Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 27, 1975 · Page 58
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 58

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1975
Page 58
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* 1975 . Sunda C«»ar*sic«v 'SEWN UP Virginia ---- No Trouble for President Likely in '76, Says Percy CHICAGO (AP)-Sen. Charles H. Percy says that barring any major, unforeseen problem overseas or with the economy at Ford Margin Over Reagan 'Dramatic' home, President Ford has the 1976 Republican nomination sewn up. Percy, an Illinois Republican who has been mentioned as a possible GOP contender, also says he thinks former California Gov. Ronald Reagan is unlikely to muster enough support to win the nomination. Percy said in an interview that he has abandoned all serious thought of running for president himself in 1976 but would have entered the race if Richard M. Nixon had remained in the White House. Quote. . . A SYRIAN official, who is a close aide to President Hafez Assand, takes a look at what might happen when the Syrians and the Israelis discuss a Middle East peace settlement: "I'm not optimistic. The only language they understand is force." Unquote Deaths of Twin Doctors Still Mystery After 10 Days WASHINGTON (AP) - A survey of 94 Southern Republican leaders shows that President Ford is widely favored over former California Gov. Ronald Reagon in the South for the 1976 GOP presidential nomination, Cox Newspapers reported Saturdy. The Cox account said a series of interviews accompanying the poll disclosed a "dramatic shift" of support away from Reagan since spring amid growing support for Ford among Southern Republican conservatives. The survey of key Southern GOP officials -- including senators, House members, governors, state chairmen and national committeemen -- showed 59 per cent backing Ford for the nomination, 25 per cent for Reagan and 16 per cent either uncommitted or undecided. At the same time, the survey indicated "widespread antipathy" to keeping Vice President Neson A. Rockefeller on the GOP ticket in 1976. "While virtually all sothern GOP leaders favor dumping Rockefller, no clear consensus emerged on a substitute running mate," the Cox story said. However, the Cox survey results on Ford's own support in the South appear to contrast with Callway's assessment that largely because of opposition to Rockefeller, Reagan would start out ahead of Ford in "any Southern state." IN FACT, Percy said that in the waning days of Nixon's administration, Ford, who was then vice president, visited his office and urged him to keep alive a committee formed to explore Percy's chances as a candidate. Percy said Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D- Mass., appears the most likely Democratic nominee, although Kennedy has said he will not be a candidate. Percy expressed confidence that Ford could defeat Kennedy. Percy portrayed himself as more content than ever in his Senate role. "Obviously if Nixon had stayed in office and we had had that kind of a climate in the White House, I would have been a candidate in 1976," he said. "In fact, when Gerald Ford was vice president, he encouraged me to continue my exploratory effort. Once he became president, I put it on ice and I've kept it there firmly ever since." Percy said Ford "came to my office and we talked about my exploratory committee and he said he thought it was in the best interests of the country and ... Republican party that I be an active insurance policy for the country, and he felt that that should be encouraged and he did encourage it at the time. "He obviously would have a different viewpoint now . . . but even as vice president he never envisioned that he would be a candidate for president," Percy said. L.A. Times Says Bombing Story Correct Poisonous Gas Floats Over Persian Gulf ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- Poisonous hydrogen sulphide gas pouring from a offshore well has been blown into the air over the sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf. Oilmen said Saturday 0.1 per cent of the gas in the atmosphere can kill a person in four minutes, but it is still too diluted to affect people in the area. The gas comes from a blown-out well off the gulf sheikdom of Dubai and is being carried onshore by winds, oil sources said. The well is out of control, gushing gas, water and steam to a height of 500 feet, according to oilmen who flew over the area. It is 65 miles from Dubai and 100 miles from Abu Dhabi, but the smell of gas is evident in both cities and along the coastal highway between them. * * * THE GAS WAS used as a combat weapon during World War I. It is also highly in- flamable, and even men wearing gas masks are not entirely safe from it. The blowout came last week in one of three newly drilled wells, during the installation of a production platform to replace a rig which caught fire in October, 1973, the sources added. The explosion has caused the closing of the Dubai Petroleum Co.'s Fateh field, having the sheikdom's average daily production of 400,000 barrels. Most workers in Dubai's offshore fields have been brought ashore because of the danger. Oil sources said Dubai has called in the Red Adair Co. of Texas, which specializes in dealing with ol well fires and blow outs. The sources say there is little doubt the situation is dangerous, but the Dubai state government has so far issued no statement and has clamped a news blackout on the incident. * » * THE BLOWOUT came just one week after Dubai announced a 100 per cent government takeover of all oil and gas reserves under a new operating agreement with foreign oil companies. Production is believed to be continuing from Dubai petroleum Co.'s Rashid field and there is no indication of any change in the operations of the other producer -- Dubai Marine areas Ltd. The Dubai Petroleum Co. is a subsidiary of Continetal Oil Co. Another drilling rig has been sent from Saudi Arabia to drill a relief well to tap the stream of gas below ground. LOS ANGELES (AP) - The Los Angeles Times says a lengthy investigation shows there were inaccuracies in a story it published last month saying U.S. warplanes carried out significant bombing raids during the final evacuation of Americans from South Vietnam. Times Editor William F. Thomas was quoted in Friday's editions a saying the June 8 story by correspondent George McArthur "never should have been published in light of the strong denials from Washington without further checking." The story said a significant number of U.S. jets made bombing raids on the last day of U.S. involvement in the war. The story quoted a source who Thomas said "was in a position to know and who had nt been wrong before." But faced with unequivocal denials from both the Pentagon and the White House that such bombing had occurred, the Times said, more investigation of the story was needed. The newspaper said, "The Times, after a lengthy investigation, now believes that prts of that story were wrong and other parts open to question." The Times said the American officers who told McArthur of the raids might have been misled by final strikes by the South Vietnamese air fofce which flew U.S.-built planes. The paper said about 100 South Vietnamese warplanes loaded with bombs took off from their bases the day the war ended and fled to Thailand where they arrived with empty bomb racks. NEW YORK AP)-Dnig specialists began a search Saturday for some exotic substance that may have caused the medically unexplained deaths of twin doctors Stewart and Cyril Marcus. Medical Examiner Dominick Di Maio said 10 days of probing, during which more than 30 chemical tests were made, had turned up no medical reason for the deaths of the identical twin gynecologists. "I don't mind telling you we've got a major medical mystery on our hands," Di Maio said. "We've exhausted all the regular possibilities and now we're going for the rare things--exotic is the word, 1 guess." He said the tests so far have shown no traces of such typical chemical causes of death as alcohol, barbiturates, depressants or narcotics. Nor, he said, was there any combination of these. "We've been going back and forth," he said, "and haven't found anything." D; Maio ruled out natural causes and violence. He added no more than 2 per cent of the cases studied by his otiice ever reacn this point without his having determined a cause of death. The new work is expected to take at least two weeks. In an atmosphere reminisicent of a detective thriller, doctors at the medical examiner's office were told the "look for such esoteric drugs as digitoxin, sometimes used by heart patients but which can be abused, and iron compounds which could kill you when taken in large quantities." Neither of the 45-year-old doctors, nationally known for their gynecological textbooks and work on infertility, had any history of heart disease, but there were vials containing iron compounds in the apartment where they were found a week ago Thursday. The two men were Phi Beta Kappa graduates of Syracuse University and received their medical degrees with honors from the Upstate Medical Center. They had been dead.some days when their bodies were found after neighbors noticed a foul odor and complained to the staff of the Sutton Terrace apartment complex on the Upper East Side. Neighbors and colleagues at New York Hospital and the Cornell University Medical Center said they had become increasingly moody and remote lately. The hospital confirmed that their ap- pointments to the staff were under review at the time of their deaths. The Marcus twins, inseparable from early childhood, were the sons of Dr. Jack Marcus of Miami Beach. Fayetteville Group Checks on Progress FAYETTEVILLE - The Fayetteville Property Owners Assn. will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the Second Baptist Church of Fayetteville. The association has asked the Fayetteville City Council for a new progress report on annexation and sewer improvement.- A film on the New River will be show'n by Don Kodak. The public is invited. Advantages of Doing Business with WEST VIRGINIA BUSINESS FORMS, INC. ·A Local Manufacturer · We Employ 25 People · We Are Interested in the State · Service · No Freight Bills to Pay · Quality · We Make Snap-Outs and Computer Forms VIRGINIA BUSINESS FORMS, INC. CHARLESTON «v 253)2 UO'I 343-5M1 Scott Wants N.H. Vacancy Declared WASHINGTON (AP) - Senate Republican leader Hugh Scott Saturday introduced a resolution declaring the Senate seat in New Hampshire vacant and said he will press daily for its approval in the week remaining before the Senaters month-long August vacation. The resolution would pay Republican Louis Wyman and Democrat John Durkin, the two contestants for the seat, their full salaries up to the date of the measure's approval. "I don't want us to go home to face charges that we are unable to solve this, or unwilling to send it back to the people of New Hampshire to solve" in a new election, Scott said. Cox Takes Election Law Defense Role WASHINGTON (fft -- Former Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox has undertaken the legal defense of the constitutionality of the recently enacted federal election law, it was announced Saturday. The announcement was made by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., and Sen. Hugh Scott, R-Pa., the principal sponsors of the legislation. Cox will file a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court and seek permission to represent Kennedy and Scott in oral arguments in the lawsuit that has been brought by Sen. James L. Buckley, Cons.-R-N.Y., and former Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy, D- Minn. Buckely and McCarthy have challenged the constitutionality of the act which places limits on contributions to candidates, limits expenditures by candidates in primaries and general elections, authorizes public financing for presidential candidates and establishes a new federal Election Commission to monitor and enforce the law. The Justice Department has historically defended acts of Congress against legal challenge but in this case will not do so because Atty. Gen. Edward H. Levi and Solicitor Gen. Robert H. Bork have both expressed doubt about certain of its provisions. Cox was fired from the special prosecutor's post by former President Nixon. He is now a professor at the Harvard University school of law. "As the first Watergate special prosecutor he helped expose a number of serious abuses in campaign financing and their corrosive effect on the nation's political system. ?: Kennedy and Scott said in a joint statement. They also said his standing as a constitutional scholar and as a former U.S. solicitor general will be of great aid to their case. The lawsuit currently is under consideration by the U.S. Court of Appeals, which heard oral arguments last June 13. Both fsides had said th^ would appeal an adverse ruling to the Supreme Court. m WANT TAX FREE INCOME* AND DIVERSIFICATION FROM ONE INVESTMENT? The Tax-Exempt Securities Trust offers an easy way to invest a diversified portfolio of professionally selected municipal bonds. The Trust will consist of one unit for each $1,000 principal amount of bonds in the portfolio. Interest income on the units, in the opinion of counsel, is exempt from all present Federal income taxes. There are no coupons to clip or other bookkeeping chores. Units are registered in the investor's name and interest is automatically sent by check every month. "Interest income which in the opinion of counsel is exempt from all present Federal Income Taxes may be subject to State and Local Taxes. Capital gams, if any. are subject to tax. A Registration Statement relating to these securities has been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, but has not yet become effective. These securities may not be sold nor may offers to buy be accepted prior to the time the Registration Statement becomes effective. This advertisement shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy. nor shall there be any sale of these securities in any state in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such state. For prelim/nary prospectus on the Series 3 Tax-Exempt Securities use the coupon below or call Ronald S. McGrath, Vice President at (304) 344-9601. NAME.. (Please Print) ADDRESS- CITY. _STATE_ _ZIP_ BUS. PHONE- _HOME PHONED Please send information on opening an account with your firm. HARRIS, UPHAM C- INCORPORATED Estoblishcd IS95 Members N. Y. Stocl Exchonge, Inc. Won Otf'Ce: New Yorl City · Orflcss from Coc» fo Coos* CHARLESTON NATIONAL PLAZA CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA 25301 (304) 344-9601 the low price leader WE RESERVE THE KIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES Sole good through Tuesday. See our big ad onWD.AMPM. Ground Beef FOODLAND KING SIZE 11b. 4 01. 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