The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 16, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 16, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Beit Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,609 VOL. 16, NO. 133. CONNSLJLSVILLE, PA., TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 16, 1918. BIGHT PAGES. BRITISH ARE DRIVEN FROM BAILLEUL ON NORTH FRONT; RETIRE TO NEW POSITIONS Fresh German Attacks are Developing; ; Premier Clemenceau, Returning to Paris From Front, .Says Situation is One to Give Encouragement; Secretary Baker Arrives at an Atlantic Port After Spending Several Weeks in the War Zone. IRISH HOLD ANTI-CONSCRIPTION MEETINGS · ;· ' . . . . · ' - . - B y Associated Press. , LONDON, April 16.---The Germans captured Bailleul, on · the northern battlefront, the war office announces. The British hare fallen back to new positions north of . SaiUeul aid Wulverghem. Fresh German attacks are developing in the neighborhood of Wytschaete. . " A German attack southwest of Yienx Berquin was repulsed. HOW MUCH SHOULD ONE INVEST IN LIBERTY BONDS? Aus««r if Found .in -Table Showing Family Income and Share of Each in War, A great many persons ask the question, "What is my share of the cost of the -war?" The Bankers' Trust Company ot New.'York, through its statistical do- partment and with the assistance of some of the leading economists of the United States, has worked out a table that gives positive information on this point. E. T. Norton, chairman of the local Liberty Loan Committee, has studied it thoroughly' and Is of the opinion that it is worked out on a scientific and equitable basis. A.portion of the table follows: $ 8 5 0 SITUATION FAVOJBABLE, SAYS CLEMENCEAU. PARIS, April 16.-- Premier Clemenceau returned to Paris last night from the' battlefront where he had been getting into close touch -with conditions. The impression of the situation which he brought back to the capital with him was a favorable . 11EATT TIGHTDffi IN . ' , MOXTmiilEB REGION. PARIS, April !».-- Jleavy artillery ftghtinv · occurred last 'night on- the main battle, trout in the neighborhood of Montdidier, the war office announces. The French, captured a machine gun- and prisoners near the Oise nal. The statement -follows: ?"In the region south: of Montdidier there was heavy artillery fighting. On the sector of Noyon the French made some : progress in" a ' local operation. French reconnoiterlnjc parties are very aetiTe, specially in the region of the Ofse canal. A French detachment "croaeed the canal west of, -Pierre Hand*' and brought back 10 prisoners -ind : one- machine : "gun. -French pa- Irols'alao .took prisoners- in the sector of Corbeny, in the Champagne, and ' in- the-Voeges. a German raid ai felrm was repulsed. 2e^pi£i.tK.rf'''f*-:-'--fi:-^ BEIHG SOTEKEIGIT "·' : ~ "^ i SATES ABSTRO XCLVR. ; ROME, ApriL,lS.-^"Emperor Charles should 1 have resigned liut as it is not customary for sovereigns to leave I their posts even wheit",they make : .blunders;' Count Czernin was obliged to ;_ jo." says ; the .Giornalo D' Italia in 1 "·Commenting on the resignation of Count Czemin-as Austrian minister.' foreign -OJiGBASKE GUli ' . , . . " - . _ . KILLS OSI W03LUT. . PAK16, April 16-Shel]s. from the long range German guns .-killed one woman and wounded one woman and one man in.the Paris district laat bight, according to an official statement issued today. :CAM, SAYS TOKIO STATEJUaT. April 16.--Official advices ~trom = vSaiyostok say the city-is calm. Japanese -bluejackets are not replying to occasional shots from snipers . at. night. .Protection of the French consulate ha» been taken over by· . t h e j TO FORT THOMAS Jten .Fro« Western Counties Under Sew Call to be Seat to This Foot Of the 3,776 selcctives from Pennsylvania, added to the last call for men, 1.670 will be sent to Fort Thomas. Ky., from Fayetle. Somerset, Westmoreland and other · counties tributary to Camp Lee. -These men will t be summoned Crorc Class 1. Quotas, to be announced today or tomorrow, will be. required from, all districts. OLKXS WITT GETS TEJf : JUT FURlOUfiJl FKO.H CA.W. Corporal A. G. Witt, a member of Companj- D, 110th Infantry, in training at Camp Hancock, Qa., is home on a 10-day furlough. He Is at his West Side.ihome.. .He,:will-leave on.Sunday for camp. · SC6TT1A1,E BOY ASSIO'KD ·TO SKUiAl, BATTAilON. John E. Armstrong, who has been stationed at Camp Hancock, Ga., has been transferred to Company A, Fieild 10.3. Signal Battalion, in training nt the 'same camp. Armstrong left'with the- Scottdale draftees for Camp L^e, Petersburg, Va., on February 24, and on April 3 was sent' to Camp Hancock. He is a son of Thomas E. Armstrong of'gcottdaie, and previous to his enlistment was a telegraph operator for the Pennsylvania^ra'ilroad. FOBXEA TEXIH. SEX T1TH KALfBOW DITISlO.f. Lieutenant W. J. Houston of Uniontown, Lieutenant Glenn A. Koss of Waynesiurg and Lieutenant Bo.ssard (Continued on Page Two.) HOLD FLAG RAISING Baltimore £ Ohio Employes Start Off ' Big Liberty Loan Campaign. Several hundred employes of the The Japanese' foreign ot- ! !* aUlmofe , Ohl ° railroad ^ company " . - 1 ham nol^i/tlnti toil (« n.flitr t-*ili-Snrr 3* flee announces, there is no conflrma- J -lion of .a Petrograd dispatch that the .Bolshevik government has proclaimed - \ slate of .war -in Siberia and ordered f the Red Guard .to oppose the Japanese : - marines. · imlSH HOIB 3TKKTISG i ' . AGAINST COSSCRIFTIOS. j '. LONDON, April 16.^3teelinj!S to- r* protKt. against conscription were held i. today fa 100 in Ireland, all . classes ot the population participat- | ing, says a diipttch from Dublin to | The Times. Tie clergy took a leading J part in all the meetings. ' \ 9ECMHTABT BAKES I HOXE J310M IHROPEi ; ;AN ATiSwric POET, April is:-- . I Secretary ot War Baker arrived here ' today from/Euroi*. Ho.said he would i go to Washintton at once. · The secretary returned, to America ;- on one of the large stearash'lps which s flaw the German flig. before the TJnit- · ed S.tatiw entered the v^ar. "." i "Onr-p«rtT go.t in. at 3:30 o'clock ' " t h e secretary said. TRIPLE ALLOTMENT That Is the Aim of First Bank of 1'ukon, "Weabnoreland County. 1 The First Bank of Yukon, "Westmoreland -county, of which Gaetano ,- mis mwuiiift. . LAIU acuieMtij. BAIU^ · . , .. .; . . ! ^ust-M .boVas I can find'a train I Corrado of Connelsyile is: president '. . ·"*·*· TM* . . . . . l a imliaavnrln rr tr\ tTinlfk I t o allntmo,,*. i this here participated in a flag raising at tho roundhouse at 1 .o'clock this afternoon. The flag was presented by Superintendent M. H. Broughton and was raisi 1 *- by "iliss Blanche -Stafford, secretary in the master mechanic's ofQce. Addresses were made by Mayor Duggan. Ex-Congressman Carr and H. p. Hartzel, chief of the-Industrial Bureau of the railroad company. A letter from President Willard : was read.· . The flag raising was the start of a Liberty Loan campaign to be waged by. employes of the company here. Teams of girls employed here, trainmasters ot the division, and track supervisors have been organized and prizes of ! a $5 War Savings Stamp certificate for each have been offered by Superintendent Broughton.' ·' . i with a a««t In it I am going to start j lor Wmshiniton." . ' . , . i . .. -.OTUWLKHS AKR STOfK.. j LONDON. April .IB.-- Ten German .·trawlers bairc. been ' sunk in the Cat- |toc*'t,' between' --Sweden and Denmark, ? the " admiralty " announces. Their_ ! crews were saved by British ships. i There wsrs no British casualties. , \ Hi. JleCHjuli Oat Agria. 'a Joseph TP. McGinais, who wai serl- ill for several wesis and whose I life, was 'despaired of oji account of IhU ace, 83. is. able to walk out again. iirHli the aid of a cane. · " endeavoring to triple its allotment In the. third I^Serty Loan. The allotment.'is 111,600.-' To date the subscriptions "received through it amount to JlS.OfiO. ... ·'· · · ' .... Yukon Is a small mining town.' Wilt Xnreh in Parade. The "West Side Tolimteor Firemen and the Sou\h Connellsville Firemen will participate in the Liberty Loan parade to b« held here Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The Bremen will all gather at'the "West Side station at 2 o'clock to form for the pamde. Arrested...For Henry Williams,: arrested tor hef- fiac on the streets got three days street work at police court this morning, ..Mayor Duggan sentenced another man to "48 hours. Two torfeits of J3 50 each were collected daring the '' ' '' '' '.; xJeateBant Pan! W. Dann of Port *'·'' N. 7., ie »je««lnt; » 10-day fur- wltk kli pare»t». Mr. and Mrt 1,000 _ 1,100 _ 1,250 -1.350--1 1.600 ,, 1,600 _ 1,760 "_ 1,900 _ L'.OOO -- :,iiio _ 2.2V5 _ -'.400 _ i,550 _ 2,750 -11,000 -3,500 ·_ 4,500 __ S.500 _ B.500 _. 7,500 _ R.500 :0.-500 .__ 1C.500 3.7.500 2C.500 27,500 45.000 5r.,ooo 99 113 135 151 175 195 220 251 270 301 330 360 393 ·143 507 658 1.008 1.41!) 1.911 2,460 S.094 3.SOO 5.250 7.870 10.460 13.200 17,850 25,000 32.500 GERMAN CLAM OF CAPTUREl OF AMERICAN POSITIONS AT ST. MIHIEL NOT CONFIRMED By Associated Press. AMSTERDAM, April 16.--North of'St. Millie! on Sunday night, says a Wolff Bureau dispatch from Berlin, dated Monday, · the main part of the American positions situated to the eastward' and southeastward of-Maizey, on the right bank of the Meuse. river, was taken by storm. · ' . j A large section of the main enemy lines of defense on the! high road from St. Mlhiel to Rouvrios, a distance of three and; one half miles, the dispatch adds, was rolled up despite the; brave resistance of the ein'emy, who suffered the severest casual-; ties in addition to the loss of prisoners. j The German attack against the American positions on the right bank of the river Meuse north of St. Mihiel on Sunday was made by a force of about 400 picked troops who recently have been transferred from the Russian front. Although the Americans were outnumbered more than two to one, the correspondent of the Associated .Press with the American army in France telegraphed under date of Monday, that the Germans were completely repulsed and were driven back into their own trenches. The known enemy casualties included 64 dead, many wounded, and 11 prisoners, besides a number of wounded who were dragged back to the German lines by their comrades. CAMPAIGN FOR THE THIRD ;.. LOAN IN THIS CITY NOW IN FULL SWINE From the amount contributablo hy each family it would be proper to deduct the income tax paid by that family or individual. Farther, the amotuxt given^iir colimm '2 is'tbe amount that the family should subscribe to the loan during the year now beginning. 'TIME OF HIS LIFE" That b AJlnrin? Title of Annnal lUgh School C'luss i'lay. The high school class play to be given in June by the graduating class has been selected by Professor Frederick Smith and Miss Margaret Baker, teachers of English In. that institu tton. "The Time of His Life," a com- ·edy, will be staged. The story is written by Leoha Dalyrmple, well known for her plays. There are eight characters in the play, five boys and three girls. The entire cast has been assigned and the first rehearsals will begin on May 1. Those In-the play arc already studying their parts. The following have been selected by the teachers in charge: Helen Adams. Mildred Hopkins, Margaret lloore, William Jones, Clarence McCormick, Norwood Ploto, Louis Simon and Wylie briscoll. The class day exercises in which the entire senior class will participate has not been decided on as yet. It is probable that Misses Florence Kimball,. Joan Armstrong, Katharine Mayo- and E. W. Haviland will have charge of that performance. Elmer against Fan- TWELVE GET DIVORCES Uniism.ll 'omher of lUeilaitt« File Desertion Charges. Twelve divorces were granted in Uniontown this morning. In nearly all cases the charge on which suit was fllea was desertion. The list follows: Daisy Waite, Fayette Citj-, against "William T. "Waite, desertion; Magdalena Boyd, -Masontown, against Edward Boyd, desertion; E.. Dunn, . Waitersburg, Minnie . Dura, desertion; nie Honsacker, Uniontown, against Arthur 'Hohsacker, desertion; David C. . ' Opperman, Owensdale, against Edith - Opperman, desertion; Katharine Kostanski against Philip Kostanskj , : Milwaukee, desertion; Rosa Turi, Messmore, against Ignatz Turi, deser'tiou ;' Martha "W. Gent, Uniontown, against James Gent, desertion; Lydia .McVeigh, Uniontown, against. James 'McVeigh, cruelty; Nellie Agnes Rhodes, Georges township, against Ray Rhodes, cruelty; Sarah M. Keefer against David Keefer, Layton,. desertion; '. Iva A. TVingroYe against John V^nngrove, Lemont, lultery. ' Lcayes lee Company. D. C. Lloyd of Greenwood, has resigned his position irith the Tough lee Storage company and has gone to Pittsburg where he has secured employment. He will be joined by his family on .Thursday. Be|Htst far Church. In the vill of Jaeeph A. "WaBcer, late .of Rock-wood, jl.OOO is bequeathed the Middlecreek Church of the Brethren. The balance pf the es- fa^e is to be divided equally among brothers and slater of tie deceased. BELL CONDUIT ORDINANCE IS AGAIN DELAYED BOY PLAYFULLY PULLS TRIGGER; .COMPANION . NOW IN THE HOSPITAL Council Insists on Extension of System to Crawford Are- ; nue, West Side.' SAVE STREETS IS SLOGAN Dlfrtrint; Pp After Parlnc "Ruination,'' Solicitor Hiirbce Declares; Davidson Avenue and Chestnut Street Measures Are Introduced; Protest, Also, Accident Attends Btiyish "Pranks at South Connellsrille. Jittrl Nye, 36 years old, son ot Mr. | and Jtrs. William Nye of South Conj nellaville, was accidentally shot last j night -about i o'clock by George : Sheering, 16 years old, son ot Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sheering of South Con- BeilavlHe. Nyf, Sheering and Thomas Maxwell, son oi ilr. sind Mrs. T. D. Maxwell, were shooting at a mark with a 22- caiibre revolver owned by young Nye in tho yard of the Maxwell home in Gibson avenue. After the young men were through shooting each took a turn at- snapping the revolver and there being no discharge, the revolver was thought to have been emptied of cartridges. L0.« StmSCJUPTIOJfS TO TO NCOS TOTAL $05^00.' Reports of nine of the twelve canvassing teams made at the dinner at the Jtasonie temple today showed a total of $65,500 collected yesterday afternoon and this .morning. Three teams, those of A. 0. Bixler, T. 3. Hooper and "W. R. Kenney, made no reiorts today but will have figures ready for tomorrow. The amounts collected by the different teams follow: Capt. - No. Sub. Pj-yce Wilder. Graham . Hooper Crowley . Keagy Bixler Wright Leche Kenney Downs Ashe . 14 53 36 34 35 . 1] 19 34 Total 253 Amount 512,500 5.700 4,400 no ropon 2,250 5,850 no report 8,200 2,550 no report 6,350 17,700 $G5,SOO Workers Will MakeAl Effort to Finish By; End of Week B.O.MEN VERY ACTIY1 Superintendent Broughton Pea? sonally Offers Prizes" To Them. FEICK COMPANY HEIPIN6 Part of Subscriptions of the Cokl Corporation Will be Credited tt Towns Beporting to Connellsville? Hustling in the .Kural Communities Profiting by the experience of the past which has taught that "digging is ruination." when appliM to the streets! Polnting ^ weapOB at Nv0| shccr . of tho city after they have been paved, I ing joklngb . demanded him to turn council last night insisted that the, ovcr his ^^ Nvc wa)kqrt up ^ Bell Telephone company, before it be I sheering, who pulled the trigger and given permission to construct iU con-i a bo)let (, atcred Nye - 5 hoad . Ho was ARCADE LEASE EXPIRES This the Last Week for the 'Firm of Trimble Taerffs. This week will mean the closing of the Arcade theatre under the present management, Trimble Tuerffs, and the passing of that firm. Its lease upon the theatre expires on April 23, and it has been enable to secure a renewal at satisfactory terms. Next woek Mr. Tuerffs will leave for Detroit, where he formerly employed. A" coin- duit system in the downtown streets, must agree to al»o pat down Its conduit in advance- of repaying- of Craw' hurriedly removed to the Cottage State hospital, where an operation was performed for the- removal of 'Uurbnllct; ford-avenue. West Side, "as far is 1 At the hospital Nye mode a statement Eighth street. Tne company did not ,, jj,,. effw . t lhzt yj,, ghooting was have under consideration ratendlngj pure | T accidental. His condition is the system to the West Side. Its rcp-i f a | r iy good. Sheering is employed by resentative, Mr. Bishop, Informed lnc -^r e n s i^rgo company. council he was without authority to I ' make such agreement but will submit it to the olTicials and report at another meeting of council next Monday night, until which time formal introduction of the conduit ordinance is held up. City Solicitor E. C. Higbee was at the meeting and occupied the greater part of the. session with discussion of the necessity of protecting the streets cidence is that the comedian and soubrette, Irving Lewis and May Allen, who were with the first company to play the Arcade, will be the last, as they are bath featured 'with the company at the house this week. Under the management of Trimble Tuerffs the Arcade was very successful. It is said to have the third audiences on the Son circuit, against excavation after they have been paved. Mr. Bishop object*"! t« the investment in a conduit on the West Side teveral years In advance of the time the company would find it necessary so to proceed, but finally said he believed a compromise could be reached. OouCKil favored allowing the company five /ears in which to remove its aerial system provided the condtiit be planed before the street Is LUTHERANS LEAD In Sunday School Attendance Contest j Lnsi Sunday. . In the county Sunday school attend' | ance contest the school of Trinity Star Junction ^fan is Seriously In- Lutheran church led the schools of MANY BONES BROKEN jured in Accident. Paul Bodard, 46 years old, employed' ra tbo mines pf the "Washington Coal and Coke company at Star Junction, was admitted to the Cottage State hospital yesterday afternoon for treatment of a compound fracture of both bones of the left wrist, a fractured Connollsville in number present on Sunday, 393 being present The Methodist school came second with 3S4. 'Presibyterian, 249; United Presbyterian, 242, Baptist, 182. Outside of Connellsville the Dawson Methodist Episcopal school led with Others in order were: 282; United Brethren, for fractured ribs received "Sunday night when struck by a train. He was admitted to the hospital last night, repaved. i Frank Stine of Beaver Palls, em- Thc expense of. installation of the: ployed on the Baltimore Ohio'camp system In the sections of Pittsburg train, vras .admitted for medical trea.t- street and Crawford avenue as pro- meut. Henry Harris of Adelaide, was vided in the ordinance that had been discharged yesterday. » introduced would be f40,000, M r . j : : .' Bishop told council. -He said he could make no estimate on the prob- left femur and two fractured ribs,! 158 in attendance, followed by perry- suffered from an accident in the opolis Methodist Episcopal, 135; Van- mines. Harry Martin ot Markleton, about 45 years old, is receiving 'treatment able. cost of the "West Side extension. Ordinances were introduced for the improvement of Davidson avenue and Chestnut street. A remonstrance was filed, against the paving of Davidson, avenne, . the signers agreeing WOMAN CARRIER HURT Hrs. John Fractttcr at Hospital as Besult of Auto Accident. Mrs. Grace Praether, wife of John Praether, of Leisenring No. 1,. is at the Cottage State hospital for treat- only to the proposal to grade, curbjment of injuries suffered yesterday and construct the base. The Davidson j afternoon when . an automobile, iu avenue-ordinance provides for the im-; "which she'-was driving overturned on provement of the street from Pitts-! the Leisoiiring road. Mrs. Praether burg street to Oak street, a distance-was caught under the car, but escap- of 1 568 feet. The proposed improve-'; c d wiUl slight lacerations of the face ment in Chestnut street is -from David-'. and head. The young man, who was son avenue to Anotin avenue. 600 j driving the- car, was slightly injured, j . I Hrs. Praether, who is 30 years old. Owing to opposition to tho complete j asala « h * r tether, C.- W. Culler, mail improvement of Davidson avenne ji (carrier ;on .the rural free delivery will be -necessary to have the ord j carrier "on -the rural : route No. 1, and had: delivered mail nance published "for 30'days before lt:»» a TM returning to her home when can- be adopted. Action will be taken i 9h met wlth the..accldent. the night of May 20. OATH OF A1LEGIA5CE . ' . . . ' Goes WlQt IVest Penn. . Bell , B jteojiih-cd of Red Cro» B "Workers Mias: Mary Belle Sherrick has re; In.Allegheny.Connty. -All Red Cross workers in the auiiii- sigriefl as Bookkeeper at the Cottage; State hospital to-aocept a stenographic I Franks succeeds her at the hospital. ; county chapter j take the oath United States. of allegiance to the ' . ' I . This is the result of action taken A Clarence Banner Home. I by . the executive committee of. the Clarence Dannar.. member of Com-1 chapter/ not by order from natlonal pany D, One Hundred Tenth regiment.I headquarters. Is spending a. furlough at hie home o t ' Vanderbilt. L Prchiiv showers" tenight and Wed- singer, became the brid. *day;' cooler .Wednesday, . is the Ensle of .Vim .The - c ne«day nocn w.ea!Jier' forecast for Pennsylvania. Temperature Record. 1918 Maiimom Minimum. Mean "Western 391T 52 39 41 The Yongh river feil during night from 7.68. feet to 7.00 feet. MBTKSSDAI.E, April 16.--A vary jjretly wedding took place Sunday af- tarnoon at 2 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Jacob Pritts, Keystone street, when her daughter. Miss Clara Cris- became the bride of Elmer W. ceremony was performed by the bride's pastor, Rev. A. B. Trtiial. . : £Lft Ban on Killing Hens. Tho. order .prohibiting the killing of hens and pullets .until .after April 30 has been amended by fixing April 20 as the date when the ban .will, ba litt- e ' d . . ' " ' . :. r- - ' - . - · ' . · . derbilt Presbyterian, 109; Perryopo- lls Christian, 99. ORDERS SALARIES PAD) Conit Hands Down Merisum of Case of County Engineering Force. Judge J. Q. Van Swearingen in court this morning handed down a peremptory order requiring. County Controller Harry Kisinger to pay 'the salaries of County Engineer John P. Gephart, Jr., and his assistants, E. C. McCollough and Edgar Powell. -The salaries were held up by the controller because of question as to whether they had been-legally flied by the commissioners. The court said no criticism should attach to the controller. Gephart receives ?300 a month. FLAG DEDICATED Cottnge State Banner Bears 25 Service Stars. A service flag containing 25 stars, in honor-'of the Fayette county physician B who are in the service, was dedicated yesterday afternoon at the Cottage Stale hospital in the preso ence pf memJbers of the board of trustees of the hospital, physicians and nurses. The flag was presented by Dr. J. S. Hackney and accepted by Dr. 'G. W, Gallagher. Out ot the 25 stars, nine repre'sent local physicians who are in the service. ELKS MINSTREL TONIGHT Full House is Assured by the Advance Sent Sale. The first performance of the Elks minstrels will be given tonight at the I The active "work of covering the cits | for. Liberty Loan subscriptions is il ' full swing today, the teams getting » i start yesterday afternoon and beinj i on the job early this morning. Each ; member of a team has a red, -white : and blue badge bearing the "Third j Liberty Loan." First reports on Ux results of-the canvassing "were with* held until after a dinner -which -was served at the Masonic Temple at U o'clock today. The workers will make every effort to finish the canvass'of the city by th« end of the week or earlier. Almost to a man, the teams have turned_ out and more than 100 men are at work in the city. The big clock with, the figures up to 5850,000 which, will b« placed in the business district to indicate what has been done in. tha Connellsville territory "will be com-, pleted today. It is being constructed at the high school. Indications are that the teams in the rural districts are getting right down to work. No reports of amounts received have come in yet, but requests for blank forms have been immediately ailed. . It is requested that in the city, cv- , eryoco; hang, o.nt flags for the entire week','to'keep the Liberty Loan'drive constantly in mind.- Sfany decorated the buildings in the business district this morning, and they also appeared in the residential section. The Liberty Loan committee is also having i banners reading "Buy a LibertyBond" placed on store fronts in the principal streets. M. H. Broughton. superintendent of the Connellsville division of the Baltimore Ohio railroad, has announced that he has arranged for a systematic canvass by the employes; which, he has divided into classes. Mr. Broughton himself has offered arizes, . all thrift stamps, for the persons who secure the most bonds and also thei greatest amounts. ConneUsville win also get its stare of the BaHimore St Ohio subscription. The campaign by the railroad enn ployes is being started off at noon ^o-t day with a flag raising in the yards. The "clerical Jorcee, trainmen an* shop employes all participated. The H. C. JTrick Coke company has! announced that part o£:the amount o£ its subscription will be. apportioned among the plants in this region. In the .last drive CorinellsvUle". got na credit for either the railroad or Fries; company snoscriptions. A meeting of Italians "will be held tomorrow evening at which.prepara- tions for making a drive among th-s Italian residents of" the local territory; will be' made. A committee to have charge of the Italian canvass has been suggested as follows: R. G«l- iardi, chairman; Frank Curtis, Joseph Corrado, P. M. RnlH, James Ross, S. Gilotti, R. DeAngelis'Joseph. Tan- gretti. Canvassers -will be supplied with; cards tomorrow wiich .can be used when, employes of industrial plants are solicited." The employe -will signi the card allowing the company to deduct a specified amount from each pay; ·which they will place to his credit oo. Liberty bonds. - ·' The banks again wish to put before the people the requesfof the government that in-buying Liberty Bonds, the savings accounts be not .disturbed. In previous loans almost two out of every three bonds purchased were paid for by withdrawal of savings ac-~ counts. The banters wish to make it plain that they are not asking their patrons- to leave .money deposited at three per-cent when four and one- quarter could be secured through the purchase of bonds, but the government requests that bonds be purchased and paid for out of future wages on .installments. In withdrawing savings accounts, the loaning power of the bank is Soisson Theatre. A large seat sale handicapped, making, it necessary to is reported. | stop loans,. .to industries which do. The show will be repeated tomorrow i things to forward the war, thereby night. The proceeds go to the Red j retarding the advance of the indus- Cross. , j trial army. Some banks have already found it necessary to call in loans and refuse to lend. Following' are .ihe canvassers Son nt 3!oser Home. Mr. and Ifrs. P. C.' Mose'r are receiving congratulations upon the birth of an eight pound son last evening at their home in the Tui-aer apartments in West,- Crawford avenue. Captain Morton Home. Captain Robert'-S. Morton has re^ turned home" from "Battle 'Creek, Mich., -where.he spent several weeks tor the benefit of Tui Bullskih township:--Thomas ot David- " sou, E. B. Martin 1 , Bert Breakiron, A. " S. 'Boyd,' ·William Workman, " L. H.~ Huey, "Ahraham" Stillwagon,.. Nelson, Bchard, Anizi Rice, J. M. Keefer, Austin Rhodes, Joe Spaugy; William Spaugy, -Samuel Detwiler, . Charlea ·Detwiler.- Charles Wadsworti, Frank Landa,! Join. Btling, "W. E; .Mier, Jo-.( (Continued*, on . Tw».

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