The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 27, 1964 · Page 34
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 34

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1964
Page 34
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Page 34 article text (OCR)

i n n s ' 32 AT THE EX Claims Most Bearded Ladies Are Female Impersonators By VIRGINIA LAMBE ' I TW Journal ' The bearded lady. Ilk ".he (at man and the sword swal-lower, it out of the traditional figure of the carnival. In fact, though, the often teemi , more big-top legend than real- Betty Jane MacCregor, who Is appealing in an Exhibition Midway tide show, says she. if the only genuine bearded woman working In carnivals in North America. "The Sarasota Circus Hall of Fame recognizes only two bearded, ladies, myself and a woman who worked for Ring-ling Brothers about' 50 years age," Betty Jane said, bringing out a picture of her pre- -accessor. Staring solemnly out of the photograph was a slim dark-haired woman in the stately , costume of 1910 with a, bushy black beard. . - Betty Jane is a' redhead. Her thick medium-length red beard, though silkier than man's, would do justicV to a pirate. - . nnio'iATicpAni wene el rVu iton far relief from the eomr let Thewsande get speedy relief i mane aaa annrifi mj by & T-ft-C. Deal let dug achee and eHeblne zmm van rEMPLETON'S TH-C iWh, i U( at era counters overjwhoro. rtpei fab! esjAajf, sjm . SAVE MORE - - , DBring Our AUGUST FUR SALE 17g Rldeaa Street , 111-630 She is stocky, but , abundantly curved, and has trim feminine ankles. She wears her red hair short, adding a tiara for her sideshow appearances. A short, black, spangle-bordered cape thrown over an ordinary grey Summer dress completes her costume. LITTLE JARGON On sUge, billed as Stella, she tells her audience in a calm matter-of-fact voice what It's like to be a bearded woman. Her speech shows few of the colorful eccentricities of carnival jargon. Pern a p this is because she has only been in the business four years. ' V - Before that, in her cleanshaven years, her life as. she describes it, was surprisingly normal. "I suppose' having a beard affected me psychologies 1 1 y, but I'm not conscious of it. My parents (her father-was k Michigan millwright) didn't call attention to It. They treated it as just something (hat happened to me J- . . the woman down the street happened to have had polio and I happened to have a beard." None of the many doctors who examined her could do anything to improve her condition, she said. Betty Jane, who is 41 now,, started shaving when the was nine. "But the time I was in my teens, I was shaving twice a day it I war going out at night . . . You can imagine. what five-o'clock shadow would look like on a woman. ' v - v. Betty Jane decided on the carnival ' while recovering from a prolonged case of infectious hepatitis. She needed a job, and a friend happened to lend her a carnival), trade magazine. 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IMPERSONATORS She teys many supposed bearded ladies in carnivals are actually female impersonators. The years before she joined the carnival included nursing training, 14 months in the United States Women's Army Corps, where she taught first aid. and three years in the WRENS, during which she was In Ottawa at HMCS Car-leton "for a matter of days." Also, "I took a special degree in educational techniques for retarded children . and I worked in a hospital for retarded children in Michigan. I was married and had two children. They and my husband were killed in an accident in IMS. Betty Jane likes her new life. It was hard at first, but displaying her beard to t h e public doesn't bother her any more," the said. The beard itself she likes K. The beard will probably stay, because Betty Jane expects to remain with the carnival. "I started out for one year, and now we're making plans for the next eight years. I don't suppose I'll ever get out of it. I cant explain what it is about the hfe. 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Newt 300 sparkling designs. 8 exciting, f union and fabric feature plus coupon for On Free Pattern any one you choose) Send for new Fall-Winter Pattern Catalogue, 50c place In St. Mary's Church. Mr. William C. Cashman wishes to announce the engagement of hi only daughter. Joan Mary, to Mr. David ' John Watson, son Of Mr. and Mrs." John Wataon. all of Ottawa. , Marriage to tak , Sept 26, at 10.30 a.m. ' Mr. and Mrs. Gordon . Keith Master of Toronto announce the engagement of their daughter, Katharine Patricia, to Brian David CLeary of Toronto, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. O'Leary of OtUw. The marriage will take place on Friday, Sept II, 1864, at 4 o'clock, in Crac Cburcb-on-the-HUi, Toronto. ' 1 - tasasrawats a waetms lUHKianu sa re- , 9ru tl waaiaii u k IM ea tk swtol piim M H Sr ra. riewns wiu k sekthk at St . asl Him a to I" la th wllh to SS wrs Iw meiai sunn MIr uw 'steton aa4 -sitae atr tmtiMriiai u j" to ea wita . . to ts were ! naSiai ultr aaeer pmr. latoraw- v Itoa aa tatai far aesitlaaal eaa er waraas. BMaia . call Mtaa any at sum Oawa. tM-tsil, astaanaa ' ' BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW! '. ISTHE m m PI US TUBS MANT XTS AUDITtONAL AWARDS TO 0O WITH TH MOM rally rarataka Attach S-car Saras. ' Mtw ISM peatlaa ear. Caaiplttalr aeatoaa alet-irtcal kltekaa. A raar'a aaaalr at hraa. Aa larirakaaia W-PI raaia aa racar alayar. Aa aawa larsa tot' la Kara , aaivialaa SaalS al Cil 1 Malta. Maa aa art ap at M east THE OTTAWA JOURNAL journal PattemExtreme' runui lUIM . YOU NEED NOT BE ON THE GROUNDS TO BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN r v ToUl Value Approximately $35,000 64 - r ; Ticket Sales by Ottaum Shrine Clah at tht txhlbUlon Oraund 's-.' Co T-rcs,V lit Dsplai Hon'-' Wka !oa Tea! the Big trior's n '' . a. ai i a.a.e I I" -.Ji of CBC Rejected 'at CWL Convention - - ' . - ;-V V " By BRENDA LARGE v 'These women have been con- set. That .Is not freedom of ' CHARLOTTETOWN (CP)- lacting members of the, larger choice. a form of thought The national executive of' the organisation all across toe control. Catholic Women's League has country and asking for support "Those who kilt the coo-rejected a scathing denunciation for this document. 1 believe that science of a nation dig the of the Canadian Broadcasting both the Federated Women's In- grave of freedom and prepare Corporation and It plans la eon-, ttitutes and the National Coun- the ground for , dictatorship. It ttnue Us positive and construe- 'cil of Jewish -Women have al- begins when God-given stand rive criticism of broadcasting, it ready refused to support it." - ardi are mocked and their pro-was learned here Tuesday. The CWL president said she patients are belittled, bullied or In a closed meeting at too could not support the deciara- silenced altogether." , CWL national convention, the tion personally because the had The declaration, about SO executive decided not to sup- always been against protests words in length, closes with port th "declaration ot Cans- which are not of a constructive these wordst '-, . dian women." a document nature. "We believe the true function drawn up by a group of Ot- she also criticized th dec of the CBC la to help, us raise tawa women which iharply taction's assertion ' that- the a generation with the strength criticize th CBC. - th CBC was being controlled of character and courageou The declaration, which Presl- Dy a minority group, a'.' "leadership that the opportunities dent Mrs. Hermon Steven of Tb declaration urges wem- of thin ag demand. We want Calgary deter lb 4 u ''fb,n ot Parliaments to "make programs that will bring home treme. , ye radio am) Mievt- CBC ,niWtnlDt tt th to us what tWs country ca' be slon ar "being exploited to r.nadian neool." and can do for th world." ' maintain constant assault on . . . . ... ; " . : . . fcw.. ,,-...-. lh. H character: to undermine faith U k , ArTnuJ. 1,, in God and respect tor law and you to nd the domination of a r "J .vSKlic on! authority; tototroy und minority who mUus, the CBC In'lVcanJo. tht w P- "i5 knowled to toread propaganda for per- i,ment wUI know the extent of Mr. ;id . v,rlon' PO"0". free-lov. public discontent with the policy .h. uhiS h. LZTZ ""Phcny. pe.'vlenc and and programs of the CBC." J-! TSr.,i? IS u?.S! nd mor of our Th CWL .xecutiv' decision Jr bTfti TrSrTJ ? IJn? Ux mor' " o diverted not to support th declaration year by Ethel Gordon, an Ot- l0 deal witB UKreJm, . c,m, .(tn- . series of lengthy tawa nurse, in collaboration . . J"" with several women. other Ottawa onion, one of the cook' fav orite . vegetables, i making it appearance now on Ontario markets. This may well be th onion Robert Louis Stevenson had In mind when he described "th rose among roots th poetic soul of the salad bowir . : i There are many way to enjoy this crisp Autumn vegetable add it to sandwiches, marinat its rings in seasoned vinegar, alio it into the frying pen. r-L This new crop of Spanish onion may also be frozen. Sine peeling them Is not a tearful Job, the housewife msy like to prepare more than on amount at Urn. Chop finely and freeze bi plastic bags, to supply a pleating fresh onion flavor for many meal to come in a twinkling " ' .. . - For recipes using onion write the Ontario Food Coon- cil. Ontario Agriculture pertinent. Parliament Buildings, Toronto. ELM VALE Shopping Centra St Laurent Blvd. at Smyth Road Where something good Is always going on A Tut To could be fh luck winner . . . JuH think! Thi beavtiul horns an all that go$ , . A ft or only $1.00! w ; ' Th Mor Tkkts Yow Ivy th Mor . - . 0ppTtunitit to Wirt ' TICKETS ON SALE AT EXHIBITION GROUNDS ONLY I .... . TM lahlklttoa aasta to llstfan taraat ', M4U raaiklaaUaa at towa aa eaaauii . . Wltl J eraita fat la fraat at Uto otaaeMaa aa Satareajr " Aas. tS. Criticism "We will not tolerate being told that If we don't Ilk these programs we can turn off the miBITION ! Famous HOOVER STEAM ilRON af IMo AriHifinnnl fThnntp ; . with the Purchase 'of the . THURSpAY, AU0U8T 27, 1984 AH New HOOVER WASHER SPIN DRYER Washes and Dries 24 lbs. of Qotiies in 30 Minutes1 " policy matters were discussed. Th issue was not discussed on the convention floor. and SPIN DRYER Ends Sept Sth U j vv . s t 1 FRUIT IYRUP To mak a little Juke for ihortcak from fresh berries or other fruit, her' bint from th food department at Macdonsld Institute, Guelph. Add half corn syrup and half sugar to sweeten fruit.. Let stand at least a half hour before serving to mak the syrup. taw sa av f . tHTt , ' iis-sref ' llA MU1VALB 0 At mi Inm Cltjr Vlw IOA t cotxaoi STasst CsrMea PIh riMM IM upficni? Oar emltne preeerlptleej eerv lee era glaaso beet ealiei .' UseOur tCrsdltFlan JACK snow JEWELLERS 112 Sparks SU Ottawa 1 Chssikers St. Salts rails . DOWNTOWN Nicholas at Besserer 23M5U BILLINGS BRIDGE 236-3681- And in the OgUvy . Corner of the -Manufacturen' Bldg. at the. Exhibition .95 See It in Our j Booth I ( - - at tne ; Exhibition 1 - . '' ; The Washer ) Exclusive pults-tor principle . Criss-croa X ' cleaning actio ' Up to 23 mor usable tub spac Smooth stainles ' steel tub I Filter hose ... v . automatic pump . Master control , panel - ' The Spin Dryer I Jet water out of ' your clothe . . Rinse right in the dryer K Exclusive money- J 1 1 saving anua savjer Automatic pump iUted Xt3VAaV.ll J I ill E. SPMAl inn The WASHER ' . . Hoover eomblned new pulsaior principle ot vaehlnf action 1Ui a new concept ot - , - ' ' spn-drrlnt methods and eomblned them Into ' ' on compact, powerful unit that oilers faster, ' . ' ' ' mora efficient and serftee trs operation at less cost and less space than any other - y vaaher-drrer oomblnaUon. It baa keen , market-tasted and thorouthl proved by ' Hoover and It's backed by their full fuarantee : anff 'warrant. fACTOET SERVED rOR ' , , - - . ONE niLL TEAK AT NO CHARGE, t This Offer Available abo in our Appliance Department, Dovrntovm and at BUllnp Bridj , ;u'P 'jWk .,ia-i " fi a a i .L - A i t 44 A- 0 f '4 4 . V V 1 . . . - . aal, - V AaVki V 'a. t 1 t S a L

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