The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 15, 1918 · Page 23
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 23

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 15, 1918
Page 23
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PAGE EIGHT. ' · 3 . ' · . · : .'.. · -' ' ' , . . . .-.. . . . . THE. DAILY. CQUHIER, '.CONNET-LSVinia:. P TUESDAY,. APRIL 16, CONFUJENCE, April 16.--The bac- urwte sermon - lor the high S school graduates will be. preached-in ';? the ."Lutheran; "church^ next Sunday I evening;-by te pastoryKev. Baker. · ': ; : Mi» Elsie Beggs has retnrned from -i .vfcit wltB friends at Dawson.. :· _ David Crpnln, -wto-had-bienjll ^er-: eral-days with cold luia grip.'is able V-to be-'out and around-again.-" · --·- :" SlV. and" r Mrs.'J.~ -iT'Bunivorth and t.two;snis lar*. returned" from -a visit ?;-with,, friends at Cumberland. Md. . Caisy,". the.'little. :dangtter of -Mr. ; : andU.MT3.- Harry Watson,, is recover^from a':seyere.-a.ttact_cr:-tr;hold S-fever. :. :: ..;:". : - ^-:-V - '. .' ... Alias. Jennfe Scot: is "reported very -111 with grip: : '- '- - -"-' lir. aod-Mrs.- 'C. -B. Teblby are load. ing their household goods preparatory , ' t o jaoTing to Green-Spring. W. Va. He-Th*y_ hYve many friends bere who are '#|"Isorry-to see'them leave. §5' 'Mrs. .J.::L.;Reiber is viaiting. hei S£-! iJa.ujhter, Mrs. George Wagner and HE J: family, In Connellsvilio, at present. ,, i"; Charles Flanigan, -whcris employed JjjiTi'bjra* Kendall Lumber company, Lie? KJ;;^ onier." vtsited his family. here over fe.1 Sunday. .. v ' U p . -Thomas Connair, -a sailor on the j£ U. ~S. ship Virginia, -who was yisit- §SvJnj;hls wife-here" a few days, has reIJ5: turned to duty again. ; I*. Burmrorth has purchased a new Ford touring car from the Dr. H~P. Meyers agency.'. . ITlev. "W; A. Kissinger ol .Brownsville, was here yesterday", holding si services in .the yTest'Side and Jersey |.i Baptist churches. Dr. Caldwell's 'The Perfect Laxative RHEUMATISM Treated h}' new :met)»xls. I nsc Ibe'ltotterin-Seriim Therapy. "Action *s»re, -'.Sapid,' harmless 'anil durable."*." '··'·' . " ·''·"' ' ' ' :is an ideal remedy for constipation. It is a^combination-of- simple laxative iierbs with pepsin ;thaj| acts" in an easy, natural maniief, an'H'is c as "safe for children as it is positively, effective on the strongest constitution; Sold "irt Drug Stores Everywhere 50 cts. (..): $1.00 : : .A trial fattle em ie.ibtamtd, fret tf chargi, b] writing la Dr'.W. B: CaUuuir,:457-Was6htzim St., Meniialb, TUimis Dickerson Run. DICKEKSON RUN. .April :i.-,.--Ray. Johns ol ~C«unp-Ha'ncock,~ Ua^ is spending a ten - days' furlough' here ·with his mother. Mrs. H. C. Wilh'elm. ;TSr; and Mrs. Walter Lloyd cf Fifth. a-venue, Scottdale, spent Sunday here visiting the iatter's sister, Mrs. James Bfittjr,.--... 1*JS Emma Beatty is spending a OW Sores, Piles, Burns - · and Scalds Heal m Very Quickly ; ".;·..Laughrey .Drug Co., Connellsviile ^ -.anil Broadway Irug Co., S-ottdale, ;,; ieU an ointment called San Cura that · ·;'surely does do anything It. Is. adver- .-"tUfed to do or money back. - .^~ Thos. F. McCauley, Coopcrstmrn, ' vjTSfc, ciit his finger; blood poison set ' !;£ arm swelled terribly; friends · de^: "»]?iired; said arm must come oft. San : .l.Ciira Ointment drew out water and 'vlMk pus; agony ceased; arm and \^«nd soon as good as ever. · VvVit quicltly draws out .'pois-^n from '£«tfres. fever sores, ulcers, boils, car- "S'taineles, cuts, burns, ' scalds and *v. .-. few days-visiting :Ker'."aau'gSteV-Mrs--'5^"s. " r " ' -/'· ' jack Davis,.'at Royal. .' ·;. " i . M. J. O'Laughlitf spent yesterday "W". H. Burkeft returned here to his .visiting his family at'McKees Rocks, wort after spen.ding .Saturday and j Mr. and -Mrs. D. 3. Newell of Ban- Sunday with his family-at Gtiinber- nihg, is-spendiog a tew days visiting land, ild. W. A. Smith spent Saturday and Sunday with his family at Beaver the former's parents, Mr. and Wflllam Newell, -at Vandcrbilt Read the advertisements. Mrs. I; -^--''For itching. Weeding or protruding J lUes, jt has received the hij^ie»t in- J .. i'dorsements, while innumerable cases ^ ; ('lire recorded where eczema, tetter and I : Vttlt rheum were cured in the shortest i; ;'j'jJKiwible time.-.San Cura Ointment is I: f'SOiSO .*nd'20, cents a jar. '. . . . jt ·'^... Everybody- should, use San-Cura f ;j|Soap. It's antiseptic, prevents germ |' .j'lttS,' te.epa' 'the skin clear,-soft and ^ ''^svelvety 1 , 25 cents. Thompson ^Medical I ivfCq.,'Tltu»Tille, Pa.--AdT." life' : ' ' ' Sale of Oriental Rugs, t · Etc., at Auction The entire stock of 'Oriental Rugs, Pictures, Bric-a' Brae and Works'of Art belonging to the estate of Gabriel Siyufy will be offered at auction at No. 121 S. Highland Avenue, Highland Building, Pittsburgh, Pa., for,the settlement of the estate. A list of the articles to'be sold will be mailed or delivered upon application to the Administrator. * The sale -will commence Tuesday, April 23rd, 1918, at 10 "o'clock A. M.,-and will continue until 3 P. M. daily between the same hours. : . . . » · - · . ' _ . Terms, cash. Payable 10^ when bid is accepted and balance before 10 A. M'." following day. The Colonial Trust Company Administrator of Estate of Gabriel Siyufy, Deceased, 317 Fourth Avenue, Pittsburgh. Pa. ; John F; Post Sons, Auctioneers, Dalzell, Fisher Hawkins, Attorneys for Administrator. . * WHEN YOU ENTERTAIN THE FOLKS- Be Sure to Serve them with the Best-- The same good beer with the saone good reputation it had years and years ago, ·Wlien jdie grown-ups of today were kids. It is all Quality. No expense is, spared--in materials, labor or process-to make it the best you can buy. A$k for the Pittsbnrgh Brewing Co/$ CONNELLSVILLE SPECIAL BEER AT ALL GOOD CAFES, HOTELS. CLUBS- ORDER A CASE SENT HOME DR. B. W. MacHE^ZIE All forra^chrpmc, nerroiiiS,..blood anrt sp«ciaity.^ ; One ol tkc.Important rea*o»* -n*y thl» Npef^nllHt IB.. HO ireqnentlT .nbl« to defcnt chroiiie dljiciuicii Vtic* : ' other* have tmilfil I. 'h*ca««e of hi- blfhl 7 HpcflallEMl iKlcintlfld; e^amftnatloa niid dlnKHQNlM^oC i?Mch ; pn.tieiit'M ilUenver before the : rtortrferfttl hcalth-briiivtiiflr tr«ntnit-nlw »ire Mt«rte^ ' . ; TV'HATITBEAT I. treat, rheumatism, no matter how long: standing. I give you relief ,at once. My -treatment reraovcB the causp oC-it, purifies the blood, rellevsj the Jtidnoy^'it once, ' \'. L . . -I I treat kidney and blndder trooblea. 1C you ' have I-kidney trouble, pala in the back, uripe^JiIgrhiy colored^ dark sediment, pain along-.spine.-'"weak back and headaches, come to^ne. and let. me sfibw you, .\friiy r.'can-^Iv° y° u a curc Does-'the urine burn .you, pass'-. It too frequently, pains in ,the bladder and prostrate glandY I can relieve you at once and .give you permanent results. This 'is especially the .trouble \rith middle aged persons, and, if n«- g-lected, cause more distressing plna as you jrrow. older, T cure In a "very · short time. · . t - · Do Ton Softer From Stomach and /5 ; LiTcrTronblesi 'Have you any pafnn* after eating; does, your tood . dfsa^rrce wtth you', suffer "from, constipation and Brasses in the boweVs?. Then come and cons u l t m*J. In Connelteville OKJJ DAT EACH TEEK- Plttrtjurg, Specialist Wednesday Only Each "Weefe, Now- Slag Hotel, 114 S. Pittfiburg St. COME TO US You, ~«rho lire ffufrorlng 1 from ftny'difl- etuse or condition thai, like a vampire, la dcfltroytng your life's blood.- your nerve fluid.' v we want you to call without further ticl«y aund let us osrplain tn you the cajisft vf your nuITerlng and how ea«y a tasrtt tt 1« by our m*dical ' system of treatment to maiko a n«w person out of you. "W? will examine you, free of charge, and Rive you an oplnicfh tha-t in based on a thorough knowledg-e of your cordltoh), haTte/? siwnt ytare of our HCc In trnatlnc dl»- oaa'eii. This tact alone Is a-n asa.uraiiicc' that in point of ability, we are-far in advance- 6t · some- svniclalleta In our fine -In. .tre^tns dlscaac». We h(LV6 Raved rhany whose cares were thought hope loan, and might save you. -It. after exa-mtulng: you. w e ' f i n d your case incurabl*, we VHl frankly and honestly toll you no, and if we accept your case for treatment it will be because we can help cure you. Can you ask anything faic^r Ulan this? Our feos are always in the reach of the most humble circumstances. When you' you consult a physician who "hits ·established i reputation for doing rbr his patients'what he agrees to. " . ' ' · " · · jTOTE--Patients' names- aro published by .written"' consent only and because W]B;'.rO CUKE and PROVE IT., You do not have to taky the statements -of our paid advertisements alone for any REMARKABLE CURBS. Sec our patients 1 . I..CL them teir you. Another very important thine for you to know Is tha-t you will ALWAYS find The'_ United Specialists SGBT3R when you crfll, giving REIjTjVBLE ser-ic(J and results and you need only pay as you get well. PICKfiS DIEVKRKST NOW. " "I had i»oau nick for five years with a bad casx of stomach, kidney and bladder trouble. I w e n t ' t o . the United SpecisJis'ts for treatment, and am now Ceding: in first clnss shape. ' "DAVID SPRUILL. "R. F. O. -1, (treensburp-, Pa." NOW CLAD SHE IS METTER, "For nine months I had suffered almost constantly with awful severe back-ache. At times I would be so""bad I-'couid' hardly more. "Was also troubled with smothering gpella, ..while, at rest, .dizziness, -nervousness. Couid-not sleep good, I took up treatment wlj.h the IJnitetl' Specialists ami my' : bock ·feels entirely well. Also .the rest' oC th conditions- I conip7;ilned of. "MRS. ANNIE .FBRTIG, "Third and Market Streets, "Balle' Vernon, Pa." COMVKLLSVH.LE PATUfiNT -SPKAKS. "For throe years I had been troubled with shortness of breath. I would ffet so bad. at nijg-ht. I c#uld not sleep lying- down." I would hive to. sit up-with pillows behind:me...I Jelt all weak and run down and did not. seem : to''have any strength, and together with "my" a^e, thought my v time for this world was. short. 'I called upon the United Medical Specialists, and after a month- and a half treatment I am feeling fl'n« and working-every day. . ? ·· . "(Signed) HfR J. K, PAl^TKHSON, "Gibson Aye., S.. Connellsv-Hie, Pa." UnitedSpccialists Tuesday'-.every.-week, 9 A.. M. td S P. B. Baltimore House, near B. O..station, room-'rfcond floor. ' . ; T -' Every "Wednesday and Saturday ^at .Bxehanpe Hotel. Uniontown,;. .- ^. , MOVE BY AUTOTRUCKS BOTH MOWS ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST.OFFICE CONNELUSVILLE, PA. Buy in Connellsviile far orift War You Must Hkvc RUGS It isn't' our intention to dwell on the scarcity of really good Rugs and their · rapidly advancing prices, but rather do we want to emphasize the beauty, the completeness, the rare attractiveness of he stocks we have on display in spite of those conditions. Rugs woven witt all the skill and wonder- 'ul designs possible when master workmen, are at their best. Rich in color. Superb in quality. Ser- riceable. And shown in a range of sizes that is-most unusual. _ Extra Size Rugs $35 to $98 ·-'·.' ' Good quality -Brussels, Body Brussels, Arminster. and Velvet Rugs in sizes 12x15 ft; 11-3x15 ft; 10-6113-6 ft; 11-3x12 ft,; 9HS ft; 10-6110-6-ft; 9x9 ft. ., 9x12 Rugs at $20 to $85 The most wanted size Rngs are here in splendid variety, including Wilton, Brussels, Axminster, Velvet and Body Brussels. You must see them. 8-3x10-6 Rugs $22.50 to $58 6x9 Rugs , $12.50 to $35 Women needing Rugs of this, size may select them in Wilton, .Body Brussels, Anninster or Brussels. The quality is good--patterns new and handsome. 4-6x7-6 Rugs in Choice of Body Brussels, ^ ... Axminster or Brussels at $8 up to $13.50 ! ' In your choice'of Wilton, Auninster and Brus, sels--handsome new designs.a»d fine. er«k weav- ngs. Splendid valn«s. There is Only One Answer T O ALL the unspeakable vilenesB and savagery of German methods there is only ,one answer-To all the lies, tie violations of treaties, the murder of women and children wonnded soldiers, the needless and ruthless destruction of the monuments of civilization--there is only one answer-- V I C T O R Y And to secure this victory means big gtms, shells, rifles and ammunition, aeroplanes-and supplies of every kind in endless quantities. LIBERTY BONDS will provide the money. Buy Liberty Bond* Buy All Yoo Can Totky Corect Spring and Sttmmer Footwear for Women Smartly shod vromen and girle are making the WrightMetzler Shoe Section their fnehton. head^oar- ters for shoes, oxfords and pomps. It Js here th'ey get quality ·without extravagance. It is here they can purchase stylish, serviceable and. perfect-fitting shoes that will enhance- the beauty and style value of that smrnnefr frock or suit. All sizes; all good styles, and all of the most wanted colors. Headquarters for Children's Shoes That FIT and Give Good Service SPECIALS! --36 inch Cameo Long- cloth, a nainsook finished Muslin, 3Sc valoe 27c yard. --32 inch Shrink Muslin, soft finish, smooth even weave, 30c value 25c yard. (t B A G S The nerrest developments in Knitting Bags, and atoo very convenient for eacrying small --In biack and brown Moire, at *U», , ^50 and $50. --Btecfc Leather Bags-at and $4.00 each. REMNANTS! of 32 fo^ Stephyr Gfagtems, 2 to 10 yd. kmgths. *·« -ntves 2e nrd* -- Semnants of 36 inch piata Percales, ufalte, copen, nt-yy. 2Se TStaw 19e jari -- Remnants of 36 inch Ftats CbamJmy SBX*BM, copco, bla«, fUkf-Kc -nhttK 19o of 27 {n^h. Cstmtal, Hade, Trtnte, cop^n. -- Eenosnrts of ZS ind MJn- amt Ctoth, c^en. imry, fleah, pink, grer. taupe, The Debut of American Summer Cottons Thousands of Yarda Here and Never u Have We Been So Proud of Them Creative genius has been at work in the cotton miUs of America. Necessity the mother of invention, has spnrred manufacturers to innovations of -which they scarcely dreamed themselves capable. The results are here on display--finely varied and reasonable in price. Ginghams! , There are ginghams, of course. How would we eet along without them? These are the very best we have ever shoyii. Some are of tissue flneness with great plaid designs in a very rainbow of beautiful, delicate color Others are self-toned. Prices range 25e, SSc to SOc a yard" The tissue yoiles have achieved a remarkable sno- cess and gained an unexpected beauty bj- adopting stripes and plaids in softest and delicately hannonizing- colors so that they contrive to look exactly like silk. And- we are glad to be able" to announce' that these ai 27 and 36 Inches wide, and only 40c to SOc the yard. Other Voiles are Priced 25c, 35c up to $ 1 .00 a Yard 225 Spring Suits for Stylish Shoppers : · Women who favor the -tairored^. costume for Spring will find satisfying selections The-' Suits naturally fall, into. groups in the Suit section. In some one group, 'each woman .'"may be sure /; of finding a, suit exactly in keeping with her own ideas of. good taste and smartness, likewise to. suit the amount 'she has intended to spend, .. -.-. . . . . Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You, Spend--Save Them. PATBONIZE HOME .BCEKCHAJf'JSWHO ABTIBTISE IS { : THE COPBDEB--YOP' DO YOU NEED JOB PRINTING? We do all kinds of Job Printing at our oifice from the visiting card to the finest commercial work. Try our printing. THE COURIER COMPANY, 127}^ W. Main St., Connellsviile, Pa.

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