Hollywood vanily, ·your choice of wardrobe or chest A special feature. Three Piece Jacquard Suite ® All Talking, Singing, Dancing *"* f 8 4*\ BTMn f A t * **y u CTM i^* f" BTM" a SP* i ** ® · FLORENZ ZIEGFELD S ·ji, · Eddie Cantor, Helen .,,, t Morgan a ( nd i«i-y EatOO · R u dy Vallee Also All-Talking Comedy, Movietone Acl and Sound News Time of Shows: 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 Sensational value! 3 pieces in taupe and blue or taupe and rose Jafcjuard of now pattern! Reversible cushions. Huge SaTinps On Smarl Lamps 10 to 50% Off Every lamp in the storo has been reduced for t h i s sale! Console Tables $3,95 Neat, well niiido style of fine woods in walnut color. Save now! Boudoir Chairs Add to the beauty and comfort of your bedroom. Cretonne covering. he K ioldte-r as in or a pugi- The Paramot'irit The most rot* worthy fciiUrro of all (ho productions in which Kichard BurtheJinoss, ]TSr«L National and Vita- pliono atar of "Young Nowhcros," on tJjo »croen at tho Paramount Theatre iio6 appeared. Is his natnnUw?K.s. Whatever (Die clmraclcirizallou, whetli-cr it bo a Chinamtui as hi "Broken Blossoms," ,aa a Itng soldier us in " BUidc," or a crippl-od "Tho Kii-chanted Coltaff list uft In "The Pciliout Leather Kid,,' or limilly sis li-a is now in "Younj? No- whorcs," tho wtetful dreaming elevator operator, h« is ahva i natui'iil. ll,w roles soem "unacted. 1 ' Uw lives Iho character ho povlraya and ntsvcr lie- docks it wltli' tricks -of UH thealrc -- unnatvpal roann-ers or gestures. Ho IH car«rul how ho drcsseii bis cihuractoiw. If they aro drab they m u H dr-osa lirahly. They are r o m a n t i c they inusl ho so gnr..-od. He takes no II con so in order to win his andlauce. During tliu IHiMin;; of "Yonu Xowhures," Ui« slur wns tho pw.iricnt of a nensationnl token »»H rued more t h a n f i g h t years tijro. Th-0 token \v;m a ropltca oC the Photoplay Gold M-edal which was awnrtled his f i r n t ' t a r r l t u ' x'-ehiclo, "Tol'alilc ! ) n \ i ! " l t f - | i i i ' j l t i n l-*i«'- l i i i c s . t h i ' i i i g l i J. l i u j c t ' !-''ii!ii. in ulc i - . i l . i l ion ') hi iiiL'ihil v,;i-, in l H ' J l . ' a i H l it \\it-, r u r i u u s l v Ml i h a l till' Ini mill p i V H r n l J i - ni,u'.' i l r r l i i u i h ' ^ nrtidiu-i.on K Nivwht". i'.i," ill tthlih D . i U ' s a news rool and ull lukint; { miody, "Hearts in Exiled Thiiirsday, Friday a n d " aS urday, Dolores Cofitello will fou Ht e-ti Jn "J(earIs In Kxilc." The Orpheurn U n - t - d i i u doii l i o u \ ^ ; i s ( I " Y o u i i k ill" n c w h l w i ' u ,il \ \ i s t r n l - | t ; i \ i ( J " L||--» l i u - h i d p ^ .1 \ ' i l , i ' h i l I v i l i i i ni SUJHI" Floronz Z-ioRfcld'a "Olorltyiiig tho A,m«ri5an Girl" on the screen at the Orplwtim wan surporv'e-cd pel donally by tho groat g-Ioridor luniRoi . Mary E4ton, promkvre darifetise of i n u m - ber ot ZicgfeJd's stage .show.s, ind th« leadiiifr lady hi thft went al] talking inuak-al comedy hncciof.s, "Tho Cocoa- u u l s " wilth the Four M a r x P, 'o thorn, lias tho star rolo 1n " G l o r i f j t n g tho American Girl," : Kddio Can or ai p-car« in an i n i m i t a b l e Cantor comdy skit in ft r-evue ,=ociiiQace of the plcturu in which a,pi:onr also Helen Morgan of "Show Boat" fames who ifngis u t'ypical blues soiig while scat H! on a piano la the !xst Morgan man ior, find R u d y Valleo, of radio and at a ;e fame who cro6ns a typical Vallee tine. Much of fli.a dazzling SIKH .aclo of the production in proaented in the f u l l color;) ot tlu i m p r o v e d T e c h n i color procR8t, The ehow U a breath-lal Ins ex- travasanxn of l a v i a h - h a n d ; ahow- nvin^hip. TlH-re are ;callicrci tvll/lcat.oii of I j o l h (M ( a n d ni'Hi Id-ail! i l n l ijIrN in A in i \vhul, i.s said l |ji i l l - a r r a y ol -hit;ii)g a i i - l diuu n u n i~ w o i h! !i i^ In i-n -OIMI. ( l i n t ) n HP HI KIM ho t i p on VMir Xt Home Rimishers UVWnniMWtflMfWMto))^^ Tho t'caturo ipicUiro for Tluusday, Friday und Saturday is "Untamed" w i t h .Foaii Crawford iti the stellar roll. Cor flit) o u r DIP ·Ha in Dickeron Rim rtCKBRSON nUN, .fan. 28.-- Jose-ph atoiler, Jr., ot Lihcrtj' and Lewis Stoncr of Dawson lett M o n d u y morning for I^oa Angelesi, Cal. They aro making tho trip hy automobile, Their flrat slop is to In in I l l i n o i s , w h i c h they p l a n n e d to reach Monday evening. ItM'ward Hood and Kd'ward M a r o l t l havo r e t u r n e d horns from a business i r l p to Detroit, Mich. The funcrnl of Uif i n f a n t c h i l d ol! Mr. and Mrs. W i l l i a m Lint of Liho-Tly took place Monday n f t u r n o o n at '.' I'. M. from the f a m i l y residence. Funeral were conducted by Rev. Mitchell, I n t e r m e n t in the Diokefson Run. U n i o n Cemetery in r liar Re of l^inernl Director F. H. Galley of Van- de-rbilt. Albert Crawford IUIH moved his f u m - lly from U n i o n street, Liberty, to Viinderbill. MlsHos, A n g f l l i i i ' and LorrAdi FHuio and Nicholas Frank of C o n n o l l s v l l l e Kixsnt Sunday ut the home ot Mr. a n d Mrs. fr'rank H n l u U o . Mr. a n d tyi's, HaniiH-) C ' o n - ^ l i i ol Shaycsbiirsi r n o l n r c d lo Mlo Una, v,'hi-rt tlu«y \ I ~ ' ' . i i i l M i . .mi [''runic l l i i l s i t u i DR. A. C. SPEER · SPECIALIST Licensei' by the SUito of I'etvnB.vlvania A.);ain (Jomlnp; ' o A r l l n p f o n Hnlei, S A T U R D A Y , t'KBRUAJfV 1, 1980, on my regular visit. J'or one day only. Dr. Spoor, experience'! specialial, i'or some years connected with the Philadelphia and I'lUsbiirj; Colleges and Mospitals treats w-itliout surRl'al operations for t h e blood, akin and the i n t e r n a l org-ans, rheiimat sm, sciatica, I n i i K t r o u b l e s , old nk'M'f t a p e w o r m s , pczcunn, a f t t h m a , chronic- c o n s t i p a t i o n , epilepsy, higli blood p pf.s-nrn, bc] w r t l i l i K a n d o t h e r m o r b i d a t f e o l i n n s of, Iho budy. Many people Ucep on s i f f e v i i i K from a i l m w i t s t h a t m l R h t b o i-'roatly Improved becniihe l i n y i - n n n o t .vfford t o EO to hish-prlced X\K nil'.Kls away Irom homo, a n d few c o m i n n n t t i e s have siiftlclciu n n n i b e i s of hiu s li cancK to s u p p o r t a Hpecldl'st. To thoao having uHmmi." of I O H R a l a n d i i m , W!KIUVM - (lit i r o u b t p may be, and i i o t w i t h s t a i s d ' . n f ! tlu poor ru- h i i l t s o f f o r r n r r irf a l m c ; i t ' come m i l t a l k It u v r r . ( H u m e o f l h e : ilcKi-c' 1'lacr;, I'iU!»- b u v g , l j a.) l l h . e u W " ! H n i h o I t U a if ou Show Mrs M r . a n d daimhu-i 1 , Mi 1 ' Knolil'/. h.ivr v e r y p l i ' u s . i u i i C.nn in] . l - i i v i j l j S t o u c r a 'id M.ii-.fl, u n d K u w . i r i l d l i t i i l l n - i n e , i l i r ;i i l s i i " ' I f ! ) I r u - i i d . ' » t vi; u n d M r Actd a Boy Friend." writes Siuian Sal no. TU* irwid aay QOW IrouJtc t YaAht ffdi'-: to 15 Ibo. in 3 we ~ts. Skin cjcn Uko magic. CousOpatlon, n or.dr ** t**AD' Iroiurrr tablci« from dru ope* t^d Building Supplies CEMENT SAJVD G1JAYHL PLASTEJi LIME, ETC. We carry a complete line of high grade building material at all times ;md best market prices. Consolidated Coal ^ Stsppfy Oo. McCoralck Avenue, Conncllsvlllo, Pu. I'hono 1700. White Bridge W I H T K HRlDCHi:, .Ian 2. v .-II. 11. Vecklos of .lea'inolU' t--|K'Ut t h u weck- t n d uf |I!H hijn;«? h e r e . f / l o y d Foil to u a n d Tliellw of Lemmou School WPI-C (jtll-tM-s li-ore on Sunday. Cicorsu KrciMtinn wa.« a business i .'.Her In t i A V i i on Kriil.'iv. Mrs. AVal- i r M f i i - d i t h vihlti'd ln-ro Tliiin»d;iy. A. 1. I'li.-ko \S;IH a sho)i))cr -,n M u u i i l P l r a ^ a n i ·/'.! H u l u r i h i y l . ' i , ' i! K i n i n i ' i . w h ! ) / · l ) . i i - i ) i^in . | ) , ' o . « i i i n t h i ' Si n i d i i r d S i i ] i i K S i n n I ' l l ' l i t e i M * ( ; f ' i ^ i - ; ( | y c . - i i 1 - . ( ii 1 - l k ' ' i i l i l i l i ' l i . l d to "\Vu. 1 ' ) i ! ! ^ t " l l s t i ) , '.', ))/·,!)· l i l l l l i M M i - . !·'. .!. ( i r a d l e i of Wluv l l n - j \V V.i.. : ( i ^ u t ,i t'c^v d n y v hPr^"' \ \\( \v^r K -,vnh tun- »Q.n-in-Km- and drt-ugbt-ar, Mr. und Mxa, Willifuu

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